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vi:dnt.si)av, iu:ci:m nr.it h.
January 1st, 1887 I
Is the day we have I .
fixed for the Herald ,
r( pi Tk j i i i
(jit t Distribution i
In which every paid-up 1 1
subscriber will
have a chance. No
blanks every one entitled
to a chance will
get a prize. Valuable
presents ranging from
$150 to 25 ct swill be
given away to our
subscribers. Do not
wait now is the time
to subscribe. We will
publish a complete
list soon.
ni o: Business: Men!
'Pirn wiiol: hnffirn
Christmas and for 2
weeks after, we will
issue 500 extra copies
of the Herald for
General Circulation.
Do not miss this opportunity
to advertise
your business.
The "condensed tragedy" of the
Traveler might be slightly enlarged
to read as follows :
With trmi.crs iinil ;
Willi llpsMisurft.
Tim tlrln Inlilo Omit'.
(Ill Illl'SUfll llllIS,
Ami lip v try oon,
Tlieiiii'stliia ii.
Hit u iiiiiii,
Willi n Nn. ISIkxiI,
Mmlo a mill for the iliulc.
As Hip ttinln niiulc a msi.
Cheap, good goods, at Kmall's.
Martin makes a specially of clocks.
New crop of N. O.Sugaritt Williams
Nice overcoats, cheap at J, K, Fugle
.t Co.
For IkioIh and shoe, call on J K.
Kngle Co.
Martin for all kinds of spectacles anil
Hinnll ore doing the largest business
In tills town.
Maitln has all kinds of silver-plated
tabic cutlery.
Who will get the silver wheeled bug-y,
at Small's.
Do not fall to get you a clonk or overcoat,
at HmallV.
Martin for all kinds of tine and cheap
rings and Jewelry.
The Infant child of Hylvester Tilford,
of Ceralvo, Is very low.
Martin Inw Just received a largo lot of
new Jewelry. Call and see.
Don't forget that Martin lias
gotslsnt the lowest prices.
Who will get the Indies gold watch,
at Hmall's free glfl distribution.
Martin lias a handsome lot of napkin
iIiiks, Fiiltable for Xmati prcpeuts.
Another big Job lot of lwc and
gloves of all kind', at Anderson's
The (Iranil Jury of Ohio county Circuit
Court Inspected th College last
J, J. McHeury Is preparing to get out
a small lot of county limps on tissue
Don't forget that J. K. ForIo & Co.,
keep always on Imnd a full line of Cute
Jeans, yarns, H'tunels Ac.
Mrs. i), a. Miller is confined to her
room from the effect of a slight stroke of
paralysis, Kiistainetl last week.
Two n f Wesley Miller's children,
near It nine, who have, been very low
from typhoid fuver, are improving.
I oiler a hard-wood bedstead for &l
Tills style Is lluely finished, elegant and
durable Call and see them.
18 at H. A. WlLLIAMh.
Why pay a profit on hose and gloves
when you can have an Immense line to
select from at cohI, at Anderson's
A mad dog was pursued tn, and killed
In Cromwell, last week. The brute
! had bitten several other dug beforo It
WHS killed.
Whooping-cough is prevalent In and
about Fordavlllo. Six children of Mr.
W. T. Johnson are down with the
Mr. Clint Stevens, heretofore, residing
near the old Fair grounds,
lias moved to a farm in
the Waller neighborhood, purchased by
jiiut'froni Mr, Bayllss Davis.
M'irtit! Iiiihii lot of goods sultublu fori
Xiuna for tho Ilttlo folk'
young Initios mid geiils, mid old folk.
Don't fowl I I
Judge 1''. 1'. Mnrguii culled our attention
lust Hitturday lo Hie fni't Hint I
tlif Kroiiitd was covered Willi Minw.
Thanks Judge.
Till' stock holders of (lie bank cull-
f tllllttll.l III. llWIM..jtltl til.. tlMlll (.tfltlf
.t.i..,'...vn imiuinmK .- ......re n.w. i
from Sia),(MI( to SM.IMM. This Is ii splendid
cliuucu for lnvetiiieiit.
