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All kinds Job Printing neatly executed. n I come, the Herald of a noisy world, the news of all nations lumbering at my bach. " Subscription $1 per Year, in advance
an the pain
which women
suffer is caused
by weakness or
derangement In
the organs of
Nearly always
when a woman Is not well theso
organs are affected. But when
they are strong and healthy a
woman Is very seldom sick.
Is nature's provision for the regulation
of the menstrual function.
It cures all " female troubles." It
Is equally effective for the girl In
her teens, the young wlfo with domestic
and maternal cares, and
the woman approaching the period
known as the ' Change of Life."
They all need it. They are all
benefitted by It.
Tar idttc In qui reulrlnr ireclil
directions, address, rlrlar symptoms,
th. Ladles' Adrliory Department.''
The. Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
TOO!. J. COOPER, Tuptlo, MlH.,ltrl
" Mr Itittr sutUred from srr Irrtgultr
end Btlnlul mtnstruiUon nd doctor!
cautdnot rsllait hsr. Win of Cardul
ntlrtlf cured nsr and olio htlpid ml
Mtiiir Ibrouati ID Chang ot Ult."
Attorney Law
- at -
And STarTresror,
I'KCIAI, attention Rlrtu to collections anil
Sl'KCI. Surtevluir.maUnir abstracts. He
Alio Not.tr I'ubllc for Ohio county. Office
north slue or public square.
a, e. l, siuiouan,
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YT court, or Ohio .nil adjoining counties,
Collection, carefully and promptly attended to.
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practice hi. profession In Ohio and
adjoining couutlca, rieci.l attention Riven
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adjoining counties, special attention siren
to all business entrusted to hi. care. Office
neit door to the Kepubllcn office.
O. 3yc. Bamett,
Attorney at Law,
(notary rrjDLic)
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VY court, of Ohio and adjoining counties.
Careful attention will be given to all business
entruitedto hi. care. Collection, a .pecialtv.
Office over Ohio Couuty Dank.
E. I3.
Attorney at Law,
TRACTICK In all the Court, of Ken'
TV lucky, special attention given 10
tloni. settlement of decedent, ettate., roeiTcases
and criminal practice.
Driinn a urug more
Attorney at Law,
practice hi. profession In all the
WILL of Ohio ar"A adjoining counlle. .n J
Court of Appeal.. Sp 1 attention glren to
collection.. Office nq to Red Front.
TTILL I'RACTICK their profession In all the
Yy court, of Ohio and adjoining countlci
and In Court of Appeal.. Special attention given
to criminal practice and collection.. Alio
Notary Public for Ohio county.
at Law,
Attorneys - -
Will practice their profession In nil the court, of
Ohio and adjolnlugcountica and Court of Appeal..
Special attention given to collection.
Attorney at Law,
riLL practice his profession In Daviess, ad'
VT loiuingcou aud the Court ofAppeals,
Bpeclal ttenllou glveu to collections. Office
8i' Court Rowe,
Will practice lr the Courts of Ohio county
and Court of Appeals. Prompt attention then to
all binlne entrusted to our care. Office In
Hkx w.i) bulldlug.
mado easy Manufacturing
Hubbcr Stamps, fend for
1 l'llco List of Outfits to
J. F. W. Doiman Co., 121
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-- vi
w iiili: vi: aui: rui:i:ziNti, tiii:iih
The Australian Colonics arc Just
Now Burnlnc Fiercely With
Torrid Heat.
IVanoer, II. C. Telegram to the Chicago
When tlio (t unior Warrimoi, which
hasjutl arrived in British Columbh,
loft Australia, tbo beat was terrific, and
tlio number of prostratatious in largo
cities was unprecedented. Tlio ozaot
number per tiny is not chronicled, bnt
a long list of names of prominent men, '
wbo Lave- fallen insonsiblo on tlio side-walk
from tho licitt, tbo majority of
tlicin never lo regain consciousness, is
unprcocdontcd in any of tbo hot yciirs
of Lot Auitralia.
As an illustration of bow hot it really
is tho re, it is related tbut window
panes in midday crack from tho sun's
rays aud fall with a crash on tho sidewalk.
In mu ay sections work is out
of tboquestiou aud deep impossible
In somo plitocs tho sidewalks arc litter,
od at night with humanity on tho broad
of it j back, driuking in tbo night air
and staring up at tho sky.
