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iteiwxnmiioAns, vm.va i- mux,
JXO.O'FI.AHMlTi', ' .Umrtnlc nillor,
veinkh)av, di:it.m hk.ii s.
In the November elections Demo-
pints lnt heavily in Dcinocriitii
rtnte", and nnule Invge gnui'" in He
publican stutec,iintii1ly i" Mnssncliu
The Miihknbefg ICrho nine year
old and chow that stability whirl
uue iive. The people of Muhlcii
bergclioiild give it liberal patronage,
for they get a good paper.
It in thought that the Engli.h Parliament
will be again dissolved some
time in the early part of next year,
and an election ordeied. Hoth the
Conservatives' and Liberal" are
with the Unionists.
The Calhoun Drmwml one of the
best papers in Southern Kentucky.
This i easily accounted for, it
draws largely upon the columns of
the IIi:it.i.i), and that too, without
giving any credit whatever.
Tin: filn'ijmr Xcif, a new paper
published at (;iagow,Ky.,came to us
lnt week. It is a bright, newsy
!.hect, ably edited and well printed.
V welcome it to our exchange IUt,
and uMi it that miccci it deserves.
Tin: Inlet from the Hnlkaii" is to
theellcct that it is proposed
at Sophia, to nominate an American
for the Bulgarian Throne. Here is
a line opening for disappointed politician-,
or some fellow who i- tited
waiting for the "rascals to be turned
out." Send in your petition-', boy.
Wj: publifh on our first page a sensible
article on tobacco, from the pen
of ('apt. Liter, one of Ohio county's
best farmers. lie to write
more on the same subject. Such articles
as tin will he gladly published
at any time. Let Us hear fron others
on similar topic- of to the
Ji:kfi:iison l).vi. was piesentat
the dedication of Bethel church, at
Fairview, Ky., and made a very well-timed
and appropriate speech. The
church is built upon the site of Mr.
Davis' old home, where he born
78 years ago. The site was given by
him to the church; heal-o
the churJi with a solid silver communion
Hon. Henry 1. MclU'iiryM.twinibly -ok-
Hi ofln connection Willi the. net election of
ii United Mates Senator fioni Kentucky."
Jlarl Cinty Xiwr.
h itime We.-tern
have her share of the We
have waited long enough. Mr. Me-Henry
is a man of large and exten
sive experience in the operation- of
our government. He i- sound on the
great now before the pet
pie, and would be an honor to the
At no time in the- history of the
Democratic party in Kentucky were
the chances for it- defeat so muni
feet as at the However
much inclined we may be to ignore
tlio fact, it nevertheless is true, that
disaffection exists. The
may be attributed to various causes.
The prolixity anil laxity of the- laws;
the convict-labor double. of a vear
or two ago; the di-graceful farming
out of the Clerkship of the Court of
Appeals, and the partisan whitewashing
of the State Central Committee;
the well recognized uncertainty as to
ceitain nomination- in the State
Convention ; the growing importance
of the labor element a a political
factor, and the utter lack of
of opinion among the recognized
leaders of the party, point with
unening precision to defeat,
or to one of the hardest fought political
battles ever experienced in the
old Democratic stronghold.
Hitherto the has been
proverbially weak, and gave the
wrangling leaders little or no
the condition tit thing- i- ijiiitc
different now.
When the open-, it will
picsent a tiiangular aspect ; the contestants
will be marshalled under the
banners of the Democracy, the Labor
party, and the Kepublican party.
The unexpected strength developed
by Mr. Thobe, makes it probable that
he will be the candidate of the Labor
party for Governor. It N claimed
that he will be able to carry 510,000
votes in the general election ; a thorough
and a good organization
may this number to ).",.
000or.r)b,0(0; it is al-o claimed, that
this nccessiou of votes, will be mainly
drawn from the Democratic ranks.
The prob'ible defeat of the Democratic
paity will solidify the Republican
ranks, and induce them to wage
a vigorous, war for supremacy. They
will nominate their very men
for tho respective and from
tho present outlook, with reasonable
hopes of
h is obvious, therefore, that the
work before the April primaries, and
its culmination in tho May convention,
nliould not bo regarded lightly.
Party doctrine must have no uncertain
sound, and in the -election of
nttididatcs, sentiment and availability
must be made to give way to recognized
ability, and undoubted adapt
ability. I he period for political romancing
is past. The stnndard bearer
of the Democratic party inut be
one who'c escutcheon is untarnished,
who-e familiarity with State polities
is such that he will not be thrown
on the defensive.
