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quiet huSuantT, "alKTHiat Now
York fellow, your friend Dulanoy ovor
there, seems to think so too."
"Sho Li beautiful," insisted Dora.
" Sho i " muttered Niva again, ' 'dangerously
What Itobcrt England said was nil
truo. Mnry gavo Dora her worship, nnd
thcro wns jealousy in tho ndobo homo of
Mary 'h mother aud hot battles for Mary.
"It is for tho American woman and her
no child that you desert your mother, "
armed Carmen. "Wo nro nothing to
you now, " with a sweep of her hand including
half a dozen very frightened
looking littlo rats of children. Mary
wns thinking nil tho timo that sho did
not liko scolding mothers and brothers
and sisters who wero unpleasant and
very dirty.
"Antonio," insisted Carmen to tho
big Mexican, her husband, who Bat
smoking his pipe with great calmness,
"tell tho girl that she cannot lcavo tho
houso; that sho shall never seo tho
American woman's faco again."
"I am going now," Mary haid. " I
shall never leave my swoct lady until
pho tells mo to go. Sho needs me. Sho
has told mo that sho needs mo."
' 'Sho has taught my daughter to disobey
her mother. You shall not go. It
Is my right, tho obedienco of toy children
I" screamed Carmen.
Dut by this timo Mary was running
down tho fitrect laughing. Tho big Antonio
went on smoking, and tho neighbors
como out of their houses to seo Carmen
and her unruly child
"Como back I" shouted tho mother.
But Mary always turned her laughing
Load and cried, "No, uol"
"May I tell yon nil nbout it?" Mary
said ono morning,
"All about what?" asked Dora, nnd
Mary cried: "Oh, tho most wonderful
thing has happened, tho most magnificent
thing. My cousin, who is a widow,
mourns 110 longer. Iler houso is a flno
place, as big as theso two rooms. Th
floor of her houso is not liko the earth
floor of tho houso of my father. It is a
floor of boards, all smooth planks. Last
night my cousin camo out of her mourning.
A great danco sho gavo to us alL
If you could seo our Spanish dances I
Wo havo egg shells hollow, gilded egg
shells. And, you see, wo aro to break
tho shells on tho head of tho ono that is
most dear to us. Tho girls aro to break
them on tho heads of tho men, and tho
men on tho heads of tho girls. And all
tho men havo broken their shells on my
head. And tho American man he, too,
has covered my hair with gold. See,
seo I" nnd blushing cruelly sho held
down her head, which sparkled with
flno gilt dust.
Thcro wcro jnoro (lances, and this wns
not tho last timo that tho gold glittered
in tho girl's hair.
"It is ominous, " Dora said to her
husband. ' 'I am afraid that Mary has
discovered that sho is beautiful."
"What is sho going to dowhen wo go
away?" asked Robert. "What is going
to bocomo of her?"
"How serious you arc," laughed
Dora, "I suppose) sho will go back to
her laundry."
At tho end of tho season, when tho
Euglonds went north again, Dora gavo
Mary many pretty gifts. When sho got
into tho train, sho held the baby up for
Mary to kiss nnd wns quito frightened
nt tho look on tho girl's face,
"It seems a pity, " Robert said. "A
good deal might havo been dono with
her, poor littlo pitiful thingl" And tho
train moved off, mid Mary went out of
tho station. But sho did not go back to
tho ndobo homo of Antonio and Carmen.
When Mrs. England heard of it, sho
cried a little, and sho did not look it
her husband's faco that day or tho next
day. Niva Sedgolcy told her. Niva was
not surprised. And in tho mcantimo
HoracoDulaney staid on at tho big hotel
until tho hot weather drove him away.
Etta Rainsdell Goodwin in Argonaut
Young men and women interested in
a business education and wishing to
know how to spend tho snmmor months
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and rccoivo his now illustrated catalogue
Studonts from oightcon States
are now in attendance. ' lOtf.
Threatening by Negroes.