Thoro is not a breath of air to ,bo had
on tho whole vast continent for lovo or
monoy, according to tho trlegrams received
from every section that can bo
reached by wire
In tho Colony of Victoria, where tho
thermometer registers 100 in tho sun,
those wbo vontnro out at noon, tako
their lives in their bands. In one short
paragraph tho death is chronicled of n
clergyman of prominence, o well-known
Government oflloial, and numerous
who all seem to have
fallen inseusiblo whilo ttinding on tho
stono steps of various largo buildings
thoro. In fact, wherever tho torriflo
heat was thrown for many hours on
stone, the stono seemed to become as
dangerous to human lifo as a live
light wire. Hays tho Telegraph:
"Violoria allowed Christmas to go by
unheralded aud unsung on account of
tho merciless snn glaro and compromising
north wind. In South Australia
tlo thermometer registered 1G2 degrees
tu tho shade, tho bottett December on
record. Tho inhabitants of Adelaide
aro simply existing, while thoso who
venturoout iu.tho middlo of tho day
uro bowled down by Old Sol liko so
many nino pins."
Tho prcsp of Australia has takon
of tho awful hiat to warn Australians
that Kluudiko weather at
is exactly tho opposits cxtrcmo to
what they aro enduring, and no Australian
leaving his nativo country now
could live in Klondike. Iu
tho promised big exodns from
Australia has (topped and tlioso arriving
hero by tho tteamors turn back as soon
as they havo received deflnitj information
of tho rigorous climnta of tho far
From every city aud town tho beat
registration has bcon sent to Sydney,
Sow Sputh Wales, aud from these
tho average beat is about 124 degrees
in tho shade and tho lowest registration
110 degrees, whilo tho records
show that Australia is sweltering to tho
tuno of ICO degrees in tho sun. During
tho day tho beat fairly bakes tho
houses and pet Is off tho pniut, while in
tho caoo of ttjuo (tructurcs, tho naked
hand can not bo borno npon tbo wall.
In faot, tho ontiro inhabitant) of somo
towns aro living outdoors.
To mako matters worse, bugo conflagrations
bavo sprung up all over tbo
antipodes from spontaneous combustion.
Tho grcatcit damago is resulting
from bnsh fires. From dispatches sent
to tho leading papers in Australia it is
probablo that tho total Iobscb will
millions of pounds sterling. In
Victoria 100,000 acres bavo boon swopt
J 3UHIH I llllf
CCCCCCO yiiuuivi
For nil illsenscg poctillar to women and
Kills. It Tones up tits Nerves, Improves
thcAnnptlte, Enriches the HIooJ, and gives
Life, lU'Ulth aud Mongtlt.
Queen of Tonics.
PT?FF! anottloof Monthly"
n CO intlng rills with each txrttle.
For sals by all dealers or sent direct
npon rccolpt of prlco by
NEW 5PCNCUR MED. CO., CbilUnoojs, Tcna.
cases roqulrlnu; special treatment, address,
glvliifr symptoms. Ladles' Medical
Department. Advlco and hook on I'cmalo
Diseases with testimonials free
For Sale and Recommended by
A, S AULT,, Sulphur Springs,
P. II. IIEAVRIN & CO. a.S.Kaley, ) .
PROPS. F.ll.lleavrlnf
h Phoenix Ilote
701 to 716 W. Market St.
Hilton ilt.OO por
by tho
Street cars from all depots In center ofwholesale
pass the door. and Tobacco Trade
clean, and an enormous quantity of
crops destroyed, in otuor colonies
hundreds of houses and barns woro
Cured the Mule.
Washington Star.
"I was riding along n mountain rond
in Eastern Kentucky," remarked a
traveling tmlesman, "when I saw a mulo I
running toward mo with n
dangling at bis heels, With great dif-'
ilculty I succeeded in turning out of
bis way, and bo continued to go down '
tho motiiitiin at a lively pace.
"About a luilo furthor on I saw two
frout wheels of a spring wagon, and a '
short dhttneo away tho otuor wheols
and tbo wagon-box. I looked arouud I
to sco if tbo driver was hurt, but, flnd -
iug no ono, I drove on.
"In a fow minutes I met a man walking
down tho road rather hastily.
'Stranger,' bo qnoried, did yo' sco a
mowl down thar?'
" 'Yes.
" 'Did ho hov a rag over 'is year?'
" 'Didn't sco any.'
" 'Waal, it's all right. I reckon Vll '
rtop when 'o gits flustered out, an' I
reckon 'o's cured.'
" 'What is ho cured of ? I asked.
" 'Balkin'. Yo' seo, I beorcd that a
grasshoppor put in th' year o' a boss or
mewl 'ed euro 'im from balkin'; so I tied
a rag ovor th' onttor'syear soitoouldn't
git ont, cotohed a grasshopper, pnt 'im
in, an' ttinngcr, it's th' best remedy 1 1
ovor seed. Th' mewl didn't givo mo
timo to git in th' wagon. I never did
sco a mewl so sprightly. 1 reckon th'
hopper's got ont now, an' I'll go on an'
cotch th' mowl.' "
Wbere the Jews Live.
I'ubllc Opinion.
