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The Silver Men have Everything
Their Way-Free Coinage
at 16 to I the Majority's
jlattle Cry.
IiKxinoton, Kt., Juno 3. Lexington
to his morning is filled with delegates
free, nilvcf delegates from all iarta
of tbp State. ' Tlio gold men nro so
much in the minority that thoir
is harilfy uoticoablo,
Tho first indication of lifo in tbb
convention followed tbo playing of
"Old Kontnoky Homo," and a obcor
went up that could bo beard for miles
around. To tbo right of tbo ball was
an elevated platform, which was filled
with the beauty of tbo State. At 1:45
o'clock, standard timo,Clinirman Long,
of tbo State Central Committeo, rapped
for order, wliilo tbo Itev, Dr. Ilartlett,
of tbo l'rcol'jtcrlnn church, invoked a
blessing on tlio convention.
Mr. Loni.', when bo bad concluded
his address, aanouucod that tbo nominations
for 1 mporary chairman wcro
in ordor. John Rhea's appcarenco at
tbo speakers stand was the signal for
an outburst of applauso tbat did not
subuido for several minutes. Mr, Rben,
ofter quiet bad been restored, in a few
words placed boforo tho convention
tho name of lion. Charles J. Ilornston
for temporary chairman.
Col. Dennett Young presented the
name of Judge Ales 1. Humphrey, of
Silver men controlled everything
they went after, and tho silver contesting
delegations from tbo counties of
Henry and Bourbon being temiiorarily
seated, Mr. lironston, after being
elected district delogato, withdrew in
favor of Peak. Evorwhore except in
tho Eleventh tbo sound money men,
liko tho man who was to bang wcro
resigned and took tboir medicine like
little men. In the Eleventh a hot tight
was mado, silver men having a mnj or.
ity otono.
Tho call of tbo counties was pro
ceeded with, Secretary Ingram calling
tbo roll.
Tho voto resulted: Dronston, 091:
Humphrey, 200.
Mr. Bronston, was declared temporary
At 3:13 o'clook, tho call of districts
having been completed, and all tho
oommittiecs named, Chairman
announced that thcro would bo
nothing beforo the convention until
roports from committees wero board,
and asked: "Wh&tMs tho pleasure
of tbo convention?" Liko a mighty
roar went up a call for "Blackburn,"
and tbo oicitcmtnt almost reaobod
fovor beat as the tall form of Mr.
Blackburn, between pushing, pulling,
and, all but lifted, walked
forward on tbo stago to tbo side of
tho speaker's dcBk. His faco was pale,
but a smilo was playing about his
mouth. Then tho nudionco settled
itself to listen, and Mr. Blackburn
Lkxinoion, Kt., Juno 4. After ono
or two lively scenes, tbat wcro interesting
but not sensational, and after
tbo adoption of committeo roports
substantially as agreed upon last
night, tho Stato Convention adjourned
this aftornoon at 3 o'clock.
Tho platform is unequivocal; thore
wero soveral changes mado in tho
to-day, making it all that tbo
most cntremo silver Democrats could
Tho reorganization of tho party
maohinory was effected as outlined
boforo. Ma, P. P. Johnson stands at
tbo head of tho two Btato oommitteos,
and Mr. Harry Sommors at tbo head
of tho Campaign Oommittoe, wbilo
Senator Qoebcl, although bitterly and
openly fought by Mr. Harvy Myers,
was overwhelmingly elooted a member,
at-largo of both tho Stato Central and
Stato Exccntivo Committees. Tho
Myers faotion wonts6 far as to demand
a call of tho rollbut ob it was seen
tbat nearly ovory delegation was voting
for Mr. Goobol, tho objection was
withdrawn and his elcetion becamo
Tho first demonstration of enthusiasm
by the weary delegates was whon
Blackburn reached tbo ball and
walked down tho centor aislo to tbo
stago and took a scat bosido Mr.
Col. W. O. P. Breokinridgo was
called upon for a spoeob. Tho demonstration
was loud, and in a few minutos
bo oamo forward. Many oallod for tho
report of tho Committeo on Credentials,
bnt ho was Invited up and responded.