The Democratic party is now and
ever has been, the party of the people,
the party of labor, the party of
economy, tho party of tho constitution
nnd ccjual lights; its destiny
should be confided to men of ability,
men of honesty of men of
experience, men who-e veracity and
integrity, opponent- even, dare not
call in question. Kntering the
thin panoplied, is
let the opposition be what it may.
One great new-paper on the Ohio,
and another on the Cumberland, arc
in delightful accord on the ncce. ity
of reducing the surplus in the Cnitcd
States Treasury. Both the great
journals on the of reducing
the reducing
and that the bill should
be to its pa-sage, in order to
the full the desired
Admitting the of the
pa-.-age, by the Congress, of
Mr. Morri-on'.- horizontal caprice-,
would that can-e the surplus to disappear?
As a matter of fact, if the
horizontal method of reduction i- resorted
to, the from import-would
be a- gicat or greater than
they now ate. It this that
led many Democrat- to Mr.
pet plan, ami not because
ol any particular tu tariff reform.
A brief glance at the liabilities of
the Government will be convincing
to the mot ineredulou that the surplus
must go on increasing indefinitely.
The only demands now on the
Federal Treasury, outside of the legitimate
expenses of government, is by
the holders of the 5 per cent, bonds,
which will soon be paid off; a few
more bond- will be called in 1MI1,
after which payment not one dollar
of the public debt can be paid until
l'.J(H). In the interim, the surplus
will have assumed lingo proportions.
It will ieiiiire a total repeal of all
custom due.- to affect it.
In view, therefore, of the difficulty
existing in the way of reducing the
surplus, without resorting to the wore
than suicidal folly of free
trade, would it not be to carry
out the of the Blair bill,
and so create a healthy financial
a- political equilibrium?
There N no furtliur doubt about
the Indiana Legislature being Democratic.
Downing, Republican, was
defeated for Congrc by 1 lea-ley,
Democrat, by !!1 majority. In the
recount the Republican gained 7
votes, and his competitor gained (i,
leaving him Mill in majority. This
ieiilt gives the United States Senator
to the Democrats.
We have to find carping
objection to the discharge of a public
by any officer, -till, in the interest
of the people generally, we feel
called upon to say something concerning
the length of time the acts of
tho last have been withheld
from the public. Tt is strange
that now, in December, we are a- far
off from leceiving the books as ever.
If there i- any reasonable for
this delay, we are willing to leceive
it. It will take some plain talk to
satisfy the people.
With many of the here
about.-, the suspicion i- not wanting
that there is an ulterior, if not a sinister
motive, in thus delaying the dis
tribution of public which
should have been in the hand-of the
public long ago. It U thought, and not
without iciison, that there is an
to have tho .signature
of the Secretary of State to the transcript
of the many private bill-' which
were pa cd by the' Legislature,
by this mean reforming the
offices on the basis cd' "for revenue
only." It goes without the saying
that, were the public printing in
the hands of a Republican, a
bowl of disapprobation would
from every county seat in the
Commonwealth, at this evident (riffling
with the patience of the people:
but since it is in the bauds of a Dem
ocrat, it behooves to pas tho mat
ter over lightly, lest we bo of
littering tieiison, when patience, how
ever, cease- to be a viitue, we pro-
to speak out in meeting.
A copy of the petition and notice
of contest by Mr. Thobe, were served
on Mr. Carli-Ie on the 10th of last
month. The petition charges that
1 ,000 legal votes were cast for plain-till',
which by fraud and other tricks
of the election ofliccm were not counted
for him. Ballot boxes were left
open in tho custody of the Trimble
county clerk. Pluiiitiu" claim that
great frauds were committed in Grant
and Gallatin counties, and that in
Carroll county unprecedented irregularities
existed. The allegations
cover -I") pages of legal cap. Thobe,
or not Thobe, is the important question
which the ."iOth Congress will
havo to settle. In the meantime, it
would be very much to the point, if
the new members devote themselves
to a casual reading of Hamlet ; there
may be something rotten in Denmark.
Who said it was beautiful? Who
dare perpetrate so foul a "lander? It
is not beautiful to the- thinlv clad
widow, who occupies an bare
room in a dreary and tumble-down
tenement, who-e shylock of a landlord
exacts the last copper of her
earnings. It is not beautiful
to the bare-foot orphan, who-o only
means of support for himself, and it
may be, an ailing mother ami help-les-
brothers and is the doing
of chores and the running of errands.
It is? not beautiful to the poorly paid
himself in well worn raiment,
and his family still
is that ofileath.its touch achilliugn
the world's well published, but meager
charitv; it -peaks of the grave,
and covers the eaith a the shroud of
the dead. The thoughtless, the heart
le , the may pronounce the
misnomer, but in doing so, only evidence
their lack of sympathy, or tin-familiarity
with want nnd suffering.
