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The Hartford herald. [volume] (Hartford, Ky.) 1875-1926, March 30, 1881, Image 4

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rin following rvinarlmldV miill.i
lion fan rout lihul ton to t ho Sui Fran
iMi 7VW from tin .hi of Mr. II. At
IVmlng. The inailer will notice tint
iarh IhioNn quotation from .iiiif of
tne Mniid.ud autliorxof lliiulam! mid
nmrl.ni. ThN N the 10M.lt of a year's
WWioti anion the I.,hIIiik
i..Nof iit and intent time:
ui.v irn.lKf.nri lrimiiiliifflii hum?
T .ff nhoft tiHimT, irnnifl ilouw.
I' Htm wocntch the Mill hreiitli niitl
. . rM;1,.
1 1. fnKiif niH. initiiMit nm;Mi.usii.
'Ij b. llrtlHr llitm .nit lutu',
ri...iwhiilliiMiri.rHiiiMMiiintniK.l ;
Itut ll.tvnti(iU tntuiiiy wrli riiif
... .'i'""1
I In- IM1I(HUUIUI..UHU llIiriMlie HMIH .
.iii rlH i ImU tlMMimuiKiii late t nl
I i.HiwlljOH.n
iiiihMikwhIi n1imliiinihr
v, M.,H,u,ru,.Mui.iMnnimnn:,i
Thc tifi.ivieMiiiniiHnaMrorBliii.
s,., m.iy iieeluMwl - Hmo u mil nut it.
" . 7"'.
i . tlitilrmtrp wlH'ti' irliu In- no plncr.
I ... KW. Mdi ikH. lo Ji"-
I ,mi n.lul.im U. txt MiiUy "JJtmr. j
m imohI it l,lll,,pA,,5,Luv ,,,,'
wniiernnntMi.km toinhiuiMoini.
SM....i.wl.iKiiHtrtM,i.iitMiNj;!:;iM.. ,
. iitjlir Bitm if ll Unit we Ieplw.
'Iitfii I miHum'ti tlml Imploiit MliiNtittiii;
It.flifN fuio Mlr.ut, iiimI LTiiintcur Nh ilreioa.
ImiiU mil loulfitloii Im- ImiiiiMiNl.nixe;
I lit uit liMr vim? toal lnu ioilnur.
Wind sloriiiiiHi'imii!
-- HWfr.
inl iliMrmlhu to the limxeniiil uuxit!
Wit i'i nil I lie bhuiI Kllttorof a emwn?
i i t iy In llrt not on I ! of itow n.
It' u ImiK i Ihi', imt Iml lu'tlnii' till;
Ui.it tttnii llt twin wli'i llrt lift'
wllt Jftrrlti.
l iKis then. yvl ou iiiuv, jm.r tinl
mr Mimn,
tiniii uorvhlp. Mt nm roinpir
lietHl. W.
I'M trut tlmt'fcU en, uuunt, ion) to.Mxiofll
iwjtii: iktmu
I "i, ItW UCllOH' UIMMIH, ''t llll' MP lllllt.
hlkn 'It .
A TiiiKiiiU liiii.icnl.
In the Legislature of Ol.io.M.n.eyeats
.go, there wa a waim whether
a i'eitaiu j.rojMml mihoail should begin
at a given Hh.t tt'nvn or at a certain
o'her "; the liver. "Whoever heaid,"
a advoeate, "of be-l
lining oittfrtiiHy t th fjt.' Who
i er heahl !' hulltiiiiu u ehlmnev from
I ,e lopV Who eer aw ti begun
it tin InpV
rpjumiKsl a Dutch member Irom an
county. "Meeuter
dejentleman zny tlat decs
all ou houniboog peeaue ve
ants in jtcgeeu our milroat mlt de top
deShtate, uml he make culy
i uiiUiiImiiis npout de houe uml de
ln.uuey. 1 veel a-k ile
a. ipuwtlous. Hen bee Uirt ov de
v li.ite, veil dey peghii to built von ell,
do tley peghls mlt de bottom ov de Veil,
n do dey pegiu lull de top ov lie Veil?
Yul de jenUi'iimn bleee aihWiT me
il.it Icetb von illetlonVM
Th laughter whleh explosively fob
T'lwed thisl'i'iitonie retoit who,
n. the opinion of thelegblator, had the
! tier of the argument. .Vm'
fhimfr in ity';'" Mittfitliit On
Mis. .la mi's A. Win field.
i'he wife of the twciitlulh PieMdent
if the Knited States Ka daughter of a
Maryland fanner, Zebu Ion Rudolph,
whose uncle, tradition , fought in
and, going to Km nee,
i the caue of Napoleon and be
i tine .MnisJial of Kiai.ee the gallant
.id t.ufititut.ate .Wy. She was a
w tudeiii will, .ouiig (tailield at
II. .in. ( 'olleye, 1 41 lite engaged to
'urn. and when he went to Williams
ulli'He to extend his taught hi
1 c 1'uhlle Selmol ol Cleveland. She
was ii.ariUslto him hi 1s., when he
'teeaiiie the head of Illram College, and
b gait lite with lilm h. a little cottage
vl.iHi be puihasedt fronting the
(l!ige gitamds. She Is a woman ot
unusual learning, and hits heitlf neaily
litttsl her two ous forenllege, c.irrylng
tutu through their I.tlu and other
Mi. lies in which women ale rarely con
( is.mt. She Is fuutl of leading, ami hi
substantial literature and a knowledge
' the atlah's of the day she is better
w ied than the wife of any
u hiivi' hud since Mis, Polk. She Is a
i nly H.mewhat under the medium ie,
well-made and well iroporlionedl b
longing on the whole to the order ot
hale women. She has a faee well
of expiesche ami harmonious
in with a fidr and bright com-pi.