He said that his first publia
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effort was to beg Democratic unity,
no know tbat bo did not agreo with
tho majority of this convention, but ho
had novor conocalcd bis opinions and
wan now too old to do snob a thing.
They had boon given tho powor and
with them rests tbo result. If bis services
wero needed for tbo party, thoy
woro always at command. Ho Baid that
there was no finish to a fight on tbo
ourrenoy question. Liko tbo poor, wo
always havo it with us and always will
as long as mbn work for their bread.
The Democratio party or tho Republican
party can settlo it only for a time,
It will over como up when times aro
hard, and under such conditions us wo
havo to-day. What wo noed, ho said,
is rest rest from disputo, rest from disruption,
no was about to stop, but
tboro wcro cries of "Go on," "Qo on,"
and hs did . As a laboring man
to laboring men, as a Buffering man to
suffering men, ho spoko to them and bo
hoped that common poaco would soon
como to our common country.
r.nsoLUTiONS adopted.
It was agreed that the report of tho
Committeo on Resolutions should bo
mado before tho election of delegates.
The majority report' was changed
slightly this morning as to tho verbiage
of two paragraphs. It was as follows:
First Tho'Democracy of Kentucky,
in convoution assembled, do reaffirm
their oilegianco to tho principles of the
party as announced by Jefferson and
Second Wo aro in favor of bimetal-
lism, and to that ond wo hold to the
nso of both gold and silver, without
discrimination against either metal, at
tho ratio of 10 to 1, independent of
agreement with any other nation. Wo
favor the immediato repeal of all laws
by which Bilvor was demonetized, and
demand its unqualified-restoration to
tho right of freo and unlimited coinage
in tho mints of tbo United States as
monoy of final redemption.
Third Wo bold tbat tho Secretary
of tho Treasury should oxerciso bis Io-gal
right to redeem all coin obligations
in gold or silver, as may bo most con
venient, and are opposed to tho isaue of
bonds in times of peaoo for tbo mainte
nance of tbo gold reserve or for any
other purpose.
Fourth Wo aro opposed to tho national
banking system and to any enlargement
of its powers, and opposed to
any contraction of tbo currency by tho
retirement of greenbacks or otherwise
Fifth Wo declaro it to bo a fundamental
principlo of Democracy that
tho Federal Qovernment has no constitutional
power to impose and
collect tariff duties except for
tho purposo -of revenue only,
and tbo collection of snob taxes should
bo limited to tbo necessities of tbo
Govornmont, honesty and economically
Sixth Tbat tbo Democratio party bos
ever boon tbo party of personal liberty
and religious freedom, and is now and
baa always been opposed to any nnion
of cbnrch and Stato. It is opposed to
tho enactment of all laws the purposo or
design of wbiob is to sustain or onforco
any religious tenet or eeot, and to any
law, organization or Bociety, roligious
or political, secret or otherwiso, that
tends to proscribo any citizen for or on
account of bis religions belief, or to apply
any suoh test-as a qualification for
publio office.
Bovonth Wo .condemn and denounce
in unmeasured terms tbo illegal and
unwarranted notion of tho Republican
Governor of Kcntuoky in calling out
tbo, military powor of tbo State, for tho
purpose of overawing tho Legislature,
attempting to elcot, contrary to tbo
wishes of tho people, a Republican to
tho United States Senate, and commend
tho oondnct of each and every
Demooratio member of the Legislature,
and ovory Domoorat, who stood loyally
to tbo support of the party and its
in that contest.
Eighth Wo doolaro tbo support of
the party nominees to bo tho true tost
of party foalty, and that ovory uominoo
is entitled to tho undivided support of
the party.
Ninth Rosolved, Th4 the delegates
oboson by this convention to the
National Demooratio Convention
to bo held at Chicago, July
7, lfiOC, bo and they aro instruotcd to
cast tho voto of tho Stato of Kentucky
in said convention' for Hon. J. O. S.