Hlnro limn to iiiiin In en unjust,
i " u,,ow w,,p" ,ni,
rveiiusieu ninny in my sorrow,
1'ny I'll dust
Ii. l- Vo:km:u.
.Nunills Iiiivo tin- (Inert lot of IjooIh
and shoes ever (i flight lo Ilurlforil.
Do nut full to visit lliclrctiiii', and besides
gelling che.ip good goods, you
will kcL u free ticket.
't'liv Iiijiinctloii lo clothe the
nuked, In obeyed In full, and honestly,
at T. M. Hit lib's. His stock of clothing
Is tin cheapest mid best III the
(Ireen river country.
'Kternal vigilance Is tin- price, of
" ICteruiil selling for small profits
IhT. M. Kmitli'H plan with customers
who wuiit to invest In Ids line lint' of
good, honest clothing.
I).iyou waul a nice sewing machine
as a Xmas present fir your wile, your
diiUKhter, your nlcee, your your
your sweetheart '.' Don't let the
ClirlttlllHH pllHH WltllOUl llollIK tills.
4'J.lt S. A Williams.
The "(lolden Itulf," "To do unto others
as you would have others do unto
you," Is never broken at T. M.. Smith's.
A large amount of first-class clothing
given for the least po4lble amoiiut of
Mr. John W. Itiglaud, of Ho-Ine,was
thrown rum a mute, about mile from)
home, lust Frldny. Mr. Higland wa
considerably liriiled on Ids bend and
lilp. He was p'iiufully,biit not Melius
ly hurt.
If you want a good, cheap pocknt
knife, lully warranted, now Is your
your time, they are going fast, don't
delay If you want a Imrguln. Call and
hi-this line stis'k for yt iifxelvt's, at
Williams Urns.
Oiieoflhe I win children, of Win.
Morelaud, of the Burnett's creek
id, tiled last Thursday morning.
It was four mouths old, and in
good health. Death c lined by
of the skull Ismes.
Just Into my furniture warehouse,
examine for yourselves, and bo
convinced that the stock Is complete,
of the latest patterns, and cheaer than
ever before oll'ured in this maiket.
IS. it s. A. William.
JJr! J. V.. Hon i! has moved to his new
reldeiice, and Is now omfortably
housed for the winter.! Ills home is a
cottage built after the'modcru plan for
room, nud convenience, and when
will present a very pleasing
My furniture is new, elegant ami
cheap. In proof of this, I oiler u neat
and finely lliilslied bureau for $7, and a
still better one, extra in every way, for
$10. These prices cannot be beaten In
the Clreen Illver Country.
IS. 'It S.A.Williams.
Mr. A. 1. Maddox, of ItocKoit, called
upon us last Moudav and renewed
his subscription to the IIkkald, and
also renewed the subscription of his sou
who resides In Texas. Mr. Maddox has
our thanks. We hope teveral thousands
ulll follow his example.
Miller &. Wcsterlleld's is the place to
buy your Christmas goods. They have
all kinds or lire works. They have
candy apples and candy tidies, candy
dolls and candy dishes, candy lough
nud candy neat, candy sour and candy
cweel, candy low and candy tall, and
candy enough for you all.
Mr. Johnson Dean, of Itockvale,
Hreckeurldge county, received serious
Injuries several days ago, while riding,
his horse fell with him; in the full he
was caught under the hone, and had
one leg broken near the ankle, and sustained
other Injuries. At last accounts,
he was in a fair way t recover.
The Court of Appeals recently rendered
an important disclslon on the
Prohibition question. Among other
things the court held that "the local
option I does not prohibit n regular
practicing physician from presrlblug or
furnishing In good faith liquors to his
patients, Just as lie would any other
Don't wall until the day before Christmas
to select your holiday gifts, but
visit the l!.aar, make your selection
and have It laid aside. Nothing Is so
nice for a child as a nice cloak nothing
ho nice. for your wife us a nice hearth
rug. Anderson's Ilnaar bus laid nude
several of these, for tlnse who always
look out in time. They coU from $.-
to $7.00.