Xo, it is not beautiful ; that can
have no principle of beauty in it,
who-e very existence depends upon
the destruction of paits, and the perversion
of natural elements. It is
ghastly, weird-like and
ghostly. It is hypocritical, a whitcd
sepulchre The nromonition of its
advent are as stealthy as the head of
the burglar, the wooing to it- destructive
embrace, ate as faithless as
the professions of friendship; and not
a sigh of regret is heard at it.- parting,
except it may be that it ever
came. It comes to us as comes an
unwelcome unbidden diet, with
slander and scandal on its tongue, it
leaves u us becomes the bearing of
such a character, in slush anil mud
and mire. No, it is not beautiful;
it ! hideous.
Monday at '2 o'clock, the President
gave to Congre- hi-
inc. age. From a perusal of thi
document, it i- plainly seen that our
President ha- profited by his experience.
The upon the whole
is plain, pointed, forcible and
It ha- no uncertain ring,
but takes a positive, yet respectful
stand upon the important questions
now before the American people, all
of which i- given a careful consideration.
It .-peaks out plainly for a reduction
of the war tariff, advocate-the
improvement of our coast
the improvement of the navy,
and salutary change.- in the condition
of the army. The President still
favor.- the of the coinage
of .ilver, and is in regard in
to the majority of the Democratic
party. He -till clings with
great to hi. foimcr ex-pre.
ed view.- on the Civil Service
law. For the enforcement of thi
law, no one blames him, but it i- the
apparent of perpetuity in
office that in Democratic
i anks. Upon other important
the me. age i- pointed
and sound, and i- evidently the
own work.
('apt. .lack (J I ns sa she don't want to lie
(jiivernoi. That's ilglit,.lncl;, "Its hitter to
heai the Ills wo have than lly to those, we
know not ut."Uopkiim Hie Xeu Em.
The truth is found in the other
part of the quotation, "and thus the
native hue of resolution is sicklied
o'er by the pale cast of thought, and
enterprises of great pith and moment
with that regard, their course turn
awry and lo-e the name of action."
('apt. .lack Gro-s would be no figure
head, no sentimental official floiiud
ering about in tho of senility.
Ho would bring young, vigorous
mentality to tho position. The
Stale would havo the benefit of his
splendid which
it ha been in need of for a decade
I'llir.witi, Nov. :. A Kechil trom l'eorln,
III., say.: In I he Kllth Illinois Internal
illstilct, ulikh contains alt ilieKint
illstillcilesat I'corla anil lVltln, no
hhlpieil fur export iltirlnu the month
iniling This Uu most iihiisii.iI occurrence.
No aileiiiate explanation Is made.
From tho foregoing, one is led to
believe that the old chestnut, "prohibition
doc. not prohibit," is about
to be exploded. When the people
determine to prohibit it, thoy generally
succeed, other statements to the
contrary notwithstanding. It will
not be long before other
similar to the above, will be
made, of tho inability of slop
to of their contaminations, .
The Southern JUmiiao for Decern tier
Is fully up to the expectations of its
iiHxt cnthiisiiiiio inimirerH u is roll ol
Hpli'iiiliil leailliiK, ami every Hotitliern
home should secure It as a regular vis
it or.
Siis: I have sold your Acun Cure
o er two .tcurs. (Iiiurautceil evciy bottle
to cine. No cure, no nay. Have
hold several iloeu liolt'es, and Hot u
bottle Iiuh been returned. I keep it In
nij house lejjul.trly. Hispid fully,
Jaw. Guv
For hale by 7, W. (irlllln it Uro. 4:iin.
Hugh ItoKers will probably succeed
(Iiossms V. s. Marshal.
Special detectives iinnl the lotnb of
Vamlerblltilay ami ululit.
Ka- lovemnr would not object
to the chief Justiceship of Arizona.
Kenney fc Dyer, stock brokers of San
have fulled. Liabilities
Tho striking tobacco Htemnicrs of
Oweusboro, havo returned to work on
slightly Increased p'iy.
('has. Hammond, of Mnrenne, Intl.,
recently eloped with the beautiful
young wife of a poor carpenter.
.Mercer County, by a majority of 401,
has voted a subscription of 1V,(HX) to
the liOiiisvllle Southern ralhoid.