Mr. David Sulzberger, of Philadelphia,
with tho assistanoo of tho American
Jowish Historical Sooiety, attempted
to tako a census of tbo Hebrews in
tho United States, with tho following
result: Alabama, 0,000; Arizona, 2,000;
Arkansas, 4,000; California, 35,000; Colorado,
1,400; Connecticut, 0,000; North
and South Dakota, 3,000; Delaware,
3,000; District of Columbia, 3,500, Florida,
2,500; Georgia, 7,000; Idaho, 2,000;
Illinois, 85,000: Indiana, 15,000; Iowa,
5,000; Kansan, 3,500; Kentucky, 12,000.
Louisiana, 20,000; Maine, 1,000; Mary
land, 35,000; Massachusetts, 20,000;
Michigan, 0,000; Minnesota, 0 000 I
Mississippi, 5,000; Missouri, 25,000;
Montana, 2,500; Nebraska. 2,000; No-
vada, 2,500; Now Ilamtwhire, 1,000;
Now Jersey. 25.000: Now Mexico. 2.000:
Nnw York, itto.ooo; Nnrih narolina. ,
F - --.
12,000; Ohio, 50.000; Oregon 0 000
Pennsylvania, 85,000; Iihodo Island, .
3,600; South Carolina, 8,000; Tennes-
see, 15,000; 12,000; Utah, 0.000; I .
Vermont, 1,000; Virginia, 18,000;
Washington, 1,800; Wett Virginia.
0,000; Wisconsin, 10,000: Wyoming,
1,000. Total. 037,800,
Mr. Ward L. Smith, of Fredericks-town,
Mo . was ttoublcd with chronio
diarrhcoi for over tbiity years. Ho
had becomo fully tntisiled that it was
only a question of a short timo until bo
would bavo to givo up. Ho had been
treated by Bomo of tbo best physicians in
Europo and America bnt got no permanent
reliof. Ono day be picked up
a newspaper and chanced to read an
advertisement of Chamberlain's Colio,
Cholera and Diarrhooa Remedy. Ho
got a bottlo of it, tho first doBO
helped bim and its confined uso
cured bim. For sale by Z. Wayne
Griffin k Bro., Hartford; A. S. Anil,
Sulnbnr Springs; J. X. Taylor, Cromwell,
Jnst a bit of real sunshino and
dropped into our office this morning.
A thing of benuty is Viok's Gur-don a
and Floral Gnido, with its cover of
dollcato tints, blue, pink aud gold, and
tho Golden Day Lily and Daybreak
Aster embossed in bold reliof.
Tho many illnttrations are
as as possible to mako by photography.
One can almost smell tho
fragrauco from tho flowers, and the
radishes and asparagus in glass dishes
look very tempting. No doubt but
this catalogue is tho best ono sent ont
by James Viok's Sons, of Roohestor,
N. Y during tbe forty-nine years they
bavo been in business, and next year
will bo their Golden Wedding anniversary,
and it is their intention to givo a
bandsomo souvenir to eaoh oostomer
fir 1608.
If interested in good gardening, write
at once, simply mentioning this paper,
and receivo a copy of this ologant sood
catalogue free.
A Short Sad Story. it
A Cold.
Had Foley's Honoy and Tar been
used, this story would bavo bad a
F. M. Hoover, Buford.
m J. H. Williams, Hartford.
A Ctiesnut Burr.
Interior Journal.)
D. T. Obosnut has revived the Cor-bin
Enterprise with Miss Florence
Cbesnnt as looal editor. Tbo Obesnnts
seem to bo running things in that town
now. In addition to tho two named,
Miss Maggio Obosnut is a notary public
A. B. Chestnut is town marshal
and D, T. Gbosnnt is 'a real estate
agent. Won't somebody ring tho chestnut
Fattest Girl in Kansas.
(St. Louis Republic
May Exley, tho only daughter of Alfred
and illon Exloy, is 8 years old and
weighs 280 pounds. She is 5 feet 3
inobes in height, measuring 5 feet 1 Oh
inoh around tho waist; ber arm measuro
is 17 inobes. Do
May was born in Jnnotion City,
Kas., in August, 1880, weighing only 5
ponnds 2 ounoos at birth. Her growth
was not rapid tbo first year, ber total
avoirdupois at 20 months being only 25
pounds. From this period sbo began a
rapid growth, woiguing at J years eu
pounds, and on January 20, 1899, sho
tipped tho beam at ovon 280 ponnds
and is making n gain of a fraotion ovor
2 pounds per week.
Although bright and intelligent, her
mind has not kept paoo with ber body.
Sbo is still a child of 8 years in overy
respect but size. ThoBmall.fat, dimpled
bands,tho innoeont.chlldish prattle, tho
expression of her countenance, combined
with her monstrous body, bold
tho spectator in spellbound amazemont.
Her parents are not unusually largo,
thoir combined weight being about 840
ponnds. They oamo over with tho En
glish colony from Yorkshiro in 1897,
ami utlU.l in tlm vfnlnltv nf TOnlr.