.Ioii, black hair and eyes,
is :. Ifte hliy, yvt jn'tjmtttft and ihe
Juts a ii.atkeil and cheerful laugh, a
seise of the lit. uoiotis and of her own
dignity, and u eheerlul, happy nutuie.
he Is funil of house-keeping,
yet dceideil in her rules uf household
government, and withal a well-balanced,
sensible and iuleiestiug woman,
rilllltse llos.
Ki urn the mangy, snapping
em which form Mich u universal
for nh oiiim.il' the native
LHillivtiuii. Hlaek Drikoii, Hlaekie,
Yellow Ktnvlewel, iVail, ete.t
men, of the name tnoM hi voitm i.. in
Iiiium' Kn.yhoin.il i- a lank ereatme
-..... .. i .. ....i.i ...........
' "iiirii.in m i.
uuieth awav. Hetiluvcm tin not mh'Iii
' ,
to lie known to "Oneilo:1
' i..ikM ... ..i ....... .ti.i...r ,..1,1. i......i..mIIm.iL
- - n -
at the iiiiIm.," sus another (him-e
. .. ' ....
.novel h. rem hit in.' om fine i.v o the,
ilNeonlant velN whirl. i.H.ally mark I
tho foi(Iuiier traek ll.hiuli aChhieM
! cltv, HhmIo ill whleh, helm; el.iellv
I .. ....
U-l as or tlie or -Hop,
wMier than otherwNe in
T.u, year, ago, iteclareil ahnoM hi
(t WonNofour own pioveihthat the
KOoil do iIikm not hark.
Kihih Hoh loTiiki. I linn.
tl w. ( )N wny onu f(H1 , ,,.,.
Hle. He h.nl on a raggetl oht dimmer
Milt, a bail hat, ami hail hern taking1
hi-meals aUmt thirty )iotu a,.art, to
,.,,,1.., l.IM mmiov mrrv lilm tliiiiiKrh.
T ..'"., - i
"Ye, I like the country out thM '
way," he leplhsl In the ipieiy. "The j
elinmte is go(nl( the scenery line, ami
of the people are homt a- neeN I
Ie. The trouhle is hi knowing how to '
take the bad ones.
Ml should think that would Ik? easy." ,
it looks that way; hut I had
some experience. 1 am tlu original
diskiveier itf the lichest mine nrotiml j
I.eadvIIle. Ves, sir, I ant the very man, i what lower grotual, twenty-live tie-though
you wouldn't think It, to 'c grci weic icachctl on a ther.uoucter
these old i'lotlies." ' which oitlhiaiily agries with them. I
"Then you don't own it now? immediately removed one of the two
'Not a liit tf it. I'll expUtlu. I was
poking around on the IdlN ami found
hlgns. T collected some speehnoiis for
assay; staked oil' a claim ami went oil" minutes it fell to twenty-four degiei.
to the assaycrs. It was two day leforc Another singular phenomenon, ob-J
he let me know that I hail struck the servable under such atiuospheile
richest ore that he had ever assayed, tlop.s, U the lapld changes of tempera
and then I hurried lack to my claim. ; tine at a given jHiliit, as shown hy fix-Hang
my button- if It hadn't been t ipicnt or eontliiuous observation t.f the-Jumped."
mercurial column. On the moriiliii, I
"Whyjagaugof .siaipershad found
the spec ami built up a pole shanty and i
hung out 11 ign of Kiist RiptNt C'lmreli
over the door. True as shooting they
had, ami the law out there Is no man
can sh.k a shaft within Jh feet of a
chinch building. They saw me coming
and when I got there weie hohliug a
revival. There wi re 1 of them and
they got up one after another and told
how wicked they had been and how
sony they weie, and would you Ih-
linen If ihi.v had the check In .il- 111.. !
'"" ;''" r llttW' r,'rm l"tu'"
muniii.nmi.in.unc .mm., ...,..- ..
nae noi muu.imi me him ami
... . . . .
eom. lion "ovcinihL' tne Mllt.iel
m.nil ihtMitle;..
- - ! J ,.--
li,,n ,,KI iM.il.,,1 H...rillli.nHkf to it ,
"' vi till' ,,a"11
Darim: a winil Miam
M.uu.y i.i.mii ;u..i u...
.!..... f l... .1
"''" l,"l,'T"'11, ' ""'
nmmetrie leeunUh. areas nver whieh
ae Imw a Hum' eorniMUHlriiee.
Hat if the weathers eal... it ita lint-
..Uv tit ilnrtiKr tlii. i.nlil !)! Iik.
"v ' " f
!"-" ' ' U U,t"0,m" rn,lU'r
I'.e warm air to higher levels The
,fc,,'t "ftliN Mratilleatioi. i hown hy
oliMTvatioiis taken in the morning U- (
fore the ilhttt uetlon of the Ml., ha hail,
" Hlwl" ill iWo.illg lUllfoilllil.V of
A, n uMMt(m of the truth of lliN ,
theory, on the inoriiliiK of January Nt
the eumiit year, within a railhn of four
of Samly .rliijr, MontKomery
fOUIltV. 3lll.. elllORUlll&; .. t lHera.e. i
roiling eouutry with proluhl.v not more,
than one to two humluil feet a- the
extreme aiialion ol levtl, there a '
ilillerenee of lliirtj degrees Kahrelnheit, I
the range heing Irotu tiveilegieeaiMivt
to ihgiics In-low zero, ac
cording to the elevations of the station.
My two thciiioinclers, hanging side hy
shle, showed sixteen degiees at7:'!i..l
M., while half a mile distant, on some- i
to a point one bundled yards distant
from the house ami at a level alxitit
twenty-live feet lower, wheie hi ten
alH.ve mentioned I watehetl several
fluctuation of at least two degrees In I
the .space of ten or fifteen Minutes, I
which could not have Uen due to ra
diation from my lody or other artlllelal
heat. This Is accounted for hy a gradual
movement of the Mratanfalrhy the
action of gravitation or a gentle lateral
piessiire, of fo.ct lusulllcicttt to mingle
'Hull ItTilhle 4 llllil.