Blackburn for Prceidont of tho United
States, and to uso all honorablo moans
to soouro bis nomination; nnd wo diroot
that tho voto of this Stato shall bo oast
as a unit upon all questions before tho
oonvontion by a majority of tho delegates
appointed and in nttendanoo.
Retoroneo to 10 to 1 silver and Senator
Blackbnrn wero recived with applause
Tho following named persons only
shall constitute tho Demooratio. State
Executive Committeo of Kentucky:
First K. Wheeler,
Seoond Distriot O. M. Me'aoham,'
Third W. Roark,
Fourth Distriot G. S.
Fifth Distriot W. B. Hoko, Louis
Sixth District Robert Ellis, San-
Seventh District South Trimble,
Eighth' Distriot Wilkes Morgan,
Ninth District J. N. Kehoo, Maya-
Tenth District James Hatcher, Pres-
Eleventh W. Mot-
oalf, Pinevillo.
Stato at -Large William Geobel,
Resolved, That tho State Central
Committeo is dlrectod to ooustituto a
campaign committeo for tho November
election, 1800, composed of:
First District L. B. Anderson, of
Second Distriot T. J. Nunn, of Hopkins.
Third Distriot W: O. Rodos, of
Bowling Green.
Fourth Distriot H. A, Sommors,
Chairman, of Elizabothtown.
Fifth Dulaney, of
Sixth District John W. Wostovor,
of WilliamBtown.
Soventb District WJJ. Hawkins, of
Eighth R.Wolob,of
Ninth Distriot A.- W. Boscom, of
Tonth District-O. P. Chenault, of
Eleventh District J. Smith Hays.
Respectly submitted, this Juno 4, 189 0.
C. W. Metcalf, chairman, State-at-Largo.
Charles M. Meacbam, Sute-at-Largo.
R. A. Burnett, First Distriot.
Frank B. Richardson, Second District.
James B. Martin, Third Distriot.
John S. Kelly, Fourth Distriot.
. John R. Pfianz, Fifth District.
OttoWolfo, Sixth Distriot.
Joseph A. Hnmphreys, Seventh District.
Bon Leo Hardin.'Eighth Distriot.
Waller Sbarpe, Ninth Distriot.
A. A. Hazolrigg, Tenth District.
O. E. Jones, Eleventh District.
Tho following name persons shall
ooustituto tho membqrs of tbo State
Central Committee:
First District W. P. Catlin, Murray.
Second District S. A. Young, Henderson.
Third Distriot Charles M. Lewis,
Bowling Green.
Fourth Shuck, Leb-anon.
Fifth District W. O. Head. Louis
Sixth Hodge, Newport.
Soventh District O. E. Bntlor.Paris.
Eighth District-Jack Chinn,
Ninth District Hanson Kennedy,
Tenth District A. W. Hamilton, Mt.
Eleventh District Jamea Garnett,
Jr., Columbia.
At- Large William Goobol, Covington.
O. W. Metcalf, of
Bell county, and .Chas. Meacbam, of
Christian county. .
First Distriot R. A. Burnett.
Seoond Distriot F. V. Richardson.
Third Distriot James B. Martin.
Fourth District Jno. S. Kelley.
Fifth R. Pfianz.
Sixth District-Otto Wolfe.
Seventh Distriot J. H. Humphrey.
Eight District Ben Lee Hardin.
Ninth District Waller Sharpo.
Tenth Distriot A. A. Hazelrigg.
Eleventh District Ed Jones.
Senator J.
0. S. Blackburn, John S. Rhea, P. Wat
Hardin and W. T. Ellis.
Alternates. Robert W. Nelson,
J. Morton Rothwell, Tberodoro F.
Holism and John D. Carroll.
J. P. Torvin,
W. B. Smith.
Perhaps no diarrhoea remody on
earth has sold as rapidly sinoe its introduction
.as Dr. Bell's Anti-Pain. This
is duo to tho fact that all who use it say
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Griffin &. Bro. tf.
. A Story With a Moral..
(Nw York Ban.)
onArncR i.
Sbo was a woman whose ftge might
safoly bo pronounced, 'uncertain,"
and, as Bhe stood fci tho counter
fingering a halt dossa piooos of dress
goods by turn, it waa ovidont tbat
sho was in tbo tkroos of uncertainty
ooncerning some question
or what not.
