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FIIAXK L. Proprietor
MATTiir.ws JMIIors
nuxK i.. ri:Lix
Subscription - $1 per Year, in mlvmxcc
Wedxesdat, May 27.
Tun election contest committee in
the Lower Houso of Congress 1ms reported
in favor of Hon. W. 0. Owen,
oftbo Seventh Kentucky
his Beat in Congress.
Hon. Arthur "Wallace, assistant
District Attorney for this district,
will bo married in Louisvillo
Juno 10th to Miss Margaret Taylor
the beautiful daughter of Mr. Han
cock Taylor, tho well known real estate
dealer of that city. Mr. Wallace
has friends all over Kentucky
who will rejoico at his good fortune.
Miss Taylor is & brilliant young
woman and will make tho talented
young lawyer a congenial companion.
Perhaps our genial friend, J. S.
K. Wedding may baro cause to con
gratulate himeelf that he did not accept
the appointment tendered to
him upon the Governor's staff. Tho
following is from tho Louisvillo Pod,
Since the return of the O. A. R. Veteran from
the annual State ltacunipinent, held the first
of this week at Somerset, many stories ha;e
been going around concerning the boisterous ac
tions of members of the Governor's staO, who,
so the story rocs, rnfced the very old Nick In the
early hours of Tuesday, So demonstrative did
they become that the Inmates of the Barker
House nere unable to sleep, and the landlady
w as compelled to threaten thchtlatlous soldiers
with summary ejections unless they quieted
Col. Wedding would have gotten
mighty lonesome in a crowd like that.
Our light weight contemporary
raises a great howl about Tun
comment on Governor Bradley's
too free exercise of the pardoning
power. See what the
Tribune, tho recognized Republican
authority of Kentucky, has to
say on the subject:
It seems to us , without a thorough knowledge
of the reasons In each case, that Go ernor
Is using his executive clemency extremely
liberally in the granting of pardons. In ninety-nine
cases out of a hundred the jury that convict
a man know what It Is about. Anyone who Is at
all familiar with tho criminal proceedure of
this State knows full well that the accused has
all the advantages that the most liberal construction
of the law will allow. Itisin vlewof
these well known facts that we believe that pardoning
power should be cxerched as lightly as
The people of Ohio county will
learn with sincere regret that Dr.
W. Alexander who has long and successfully
managed the interests of
Hartford College will leavo that institution
with the close of this school
year. A contract with tho people of
South Carrollton will plnco Dr.
Alexander at tho head of the College
at that place next year upon terms
which give him assurance of a handsome
income and a successful school.
For years past, no man in Hartford
has been more intimately connected
withthe town'eaiTnirsthnn Dr. Alexander
aud it will be with sincere regret
that our people see him go elsewhere.
Suits aggregating more than
S2G0,000.00 havo been filed against
tho various corporations with
which Mr. M. Y. Monarch, tho big
distiller at Owensboro is connected.
It is said the leading whisky dealers
at Owensboro aro hopelessly in debt
and it isbelioved that a general crash
is coming which will carry down
with the whisky men some of the
leading' banks of Owensboro that
liavo handled tlio whisky mens
paper. There was never such depression
known in the whisky trade
in Kentucky, tho indications upon
Hartford's streets these days to tho
contrary notwithstanding.
One of the coining events of interest
to Ohio couuty is the early
shake-up which will occur on tho
C, 0. & S. W. railroad. It is given
out by tho managers of tho Illinois
Central which will boon tako
charge of the C, O. & S. W., that
many important changes will soon
be made in the make-up of the train
servico and tho schedulo upon
which trains will be run. It is also
stated that some important changes
will be made in tho list of tho road's
employes. All Ohio county joins in
hoping that nothing may occur to
removo the best agent the road over
bad at Iicaver Dam. Mr. Merrrick
is not likely to bo disturbed in that
The present Republican Congress
is composed of a modest lot of statesmen.
Thoy have not only bo en
cumbered tho River nud Harbor bill
with such gigantic steals that it is
practically certain tho President will
veto it, but thoy have added another
burden of a few hundred thousands
to the load of tho tax payer by voting
themselves 100 per month for
clerk hire during tho vacation after
Congress adjourns. This however,
seoms to bo whnt tho country likes,
for it has been the unvarying rulo of
tho Republican party whenever in
power, nnd tho peoplo havo
again voted that party into tho positions
of power in tho government.
We yet havo hopes that somo
daypcoploof this laud may learn
mat tuo nepuuncau party is
. .1 r ..l! ni.. .,..!'
uv . u.u -'' '
,,tui""p,r :,.:".;: r;.;,;;. ':;;;"
Mn. Heiikh of The
Herald's editorial staff, has been
ill nt his homo hero for a week past.
Mr. Felix .has been nbsent from tho
office and affairs havo somewhat
been allowed to fall into tho hands of
tho boys. If anybody don't like tho
tono of nnything found herein then
ho must hunt up tho boss editor who
is largely responsible. The present
crowd nro frco silver, Jeflcrsonian
Democrats of Ohio county nnd cling
to tho faith that has been a tenet of
the party nlways. They want to
sco the country prosperous ami everybody
happy except tho Repulic
ans, who nro never happy except
when thoy nro plundering tho farm
crs with unjust and oppressive tnriff
taxes. They want to seo everybody
who intends to voto tho Democratic
ticket take part in the coming con
vcntion nnd they want their views
at that convention. They wnnt
some good Democrat to tako G rover
Cleveland's place when he goes out
and thoy want Kentucky to get
back to tho placosho ought to fill in
tho Democratic column. Aud nil
this they not only hopo for but earnestly
expect. And The Herald
bovs will bo happy when it's done
that way.