To those who still need u winter
wrap, we will say that Anderson's
haa a few newmnrkelH, and short
wraps, left over from tho big cloak sale
of two weeks ago, which can bo bought
very low, also a big lot of misses' and
children))' cloaks, from fl.W) up. These
aie great bargains, and you ought not
lo allow them to pass If any ol your
family will need anything In this Hue
lids winter.
When cold snaps biioIi as the present
one visit us, men will naturally Inquire
whero to get overcoats, what they col,
etc. For the benellt of our shivering
patrons and friends, we will Buy that
Aiidersnu'A Bazaar has tho largest and
cheapest stock of overcouts wo have
over seen. Why, you can get u
Verv fair overcoat there for 'Sl.fiO
A good one for GOO
A' very good one for ... 0.60
Ami a No. 1 for 0.00
Theso are big bargains, and If you need
a coat, we would advise you by all
means tn call and see them.
The Grand Army.
Klectlon ut Post No. 11, O. A. R.,
Thursday, December 2nd, being the day
to elect the ofllcers for the ensuing, year
for 8erKcuntHmU3 J.WIilttlnglilll,roH
No. 11, Grand Army of the Republic of
Fordsvllle, the following (inkers were
duly elected :
Commander, William H Carter;
Keillor Christopher
C. Ilrown; Junior Vice-Commander,
Sebastian V. Kissinger ; Adjutant, Edwin
Forbes ; Surgeon, Jarvus
Chaplain, Henry C. Truman;
Quiirlci master, James M.Cobb; Olllcer
ol Hip Day, Samuel Moxley ; Olllcer of
the (Itiard, Samuel Keowu ;
Columbus D. Kkildge,
(Icorge J. Askln ;
I'ost ensign 1st Lieutenant, Oeorgu W.
Karl. These otllcers will be Installed
Thursday, January Dili, 1887.
County Court.
Thosettlementsof (he following named
fiduciaries were admitted to record
last Monday, at the regular term of
court, then' being iioexcepllonslotliem,
vl. : W. I,. Howe administrator of J. F.
Austin, deceased ; Luclnda Stevens
of Thos. Kteveim,deceased ;
J 1. Tiuhenor administrator of Alpheiis
Kyerly, deceased.
Several fiducial settlements were filed
this term of court ami laid over a term
for exceptions.
Iteports of the followed named guardians
were llled and sent to record, vl. :
Allen fieutry guardian of Luther (Jen-try
&c. ; James (lentry guardian of Jno.
S. Gentry Ac.
The Hide bill of the estate of W. C.
Taylor deceased, and the appraisement
and allotment of the estate of F. W.
Her deci'Uhcii, were filed ami ordered to
tin recorded.
Orders were made Monthly In the following
motions : T. M. Keown for new
road, alias writ of ml quoil
lo Is-held on the Wtli Inst.; W.
11. Carter for new road, route established
; N. It. Smith for change In road,
rule vs. commissioner; John Booth for
new road, dismissed at the cost of applicant;
D.l Mo"fley for change hi io;nl,
change established, U, W. Madtlox
commissioner; E. W. Truman for new
road, rule against viewers to report ;
Virgil Renfrow for new road, alias writ
id 'nod damnum awarded, inquest 2.'id
Inst. ; Elijah Crow for new road, route
establlshed.and li. F. Wallace
The rest of the case' on docket were
F. M. Hatler, F. (I. Willis, J. 1).
Holbrook, A. (). Ilrown and Carter
Stewart, were constituted a board to
supervise the tax Uioks for the year
18S7, to convene at the county-seat on
the flrst Monday hi January next.
A. C. Rowan A ul., filed u petition
for a new voting precinct, Abbyviile to
lie the polling place.
A. Oodsaw & nl., alo llled a petition
for a new election preciut, the voting
place to be at Hetla.
Said petitions will be disMied of at
the January term.
Makcii lilth, ISSU.
Rev. Dr. W. H. Klrksey. of Dawsou,
Texas, says: "Collins Ague Cure has
beat me out of $200 or StfOO, I expect."
Says I, "How's that Doctor? "Well,"
says the Doctor, "the people here know
how a preparation Collins Ague Cure Is.