"Ib itfaijonxaeli.oraiyonnKlady?"
aakod Roggs. the- o&tk, desiring to
facilitato tbo ealo.
Tho lady's hands dropped,' to her
sido, nnd in a moment, sbo walk
ed away with a curt "Sorry to havo
troubled you." Roegs "was Joft to
ruminato on the unstabloness of tho
feminlno mind as ho waited for Another
Onco more there was a yroman of
uncertain antiquity at a iVees fioods
oonnter. It was a virtual zopotition
of the scone in tho first chapter,
except that this time tho brisk and
nattily dressed Toggs was the salesman,
"Is tho dress for yourself or Q
old lady?" asked Mr Toggiywlth innocent
urbanity, and tlireofJy the
young man might have been soon
dexterously handling tho :rard measure.
Our two heroes are now middle-aged.
Toggs is a partner in thus great firm
in which ho onco hold, a
He dines on torrapin
and quail on toast, wthilo Roggs,
in a shiny-back ooat andiibabby shoes,
walks the streets, wondouing why ho
never had, any luck.
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and summer complaint cramps, colio
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mediately. AU dangnr of fevers ia
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. Woyno Griffin & Broiy tf.
His Murderer Pursued and Shot
Him in His Tracks-Saved
from Lynching by a
Minister's Prayer.
Beauregard is a, small place on tho
Philadelphia Times.)
Illinois Centra1 Railroad, fifty miles
so nth of Jaokson, Miss, In 1878 or
1877 I stopped tboro, and as I looked
down theiow of stores on tho eastern
sido of tho road tho peoplo suddenly became
Everybody seemed
to bo running for cover, and tbo
slamming and barring of doors was
hoard to right and left.
"What is it?" I asked,' a Jewish merchant,
as he was about to retreat inside
bis store, for I was a stranger in tho
"Buck Roberis is in town," he exclaimed,
as he disappeared. And a
moment later a young man came galloping
furiously down the road by
oourtesy dubbed a street yelling liko
a Comanche, and firing a pistol with
every'plunge of his excited horse. Tbo
stores had a continuous front porch or
gallery for soveral hundred foot, and
when Buck camo to its commencement,
he forced his animal (o mount tho steps
and continued his triumphal ontry in a
walk, shooting at signs, doors, Ac. Ho
was forced to practice his marksmanship
on inanimate objects, for tho people,
as he approached them, would run
to their holes.
Buck Roberts was drunk, of course,
and was having a little "fun" at the
expense of tho villagers. And the
business of the town was suspended un
til ono of his relatives was sent for to
quiot him down.
The next time ho visited the place,
to tho surprise of everybody, bo was
sober and declared be bad como to
town to take bis last drink.
"Well, let's have it now," said one of
his boon companions.
"No: not now. I'll wait till night.
I've just engaged myself to a nico girl.
I'm going to get married and q uit my
foolishness. So I've come to town to
swear off and take my last drink."
DEAra wnn ma last dbink.
The saloon was in a corner. In its
rear was a long walled. in yard, and
back- oHho yard was a hilly old field,
interspersed with bunches o'f scrubby
trees. In tho ovoning about 8 o'clock
Buck Roberts was on the porch of tbo
saloon protesting to bis incredulous
friends that ho was about ready to take
his last drink. Tho sky was clear and
tbo nearly full moon was shining in its
fullest splendor.
While Buck thus ontortainod his admires
on tho porob.a negro lying on tbo
gross in the shade of an aok on tho hill
side behind tho house, saw something
that struck him as singular, though be
bad no warning that anything
was impending.
Two men a large and a small one-emerged
from a small thiokot and came
skulking down into the road or street
near whiob tho blaok man lay,obsoured
in the tree's shadow.
The largo man was onvoloped in a
long cloak. Ho walked rapidly in a
stooping poBturo, and seemed to carry
something conooaled under the oloak.