Six leading morchants of Oourtland,
Ala., rcoontly fonnd notioes posted on
their doors, Bigned "Whltocappers,"
which ordered them to comply with
certain demands, which wonld bo published
in tho Courtland Nows. On the
gato post of tho homo of tho editor of
tho papor was fonnd a letter sealod with
blood, It contained a series of
from tho negroos, among which
was that tho merchants eoaso charging
exorbitant prices, and that landlords
rent to S3 an acre, and disponso
with "tho nnisanco, tho whito tonant."
Threats to uso dynamito, tho torch, and
flro arms for failure to comply with tho
demands wcro mado. As Lawreneo
oonnty has a big negro population, and
as a number of incendiary fires havo
ocourrcd, muoh alarm is felt.
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ure of the delicate organs of womanhood to per
form their natural function. Asa certain remedy
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diseases of the kidneys and bladder, Winter-smith's
Buchu lias had thirty years success. If
you would avoid msnyofthetroublea of women,
Your druggist sells It,
ARTHUR riTl!R & CO., Louisville, Ky.,
General Agents.
Biff Guns.
Tho longest distanco that a shot has
been fired Is a few yards ovor 15 miles,
which was tho rango of Krnpp'a well
known "monster" 130-ton steel gun,
during a shot weighing 3,000 pounds.
Tho 111-ton Armstrong gun baa an extreme
rango of 14 miles, firing a shot
weighing 1,800 pounds and requiring
OCO pounds of powder. Theso guns,
howovor, proved too expensive, boing
Pay the Printer $1.00 Per Year
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Liver remedy like SIMMONS LIVER
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O all kind. Surveying, makloa; abstracts ftc.
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V adjoining couutlcf. Special attentiou given
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V adjoining countin. Special attention siren
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(notary ruauc)
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WHJt, ot Ohio and adjoining countlca.
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.entrusted to bU care. Collrctlona a apeclalty.
.office over ahloCdmity Uank.
B. IE3.
(County Attorney)
Attorney at Law,
"IITII,!. PRACTICH In the courta or Ohio and
ff adjoining countlca. Special attentiou giv
en to collections. umcc ID rouiinousc.
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"ITTU.I, practice hla profession In all the
V courta of Ohio and adjoining countlca and
Court of Appeala. Special attention given to
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Attorney at Law,
ITTIU. In the courta ofOhlo and
TV adjoining countlea. Prompt attention glv
, en to all busluess entrusted to hla care. Office
In Herald building.
heavrin & taylor,
Attorneys at Law
a11,1, practice their profession In all the
W courta of Ohio and adjoining countlea and
Court of Appeals. Special attention given to
collections. Office 17 Market street, next door
to Dank of Hartford.
jAura a.QLENK. j.a. r, weuuino.
KT1U, rKACTICH their profession In all the
W courta of Ohio and adjoining countlea
and In Court of Appeals. Special attention given
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Notary Public for Ohio county.
' Jas. -.. Snaltli,
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iou given to collections. Office
11 atten. ...
o8M Court Roi
Take'. The Herald.
Wo liatnn littlo sister.
I wonder If tlwjr missed her
When alio wandered out of luavea to come so
far away.
How could tlicy orer sptiro her?
I know aha must ho fairer
Than any llttlo nngil they ore keeping thcro
Iter eyes nro bluo ami shlnlnc;,
And her !ml r In wft and twining.
Jiut Ilka a hit of sunshine all curled In llttp
flat, ah, whcwould haro thought Itf
(I'erhapi they nil forgot It.)
Thoyjet her como from heaven oil tho way
without hor wlngsl
Sydney Dayro In Outlook.
Dora England was stumilng in tho
garden, iMrvlicotled, holtliut; her baby
iu licr anus. Slio leaned against tho
ualustrado, mid hor littlu sou kicked IiIh
feet against tho pink blossoms of tho
passion vino running u raco np tho fido
of tho liouso with a climhing roso th.it
WMiiwomlcrou'ii .among tlio rosea of
Santa JJ.1rb.1rn, Dora looked at tho littlo
feet unci nt tho rosy flowers raid tlien
laughed, and pulling oil tho shoe:) mid
( socks held tho haro feet up liy tho flowers
mid matched pitiknesA Then, being
a mother, she began to foutllo tho littlo
things In n most unrcimoiinblo way, nnd
, it wiw then that elio saw Mary for tho
first time-aw her como through tho
gato and iuto tho garden, not walking,
but running running an though that,
nnd not walking, wcro tho natural human
gait, u girl of 17, a Mexican, dark
tuid tall nnd with n tuneful volco when
bIio begnu to sjcak.