A (iahxton ladv muile a
uihiii call nnt had msemeo to May 10
Ttii. were a little lieavv.
' IUHj tM. Klut, Instead of eating them,
shoved them lyly Into her xHket. but,
hIumi urged to try one morehy the lady
, ''.XS.H W,
take any more as'l atea hitedhnier. I
j never relished anything as much In my
. .. , , .
"I liat'i so, nia," says little Johnny,
1 uhe likes Vm . umch she put ein hi
Kr iekct to take Vm home and eat
on another occasion there was a
tleinan at supper. The biscuits were
ivallv good and the gentleman ate very
I heart ly. When urged to take one moie
I jlt, n.j.i;
Xo thank vou, Ive eaten tluee
1 "ThatV a lie," says Johnny, "you at.
I five: I counted 'em "UulvtiM Xttr.
JanpHors, Wives, Mothers!
Dujovercr of SB. MAKCHISI'S
Tlil Itetnwljr will urt la hirmonjr with tlw 1 1
ilc Bva:eiii ut till tuar i, atul hUo luiinvh ttiy
i p hi thu atxloiiilnul itii'l u'cmhc intirli, ana
oiotliem to ii liBultliy ana irunir condition
! l.r. MircliiM Utume Ciithollconwillctire iall
tit ot tl.tf womb, lx'iivurrlMeii, Clironia In tin in- .
. . .tl..n ...,1 ITi.h ti..t. .. tlia nmnb. Inf4.. ntilt I
( Hnunrrliuire or Fkoltuv, Piilnful, bupinca
itutt Iiuvulir Mtnstrii.aion.ii.jnojrLoiumiiiiiT,
uml l nJaptcd totbe CUcoof 1.1 ft-.
fur pimi'Llit Inc. Alllettert of tniuir
IiuLlr niiui rM. AM.i a bore.
KOlt NAT.i; 11V ATal UIltTCfilSTS. I
91.5(1 THrboUK and oik for
I)r.MircUiirUUilnuClbolivou, TaVnootbtr. ,
Faducah & Elibsthlown Rdlro&dt
The Shortest.
The Quickest, and i
The Best Route'
Ti Abb l'OINTs.
North South and West!
And the Kawtilte Kmile of Kiiilmiiuts for
.MisMMirl, K" an "lis. Texas ami tin-Smith-
Quick Time, Low Kites, Close Connections
w km, I.Asr.
llri'i A. .M.H.e. Heaver iMtn I.e., .li'i I'. M,
IlVJiM. M. Arr. Oweiis.Miro Je
i.:) " , Oueiisloiro . . l'.tl . M.
I: In " .Nortiiuvllle Ss e. .
.'fcVi " . ..lleiileiMMi, llni'i .m.
1.3 I " .llVIIIlHVlIlt. 1 iirJi
.1:lo llonktiiNvlllr. " ll.MI e. m,
l:lii " .(lulhrle. ' llil . M.
iilii ' .....N'iishllle " I lii'm
:ir.'l " ' I'rliieeiini, . " I.Mh e. M.
.. .. .l'adllenli imm , m.
fil . M.M.e.. ..('eellla A.r. T;ti e. st,
hk'i " KlIalH'thtown Mia
lljm I.ouUllle. ., liM."i
s:Iu 1. M. " .t'liH'lnnatl :it"i., m.
h:iii ' " . ImUnmiMtlH llr.M
to lead off in singing. I wont to l.iw lm
they I Milt inc. Thus days after the)
verdict the First IUmM rfitirrii bunied
.low,,. ml lr...tl... u,,v ,
the congiegation weie developing a
mine worth over a million dollais.
Von mc I didn't know how to take
int'm' ,.
"Was theie any putieular way to,
take them?'
"Vou Iwt there was! I ought to havei
openetl on that levlval with a Winches-
ter rille and given the coroner . lor a
... ,p,tl . . . .
,. ,. ,,
veidict that they came to their death
fiom too much iclluioii."
Tin; i:.m ornu: woumi.
.Iiiii ho lt A 11 x li ns iiiSteiliiraiiil
Vt Iml I'p.
The Viiglni.i, Nev., I4'nffifni s.iy:
''Say, what N then hi talk aUiul
Old Mother What-.ou-call-her,
ol the planets, and the woild
coinln' to an end this Near?" askisl a
grl.letl old I'.'er, topjihig 1'iofes.sur
Legate as he was tinning the enriicr of
(aud Cliloiihtleds with a big
mider his left aim. "Do you think
the old world i going to pas. in her
"Well," sdd the l'rofesor, "we
taluly have during this year some re
maikahle movement in the piiuclp.il
An thing liable to Iimim very
"Itufoie long. Let me cc-at nine,
o'clock on the night of April 1,
tun will be in 'oujuuctiou with the'
"(rood lora staileil What neM'.1"
"At seven nYIoek the next liif.rniliK
.ttuii. and .lupitef will be In roujuno
"At nine o'clock that uiotuhi
will eoiue hi conjunction with the
"Jhurah! All Hettiim in their woik
onthestiu. 1 ean Me Old Sol
to ict slnky on liN phis. What
"On the iM nl May Wnih eoiues In
conjunction with the Mm."
"Olory! The old al ets hi her liek
on the htm, too. It's m.'luln' hot now.
Hithimaghi, oltlual "
"Ou the llth of May Neptune will
be In conjunction with the miii.1'
"Tiptop; old Nep. ami all of Vm o-
iiik (piare at the miii, like hi iiiativ but-
till", billy goat. I'll live to ec it yet.
Who goes nt him nextV"
,()ii the llth of May Meremy eomes
Into conjunction with the miii, and
I'ruiius will lie at right angles."
"My! what will be light angles?"
