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Take The Herald.
None Can Equal Him in "Scientific
ttlabs" He Has Sent
Eighty Men Down the
-"Straight Chute."
ni:vr..v muuii:iii'.iis huno at onci:
(San l'ranclscollxnmluer.
" Oco'rrfo Mnlcdon.of Fort Smith, Ark.,
is tho'cliamplon hangman of tlio country.
Prom hia growsomo servico bo
has ncenmulatcd a sufficient sum to
huyk flno furm in Kansas, ami has announced
his rctircmont as an executioner,
and oxpecta to pass tlio rest of his
days on Ills farm.
Maledon has lived in this town twenty
yearn', And during that time was tbo official
hangman of tbo United State
Court and snperintendone'd every logal
execution that took placo in this Pod-era!
Judicial district. Ho has banged
eighty-eight men, and has certainly
earned tho title of tbo "American Jack
It wot bis work on tbo scaffold horo
that gave to Port Smith tbo namo of tbo
"Gallows City," by which it is known
over all Arkannas and the Indian Territory.
It will bo a long tirao beforo people-
of tbo country will think of Forth
Smith without associating tho namo of
tbo town with a dispatch in a
daily paper, telling of another rufilan
hanged ly Qeorgo Maledon.
Tho g.illowa on which so many men
bavo mot their death is a maesivo affair.
It standi just south of tho Unitod
States Jail, and about 100 yard's away.
Thcro is n well-worn path running
from the jail to tho callows, along
which tho men aro led to execution..
Tho drop on this monstrous gallows is
twenty left long, giving aniplo room
for haogi g ton men at ono time.
Sovcn met bavo been hanged at oneo
a feat nliichbroko all previous records,
and das never been equaled sinco.
Six men vi-re banged at another timo,
and thcro bavo been several quadruple,
and triplo hangings. Surrounding tho
gallons and at n distanco of about fifty
feet from it is' a board fenco twenty-five
feet high, which completely hides
tbo gallows from public viow. Nearly
all tbo melt who bavo been banged boro
were disperadocs from tbo Indian Territory.
Maledon is a small man who talks
with a German accent and has a decided
Teutonic cost of countenance. II 0
takes tho namo pride, in bis work that
a skilled carpenter would in a neat job
ho had done, and bo loves tc talk about
bis work with stranger visitors. ITo
says that ho bad a certain rnlo that ho
followed iu bangiug men and that it
depended on tho , weight of a man bow
far bo would let him fall. Heavy men
did not requiro tbo distanco to ditlocato
their necks that a light man did. Ho
refused to' say exactly what his rnlo
was, but declared that it was infallible.
When ho bad a man to executo bo ascertained
his exiot weight, either by
questions or an cstimato, and thon arranged
bis nooeo accordingly.
A banging by Maledon was worth
going miles to see. It was a thing of
Bcientiflo beauty, From tho 'momont
tho subject began to preparo for tbo
march to tbo ncaffold tho Iittlo Dutch
hangman was at his heels. IIo had
been up botoro daylight, greasing bis
ropes, oiling tbo hinges of tho gallows
trap, and adjusting and readjusting his
nooso. lie followed tbo subject to tho
gallows, and when tho foot of tho step
leading up io it was reached tbo Iittlo
hangman wonld trot around and trip
jauntily np tho stairway ahead of all
tho rest. From that moment Malcdon's
faco was a study for a physiognomist.
IIo heeded not the spectators or any
ono on tbo scaffold oxcept tho subject,
and bo moved around him with an air
of ownership. Somotimcs, if tho subject
was slow and backward, Malodon
would encourage him with a few
words of impatient hurry, as:
"Ob, como on, now; it's nothing
at all. Yoa won't fcol it, and I'll bavo
it all ovor in a jiffy."