"I oin Mary, Antonio's Mary," alio
Raid, "not Maria, but Mary, just liko
American girls nro named, I looked
from tho houso thcro over to tho houso
licro, mid I know that you wcro tho ono
I had como to seek. I nm happy, ah,
happy, if tlifn in tho littlo angul I nm to
tako caro of. I havo bo many, many
brothers mid sisters, mid I beg my
mother to let mo stay nnd tako caro of
them. But my mother say, 'Mary, you
aro n woman now nnd must mnko money.'
And , ns for me, until now it in
iu u laundry that I haro worked. Dut
how can ono love n laundry? When Jose,
tho waiter in tho big hotel, como to get
mo, I knew that you would let mo como
to you, for I lovo tho baby, nnd when
ono love ouo does well, U it not so?"
And then, without waiting: "It is a
good thing, dear lady, that you nro not
in tho big hotel now. My mother is a
careful woman yon do not know what
a careful woman mid tho big hotel is
n bail plnco for a girl liko me. "
"A prudent mother," was what Dora
Mary had taken tho baby mid wns
looking hard nt tho mother with big,
nflcctiouato eye Dorn's imagination
was making n picture, "Sho shall wear
n dark gown, a largo whito apron mid
mi enormous black hat, and thcro must
bo somo red nbout her, nnd then on tho
beach with tho baby, with his yellow
hair, iu her nnns, sho will bo lovely."
"And so," Itobcrt England naid to
tho Sedgeleys next day, "tho littlo
Mexican is to bocomo tho caretaker of
my 6011, becauso sho has a skin liko
satin, n low brow unci a mouthful of
glistening teeth." Dut ho did not say
this to his wllo. 110 could not hao said
that ho understood women, but ho
might havo said that ho understood ono
woman. Ho was aover n better lawyer
thou when ho was iu his own house,
mid that high strung littlo wifo of his
was ns complex a body ns 13 men ever
So Marycnmo, and Dora mid her hus
band and tho Scdgcleys watched her
every morning when sho sat iu tho sun
on tho sand with tho baby on her lap.
Sho would tako a handful of sand, mid
holding it as high ns sho could reach
sho' would let it slip through her fingers,
and when tho child laughed sho
would laugh, too, aud clap her hands.
Sho became a featuro of tho beach lifo
of Santa Darbarn. Every ono watched
for tho coming of tho tall young snvago
mid tho fair haired child. Tho young
men from Now York who aro tho stars
iu tho play lifo that goes ou in tho ploco
ovcry winter mi existence that is no
moro liko real lifo than tho Santa
winter is liko real winter mid
who nro very pretty editions do luxo of
tho Mexican vaqucro, with their broad
sombreros, their silver t rimmed saddles,
their rawhido bridles mid diabolical
Mexican bits, and their spurs woigbed
down with silver chains oven they
looked nt her as they rodo up nnd down
on tho beach.
"Kiva mid I havo been looking nt tho
most beautiful creature in Santa Bar'
bora, "said Dora ns her husband aud
Kiva's como up to her high cart.
"Now I know you nro talking about
Dora's fad," Itobcrt said, '"A month
Ago, 'tho most beautiful thing' would
havo signified tho most wonderful baby
in tho world, but now tho truth is,
Dora cujoys boing 011 a pedestal, Pcr
haps sho has never bceu on ouo before,
except for tho short time that sho occupied
ouo of my making n great many
years ngo beforo wo wero married. But
now sho has bocomo n sort of supernatural
boing iu Mary's eyes. I nssure you,
sho is father, mother mid Hither confessor
nil in ouo. Thcro "aro no bounds to
hor dovotiou. I nm miro sho would slay
ouo of her small brothers without a pang
f Dpra ordered tho sacrifice, "
''An uncomfortable bort of responsibility,
" muttered Nivn.