Hen Fols.tm, Culled States Consul to
ShetlU'ld, Kug., sailed from New York,
Dec. 4th on the Steamer Ktruxia
S. H H. Churk succeeds H. M.
Hoxle as of
the Missouri IVIIlo Hillway system
Michael Hess Jumped from Hrooklln
Bridge on the 4th, and has therefore
been placed on the llt of "fame-seeking
A c.ilored school teacher neir
Intl., is being Inycotted by his
tanner patron-, because he voted the
Democratic ticket.
The Farmer's Home Journal s'lys:
Col. Mottley, of Warren county Ky.,
sold li" wiiluuttreis as (hey stand ou
his Allen county larin for ."SJ.iKHi to Col.
Streiuht, of IudUna.
The will of Hie laic President, Arthur
was admitted to probate ou the
4tli his estate is valued at about
SloO.OOOiind Is to bo eqimlly divided
between his two children, Chester A.
Arthur and Nellie Herndon Arthur.
The following Keutiiekiaus have been
granted patents; lilchard C. ltlackwell,
assignor, two-thirds to W. It Lewis,
Henderson, running near for waj;on;
Ford, Ohio county, and 1'.
Owenslxno, water elevator and
carrier; John It. Pile, hlvermore, harrow.
A hogshead of tobieco has been taken
from the wreck of the
l'licillc, which sunk In the
Ohio, opposite Uiiloutown, Ky.,
in December, 1SH0 Cpoo opening the
hogshead the toliiccM was found to be
as bright and good as when
new, though it had tieen under water
for twenty-six years.
Eloquence Sublime.
Fountain Fox Babbitt, the orator
of the mountains, seems to be at
wholly to the soul-stir-ring
glances of one of the fair daughter
of eve, and his exuberant soul overflows
in the following expreislve language;
'Vim inn) lake all the gold ofOphlr, the
tlnof Thnle, the Kcmsof (ioIkoiuIii, ami the
silver of Potosl, nml nil tho illanionils, coins
nml pearls, tnpazer, enieral,nmetliyts,ony.
anil heryl stones thai ever tlushcil luck the
r.iys of the sun, as they eameililpplnt; from
the sf a, or that sleep In her dark hosom.iind
pile them so high that they could look down
In -corn upon Mount Chlmlmrazo, and lot
that beautiful innlilen stand In the
lluht of that toucrlug mountain of t;eins,and
tell me to tal;e my choice, and without one
moment's hesitation, I would extend my
hand nnd say, 'Come to my arms, my own
stricken deer!'"
Rough on Correspondents.
Much valuable matter Is crowded nut tills
week by numerous country correspondents.
llimethme llerahl.
It is iliflerent with us; we regard our
correspondents very highly, and feel
that good, newsy letters add much to
our paper.
Prohibition in Politics.
The Junction City Irmld, a prohibition
organ, llxes out a slate for State
ollleers as follow:
For Ojvernor Fontaine T Fox, Jr.,
of Louisville.
Lieutenant Governor Dr. A. T.
Henderson, of Cuter county.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Kid. James L Allen, of Boyle.
Attorney General Joiah Harris, of
Register of the Itml Olllee Achilles
Nelson, of Russell.
Auditor Colonel J. M. Holmes, of
Treastner R. K. Dya, ot Grant
A Big Blaze at Russellville.
Owensboro;in(iitrer, Dec. I.
Mr. Mo-o Oppenhelmer, of the (). &
N. railroad, brought In the news yesterday
of a damnging fire at Russellville,
yesterday morning. It broke out
horlly after midnight and completely
iiestioyeu our large otiuoings on .miuii
street, near the Grand Central Hotel,
as follows : Hiiuuen Bros., Grocery ; J.
J. Albert, reitiiurant ; dies. Fol'ey,
butcher shop ; (). Roberts, grocery.
Iliissellvllle has no steam the engine,
and no water works, hence the Humes
had an easy lime of It. It Is not
thought that the lire was (he work of
an Incendiary.
The walls fell on a man named
Couits and broke hi- leg,
Toe Forum foi December contains
some splendidly written articles. The
noiiiness ami truiiiiuiuess witu wuicn
It -peaks, shorts it to be a fearless expounder
of sound principles.
Rambler's Rattlings.
Hi:iM. Ky.,I)ec. iHh, 1880.-1 suppose
almost anyone knows wo me in the
midst of a pretty cold snap. I would
mention myself, but then the editors
don't want correspondents to talk about
the weather.
Is ou quite a stand-still In
these of the c uinlry, hut may bo
diiriugthis lull In trade, prices In
iV.0 , inuy advance, so we will have
lost nothing by It after all. The No
creek, and Beda Literary Societies met
here last Friday idghl, and considering
tin exueine inclemency of
they hail a very enj'iyable lime
1'rofs. Graves, Carson and Rowiin.
and Col. Ciceio llirnelt iil.d
Rev. R A Stevens, M J.
