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SAO. I. KAKKETT, Editor.
Last ThurMlay about fifty or s-ixty
men claiming to lc from Airdrio,
Green River, Richmond, and .other
mines in Muhlenberg county, ami
along (ireen River, canio to tlie Tay
lor mines and got tlie hands at wotl;,
liy coaxing nnd threatening toik
llicm toHhe woods where a meeting
was liciu. and the miliars tu invior
mines, who. by ihe way. were neailv
or rpiile all colored men, were oidered "relative,
... I. .. i.r . 1. .1 ir 1 l ... I nuii
lo cjuu niNK, miicii uiuy tun, urn wc
understand they have resinned again
this week. .r iom there, they went to
McIIonry mine, and ordered the
hands there to juit work. Captain
Duncan and others at work in the Inutility at this time.
hank refused to nnit work. TIipv fevers
stuck up a notice at the bnuk forbid
ding them to continue work under ec.
vcro penalty. One of tho namca
signal to this notice was M. L. ceks,
formerly Police Judge of Hamilton.
He would make a sweet Peace officer
if thai is his notion of law and order.
They then left, and the next day
CiipUiu Duvid Duncan received the
following card with cofiiii and pistol
picture on the head of tlio letter.
D. S. Duncan: If you and your
I.rtlrr trim lliifiint IMsti-lrl.
IMili.r IIcmU:
An it i wry fthloni you ever receive a
oomnmiiicntioi. Irom this part of the
county, we will ink-sling a few
hoping thrv will not prove iinexccplion
able to jotir very interesting and highly
appreciated coliimns-
The farmers have been very busily en
gaged in cutting tobacco ami fOrting
wheat. The tobacco seems to lie rntner
late nhont getting ripe, hence there if n
considerable cIihiicc yet uncut, though "
OntrrluHii l.i'Ur.
Kv., Oct.
RJilOr Hr-ruM :
t ... i. ., .....
items, I jvs noiuiug irom our iuiiiiij m ny-
.Ipcarotl in tlie iu:i:ai.i nueiy, i uiier
the following.
We have had two deaths lately,
Mrs. Ann ltowo, widow of the late
Braxton Rowc, nnd Miss Mary Rowo,
her grand-daughter. The former was
tolerably well advanced in years, the
latter vet in her teens. Many friends
i;ci:i-sTr.n i.triTi:rt.
lia befit very fine weather mr jod ik ,uuj relatives iiiourn the Joss ot botll.
wheat, ami Inrgc crops are being eowed. Their bodies )i in calm repose,
Miss Ellen Johnston an.l MifH I-ou 1 At rest from toil, (rue from pain ;
i, nf iviviert coiinlv. in company l lieouviour guurus ineir s pirns cmse,
.1 W 1 nn.l Xnrt'Ull ItllllV.
Uvmlf?nnJa with their Mr. James Hatcher had a tough
riTi.i .......... i
Mr. E 0. Hoover, ol
HocunvrKR, Ky., Sept. 2-1 1S77.
Kiutiiu llnr.Ai.D:
liusincss in our town is steadily im
proving. Our enterprising young mer
chant Mr. L. Mendel, has gone East for
a stock of dry goods, clothing Ac, he hns
greatly snlarged.his Gtortj-rootn by refit
ting his waru-room, and tearing out the
partition between, the two, thin making
one largo room. He lias also built a
new ware-room on au ailjoining lot.
Mr Pink Toole is .soing to fmild an cl
ean! store-room also in this Mock, J. P.
McKenney having removcil his ware-
room one door above, inns leaving room
for an elegant store, which e are confi
dent Mr. Poole will erect. Our entcrpri'
I ,i r f .. f I' 1.... . . K t.
Hoover- sl,t;l1 . 1 ,uy ;i low weeks ago, oui wc .,g minors .Messrs., uoggess x, uro., are
see nun stirring nrouuu, inmost as goou n,30 cnwlng their huihling, and we tin
derstnnd they are going to build an under
AOItlCUI.TUKAI.. tnkcr.8 ftUo.
Ihe people were never busier, cut- sickness is not so prevalent as it was
ting nnd housing tob.icco, cutting corn, gomc t;me ,usl but oar three physicians,
making sorghum molasses, and some 1)n) ,reilJricki strotl.er.and Westcrficld,
Kcmuir rcauy ior powiiist wm-xi. ... , . . .