Hold, Clay county. Kansas.
Man Sweats Blood.
Qeorgo M. Smith, of Diillipshnrg,
N, J., sweats blood, and many of bis
noigbbors regard him as tho instrument
of divino manifestations. The
first symptom is a flushed appearance
of tbo face, similar to the congestion
prodnccd by tbo sovcro cold. At this
stago of the malady be complains of
ebbing strength and soreness in tho
muscles all over tho body. Next tbo
bleeding begins.
Tho first parts attseked aro tbo mucous
surfaces. Tho blood issues from
tho noso, eyes, gums tongue and throat.
If tho attack 1b n'lowod to progress the
sweating extends all over the patient's
body, and blood oozes from tbo pores
of his skin in spota varying in sizo from
a pin point to a silver dollar.
Tbo dootors say the sweating is
known in tbo books as purpura hemorrhagic,
and is not a disease, bnt a symptom
of diseased conditions prodnoing
debility and various blood changes.
Discovering the Unseen.
Irlttsburg Dispatch.
The most rcmarkablo bit of calculation
ever done by hnman being is that
attributed to tbo famous British
Prof. Adams. Tho scientist
bad observed certain peculiar perturbations
of tho planet Uranus. He could
explain tbo phenomena only by the
prcsonce of another great planet, unknown
to science, somowbore in tbo
beavons. Then began tho "figuring"
referred to. When the calculation bad
D00n completed, Dr. Galle, of Borlin,
Pointed His big toiescopo at tno piaoe
in tUo heavens indicated, and there was
tu gigantic
t5mes M ,ftrK as tn0 oarta Bnd 2,500,-
1000,000 miles away from it. Soientflio
aohiovement like this seems to border
on tbe supernatural
ro. . .. . ..
" i",''"ft,r " hnllta dnH0n oan
bo cut short by tho uso of Ono Minnto
Cough Cure, whioh is also tbe best
known remedy for croup and all lung
and bronchial tronbles.
For sale by Z. Wayno Griffin & Bro.,
Hartford. tt
Panic in a School.
Pkinckton, Kt., Fob. 2. A dynamite
oartridgo exploded to-day in tbe bands
of Shelly Maxwell at the Fredoniu
school, twelve miles west from here,
and literally tore tho tbnmb and two
fingors at tbo second joint from bis
band and mutilated bis arm. Besides
this, it throw tho school children in a
complete panic The force of the explosion
oraoked window panes and the
report was beard a good distance away.
The Maxwell boy and a companion
named Ben Ackerldge fonnd the cartridge
at a well where blasting was being
done. Ignorant of its destructive
nature tho Maxwell boy touched it to
red-hot stove at tho school-room,
when tbo explosion followed. It is a
miracle that several of tbo sobool children
escaped injury, as half a dozen or
moro woro crowded around Maxwell
when the explosion took place.
Dig down to the cause of your sick
ness, if yon want to get well and stay
well. Mostlikely it's indigestion. Tho irritating
poitons of formenting, putrid
food, left in the stomach by indigestion,
dizzinesss, stomaobache, nausea,
irritability, and all tbe other well-known
symptoms of indigestion.
They also canse many pains and disorders
whioh are often laid to other
causes and henco are not easily enred.
Bnt as scon as tbe poisons are removed,
all these symtoms and disorders disappear,
because there is nothing left to
cansothem. Nothing succeeds in this
like Shaker Digestive Cordial, because
prevents tho undigested food from
fermenting in tbe ttomaoh and helps
tho stomach to digest its food.
Sold by druggists, price 10 cents to
$1,00 per bottle.
Tbe editor of a rampant Republican
oontemporary bas this to say of tbe
present MoEinley prosperity: "During
eaoh month of tbo year we furnish onr
readers with Republican prosperity
supplements no more suoh supple-
menu wm do sent out witn our paper,
Tbe supplements are a fraud.a delusion
and a snaro. We are asbamod of them,
fliok and soro of sending out suoh
"Prosperity Supplements," wbon at
tho same time we aro unable to oolloot
enough money to meet our bills, after
having made them."
Aunt Sollle A. Maddoz Is gone far away
To tbe beautiful home of the blest,
With parents and friends who have gone on before,
At the feet of ber Savior to rest.
sad, lonely husband and chlldrenl why weep?
While your loved one is so free from carer
not think of her In the cold, lonely grave-She's
not there oh, nol She's not there,
Por her gentle spirit has Its flight
Toithe realms of eternal day,
Where with the saints and tbe angels of light,
She will praise ber Redeemer for aye,
A, Fbikno. l
Destruction of Cattle bjr the CI ray WoHea
Serious Matter and Ilecoinlns; Worse.
Even Men Attacked Convention to Con-alder
the fiulject Suggested.
Owners of great herds on tho ranges
of northwestern Nebraska havo como to
tho conclusion that something must ho
dono to prevent tbo killing of so much
stock by tho wolves.