Mills, Henry Parks, mid Cap. Henry
Levy, denied that the deud languages
should he from our fchools.
The subject was ably and thoroughly
discussed, and it seemed (o every one,
that It would lie a veiy iiiiiicuu mailer
to say which would tie the winner, It
was dually decided, however, In fivor
of tbealllrmatlve,
Mrs Tho-. Greer IssiilJerlng from nu
attack of lullamutory rheumatism, Mr.
Hiram Ward, Jr., who has been con
fined to his room ulKitit ,'t weeks with
i the siiine disease Is thought lobe a little
Our old time friend, and former neighbor,
uncle Buck Wade, g'tvo in a very
pleasant e.ill tills morning, ou his way
home liom his son-in-law's, Will Beny
Tfebeuor. Ham in. Kit.
An Elegant Little Town, Geographically,
Socially and Morally Tom-Cat
Talk Mary Ann's Wit
News Notes, Etc,
I)i:i'i:miii:ii4, lk.vi.
Your scribe having at I extricated
I himself fioiu the ellecls of a pooily ob-I
served Thanksgiving, Is now aspiring
to the forthcoming liolldis, with visions
of custard-pie and turkey Moating
before him serenely.
While we have confidence (hat to
many of your leaders the geographical
situation of our vitiligo Is not confusing,
we are conscious I hat to the outside
world, New York, Boston Chicago,
and a few other points of less luteiest
to us, may be more familial ly known
lu this sense, hence the following :
Ou the Oweusboro and Hartford road,
about equi distant from either place,
(and about the center of the universe,)
lu the most remote southeastern corner
of the comity. Immediately along
the Daviess and Ohio line. Is our quiet
burg a place that the ipime Implies lu
every ene. To the most exquisitely
moral and rellued, there is scaicely an
element hero to mar the pleasure of
that taste. It seems ns though every
one w:is born a good-natured
being, and was not only living to
he individually happy, but to cast sunbeams
along the pathway of others.
Our villago has a population of sixty-odd,
nnd to say that we stand almost
solidly Democratic, we hope will east
no material letleetiou iihiu out lot ore
reputation, or stand as a rebuke to the
moral status of rising posterity With
two blacksmith sho -s, one dry goods
establishment, drug store and grocery,
all doing a good iitisluess, our town
presents usually a thrifty and
aspect, exceptionally characteristic
of many country villages. What more
could we de-ire, further adding thai we
have two chinches, two doctors and an
undertaker's establishment, for ram-forts
and happiness here and a chance
for (he next world.
But hold on! Who turned that sack
of tom-cats loose lu our town, supposing
them to he a parsel of turnips sent
In bv a neighbor to test a Christian's
tVlellty and make a worldly man cuss?
Codei Hie most favorable
tine well developed tom-cat will
make you appreciate his piesence, but
to lme a bag full of half-starved loins
In oiir luck yard at one (hue, and let
them open up In the key of C sharp, ii
i.ot oiilv destroys your facilities for
s'ep, but converts you Into
maleiial for a protracted meeting.
Thai our cltlzuis should b?eniiu org
(o permanently oppose this crying
iuu element is obvious Should an organ'.
lion be ellected, it should be de-
nomiu itid the Nights of Lilnr, or the
Anil pirty. Yes, "every
cloud has lis silver lining'," anil eveiy
town lis tom-cats.
Mr. D. Foul has completed his new
cottage residence, which Is a neat little
home and an ornament to our village.
Mr. Fred. Is in iking substantial
impri'Veiueiits in the w.iy of ad-d!
loi.ul outbuildings.
Mr Ltpc Mahau came near lo-cog
his house here by lire oue night lust
week. .Mr. JI. hid his hands unpleasantly
burned lu trying to extinguish
the II mes.
The majority of farmers here luve
sold their tub icco ciop of this
I' having gone to the Owensboio
The prices pild were fair, ringing
from foui (o six dollars p;r 109.
Mr. Booker Morgan, sou of Mr Warner
Moig.in, a young man of alnut '22
year- of age, residing two mile south
of (his place, was seriously If not fatally
burned on yesterday eve. Young
Morgan hud epilepsy, and while in the
alone was seized with an attack,
falling backward with his head in the
hot i rnbers and burning char of the
where he remained
of the terrible fate until the par-ox
v sm subsided, and he had extricated
hiitisi If from a pillow of lire, to express
It even mildly. All the liuir wus sing-id
from lbs scalp, and the skin and
subcutaneous tissues so badly seared
that for them to slough out to the bone
I not improbable. is regarded
as exireinely doubtful
Cinler the tecent proprietorship of
the Hkkami, we have received two
copies, and beg to congratulate. the
men upon the brightness of their In-ill.
lent career In the science ot Journalism.