They take it when their liver gets out
of order, and it cures rici, thus you
see it beats me out of a doctor's bill,
and shuts oil my practice to a great extent."
For sale by ',. Wayne Orlflln
it Ilr , Hartford, Ky. -19 rtm.
Fordsville Notes.
Dec.ilrd, heard
from this part of the country for
some time, I concluded tn send you
some notes.
Some few of our farmers have sold
their tobacco.
C. A, Shreve has (-old his stock of drv
goods at Shreve, Ky., and started to
1'iiupot, Ky., this morning, where he
will engage In the mercantile business.
Mr. Sam Keown and wife, relumed
this evening from Sutton, where they
have been visiting friends nud relatives,
fni the past few days.
Mrs. rsancy Jones, wife of W. J.
Jones, of this place, died of consumption
the 1st day of December, 10:1(0
o'clock, A. M. The funeral was preached
by Rev. R. F. Jenkins The funeral
was attended by many friends and
relatives. She leaves a husband, and
one child to mourn her loss. The be
reaved family have (he sympathy of
the entire country.
Mure when I can think of It.
Success lo tho Hr.itALli. Is the wish
of Rkdhah.
m -
Hues Stokk.Mis.
Every family ought to keep a bottle
of Collins Ague Cure constantly on
hand. We find it a great benellt hi
evety form of sicklies". I have sold It
constantly for two years past, and It
never falls. Rr.N T. Rum.
For sale by Z. W. Urlllin & Hro.lO.'Im
Estray Notice.
Taken up as a stray by David Dun
can, living one mile east of Echols, In
Ohlocouuty,on tho 21th day of Novem
ber last, one red anil wiute muiey cow,
aged about ! years, and marked with a
crop and uiidcrblt in the light ear, and
which I have aiiiirnlsed at the vnlue of
$10. Witness my hand, this the 4th
dav of December, 18SG.
Ill-It Ro itr. Duncan, J. P. O.C.
. Wayne (Irllllint Hro. the old reli
able Druggists of Hartford, have taken
the agency for the Collins Ague Cure,
which they recommend to their customers
as the most reliable medicine for
bllllousness, headache or any liver troubles.
PrlcoCOo per bottle.
Mules Wanted.
1 wish to buy mules from 14 bauds to
1" hands high, and from three to eight
years old. 1 will bo in Hartford, on
Wednesday, the 15th lust.
H. H. Hall.
New PitoviDKNCi:,Kv.,May 20,1880.
Collins IlroH. Drug Co., M. Louis, Jb.;
Ukntlkme.v : Your Ague Cure
gives entire satisfaction We cau sell
no other since Introducing Collins Ague
Cure. Your Dr. Jackson's Celebrated
remedies are highly appreciated lu this
section, Respetfully,
W. R. Alliimttkn & Son.
For sale by Z. W. Hrlilu & Rro. 10 3m
Martin, Miss.
Collins Ague Cure stands pre-eminent
above all others. I have a splendid
sale for It and excellent opportunities
for knowing Its high character, as I
am hi u malarial and mlasmatlo district.
E. M. IUltiiKit.
For sale by Z. W. Uriflln & Rro. 40 Urn
Vmoiu tfUMng lo liait notice nffrltmU and
reltttheii under IMthrattiNU confer it m or by
Mailing or temlliig lo tl,lt iiffkc
Mr. F.O. Willis called losee us this
Dr. (1. E. Stoweis, of Rockport, Is in
I he city.
Mr. Jesse MoTaylor paid us a visit
this week.
Mr. Miller spent sometime with us
Ibis week.
Mrs. Thos. Oreer, of Itedn, we nre Informed,
Is very sick.
Mr. John M. Rugland, of Hoine,
came losee us last week.
Hon. A.C.Tauner.of Evansvllle,Ind ,
is attending court this week.
Mr. (jludman Dean, of Muhlenberg
county, was hi town Saturday.
( R. M. Phelps, of tho Butler County
News, was In town Monday.
Judge W. B. Noe, ot Oil boon Is In
town attending court this week.