Whatever the decision of Saturday's
convention ou tho money question,'
let that decisionbo acquiesced
in by every honest Democrat. No
man in the minority in n parly
meeting need surrender his personal
convictions, but he does owo it to his
honor nnd to tho cau3c of party or
ganization nnd good government to
subject his views to those of a major'
ity of his party in so far as it effects
tho conduct of tho pending campaign.
Let there be no sulking, for
no man who sulks is worthy the
name of Democrat, but let all of us
remember that there are more important
matters depeuding upon
Democracy than tho settlement of
the financial question, nnd he is a
very poor Democrat who makes
either view of that matter tho final
test of his party allegiance. Let
there bo no bitterness, no wrangling.
Let us meet as becomes good Democrats
nnd good citizens nnd when the
majority has spoken let its utterance
be binding upon U3 all in die party
fight which lies before us. In this
spirit we may fight together and will
win. Anything else is suicidal folly.
Let thero be no kickers and none of
that monly tribe called bolters. And
there will be none.
Tho man who deliberately stays
at home when important matters ef
fecting the vital interest of his neighbors,
his party, his country aud
himself are upon him lor his consideration
and attention, ought uot to
complain when things political do
not go his way. In Democratic
councils every Democrat has equal
voice with every other, and he is
less than a good party mnu, if in
fact ho is as much as a good citizen,
who refuses at tho call of his party
to tako part in the arbitrament of
matters of public and party concern.
Such a man does not fulfill the highest
duty enjoined upon a good citizen.
Let there be no such in tho ranks
of the Democratic party in this
county. Let the men who nro Democrats
tnke part in Democratic
eratious. Thoy will do the party
and tho country such Eervico by this
means as will be creditable alike to
their party allegiance and their good
citizenship. Being Democrats they
will of course yield to the will of
tho majority of their party, but they
should uot hesitate to mako known
in party meetings their own views
upon party questions.
Let the good Democrats of Ohio
county attend tho convention hero
on Saturday next.
Saturday next will witness the
coming together in Hartford of tho
representatives of tho Democratic
party in this county. How many of
theso men will bo here, cannot nt
this timo bo estimated. Tho number
who attend tho convention will
depend largely upon tho conditions
surrounding tho farmers of the
as to weather, crops, etc. Wo nro
not given to criticising thoso in authority,
nor do wo do so now, but wo
do eny to our farmer friends that tho
innss convention, whilo the most ill-convenient
for them may still bo mado
to represent their viows nud ought to
bo made to do so.
Thero is practically but one question
to be determined by tho approaching
convention nud that is
whether or not tho Democrats ofi
Ohio county desire to endorse tho
present financial system of this country
which is based upon a singlo gold
standard, While it may bo said
this is not a pnrty question, and in
many aspects it is not, yet whilo tho
solutions of it docs not go to tho
basic principle of cither politjcal
party, it is an intensely practical
question that is pressing upon the
! country for solution and political!
, panics musi aye-iii uut ujiuu ".,,
Tl.nf tins' will lm ilin linn nf divis on
Ill UIU IHlllJ.D l.lllll ill. li.v iuuuw.
ing convention thero can bo no kind
of doubt. It is tho moro important
thcrcforo that tho farming community
who nro first of nil tho sufferers
from n bad currency system, should
ovcrcomo tho difficulties that may
surround them nnd attend tho com
ing convention. Tho facts aro that
under tho operation of tho singlo
gold standard tho business of this
country has conio to a point of unparalleled
stagnation. Business men
all over tho country nro ruined and
farmers aro selling their products nt
less than tho cost of production.
Tho treasury of tho country is now
and for months has been iu the
hands of somo foreign money traders
who nlouu stnud between our present
so-called sound money nud repudiation.
Moro thau S2G0,000,000 of interest-bearing
debt has been incurred
by the Government in tho maintenance
of this system withiu the past
three years and conditions-ore growing
worso, not better.
The per capita circulation of the
country has declined moro than
$1.23 within tho past twelve months
and iu Kentucky tho per capita is
less than 10.
Gold has not only gouo out of circulation,
but it is now at a premium
at tho money centers aud it is leaving
the country in n constant stream.
These are conditions for which the
opponents of free silver ofier no
nnd from which thoy promise no
The ndvocatcs of free silver are in
the main ns capable and quite ns
honest as tho men who oppose it
Tho former admit the conditions and
propose a remedy. Tho latter are
quite content to demonstrate the
futility of going forward seeming to
prefer the certainty of financial ruin
which awaits the country ns it is.
Iu the choice to bo mado botweeu
these views thero can be no doubt"
where a majority of Ohio couuty't
people stand. The only question is,
will these people leave tho convention
in the hands of a minority, or
will they como out and mnko their
power felt when they arc given nu
opportunity to do so?
Fcrsons who sympathizo with tho afflicted
will reioico with D. E. Carr of
1535 Harrison street. Kansas City. He
is an old sufferer from inflammatory
rheumatism, but has not heretofore
been troubled in this climate. Last
winter ho went np into Wisconsin, nnd
in consequence has had another attack.
