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Wednesday, ii:ii:tiu:it .
Jhcfotlowinq person are authorized
to receive Rubscrlptlom and renewals,
advertising in the Hkhai.D, order for
fob work, etc.:
Jno.T. Smith, Jr., Fortlsvlllp
HocKKH.fcCo., Ik-aver Dam.
AI.VI.V Kowk, Uentertowii.
Gi:o. W. I'attiihnon. Point I'lenwtnt.
itKii). Hadkn & Co., Itocfcport, Ky.
J. H. Klack, Hnyin'cvlllf.
IIockkk ATamok,
Thomas Gn.i.sritAi', Cromwell.
A. V. Thomson, Hoiton, Ky.
C. V. Tavlok, McHei ry, Ky.
J. R. Hockku, Sutton.
Dk. J. D. Maddox, lluforil.
l)n V. H. Rains, Cuiifj villi'.
Tlil llopiirtmpiit lvilllrill It. I'.
.MI1Iit,.I.I. CitiiilllViiiiil .Mli' III" Cumin
nml Htta Willi..
Ii education mi urt, or w'leiire?
When U a woman iim pow rful us
mnii? WIipii
Kentucky has mure than fix
antl twenty-live celimil
A liime per cent, ol tliise
wholly upiin the cjiiinutn
eilucattmi. How itnportittit then
Hint we havciicelf
In the Init twenty w
Stl.OiMI.OOO to tli iil f
colored mIiooN In the S mill.
TheSiiperhitenileiit of I he (minimi
Hi'hoolsot II.ipklii.iuiy, m.v, "More
than (0 percent, of our tenchen now
hold fllt eertlllcati"." He nlo
ntutea that there nre not ! white
hctween the imeinf IS 'JO In
his county, who cinnot reml ami write
Prof. J. J. Glenn, of
has heeu mwle Suit' Hillt.tr for the
Stale Teachers' We con-
rutulute the Association lor liivini:
procured the of onn m worthy.
NutwIihMaudlin; we have many
comfortable, and coiiimnillo.H n'linol
hi the iMiinty, we have
that are In a deplornhle condition.
see to tliU. Care for your little
ones', fnd don't wait until the
your hefore
you think of repalrim:, or rebuilding.
When tlie cnminnii M'lioul of our
Mate oiler living calnrii." to teacher-,
our oiiiii,' men and ymiiu hdies will
qutllfy themselves for the profession,
and not merely It n a
stone to Mimelldni; n oie lucrative,
Oneof the tiiosspst luroiislstuiiL'les in
our comniou liw istha' of
a teacher's rer'illiute lo tlio
county, in wlilch lie I-
Men who lire liceliHed li.V l.iw tor oilier
professions are not coutlni'il lo tlie
nelKliboihood, in wlilcli they
receive a llciise. Then, why sluiild it
be so of tlie teaehei?
The answer is In one of the blow
Kiven re.'iMiiis.
1. The members of our State
are either careless and unconcerned
about our common school law, or
nre Ignorant of what they should b".
2. It is done to favor the Slate D laid
of Examiners, which .-mould lie dispensed
with as so.ni as p i.slble.
.'I Our leiisIa'ors ar. lepreieut'itives
of our wlsiies and iuteres, unit do not
revise a former act until it ceases to
meet the wishe' of our pe ip'e, mid our
ttachers bulni; fist as leaiiis
their personal and profession ii Interests,
full to pellti in for an
unjust uct.
We believe that as (Did a reason
for tlie present st'ile of uflUlM as c mid
bu given, is tlie last n)entl,Hied. Teachers
should awaken to t sens' of
and duty. They should oriui.u,
and Instead of standing still and hurling
severe at ourrepiecnt,itives,
tilioiild petition them for the
ofu law that will not urant eijual rih(s
aud privileges to all.
Our State Biard of Examiners,
should be dispensed with, unit a Ji
class certltle.ite, liy u county
board of examiners ui'tde valid in unv
jurtof the state. Our County
tire cinled tiiroiisii a rild
iiininatiou befoiv tlitvaio deeuit'd
to hold thnt oUI'. Our cjuntv
examiners sliotil I thriiili
un examliiutioii (iu,illy iw ri.'ld, mil
llien, If they e imply with the oitti,
which they take on cuterilitl iip.iu the
duties of thler olllce,thoto teller's certificated
by them would he as coinpBtcnt
to teucli as those cfrtllVji'ed by our
Statu Iloaid. No ch'timn sliould lie
made regarding the time for wlileli a
uerliflcute holds iooil, for tint teacher
W'hoohtulnsn llrt clasi certificate now
should nut bu granted one :it tho
of it, unless lie tins udvaliivd
In propottlon to tho status of our
schools. Our third (lass eertillcates
should he tlii"ii'ed with, our imbllo
Hciiool fund Increase i lo furnish llviut:
wac.es to ipntlilieil teauhers, and our
ceitlllc.ites uiiide valid in iny
Jiuttof the state. Teachers,
our fiirces, drill them properly, and
by the time our next iture insets,
raise such a hue and cry Tor our rights
us shall deafen tlie ears of r.ur law
makers, or caue them to heed our
wants nml needs.
The liijtirloiH siluilluiits on
(he liuiiisti Hystcin, hlmiiM tie tuiiKlit
In every cjiuiiwii nolioil Te.icliurH
uhoulil make It a spiel il Milijeet
in the 1'liynlolciKy U
would lie well toailopt only those textbooks,
In wlilcli this Mtlijfft Is iiveu es
pecial attention. I
All ahliorietii'i' of the evils attend-1
nut upon the iiso of Miami Jilt Implant-'
ed In the minds of tlm youth, I ho com-,
lug votern, would do liilirh townrds
hrhiuliiK about thut inilcli ilosired le-form,
Hut alcohol Is not the only rtliutilant
that U a curso to the Imnian lunilly, '
and iiottlieonlyonothiithhould reeelvt '
iitteiitlon in tliDHuhooli.