It. M. Wilson was hi town last week,
uuddlil not forget the HmtALl).
Messrs. Jim Bennett and Godfrey
Mcllenry, of Echols, spent Sunday hi
Miss Lizzie Johnson, ol Pleasant
Ridge, Is visiting the family of E. L.
J. A. Tichenor, of Point Pleasant, renewed
his friendship tor the Hkiialu
last Thursday.
Mr. Basham, of near Fordsvllle,
called upon us last week, and invested
in the HintALD.
Will E. Rourlaud, one ol the legal
lights of Madisnuville, was in town last
week on business,
J. J. Mcllenry and H. B. Kinsolvlug,
went tn Bells Run last Sunday, and returned
Monday night.
Mr. Ed White, of the firm of White,
Duiikerson it Co., of Evausvllle, Ind.,
was in town this week.
Miss Fannie Miller, of Ohio county,
is visiting her sister, Sirs. J. D. Render.
Rutler County Sews
Prof. Perry Wilson, of the Gum
Spring school, is suffering from an attack
of whooping-cough.
Mr. Lafayette Embry, of Select,
gave us a call last Saturday, ami subscribed
for the Hkkalii.
Henry Mcllenry was, ut last Information,
improving in health by his
stay ut Thomasvllle, Gu.
Mr. C. II. Stevens, of Beaver Dam,
came in Saturday, and renewed his allegiance
to the Hkiiai.D.
Mrs. Mahala Christian Damel,of near
Hostile, who has been quite sick for
four or live weeks past, Is now Improving.
Luther B. Rhoads, who has been under
the treatment of Dr. Pendleton returned
to his home at Ricedale Saturday.
Rev. Jo Ad Bennett came to see in
Stturday last, and with his usual forethought
left the price of a year's subscription.
Francis Cooper, of Beaver Dam cannot
do without the Hkkalii. He kindly
sent his subscription by his father
lat week.
Miss Fannie Miller, daughter of Esq.,
J. D. Miller, of Roslue, who has been
suffering from Typhoid fever, is now
Sam Barnard, of Evansville. and
Sauford Fulkersou and Henry Taylor,
of Ceralvo, are in town the guests of
Mr. Jas. M. Harnett.
Mr. Jas. N. Moorman, of Fordsville,
came to see us last week. Mr. Moorman,
contemplates moving his family
to South Cartollton soon.
Dr. Alexander was quite sick Iu9t
Friday night aud Saturday, on account
of which he was unable to till his engagement
at West Polut church.
Mr. and Mrs. R C. Duncan, of Rock-port,
spent Thansgivlug with Mrs.
Yarbroiifch. They returned to their
home Frlduy. Herald.
Mr. Mercer May, of Plrosaut Ridge,
was in Hartford, Friday last, he called
to see us. He was returning from Beaver
Dam, where he wos on on on
Mrs. Jos. Ney Foster, and her sou,
left for their home In Marsbfleld, Mo.,
last Thurwlay. Mrs. Foster had the
misfortune to lose her husband, Judge
Jos. Ney Foster a week or two ago.
Arrivals at the Hartford House for
tlie week eliding December 7, 1880 :
V. i:. liourlruiJ, Morilnonvlllc ; C. It.
It. Hamilton, V. W. Patton, Virgil
Wise, Thos. H, nines, J. V. Moorinnn, J. II.
Hundcfur, J. a. B.unlefur, J. 1. Howe, Punlon
J. A. MnKiin,.!. M. Stofer, county j C.
M. l'eiiillclon, (J. W. Mastic, ( M. Kloltl,
Juke. Small, city ; C. I). C. It. Ilctliel,
C'lmtley Huberts, Louisville ; Col. Slmcklctt
and ilniiRlitrr, Island; J. T. Wallace, Chicago;
M. J. Coleman, Kvansylllp, Ind.; M. M.
Hittt.011,0. II. Crully, St. Louis; A. Knlin,
Cromwell j II. L. White, SI. Louis ; lira-
shear, McLean county ; J, II. Cooper,
W. It. Noe, Cnllioon; II. II.
Warren county; JnckCews,Sacramonto.