"It c.imo upon tno ocain verv acuto and
sovere," ho said "My joints swelled and
bccamoinuamed; soroto touch or almost
to look at. Upon tho urgent re
quest of my mother-in-law I tried
Uhamueriaiu s rain mim to reduce tne
swelling and easo tho pain, and to my
agroeablo surprise, it did both. I have
used threo fifty-cent bottles and bolieve
it to bo tho finest thin;; for rheumatism,
Cains and hwellings extant. For sale
y Z. Woyno Griflln & Bro., draggists.
June G trustees will bo elected in
every school district in Kentucky.
Tho Kentucky press astociation
meets at Georgetown,WcdneEdny, June
John A. Scott, of Memphis, has been"
mado Division Passenger Agent of the
0., O. & S. W. railroad.
Gideon Allgood, Assessor of Daviess
county, died at his homo in
ton on 18th, inst., of Brigbt's disease.
Tho production of salt in this
try last year showed nn increaso of GOO-000
barrels over that of tho proceeding
Tho Mississippi rivor is out of its
banks in somo places and is still rising.
Much damago to property has been
Tho L. .t X. was fined S10 each in
400 cases at Williamsburg for failing
to keep its ticket ofilco open at
Tho Cuban-American Fair to raise
funds for tho revolutionists was opened
at Now lork in Madison Square
Garden last Monday.
In tho case of Gcorgo Delany, of
Union county, sentenced to six years
imprisonment for murder, tho Court of
iVppcals.has affirmed tho judgement of
tho lower court.
Lifo nnd accident insurance polices
held by tho Into S. II. Sullivan,
of tho Columbian Insnranco Com
pany, to tho amount cf 1)5,000 havo
been paid to tho widow.
Bertha Meyers committed suicido in
Joffersonvillo last Saturday by pouring
gallon of kcrotcuo on her clothes
and setting firo to them. Her bomb
was in Bcrno, Switzerland, and her
longing to return there nnbalaneod
her mind and cansed her to commit
tho deed.
It is said thnttho chances aro that
tho President will veto tho Rivers
and Harbors Rill, taking Speaker
Reed nt his word that this should
bo an economical Congrecs. Thus will
another scheme to increaso tho deficit
nt tho expenso of Democratic- prcstlgo
bo spoiled.
Gen. John Echols, Vico Prcsidont,
General Managor and receiver of tho
Chesapeake, Ohio and Southwestern
railroad, and ouo of tho most beloved
railroad executives among all classes
in tho United States, diod at tho
homo of his sou in Staunton, Va
last Monday night.
Tommy Rrouon a seven-year-old
colored boy, who is astonishing tho
colored natives of Lexington with his
hbrtAAliiHi lm.s 1 ! fas asm stilt a 44a aa
Teun( antl Lis mnnagor, wll0 .
,, Ul0 collections', says tho monoy
is to go toward educating Tommy
for tho Baptist ministry,
Btinnmla ffJi. (. '
' Jusl llK0 Kro"
iiw of language bgcm rcmao.
Last Thursday's Owensboro Messenger
nays: Tho board of directors
of tho Daviess County Fair Company
held a meeting yesterday, when it
was determined to hold n fair, beginning
Tuesday, October 0, and continuing
fivo days. A premium list and
program wcro ordered to bo arranged
at onco and tho privilcgo committco
instructed to ndvertiso tho letting of
tho privileges cither separate or as a
wholo whichovcr shall provo most advantageous
to tho company.
An nrtiolo by Yates Stirling, Jr.,
entitled "Crnisoof a Commerco De
stroyed, " in Harper's Round Tablo,
published May SO willgivon vivid
of what an armored cruises is
expected to do in timo of war. To
tho sanio number Cyrus 0. Adams,
tho authority on African geography,
will contribute, a very interesting nrticlo
ou African exploration, which ho
entitles "Solving n Geographical
conumdrum." Thero will bo n third
paper on Practical Golf by W. G,
van Tassel Sutphcn; a delightful lit'
tlo ploy by Edith V. Rrander Mat
thews, entitled "Tho Armonian
Committco of Washington
Square;" a description of Bhad catching
iu tho Hudson River; also nn
installment of Marion Harland serial
entitled "Rick Dalo."
& nRoriims. Publishers,
New York, May 19, 1S96.
I heard of Dr. Bell's Pino Tar nonoy
being for sale nt tho storo of Messrs.
Gann, Burnett & Co., Grnntsburg, Ills.,
and seeing many commendations from
different persons, of its wonderful valu
able merits, I thought I would try n
bottle. I have been seriously affected
for 23 years with a cough and pains in
my sido and breast that wcro causing
mo a miserable life. I spent hundreds
of dollars with doctors aud for medicine,
but everything failed nutil 1 tried
this wonderful remedy. It beats tho
world nnd has saved my life. I recommend
Dr. Bell's Pino Tar Honey to everybody
with weak lungs. It is a great
success. J. 11. Rosntn,
May 20, 1895. Grantsburg, Ills.
For solo by Z. Woyno Griffin & Bro.,
minium, ivy. 11
Good Suggestions by a True Democrat.