"Yes," Dora said, "and I hato that
I hato responsibility, audi nbhor posing,
and my part iu this is a deadly poo. "
"Sho is undeniably pretty," said
Mrs. Anna Gage, wife o! Ex-Deputy
U. S. Marshal,
Columbus, Km.! ttysi
"I wos delivered
of TWIN3 In
less than SO minutes
and with
scarcely any pain
I "o Mm after using only
two bottles of
tVBentbr Express or Mall, on "alptof price,
JI.OO pf bottle. Dook "TO MOTUSUS1'
rallied tree.
.BOLD 117 AIX DBUaaiSTflf
unablo to stand firing a hundred times,
and thoir manufaoturo has practically
boon abandoned. Tho 22-ton Arm
strong gun hnrls a solid shot at a
distanco of twelvo miles, and tho dis
cbnrgo of the gun can not bo beard at
tho place where tho ball strikes. From
twelvo to thirteentmiles is tho compnt
od rnogo of tho most powerful guns
now made, and to obtain that rango tin
elevation of nearly 45 degrees is found
to bo necessary. Quick firing guns aro
moro depondod upon at the present
day than an extremo longth of range,
and in this respect what is considered
as ono of tho most wonderful of guns,
perhaps, is ono of tho Maxims, which
can flro as many ns COO shots a minnte,
and yet it is so light that a soldier can
carry it on bis back. Financially
immense sum of $1D!,000 was
expended in constructing Iho mon
ster Krupp gnn, and each projectilo
oost just $4,700.
Salesmen Wanted.
Good wanes to sell our Nursery Stook.
Apply for terms. Wo will have for
Spring and Fall, 1890, an immenso stock
of Apple, Fear, Peach, Plum, Apricot,
Cherry, Grape, eto. Also small frnits,
shade and ornamental trees, roses, cte.
Wo make a spooialty of wholesaling to
large planters direct. We will sell to
responsible parties and take note pays-bio
in six, twelvo and eighteen months,
Writo us for wholesalo prioes. Ad-
dross: SonTHErcN NtmsEitx Co.,
Winchester, Tenn.
Cleveland is Growing Old.
(Wash. Cor. Philadelphia North American.
President Cleveland is aging very
rapidly. Peoplo who bow him at his
last inauguration would scarcely know
him now if met him faco to faco
outsido of tho Whito Honse. His
mustaeho is no longer dark; his
erect staturo has given away
under the weight of official caro and
old Time; his oheeks are flabby and
colorless; ho has lost tho spring to
his stop, and bo now goes shuffling
along liko a man many years older
than ho is. His health is no longer
robust, as tho almost constant pros,
onoe of a physician at tho Whito
House indicates. For this, it for no
other reason, Mr. Cleveland docs not
care to longer remain Chief Executive.
All tho third-term talk is without his
sanction. It is extremely doubtful
if he conld survivo another campaign,
and certainly not another term as
How to Curo Yoursolf Whilo
Using it.
The tobacco habit grows on a man until his
nervous system Is seriously affected, Implring
health, comfort and happiness. To ijult sudden
ly is too severe a shock to the system, as
co to an Inveterate user becomes a stimulant
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Is a scientific cure for the tobacco habit, in all
Its forms, carefully compounded alter the
formula of an eminent Berlin physican who has
used it in his private practice since 1871, without
a failure. It is purely vegetable and guaranteed
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Clayton, Nevado Co., Ark,, Jan. 38, 1S9S.
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Gentlemen: For forty years I nsed tobacco In
all Its forms. For twenty-five years of that time
I was a great sufferer from general debUity and
heart disease. For fifteen years I tried to quit,
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others "Nc-To-Bac" "The Indian Tobacco Antidote."
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ty pound, In weight and am relieved from all
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Yours respectfully, i ii. juakbukv.