Courage, lioys, courage' Resolve
to leceive all your and
mildly, and success awaits you.
M.utv Ann.
A Change Necessary.
S one of our exchanges' tole
of the opinion that General Biictiuerls
not so popular as a giiheiiulorliil candidate,
as ho was a year or two ago,
and this may be (rue, but In our Judgment
there will have to be considerable
change In the minds of tie people
between now and May Itli if he Is not
nominated al the Louisville convention.
The Reason Why.
Owenshoio .Mescni!cr.
The Court of Appeals holds that ''(he
local option law does not piohihlt a regular
practicing physician from pre
scribing or furnishing In good faith
uors to his patients, Just as he would
any other medicine This is whati
makes snake-bite so papular. I
A Chance to Lose.
pllnsKow News. I
President Cleveland's favorite dish is
said to be bacon; for a man so excessive-'
ly fond of It, Mr. Cleveland is making
blamed little ellort to save his bacon In
Meeting at East Providence Church.
Rev. J. A. Miller commenced a meeting
at Providence Church the second j
Sunday In November. He preached
twice, and then I took charge of the.
meeting, and conducted It a few days
lu Providence Chtiieh, until (he weather
turned so cold as to be
hie lu our church. At this point,
through the kindness of the Baptist
brethren, of Sltty creek chinch, wo I
moved the meeting lulo their church,
where we conducted It for clevi n days.
We had a good meeting, seven or
eight piofessions and six additions to
the Methodist church Christian pen-1
pie very much rovivul. ,
It. I). Bun.nki r.
"For Christmas."
'I his work contains nearly : handsome
illustrations wllh Instructions fur1
making hundreds of beautiful thing,
either for adoinlug your home or pres
ents for your friends, almost trilling
expense, Including all kinds of Fancy
Work, Artistic Embroidery, Lace
Work, Knitting Tatting and Net Woik,
contains designs for Monograms, Initials,
Tidlts. Lambrequins, Ottomans,
Coiiutcrp'ilus, Rug-, Carriage Robes,
Brackets, Wall Pockets, Waste Paper
Baskets, Work Boxes, Work Basket,
Work B.igs, Pen Wipers, Hanging
Baskets, Catch-all-, Pin
Handkerchief Boxes, Glove
Boxes, Card Baskets, Sofa Pillows, 'IV
hie Covers, Table Scarf Scieeiis, Scrap
Bogs, Hand Bags, Table Mats, Toilei
Mats, Lamp Mats, Lamp Shades, I'll
low Shams,Pilllnw Sham Holders, Curtains,
Toilet Stands, Slipper Ca-e Letter
Cases, Picture Frames, Toilet Sets.
('lollies Brush Holders, Hassocks Cigar
Boxes, Sachets, Fancy Purses, Slippeis,
Dressing Gowns, Music Portfolios,
Knife Fans, Flower B'iskel",
Plant Stand", Flutter Pot Covers, Shawl
Dress Trimmings, Window Shades,
Feather Work, Spatter Work, Leaf
Photographs, and many other tilings.
It is hound, containing ill
large o" column paye, and ttdl be sent
post paid for .'We., or four copies for
RF.CKIVKD By getting Ihreeof your
friends, you secure your own free.
Holiday Co, Bullalo,
N. Y. IT It.
1'ors.ih Caltle mid I'm turle.
Three registered Short Horn cattle,
Red DllkeSth, IJiilndura.L'nd. and Belle
Oxford, will lie sold cheap for ca!i. To
b'icco factory at Croinwll, Ohio county
; tobacco factory at Ceralvo, and
oneat Divless county. For
terms apply to
."o-lf Llvermore, Ky.
The time has come when the ten
auony of this elltleal period In
woman's ll.'tM'uu lie utolded. A
I'liyslclaii, ulio spent II
years In this hnnieh of inuilce. letl
to ttoinau this
Tin: Moriihii'.s lioi.Mi, nml to ilaj
there lire thousands otuoiiien who,
hat Im; UM'd tills remedy lefore confinement,
rls,. up and rail his name
blesseil. Wo ertn prove all we el.ilin
hylltlon witnesses, anil anjom Interested
run call, or hate then
mi, ami Nee the oilislnnl letters,
tihleh tve cannot pitlilMi
All eriiKitlsts sell It. I or particular address
Ita tniii i n Kh.i r toii i
Atlanta tin
The and sorest Kcnnly for Cot of
all dlta.ci) caused by any derangement of
the LiTer, Kidneys, Stomach and ItaweU,
P)ir(ula, Sick ltcadocbr, Constipation
Rllions Complaint and Malaria of all kinds
yield readily to tbo beneficent laflaenco of
It U pleasant to the tusto, tones cp t
lyitem, restores nnd preserves bealti.