Maledon would stand tbo victim on
tho trap and thon, generally, would
tako a chow of tobacco and stand with
tbo nooso ready in bis hands, whilo tho
clergyman prayed. Aftor that it was
not a minnto till Qeorgo bad tho nooso
fairly adjusted, tho black cap over tho
head and tbo trap sprung. As tho body
bung limp and swayed gently baok and
forth, tho Iittlo hangman would walk
around tbo square- hole of tbo trap with
his hands on bis hips, looking down at
tho swinging"hody and surveying it
critically from every point of view,
whilo ho ohewod tobaccoo anxiously
UaLLlUft I L Should U0
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J. M. JOHNSON, Malvorn, Ark.
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and vigorously and spat down through '
tbo bolo past tho body. When Maledon '
had from two to ten to hang nt one '
timo, bo attended to it all alono, '
adjusting tbo nooses with his own
Malcdnu gained his proficiency as a
hangman by cxperienco. ITo was not
so successful with his first two or tliroo
jobs as ho was with later subjects. Tho
first man ho hanged was a Iittlo fellow
who weighed about ninety pounds.
He was not dropped far enough and tho
nooso slipped so that tho knot was under
tbo chin instead of the left car.
As a result tbo man was strangled to
death, and owing to tbo position of tho
ropo it took a trifle- over an hour to
caiim death.
Wbon ho camo to bung his second
man tho lesson learned in the other
bungling job was remembered, and tho
doomed man was dropped about eight
feet. IIo was n largo man, and tho drop
not only dislocated tbo neck, but
tbo bead almost off tho body, and
the sceno resembled a slaughter pen
when tho execution was over. Dlood
spurted out and over tbo spcctators,and
such n sight was presented as sickened
tbo beholders. Had the drop been an
inch moro tbo small ropo wonld bavo
completely severed tbo head from tho
body, as nothing but tbo tendons and
muscles in tho back of the neck were
left intact.
Ko such bunging job was over done
by him again, no got strong sacks and
filled them with sand, so that thoy
weighed all tho way from 00 to 225
pounds, and ho practiced dropping
them through the trap nutil ho knew to
a nicety just how far a man of any
given weight ought to fall to bavo his
neck broken scientifically.
Among tho first men hanged by
was Qeorgo Ohildors, a full-blooded
Oberokeo Indian, who was convicted
of killing and robbing a peddler named
J. W. Wedding, who hailed from Kansas.
Childcrs attempted to provo an
alibi, and did show that bo was sixty
miles from tho sceno of tho crimo when
tho body was discovered. Tho appearance
of tho body, and tho fact that tbo
blood, which still oozed from a horrible
gash in tho throat, was fresh and
unclottcd, favored tho alibi, as it did
not look as thongh Cbilders could havo
committed tbo crimo and then put tho
distanco between him and tho sceno
of tbo crimo which he did. It was afterward
discovered that the reason tho
blood was not clotted was that tho dead
man had been left with his head in a
stream of running water, which kept
tho blood washed away as fast as it loft
tho gaping wound. Tho cirenmstantial
evidonco was strong against Childors,
and bo was convicted. Even aftor tho
jury had pronounced him guilty, Cbil
ders maintained his innocence, and a
great many pcoplo believed him. Ho
was in jail for a long timo and mado
friends with tho officers, many of whom
believed ho was not guilty and ought
not to bang. Maledon himself did not
want to hang tho Indian, as ho bcliovcd
him innocent.
"I did not relish tho job," said
"but sinco Bomo ono bad to do it,
I thought I might as well. I had my
doubts about tbo guilt of Childors, and
did not like to think that an innooent
man was to bo hanged. Cbilders was
gamo, and stoutly declared that he
knew nothing of tho murder, and swore
by all that was boly'tbat his execution
was legal murder. October 14, 1870,
was tho dato of tbo execntlon. It was
about 10 o'clock in tho morning when
wo took up our march to tho gallows.