"The h I! Then I'll beat the grand
bint up, .sine. Is that all;1"
"Those will Ik1 the pihieip.il
"And quite Mitllefeiit, Iihi. They'll
fetch tho old craft-they'll knock the
'old world oil' her pin. Pm much
obliged, profeor. I'm leady to peg
out any minute it I can see the big
Miow see the woild blow up In a blaze
glory, like a big lliewoik. l)ocn
know, I've idler wanted to see this
Vcrv huslno.s. Whv. It will imv nie for
u.ull the mUeiy I've" bad In llvlii' up to
date. I'll he up bright ami eaily 011
the morning of the t -It li of Mav ti see
old Meikry git in the kM at the smiand '
f.itur of the eitieh ami villages of j
lima, tlie foielgnur, ny
the (Mi t h tl ICmpiti 9 has M.nie
l in abstracting the ideal animal of
Western poei and essayist. Among I
Ihe Chinese the dog is viewed
through media of varying deiHity. f fe
i- de-pl-ed, iiitjiriini, in common with
the whole brute creation. On the other,
ii.ii.d, the alue of lib hcrvicen as
1 u diau ol the home and an Incorrupt i
ible night wateiunau is fully U'cognled.
A dog," has the proverb, "finds no
fault with his mantel's poverty;" which,
a far ui the generality of Chinese
i.taU is coiieerued, I, to say the least of
it, a fortunate ehctuiistume for the dog,
black dog, itith white varn, Is sattl tojof
fie the king of I.U taee; a black dog,
with yellow eyebiows. U highly
teemed .. 11 khkI Iioilo dog, while
wimeoue, will. iil.ieK eyelnowr, Is
lesjMimlhigly at a discount as likely to'
destroy the piospeiity of the ownei. A j
"Hon don" . f , tint- uf tin- small, j ' hurst up all rir.itlon. I'm i willy much
HnKK.v hwwl uf tlit mi tlu and I'll diink with yr. nif
, nmtrnry, ifgnnlitl u i.immMiiii liUtlv, mm. ef iii'i ij.il a Im'I iuiir aUmt
to improve the fortune of tin fundly liii.wi it ou haven't, damn.
which it may I doimMitMUnl Tim woMl ak y. i old
dnr," o nilleil fmm helng ol a
Me MitlHiMilly dlmhiiillvo tondinitof1 "' """"",p" v,,r
il liehie hi the uhle riihue,
eve, u the lap-dm; of 'hlim, ami like " the iiceiit cold mmii many
mil. -1 of extraonlinary low te.m
the aWm.ntiom,! llii..lK."l.
t" he Men in wealthy eMahlMiment or weiv nui.. ami tie ureal
ueiwirii ior:u Miumin inn mi
( 'lose e 111 neet lulls a I Noiltm ilte u I(h tlaliis
on j. A N. Itallroad loi Hilnls .N'oiHi and
At Kultaua w Ull I'aeKeH on I'toiihelliind j
At l'jidlteali wllh .MeiitthlK, l'adiieah H.itl
Noitlitru ltallro.id and Steamers on Ten.ies. '
M'eatid Ohio rlers. .
At Owf.iHlHiro.Iuiielhiii tor Oweiihhoro; at '
KIIUHthtoun illli 1.. A X. Italliimd: nt
oulsMllewlth !...'. A- 1.. Iliillniad.O.A M
I. for IiidlnimpollKitml the North-west, o. A
M. Itiilliuatl fur SI. LmilHiiiid the Wtl.
II. J. IIOITO.VvlliN. llHi..l't.
i:iliheihtoun, Ky. '
I N ' "" ""im Ihinfonl. don, i.ut n
r"n ,lf n"'
tTrVDA XI J I A ( Vim
irUA JurUN rupr.
, H M0?,n;VVM'h!roV:r.,,,,,, f'HI
IMIrQ. S IMrarslxall,
Fashionable Dressmaker
No' IVallklhl HrvW,
' W"lh K"!ll tlltl'lii. 'l Iff leiiollil'ttt
owKvsnono v nasiivim.k
ruk ftWvi Mniiilii , pi. lt. s.
, ! .M.
!l nu
.. . '.. ji i -.
I iuyZZ?y"Z" ". Ill i IHI
riei.VJHirl.;.l"" i 10 Is '
lo ;w
.. iii,,YiVi ""'" to Al
uii iVRVnimY . . II
.urliH.uln fflllm i'ff .7. .. . IS 10 M.
th vin M.Hrii
iueiiuu.Hini .lunriimi...., m. e.
" a i
CuoVui1 "7,,lVln; i in
i . "
;; -"-;'
;-- i ri
. is
i ;ji
,. . -1 i M
tf im "
t s "
ii :ui
7 iti
.. u.wW''777ZrZZ .'..'"
lnwrMu" Zl. "'
pantiurrirfk.!!. !.."!.
V.rl4MuiH stn" V "! '."...
TmIiis IMII exivpt Mnnl.iN.
"$pMi) wis
1(h Hlisriliu ri..,n M.:, hi n
"healthy Mat.
Tin; hi;vii:im ioiti i.x.
j UWfUlVJ Wi
v UNciim1 til ili 'I It roti l, 1. mi;: anil
I'nliiiiMiiist Orumii,
Consumption Cured !
I.r.riiirell,ilriii;mt.if Miirumi lt, Mk
ws eiilliel eiirett uf i iiliUtillllili lt
the Use uf AIli'H's l.UUL' II iN.OU. 1 ll.' u lilt li
tliiif lie s,.N ai' tjti.oitltles tifit. I'nUer
reei lit ilnte lie u rites us; "I ulit iiiraln
out f Allen's f.uiii; JMNani. Kfiut
half u utti" :i sihmi n- ou tan. I eu.i.mt
keepsitue ulthuul It. It euiv
iMtleiits utter the iloftm tail in Iieijt
IMUl.tMi.Sn.. Iv.. VlllllL'J.
(U.NTl.tMhN Tliilfiuuiiilliir AltVifsl.uiiK
U.ils.ou ltlneietisluu eitiistatitly. Tlie liuUes
thlnU thfie Ih mi inetlifliie eiml to It fr
I 'mini uml WhtHiiiilii; ('iini'h.