It hi purely VegetaUe, and cai:no: f.. 1 1
prove beneficial, both tu old itud un.
ft Wood PnriUcrlt Is a'l
others. Sold everywhere lit $1 00 a bottle.
lulled Kept, nml March,
44-314 lK
OTIie liielifi.Mllhovrr
3,800 lllmtrntiom
whole Picture nailery.
OIVKH Whuleimlc I'rler.
illreet to cowiumrr on all icnoila for
personal or faintly uae. TtlUliow to
order, anil (live exact roit of
you use, cat, ilrlnk, near, or
liave full with. These INVAI.UAHI.K
1IOOKH contain Information Klraneal
from the markets of the world. We
will mall a copy FKliK to any nil-dress
upon receipt of 10 its. to defray
txpcnss of mallliiK, Jjtt us hear from
you, Itrsmrtfully,
221 fc 22U Wnbiub Avenue, Chicago, III.
A o ;
I '. at. j M PI
1 .'. - Uirccily on tlicl.ivcr.
' II I L'llllM AMI 1'itl.ll,
"; t:m nt, llo.nistiii.il', (uNsTM'A.
rt n ,, lliei ivn i, I'm., l'AtrirATio.v
' " TiiBltKtiiT, Dizim t, Tonriu Lit in,
pt'iAT tiTuiare, M u:n.rMn, and ju I,
h Brim tin. If
j ii i in, ,mt iuii rjr tun, it riiiic r n lit
Iji'Mhna H'mulnlci the stoinntli, rc'iurm
t io Impirt Mor lo tlio fit.lf in.
'i y euro all ill.ca'cs lll.o nuglc. (let
1 tho iL'ht kind. SELMIIIS' l.I Kit I'lt.LS,
5 buld by drniitUt'. Horn! for circular,
t1 ni:i.t.i:its Mi'.nicixF. co..ritthiin!ii,
2G0 PAGLS. Dluitritiil, iiiCiuDianlUUt lllixln 0, .'jUc.
iix'iiryitr imp hinir, iajtrt?i tr. If-V 'Hi llmik
Al I. tlitr nirtoiist (luiit(iiiilr lipjuitiiivi mtioltiuw
ailvaluob il iiini.on lIMI.ni,
llfcUTi J Hi) itikil m hu
iniy Mirry,ho!i(tf uln 1 Itdlml ,il vltfin tiiutry.
troiiftltl I10n.no 011, All Mwiitrrful l I'ltTl .H,tru4
lolitc Vourjf nr nM, ntririml 1 rli tV or wr'l.ilicu U
yia U. $ut M.1,.1 tr DR. WMIT TIER St.Uufi.M
r n t v 1( 1 ' ' "". m ! !' tc t.
J j F I I j - -"'H- . M. l,,!,e,S
I , 1 I I rrf fi 1 1 it. it n kiti ,
I I 1 I 1 I I f ,l'' ""' ' ' " ' ' "' ''-' ,,lnl
I J mit f; I wi I-) .
1 4 i 4 1 r.tMici 1 11 " ti
I i I . a -Mt I t if 1 l
.1 -., ... !; II.. Hl.l s) t
I i ni men
Tho nio.sf, woiKlorl'iil tho world Iiuh over
known. Its o lie els sire instantaneous.
Children Cry for
Immense Stock of Dry Goods
eoNsisTiNt: i i'Vht ok thi: following standai.h
Olotliiaae: of all lrin.d.a and. prices. Ladies'
Dross Gcods of 3STOW and lEleerant IOosIetx.
Gentlemeii's Stylislx and. 3Dvu:a"tole
Gicdc, Caps, Boots. Shosa,
and a most !FasnIcna"blc Xjine cl USTcticns,
I to iiitioiluee a .Next Feature tliis eaon,
To my wilt lie iieii To each in-li of one dollar's
worth ot'j.'oods, ,t uiimhcieil ticktt will he given free of charge, which will
entitle the holder to a chance in the which will take place
On the 1st Day of February, 1887.