When wo reached tho gallows thero
was a short prayer by a minister, who
bad been consoling tho doomed man7
The minister said: 'Von aro about to
onter eternity, John Childors, and I
urgo you to confess your Crimo beforo
yon go. Did you commit'tho murder?'
" 'I did not, so help mo God,' said
" said tbo minister, 'and
may God bless you. If yoa aro
yoa bavo nothing to fear.'
i "Tho minister left tbo scaffold, and I
adjusted tho nooso around tho neck of
tho condemned man. As I pnlled thc
uiacK cap over ms uoau, no saia: 'wait
n minuto
"I removed tho cap, and Childors
tnrncd to tho United States marshal
and said: 'Aro yoa really going to
bang me, Captain?'
" 'Yes,' was tho answer. 'You will
bo a dcadman in a fow minutes.'
" 'Thon I might as well confess,'
said Ohildors. 'I killed tho peddler.'
"When I heard that' confossion all
tbo sympathy I had for Cbilders vanished,
and he was no moro to mo than a
log. I hurriedly replaced tho cap and
pulled tbo trigger, and John Childors
plunged through tho trap.
"As wo loft tho jail and walked toward
the gallows thero was a Iittlo
cloud in tho sky. Daring ths preparations
for tho banging this oloud had
located itself directly over the scaffold
and hung thcro liko a pall, whilo tho
sun was shining all around us. Tho
oloud did not seem to bo larger than
tho jailyard, which is but a fow aoroa in
extont. Just as I iouobed tbo trigger
that released tho drop, thero was tbo
most awful crash of thunder that I
overboard, and tbo rain camo down in
torrents. Tho last sound that assailed
John Cbilders' cars was that frightful
crash of thunder, and tbo accompany
ing flash of lightning was bright enough
to reach bis eyes, even through tho
black cap and tbo closed eyelids. I
bavo ofton wondered what effect tbo
noiso and tho lightning had on the
doomed man as ho dropped to his death.
The minister was about half way down
tho steps when tho man made his confession.
When ha hoard tbo confession
Now York Herald.
ho lot looso of his nmbrella, began
clapping his bands and singing, and he
kept up this porformanco all tho way to
tbo jail, walking bareheaded in the
rain, without sooming to rcalizo what
ho was doing."
Childcrs was a fool in moro ways then
ono. After bis crime ho had been arrested
and placed in tbo jail at Van
Baron, from which ho mado his escape.
Ho tfien took np bis residonoo in Port
Smith and lived thero with a notorious
woman of tbo town nntil tho United
States Court was moved hero, when ho
was again arrested and lodged in jail,
wbero ho rcmainod until ho was hanged.
On January 14, 1837, four men wero
hanged at once. They wero James
Echols, James Lamb, Albert O'Dell
and John Stephens. A Iittlo girl of
eight witnessed this quadrnplo execution,
which, in ono rcspeot, partook of
a humorous character. , As tho four
men were standing on the trap, Lamb
asked Maledon, tbo hangman, who was
standing near, for a obew of tobacco.
Tbo guard took ont a plug of tbo weed
and banded it, together with a pocket
knifo, to tho man wno was so soon to
leavo earthly scones. Lamb cut off a
good-sized chow, which ho placed in his
capaoious mouth, and thon cut off a
larger piece, which ho put in tbo hip
pocket of tho now suit of clothes which
had been famished for tho execution.
Maledon watched this proceeding with
considerable curiosity. As tbo tobacco
and knifo wero banded back, ho re
marked to Lamb: "Well, I suppose it
is woll to preparo for a journey.
If may bo somo timo beforo you ate
wbero yon can buy any tobacco."
Maledon says ho is really sorry that
ho is going to rctiro as executioner and
leavo town. Ho has hoped to hang his
man beforo giving np
tho business, but tbo subjects bavo
como in slowly in recent years and as
ho has only hanged eighty-eight mon,
be is afraid if be remained in the business
it wonld bo a good many years
beforo he hanged twelvo more. Thcro
is not so much money iu being hangman
nowadays as thero is in farming,
and it is that which has retired
to voluntary cxilo. Ho says ho
bis record of hang-
fed is safo anyway from boing broken
by any other man, so ho will bavo tbo
consolation in bis retirement of knowing
that ho is champion of tho world in
his lino.