!'. MAUf'IN. li tnuuUt.
Mothers will find It a sufeionl sure remeth
to kUc elillilri'li when ulth
It Is harmless to the most tlelieate elilM.
It .utiitnltt tut tit ilii ill III Hill li irtii
for Alan's i.unic IlaUim,
ami shun the U-' uf all reiueillf ithtuit
merit uml 101 etMl)lln"l rejiuta.htu.
As an i:n'flunnit it li'i" it ni.il.
r For sate h all Meilielue (tailors.
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Sre Webstt r'n t nahrlitK'ctl, j ii Ui.l, kit
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Tli l tines in un l(r il.- I rN,
Ileef, lluller. ( antle. Column. 1', Uorne,
IolilliiK4, riireiiuliiuy, Itatellu, hlpn,
lu!ii 1 11 .ml UI'O Meant mi;iiie,
ili'tiie 'J4'A u t'H mil 1 n I r l'ttr
tit 111 tli 'mil I lo th fim J in u
Now Sdltloa of WEBSTER, has
4600 NKW WOUDS and Moniihitrs
Biographical Dictiouary
of over 9700 Names.
u die li nniryuciinrr
Wi:itsTi;us itiiiliii0' UHm l4l W
Tpvrry htito 'f ln iiuiiarlcj'
JUf i'T ClHJtiH Illl mii hiimh - ri
TV'Us In the I'm I 'It'
J3 L rf. are milnly liil(.i Wil-
Wtlni nines thu Q1
Saltt.f any etiur Mrii'f'. I'm', $j
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iww edition li it lifiutntf laurti atel Tl
tnoroTIm Maiidurd. JL4
erommrt( J ti))Utf hunt's Si liotih io Y
R 36 Mtt. and rj0 Ctlcte Vtva'ti li
PuMld.edl.yC.AC MERHIAM.Sprinnfit'M.Mus.
Quickest & Shortest Route
TO Ml llUMt
o.m.v om: ii wur. oitaus,
00 allies Shortest
mttle rock, sherman
, ,
i 1 I I'.IN'lv is
r nhiHincn
1'iirtki" irritot irio
Memphis, New Orleans i
" :
..... . lilt till 1111 II ll tlk llll K.lLlll. I.V llll ............ l.lllttl
!'- MiiOHhll .".. I" - -V
niiU'Utr. ilu'iii'tT ami uithiauitMi.niIort Urn
i. an iiinei.
,iil rsi hi hi i Minion rmianrjiMi tun ituu
llUniinathMiiiH to time iokI i
tloiihtoull Hiliits,iiiiil wilt piiMuroa ntteH
nun iiiituiiiu iitht'iH mi iiMit'itiittii, run
ItirthtM Itiiormalhni.mlilrOs,
C. P. AT.MOKK.t,. . A T. A.
I.oulsllle, K
W. T. !Cimi, l'roj. Jim '1om .Mihuik, civrk
Haktfokd House.
This House is now well furiiNlitil. uml I 'ali
lUi'om.iHKtateall ho.iia jile me a full.
AViuVV - -AT.?i
w9vsavi SI?
, . .i rl. I r tt ttt J
i i, 1 tiu I ' H 9 I I
rr. A tin " n tikwj
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t I i .u , r Mr i 11 ii .. r a', nl lirmii,
JtliiMilnl. It-' llu. i Alt t W w,
ll tl Ut on it .w I l. Kl M.'H t .
t j ISitw ' I Wl I. lll.Mi I (.4 !.!.. i Mr.
tsA ". H, ' I W rw .iUtt ) lk ' Var I
t r (t. I unit m 'i m ! I " tf
i rt , t ifiml i . i A . f ir .. .4. "!. l
1,1 , f j .(.. If MlrtlnfitiH l?B- l
tfyphiii. Oonortnas. O.rrt anioiutc. Varieo
vt.tr. Vu ' n bul Peb lity
i Impotfacy, " "' i JU i - C
n fh ' Ii' M.w tt I tiu 't r
lijf ni r. !!' t iftt l f ltr, .! mm
II. f I l.lUt I I' !- ! ' I " ' K
L'ii!uUlTi:, Le::z:i cs isi::l :s:i3ii.
( t i ftlt -i ' iv
I r t ii It 1. e it ! r J I'f l
I M .1 k 1 -' '( If i.'W ' ' tH
i. , f i t i ii',i in i til km ,
I 'I ' ft M ,n 1 l lf rrltfilUI ll,tllUI.Nl (
r.l Ift M l f (I nm rfli M m ,
t w r i M i ' " " ' ' ' '
liwiBBwmrrrTirr.T M ''
t i tun 'f ( t , I 1 rn t
t i I i ttt ' ' " ' ' ' "
iV Vi,il 4 . I H .
k tl r mi i ii r ' l t . i
I m t t Dt , t I e ii i'i . i i !
lo 6f a
lilt, llll fs. IK rthSlptUM IwulfttSI'i.
rSROTa Nrunm IHI
r .1 ia jtf i y t, I y x
O I i!i i o i w i
t'lU' t,
si:j:d cohn.
(ioi.in.N Yi l.uw
Til. I. iiiutHH thret' uei'ks
uthei Mtllttlf uf llelil ftirtl. ielils
lt HiishvN ier .Mir ii imm 1'iiiti. lirn
i MUiiui st, ti,.. (luntiu. t Miiiiii ...h: .
U. In ear w III lu II tWi Ihs. J-' I
1'Usln'l ; U ...r sji. uiil p n U m
Sm ills I ti.itip . u v .' i nit.
Z i A ft PI NTI I!
d l.'t Me Ilt I U
malum:. I . IAIN. uite I tiiii of 1'ati iiis
m.xi.i. i.iiwiun. M"Hr 11. I.Vttll.
i'vi.m:, (;urio.v a i. di.