Pastor C. r. Church, Clayton, Ark.
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ana uoston, uass.
" Hail, Wedded Joys!
(Spars Moments.)
"You must not touoh tho top of tho
baby's head," said a mother to her
boy. She has a soft spot np
thoro that is very tender."
Tho youngster gazed at it curiously
for a moment and thon asked:
"Do all babies have soft spots on
thoir heads?"
"Did papa havo a soft spot on top of
his head whon ho was a baby?"
"Yes," replied tho mother with a
sigh, "and ho has got it yet."
And tho old man, who had heard tho
conversation from an adjoining room,
"Yes, indeed ho has, my boy, or ho
would be a single man to-day."
Young mon or young women aspiring
to any vocation in life should always remember
that tho bottom rounds of tho
ladder of timo are filled to over flowing
bnt there's always room at tho top
That'u whoroDr. Boll's Anti-Pain for
for colio, cholora and diarrooa stands
It's sold at S3o and 6O0 on a guarantco
by all dealers. For salo by 2. Wayno
Griffin & Bro. if
Happy Homes.
(Rey, Dr. Frederick W. Farrar,
The sweetest and happiest homes
to whioh men in tho weary life look
back with yearning too deep for tears;
homes whoso recollections linger round
our man-hood liko light and tho
snnshina and sweet air, into which
no base thing can intrndo are homes
whoro brethern dwell together in
unity; whero, beoanse all lovo God,
all love their brothers also; wbero,
becauso all aro very dear to all, each .
is dearer to each than to himself,
Democrats Urgod to Attond
tho Mass Conventions.
The Democrat conforenco at Henderson
recently attended by a largo number
of frco coinage Democrats from tho
Second district counties, appointed a
committee of six to prcparo an address
to Demoorats urging upon them tho importance
of attending tho mass conventions
at tho court houso on May 80 th.
Tho address is given below:
Address 10 Democrats.
To tho Democrats of the Second Congressional
Forho first timo in tho history of
the country, the voters of tho Democratic
party aro called upon to dcoido
by their votes whether the principle of
birat tflllism, a tenet of tho Dcmocratio
party as old as the party itself, shall
oontinno to bo tho party law, or the
modern or English system of flnanpo
known as monometallism, based on a
single gold standard, tball tako its
This is a gravo question and Kentucky
Democrats must assumo their
part of tho responsibility in tho accurate
Cotterpont pf tho vital question.
Tho advocates of this modern dootrino
until quite recently have been confined
to tho Republican party, but latoly they
have found enthusiasts allies in onr
own ranks.
Last year the Republican party in
this Stato, recruited by desertions from
single gold standard Demoorats, was
able to dofeat onr State tieket from top
to bottom. Encouraged by this success,
gontlomen claiming to bo
and the samo time adherents of tho
single gold standard, havo already
thoir pnrposo to commit tho
Democraoy of this Stato to thoir gold
standard theories and to adopt at the
Lexington convention June !!, a platform
conforming to their views and to
send a delegation to Chicago, pledged to
carry out thoir theories and to not in
concort with tho "money barons" of
Wall fitcot.
This Bcheme we hold to bo against
every interest of tho plain peoplo, not
only of our own, but of ovory State in
tho Union. The promoters of this gold
standard 6qhome are aidod in their policy
by tho aotjvo co-operation of tho present
national administration, likewise
by all tho daily newspapers published
in tho city of Louisvillo and by tho organized
money power of tho East. These
aro tho powerful, infiuonocs arrayed
against the plain people. Already they
nro boasting that they havo won tho
fight in Kentucky "But tho race is not
always to tho swift nor tho battle to the
Knowing tho rank and filo of Democrats
are still truo to party principles.
as expounded by Jefferson, Jackson and
every other real Dcmocratio leader sinco
their day, theso gold conspirators havo
determined to .defeat the popular will as
far as possible in the selection of dele
gates, and thereby prevent a full and
fair expression from all tho people.