Tho two stealthy figures entered an
open goto at the end of the yard, and
for a brief space of timo tho wall cnt off
their movements from tbo black man's
sight. But tho rear of the saloon being
on a hillside, was quito high from tho
ground, and the sole spectator soon
saw the two figures appear at tho top of
tho! steps and onter tho baok room,
which was in darknoss. Tbo iront
room, tho saloon, was lighted by lamps.
"No, I'm going to tako it by myseli"
said Buok Roberts. "I don't want no
oompany." And ho entored from the
gallery, and, walking up to tho counter,
gavo bis ordor. Ho took up tbo glass
And said with a smile:
"Boys, hero's my last drink."
And it was. For as tho glass touobed
his lips there was a flash and a loud report
through the open doer of the dark
baok room, and the boy dropped dead
in his tracks. A ohargo of buckshot
had passed through bis heart. Tbo
negro in the shadow on tbo hillsido
heard tho report of the gun and sprang
io his feet
"Dar den I" he mnttored. "I lay
dats dem boJv two men I seed. I
thonght doy wus up tnh some debil
Old Joo Roberts, Buck's father, had
ran to tho saloon a few minutes aftor
the killing. Ho soemod much grieved,
but moro exasperated as ho looked upon
the oorpso and questioned the nogro.
"Yuo say one was a big man and ono
little ono?"
"And the big 'un had on a long ooat
and oarried a gun under it?"
"No, suhpl didn't say he had no gun.
Hit pear'd like ho belt sump'n nnd' do
cloak, en it might nb ben uh gun."
"And you say thoy run off that a-way
cross the old flold? Northeast?"
"Yea, sub; dat'a do way doy went. I
kin show you, sub, any minute."
Old Joe turned to tho orowd with tho
air of ono who has mado up his mind.
"Gentlemen," he said, "my boy was
shot by Nick Robins. The big man
was Niok Robins, and the little 'un was
that trlflin' Tobo Elkins that lives with
Nick an' follows him like his tbadder.
You know my boy and Nick was cousins,
bnt thoy hated caoh othor liko
pison. Thoy como from tho direction
of Nick's houso, aud wont back that n-way.
Lot's gol"
And tho old man started for Robins'
homo, which was half a milo away, followed
by officers and many others.
Arriving there, Mrs. Robins camo to
tho door.
"My husband and Tobo Elkins aro
not hero. I do do not know where thoy
aro. Tuis was her, answer to overy
Then there was n huo and cry and
search for weeks for the missing men,
and at longth discovery of tho fact that
they woro being harbored and fed in
tho woods by a relative of Niok Robins.
This relativo lived somo twenty miles
from the place of tbo killing. In some
way it was learned that tho fugitives
wero in the habit of coming out of tho
Bwamp to a fenco at a certain place to
meet tho messenger who supplied them
daily with provisions.
snoi down in ms traces.
Ambushed by officers, ono of whom,
singular as it it may soem, was a near
kinsman of tbo late Buck Roberts,
Robins and Elkins appeared as antioi
patcd, and as they approaohed tbo
f onco' a gun was fired from tho ambush.
Robins dropped dead, and Elkins surrendered
in a stuto of abject terror.
Protesting innocence, bo mado a
of the most remarkable in
tho history of crime.
Elkins had no enmity nor canso of ill-
feeling against Buck Roborts, nor did
ho shoot or attempt to eboot tbo young
man. He simply went with his friend
and leader, Nick Robins, to seo him
commit tho murder. Nick informod
him of bis plan, and invited him to
bear him company.
Elkins was denied bail, and imprison
ed in tho county jail to await his trial
on A ehargo of murder.
Bnt Buck Roberts' friends wanted
tho prisoner's blood, and when thoy
learned that imprisonment at hard labor
for lifo would probably bo tho worst
penalty that could bo expected from
tho law, they resolved to lynch him.
Tbo jail was surprised and assaulted
ono morning about daylight, and whon
tho Sheriff arrived on tho econo he
found himself confronted by a determined
and unmanageable mob, who had
already captured tboir victim, and wore
bearing him away to tho woods.