Attorn wut &Unt I -it t t i
and 'we I'tit lTt uti,
II- t lflhStieet, W llMi..s. L i.
Praetlee iiale.it l.iw in all Its litaie . s in thi
I'.itent tUllee, iiimI the Sapmiie a.iI I ilri.lt
OmrtMit the I'lilled Mull" I'.lli.I'liM Milt
WANTED rlfcr Hctirl Filial
sIIi.r Iktntul Iliat at4 StUvl. . fWti
rHvrriXf ltoaal ftilliib'f to ,(. lovu, Mav
J 11 11 1-M t
rnoCON'sSl MlMfVi:s.
luu hteii iH'nnaneiitl cured ut that
dread disease. 4 oliUTupl hn. Iv a -Im pit
remet,ii niixloiiri to make k.iuwii to hU
felIou.uiteiers the mean of uue. 'lo all
uhodeslre It.lie willseinl ueopv of the
seriptlot. l.setl Iiieof ihaivt'i with '
tloiiHtiiriireiiariimaiitl iiliiL,'tlH'saine, hi h .
they will tlml a Stile Cure tor ('utisuiiiptlini, '
AMt.liin, llni.ieliilN.Ae, P.irlieM uUlillits tin
Pri'srnjitlnii. will I'liiiM'iiil.lio" ItPV. i:. A.i
WJIxiN, mi iviiii St., Willluiiisliiitir. N. .
bc Illuairi(4riaiilai.I
OIU f rti 1 atM.coa
uuiilbf dfrirUen. mu4
lt$t arili4 U 1 'lit lit. Ho,
Hcd Ilu.b. tw laiultlf.tiw.
tni I. IvrrtS I'll Iter wr tt
will. nikltM
Urtat j'sropfor H'tit. Hi.
kl l'r., tin t I' -it HOK.
OooJi r'rmtfd Brit qaa'lir.
I tor itrrsup.riluli
II MNtlt A Jttit. A t. A.
.NLl'.NKJt. UuUvlIlr Kj.
Planters Hotel
C. K SMITH, - Protri tor
TliN HotHe has Ix-en lEeiuodcled and
reiuniisueii, iiiciuuing an tne AiiMiern
&' &&
- I
njilfhwii " MU'HHrfHMliMi, U
i"" VKBiL'liiMn taannu4 .'.
JSf A Vfl T3 1
Ktue Howling (iieti. hn Kv.iiiiille
Wedui'sdav ninl Satitiduy at J a. in.,
Monday and Thursday, at :l p. m Through rates f'mm Louisville to all
I";"""" !ieon lnriii1ntl liy tin- L. AN.lt. I! Co., oral the olhYe
ofottr company, Howling (iieen, ly.
''' ' ''-I'-'-V, Secietuiv and Tnasiuer.
'JXO. A. HOHlXSOX.deuernl Supc.inlcndcnt.
I w 111 mutt . I iff i iht ittili .. .!(
. l..f.flllll.. . I? .1... !.... . . A . l ';.
,....,- IMIiii that IV II. ICllllKC Ta
I'livkliw, riiiHiles mill ItlitixliA. dun i. ti...
r f :::;, :.i :.;: v" ":
shiusm,i'iNr h.hI 111 111) hIh. Inirin
iitt fltritltl.tlli.il.. u I... ...!.... ......1. ...
litilrohii ItiM heml ir siii.m.ii. r,i. v.i.i....
liifihiii .v stump, V.oitlflf a Ci...
j -
mm:: Wm
. f f$v toT" w "V- l
7i t t - 1
111' 'JJ ti
I I S5jl
r 33
t. . .V f
' ' l.lJH
-J .. '
. . JTi . f
Statenaoit vTaxxi. 1st, 1SSO.
1'tip.iid IsMwnud rther
Net SlirjilUs over ull
t. til.,flP .( ltlrf. 1F.t.Ll..iit .....tt.
Never- F
I'XriaMI I)
We, ph'iciaiia of Iliulfoid, and Ohio County, Ky.( knowing .Meis. '
TI101111.3 iV Kimhloy to be gciitlemeu of iutegiity and limmcial iepinibility
fornll thev uanant, and knowini,' the inotedients which enter into the compound
which composes their Pile .Salve, wu have no hesitancy in recommend
my it to the public ih a good rcniedv for that prevalent dnoider.
I have used and picriibed Mo--is.
i'OM fA3TW'
- R - p.TawT
..ml all points on (iieeu liver every
rttuiuiug. havcs Ivaiimlh' eveiv
i W e e 1: 1 y Courier-Journal
ie ar mi r IMrsmr Utile
iHon Hunt imii.
' V"M HH 71 ,l--- "' - ,mr. ',, mptr
uml the tln I rt. wllllett,
uriiiusi Mini H.iIeitL I .tinli Weekh in the
rmi in t
sj , i r Iflj -s 3 1n CM
'.ii I I U S 0 m
J"r' i hip i ir w.lti ' Ifli .. .r
Ii ' ' .i r. .ii vl Ii- Il.fi h r i
rmimi I in .r M.ror H t.m ttt - .
h iw l t . it il i A i .j H,K ri if i r i
i rr i . f il.,. niiV t aJlcl. .' ' i
11.1 I . i m l.i iv" to In 1 nt lhl4 mi ,! ii , .
tin h nut t. i i. n a i,ft r l . . . i '
' u ' ' ' ' 'l I'- ai'.i i rmi'tv i ,i .4. t ,
l '"'" ' l iHM'klt r. lv I III.. . 'IN
I'rt - , Til milK.ni rtr. IntW I , u ,j II i .
tt.r t'it' I Ii. -ml (IiT .t fnr i 1 1 t ..r I f
iitir . -in M I rot .! tout l tyi'W H. Ii.
nilji t I . imlnati. i (If .1. 1 1 i,ik t j.
' "" yi '" T ua It nl rflytrn"l n.lM.
tT.r I t iirjrtr r, r h; i m. i. i'.,r
N ' lrrr of t 41 ! 1' . r
ittlt iml liiliia, fl.M Pi 1 . r.ta IN v.