Dr. Hell's Anti-Pain enres diarrhoea
and summer complaint, cramps, colio
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Z. Woyno Griffin & Bro. tf.
Flayed it Low Down on Him.
tllarpcra Bazar.
"That scoundrel in that flat abovo is
tooting another cornet."
Mr. Biokers was excossively angry.
"I paid him $25 for the measly instrument
ho had been playing on "
Mr. Bickers scouled at tho ceiling.
"for tbo express purposo of putting
a stop to that connfounded rackot;
bnt he must havo used part of tho
money to buy him another instru
ment, which is quite as big a
anco as tho ono which tortnrcd ub so
"Ko; ho did not buy another instru
Mr. JJioKcrs lookou at bis wifo as
she mado this statement, and waited
for her to proceed, bat as she soemod to
bo waiting for her husband to say
something, he asked:
"Borne ono mado him a presont, I
"No; bo sent down this morning
and borrowed tho ono yon bought from
Perhaps no diarrhoea rcmodr on
earth has sold as rapidly sinco its intro
duction as Dr. Bell's Anti-Pain. This
is duo to tbo fact that all who use it say
it's tbo best on earth. It's guaranteed
by all dealors. For salo by Z. Wayno
Griffin & Bro. tf.
A Herd of Balls.
, (Household Word.)
SA cortain politician, lately condemn
ing tbo Government for its recent poli
cy concerning tho incomo tax, is reported
to havo Bald: "They'll keep
cutting the wool off tho sheep that lays
tho golden eggs until thoy pump it
dry," "Tho glorious work will never
bo accomplished until tbo good ship
Tomperanco shall sail from ono end of
tbo land to tho other, and with a cry of
'Victory' at each step she takes, shall
plant her banner in over city, town and
villago in tbo United Kingdom." An
Irishman, in tho midst of a tirado
against landlords and capitalists, de
clared that "if theso mon wero landed
on an uninhabited island .thoy wouldn't
bo thero half an hour beforo thoy would
have their bands in tbo pockets of tbo
naked savages." Only a few weeks
ago a lecturer at a big meeting gavo
utterance to tho following: '"AH along
tho nntrodden paths of tbo futnro wo
can sco the footprints of an unseen
hand." An orator at ono of tho university
anions bore off tho palm of merit
when ho declared that "tho British lion,
wbetbor it is roaming tbo deserts of India,
or climbing the forests of Canada,
will not draw in its horns or retiro into
its shell."
Health and happiness aro relative
conditions; at any rato, thcro can bo
Iittlo happiness without health. To
givo tho body its full mcasuro of
strength and energy, tho blood should
bo kept nnro and vice ro us. by the
use of Ayor's Sarsaparilla.
A Tale of at Maid, Proposal anil a Troublesome
Sho paced excitedly to and fro.
Just why sho paced, instead of trotting
or gallopiug, is a matter that it is
difficult to understand, but it is not unusual'
for woirion to paco in novels.
"It's too biF, too bad," sho said.
Then sho continued pacing.
"Such a combination of circumstances,
" sho declared n moment later,
"Is enough to drive ono crazy."
"What's tho matter?" asked her dearest
"I .received a proposal of marriage
from Mr. Goodfellow this morning,"
sho explained, minging her hands at
the thought that thcro was no ring to
bo wrung vfith them, "aud ho sent it
by telegraph."
"By telegraph!"
"Yes. Ho was suddenly called away,
and ho couldn't wait until ho camo
back for my answer, so he telegraphed. ' '
'Rather awkward," suggested tbo
dearest friend.