... o, . . I rp still iimm' a cooit uractice
V' nnrti flif ,Mr A lr lrnm I ----r--r- r-
1.n drill for ao'win uhpat. Mr. J. P. Mckenney is going to Louis
... . I I .a O . . I 1 1 . t . .... A .....A1.IA
Mr C. .11. Hoover of this vicinity kiueii Thank vim. Aran., for vour iTO-ahead- P"" ,n " ,c" lu
i ..,i i.w (.. ,tnvH lo. n.itvinn T will imv linttor tlmn stock ol groceries, lie is a nice man ami
ntrrj tuic .. j - -o-- .vw.-. ..... j-v ....v.. ........
We were very much pleased witn me I oeiis Ureat European how, with the has the entire connurnc oi an im cubio
most element sermons delivered by the balloons that didu t go up and girafTes mers. We wish him success.
- . . a I .I...A . 1.. 1... , !. .1. 1 ....... 1 !., .
Rev T J render and Ktr. John l-ojl iniu ncru u. m uu wen. ay uie way Our Hill schools nave openen, wun iwo
... . I ......t'l ..r.-f t.I..t.t. ... lvt....HV " .n .... 1! ..
n While Oak last Sibbath. Ihey are 1 l" ulcllu "u u'eb" 1 in Kochester, nnu one in our iiiijonnii
both able ministers and pofscss unbound- "l"3 11 town Skilcvil!, with Mr. M. Harper as
etl ootencv. J,A!?" teacher in ltochcstcr district ecnooi, ucv.
fhc public school of our district has iir. ivdttor, do you piay uaee una f J. V. Price as jinncipal oi the nocnesier
commencca and is being taught by Isaac it wooumo your soui goon 10 tcu jcii- Academy, with Uiss. lladenas assisiant.
!invpr Mr. H. has had some exper- " flyers tiirow oil his lint ami run M; L;Kic Morton is "leaching tho
ience in cchool teaching and wc think he iy yarns ancr wnai wo ca.i n griu-s y Um how tQ 9,,oor in the sicilea
Stiaiiii Sliw
OCT. 5.
OCT. 6.
Dealtfs in
All work warranted fire years.
Grand Display
Double Circus and Menagerie, Museum and Aviary.
(Crowdl ith peopla day anj'ai'ght.)
Jtr. .Sidney Hosier of lhn utigiibor
hood tell from his barn one day last week
ami was very badly hurt but is now recovering.
A "rest deal of rickness in this con
f .... i
fcuch as chills ana
ns new.
FORMING Hi bNAS. lhreo human llesh-euting llyenas, with their subjugator seated among them tu an onen
" 1
AMERICAN AND GERMAN ALLIED SHOWS, Thtavc tho largest stock mti.e
Everybody, go and see their large,
The general talk ia that, thej are
than any other store in the whole
country, and to bo convinced that
this is true, you only have to
cutter. We play every Saturday .
UV vNite.1 the enterprising cash a lernoon. nn.l have Bomc jolly tun
Infernal pam ilnn't ltviv ibis iil-in-l ,.,r..l,.,iu nf Itnfnnl. Unllirook and Ho-1
r,lhrviln f. ...:..i t i J . .. . ..... r..... T..:...:iiJnS't.v;aturlay,
... .j-v.sl,i. .iuiii.-., ui i gers, Miice ineir rciuni irum 1JU " J, playing
......... .. .m.-iuij,-, i" an,i were astouialied when we looKeaovrr jicnt (-3
. iuui lu-uui.vi-ia niu uc uuuiucu ,. r .Irr cnn.ls mull . .
i ineir iiiuiiiu.u... vj. "... b i gon 01 1L w
ninlN.nncS ncr)tllci niVast field ol
as above.
ly order of the Boily-Master of the
A. O. II."
A. O. IL, wo understand, means
-Ancient Onler of Hibernian;'.
The nbovo is the letter or
lo learn the remarkably low prices nt
which they arc selling, and as to honor
. . , i ! n.t . -r
W..lvn1 nm;nt !, rVrol, nlnl. Uur dear oeiovcn iricn.l ooiey uunuiii,
v. , ..v... ...w . . . !. 1.1 f !...
O...I .....I ...11 lliAi.'f.. 1 ItUn ICIl II?. KVUV. iiu .....v.
...... .....t ntli, ti -- . ,,,...., . . . .
i,,,,,, M,nn ,,o oni (I..,, boen so bail if he hnl Ieit only us. -i'e, aii j-.miiess .rrny or iiopses. AnlmalM. Hensts.