J t i,ili. tjj
..'Mill, si ,,..; 'Ui .....IO
A ,.
ssssaajMHsaF) s:
S10FT. 1st. 1SI7
V'Ui,o,tt ..'
rl, I W.7.. ).
ailing Cure
l t.l.M ! SI
cn i.M) w
TIioiiuh iV. Kiiublev's Tile Ointment
clFect ami comfort In my palici.t.s ami
named dHca.se.
W. J. JSKKKY. M. I).
of Thomas iV Kimbley, has cxhihited
whieh have piovcn to mo as valuable
J. E. Pendleton.
Thomas it Kimhley'.s Pile Ointment, and
reliable remedy.
S. L. KEUUY. M. I).
Kimldey'd Pile Ointment for hciuori holds,
good flfcrK
J. S. M01.T0N, M. I).
directions are strictly
in hundreds of cnsM ami with o0;,d
believe it good lemcdy for the ahove
Mr. Jtu. A. Thomas of tbo iinn
to men compound, tho higicdiculs of
icmcdics in ccitain tli?easod of the
I imlorao the above ccitificate of
I know tho component parts of
111 nianv cao.s think it a safe and
I have prescribed Thomas it
and am thoroughly satisfied of its
This Salve, if tlie
j complied with, is warranted to effect a
icure. It will jrive relief in ten minutes.
Give it a trial, and if not satisfactory, we
pay back your money.
Price per bottle, 50 Cents.
, , ,. . , . Druggists. Hartford, Ky.
.& Your Druggist far il.
I- Kit. DMA Id I I Mil I
Worm tf&Ulcr
'llmt t imtiit tu itlKt.
I in Ii i il i Mutton i it i.i i! nun- of pin' Si
Ion i nt , Im -hit s nth i "nit ii . to it hi n 1 1 nl it -,
h.t 1 1 nit - i In nth nlt i om m hi in It tl nh lo
. i lit 11 III Hi 1 xtliilli 11
Hits i j t tt Kn h it i 'iiiiiiit lult tl to thf
pit ttl If M lilt thf i'l' l' s. I'tlllllitt IK ', 1111(1 V
(Ot lull iltitx hired tllHl It Will llll'ft with 111'
uii att nl iippMitmllcii l all w hi iIsiKmiU
omI it'lliiliM wtitni hitilit'liio.
II ts it m'Ii ntllh (oinM.iatloti of
llH.ll.'lhill pllltl .if, llllllxl 04 to IliHHM
tin illi m ami tho lu'ft ptshh' ic
suits. HliHiifJ" lim tinpieiisfliitto tal.t. ItU
Itiltt Vftet int'lo, ninl it Ik-Mi .ill
uriliinu' i ii sii.i.taii -. anl it
l ft tin it ... hiititt nil UIihIk uf, Worm
. miii ll't lnitimn n st m si unMti;il mm
v of this Im t that n h ti aiithoiUitl it'.
lir HK Ills to m filial (lit tllMlll 111 till i HM'ft
t lit IH'MI it Tuts to i- pt'lh 1 1 Mittsfm tin n
Crooke's Nevkr Kail
s Mil Ill's.
JB sa a ai M I ii ha r
m.I . mi. nil HI s; ,,( s,0i :i fc)tl,
i i Hint iliiin i,li Ihlltu i m klmnii.
im.ns: llll.l., Ii.
utik kim:ti;ka co,
Ull' I I Ml I AM. MM
l.OltUvillf, Kjir.
!. 111 Haitbnd b
ruoM.vstV Ki.Mrti.i::
i.tiuiiiii 1:1; it w :t. txt cm;, ::. tcra, :.
fpHFI'tt I i . ' M Wr k WH !
I I I l. r , . tr
ml Iftrrr li I krvttir ll lial h4J
I ih. ) a k t I' I ' " i4.wf
tir.ct.iiMt tPtkl I'm) i w tut a 'l(tl lllitM
ilfPfiTil9iN..Ep"SUR Io k
m " s,,hitis .rrlir a, t.lrt. Mrtrittr. itrfkUK I
I ttrj 1rwi lr ' hthiHttv KrrrUI if ri. l lh
Unttl. tlft Uirt,ii.ii i K . 4rfHibrtr
riii'i .. i Mffi t, i' I it. nt MUitiaii.
I nfti i Mill it illi l""t n m i Hi f
rara r NMittl ttrakar, ' t"f t I f I l la f .td'i
MiiiMI i t it a t1 , i t4 IfcM Ul
I lr I. 'IIM lllnffr '- MWMH
Jit t t' I'l. rf n 'f . c ift t !, .l"!,
I,i '. t Im i U tJtll tflti In
I rn I.I . )'' .rl,llH,Vn llH'MTflM
R. III f,' f k bbhtl lk m In I tl.t tr.lMUtrhm,
t. i t It . (rtU'frl . , HSB tkj t,,,
9-i I ' 4 i "I ' I W I ''" ' b Jt all ivintaf Ir.al
I. ii 'flrt tuf n ait l.ri1ae
rlf ttm WflrkaM 4 lfcU JJrrV
4 Uars Mrlhl I lUIr ftJ !, ll ! al t.f
I I i !- it tif( lhltl UV ;. titmwi
MI III I 1. Wrtkltist.,, luicM.
Junt 1
6z Co.,
.N' ir, WASHINGTON, . (.
ikt I .til. . I I it , S, L.iU lt tt III o it 11
tt t . in iii 1. 1 i-i M. -. i i.i i(i it i tn tin H i om
S i .r Nil , dlililMh t IllOitftvl I
It klit I tlil W aititnl". I tilit t.. it
' S
Oattlo Crook, Nlichtfgnn,
w m a Trncu c r viitniiE
Traction and Plain Engines
and HorsoPowors
tn UiMmMiL t 1040
AA VPARC $mmJwt.fmtmmtl.