"Worse than that, " sho answered. "I
might havo forgiven tho awkwardness
but ho wanted mo to telegraph my answer"
"Ob, dear 1 I never would havo tho
courage to tako such a message into a
telegraph offlco and watch tho clerk
count the words."
"Well, I didn't liko it, but I might
havo overlooked that."
"What was tho trouble, then?"
"Why, try as hard as I might, I
couldn't put an acceptance Into exactly
ten words. Eight was the nearest I
could get to it, and it was hyd work to
"WclL what did yon do?"
"Oh, them was only ono thing for
mo to do, so far as I could seo. I found
I could put a refusal into exactly ten,
and I either had to do that or let the
company btat me out of two words. If
ho doesn't get angry and marry somo
one elso beforohegets my letter explaining
matters, it will bo all right, but Jt
be does"
She wrung her hands again and con-tinned
to pace. Chicago Post
MIse Prude Btcjcltaar Costume.
Could anything bo moro modest?
Now York World.
How II Kapt Cool.
Tho subordinate stopped in tho
the .entranciiway to light a cigar,
and Ids city friend paused to watch the
"I novcr should liavo thought Billings
a man with muoh presenoo of mind,"
said the city friend reflectively. "I
havo sou him go off tho hooks on very
slight provocation. "
"But ho came out strong this time,"
said tho subordinate botween puffs,
"remarkably strong. A number of
noticed It Just after tho accident,
when tho cars wore piled at tho bottom
of tho embankment and tongues of
flamo wero beginning to show hero and
thero in tho wreck, Billings was the
coolest man anywhere about "
"You don't say sol"
"Itisnfaot. Ho was tho one tho
oar foil on." Chicago Tribune.
The Heart of If,
Goo tho man.
lias tlio man laid his heart at tho fcot
of tho woman?
Tho man has notdouo u thing but lay
his heart at tho feet of tbo woman.
Unless accepts his heart,
tho man will havo no heart for anything.
IOt us hopo that sho will tako
his heart, in order that ho may take
heart Dotrolt Tribune,
Thousands Injured and the Property
Loss will Reach Millions
of Dollars The
City Paralyzed.
iium)ui:iskim,i:i IN Till: COUNTRY
St. Louis, Mo., May 28. Fivo
hundred men, women and obildron of
this city wero killed' or badly injured
by a oyclono yesterday evoning.
Two hundred lives wero lost iu
this city and as many moro wero killed
in East St, Louis, nhilo thousands
wero injured, many of tbom so
that thoy cannot recover. Tho exact
number will not bo known for many
days, ond perhaps never, for tho debris
of. ruined buildings all over tho city
cover hundreds of human beings. Tho
damago and destruction of property
will aggregato many millions of dpllars,
but tho exact amount cannot bo oven
estimated with ony degreo of certainty.
Tho greatest damago on this sido of
tho river was inflicted within a
strip along the mighty stream.
Many buildings totally callapsed from
tho forco of tbo wind, others wero
unroofed, while very fow in tho city
escaped somo injury.
Ton million dollars' worth of property
has been destroyed, and tbo
desolation now prevailing words cannot
This is a conservative estimate
Sonth St. Louis is littered with
bodies of tbo dead. East St. Louis
is a gigantio cemetery. Under tbo
debris of tho nnmerous buildings
of that city aro many scores buried,
whoso bodies will not bo brought to
tho light for many days, perhaps never,
It was tho most disastrous storm
from every point of viow in tho history
of tho city. Tho storm did Iittlo
damago in tho business portions of tbo,
Big strong buildings fell before tho
wind liko houses mado of cards,
From wbero it entered tho city, out
in tbo southwestern snburbs, to where
it left, somowhere near tho Eads bridge,
thero is a wido path of ruin. Factory
after factory went down, and piles of
brick and timbors mark tho spots on
which they stood. Dwellings wero
and thrown in every direction
Business houses wero flattened.
Thousands of families in South St.
Louis aro homeless, practically, and
tho temporary hospitals shelter scores
and hundreds.