....... nv. fc..vT . I ...... ... ...... . mm
!.. IO ... o r... : i,i Jl I,, l.ft inn lim ni Inim. inuirau Liira. miiiiuiava,
mi. luiu .).. wiiu icu- .. j ii wmiBW-m - .
as because Tom Morton's but still there is-well "sfal. is life." 'iTHtq B?i ESfB I HSS I a WW. I?l W. P&J A f J- M tfW ?
loc-naii -or mo piacc wnere u u?eu to bells circus nnu mcnaierie was uere
lie has gotten well. I expect Jim iast Saturday, anil it scened as though
W. L. HAWKINS Prwowl.
Mus PRTJD1E BAIRD, . . .jLtnnxm.
Firtt lernioo of fivs moathi eoramnen
Monday, Etpt.mUr, 3, IS77.
Primary ilrpartmant ......... S9.09
IntermedUtf $lt,M
Ilishtr bnnehei ....... .... $12.00
One funrth of tho tuition feo d t Veginn
nlng. Onciourth at mHJla of union. Tho
rest at end of ichoel. Pttronmrs solicited
. v. e. nuoirs,
Physician and Surgeon.
-Myriads of Animate and Inanimate Wonders, Nowhere Else Exhibited and Peculiar Only to this Show. Temlers his professional services to the
able dealing aud low , .rices they cau't be lord's dog-tail Falvo cured it. Sam the entire iKimilation of tie three countiea 0llly Dm of Living Performing Human FlcslvCating HlJCnClS: Ul6 Largest Bengal PP1" ":ockPrt and vicinity
verbatim cxcejit the ugly picture of
I tstol and ccfBn.
' -The owners of the mines learned I
that a drunken mob was coining from
Iioekjwt or elcwhcre Friday night,
to put tho threat into execution.
The Herald a boundless circulation
notice anj its editor long life is our wish.
I'rani 1-ortlNVllIc.
Morton played with the Ccntertown
club, but lie couldn't play n fiddle
now, if ho had one. Anyhow, he goes
with his finger vr.lpped up. Saturdny,
Uctooer Oth, wo are to play the Uc.
ralvo club on their grounds. Conio
down and umpire for us; then if we
beat them you'll sec how glad wo 11 be.
were here, with a few ccnipanics of the
Eastern war thrown in There was a
right smart "sell" about he whole tiling.
A rive der ci. Noies:
ry passes by this flagr
outrage without indicting every one
whose name can bo obtained, then wc
Fokdsvillk, Sept. 29, 1877,
Uditor Herald:
Fordsvillc ia extrctnely quiet nt pre3:
cnl. The farmers are busily engaged in
Ihe Sheriff summoned a posse of 1 cutting and housing tho large crops of I court here last Tuesday. As our pen
men who went to the mines at the tobacco. Some arc sowing wheat. Ie nre noi raucn lor lawmg, no got
proper time to mot the inim.Mntnr Mr. Little, a mill man of Evat.aville. l"rouK imcruoon
but thev were not to lm fonnil. Tf tl. passed through this part of the county n w.uouAaTiu
. ..... ... . I rrt . i t , .
Grand Jurv passes bv this iW.mt Kw nS. He m looking out for aaw x tie scnooia arouna us nave an
I I i
on futnnlkr. thn Cth ofOctoher. there goat woric. w. is. itowc, nt alton s
" " - fVoL.. Alfrrvl Aahliv i, of fl.n f.l
. . , r i t i. r? .. I -. v. ... .... .u..u, , ... ..... .....
eco no use of such an gximmka a n . . .b . .. . , .. Ier school house: L. Li. iony, at Stony
Snnnrs. nliouL lour miles fiasi Ol uis n 1 ir:. t ?. ti:i .1.
Urand Jurv. and tb lu n.J.wt ... .... - ..... .... nl ucniiio xarK, at, me
... ' , b" !"" " e n 100,i rwaru 10 iuui our Ashl gchooj ,10U?ei Tq g fc mQn
ktuxing hail as well be repealed. The with fond anticipation. The houses in nnri;P,ilnrlv of onr own tenchor Mr
iiiunca ui niany 01 inc violators can be r ordsvuie, mosi an ueautiiuny papercu ym jj itowe, he pleases all, patron
'gotten by tho proper cflort. Any with show bills, Make ready boys, the and pupils. Ho is also superintendent
man has a rijrht to quit vok when he Ceat circus will be here Thursday, eo of n prosperous Sabbath
end his employer cannot a-ree upon yu ,,aJ MVe "p a fcw nickels. H alton s Lreck clmrck
. . I XT- T IT If-rt' I 1 .1-.. I TiTT T1Trtf fi
UlO WflCCS to be naiil. nit t ?a r.ti; x: 11. nancy, our iiBii.iu.iiL- .j
usually does, an able sermon, at
lsirco stock of coods. Mr. 11. is a Dust- -yv ullon o CieeK, last, OuuUar. It was
men steps in nnd forbids him to do so ., Tnnni man.aml think some aimeil at those who fail to attend Sat
under pain of death, or somo other young lady would do well to propose mat'
teartul penalty. riiuony lo him
Whilo the miners havo been on a Joe Harder is a candidate for Jailor,
strike at Tavlor and McIIcnry mines. "t year.