Tohaeeo In the twin brother
aud iilthoUKh It doeu not ii1unlfH.1t
itbelMiiMich lildeotn forniHns the hit-1
tei, It l JnM as purely Mpplm away .it
the vltnln of ho have beeoino
to IU ti.e.
Tho following aie Mime ofltH elltvts
on tin' teni in (leaned from tlie
workiof Mime of the best mitlitir on
rhyclr.loii and Hnlene:
Tobacco moke pontalii" watery Va-1
por, free carhin, ainmonla, carbonic i
acid, nicotine, n Vol:illlt ulilauci' li'.v-,
liiK a peculiar odor and a darlt
oils littler extract Symptoms of
tremor, pilpitiilioii, and paralysis after
ii.'. - .1 ...-I I... ...... I on Ihe
unoklut! or I'lii'wliivt,
Mliolliu. Hut imiuiiii ii uoi the om. ,
Millteeof trolllilelll loli'icco, H Ii -Up-
' K"'"' '4l """"" "" "'
poved bv mimv The bitter CNtract
vnmiliiiK In not u.l to! """ ,,r'' l,rw". H'dulency, .it.easli.e
"f l'h.tc" A nio.M.ure like
toliaccii. The carbonic acid ptodi.ee!
l ...die mid Tlie ammo-, inspiration, proilimiim a veiy
nla excites tlie ilands and
cailcs the aciid lawte and dryness of
tlie mouth and throit of the ttuioUer.
The very fnrt that It isso dllllcull to
refrain from the tolncco after
once tlie habit has been contracted, Is
siilllcielil proof that ll ileslmys the natural
powers ol the ytt?ni.
No Intelligent pur.sjn, who uses it '
will advlseanother to lu'ijiii the of, "" ".v '" "J'"' "r"" '"-
i;lts, Haitfortl, Ky.
It Is l.imentallly true, tllit tlm boy, I I.lnT.'iiinl I'rliis.
wlioliasieiclied theai,'i"if llftcn yearsj A stae will leave Hartford at 10
without bccomlui; addicted to tlie III-1 o'clock A. M. d illy except Sundays for
thy, delimiting linlilt I- the exception, j Denver Dun, Cromwell, Mor",:iuloun,
not the lllle. When Mieli a one s Rochester,
found, lieoiii;lit lo be et up us a KAMI::
Inn Jluht nnwiii; Ids The To Morpintnwi JJ.So
lienrl, I-
Vsti,:e will leave I (artforil for He:.-..
to bfcoine man. I- any wonder
, ver D.un tit 1 o'clock dally.
tueii, iiiiii ne ioiiov.s i ipi cxui'ipic o
Met by men? j
If heCJiild only know that it is the
very Ihlny that icturils the develop-on
lit of noth mind and body.
Hut i on will say it Is not the
er's place to bother alsitit such
matters, tint lie already has more titan
he can do. Tine, In is over worketl j There 1' more Cat.irrh In tills section
Dili i-It not one of the imramouiU of tlie couuti.v thau nil otlnr diseases
ties of tlie (tiicher to train tlie child in- put togethel, mid linlil the last itw
to (he rormatloii of good habits'' If he ye.tls was to I e Incurable,
tt.'i's not attend to tills in titer, who Kor a roat many years Doctors
Uiw is a futher mdnif to inuko uounced ll a local disease, ami
hl-son uiiili'Mand that (lie
co is Injurious, when be it
It is a lamentable fact, too I lint many
wlvs never tiller a wont .if protest
tills vicious habit of their lleje
Wlmt was that teacher, I heard joil
s.iyV You una Mutvco .' Well then,
sir, "example is batter tliau precept,"
and Ifyou want lo b'cmie it leader in to
tills most essential rform, you ll id bet-
ter put ioii'selt in ti.iiuiim nt once.aiitl
free you i self from the 'irnlcloiH habit to
as quickly as possible. Tlte ideiola
leielin's expeetoiMliliL tohiieeo juice on
thelloor in the nreidticp ot til' HlilN!
I'lie llithitniss of the iraeliie i-
arunnient iilmIimI it it there were
uotliinu else. It'.i' imiiii"
with a finitl of t ihti'u i id Ills in JlltU
his piipils In psye'.iolo.'i! Inh! at
(loil pet'il Iim iluy vIihii the use of
tolinri will buns i!lreinii tblu as tlie
of 'iny other stl nnlaiii How nuieli
bslter is the tolueeo el iv than the
onllrmeil opliini or morphine entei?
, To tiu'lit Io'Iiil; anioin; uooieii, ami
the n-e of tobteeo ainotij; tneii, nia.v be
he attributed many of the Ills of
thy piesent Kni'Mtioii. U itli evils
have been in, until we have a
lenerution of so little vitality that It
heroine an easy prey to almost any
Ceitainly n i oilier pioihietion of the
oil is eillltv.iteil, the colistiniptloii of
which is of so Utile to as
ty us lob uvii, It is of no heiii'tlt
Tbi'lu Is very little in niey In it to the
prtiiliicer. In fact II ifivi's better to
keep the farmer pour than uiiytliing
else. It is a crop (bat is exliausiive to
i lie latnl, It ulves ,'ilin no time for
of his f.irni, or Iniilillii):.", it
gives' employment to chihlren, con.
(eqilently they are kept at home, when
they oticlit to h" in m'Ii ml, onil It
lilm fm his time mnl labor.
Would it le loomiii'ii to that it
is the l'.iiisj of si, much lllllwaev in the
listrk'tH w litre It Isuuiiiv.itk'.l?
Iet lis uv proliioiti i on totiaeei'!
Wonderful Cutd3.