JKNNirrr. To the wife of James M.
Jennett, a boy, weight 10 pounds.
Alliin. To the wife of Win. Allen,
of New Baymus neighborhood, a boy.
Will Is happy ouce moie.
Brick For Sale.
1 have a large lot of brick
for sale on my farm near No creek
church, Ohio county.'it ij8 per thousand,
for chimney patterns, and low grade
brick at $0 aud $4 per thousand.
JamksS. Chink,
P. O Hartford, Ky. 47 41.
Hartford Revival.
Our meeting here began one week
ago, and despite the inclement weather
and Circuit Court, botli of which have
beeu great hindrances, Dr. Peay's sermons
have drawn good congregations,
while the spirit of the occasion Is all
that can be desired, us It relates to the
harmony of all the denominations in
the good work.
Revs. Campbell aud Smith, of tho
Methodist aud Cumbelliud churches,
haeu both been present, and by their
hearty eudorsements,good speeches and
prayers have contributed largely to the
interest of the meeting. We predict a
great religious awakening.
J. S. Coleman.
The cash salesof dry good,at Small's
for past week $1822 50. How Is this
for hard times?
Circuit Court Notes.
Albert Armendt was acquitted of the
charge of selling liquor to u minor.
Iu tho case of W. H. CuiidlU'charged
with shooting and wounding with Intent
to kill, the Jury returned a verdict
of two years In tho penetentlary.
The grand Jury is steadily Investigating
the conduct of the evil-doers.
The following comprises the petit Jury
panel for this week of court : Marlon
Hatley, J. W. Rowe, G. L O'Bauuou,
Hiram Taylor, J. T. King, C.I). Bean,
J. D. Miller, W. R. Patterson, A. R.
Plrtle, W. H. Williams, P. P. Walker, I
Louis Tichenor, Jeese MoTaylor, Virgil
Miller, F. G. Willis, O. Patterson,
A. G. Brown nud J. Ham Shultz.
Tlieeertiileatrsnf election ntnl qualification
of the Circuit Court Clerk weie
spread upon the record. The sheriff'
and his deputies were sworn in.
John Bellamy,rond surveyor, was lined
The indictment against Geo. Heady
T. J. Lowe was excused from serving I
as traiid Juroi, and John L. Rock chosen
In his stead.
Mr. R. A. Miller, of Hawesvllle, wasi
sworn In as an attorney of this Bur.
TI11, case of 1). Walker was stricken
from the docket.
Samuel Ferguson had a line of one 1
cent assessed against him.
Jo. C. Arnold was lined &M and 10
days imprisonment for carrying concealed
Eating Old Shoes Armour's Pigraphy
Hogs Dying of Cholera-Personals,
Rot'Kl'diiT, Ky., Dec. 0.
Milk contains lltirlu or albumen, or
some such outlandish stuff', while tea
contains tannin. Mix the two anil you
have taiiuate or fibrin, or iu other
word", leather. Those who put milk
in their tea, eat old shoes In n tempting
Phil. D. Armour's
; an episode at AVatertown iu the
above named great Chicago pig-killer's
eventful life, may have cut short his
literary attainments nud rendered hi'
autobiography Impossible, but tho
thing he ought to do Is to write his
Hogalmlghty 1
It would boas great a hit us when he
sandwltched poor Cliicayoan,
nud bought their
glue factory for half Its value.
Speaking of hogs, Dr. Jackson, of
this place, the farmer, physician aud
tobacconist, killed 13 last week that
averaged 247 lbs net. They were 14
mouths old, and were raised 011 his
farms. Hogs are still dylug of cholera
hi this part of the county, which Is
making pork very scarce. I know of
several farmers who had nice droyes of
feeder, who will be compelled to buy
their meal.
Mrs. Hanibal Rock, who moved with
her family from near Hopewell, this
county, twenty-three years ago, to
Champaign couuty, III., is now visiting
her sister. Mrs. Fulkersou, Iu the
Pond River tielghbornood.
Dr. ami Mrs. Towues, of Greenville,
visited their daughter, Mrs. Dr.
last week.