Tho largest rnngo herds in tho stato
are to bo found to tbo north of Kearny,
Neb. An ostimato of tbo losses of cattlo
owned by members of tho Northwest
Nbbraska Stockmen's association has
'ccntly been complotcd by Sccrotary
Church. It shows that 15 por cent of
tho herds nro lost from year to year,
and 00 por cent of tho loss is attributed
to tho wolves. With tho oxception of
sevoro and sudden storms tho wolves aro
nbont tbo only source of serious loss to
tho producers of range stock in this and
adjacent states. Tho reports to tbo
agreo that tbo dnmago is increasing
at tbo rato of 5 per cent a year, and
various foremen say that wolves are
becoming as great a menace to rango
stock producing as jack rabbits aro to
agriculture in Australia.
Tho reports estimate that about 10,-000
wolves aro destroyed annually in
the territory. Most of them aro killed
by poison administered by tho employees
of various ranches. In view of tbo
fact that ranchmen have been trying
poison without any material benefit,
tho reports agreo that other measures
aro necessary at onco, as the wolves aro
increasing in numbers. During tho past
year all cowboys who rido tbe ranges
havo been required to carry rifles and
shoot all wolves to bo seen. Somo of
the foremen proposo that companies of
Ebarpsnooters snail bo employed by tbo
various stock associations of tho west
and that they shall rido tho ranges in
pairs and shoot wolves. Tbi would be
expensive, but it would enable individual
companies to do their work with
fewer men.
Another plan suggested is the employment
of great wolf dogs to hunt tho
range in company with trainers and run
down and kill the pests. This plan is
not regarded with much favor. Tho
stockmen of this section havo repeatedly
had offers of packs of Irish wolf hounds
guaranteed to catch and destroy any
wolf however strong and wary in a very
limited timo. But the men who know
tho wolves best aro not inclined to look
with favor upon this scheme. They assert
that any wolf hunting dog that was
over bred would bo killed in one season
on tho ranges around hero if bo came
into contact with n fow healthy specimens
of tho mountain wolf such as como
into this section every fall and remain
during tho winter. Thoy are as tough
as pino knots and as ferocious as tigers.
They will frequently fight men nlone,
and in packs aro dangerous to range
riders. Thoy aro as large as a
and havo fangs and tusks that
are as sharp as knives. Two can run
down and kill tho strongest steer on the
rnngo. Tncy usually sneak up as close
to tho bunchos of cattle as possible, and
thon rush down on tho herd, scattering
as thoy approach. Frequently a stoer is
killed for every wolf in a pack. Thoy
are not content with plenty of flesh to
eat, bnt seem to kill for tbo satisfaction
of tho warm blood thoy find to drink,
though when very hungry tho packs
clean tho bones.
Tbo mountain wolves aro ennning
and cannot bo induced to touch a carcass
handled by the cowboys. Tboy appear
to dotcct tho prcsenco of tho human
being, though days may havo elapsed
since tho bait was touched by human
bands. Ordinarily tho oowboys put in
tho best part of tho winter poisoning
tho pests. They tako tbo carcass of
an old cow, cut it in half and fill the
pieces with strychnine. Then tbo poisoned
meat is dragged to some isolated
point on tho rango. Tho moat is greedily
dovoured by tbe coyotes, and overy ono
that partakes of it dios. But this simple
method will not work with the mountain
wolves. These ferocious animals
approach a carcass carefully. If it has
not boon touched by human hands for
days, their keen scent warns thorn, and
they bavo to bo hungry indeod to touch
it So the cowboys havo to wear heavy
gloves in handling tho carcass. If the
cow man does not touch tbo carcass
with bis hands, but inserts tho
with gloved hands, ho may catch a
fow gray wolves, but theso strong beasts
find it nearly as easy to spring into a
bunch of steers and kill several fine animals
as to tear a doad carcass to pieces.
They love the warm blood so much that
it affords an additional reason why they
pass tho poisonod carcass when the live
herds are browsing in tho immediate
vicinity. When spring approaches, tho
packs of mountain wolves retire to tho
fastnesses of the mountains whero forage
is plentiful, only to return to the
ranges as soon as cold weathor sets in.