Having boenred oontrol of tho members
of tho Stato Eiec&tivo Committeo,
that '.ho majority has determined upon
a return to the old and unfair system of
mass conventions at tho court houses as
tho best plan to guarantee that tho
county conventions to bo. held on tho of
80th this month will bo controlled by
rings and influences noting nndor their
Vigorous protest by tho friends of bi-
metaelism on this committee against this
unfair method of choosing delegates,
were unheeded. The advocates of this
unfair method well know that mass con
ventions was their only hopo of carrying
ont tho echemo of the gold standard
They of conrso understood that this
system of mass convention at tho conrt
houso would neoessarily disfranchise a
large numbor of Demoorats living at a
distance, all or nearly all of whom aro
opposed to the present financial system,
could not well attond. We do not bolievo
that it can bo fairly maintained that tho
mass conventions nro calculated to reflect
tho real sentiment of tho mass of
tho Democratic voters of tho Stato. But
wo appeal to tho Dcmocratio voters of
tho Second congressional district, so
far as they are concerned, to thwart tho
pnrposo and rebnko tho Bcbomo of
those who havo thns attempted to disfranchise
Let Democrats in all tho counties
of this district, at whatever sacrifice
mako their arrangements to visit
their several oounty scats on tho COth
day of May and to participate In tho
mass conventions thon to bo hold and
to seo to it that tho delegates to
bo chosen to tho Lexington convention
shall bo men who will fairly and hon
estly reflect thoir will.
Wo boleive an overwhelming major
ity of tho Domoorats in tho Seoond
Congressional Distriot favor tho im-
mediato restoration of tho frco and unlimited
ooinago of gold and silver at tho
present legal ratio of 10 to 1, as such
ooinago oxisted prior to 1873, without
waiting for iho aid or oonsont of othor
nations, and tbatsuoh gold and silver
shall bo full legal tender for all debts,
publioand private We appeal to all
Democrats who hold that this is a
sonnd Domocratio dootrino to allow
nothing to prevent tljem from attending
their rcspeotivo mass conventions. is
We wero told in tho early days of tho
present administration, when a panio
was paralyzing ovory business of tho
country except that of tho money
shark, that if the purohase olauso of tho It
Sherman silver law was unconditionally
repealed, the business interest of the
country wonld at onco assumo a normal
condition and .that all tho ills wo
pearod to havo would vanish.
Somo Demoorats did not bolievo this,
but tho administration with all its powerful
influences forced the unconditional
repeal of tho Sherman law. Wo
waited for tho panic, which was bogun
in Wall street pursuant to a sohemo
concocted thcro, to abato. All tho
laboring masses of tho country, professional
men, merohants, producers
overybody out sido of Wall street
with pated breath waited for speedy
of tho good times, which it was
tin til mnnlil fnlLllt. J II
""u wwuiu suiiuwiiu ioiiow on tno
of tho Sherman law.
What has been tho result? Havo tho
good times come? Has business revived?
Has labor found employment?
Has tho general paralysis whioh pervaded
tho whole country ceased? Nol
on tho contrary tho panio of 1803 whioh
was fraudulently and cruelly thrust no-op
tho country by the samo influences
which oro to day attempting' to fix
irrevocable upon the county a singlo
gold standard is still with ns.
ab ono 01 tne legitimate consequences
of tho present false financial system
a Dcmocratio administration has
issued 8202,000,000, of bonds, whioh
bear interest from their dato, and
which would amount beforo maturity
to moro than $507,000,000, or a per
captia dobt upon the en tiro population
of tho country of moro than $3.
This is tho record which the gold
standard people of this country havo
mado within tho past two years; this
is tho ponalty whioh the people aro to
pay for tho glorious blessing of "sonnd
It is not bolicvod that tho thoughtful
mon will endorso a financial system
which cost them so mnch. If tho pres
ent system, which the undersigned
is vicious in tho extreme, is not to
bo continued, then tho voters of tho
Dernocratia party a party whioh has
always boasted that it was tho advocate
of tho wholo people must see to it
that tho delegates who aro sont to tho
Ohioago eonvcntion arocommittod to
tho repeal of tho present vicious financial
"Stato pride" is to cut no figure.