Messengers ran wildly in every direction
to ronso up the lawyers and other
influential men of the town, and hun
dreds of people wore soon in pnrsuit of
tho lynchers, not to provontthem by
force, bnt to arrest their deadly purpose
by persuasion, if possible.
But the lynchers, led by the bereaved
father of Buck Roberts, wero resolved,
and after listening a few minntes to tho
excited arguments and appeals of a
number of law-abiding and influential
men, thoy put a rope about tho victim's
neck, and were about to silenco bis en
treaties for mcroy by strangulation,
when a wellknown and lo
cal preacher, tho Rov. Mr. L , camo
tearing his way through the crowd.
Ho bad run all tho way from town on
foot, and was pale, breathless, and per
"My, God, Mr. Roborts 1" ho gasped
seizing the old man's arm. "Let mo
pray for tbo man before you kill him."
Tho lynchers drew back before tbo
august aspect of the devout man of
God, who, without waiting for a reply,
dropped on bis knees and drow tbo
terrified prisoner down by his side.
Then ensued tho master prayer of the
minister's life. Beginning as it tbo
prisoner's condemnation was irrovoca
ble, ho appealed to tho young man to
ropont of bis sins and cast bimsolf with
out reserve npon tho Maker s mercy.
Tbon,addressing a pathotio argument to
Deity, ho spoko of Elkins' youth, temptations,
and weakness, and went on to
speak of the awful responsibility as
sumed by mobs in tho lawless taking of
human life. Interspcsing appeals to
God to open tho minds of tho lynchers
to tho orime they wero about them
selves to commit, and to tcaoh them
the sacredness of civil laws, tho duty of
oitizens to uphold thorn, and the ruinous
effects of lyncbings upon society, his
effort was a lengthy and masterly prayor
to the Almighty, intermixed with argu
ment and appeal to the maddened mob.
And it won. Old man Roborts
donly stopped to the preaober's sido,
laid his band on his shoulder, and said,
with teats streaming on his obooks:
"Parson, you're right. You've said
onough. We have no right to kill
Elkins. Let the law tako its course.
Boys, lot's disband."
And so the crowd dispersed, Elkins
was roturnod to jail, and a fowmonths
lator was sent to the penitentiary for
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La Grippe when Laxative Bbouo
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Others Lie Also.
IMadlionvlllc Huntltr.)
The editor is not the only ouo who
is addicted to tho habit of lying
about humanity. Tbo baby is perhaps
tbo mnocant causo of as muoh
lyiug as any other ono objeot in the
universe. Wo havo known ono little,
pudgy, baby to
cause forty peoplo to tell fifty lies
in thirty minutes. Lot a nurse, a
mother, a baby and a baby buggy
nnt and uvervone. the writer
exooptcd, will stop the prooossion,'
ticklo the infant under the ohin, and
swear that it is the cutest, smartest (
and prettiest thing ever boforo behold'
Highest of all In Loavcnlng Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
by human eyes. Tho mother smiles,
tho nurso grins, tbo baby squalls,
another start is made and soon tho
same scene is repeated. Tho ono
who has just praisod it to tho skies,
meets a neighbor and just about as
apt as not by this timo tho baby has
bcoome a monster and all agreo
that it is tho ugliest child tbey ovor
behold. Thoy lie about itslbeanty
to its faco and lio about its ugliness to
its back. Wo don't do that ourselves.
Wo confine our lying to tho weddings
and funerals. Babies aro not
smart becauso they don't know a
thing in tho world. Wo liko them,
wo aro glad such things exist, but
tbey aro not prettey nor aro tbey
intelligent. Tbeso qualities develop in
after years.
Past Time on the Midland.
Frankfort Capital May it.
Tbo special train, which carried the
Knights Templar from Frankfort to
to Paris on tbo Midland yesterday,
mado a very fast. run.
Loft Frankfort 4:45 p. m. and arriv
ed at Paris at C.40, ono hour and ono
minute, including delay of four
minutes, up the big hill out of Frankfort,
two minutes by stop at
ono minute at Stamping
Ground, and six minutes at George
town, making tbe. actual running
timo forty-eight minntes for tho forty
miles. Following is tbe timo
betwocn some stations: Switzcr to
Stamping Ground, fivo miles, five
minutes. Georgetown to Paris,
seventeen miles, nineteen minutes.