V. I). Hoyl ct (Jj , U liolenale anil
iteiaii uriiiiisii or K.nne, li.i., uy.s : M
We have been tvUu D: Klnu'rt New
Discovety, ICIeetii.; Hitlers and Buck-
,,,",..,, . ,,
len'n Aruii'i Stive for two ycnis Have
never handled remedies lliit sell n
well, (irKivesiiuh'lii'tvvisilsitisfiiHlon.
There Imvu some wonderful cule.s
allieteil liv tli'SLMiietlieiues in tills ell V.
rfevernl cases of (! .usi.i.ip.
lion have been entirely cured by Use of
... -.. . v.
It lew liOHIesot ur. lUIU'S .M'W
ery, taUen hi coiiiicdi m with Weottlo
Bltteis. We yiiir.ttiKo I liem always.
Hold by Y, Waviiad'illlln A- Bio. ,
Says an Eminent Physician, ,
iisi, nil iv.i'iny f,lis will
. .,,,,, , . 1 1
preparation Ittiowu as Braillleld's l'e
mall. Reuiiliitor.
known for leniulo l''or
paltielllars, wtiteThe 1'r.idlluld
Co., Atl.ill'a, (J i.
Cine liirs,i Head n he.
t. ,-n..e 11...1 m - t. i... .him.'
ii jmimii nnu iji. .fiiiiu a iinti rills
villi h Sick Ilcaihieht', nth your dim;-
Klsl for a fre.. irltl p,uU'i,.. O'.ly 0.10
for 11 .liw.. Hejitiliir hIxh Ihixk, ! cts. I F
.Slid by .Wayne Orlllln Si lira
In Memory 1
Ol Mary ('. il iu,'hler of A. I) ttml
lie Taylor Divio, !. slie was ni
iuitly call.'il, wiiH birn Oft. i"jtl lbSI.
nml ilh'il .M). 1!) lKSd iiiiii Mii.iMiup ,.,
btnl Is anil eainert'd fir iliut
, ... . , , ,,
lioiue rot liiu.le with hauils eu mill In
lllilltiiMlls, .11111 iiiiiitln.i' II, ii? to I,, ,1,1
lill.l (IUIiIm us Into that bo.illllful haven
, . trul
"1 M'M.
stillPl litlli, (liliilren to eniiio ,,,I,
111c anil fin bid tlicm not" binms 11 so-
. , . . .. , . ,.
lui't' wlien we know I) ivlo Is iimoin,' the
niiinimriiies.i'ii 11,, 1I1U uiviue iieulei,
nml she is In the Kingdom ol heaven
safely hoii.e.l from the stoiins of life.
Then let ..ot your hca.iH 1,0 tr.iUi.i,.i
, , . ... . .
r.iinl III
iiiintttfu iTrti) 11 nt.,1 I...-
iim i iii- J"' 1 1 1 miri '''r
Kmip, .von win jjrrei ncr In upit wit ,
leyoiid thegolilen hiiiim'1, where the
i,irv uu.iii r,t, nnd iim iv...,i ones li
iiiiiicii. ,,,
HowHWiet to rtineiiiber her briKht - ll
Inlelllci'iic", she knew m well fur one
co .ruling, the MitljePlH upon wlilch nlie
va(iirllontMl, the ijulcknc of her
mind was wonderful, her of
underslniidliiR marvelloti". Oh, mi nail,
mi liaid to Kive her up.
I'iiM lior, O fullior In tlilno in in.
And let lier lu'licclcirili lip
A ni("ciiKcrof lino lit tvwen,
Our lililiiiin liciiiliniiilllii'o." 1-
rnre rnr Pile.
I'll.KS nre frequently pieceded by a
ni'liee of ul'IkIiI In the back, lohm and
lower part (if tile abdomen, Clillfinj: the,
JMtlent to mippiwe ho Iim whiip
"" ""! "" or "UMioniii, or-
. .. ....
AAI... A. .r I.. .11-... I
lllle itchlll, lifter (.'etUll Wltrm, Is a'
' coiiiiiion alteiid'iut. Ulliiil, bleetliuul
and Itchliiu Piles , i(M at once tolliej
applicition of Dr. Pile
wlilcli acl.s directly upon tlie p.uim
itlli'i'ted, tlie tumors, alluvion
Ihe intense itchltn.' and eHV(:tliii:ii
cure. PiiceoOc. AildrcrVriii'
Or Midlcine Co., Plipiti, O.
I . . . . n ,.. i
To Heaver Dam ... JM
Hoelqwrt 70
Central City 1.00
I7tf John S. Vauhiit, Prop.
cd local remedies, and by constantly
fallluu to cure with local treatment pro.
nollliced It ilicuralile. Science lias
pioveii Catarrli to be a constitutional
anil tht tefoie riquires u
tutloinil Uealmetit. Hull's Catarrh
Cure, manufaeitiiul by K. J. Ciieney fc
Co., Tole lo, Olilo, is tlie only
HoiihI cuie now on Hie maiket Ills
taken internally in from 10 drops
a tcttspooiiful. It act thiectly upon
the blood ami mucus surfaces of the
lem Tlie oiler ?100 foi any ca-e It
cun .etnl r... eirenlar anil i.il i
nioulul". Aiidris",
K. .I.CllKNKY&C'O.,
Tub do, O.
tSf.Soiii liy Tods. -IS lm
Round Trip Tickets.
Conimeneliiu' November 4th, tlie N.
N. M. V. II. R. Co. will Imxeiin sale
Heaver D.iin, round trip llckels,
uimiiI until June lt, 1SS7, to tlie
ilaecs, at i ntt iinnied oppoIte:
Austin :.10
(jHlveston !!S )
Hnii.lon niltiO
S.iti Antonio -11 fSo
N'ew Orleans J4.!)5
Mobile 23 0o
CiMili1 ruruilld lit Onrr.