Elovators wero blown down, boats
wero sunk, and churches and school
houses wero demolished.
Tho wires in tho city are dangling
from tbo poles, but every olectrio light
curfent is cut off.
Tho Postal Telegraph Company
wero tbo first to scenro communication
with tho outer world, and now
havo sovcn wires working to Chicago.
Tho storm did not vent all its fnry
in St. Louis. After working its chaos
of destruction in Sonth St. Louis, it
moved westward and ont in tho country,
leaving another trail of ruin in
its wake. It is impossiblo to get
tho full list of tho killed or of
casualties at this writing. At Clayton,
tho connty seat, a new Presbyterian
Church was leveled to tbo ground
and another church was wrecked.
Part of tho court house at Clayton
was also torn away. Houses wero
unroofed or totally destroyed in tho
path of the storm.
Tho barometer commenced to fall at
noon, and by 3 p. m. it bad fallen 0:13
inch. Abont this latter timo tho sky
quickly becamo thickly covered with
dark, cumulons'stratus olouds, which
by 3:30 p. m. bad settled into'a uniform
mass of stratns cloud, which commenced
to assume a light green color in tbo
northwest. This green color slowly
advanced from tho northwest, spreading
moro toward tbo West and North,
and at tbo same timo tbo tomperaturo
commenced to fall. Tho normal
circulation thus brought winds
of different tomperaturo and humidities
into suppressed position, with tho result
that a decided instability was produced
in tbo atmosphere, and a violent
secondary storm center was created.
Tho barometer continnod to fall rapidly,
and by 0 p. m. it had fallen 055 inch
sinco noon. Tho winds wero becoming
variable, with a tendency toward a
northerly direction. Lightning and
thunder bad commoncod at 4:00 p. m,,
and rain in tbo form of largo scattered
drops at 4:43 p. m. At 5:01 p. m. tho
storm broko forth in all Its fury: tho
wind changed suddonly to northwest
with rapidly increasing velocity and tho
rain fell in torrents.
A million dollars will not cover tbo
damago dono to property. Tho dam
ago was dono in a fow minutes timo,
and how many persons in tho path of
tho oyclono escaped is a mystery to all
who passed over tho devastated section.
Tho wind struck tho lovco just north of
East St. Louis abont 0:30. Tho west
half of Wiggins' wbarfboat wast the
first to sailor, and it was thrown far up
on tbo lovco
Nono of tho railway yards escaped,
from tho Cairo up to tho
Wabash, and hundreds of cars stand in
all shapes faraway from thoir proper
nlarrH. Two In llin Vnnilallit
yards wero thrown down an embank-
meat and destroyed. Far down along
tho leVCO from tho bridgO Wrecks Of
, 1 .,... ..i
steamboats aro found,
Tho tornado, vented its greatest fury 1
along tho river front. Tholeveo fori
Highest of all in Leavening
IvvSI Powder
miles up and down was devasted and
laid wasto. Great steamers wero torn
from their moorings at tho flast blast
and blown down tbo rivor for miles.
Of all tho craft that lined tho rivor
for miles but ono remains to tell tbo
story of disaster.
Tho steamer J. 3. Odoll, of tho Illinois
River Packet Company, was blown
out from its wharf at tbo foot of Mor
gan street, crashed into tho second pier
of tho Eads bridgo and sank. Her
boilers blew up boforo sho disappeared
in tho boiling water of tbo river. Sho
had a crew of twelvo and three women
paBsongors, besides her Captain, Qeorgo
Town bond.
Tho tug Belle, of Baton Rougo,
was anchored up tho river, was carried
far down tlio river, falling over and
over, and finally struck tho raft of tho
Wiggins Ferry Company at tho front
of Choteau avenue, wbero it sank.
Tho steamers Pittsburg.City of Vicks-burg
and the Providence, tho Capt.