ClI UfitlO - V'tbt 'I' thAt rfV . I tllltH
J Ilisi i if ! kl it hi tw. ia
i b 4 ttarriM'y jn mmn yttr , aj.
s.TI s;Vt TOIts; rj
t mtiirlt' strt Oil) lilm t 1 A 'rtMt'tri
' ' i'rarilnitl nulneMan ) 1'liilu l.natar
- - 1 1 th i.,. r 1 1 L
.1 n ,U .,-.,! f,,vm9 o I imtw09mtil4
I - 'h r h it)l r r1 '' 'i fmfmrm
"r . I"., u t 1. ai if h iht r uiakrr
I ir - . f ft. 1 arnt r ft ni 0 1 12 liorp
) VlU It i ft, trr
1 -i, 1- f M uti! i"U ni 1' ir
7(f (( lri uf M'lrrinl Lumber
UUUtUUU s ' .istw9nw .liJ
II ti.t! nil Iiiii I, li m win li I ln.Ut Uit iu
i iJiaml. nl rt rk f 1 tir li n IillMn
s-' h, IU, Kl llurt4 ruwrr. I Mf
. KnrmrrH iliut Thrrlirrmrn ara ltiYttsJ to
'KitMilaTHuiiian n"M llinlillit Htllll
V'lrvniar tvu in Ai irv
buttle Creek, Mlchl(Mta
df BOSTVIC4C,'s il,
If to. C,ANT '2UfifiK
, This WODderful ImprOYCd SBW Machine
I iw.rr4Msjtow.iiuriii(:it iiiriMi;.':
lite. aikI ilium edit 14 i.r lw vt ny n in .)
Oian iHomrii !!' itf fw ilitt(.l) wit r.w.
Jhytrtnrruntt r.umhrrntntt fireifw ir.
u t tt ltr.NlPr
4iJrei I'.MtM.Us' MWiriCil lto ti..
ITS I Im Mrtl, lntUnU, U
V ???tVlt I "'? Nf J rtlmlf iBacfi.
J5it J htmtif tut h ldf J 4IBaMtia
rurt o( Seminal mliaion and lopoUoey ty ik ar
tMbril.ariA If MiiwaOliUM riMtMikkMaa,aal 4 a
Ufathttvuk llnarltaur finutia t,I kfa. TbK imiU tl umb U4
i4 tt U.t U tj unit (aata. aa4 U ' . a Itmttal Nmm f
m aaaM tu .1 ! 4 tfptMart. itart ai vrrtatMt niuci H
twtrau tU( U ' U Iti ftrf.tl MtiafaftkA. 11 ia Mu
I4; III Ha.' UIM.timu VU4laMl fiuatalil IMImi.
r4 4 ra.ui kil "'ut. , Ta b4r
MirH4lMitlll M.
I I'i tkliMMtMn.)
A waaM 4
t. a ' fI Ji a af wm.. . M.
DwdtartatlMMiiiiiMi alllMiialMAaiblBlawV
(N.t.lPwrVrMM,,ii b. tm MM la Mftwa aiaM, (Ml m B
1 b tk. dhM) it hi, am a t imi iftrfd Vh i i it a rtw.
Market and mh Htreu. bT. I.QUlm MU.
X'tiuuXtfttttl trmttntoutt to the Ffiiearyof
J'nii Itinvt' tiettttttnl MUtuttt fern. taken
Ji'utn Stttet'm rerrivetl front JVilrun
1 1 Jura, Afril lltfi, HT9. Ilt irmtJr tl wotkinf txttttVr.
II&J tftlif (10m wtittiiit fir aifl 1 tmum,
CLIno, Anf, it. lt70 I im ihoroaiMjp curd in4 fl Up
Ivf. J fai yimittf l"w It h fftwnUr u Utlr.
Mltwqri.Frrt. in, 173 -I rttrutiiibiDfh ttufll frtnatfc
1 p it I ur roif4. th.t I wiPt t Xty thm 1. i.mhtr tt.
TtH II l loll l l"llf iwlwi'l ti1 trnn.lhm fljr lUo.
Mich., Jin, 25, 1(791 hivt utti upfiur rukit.f n-).
e 1 itn4 in. i"llr at iooa jxmbir, Ibii (ickin
il 1 J ill ipirei,, irouLlr. Ltl lbr it writ fit, ui
1 tb Jttl nutill rrfrlhn lol f f ti that.
Iuw(n(t. 10th, 19791 im iur)rOJ it four ft
Miii. Ilrf but KuiLcJ hka a ckirm ru tm. 1 imi ja.l
ittitt aiMitirbnf a dub at t ixtott takirr I Mn.t
tr of ih. t iav, I tbnuiLl, and Iktia "' ' m,
Ibl tew 1 am ia f( a r ur.
Writ Virfinii, Auf 2 19 1 rwrifi i your mrJitiiif, ia
1 it nt 11 1. furtj me, rr whica 1 am trrr ioi"i.
flri Vit IpJ wtith lien unJ o aaolLir bvi
Nn. ii fjr a lno4. k it. tuit 4an a rral tbi.f Iji tw.
ill itai yiu ainii w!fM I ra
rrom rt 17ify.rrti iul hHrpMn,
MUiwbii. Jul.. Aih, IrTtf I WiiaiirKiiibxatuftta attalhi
teibf la latlillc. Tlt l ititkt ea list uirJ ihwmU
rii Uat, In aaMiimn la a uaiil Inji, Ii fill iiceuribf, ml
Viikk atMll.tr wtM irifciBi ailmH
lYottt ti ItrttUithtt
Mirylint, tt, i, b7V Lil Jrr w got trout a
li r rr rtntrd. fur oi. v' " cm1t)ia, an J it Luaalj
a (tlft cvrt cf tttui. tt a ! aaotlitr failoiuf r n iklfv
Ud ia Ik luaa r.lhJ 'ib if IftblH liaJ Mf.t.Ul,

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