By the will of the lite V. I'hijips I
mi dlreeted to p iv lame slims of
and in older to do so, I nre
iixii) all ludebtid to s.iid
to come forwiird without delay,
Ihe claims must hi ami
you will -live to nnhen note of this i
repes'. U'ji I'mi'i's, Kx. tf
Old pill buses over the lulitl
by the ilioiiiiiiils after having been
eriiptled by liiiinanii.. Wliat
nni'S of sleUenliif.', ill)!ilsiii u
Hie mur stomiieli has in ci.iileinl
wllii Too tniii'li vtronj: midiclue.
I'llel ly Ash Bitters is ripidly ami suit
t lt.lliK till- place of nil tills i.,.,i-s f
and in curing all tlie Ills ari !iik
ffoni a ilbnlileri'd (oiulliiiili ( f 'I e llur,
klilne,s, sniu. icli and bowels, 17-1 m
Both Trains Dine Together.
l.Miihleiihcrif Ucpiihltcni.)
A cliiiiie of time wsiit into i ilVct on
ont'i N N. & M. V Rillro.td Sun-
day. Ity tlie chauu"', lussenutr No S,
which he'retofoio nrrlvnl here ,tt 8:;!0 l'
, now iiliivts ill h;:li i. .M
bound alternoon in. ner N
','"lV "''Jl'" "J "l!" v,,ut ln"tt';,,! "' "'
Bij.iwr U.iin for doner,
( lull
We will fitrillsli tin; followu ii.ipers
fhe following club rate.-:
Hjrtionl Herald and Weekly
III.. II,,IH1,. li,tllii,l nllik tl.,1 .iil. I ,
f i,p....... ...... ".......V..!.!s2.S(.
,.....,...,. '.,, ,! ii.V1."V,i'''m,!i'vV!.Vi'v'""' .-....
Ii'HiUvlllc Coinmerelal. one war
In udvance, for :o
Maitfonl Hernlil ami 1'armer'
H'""'' Journal. Iitii.sville, one
vi'ir, ctsliin ad van co, for .'.'.60
lf tlll Mle). ViwMw, , s ., mov
1 H tin e,e; nr c.iinioi near nrinni
llijiil, nml Hud .vniirslht weak ami
fiilllii!;, yon should piomptly iic Or. J.
II. .Moli' mi's .Sircimtheniuu Ie .S.ilve.
" cent.-a lux
For sale liy J. W. Kuril. Id .'tin.
Fits: All Ills slopped fiee by Dr.
ICIIiim's fiiciit Xtrvi Itfhtnrcr. Xn Ills
lft.r rs, ,,.., ., Alirvt.lo,w ,.ureiJ
Tr(,ltNo ulllf Sijm ,ria bol,0 frt,t. ,
, , ,. m A ,
lMilhi. Iu. 125 11
Ohio L'jururfouitr.
".""im"" 1
I'ctllloii In Kiinlty.
.luiiu l'. i'liiiiiin. I
Nnili'i.' Is kIvoii linn Itiii'licl It.
m .iin lMl.iniiiui liuie this .lay lllf.l
""'"' J"1"' I'ltn'"" ' Hie (,i'l" fli cult Court
iimyliii; II10 mill I'otirt to I'liipiiwer ll.o h.il.l
lUfliel It. (ionium to nc, I'lijoy.m'iliiiiii
I'niivey for lii'riiwn lieiicllt, uny
w ()Wi or lieiwitlcrimiiilu', frco
finin HumIi'IiIs, clnlins, llnbllltli's nml con-
ofhur litisbniiil,.liiliii I-, (iciriiuui, nml to
iiiiilto coiiliiii'tH, mio ir.nl IiiikiumI iihii klnulo
lUllllllll, Mint tl.uli' III tier own liiililu ami ids-
,,,,. ..n,,.,. pmiioity liy willordi'tii, 1111.I lio
'iiji'rf. toiiri In nil tlrnnH putidiiliiutii
iiroiiFliy iisnii iiiiliinrilod woiiiiin.
t,on uinlcr my iminl iihCIciI; nriliH (il.ln
Cl'I'llU Collll, tills Mill llltyill NltM'lllllll IkmI,
, j Attests C. ll.MtDWlciC.ciirK.
, !':'". ,l,.l:.utl,,! 'm.of..! !? r.l!vt"'l
ili'iiie . l" .. in- 1 ui iiiiii. uuiiiiu . ' iimj
ili.Ki.r the court, or iiiiyullii'i il.i.,in.v
.... l.. (..-. ,,iM i...r i,.,i ...... 1
IIMM'MM --.- -..
never eliurKo more wheilur my
crowded or not. Mv eue.sU nro id-
wr(, M trutt.l will, anil ..(ten-
f iiu Ut'iM'iif.i V iiiii'i'
lll.lll.Vl .11 l II la
- lf Ilmtfonl, Ky.
So All Vftj
III...'. . I'.'l'-I
,.S Kaip..'J--.-
W'c want I u j, I n .." II".. W ..
ii, loiiiii) i.i On t u I !. .im nl I. .1
li, ti ttll uilenl ren mi u,
irtMrmr. Aiiur i p liuin.nl rgj.l',
nj ocr ij prut' i. I
tilli.ii, .in t o.i un i i I tei IU1 II
l'k i I - .v. h .-.
-x- ry ( on ity hit in i v i ti i i, W Hi
U niv ml 'H it ir.. ii .i 111 fl 1 1'
u i .hi .mil to ttt.i i . i t - 1 1 I
ult u mi .In .. t 1 i t :
"- ' lOMItl M I H' in .i l...t
it tin :, bill hd It n ( mi I 1 U i 1 1 ke it I
lu. nl mly Mr t ninl n i'' i icritft
Mir invention, l it m " I ' i i i i iva.i'
ih it will limille a mk'i i'K I .r Kint
now at work ftfJ mikn tr i to Viv ii
m.nlh clear ami ilmfm m.il. e
, k ir 1t.r , , ,n ,.i,j . , , e,,i,.
ment. Anvamihu . o - r i.n.,iic.i
'"'! "' f '" ' "" ' "'"'""
,h,, i,m, Am.m ui. i mi oks e,,, ,,,,
ll ,....i,U -lift. ii. H.lft. u. . allfe.. r.t..lftli.
m nc) tiiW l"r th.Mi. Any ; nt "r Ktiicnl
jcih lio wuiiKI likcfn or m intu. nnu
ork tliem tlirniiiili nli.cnti fi r ninctv ua .