McHnxnv. Kv., May 23, 1890,
Tho situation in which the Democrats
of Kentucky find themselves on the evo
of a national election should bo squarely
faced and understood. Wo have eleven
members of Congress and tho Presiden
tial electors to elect in November
against tho Republicans nnd it will
harmony and a thorough organiza
tion and good leadership. Tho distinction
between leaders and bosses is not
misunderstood by tho people The
party can never bo confident of its con
trol of tho Stato unless it bus the leader-
ship of men of convictions, interested
moro in the integrity of tho party and
its consistency with its principles than
in spoils, trading and straddling aro
not wanted nor aro bosses who subor
itinato party principles to their own
ideas of expediency. If tho Democrat
io party expects to recover Kentucky
permanently it mnst mako a campaign
on straight Democratic lines, and if it
wants to oxposo the vidians of tho pros
cnt Stato administration with which
every decent citizen is disgusted, it will
bo necessary for all to nnito on tho
positive principles of Democracy. Tho
party needs at the front earnest Demo
crats with their party's interest and not
personal interest at heart,
Democrats young aud old in har
mony with tho national platforms
and Stato policies of tho party,
able to take tho stump and aid in educating
tho voters on Democratio lines,
men for leaders who aro ablo to lead
and not to dictate; tho woods aro full
of them. Victory is important this
year, but is no moro important than to
know what Kentucky Democracy
stands lor and the peoplo will havo a
right to demand at tho hands of tho
representatives of tho party a positivo
and uncquivical statement of its principles.
Democratic candidates and stump
speakers must stand sqnarcly on tho
national platform and delegates to tho
Stato Convention must bo instructed by
tho county mass conventions and it tho
party is wiso it will givo us a clear cut
Stato platform that places overy issuo,
such a platform as wo had in1884,18S0
and in 1892. Theso wcro Bimetallic plat
forms. Tho standard money by which
all values aro measured and estimated
shall bo mado and coined from both
silver and gold at tho historic ratio of
10 to 1 without limit or discrimination
against cither. Tho question of the
coming political campaign will bo tho
question of standard monoy, and to
a plan to get rid of tho money
stringency and hard times, nnd to get
a proper cstimato of all our commodi
ties, nnd when this is douo as it can bo
by coining absolute money of both gold
and bilver instead of gold alone, producers
can obtain for their products
sufllciont quantities of monoy to live,
pay their debts, employ nud pntronizo
their neighbors, and thus rovivo business
nud restore prosperity. This is what
is understood to bo bimetallism, and tho
question in tho approaching campaign
is that of standards of valuo and that is
tho question upon which tho battlo will
bo fongbfnud overy voter must tako
his choico between tho singlo gold
btnndard on tho ono hnnd or tho doublo
bimetallic standard on tho other. Tho
Democratio party as tho real paity of
tho peoplo lean wait to get for instructions
from committees and conventions,
thcrcforo ovory Democrat in this
county should bo out on tho 30th, just
to attend tho county convention nnd
tako steps in organizing tho county
Democracy in securing nn honest and
faithful expression of their viows on
tho coming issues and proposo plans
for a Stato platform aud to elect dele
gates to tho Stato convention to elect
delegates to tho national convention to
aolcct candidates for President aud Vico
President. An Old Dbmooiiat.
Everybody invited to tit-
tend tho Farmers Jubileo
Celebration at Heaver Dam.
June GUi.
Whon in nartford, stop at tho Commercial
Hotol. Homo comforts, tho
best of faro and everything first-class.
Rates very reasonable 39tf. '
Highest Honors World's Fair,
A pure Grape Creim of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
In fiplto of Knormom rrodti Thl OrccJy
Monopoly I Untatlnflctl rrlcct of Nulls
Italicil 2S8 I'rr Crut Bluco Lait JIy.
IMcts About Steel Until.
Among tho industries which nppeal
for more protection to keep them out of
tho poorhouso is tho iron nnd steel monopoly,
says tho Kansas City Times. A
slight examination of tho facts, howev
er, rovcali u of ntTairs quite iucoii
sistcnt with tho cry for help.
This combluo includes practically nil
tho iron nnd steel works iu the country,
and it fixes prices absolutely. Just now
it Is beiug severely denounced for rais
ing prices outrageously in tho faco of
tho fact that tho cost of raw materia,
pig iron, has decreased 25 per cent sinco
last September.
The greed of tho monopoly cems to
havo alarmed tho other protectionists
for Tho Iron Ago urges ft to bo reasonable
becauso "thero nro consideration
involved of n much higher order thau
tho moro temporary advantages secured
by adhering to prices that can only
causo irritation."
An idea of what theso "prices that
can only cause irritation" nro can bo
formed by comparing them with thoso
of England. Over there tho cost of tho
steel billet is $20. 03 a ton nnd tho manufactured
steel rails nro sold at $23.03.
In America tho cost of tho billets is
17 and tho rails nro sold nt $28 -that
is, whilo tho American monopoly gets
its material $3. 05 n ton cheaper than
tho Englishmen, it sells its product
nearly 3 higher.
It is generally calculated that tho
finished rails can bo produced nt n cost
of $2 n ton over tho cost of tho billet.