Monroo and boats of tbo smaller craft
wero pitched and tossod about nntil tbo
final blast rent them from their anchorage.
The storm swept diagonally across
tho river and struck tho Illinois bank
within a few blocks of each other. Tho
loss of life on tbo cast sido seems to bo
Tho Belle of Calhoun and tbo Libbio
Conger wero almost totally broken np.
Tho KInn (I. Kniitli. flio harbor boat.
was blown away down tho river and
was wrec&uu.
Whilo tho storm was at its height, tho
passenger trainof tbo Chicago' & Alton
railway pulled out on tbo bridgo
from tho Missouri side. It was on
its way East. Engineer Scott had only
proceeded a short distanco when ho
realized tho awful danger which threatened
tho train. Ibo wind struck tho
coaches, at first causing them to careen.
At that timo he was about half way
across. Overhead tho poles wero snapping
and tumbling into tho river, whilo
largo stones wero shifting looso from
their foundations and plunging into tho
water. Realizing that any momont his
train wonld bo blown into tbo water
or elso tbo bridgo wonld bo blown
away.Scott, with rare prcsonco of mind,
put on a full head of steam in on effort
to mako tbo cast sido shore. The train
bad scarcely proocoded SOO feot, and
when within about the samo distance
from tho shore, on upper span
of tbo bridgo was blown away. Tons
of hngo granite blocks tumbled to tho
tracks wbero tbo train, loaded with pas-
soigors, had been but a moment bo
foro. At about tbo samo instant tho
wind struck the train, upsetting all tho
cars like playthings. Luckily no ono
was killed, bnt several wero takon ont
severely injured.
East St. Locis, May 28.
In comparison to its size, tbo fatalities
and losses sufforod In East St.
Lonis greatly exceed thoso on tbo other
sido of tho rivor, Tho larger part of
tho central portion of tbo city is razed
to tho ground, whilo on tho flats along
tho river bank to tho north of the Eads
bridgo npt a honso is left standing.
In tho latter portion tbo loss of lifo is
terrible. Scarcoly a family seems to
bavo escaped without somo mombor
killed, whilo in many instances'
whole households were wiped out of
existence. A conservative cstimato of
tho death is placed at 160.
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Tho Future of the South.
The Porm.J
Tho South is large; it yet remains
thinly peopled and practically
Great as has been tho industrial
advance mado, considerable
as appears tho present immigration
movement, they bnt faintly forsobadow
tho development now at hand. If
so much has beod dono in tbo last
thirty years under snob disadvantages
and practically unaided by immigration,
what may wo not expect when
that rioh tido which has created tho
Empiro States of tbo Nothwost is
turnod in ovon greater volumo -southward?
Only tho marvolous growth of
tbo great West itsolf can guido tbo
imagination in attempting tbo forecast,
and even that must bo surpassed.
To tho South unquestionably bolongs
tbo future. In buoIi an expansion of
its population and wealth as Oven a
single gonoratiou has witnessed in, tho
.. uuIA&&VfiiZ
CuV.act5Sii: 111. Al
.f m.. .nd .m., Mhi. Rkfa. bln.d and Net.
rlS iiiieii.a oli? mated brwall aU oTcrlbe
piaaa n o. i ror men
&ISTteT filMMM. No. for
EaUrrk. B trsMi.sa as s refer.
isms, a Itfal raarantM ttrsa lftt.sct.sarr.
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Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
West, its race problem must vanish,
ovon though tbo emigration of tho
blacks should cease; sectional lines
must bo blotted out, and South and
North merged in tho indovisiblo
Union, which is identity of interest
and condition, as well as of blood, of
language and of history. Tho peoplo
of tho South aro ready for tho moro
perfect Union, tho prophetic aspiration
novcr tho attainment of tho fathers.
Louisville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta
havo spoken our fcoling. It but remains
for tho pcoplo of tho North to
como and sharo "all tho wonder that
shall be."
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f Ufc jMhi

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