.mi f.iil in ilcir ,il Icai J;so aikie ai.i. R
iknsbs. l.iii return all nu ,1 1 ami e.i tlmr
mimi ItirL ', nllir riimlavcr tirat?tfnl.i rfr
.larci to mako in.h nir.rs n"r wuukl clf e
ma not know tint wc m iiuni ,w i,,K
more thin il.lllhlc the .limiimt vc cuaraiHcil
ami hut tj ilc a mtl I Rive n prnlii ,if
over $uj a month, a ia Hut "'is "f our nnti
tool, eighteen onlcrs in nnu ! , Diir I irf !.
criptive cirtiilir. isphin our nfler full,aii.
,heie we nih tn 'nl ti' etrnie out
mUh will .ent ll threo imo irnt
.tamp for t t.ij.i? enil at once and ..cur.
tncaiteiiiy in ti ne l"i rllis iHinnl. bihIko tn m, k
on Ihe term, njmi 1 in t'i r i Mraorihnai lT, r
We wonlj liie li hiJ the addrti of nil th.
aCtiiH, enw mitl.iio S" lull " ind i.irpru
.er in the - imlry. ., l a'k .my reader c f tin-.
faner hn r.uli ll i "ifer, to semi in atome
the inme ami aJ.tr. . . f . M smv thy know
AJJreat onco.nr .,nwi 11
ever oiTero.l Mtli e ,, u i, I nm.ni unnVe
moiK. Kti.ns Misri'i iiuiMil'o.
lift nit, i ic' 1 1 1 , Pa.
One Lived, the Other Died,
A utiiiinn inriiierly our slae Is now our
t'noU. Mioiit t'lulik'on inontlis iikii slie
nnu liiul it nmeli mid uus
to lint, itiul It w.ih llinimlil Unit -lie liml
cniiMimpltoii. Tlietrentiiieiil b) iilijsli'laiis
failed to lve relief. In Doecnilur, ll, a
niMltMir knot tlieUc or bohso orb foimetl
J nlioM the pit of tlie tiiiinoli, wlileti
ilicu linieeil illscliniKi'il matter for s ur li
inontlis. One of tluse also foriueil muter lirr
nriii,ni)il throe on lier linek, wlilcli
matter for a eonslilemble time. 1'or six
iiunitlisof tlie tltno site wits runrliuil to tlie
house. ami most of tlie time In lied. Tlie
stiinuu'li often reftieil fnoil, by
wlnit slip liitit eaten. she ticil n Kruit tn
oftilPillcliie.bilt fallt'il In he curcl. 1 bought
oihi liiHIIoof your 11. II. II. iin.iile In Ml.oitn.
(In.) nml ciive It lo her, nml slie eomiueiicoil
to improve. I then noiium nun qui' i er
three bottles lnnre. ami she eoiitliiueil lo tin-
tiiiie, nml In two Minimis tune lier eiuiKii
Imil eeaseil, her roiisttttitlon streiiKllieiinl.
Iiiietlle lllul Kooil.iilt illvclinrKO
ccnisl, nrnlfsiir Uin tsillsiippeiireil, iiit.l she
went tnwiitk iipp iii'iilly he.iltlij ninl
up meally.
Thlswonmii iiiul a innrrltsl sister of near
-.line ;ue who was nlkclnl In precisely the
voile wny ami about the sumo tin o. ""Me
Inn! n noiionr ,;i nt on pit of sioitineh.lmck,
eto. illil not lake aii 11. It. II. mnl the
unite on tier sioninrh nte tlironali to t!ie cavity
Mie contlnupil on the decline iitul w
nwny, ami tlnnlly illtsl.
These veto two terrible e.ics of blond
pnlon, one II. II, 11. mid was protnptl
cured the other illil not ii? It nml died. It
Is must nsstiredly a must wntiderlul lilnotl
purifier. 1 refer to nierehaiits of this tnwn.
Yours milv, V. T. UUIIINMlN.
Tlslmtcc, Alii., Mn, hi"-!!.
A Slii'i'itr KoIciisimI.
Torn peilnd of sixteen cr 1 have been
inn eico who eioiirro ni ine nciui w men
lliil the use of oil medicines tiseil. feln.
,ia tlii'iulver ur II. It. li , Iimnh .
oil iiiiii used six nr seven dottles, nml iii-
llimmli used Irit-Kill irly have reii'ld ure.it
relict, nnd recoiiuiii'iiil It ns n nooil blond
,i. ic.iioi.ro.Miii:.JU.,
sihullt of Haralson county, (in.
All who deslie full Information ulmui the
c.iitsoiind cure of llloixl I'tilsons, s.ciiifiilii
nml ui'llliii:, Ulcci. Miren,
ltheiuiintism, Kidney l'oniilalnts, Ciitarrh,
etc., can seeoie hj until, free n copy of our
;?.'! ibo Illustrated Hook of Wnnilirs. tilled
with tlie iiiosl wondeifitlhiul staitlltni ironl
ever before known. Atliluss,
lit.OODllAbMCO., Allant i.O.i.
Kor sale by '.. Wayne (Jrlllln A llm.,
Hartford, Kv.
f Tmi I J vi'lob I . , - I
cfanV". ',rott'3. Utt,e
y j3Hhds. por (lay.
LiST y
We wish evirj rcailer of the
ai.ii to ilistinctly
st.iiul that the
To our .sttliserilicrs will take
iihiee Jiiuiiiirv 1st, 1S7.