The colored folks are holding a protracted
meeting at their church here,
witli line success. Let the work go on;
they have lots of raw material around
What are the wild goose bones saying
tills winter, which seems to have
swooped dowu upon us wioug eud
foremost? That's (he question that Is
distracting the calculation of patriotic
men who are bound to get their winter
coal In.
Little Medford Howard met a six-foot-two-ter
on the street the other day,
and thus accosted him : "Stranger,
hand me down a chaw of store tobacco.
Thanks. How's the weather up there?"
The stranger didn't speak of the weather,
but a terrible storm of
oaths broke louse u; tlirrc. Medford
had disappeared, however, on seeing
the weather signal. Sl.'Wis.
Kim iily. Jesse Klmbly,son of Wm.
Klmbley, of Ceralvo, of cotnsiimptlou,
Monday night at 10 o'clock.
MiLLEit. Uncle Andy Miller dial at
his home, two miles below town, lust
Thursday ulght. Mr. Miller was recognized
throughout his long and useful
llleasa mini of Merllng Integrity, against
whom the tongue of slander failed to
And a point of attack. He leaves a
host friends and relatives to morn his
For Sale.
I desire to and will sell 011 fair terms
el ght acres, of good ground near South
Carrollton. on which Is a good two-story
dwelling, a good orchard, etc.,
ulso a store house on Main
street, In South Carrollton. For terms
and prices, apply lo the underslgued, or
R. W. Batsel, railroad agent ut South
Carrollton, Ky. S. J. Rhoads,
49 If Metropolis, 111.
Money Found !
The newsboy found a roll of money
iu Hartford, last Monday. I placed it
in the Hartford Bank, subject to the
order of the owner, when ho has proved
his property and paid for this advertisement.
Loins GiiNTHEit.
An Old Feud.
At Rosewood, Muhlenberg county,
Fred Lithani and BobCarueal, wounded
each other seriously in a round of
shot gun volleyes. Litlmm's wounds
will probably prove dangerous. The
cause seems to have been cards and
bad whisky.
Hone Sale.
On the first Mouday in Jummry 1887,
I will ofl'rr for bale, hi Hrrtford, never-id
good woik horses. Terms cash hi
hand. G J. Bkan,
40 Ut Auctioneer.
For Sale.
I have 11 Hue fresh cow with young
calf, which I offer for sale on
terms. T. L. GitiFKl.W 40 tit.
l.lol ul Lrtlt'rs
Remaining hi the post olllce at Hart
ford, Ky., which if not called for iu
thirty days will bo sent to the dead'
letter olllce, Washington, D. C. :
Ambrose. Jim. lleimett, W. 11.,
Dyers, (Intnl. Il.iluy, Lewis.
Clinmbors, II. S.. I'lllMlll, Joicpli,
L'usebler, .limit's, row, in is.
Cain. Wlllliim, Davis, Klljuii V.,
Kloltlcn, Sur.ili I'., Kddltf.K.J.,
Hunter. Duel, Hums, Jtxeiili II.,
.liunes, John, Low.MIhsM.U.,
LelKli, Henry C, McKermin, Win..
ltulpli, finis. M Sklllern, .1
Hioiilicr, John, Smoley, Miss Jennla,
niniiii, joiiii, k., Muvens, .niiiies 11.,
Kaltbury.Mrs. Amrrlcii.Tiiylor, Mrs. K.,C')
Wliltcscnrvcr, (1. W. Wise, Vlrsll.
Persons culling for the aboye described
letter, will pleased say they uro advertised,
A. B. Haiku, P. M.
Eitray Notice.
Taken up as u stray by Ben Johnson,
living on the bank of Greeu river, opposite
tho town of Paradise, iu Ohio
couuty, on the 21 rd day of Nov. last,
one brlndlo cow, aged about five years,
marked with a crop oft the left ear,
aud split In tho right, and which I
have appraised at the value of twelve
dollars. Witness my hand this Dec.
3ril 18S0
4!) 4t Hour. Duncan, J. P. O. C.