Near Kearnoy, Neb., the states of
Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and
South Dakota come together. Within a
radius of CO miles from whero these
four states join moro than $100,000
worth of stock is destroyed annually by
wolves. This applies principally to cattle,
because tbero are few sboep herds,
and these aro on privato stretches of
range. Foreman Henderson Clark of
Tbreo Bar ranch, in tbo extromo north-
western part of Nebraska, says in his re
port on tbo damogos from tbo wolf evil
"As an ovidenco of tho strength and
daring of mountain wolvos I reoite tbe
following experience I bad with two
gray wolves of a great size late last
spring. I was searching for a small
bunch of my cattlo that bad wanderod
into an isolated seotion near tbo South
Dakota lino. I bad seen a nnmbor of
big, gonnt wolves in tho foothills, which
slunk away, snapping thoir ugly jaws
ns I rodo by. I bad a six shooter with
me, but did not antiolpato trouble
"Suddenly as I was riding through a
small draw whero the grass was unusually
rank and underbrnsh thick, my
borse gavo a snort and abound, and two
enormous gray wolves sprang from the
cover at me. Ono actually grasped my
horso by tbe leg, while the othor fastened
his fangs in tho tbiok leggings I
wore. Tho horso noigbed with fright
and pain and attempted to escape. I
beat ono of tbe wolves over tno nena
with my whip, forgottlug my pistol for
a moment, no rolcnsed tho grip on my
. leg nnd again sprang nt mo, this timo
gotting a better hold with his teeth iu
my norso's shoulder. Uy tills timo I regained
my presence of mind, drew my
six shooter nnd shot tho hruto banging
on to tho horso's shoulder. At tho report
of tho pistol tlio other wolf, which
had been very industriously gnawing
my horso's bind leg, ran away. Tho
dead wolf, I should say, weighed fully
1C0 pounds. Ho was six feet loug from
noso to tip of tail and looked ns dangerous
as n panther. My liorso was so badly
lacerated that ho could not carry me
home, and I wns later forced to shoot
him. This damago was accomplished in
less than threo minutes.
"This year tho big gray fellows are
so numerous and dangerous that all tho
rango riders in my territory carry their
Winchesters on nil trips of any distance
I boltevo if somotbing is not dono to
solvo this problem tbo rango of tho
great northwest, including Nebraska,
will havo to bo wholly abandoned by
stockmen, and tho cattle industry will
havo to bo confined to narrow limits
whero each bunch of steers con bo carefully
watched by riders."
Tho association will suggest a convention
in tho near fnturo for tho discussion
of a plan that can bo applied
gcnorally in theso four states looking to
tbo total destruction of mountain
wolves. Thoy maintain that it will do
no particular good for tho cattlemen of
this part of tho state to wago a war of
extermination against theso pests unless
they havo tho assistance of tho
of tho adjacent territory, sinco tho
wolves take shelter in othor soctions
more remote when hunted too closoly in
northwest Nebraska, only to return in
greater numbers when tho bunt is less
vigorous. New York Sun.
An Editor's Troubles.
"Dear mel" cjaonlated the editor of
the Ruralville Bazoo, knitting his
thoughtful brow, fretfully, "what remarkable
questions somo of our correspondents
do ask, to bo snrel It is bad
enough to bo called npon to tell how
much of a snako is body and bow much
is tail, and what is tbe best brain food
for an aspiring young poot.and whether
if one's undo bad not been bis undo,
he would not have boon his aunt, and
if it foretells a cold winter when tbo
dog's bark is thickest on tbo north sido
of the house, and if subterfuge will
answer tho samo purpose as febrifuge,
and bow to preservo n'nenities so tuat
they will keep all winter, and how to
cure a calf that stutters so badly wbon
he bellows that bis own mother doesn't
recognizo him, and how to ntillzo a
job lot of surplus post-holes, and how
to make a boot-jack that will actually
jack a boot every time without fail, and
how to prevent that 'full feeling' after
drinking lavishly of hard cider, nnd
bow much A. and B. must nso off from
a given grindstone in ordor to bilk O
ont of his rightful share, and when
pockets are coming in fashion again,
and so foith and so on it is bad
enough to impoverish one's gray matter
to answer such questions; but now
comes old 'Constant Reader' and wants
to know what a farmer can raise and al
ways be sure to bavo a crop."
Children and adults tortured by
burns, bcsIiIb, injuries, eczema or skin
diseases may Beonre instant relief by
nsing DoWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It
is the great Pile remedy.
For aalo by Z. Wayno Griffin & Bro.
Hartford. tf
No Room for Loafers.
IMadlsonvllle Hustler.
From the depth of our beait do we
pity tbo young man, or tbo young woman
who has arrived at tbo ago of manhood
or womanhood, who has no idea
of tho realities of life, and who is without
a trade, calling or profession. The
timo has como in tho history of tbe
world that every ono wbo enters upon tbe
threshold of maturity should be equipped
with the ncoestary qualifications
for making an independent living. It
is better for a young man to dig coal,
split wood, grub sprouts or beat rock,
even at 25 cents a day, than it is to do
nothing and be supported at tbe
of old fathers and mothers. We
will say what wo havo said in times
past tho Lord bas novcr yet created a
hnman being tbat was too good to take
hold and do any kind of honest work.
Any occupation is preferable to tbat of
loafing and sponging.
Don't ancoy others by your coughing,
and risk your life by nosleoting a
cold. One Minute Cough Cure cures
oougbs, colds, croup, grippe and all
throat and lung tronbes.