other mines on the P. and E.. nnd St. The gentlemen near here who unfor
Louis and S. E. JL IL liavo been run- Innately got into a law suit, has diligcnt-
-1 r.,it 1 Iy been rending the acts of the Lcgisla
nine at lull canacilv and coinincr mon-1 ' " . .
w - a
ey, while these mines have been dead
property ana the laborers earning ience
uiuiuK. ici. muse who arc not, satis.- S ckncsa still linccrs with us
Hon. I.ytMrtonCooUc.
toalagUpasswhenaman is willing to SooJ. "..nshant. left our town a few .lays ;
? ,, , , , b , ago, for Louisville, where he will buy a ho
work for the wages offcrc-d and a lot of ' 6t0ck of E00tlj. Mr. u. 18 ft msi. -w
turc in tho year, 1832 nnd we would
Henderson Uojorter.
One nf the firpt anil moat imnortant
ju.iu "t-uuci ucm coinciiiuur dlUic3 or ,lie ncxt nouw o( Heprescnta-
tives of tho Kentucky Icgislaturo wil b
tlie election of a Speaker. Already
a number of gentlemen jave been spoken
of in connection with that position.
Prominently nmone the number is the
Hon. Lyttlcton Cooke, of Louisville.
Mr. Cooke is a gentleman in every
way eminently qualified for the position
Ho has recently served 1 full term of
shby school house. To speak morel four years in tho State Senate, in which
body he was a prominent and most use
ful member, always attentiro to the ia
terests of his immediate constituents, and
of tho whole State, and in every way dis
charged the duties of his rcsponrible po
sition with credit and distinction. Being
an able lawyer, aud thoroughly versed in
parliamentary rules ami practices", he
would, should the choico of ILc House
tirday meetings, aud it made somo of fllU 11 1100 I,im. "ko an efficient, courier
tho members wince. I'rcvious to the 0,ls ami auie preammg omcer.
services at church. Miss Nannie Mor
I f. Qfcfnf ti ."rtll"" frpAiiafi'mnn n.na I
oaptlSCa ui llOSS Hippie. Editor Herald:
EXQU1UY. 1 I have just been on a trip in the inter
What has become of "Goose Quill?" st of my paper the Temperance Ad
(I reckon G. stands for Goose.) He vance, in which I metwith grand success.
waited a long while fur an ollice to Everywhere 1 heard the name "Hartford
Asa "Aviary rnitholoelcal "Wonders I
A . v . . ... . . i ,7Tia f .r known character, nlnumace. color or
with every known species o rare ana strange ,;,;,,..: .nJ An usinz Sensations.
A Museum of Ourio.i.ies, Living IM.eno.nenon, .u -"- V, TAKR,
school at
, ... .i An nrmv of suncrior male celebrities
Ihe periect rsence o. " cMed i friendlv contt by rival Champions of merit,
Every leading act in the ring dupli-
fied with the wages paid quit, but let burying ground near Fordsvillc, bee
tnoso who arc willing to work nt that several fresh mounds.
woik, and -then things will gd on Wm. H. Smith is fixing his young
Saioothly, and let the law bo enforced horse for the Fair, and we bclievo he will
against ku-kluxing and intimidation, I bring the blue ribbon away,
if it take thn whnlo nnir nf tho Yours muchly, ITardware,
State to do it.
guess nc is now uu.e w uiukc u iUu hunt j)immay bo hc ,s now out hunt. ijcrau nUcml frequently and always cu-
nig tor an othce, liumnung to lnmsclt logistically. AtGreenvillc I spent twenty
with a melancholy mr, four ,10Ilr8- gome of the stores have just
"Many a flower is born to blush unseen, been filled up with new goods. The large
And waste its sweetness on the desert air." bricU known a3 tho Summer's House,
VISITINCJ THE OLD HOMi:. now kept by the Messrs. Knhn, formerly
Mr. T3. IL Rnwo. of Snrinir Lick, of Itocknort. is chuck full. I think I
paid a visit to his old homo last Mon
The only French.Iockcy t
The favorite Clown off
The daring and graceful
fl. ...... oat
V J, . 111,,,..-.. . r--.