There willho more than
Distributed, ranging in value
from SldO.OO to 2.") cts.
ICacli paid up ami new
will bo untitled to a
premium. There will be no
lilank" ; each will get
and many will get
H -
a.l3.2LDlO FieSSHtS !
The only entitled to any of
these giftx aio tho.se who actually
pay up, or now Wo say
tieif siil)crihers, we arc not
receiving any subscriptions on credit.
Wo cannot nllonl to do a credit business.
Our compositor-; niu.t he paid
weekly, the other necessary expenses
to conduct u newspaper demand spot
cash, hence the necessity of
prompt payment by all.
That on January 1st, tS87, our
Distribution will take place. Wo
are constantly contracting for and
receiving articles for that
can learn the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising in vmerican
1 1
DaDerS DV aCldreSSinCf
jaJli3 J """' . -"S
VJCO. 1 J . KnWP CX. VJ.,
Newsp.por Adv.rtUIno Uure.u, ,
IO Spruae St., Now York.
Send lOata. for
IF : YOU : WANTs, lo i MUmtrtn
Job Printing!
,"""""w 1 IlII
Need Anything in Our Line
pit it: hks'i.
"sTcrli: !
Estimates Furnished to Distant Parties.
Cora plit i' NutrU untl lllhrr nrk. by Turnout
Auttur Vlmuai lclin Vwity t 1 1D1OOII
r fit' iih 1 la r xta I im ti I i i iff ir.tt
from semi lypi uiii itMji pMr Tt trcttof
stt in i l i i 1 iLb i i f u etftfulul
tb tll wuh lit i i.lni r in tsftt n ir hr th toU4
Ilk ti , s, ti i) t lf.ro i' t Mk wuuUtt
1, (HI ?). IkiUlli itctlf
1 The WUow llrilotl I'ttprr. Ihu li Ih- boot
rrr li b uf frutlrii. th r till they criJ, tot
ll U ji M funnj u Hy n tfi r w
X llNtvr l' ciiIhc Itrrrmllun. UrrerUtla
f Aciiuf I hwle. rtii ui tiaic I'uitk He fnfto
Clftl fUifrlnf fntm thmirlCftU uJ r"Di04 tt bom.
3 HftcL to Ihf Olil I lorn i'. Srl. Ity Miry
CmIIIUt ftuilrof MilUu P.rlU.
4 Dlulftcura. Ucfltulton miiiI HrMtllns,! lr
aalebuiM riiitiii rr dhi rihiiitioLt aQJiutilt ul
plmt'' i DtetttiDnn nt
fl. I l.ltrr rllrr fr Lii mjrt
(lemen imuii t rulit u i rrritiJrbct thin (Ula
uirMiion i r in - niiotiii n si. umiiv, f ery iiba, H0
IBDUinrr! i ftirtlts Hill rlllll lr
. Thf Kr.trtt HrrD. A NaicI. By WUMf CoUIbi,
uihnr uf Tit U iruftulo While. M
7 llfd t'ourt Furrn. A ottl Bj Un liter y
Wool mthsir of rM Imiir, rW
ll.rl.n.ly oflhil.ulc By 1-Ir WftlurU. ' TU
laly bf lb i (rtiiuttiM is Tert to J of fcll ti
otkorhr t ion li more ibtu thii.
9 In I'uplJ tt. A itl Hy Uf autber f
Port Th tt.
W Amu lUrtfn. A Wef By Gttu rul, u
Iborof A Urn brie Tbf Mill un in I'loti i
It linrmlollntr'a Irfm. A itl. By lt
aihor t l r lb tdv
ii The Mjtrr of ihf Molly Trr. A Nml Vr
tl iutfaor f IrTlknv
13 Tbc HuJirttwr Wit. Humor hiiJ Kuii.iltrd
Cfliftl.a ot ilit tutioy t tin, (otui,
ol Joket i
l John IlanrrburiL. Wfts A hot By Uli
Uulock ull.orof Jha fUiifti, icollmiB tc
IS. Ihe Oruy Woitiun. A rtl liy Mr Gftikcll,
uihiruf Ukrt H-i a
11 'Utrtii i'utnptclc f(rlf br 1 pulir Athrt, i
tmir tn( ttun r u &nl JiliMe tot in HorlM 6f
aKlt(r litr rr l.ent a f rnty lire, etc &u very In
IT. Juper Itine N err it. A Note) By lt M,
C ftrillou u'hiFTof Aur..rfll cttf
1 Fmiic) Work for llonif Adurnmrnt kotaitrcty
new work upoo tbli MitKlnlnt ciy sol ersetlcu
loitrn tlon roriuklnfoy .nkn 11 brckMi,
em)f rtc trofutly tlfkbtly
ll. rltnia oiurU for the Vouiif. Tt
Cocit ollevtUn f fairy tirir puHUbeil, Tbf cilUrtn
kr drlljtblfrl I(ri thrn
Vd .MuhuiiI of htlqurtte f t Lftllei tnl CetiUmDr
IQll i t'oiKeufsi ttA lrrllnc Cilt) ibirulvief
itliuettr for M ry tl a
71 I'tcful Knuutritge fur I lit Million a fciLly
lock of ufut ( n fur mi ti a fur ill uo mrjy aul tirluut
72 Tlif Unmr CuoL IUoU nml rtunlly IMiy.
lwii( tuUtaiiiJm iiuulrriU f elkn .'(Miklsf ret(- kuI '
Hut to huiw k t nttijbo to cur .l cvoimtb
aliment ly simp loni ruie4t 1
23 3lumirruHil 4'uomlti Vnr Away I.nmlma 1
very inure. tin at t b n, or trat l dar?rlblL(
ih llf mit. n Lt ruttomt ef (L fopl
tttutttn fouutrlo
31 nT I'nnulur HuIIhJ. fams Ik ai ihettmuile,
Wof U of all tii 1 ai.'l i w il,
35. 4'Mllf.l !tnL. Anw. tylluKliCoaay. !