For sale by Z. Wayno Griffin & Bro.,
Hattford. tf
Married Two Women in Three
John Jobnton, alias Honoycut, con
victed at Williamsburg, Ky., of bigamy
a few days a:jo and sentenced to five
years' imprisonment in tbe Frankfort
penitentiary, mado a rapid record in
the matrimonial .lino by marrying two
women in three weeks. On September
13 last, nnder tbe name of M. J. Honey-
cut and while representing himself as
a Baptist minister, bo married Miss
Mary E. Lay, of Gampbol! oonnty,
Tennessee. Ho left ber a few days
later and turned up at a Baptist association
in Whitley ocutity, Ky. Tbero
he met Miss Rachel L. Parker, win m
ho married on Oolober 10, civing his
name an John Johnson. Since bis on-
viction he has asscitjil that ho has been
married sixteen time.
The Southern Girl.
Nashville American.
Ot tho piotnres of which Thomas
Nelson Pago prosonts of bis peoplo o'Joresm Balm Is kept by nil druggist-,
tho South In hisrecont book, "Social F gizo fl0(J Triul sizo 10 cents. Wo
Lifo in Old Virginia Before tho War." .i u
tbt of tho Southern girl is best,
uuubu Buu aim itvcs, nun whibs uy uur
side, and charms ns with her "delioious,
low, musical spoeob," with her wonderful
beauty, with her snbtle power.
Mr. Psgo draws tho master and mistress
and makes them live again in his strong,
vivid character sketch, but tbey aro
creatures of tho past. "Tho Mammy,
too, has all but passed ibto tbo poetical
lifo. I
Bnt his picture of tho Southorn girl'
ia very real, is very preciouB, or it is ot
a girl tlatyou know. She lives oven
now beneath sunny skies and breathes in
tho balmy, perfumed atmosphere, created
for ber, amid flowers as delicious
as her sweet self. Sho is tho girl whom
you saw yesterday; sho of whom you
aro dreaming to-day. Seo if this
is not hers:
. "In right of blond (thobeantiful Sax
on tempored by tho influences of tho
genial Sonlhern clime; sho was exquisite,
line, beautiful a creature of
peach-blossom and snow; languid, delicate,
(nuoy; now imperious, now molting,
always bowitcbing.
"Sho was not versed in tho ways of
tho world, but sho bad no need to be;
sho was bettor thau that sho was well
bred. Sho had not to learn to bo a
lady, bcuauso she was b rn ono.
"A piotracted dovotion was required
of her lovers, and thoy began early.
They wero willing to servo long, for
she was a prize worth tho service. Her
beauty, though it was ofton dazzling,
was not ber chief attraction. That was
herself; that indefinable charm, tho
of many attractions, in combination
nnd perfect harmony, whioh made
ber herself. Sbo was delicate, sho was
dainty, sho was sweet. Sho lived in an
atmosphere created for ber tbo pure,
clean, sweot atmosphere of her country
home. She made its sunshine. She
was generally a coquette, often an out
rageous flirt. It did not imply heart-
leesness. It was said that tho worst
flirts made the most dovoted wives. It
was simply an instance, an inheritmce;
it was in her.
"Her heart was tender toward every
living thing but ber lovers; even to
them she was soft In overy way bnt one.
Had they bad a finger-ache, sho would
havo sympathized with them. But in
tho matter of lovo sho was intxorablo,
remorseless. Sho played upon overy
chord of tho heart. Perhaps it was because,
when sho gave up, the surrender
was absolute.
"Sbo was indeed a strango creaturo,
that delicate, daitity, mischievous, tender,
God-fearing, inexplicablo Southern
giil. With her fine grain, her
silkou hair, her satiny skin, her musical
speech, pkasnro loving, cauoy, be-
witahing deep down hy the bed rock
foundation of innato virtue, piety,
womanliness, on which were planted
all for whioh human nature can hope,
and all to whioh it can aspire.
"Words fail to convey an idea of
what she was; as well try to desoribe tbe
beauty of the rose or tho pcrfumoof tbo
violet. To apprcoiato her, ono must
have seen her, have known her, havo
loved her."
Glad Tidings to Asthma Sufferers.
Foley's Honey and Tnr gives quick
and positive relief to all cures.
Bbown & Giiafuan, Oentertown.
m J, n. Williams, Hartford,
One Grateful Tramp.
Macon, Co., Telegraoh.l
An anoident which shows that all
tramps aro not without gratitude was
related to a reporter yesterday by a
well known Maoon lady.