Tho English manufacturers sell rail
at $2. 43 over tho cost of tho billets, bnt
tho poor Amcrionn has to sell at if 11
moro thou tho cost of billets. Tho English
manufacturer it content to realize n
profit of 43 cents n ton whilo tho
American must havo moro protection
whilo ho is making $9 n tout
Tho hypocrisy of tho protected iron
and steel monopoly is more patent whin
it is considered that tho combiuo
$28 n ton for rails in America
nnd yet recently sent 10,000 tons to
Japan at $21.25. They aclually undersold
tho Englishmen, who had to cliargo
$23 to mako 43 cents. And it is from
theso Englishmen that tho monopoly
wants protection I
Steel rails aro only ono of tho com
modities on which tho monopoly is put
ting monopolistic prices. Tho prices of
nails havo been raised 200 percent sinco
last May. Aud in spitoof tho indignant
proteiH of tho hardware merchants tho
monopoly has ordered now prices for
this month that will mako tho raiso 200
per cent to 228 per cent.
The merchants may well protest, for
nails havo constantly been exported
from this country in largo quantities.
Last month, for instance, tho exports
wcro nt tho rato of 30,000,000 pounds
a year.
The truth is that tho steel rail industry
aud tho nail manufacture aro not
"infant industries." They nro full
grown nnd can hold their own against
all comers. They can even go abroad
nud tako tho trado of Japan uway from
tho English in spito of tho distance.
They can even, as Andrew Carnegie
himself boasts, competo with tho English
manufactures iu tho English market.
Theso industries nro not content with
tho immenso profit of their natural advantages.
Even tho immenso profits under
tho liberal duties of tho Wilson act
do not satisfy them. They want high
protection. Yet oven whilo crying for
help they control prices at will. Tho
truth is they wnnt protection for their
trust. They want protection that would
mablethem to rob thoicoplo even more
outrageously. Bat just now it seems
likely that tho peoplo want a littlo protection
for themselves.
A Good Monaccr.
Tho fact that McKinlcy badges of tho
samo flamboyant hue nud tho samo golden
words "patriotism, protection;
prosperity' ' appeared simultaneously
at tho conventions in Counccticnt and
Maryland shows tho guiding of ono
masterful mind. Mr. Huumi deserves
credit for tho perfection of his preliminaries.
Springfield Republican.
Vetoed a "latrIotV Tension,
President Cleveland has vetoed n pension
bill pned in favor of ti man who
followed tho Union nrmy for tho
of taking photographs for his own
profit. Mr. Cleveland will lx compelled
to stand endless nbuso for thus depriving
n bravo and patriotio man of tho
to which his glorious services entitled
him. Esohnugo.
The Major In Luck.
Major McKinley is ono of the luoklest
politicians iu tho United States. Jnst nt
tho timo when his boom seemed to havo
reached n halting plaeo along comes tho
A. P. A. nnd gives him n boost by making
a show of opposing him. Philadelphia
Hecord. .
llo Would
Bonny Harrison docs not want to bo
president, but is heartily in favor of
Mrs. Hnrrlson'fl candidacy for mistress
of tho Whlto Houso. Ho would accept
tho presidency so us to havo employment
whilo staying in tho city. Cedar It lipids
Timo For a Nrcatlte.
When it comes to pensioning
cd photographers, tho president thinks n
uegntlvo comes iu appropriately.. Boston
MoKinlejrlsm at Its liest.
McKluloyism is nt its best nnd stron
gost when it can portKcuto somebody nnd
tuko away his living. Albany Argus.
IYnc Mmlo nf Netting Ovrr 4011 Mllr
T.nnff KnnnnniM Cost lot X'lelitlni; tlio
rinEUc Million llnt llocn
but NuuilirtM Cotillnun tu Incrrnso.
Then the New Sunlit
it will bo ronomlx n d, ofl'trdn
reward ef i'25,000 to any or persons
who could Kitggit n rrullyctlloiout
method of getting rid of tho pest; but,
although this liberal otlVr led to tho if.
eclpt of no fewer than 2,000 schemes
from nil parts of tho world, nnito of
them was regarded as satisfactory, and
tho oiler was jvithdrawn. Tho domestic
cat was introduced, and iu certain limited
areas did much sendee. Poisons
wcro largely resorted to, nnd ferrets,
stoats nnd wenwls have ix-en imported
in thousands into somo of tho colonies
nud have increased fast. But hitherto
tho rabbits, owing to the rato at whiiHt
they multiply, havo mnunged hot only
to hold tholr own, but to constantly
spread over new grouud, carrying destruction
with them wherever they go.
In South Australia, for instance, tho
direct loss from tho rabbits has been pnt
down nt 250,000 per annum nnd tho
indirect loss nt n similar amount. Iu
Victoria tho netivo operations for tho
destruction of rabbits on crown lauds
havo been carried on by tho government
sinco 1S80, nnd from that dato to tho
middle i f 1801 it total of nearly 300,-000
b.id bien spent by tho stato on that
object. As for tho money spent by pri
vate individuals for tho samo purpose',
that is almost incalculable, but it imy
bo mentioned that on cue estuto ul.nio
upward of 15,000 havo been expended
by tho iauii r, with I ho lew of clearing
his laud of tho pest.
In tho 17 years ending with 1S03
nearly OS.000,000 rabbit skins, valued
nt JC 102,000, wero exported from Victoria,
without counting tho largo quantities
used by hat manufacturers iu tho
colony, ouo ostnbllthmeut oli.no using
37 1,-100 every year. Vet, notwithstanding
nil this slaughter, tho present infested
nrtii throughout tho colony is estimated
by tho chief inspector at no less
than 37,750,000 nares. Adding to the
direct expenditure tho depreciations of
tho grazing values of the laud, tho loss
to tlio colonies concerned amount to
millions of pounds sterling.