Ahiitom .t, LK3I.1E.
Without jompetitorsfe
or equals.
La Pattik Sailik.
The most remarkable;
child equcstrmnc
a stock in an inland
Itocli port Letter.
I'ost.MnMon. Appointed.
day, and returned Tuesday. '!Do"
is looking well, but bo don't stay long
enough when he comes.
never saw such
Mr. J. C. Howard has a full store. He
. . . ... t
is a gentleman oi tue nrsi oruer ana al
ways deals fairly. Try him when you go
to Greenville.
Mr. C. E. Eadcs has just open
handsome stock of groceries, confection
... .i.r ii. u... .:
- , " .inT,i.a ..... - ... cries, ivc. lie u uoiiij wen,- uuv nine
atolson'sGiTjck, Muhlenberg county, De.lic.mory sermon preached by Elder W. last week, holding a council with the L j e forb!(l3- mc t0 mention nll lhe
vice J. Ucutly resigned, b. K. .Burton, C. Tavlor. of Auburn, Ky., from 52nd President. Ihe Pipe of Peace was houses Suffice it to sav that Greenville
at Glcndalc, Hardin county, vice G. Isaiah, 1st verse; and, though sick, he smoked. How often has this been hs a nice place and the citizens clever
Rockpoet Kr., Oct. let, 1877.
ITenry Qutsscnbcrry Ima been ap- i
pointed at Lyona, Hancock county, . . , T.1 . .i,i. Red Bear, and Touch-Thc-Clouds, all
viceJ. J. Huff resigned, Wni. Sharp, t, ns .jeaicntcd l.vt foiirth Sabbath. Indian Chiefs, were at Washington
w m -'ltifs v-y. i, . l---. r 'kimo -i c. r ti 'rr,.j;ryt tr -4
The Peerless Equrs
trienne. KATE M0KRI3
The Finished Artist.
tfnrivftllfil it their Art.
The Eiiilih TrapezisU
itAblliil WIL1.1K,
The Great Boy Rider.
"W A. R
Tor this Comprehensive. aperblj IUss
trated History of tba present momenteas
strnggte in the Ent. Its ccrlo ifaps.
flans an many elegant Engraviagi ara m
siieeisl fratnre. It gives i Grapie Hislorr or
each Connuy. with istorie and Descriptive
Sketches of ths primitivs manners, pietar-
eiqas eastotcs and dnmestio Ufa ot tho Con
testant. Describes tho
in Balnria: tho Friirhtfnl Turkish Arteelttts
in other pUce ; tho uprising of Ihe whi
in Herxexuvina. It gins the Stirring BaU
lias and Thrilling Incidents of the war, and
Is tho mott isscinatlnj; and oxeitlnj work f
I the sp. Agents are snre of prompt and
ready Siles. Prospectas Book noir ready
Also Ascents -ranted oa onr Grind Combi
nation Prospectus representing
150 Distinct BO OBIS
of t-ntversal Interest. It includes A cul
tural, Biojraphical, Historical, Relijinms and
Miscellaneous Work with Sis-, Tilteasd Se
scriptiua of eaeh Book, tff eriuien Pjt;es cad
fpreimen Illustrations. Sales made from
this I'rospceins nam an smgis coon iaiu
Also on oar
TEiilish and Gorman,u
TVith luralutbla Illudrated Aids and Superb
Ilindint;, Kearl; lOO stjies, 8uporior lo
all others and indispensiblo to everj FEilj
JOUNk'pOTTFIIJ! CO.. PultUiert.
f t I. -1 j.l iYit
SpottedTail, White Tail, Swift Bear,
1,000 HEX AND
' . ! .aaanlml ttmlsr tTifVIlT Tfilltj.
A moving City of Wonders 1 The Worlds Greatest u-, . -
liL Bihb resigned.
Tho Girainissioncrs, A. B. Baird,
S. Woodward and T. J. Smith, have
completed their labors in dividing tho
county into magisterial and voting di:
nrrnclHtl an excellent discourse. Elder
Kelly Maddox, of Ohio county; J. 1. lay
lor, of Warren county, were present.
Elder Caeebier seemed to do his best to
make the occasion pleasant to all. Prol.
Riit, of Bethel Female College, was here
and cave us a good talk on education
done and what the result has been, is people. The only noticeable feature to I
known to ninny and the satno results object to is the drinking establishments.
Open Dens of 1 Performing Animals in public view. M Dlle
Leon, the Mon lauier, sunns '""6
HER It BROOKS in the Don of Performing Hyena
The Smallest Ever on bxuiDiiion.