Tho tramp, who, by tbo way, was a
negro; saw a load of coal put oil in
front of a lady's houso and asked for
the job of putting it away. Tho lady
gavo him the job, but before be started
to work she noticed tbat bo appeared to
bo weak, and, suapoctmg that be was
hungry, asked bim if he didn't want
something to eat. He said he hadn't
tasted food for sevorral days, aud tbo
lady gave him a squaro mtal. He then
pnt tbo coal away, and after receiving
bis paywont away and was soon for
A few days ago a well-
fed negro appeared at tbe house and
asked for tho lady in charge. Sbo
appeared at tbo door, anil, seeing a
chicken in bis band, asked bim what ho is
Ijes'oum ter ax yor efycr didn't
want a chicken?" he laid.
"No, I don't want to buy a chicken,"
to, she replied as sbo ttuted to turn
back from tho door.
"Lord, missus, doan yor know
me?" asked tho negro, w'th injured
surprise in bis voice.
No, I don't think I do," replied tlio
Wills I'so do nigger what yer gavo
do breakfas' to dat mawnin' dat I put in
yer cool," he said with a grin, and
foro tho lady could mako reply, addol:
"And I brought yer dis chicken,
whioh I bopo yer will 'oept from me ns
er presont."
It took some littlo time for tbo lady
to remember tbo darky, bnt be finally
convlnoed her that sbo bad given bim
a meal when he was very hungry. Ho
then told ber bo Lad found work in a
dairy near Maoon and bad been given
a good poe'tiou. He npprociated bor
kindness tj him und had brotgLt her a
ohioken to prove it. j
Emzadktii, N. J., Oot. 10. 1800. '
Ely Bnos , Dear Sirs: Please so-
cei t by thanks for your favor in the
gift of a bul'Io of Crcifn Balm. Let
mo say I have used it for years and can
thoroughly reoommond it for what it
claims if directions are ful'owcd. i
Yours truly. I
(Rev.) H. W. Hatiiiway.
tin nlnrrrvmnn should bo without it.
Elv b;o8 60 WarronSt,N. Y. City.
Marriage not a Failure.
(Atlanta Constitution.!
A rural oltizon, reading tho marriago
notioe of a friend of his boyhood, camo
aoross tbe words, "No cards."
"Well, wu'.It" bo exclaimed, "Ef
Royal makes the food pure,
wholesome and dtllclouj.
Absolutely Pure
gittin' married mado John swear off
ftom card-playing,' tbar must bo somo
good in it, fcr ho wuz tho devil on a
gamo or
m -
A valuable Now Fonndland dog belonging
to Mrs. Margaret Dcmlln, of
Louisville, committed suicide by drowning
bimselt in a catch basin. Tho dog
bad just been whipped for como misdemeanor
and immediately rushed out of
tho yard and jumped iuto tbo nearest
catch basin, head foremost. Bystanders
endeavored to rcscno bim, bnt he
refused to como ont of tho basin. He
wns wot th about $250. It is surmised
tbat tho humiliation of being flogged
led to tho dog's rash act. Mrs. Demlin
is greatly grieved over tho loss of ber
Don't Tobacco Sj.it and Kuiolo Yonr life Array.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, bo mag
netlc, lull ot life, nervo and vizor, tako
tbo wonderworker, that makes weak men
strong. All druzslsts,t0oortl. Cure guaranteed.
IJoolilct and sample, free Address
sterling Itcmedy Ca, Chicago or New York.
Dorothy had heard somo ono singing
that classical production tbo "Little
Alabama Coon," on tbo street. Presently
sho camo to her mother and
"Mamma, what docs 'swat mean?"
"What do yon think that it means?"
"Well, I don't know, mamma, but 1
s'popo thst 'swat' is colored for spank."
Harper's Bazar.
Ingenious Hindoos. With a piece of
string and a little sand and greaso,some
Hindoo convicts recontly sawed through
an iron bar two inches iu diameter in
five hours and esoaped from jsil.
Is a blood diseascandonlya blood remedy
can cure it. So many people make
the mistake of taking remedies which
at best are only tonics and cannot possibly
reach their trouble. Mr. Asa Smith,
Greencastle, Indiana, says: "For years
have suffered with Sciatic Rheumatism,
which the best physicians were unable
to relieve. I took many patent
medicines but tbey did not seem to
reach my trouble. I gradually grew
worse until I was unable
to take my food
or handle myself in
any way; I was absolutely
helpless. Three
bottles of S.S.S. relieved
me so that I
was soon able to move
my right arm; before
loug I could walk
across the room, and
when I had finished one dozen bottles
was cured completely and am as well as
ever. I now weigh 170."
A Real Blood Remedy
S.S.S. cures Scrofula, Cancer, Eczema,
and any fonn of blood troubles. If you
have a blood disease, take a blood medicine
S.S.S. (guatanleed purely
is exclusively for tbe blood and
recommended for nothing else. It
forces out the poison matter permanently.
We will
send to anyone
our valuable
books. Address
Swift Specific
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u a a w "'" . a chif, :".
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ii T" ttainZZ "". ne.
-... 00 a.
t. ..,:"..
"'cr ca ,B
1'CUf. I.
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