Elizabeth to Paris, six miles, fivo
t . .i
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Good watres to sell our Nursory Stock.
Apply for terms. Wo will have for
Hpriiig ana D all, lB'JU, an immense stocK
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Cherry, Grape, etc Also small fruits,
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We make a specialty of wholesaling to
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responsible parties and take note payable
in sixk twelve and eighteen months.
Writo us for wholesale prices. Address:
Socthehk Nubsbbt Co.,
10-Gm Winchester, Tcnn.
A Pioneer's Grave.
Helena (Mont.) Independent, May ;,
The funoral of Rov. L. B. Stateler,
Montana's first protestant pastor, who
came to tho territory and settled in
Willow Creek for a time, wbero ho
founded a congregation of tho Methodist
church, south, and who had labored
more than 30 years for the cause as ho
had begun, was ono of tbo most impressive
ever held in the State. It was attended
by many who had known the
old pioneer over sinco ho camo west,and
the coffin was laid lo rest on a hillsido
overlooking tho chapel whore ho began
his labors in tbo Stato, and whore his
wife, who bad gone beforo bim, was
laid.) An account of the ceremony is
thus given by A. G. Clarke, who returned
from Willow Crook yesterday:
"Tbo funoral sorvioes of Rev. L. B.
Stateler, tho venerablo pionceer minister
recently deceased, were held in
Stateler chapel at Willow creek, Mont.,
Tuesday, at 11 a. m. Moro people wero
presont than oonld find room in tho
bnilding. The ministers present wero:
Rev. R. S.I Clarke, Rov. E. J.
Stanley, Rev. E. L. Leo, Rev. J. E.
Squires, Rov. B. E. H. Warren, and
Rev, W. H. Kincaid. Old friends
from Helena, Butte, Whitehall,
Radersburg, and other portions of tho
surrounding country wero in
Rev. R. S. Clark preached tho
funeral discourse. The text was tbo
thirteenth chapter of Aots, tho soventh,
eighth and ninth verses. Tho sermon
was rich in thought and was listened
to with profound attention from beginning
to end. A biographical sketch of
tbe dead pioneer was read by Rov. E.
J. Stanley, and appropriate remarks
were mado by tho other clergymen,
who testified to tho noble character and
useful minister, Rev. Mr. Statolor.
"Tbo casket was covered with floral
offerings furnished .from homes scattered
from Gallatin to Bitter Root.,
But tho noblest tribute of all was tho
sobs and tears of tbo neighbors and
friends of tho man of God whom thoy
bad known more than SO yoars and who
bod shared with many of tbem tho toils
of a frontier life, Tho old pioneer
was buried by tbo side of his wife in
tbo family cemetery on tho hillside tbat
overlooks the littlo ohapel and not
more than one milo from where bo organized
the first society of bis
in January, 1805.
"Tho people of Montana owo a dobt
of gratitude to tbo momory of L. B.
Stateler. He identified himself with
her interests 83 years ago, having como
thither with other immigrants through
tbo wilderness under tho leadership of
tho famous guido, Jim Budger. Ho
was greatly attaohod to our country
If to wail tha baal aiport aad aotentlaa total.
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Ions of arlvata alaaaaa
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U aad rayatilaiula lata aaaatry.
f Dearborn St., Chicago, Ha.
and people, and dovoted bis efforts to
tbo 'up-building of its interests
Through his influenco hundreds of
good peoplo bavo been induced to seek
homes in our midst. Ho bos not only
given hundreds of dollars to
but by his lifo and ministry he
has carried joy and sunsbino to tho
hearts and homes of thousands of people
scattered throughout tbeso mountains.
In writing tho history of the
early development of our great Stato
and recounting its heroes, tne name
of L. B. Stateler should always have a
promiuont place."
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T. A. SLOCUM.M.C., IU Pearl St, Hew Tort
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i:r:i:.;u,iiiactpgs: aUaaamsay&u

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