The Unchallenged and Unrivalled Fire-King.
may bo expected again.
nnrrctt I'crrx Items.
The farmers in this part nf the county.
tricts and havo filed their written re-l The nrofeepor is a fine specimen of man- ' . y
nn.t .:V. il.s r 4.. T...1-- I l,nv.l l,; nri.) in nlfittirn tnr nnanfliia I Wl,rn'
t j I.r. . ... .1 TIil nentilp in this neighborhood nud
rpi , ... i.. ;a - .pj.ln..vrt nn full nv lifn nml I I 1
ine7 rccommcna six raagistenai ------ - " jn the surroundins: nciehborhoods nre
. - - - I AhAPivn I in LuiturA linvi iril I nni criArl HP I
ml ut ft ft l2 -...! .VA ;M 1nM-a 'VI.J. -4 V 1
UUJIlll kO ailU a. VI III V IT VULIlKf I II U.!-. I
We arc pleased with the number of
districts, as wo never could sec the
necessity of twenty-two magistrates
fttd eleven constables. Twclvo magis
trates and eix constables arc quite suffi
cisnt and will do the business as well
forgotten, and it n
some or the spirit ot progress
people of this commuuity in regard to ed
ucation. Tacder,
Greenville is badly cursed in this respect;
but as the Temperance Advance has now
twenty-nine subscribers, it is hoped its In
fluence will greatly promote reformation
tli ere.
At South Carrollton there are trvo bar
rooms, but I learned that the patronage 1
is insufficient to rentier them prosperous.
This speaks well for the place. The.
h Carrollton Institute, over which
tit BROOKS in the Dim ot renormiug uycuio. - . ----- " HS a9run SJ
Th reat erstasiat and Amieraeaia Sirens-
. -w m rrT'riri'if inu 1 1 'i i. I i ri i J jvii
100 JIALE AND FKMAlsK l'ltiKeuiviuivc, o
. ,, , . , , ecnerallv socialiTo and religious thorough this
hoped he has infixed b . , "? ,,
. .. I iroinsr ncomc Wc have church meeting oouiu
Ol progress IiilOllie ' . , p..r Wnvlnn.l Alexander nrraiilns so cf
ui . ew iinvuius inu eccuiui aim mini i -" j-
Sundays of each month. The Baptists flcicntly, has just claim to much of the
occupy the secondSunday and the Camp- honor due for the moral status of the
bellitcs the third. James Kcown, of the town. It is surprising to note the pros-
ChrUtian church. Drenched to a larce perity and efliciency of this school. Al-
congregation last Sunday. though-in its infancy, it has already
Wo have a good school at New Bay- matriculated na siuuenis tuis session,
e supervision of T. J. Wed- and the cry is "still thsy come." The
. . ; .. . , .l .
. . i , mn n rntnir irnm 1 11 pnmmpncnipni i inrira new nuiiuinir ur idu bciiuui ih r:in-
rav Iihb iint nrnvnl vet. anil it la nrolml.ln ""'-f - - - 0 - r
t'icir oflice duties. that he is still siek. as hc lea Owenshoro that Mr. Wedding will give general satis- idly approximating completion. Soon
When tho .Tude msscs unon the 1 011 'nsl Thursday loo sick io complete faction, as he is a fine scholar and atten- they will be straightened out, and then
I AAseer ll.nra sir.ii M tt Hnlriif K.1 flrvla,! I . . . I f f t I i !llt lt.a.
:n i.i::i. : a n.ifl : .""-. . -v- tive to business. lew ii any inianu wiriia niupeaoieio
"ru" i' ... i aa illume me remainder oi me icrni.
full. Every voter in tho countv will
. i -. -n .i I Vr. ilodi-efl. of lhe Lii-hliiin; IliKl
watu a copy to i,eep, as u win snow r-, irr. ia eniovin,. vrv -oo.l health, and is such men as Wavland Alexander. Rev. J
..I m , -,-11 lirUl UI -I. J. AIAliUIIO IO DtUllllllli; I tJ I ,V 1 O 4 O .
t'.tA A--n.S I m n.i.ln ..I i.tnl, ,1,. rrlL'In.'.tl I . IIOI1. ... .1 . . " . . . .
I in; CiUL. 'W"",vi I""." Ti I . iw.w.l ri 1 .. n nrnv, Ini-mixu, wllli I ,na ilm I M . I'pnv. UT. J . H. l.O eill.ln nn.l. nt hpra
, a r iinriiiini iiiiiim. mill pii riK 1 1 i ' . . . w , . w ..... v . ...... ...v..w ....w. j i . .
i- . r. -n ..i.ir.t. I - --1 . - . - . .1 ... .. . . . .