Tho final outcome of royal commissions,
of international conferences nud
of tho testing of every practical method
of extermination, Is that tho most
method of dealing with the evil is
found to bo tho construction of rabbit
proof mtting, by means of which tho
animals can bo kept from areas not yet
infested, can be shut off from food supplies,
and can bo moro effectually dealt
with locally.
Tho length cf somo of theso fences is
enormous. There is ouo starting nt
on tho Queensland border, and
following tho main trunk lino from
Bonrko to Cornwn, n distance of -107
miles, und there is another along the
entire western boundary of New South
Wales, n distance of 310 miles. The
Queensland government, too, has erected
n similar ftneo along a considerable
portion of tho northern boundary of
Now South Wales, but tho surveyor
general f Queensland, in tho rejxirt already
referred to, says that "tho rabbits
must havo como through tho fence m
mobs and droves of innumerable multitudes
nt some time," and thus havo established
themselves in Queensland ns
This, of course, is tho weak ioiut in
regard to fences which nro llablo to
break down in places, moro especially
in times of Hood nud where they cross
over creeks, whilo the keeping of constant
suprvislon over tho fences, so that
immediate repairs can lw dono whero
openings appear, is quito impracticable
where the distances are ko great. In
mnnv intnuccs countless thousands jif
rabbits hnvu been seen ou ono sido of n
fence dead or dying of starvation after
eating nil the available food supplies
nnd leaping up nt tho fenco in their at
tempts to surmount it. Ono can imagino
how they would rnsh through iu tho
event of any opening appearing mid
how n single break iu the fenco might
bo the doom of n country not previously
Thero have been many projects for tho
commercial utilization of tho animals by
sending them over hero iu order to contribute
both to our food supplies and to
tho cost of their owu destruction, bnt
hitherto the entorpriso has not been very
profitable, whilo somo of tho most competent
authorities in tho colonics think
that if it hhould bo followed up tho result
may bo to conserve the rabbits instead
of gt tting rid of them. On tho
other hand, too, tho shipping of somo
hundred of thousands, or oven n million
or two, of rabbits to Great Britain
every year would not bo likely to mnko
tiny nppreoiablo diil'erenco on tho numbers
left behind to constitute what it is
feared must bo regarded us a iost now altogether
ineradicable London Times.
UN Lllxnil lteuarct.
Tho champion mean man up town
seems to be a young man who recently
advertised iu tho papers offering n "liberal"
reward for tho icturu of a pocket-book
containing $:I0 in e-ash aud somo
vnluablo pajH'rs. Two young men found
tho poekotbookinNorristowiinnd called
at tlio loser's houbo to return it. Ho
hnuded ono of them 50 cents. Tho finders
protested, saying that it had cost
them 05 cents to como down from
and thnt thoy hadn't enough
money to get homo again. Tho fortunnto
owner of tho pockctbook dismissed them
"with tho remark that ho couldn't help
that Philadelphia llecord.
A Hot Ono.
"Smith got off a bright thing tho other
"What was it?"
"A lighted oigar somo one had carelessly
dropiied into tho chair ho sat ou."
Detroit Frco Press.
There If mote Catarrh luthli section of the
country thau all other disease put together
and until the lait few yean a supposed to be
Incurable. I'or a great many jear doctors pronounced
It a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly Tailing to cute with
local treatment, pronounced It incurable,
Science has proven calatth lobe a
disease, aud therefore require conktltutloual
treatment. llall'H Catarrh Cure, mauufHctured
by 1', J- Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only
constitutional cure ou the market. It Is taLcu
Internally Iu doses from to drops to a
It acts directly ou the blood and mucous
surfaces ol the system, They ohTcr one hundred
dollars for any case It falls to cure, bend for
circulars and testimonials. Address,
I'. J. Chunky & C6., Toledo, O,
AD'Sold by Drugglss, ;jc.
Tho bit,' 0th at Hoiivor
Dam is going to bo a
tinnr s Ttvnillair vttrli lifj n I nlm nli
UUTUtUUl """""Jl " "0 llUUiUUU
paruonmg proclivities, certainly can
not roflleo to grant tho request given
bolow sinco It gives such good reasons
why it should bo done. Tho Louisvillo
Post says:
Gov. Bradley received iu his mail
last Friday a letter from tho wife of a
convict making n tearful appeal for tho
pardou of her husband. The principal
grouud for her application for tlio pardon
Is inelndod iu the closo of her letter,
which makes tho following remark-able
"Now, dear Governor, pleaso let my
husband como homo to his wifo aud
littlo children. Wo need him. Ho has
ono littlo child four years old aud another
two years old, aud ho has nover
seen cither of them."
By all mcans,Gov. Bradley, send thnt
man home.
E. E. Sutherland Med. Co.:
Gp.nts: I wrlto this letter becauso I
bclievo you havo mado a discovery in n
cough, cold, throat and lung remedy
mat tuo peopio ought to have. J rcicr
to Dr. Boll's Pino Tar Honoy. I havo
thoroughly tested it nud know its wonderful
merits. It cures. Any ono who
over needs a remedy of this kind should
never bo without n bottle of Dr. Bell's
Pico Tar Honoy.
jKitnv M. PoivTr.n, Glass and Queens-ware,
Paducoh, Ky.,
Jan. 12, 1805.
Tor mIo by 'A. Wnyno GrilTin k Bro.