24. At tht WorM'a Merry. A .nH. Hy rlcrtaet
TVirJ auMi r i f Tli? Mo- mi lh JUnh. tu
3T Mll.lrr.l I ret hhIoii, A .Ntl, By ' Tb Duch. I
tit, ftutiior "f M'llvlUwu to
39 Ilurk luj. A Nwti) Ht the author r " CalM
Back. I
TJ Kliuilitwann the Nnntv A Vot. Byn L.
author of ilrcal and 4 hrrM no i
30. Lrullnc. A iMtl Hy Mary Cecil JUy, author of
" Hren la ir
SI IJuhrlrl A Nul. By WiUU Colllrn,
author ur ' Nam
. Ifrnplnir the UlilrlHlnd. A Note! By Mary 1
lcu iii.T tuition, it i jJti.litAi. MftbT,
S3. IIihIIct Curlron. A Nntrl Iljr Min U
dOD, kutlnr i r I &il' An lie; i rt
St A IJuIiIrn Ohwii A oitl lij tbe cothor at '
MI)or Tliorne Hi-
35. Vulfrlc' Fiite. A N'of1. Tlj )tn Aleitaler, m
thorcr TbUnnfo(OI 1
W, M.lir Hon-. AQtl Hj WllkleColllDt, tuthor
if "Tbe Uoman la Ublte no.
17. Anne A Not el. Ilj Sin. liter Wool, utbor &f
' I tit Lynn
M. Tli l.uurel Ilu.Ii. A Vovrl B MU Unlock,
t'ilhorof Jutin lllif4 iiratlrmtn, etc
39 Kublnaon L'ruitf. ilirllllnf utrrtthr rijptoM
Pcl'oe dficrlbiugtiie lttLturdf a tl, Houib
PolD Oco
o. How to MhLp Ptwiliry Vaj A rrsedctt a&4
laitructiv rif. of Ur I'. 1 1 Jacob. I'ouUrr '
K 11... s-k. .'.. .111..k IK. I.i I a
f.uitur ui iiir riini mi t niti irn ri'iin . lliaiirilf
. Ai I'nrlurllniilr ttml ( liimtrul liiprrlmrntt I
.H.uv...aHV,u...u '.' ,,,i,I... H,.'! ,,,I.l..yr,l.i
42. .Jpm. of till lu,... coiit.lninf ch.rinln. ..!..
tloo. from Telm .on I. ni,Ml'ir M'liltllir. IIjiod, Hhcll.;, j
Moor.. Hrrttit, an I minj oth.n. I
41. llnllilliii; IMiiii. r,ir I'rurtlrnl l,o.i'i.t
llou.i A lull d. rlptlon Rtnl tl.11. of I liht tun.lr& I
tou... r.ti2ln in prl , from t'l'mllMnl. Mu.lr.tH.
II Vtipcilotf r I'iiIiIIi Ir.nk
If n W.ii.tcr u.j Tllln. MtiMiln S oil (,riot flirfitlJ, I
(lltlilon., Ilutlir Hid ock. Lis anl ill tbc !ea4lbf iu.o
s5. .K.np KhIiIi1 The sork of in ancient tenia.,
Cbillren ti.iu fcl tUtm tor , . nmri, e kbl sru is.l I
quote tbera cure !;
(it'll i'Ni:.n'.ii,i:ii ot rr.it.
Wo linvc iirmiiiii'il ltli tho imlillelirrii
of llicso liookH to furnish tin, whole
with nun year's rinlincrliitlmi to our
nniicr for S-.001 nr wo will nnytlve
for a.l !., or Urn whole for
91.30. .AililicKs nil orili'rs to ptilillhliorsof
"IIAUTI'dltll IllillAl,!),"
llnririiril, K).
iiilillllon to tho Hkiiami for one
year, nml Ihe 11 IhkiIih for i'-, every
will liei'iitltli'il ton el which In the
lleral.l Hilt litrllnitliiii. will tuko
iluct' liefDic t lie entl nf lyji.
' ', B"st flcv.'spaper in America,
and far tlio r'l.ist Pocdablc.
't7cnt3 wanti'd ovorywhero to earn
money m distributing the Sun's
Tho most interesting nnd advantageous
offers ever made by any News-paper.
Wo Subscriber ignored or neglected.
Scii'.othiug for all,
Poiutifiil ittiilHiili.tuntlnl I'rcmlniiiH In
8tanc'.ir4 Oold r.tnl otliorWntclioj.Valuablo
Ilnnl,, tlio Doat r.irnily Hnwing Jlaehino
laiowi to tho trrdc, mnl nn ttnriiuclcd lint
of ohjerhi of rnitl utility and limtrnellon.
Kates, by M.iil, rostpaitit
DAILY, por Yoar .without Bumny) 6 00
DAILY, . uer . Mont llwltliotttHumlny) - 50
SXVi'v.iv'rsTS," . . . I 00
WEEKLY, per Year , , . I 00
Jililrc.i, TIIK MIX. Ne" Voik (llj.
ISouthorn Trunk Line
TbroiiL'h tho ViiL'IniiiM to
Washington. Baltimore,
!ll.iHFllli, iii ()ilL!,liiS,
Ami all lNiintH in
Arkansas ud Texas.
Through TioketH are now mi wile.
Call nn ormlilress,
W F I.ONd, Am. H w l.L'M.KH
Heaver Dam ( 1'A I.nil llle
VK I'UUXISII hiindretlsof l.oines
'I yearly with line Pianos nml Organs,
and allow to pay
in small monthly ur quarterly payments.
Slcinway & Sons,
Hector Brothers,
fas Brothers,
Rosswood, Ebonizecl, Walnut,
TO oniiKll.