,iyo iit puoiiMi ,... cmlntv ,n ii.e interest ol call on him, upon any of tho topics of liUe llicm, lor using tiieir.iniluence in es
Eovcral hundred extra copies of that i, the dav. Beinjr a well read man nnd a tablishing such beacon lights over the
tsueand Will furnlfh them at five cents protectini; their families and property fine reasoner, an a man that keeps up land.
Irom this dread element, would. dol.v:ii. the times, he can entertain anyone I must be allowed to speak of llrown
Among the arrivals from a distance this
week ue note Mr. D. McIIcnry. and D.
r nffiil, aIO dnm Mi! .Ino TI...
. . . . . . L ... I Jl. Ullllllll VI ..Dj,HVto..UJ-
the former numlier; besides it will crar. val -, Rn appearance Monday even-
y them better and they can afford ing, and is working manfully for the ins under tht
. i .... ,:. , tere.t of the Commonwealth. Jmige Mur- .. ' ... ,.
to give more time and attention to ray i,a8 1)0t nrrivfa ,-et. and it is probable lioS- We thl
J10.000 CHALLENGE that we have the best
.Lady Hiders in America, i
Juvenile Equestrians living.
A troupe of trained dogs
of marvelous beauty
and BSgacity.
Performing Elephants. Fifty educated Horses,
a troup of performing Dogs, Goats and Monkeys.
Champion Bareback Riders of the World, Male
and Female Trapezists, Gymnasts, Acrobats, "Vol
ligcurs, Contortionists, Jugglers and Athletes.
With their Subiuefttors seated amoiiR them, in grand .Parade in the publuj streets.
A moving animated tournament and pageut witnessed but once in lifetime.
Mr. T. J.. Barrett, one of the cleverest I boast of better educational advantages
and amone the oldest men in tho coun- than South Carrollton. All honor to
' "-per copy, postage paid, to any nddrcss,
- f Send tu "3-our orders in ttiac.
well to sivclllin llieir KOrK as lie Uses .', .. . . . , , .!:,,. & Davis, in.irl.1n men. whose wnrk- is sn
hi- wnt innter .il and ruts it up on the "uu "yi - ....-...v, -...j,.., - . .
wen. f ""' uuimuii. v u.
I hear Fome talk of organising a Good sufficient to throw out tho hint that they
Ed wards & Foster have a bran now Templars lodeo at New Unvmus. I have made it a point to advertise cxten-
most scientific plan
The "Tcnipcraixo Advance1' edited
i -r.1 m T T?-i t:.. tr.. I liillW
Uy.-iucr l. iaiiuitj,irinw.iuii,iv., , , ..., :,. ,i,:r ,..!., nll nrn ..i.i i . .1.. .!.:. 0!. ..lr. .,.! !,- i!. il, c,. r
- . - iWf.Mv-"'"- ------"w-- - s 1 1st II iV II, IIUUIU JV uiiq J 1 !, U llllllgO I CHVII) MHV IIVU u . u J tVI
U 1 tsi ik earning ipiimiar .mXw. prppnre1 to drinks to customers we could do for our country. Perhaps it success. Businessmen of whatever pro-
pper. 11 u puuiiMicu teiiii-.iiouiuiy, , n very geuteei siyie. iiiey aiso nolllll catl9e S01)e of ,he Jt0Ulls men Hni, feS3;on take a lesson from their example
llit Gorgeous frte ttml Displajat lOaja.KtliJaj.
An allegorical, moving panorama of
M 50 cenU a year, and is n four col- havo n nice aim coinpicto siock
four-nasred iuurnal. The thirtl grocenes arriving uai.y.
also some of the old men of our country, and advertise your business. But enough.-
iao. pilblishdl last Monday, is tun 01 Vcriom woxl, do well to call and
.tilery 'lest tending matter. These- rcdcem their tickets in V. P. Adding
httions,aro gool mid appropriate as ton's cash-drawer. If not done, they
,-ould Iks found and tho 01 iginul matter will to Pced in the hands of the town
is betterstill.
Its circulation ia rapidly
marshal for collection.
Witnesses, jurors, defendants, law
yer, officers and visitors attending
to quit spending every spare dime they
get for that mighty demon, whisky, and
spend it for tho erection of school houses
and churclies, which are ol vital impor
tance to the educating ol our children.
I propose we meet at Now Baymus on
the first Saturday of October, for the
purpose of organizing a Good Templars'
lodge, W hat do you say T
More anon.