Kentucky has already lost a Democrat'
io Governor and a Domocratio Senator,
and it is freoly charged and not without
much ovidenco upon which to base
tho obargo, that theso dofcats aro
attributable to tho influences which
havo dictated mass county conventions
in tho hope that tho popular will might
bo dofcatod,
A Democratic eeeretary of tho treasury
has boon openly charged with fail
ing to vote for a Democratio nominee
at our last Stato election and with
certain alleged Democratic
members of tho recent Kentucky legis
lature to voto against tho Kentucky
Domocratio nominee for the United
States Senator. If ho has donied these
charges his denial has not yet como to
cur notice. Truo ho consented to say
ho did not voto for tho Republican
nominee for Governor in tho late election
bnt ho does not say that he voted
for tho Domocratio nominee, nor that
ho did not enccurago Democrats in the
recent legislature to withhold their support
from tho regular Democratic
nominco for United States Senator.
Ho has contented himself with a species
of special pleading which will continue
to leavo tho impression that he has not
been loyal .to tho nominoes of tho
Democratio party who happened to
with him on tho financial question
This is tho situation as we understand
it and if the will of tho people is
to bo refleotod in tho common Stato
convention thoy must rally to their
county mass meotings and send delegates
to reflect their will and with instructions
to condemn tho deserters and
bolters from our ranks, who havo given
aid and comfort to a common political
W. T. Ellis, Daviess County.
L. P. Takneb, MoLoan Oounty.
F. Haoo, Hondorson County.
Jab. Wallace, Webster County.
O. Meaoham, Christian Oounty.
Clarence SiEitEn, Hancock
Pulmonary consumption in its early
stages, may be chooked by tho uso of
Ayer's Cherry pectoral. It stops tho
distressing cough, soothes irritation of
tho throat and lungs,and induces
reposo. Hundreds havo testi
fied to tho romarkablo virtues of this
The Safest Place.
Harper's Round Tabled
Qon. Leo need to toll a story about
a uarkey that served in tno war. It
seems during tho heat of tho battle
tho Oonoral and his attendants wero
posted on a small knoll watching tho
conrso of thejaction. Thoy discovered
a oolorcd soldier racing towards them,
leaping ovor obstacles in bis path,
his (faco blanched with fear. Ho
rushed up, and foil headlong on tho
ground In front of Loe, crying:
"Oh, massa, General, let mo stay
Loo saw at onco that tho man was
almost frightpned to death, and usoless
as a eoldier. It disgusted him
but his curiosity was aroused
and ho asked:
''Did yon como hero to got out of
tho way of tho bullets?"
"Yes, maBsa: wbero do gonerals am
do safest place on do field."
Dr. Boll's Anti-Fain oures diarrheas
and summor complaint, cramps, colio
and pains by healing tho inflammation.
stops fermontation and relieves im-
mh.1I.1a1h All .1- . 1-
avoided y it8 UBOf , auA 60o bottIe8
guaranteed by all deolors. For salo by
Z. Wayno Qrlflln & liro. tf,
Highest of all In Loavening
covj:ii Tiiini oveii avith i-lowers.
Cover them over with beautiful flowers.
Deck them with garlands, thee brothers ofours,
1 " w .neat oy nigni ana aay,
Sleeping the years of their manhood away.
Give them the meed they have on In the past,
Give them the honor their futures'forecast.
Give them the duplets they won In the strife,
Give them the laurels they lost with their life.
Cover the hearts that have beaten so high-Beaten
with hopes that were doomed but to die;
Once they were glowing with friendship and
Now those great spirits are noarlni above.
Bravely their blocd to the nation they gave,
Then In her bosom
they found them a grave.
Cover the thousands who sleep far away
Sleep where their friends cannot fiud them
They who on mountain and hillside and dell
Rest where they wearied and He where thev felt.
So!tly the grass blade creeps 'round their repose,
Sweetly above them the wild (lowers grows;
Zephyrs of freedom fly gently o'erhesd.
Whispering prayers for the patriot dead.