1111x11 ESTEY.
D.H. Baldwin & Co.,
236 Ave.,
t'lnili'i' M. Irs or Orpins fur the Sitting
tl Kiiiini, Miliary ami Hull. tf J
THE 1LE11A.L1)
W eeklv Courier-Journal
uuc tui ,ur 1. (ill. I'v,., i'ii,erh lor 1 1 1 1
mure 1 li.ui one.
H'iii'1 iiss.'.ju aini receive yom iiome impel
mitt Hid lite liest, wltlio.1
r"liiUjlHt,il nlilest Fiimtly Weekly lu th
1880. 1
Harper's Magazine
Tin.- Nnniher lll becln tlie
"in mnl Voltitite of llAltl'Klt'ri Mai..
a 7. ink. Miss WiioImiii's novel, "Kiist Anijels," 1
llllJ Jilt. lloWH.I.'rl'MlnIlllllMIIIIIIK'r"
'ini! tht! loreiiiist ilii(ii III fin rout He-
turn Mill inn thintiuli ?eM'rul anil
will ho lulltitnil by sirinl htoilus from I!, ll.
lll.At'KMoith uiul Mas, II. M. 1 11AIK A new
eillt'irlat .1 lutrtiiu'iit, iIIsi'I1sIiib Iojiuhkh.
Ki'sletl hy tho current llteiiilure of Aincilea
ami i:iiliie, will he rontrlliiite.I liy W. ll,
llnu i.i.iji, hettlnnliie! ullli tin Juiiii.ny Nina.
her. 'J'ho ttreal llliinry event of the e.ir
will ho Iho jiiililleatlnn nf a of i.i'trii
laUliii;lhoKhiiiuof a ntoiy, ami ili')ilctlni;
chitraiterlstio fc.iluus of
us seen at our Ieiuliiit;ileiistiio lesorts writ
ten hy (. iiaiii.i.s Duui.kv Waiinkii, ainlllliis.
trateil hy U.S. ItKI.MlAiil. Tlie .M.MI.VZIM
will itlvo isjiuehtl iittcnlloli to Ainerlean
KilbJcctH, ireateil hy tho hesl American
writers, anil HhiMiateil hy leiiillnisAiiii'ricnii
iiakimck's im:uioi)icai.s.
I'itI rur.
HAiii'iMi'rt vki:i;i,v,.. n w
llAltt'tni'li MAdAZINi: I DO
llA.U'Kll'iS VOUNll 1'KOl'I.i: 2 IW
ItllA ItY, One Year hi Niiinlerii( 10 00
rostnito fiee t'liillHiihscrlhcislii the United
States orl'iiiirnla,
Tim vnlunicri of tho Jlnuiizliiu IickIii with
tho Number inr June ami Deeemherol e.ieh
year. When no tlliicls iiieiitlni'il. llulll ho
iinileihtoiHl t lint (lie Htihseilber wishes to be-Kin
with Iho ctiireut Number,
Illlllllll VolllllleH ot ltAlll'KS'S MAO.VI.NK,
furlhieoyeaiH liaelt.ln neat elotli hlnilint!,
will lie ei'iit hy mull, iiONlpiilil, 1111 receiptor
t.1.00 per volrine. Chilli l'iir,es, for W cents
each hy mall, poktpnlil.
UliloKto Harper'n lliiuii.lno, Alphahetlcal,
Aunlytleel nml ('hisxllleil, for Volumes 1 low
Inclusive, Iroin June, liv'iil, lo June, jhso, (lllu
HemlltiincesKliiiililho lua.leby
Money Unler or Dralt, to avohl cliiincoot lose
NoWHpapersaro not to copy tills
wltliout the express order nf Harper..
llrotlielK, AihlU'HH,
I'uiini.fiiti. Itl.MMI'iiH t.ttUI I) lit- Vf U
lll'rli m I lit Ml H f NM t n I.
mi u run in 1 ur inn r lu rxply I. Itupi
ir thut t
UiMiirorH"rM wrw vtt
1 1 ft tin tliHV tf! w.nw.l
inr ti
i'i Hit, nn Inl lit- Vntllllif llw.
New Styles of Job Type
JUHTIvfcCKIVI.naY TIIK iikkai.d
For the Execution of FineWork.
AV.t. -
'Jjj'tllK now inpriuturs and iulililiprs will uiu im cniTgy nr paiiiH to
niakr tlio lltniAi.ii tlie poor uf
push tin' fur all Micro
of (li.sorotiott, it "ill ilovnlvo upon u to roly upon tiii'ril uluiio. It in our
aim tu iimki' tlie 1 1 i:i:. i.i a but tor pa por in ovory uny, if possible, tluin it
lias ever lieon lioforo. ami with this iutuiition wc ask the anil
.support of the oitions uf tho toiui anil oounty, ami surrounding foiintiu!,
giuiiniitcoiiip to imiru than n'my thi'iu fur every t'lliirt lout in our heluilf.
'I'lio lli:i!.i.n .slmll ifi'oivo our iiiiiliviilcil attention ami ami with
oxpnrieiid'il ami .-n jk?i Iir faoilitii'.s, wo are propttieil to execute
all we unilurtakp. Wg.1iuI! emleavor to inoro than double the
within tho ne.M twelve ntonlh., ami will plcae
make it note of this faet as a mint of advantage.
Ull. I. UK SK.M AW 11. VII It) A.!!0I Kilt
And a Chance in our
Be Posted on Matters of Interest!
nr 6 ran
Suitable for the Execution or
ni wm
With Additional Presses
1)1 LLS, ws
-o. 9
any pa por in tln State. Wo will
i in it, ami in lining lln, av a niattor
Gift Distribution Besides!
1 m Facilities
I Nil! I.
srSpecial Attention to Book Printing!-5
Come in and See Us
And We will try to make Your Visit Pleasant.
Publishers and Proprietors of the Herald,

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