SrAnd Get a
m Mi of Mnl and Ornamental Articles Given Away
Every one lias an equal chance of winning one or all prizes
offered. Every purchaser entitled to a ticket by buying 50 cent's
worth of goods. No tickets issued to our employes.
1 Fine Top Buggy $150.00
1 Ladies' Gold Watch 50.oo
1 Beautiful Oil Painting lO.oo
1 Gold Ring lO.oo
1 Beautiful Oil Painting lO.oo
1 Trunk 8.oo
1 Napkin Ring 2.oo
1 Ladies' Robe lO.oo
1 Fine Ladies' Necklace 15.oo
Twelve, Beautiful Cloth-Bound Books, $2 each, as follows: Jlacauley's Poems,
Byron's Poems, U. S. Cook Book, Boyhood and .Manhood of George Washington, History
of the World,, Life of Jefferson, JJavis, Doniliy Son, hi Dickens; Sketches by Boz,
by Dickens; Nicholas Nitftfeby, by Dickens; Mrs. ucmans Poems, Longfellow.
New anil more prbes will be added every week. Drawing will take pluce not letr Hum Mulch l-i, inabesoou
er. Time, pluce and mauuer of Drawing will lie civen hi tlue lime. For further purticiilttrH, call at our store.
The holder of the greatest number of tickets on the day of the Drawing will he pteicnteil with a i gold plrre.
Re sure nud cull, uud don't miss getting your tickets. We have nlso marked il- n every Hue of goods, ami joii
will be sure to get besides a free ticket, very low prices ami good goods nt HmallV Tinde Pi'lace
- - ' -
All our contracts are closed, the Goods bought from the largest
manufacturers, and we are now receiving daily
When we say New Goods, it means Goods which have just been
shipped straight from the factory, and not having gone all over
this country, handled and rehandled, or old and refused Goods.
New Goods we say, and New Goods we have.
Prices That
a gain
more pairs ot m.jxo. 1 .Men- and JJoys
heavy Boots. TJ e guarantee price on every
pair to be, from lo lo .0 per cent, less
than- any other house ran sell them.
Don't forget to buy your Hoots and Shoes
at Small's. Just now our stork is full
and, complete, but the choicest selections
will soon be gone. Now is your opportunity.
OiirSlioiffi'iips awl Clonks &i
simply sail that LOW PRICES are
what' we COT, and LOW PRICES are
what we shall SELL for. It makes our
competitors sad, but no wonder, for our
marvelous Bargains are the terror of
them all.
J 1 ' Never before hare we had
( I OlillilKF m1b '"i"ie's'c sales, and of
llllllllwy,w,m fji(S means that we
sell the best goods for the least money.
HATS AND CAPS We a re head qua Hers.
For Your Sake,
Country Produce taken in exchange.
Free Ticket in Their Gift
Will Make
have opened
live hundred, IN
and, Cashmere
have an
means, we
foot down on
to our
sale one long
not fail- to see
A new line
Worth $ 2 for
U i VI
our stock.
Goods, and
Come and Let Us
00 LUCK!
Distribution "4
1 Fine Dress Pattern 6.oo
1 Napkin Ring 2.oo
1 Pair Towels 3.oo
1 Hood 2.oo
1 Ladies' Breastpin 5.oo
1 Pair Kid Gloves ,2.oo
1 Ladies' Skirt 2i5o
2 Yards Table Cloth 2.oo
Dozen Handkerchiefs 2.oo
You Laugh!
ii t '..;...... t...i:..'
J Vll'Vlii, tlllllU,
viiuuiyiyviiiNittiH;tf, dents Kirt.
Gloves, Shauds, We
elegant line, and iu order to accomplish
aim to make it comfortable
pleasant for buyers with limited
have been obliged- to pal our
high prices. Careful buying
us to secure a- fall line, of
Goods, at figures very favorable
plan of milking this season's
to be remembered- as a bonanza
our customers. Yon should
our stock.
in hoods satin-lined goods
$1. Jo.
We can please one and
' "r' sorfi'auij ''"'''
Jl)vji,jnt(. fn come and inspect
U 'e'huve some splendid tow-priced
in this line.
we are ahead of all.
Save You Money!

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