Princeton, Ky.
T. E. Ricntv.
Col. 1). II. Armstrong, a Democrat "fjiiminal Court, will pleaBe take notice I
A t'orrretloii
The readers of the Herald are requested
to note that the present number of the
Fragmentary history was published
some years ago, and that the (laughters of
Richard Taylor, spoken of ns still living,
have recently 'died, nnd the old brick
house built by William Taylor, has since
rri. tv r ,i.A t.-: r
. ... , ' 11 I JUU ASIICLUIO. VI illC i Mi uuilJauy.
mii, n rMlllcnr limL UU Mill Ullliliniuiuio wvuuuuu. i,... onsw,. tr Amiiiil," 1. irtaa
ISl.lli-JIII, I - - 1 ., link. Ull ...... wmo, liuuab I I 1 1 Tl 1 ,n 1
,f e, Tjiiiw h-j lieen upiitinted bv books lor tue iiaiuus oi Duuswuren, communication appeared last week. Tlie uurucu uun. mu uiminii..
! OI. JVIIIl , 1U l l . r, t .. I -II I.. l.l n l,n,.n iLm noli I J i.. I.i. .. .1.!. 1. -1 11 1 I ll.la !n ll.a
. Til ..t I T U S.....if r In tillSnnil Will uu lllllfft-u iw Aii.ff vm.a i nnNwi-r uiMI (CUCltca IV laic iur una in I HIIUUIU Hint; wm.i.n;vi ,iua ii
vimuniui tin. . i . -... , ...i :i, nll ,.,.. .i :il .!. ,:..;.,o
Un vacfiu-v cttLCil bv Uie tteam oinvniw i ""
Senator Bogv-. 'usanyiiow.
living tableau and patriotic carnival.
Monster golden cars and chariots have
been expressly built for this purpose, re
fulgent in glitlcring decorations and or
namented with designs and pictures of
liistorical events and celebrities of tho
revolution of 177C. Living groups and
statutes, representing industry, commerce,
civilization, the army and navy, the
Goddess of Liberty seated on her tem
ple. Tho prelude of this-grand felethe
car of Euter'pe.containing the world famed
Golden Cornet Rand of twenty musicians.
Scenes of bewildering splendor wild
animals loose in the streets immense
golden tableau cars drawn by elephants,
camels, etc., amounted by living wild
animals. An endless calvalcado of
knights nnd lnd;ein armor, mounted on
beautilul steeds, richly caparisoned and
accotitered. The entire 'retinue gor
geously decorated and painted in the most
elaborate style, with biblical illustrations
and characteristic scriptural events, my
thological and classical design. Huge
tableau cars mounted, representing nota
ble events in the annals of time.
thn mtiro Show, 50 cents: Children under 11 Years. 25 cents. Comfortable Cush
ioned SEATS, with Back and Foot RESTS, can bo had for 25 cents extra. Performance at 1 and 7 p. m.
No gambling of any kind or nature, and no Intoxicating Liquors allowed on our exhibition grounds under any ctr-
Oct. S,H nnd 9.1M77
I will sell to the highest bidder, on a
credit of three months,
S3 Covered and Opea-Top Baggies.
S Itnroucbc. Cnrrlugea anil
rtockitway.s- ! Spring Wagons.
23 Set of Single, Double, and Wagon
Harness; also,
I ?Thia sala is made to close consign
ments for this year, the grandest
event of the season. '
Auction and Com, Merchant.
Call to SCO sue and will go over to next week, when original text, but ueglectcd it through
I :t will appear. i inadvertence. u. u. iavloiu
cumstauces whatever.
jynstcr Commissioner" Xollee.
Ohio Circuit Court.
W.ir.McConneirs,Adm'r, Pla'ff. )
Against Equity
W.ILMcConneira Heirs, Defta. J
Notice is hereby given to the Creditors
or W. H. McConneH deceased, that the
undersigned, Commissioner of the Ohio
Circuit Court, under an Order i the
above Bttled canse, will attend at his Of
fice in Hartford from the date hereof, un
til the 1st day of October. 1877, to re
cciieTand hear "proof of claims against
said Decedent; and that all clainis not
E resented to him and proven aJ required
y law, within the time' specified above,
will be forever barred.
E. R, MURRELL, M. C. O. C. a
Jnlj 18 3m.
linn know Thyjcir.
Dr. E B. Foole's great medical work
'Common Sense" or "Plain Home Talk
one of ihe best medical works ever pub
lished. Regular publisher's price $3.35.
For sale by W. U. Griffin, at the Drug
store, for the small -"ira of 3tv

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