When the long years have rolled slowly away,
B'en to the dawn ofearth'a funeral day;
When at the angels' loud trumpet and tread
Rise up the faces and forms of the dead;
When the great world Its last Judgment awaits,
Them the blue sky shall fling open Its gates.
And the long columns march solemnly through;
Piesjlngs for garlands shall cover them over.
Father, husband, brother and lover;
Cover them over, these brothers or ours,
Cover them all with beautiful flowers.
Drew the $10,000 Prize.
New York World 1
Shifra, the wife of Adolph Kohn, ol
No. 83 Orchard street, was about n.na
yeors ago a cook in a family in Yasd,
Koumaniu. That section of Europe is
overrun with lotteries.
One day, according to Shifra's story,
sho succumbed to tho honeyed words
of a lottery ogent, who regularly visit
ed her village, and Invested tho grcator
part of her month's wages in a ticket
whioh gave her ono chanco out of a
million or moro of winning tho capital
prizo of 50,000 francs.
Hut when her mistress told her of tbe
eeght chanco sho ran of winning such a
prize, Shifra bewailed her precipitanoy
in having invested so much of her hard-earned
money in such a game. When
hor mistress offered to buy tho tioket
from her she gladly accepted. '
Adolph Kohn was engaged to be married
to Shifra's mistress. She had told
him about Shifra's purchase of tho lottery
ticket. Ho thought littlo of that,
bowovor, until about two weeks later.
Then, in tho villago inn, ho happened
upon his friond, tho lottery ngeut, who
hod sold Shifra tho tiekot.
Tho agont confidod to Kohn that
Shifra's ticket had drawn tho capita
prize of 60,000 francs. Ho immediatly
decided that tho sorvant maid with a
power of 50,000 francs ($10,000) would
bo a better wife for him than her mistress.
So ho straightway transferred
his affections from mistress to maid.
Poor Shifra was won by tho unexpected
attentions which young Kohn
paid her. Tho courtship was short,
oven for that country, and within a fow
hours Shifra had become tho wifo of
her mistress's quondam lovor.
Onco moro chanco played tho winning
hand in this littlo game, Shifra's mistress
had neglected to tell Kohn that
she had bought tho lottery tioket from
her maid. And grief at the loss of ber
lover made her forbear telling him after
tho marriage.
On the night of tho wedding Kohn
asked Shifra about tho lottery ticket.
Ho could havo strangled ber whon she
told him that sho had sold tho slip.
Neither Shifra nor her mistress knew
that tho ticket had drawn tho capital
prizo. But tho next day tho lottery
agent announoed the good news.
Now to tho griof Adolph suffered at
tho loss of the girl ho really loved and
tho money for wbioh ho jilted her wero
added tho sneering jibes of his frionds
in tho villago. Ho conld not stand this
humiliation and soon loft Yassi to como
to America. v
Mrs. Kohn came to this city last July
and a fow months later Adolph began
suit for divorce.
Bo euro to get Simmons Liver
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tho old reliable that did tho old folks so
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Farmers in tho region about Fresno,
Cal,, aro almost in despair becauso
of tho plaguo of rabbits. Although
many thousand of tho animals havo
been killed latoly in ono way or another, to
by poison, by shooting, and in
tho rabbit drivos, thoy do not appear to
decrease in numbers. Thousands havo
If too vast tna but export and sclentrse treat.
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sumps to pay postage, to the leading BpocllU
U and rtriledni In this country.
t Dearborn St., Chicago, nt.
Power, Latest U.S. Gov't Report
been shot in a day, bnt they como in
from surrounding uncultivated regions
to feast on tho grain ilolds in increasing
numbers. It is estimated that threo
jack rabbits will eat as much grain as
ono sheep. A big drive was held in
February and many thousands of rabbits
wero killed, but a month later it
was estimated thero wero 100,000 on tho
samo ground. Another drivo was hold
the first of April, but already the rabbits
are swarming in again.
I UHUUlliUliUi.
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To the Editor : J have an absolute
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T. A.S10CDM,M.Ci, IM Pearl St, Hew Tort
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