Hartford, Ky. tf
' ' -
Notice, Teachers,
Whito teacher's Examination, Juno
5-0, Juno 10-20. Colored, Juno 12-13:
Juno 20-27, nt Hartford.
Z. II. Co. Slipt.
Dow th ToUer "f rrotcetlon Afreets IU
Halt Abrtsid.
Suveral oxiieriincut havo recently
been mndo by German professors for tho
pnrjiosoof tcstitig tho purity of the grain
imported from various countries, with
results exceedingly satisfactory to tho
American former, says tho St. Louis Ko-
Tho investigation was duo to tho dec
lai at ton that grain from JtiifsU and
Bonmnnla contained numerous bacteria
which wero of so deadly a nature that
they would not yield even to tho heat of
tho ovra. Tho statement with regnrd to
tho character of tho grain from the two
countries named lnvs been found to bo
exaggerated,' but tho investigation to
which it led has Ijoen of general Uncut,
inasmuch ns it lias scientifically demon
strated tho rolatlvo merits of the grain
produetsof tho principal
of tho world.
Seventeen samples wero examined by
tho department of pnbllo health, aud of
theso tho purest wits tho American.
Whilo tho bacteria asunlly found in rye.
barley ur wheat do not seriously affect
tho health of tho people, purity is
n desirable quality nud the nrti
clo iu which it obtains iu tho highest
degrco will nlways find in
tho markets of the world.
Notwithstanding its lmrity, however,
tho exportation of American wheat to
Germany nnd Trance is tlrereosing rather
than increasing. Tho reason for this
is found in the duties which havo len
placed upon it by tlio lVeuch and German
governments. This is one of tho effects
of protection in Iiurocun continental
countries, and it has been aggravated
by protection In this eountr.
Thus tho American farmer is limited in
his market for his products and must
pay nn exorbitant prioo for thoo articles
which ho buys from foreign countries.
legacies Front Harrison' Administration
and tho Itllllon Dollar Congress,
If there had been no chango iu tho
McKinlcy tariff of lbDO, tho government
would still hnvo been confronted
with n deficit The Harrison administration
only managed to pull through
wihont running bohind while dissipating
tho surplus by seizing tho fund intended
for tho redemption of national
lmnk notes in order to pay its way. Tlio
billion dollar eonyrvstf not only made a
huge cut in tho rovenuo by repealing
tho tax on sugar nud by other tariff
changes, but it ut the samo timo added
vastly to fixed expenditure. Tlio Cleveland
administration fell heir to n bankrupt
treasury, diminished iucomo mid
enlarged expenditure. Tho fnilaro of
tho incomo tax featuro of tho Wilson
bill cutoff $20,000,000 of anticipated
yearly revenue, nnd thero bos been n
consequent shortage, which will grow
smaller as business shall gradually
effects of thosilvcrpanic.
It is a mistake to suppose, howover,
that tho of tho McKinlcy
tariff schedules would put tho treasury
ou its feet.
It Is a further mlstako to snpposo that
tho icoplo of tho United States are any
worso off beeaaso of tho treasury
If tho money to mako good tlio
deficits had been taken from taxpayers,
they would havo been precisely that
much poorer. Tho rato of ititercht paid
by tho government ou its borrowings is
no greater thau tho worth of unpaid tax
money to holdors from whom tho government
has exacted less than it needed
during tho past thrco years. Tho f der (
treasury is only another name for ti)
public jiocket, but this is n view of tho
matter which tho calamity mongers
who prate about tho vast increnbo of
tho public dehj, cnrefnlly suppress nnd
keep out of sight. Philadelphia Itecord.
Whon tho childron drink bad water
and cat too much greon fruit, or havo
tho stomach ache or diaathena from any
cause, you needn't bo alarmed about
them. If you will get a 25o or fiOo
of Dr. Bell's Anti-Pain they will bo
playing in half nn hour after tho first
doso. Hold by all dealers.
For ealo by Z. Woyno Oriflln & Bro.,
Hartford, Ky. tf
Democratic Macs Ucetinfj.
Pursuant to nn ordor of tho
Stato Executivo Committee, the
Democrats of Ohio county aro called
to meet at tho court houso iu Hartford,
on Saturday.Mny 110, at 2 o'clock p. m.
for tho purpose of choosing delegates
to tho Stato Convention and Fourth
Congressional District Convention,
which meot in tho city of Lexington on
thoSdday of Juno, 1890.
All Democrats aro urecd to bo
nnd tako pint in selecting theso
dologates. Respectfully,
G. B. LiKuxfl, Oh'm'n
"Ohio co. Dcm. Ex. Com,
Vhy suffer with Coughs, Colds and
Ln GrJppo when Ijaxativh Buojio
Quinine will euro von in ono day,
Doos not produce tho ringing in tho ,
head liko Sulphato of Quininet, Put-up
in tablets convonlont for taking, i
Guaranteed to euro, or monoy refund
od. Price, lis oents.
I'or sale by Williams k lieu, iianioni: t.
V .Williams, heaver Dams A. 8. Aull, Sulphur
Springs; Drown u e.napuian, k. it.
lier&Co.,Kocl.potti J. X. Tylor,Cromwell;Ky,
Rich Red
Wood Is absolutely nscntlul to health.
It Is secured easily and naturally by
taking HoocI'h Bareapnrllla, but Is
it from so-called "nerve
tonics," nnd opinio compounds, absurdly
nihcrtlscd as "blood purl-Hon."