1 Sewing Machine, $40.(X)
1 Fine Oliver Chilled premium Plow 25.00
1 Ladies' Cloak, 10.00
1 JFine Dress Pattern, 5.00
1 Pair Jjadies' Shoes,
1 Gentleman's Hat,
1 Pair Boots,
1 Silk Handkerchief,
1 Clock,
1 Unlaundried Shirt, (any size)
1 Dress Pattern, Indigo Calico,
I Pair Towels,
i Pocket-Book,
1 Pair Ladies' Hose,
The tainj Will Me Place at tho Court Douse, in Hartford, ly.,
On the tluy nioiitii.iieil. The plim f tho ilrawinj; will lie lull to the xuj;.
..fa innjoiity of tho The tickets will he nunihered,
the name ofthe of the udoiIh anil the number (if the ticket will
he entered nu a hook, thus j,'tianlinj; all iiiUtukcit.
The holder of the niiinhcr of tickets on the day of the drawing
will he tith live dollar'.- worth of fjooiN at tho More.
VSH BRIl lfl ilfttm.
1 m i-mi. THUI.S.4MI !
Pebble Spectacles
And Eyo Qlassou are tho best for falling elttlit. Out and polished from the ''Heal
Stono," thoy are porfoetly transparent, harder than tflass, receive a finer polish and
always retain It. One pair carefully suited to your eyes will last as lonir as five pairs
of the beBt Blass, besides preserving the BiRht almost unimpaired all that time. By our
new system for testing the stent, wo are enabled to suit any eye so acourately that no
injurious effect will follow. We repair Spectnclos nnd Eye Olasses, and Insert Pebbles
in old frames. Our Bl-focal Spectacles aro for old people who require spectacles to see
far off as woll ns noar by, only one pair belnir roqulrod. To persons who can not call on
us wo sond our now illustrated Prico List, which shows how to order.
O. P. BARNES & BHO., Opticians, 083 Wont Main Street, LOUISVILLE, KY.
We refer, hjr crmlsil ! tl.o puLIIilim ,.J ,U i.jpcr, wMlIi iloao inciitloii wben ritlng to ui.
I fciSiePI
i 0MEfeK, ,iMj
ET0. Ilii
K aaasau ,
jfrnriutr .nrlrly.
II I. the uint opular
P roen ly the
H eud.lble UratiMi
I nstructlve,
y nlunlile tu mvilldi,
A ppiovoil by
T hcroutin Jrrsiinrnt
E vcryono nbu
4 parti, 38
A NEW FEATURE, twautlful
Irul clutrU lulivooiJuri, (oiarantntl iiriorto
iiUr rhyioo(jicol lok. anil rendering it mrnln the
"Unit A il?Wrl1C tthn JinvMaln.il. l(.iin.l
Work for .iLTj'jil
Pitcher's Castoria.
Sale! A
., ..,
TDE3C33 !FT ..A r"K!
Hartford, Kentucky.
The Best
d1 Ilt kn ia dr tu
T B.wriJMMM, MltkMlli rWlftf f.t, .fc4
-.tit n . 11 ..... ... . . .......:-. .
(laws' di iniiiaiion. rtcn sTranina hiiuoui lb'rUA
iiiuiirnc 1 1 ijocu irrc a, 1, Tftwtr. miicB. Mam.
III. new, stiu Ulna, untl ry lu.lrui ur.'
nml cumprtbcniit s book ursuuit ot
ulo f llnir u Million to be ths mont luimU
vnttcn In hniriitga ilaln, thulr, sdU lurcibl M
practlcsl iirfwnlatloii ot ''MallculCununonBriiM" ujrdl X
iliowlng nrw mnin. bj wbulitbrr niajr lacura a
nliuira, vhrniciaii., ili'mimrn, irltlos snj Hunt T
ol lubjrct. i"iiuiflir lm.rlinl to joiiiik m. M
"wunti to know, joii know," will tloj ItlnttrctUn Q
Chapters, 036 Pages, 200 llluitrntloni, and
IntrorfactiL ronilili of MrU
rlora nnMluw,
any before offered in a po
moit sttrsctlv and L1CK
. i.l.i imIhb Im It Urn
In KniMtrwrlr... I v.t.1 (ha Ark, kl. Iwtkn ,.
houn," UtnjsentUlisUorlUOutbni.e,atipfcbil rates, Bend for Urms.
If It I? 17 S10p. ConttnU Tabls of rialn Horns Talk. red. whlta sn4.
l:XvI!j2i blu circular., ami s aampls of Dr. t'oou't JtaUA ATcUAJit.
Standard Edition. S3.3S 1 BJme print and llliutratlona. tbs
Popular Edition, 1.80 I dlfferenos Is In paper and buutlnf.
CBBlS UILL PUiS, CO., 1.9 (N.) Kut 18th ., Ktir Krlu.
, i.triattiatV. .Jlsahjaiaadaliia

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