Thoy havo temporary, Bleeping
effect, but do not CUHB. To havo puro
And good health, tako llood'sSarsnparllln,
which has first, Inst, and nil tho timo,
been advertised ns Just what it Is tho
best mcdlcitio for tho blood over produced.
Its success In curing Bcrolula,
Bait lthcum, lllicuniAtlsni, Catarrh,
Dysjwpsln, Nervous Prostration and
Thnt Tired Feeling, havo mado
The Ono True lllood Purifier. All druggists, ft.
nro iiurrlr Tfge table,
S PlllS
Tho General Assembly.
BmiitNoiiAJt, A 1. 1., Miiy, 23th lt0().
SfK't.M. to Tint Hrn.u.i:Tbo 00th,
Gcuoral Assembly of tho Cumberland
Presbyterian Church met in Birmingham,
Alt,, the a it Dr. 1). O. Do-Witt,
of Mo., preached
tho opening sermon. llov. A. W.
Hawkins, of Decatur, HI., was elected
Moderator on tho first ballot. Tho
venerable nnd revcrued T. O. Bluko,
1)D., Wale clerk cf tho Assembly,
Dr. J. M. Httbburt, dean, of Cumber-laud
Univorsity, elected to that ofilco .
Somo very important moasures aro
discussed. Among them is tho pro
priety of establishing an orphans homo
nt Columbia, Tennessee Tho Board
Minlstcral Belief mado a very interesting
report. Tlio Thornton Homo
is proving a wonderful blessing
to tho out ito denomination. Tho Assembly
will probably tako action
showing clearly thtt position of tho
O. P. Church on Uinctificatou. All
tho pulpits of tho ddrercut denominations
of tho city wvro filled Sunday
by tho leading divines of tho O. P.
Church. Tho beautiful church in which
tho Assembly is being held, has recently
been erected by tho Cumberland
Presbyterians of this city. It
is n cretin to tho denomination.
It has not been decided yut whero
tho AsMmbly will convene in 18H7,
but Chicago has kindly asked that
tho General Assembly convene thero
next year.
Everything thorn a decided advancement
io tho general church work last
Thero aro delegates hero from California
to Penusyvanli aud from tho
lakes to tho gulf,
It is only n cdestion of timo when
the lclovcl Cumberland Presbyterian
clinrou will rank among the strongest
denominations of Christendom. Anion.
J. IViltCKS.
Dr. S. F. Scott.Bluo Bldge, Harrison
Co., Mo., mjs: "For whooping
notuh Chamber! tin's cough remedy
is excellent." By using it freely tho
disease) is deprived of all tbiugcrous
Thero is no danger
iu giving tho Remedy to babies, as
it contains nothing injurious. 25 and
50 cent bottles (for ialo by Z. W.
Grifilu .t Bro. Druggisst. m
Whan In Bnnch
Stop nt tho MoDanicl Houso. Mr. J
B. McDauiol, the proprietor, gives his
personal tttpervitlon to tho hotel aud
sees that all guests aro satisfied. Two
minutes walk from depot, everything
rates Sl.00 per day. Patron-ago
of tho public solicited. 19tf
DR. Hartman'o Treatment for
Female Dicsasoc.
Chronfo invalids who havo languished
for years on sick beds with somo
form of fcmulo discneo begin to
nt onco after boginuing Dr.
Hnrtmau's treatment. Tho doctor's
expetiucco nnd knowledge of this class
of cases cnablo him- so discern with
great accuracy tlio wants of each,
Theso patients apply for treatment
by loiter, giving all their symptoms.
Tho doctor then writes them what
to tlo and what to got. Thousands
havo alroady applied, and
still thero is room for more. Each
duo receiving careful and scparato
attention. In writing bo euro to givo
all tho symptoms and n comploto
blstoty of tho case, so as to mako
stiro of valuablo advico. Dr. Hnrtmau's
udrces is Columbus, Ohio,
For bhort timo Tho Drug
Manufacturing Company of Columbus,
Ohio, aro sending freo to any address
Dr. nartman'a hand-book on femalo
diseases, devoted entirely to tho
description nnd euro of diseases of tho
femalo sex.
Just received abigllino of Dry Goods,
Notions ut flcnfrow's, Hioos Mill.
Mr, p. ..if.t
Mr, Jos. Atkins, Greensboro, Ala, "In
tliedriiKliusincfciibr year anil
never liave sold anything that gave aucli
Mr. Irvln Miller, Walnut Crore, Miss.
"I have lieen felling Hughes" Tonic fof
I yruii. iuiu.iupci.mcu mi uiucrs 111 my
1 trade. I'or this malarial country it Is the
crr meuiciuc we ueeu."
Sir. H. l'ctrie, Glasgow. Ky writes: "My
daughter contracted chills. No prescription
ever gave more than temporary relief,
Two bottles of Hughes' Tonic cured
her completely. She had no chill aUer the
first dose."
Mr. K. W. Walton, New Albany, Miss.
"Of Hughes' Tonic sold; not a failure re.
otted. A physician here has beeu cured
f y Hughes' Tonic aflcr trying to cure
himself. It Is a pleasure to handle such a
Ask for Hughes Tonic. Insist ou IT,
and nothing else.
ano.nna iji.oo norri.K.s.
I'or Sale by Druggists and Merchants.

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