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V 1
rV r 1I
PKANK L 1IXrulrllur
Subscription 11 per Tear in advanceitt
SENATOR Hirrell of Lo nn coun
ty Mated in the cnucua at Frank
fort last Monday night that John H
Wballen hail toupht In billie him to
lemain out of t 111 tuutuf and had
given him 81GOO an an inducement
FirrYEtoiiT meralierii the fulli
Democratic etreuglh attended the
House CBUCUR at Frankfort last
Monday evening Only four Demo
erotic Senators refined to participate I
in tho caucus This leaves a cafe
working majority
THE Republicans have talkedan
much and glibly about a fiftycent
dollar but it n a fact that we are
nearer thin product of public finance
now under the reign of the goldan
stand rdthan ever before A dollar
will not now buymuch more than
half of the necessaries of life that
L it would a few years ago
MR McKiNLKY Hands on the iUc
gle standard for money and theo
double standardor morefor mor
als He Is for the tingle gold stand
ard financial policy hut enters fntth
a contract permitting polygamy to
exin in tho Sulu nrcliipelauo andm
graciollaly permits the unlive t Bluttr
to purchase their freedom at ilerlith
market valueIf they can
TUB Dally State Democrat in a t
paper just alurted Hi Pnniktort nriI I
politics and contain the full proceedb
loge of the Legislature each day
The need of a lively Democratic
daily at the States capital has beenfa
long felt and the new paper will no
doubt meet with the success it de
A SPECIAL from New York Bays
that city has the most forgetful I
work and forgets all about li site
down to eat and commences taking
off his clothes imagining he is going
to bed c Pahawl thats noth
ing We have a number of sub
scribers who have evidently forzotli
ten to pay their subscription to THE
HERALD for several years and vet t
they read our paper thoroughly f
every week
No ACT of favoritciam ever re
ceived more just criticism than the
oppointment by Mr McKinley of f
the son of Secretary Hy to rppre
sent the United Stales at Pretoria
in the Trans van Hay Jris only 24
years old and is no more fitted for
such a place than a child is for Con
gress It was only by tho political 1 I
pull of hie father that he got the
place The appointment of so young
and inexperienced person to this
important post at BO critical a time
McKinleys administration
THE country now has a fiftycenl
dollar as compared with nearly ci IIt
the products of human labor We
have a fifty cent dollar in the matter
of iron and the products of iron also
cotton goods and many other of the
necessaries of life A dollar will
now buy little more of these thing
than fifty cents would a few years
ago And yet the Republicans want t
this sort of thIng perpetuated for all
time They tell you that it is pros
perity and that the country never
saw such an era of good times as it iP i FS
now passing through But what t
does the working manthe man who
CAiT ELLIS voices the sentiments
of a majority of the voters of Ken I
tucky in his open condemnation cJ
the secret ballot We have had
nothing but trouble at elections eve rb
since this system of votinc was Ini
augUrated in Kentucky No matter
what kind ofa law may he invented
to go with it the secret ballot will
still stand as a menace to the privi
leges and rights of the voter as long
aa it remain on our statute bonks I
The Republicans of course say the
tho Democrats want this law nbol >
lab because the latter cannot win
tinder it hut this is not trite and isc
weak charge in the face of so much
election trouble ever since the seoret
ballot was adopted The oldfashion
ed of volin tho fairest and
wayof voting was an Ib
beat Give us back the open ballot
Tar Republicans have heretofore
claimed that they were just as good
bimetallists as the Democrats itt it
all they wanted was the support ut f
Just to prove that they meant what
they said frove this matter Mr Mc I
Kinley sent a commission at a cost tI t I
to the taxpayers of more than
8100000 to foreign countries to g 0t
through the mockery of arrang1na 1
for cooperation in the scheme of bi I
metallism Hut the mask has note I
been dropped and the Republican at I
party stands out in its true IIghtI I
for the gold standard iu the strictm
est seme of the word No better 1
proof ia l wanted of this than Ut rp I
gold standarl bill which is l now be
fore Congress ant which ia receiving l
the united support of the Hspublii I i
cans 1a
TUB Secretary ifsthe Tieasury I
Mr Gage has brought upon himself i
the criticism of the best papers of tb 0o I
country by a recent act of political I
favoritism Mr Gage in the tilt I I
charge of hit duties baa tho disposal I
of large sums of money He deslgI I
ned the National City Bank ofI I
New York City commonly known
at the Standard Oil Bank as the det I t
pository of the Internal revenue rt 3T
ceipts of tin Government amount L j
bif on an average to about 81000 I < I
000 a day or more than 8250000 t 1
000 a year This money the hen ItP
Lcan I t
roofsal favor it pays not a cent to
the Government This bank is up I
ported and capitalized by a number
S p
Iof I the heads of the big syndicates of
tlm I iminr mill II i I not hurd to
il II rern ih fvmrmlhy und frilowIn
fv InlIig
Philipplinii I I I ii I a prolonged asinine to
j itt tioli
a thtiiCHinI Arnerlcaiif cnmpriing
I tlm flwrr III our brnve cilizrtiehlpj
mid the chivalry of our army
I hath ve been mcrificfd and five times
this I number have been crippled or
invoHilitl i l for ilfe Churchcc homes
und i echdolhoiKia have Ivfn burned
by I tho hundred and thousands of
m i laen
led only to be let alone and allowed
I R peaceful existence In their own
country aol under their own choice
of < government have been ruthless
ly j slain or died of famine or wounds
Tho remainder Are only spared for
a i like fate The blood of brave I
men i soaked in the mhos of destroy
ed < homes cilia out for justice and
for the stoppigj of this inhuman
an ciuifelcea war
We have received a very oiiustic I
and atiL > rv leticr from Mr Jesse ti
Williun who lives at McHenry
Ky Mr Williams gives lid a tern p
tile e dre ine down in lanmugi more I
emphatic than kind becauie we sup
ported tho G ohel ticket in the re
c nt campaign and foiled to come I
out for lion John Young Brown
with whom Mr Williams cast his I
political lot I Mr Williams infers
that THE HERALD ban been engaged I
ttin j yellow journaliara whatever that L
may IIII > B and 8I ya he wants his
pper tniiil Wo noicc however
that he did not quit THE HERALD
until u tho ltM II iue for which he had I
paid I WH due him Riuht here we
wiMi ID npoojzi to Mr WiMims
Iifu r our oversight In this matter
iiW e entirely forgot to ask him at the 3
beginning of the campaign what I
policy j THE HERALD should pursue
We just didnt think of itand the
fault was clearly ours We were 3
not i in tho habit of consulting him in
these t matters and the thing elippete
our mind We hope however he
w aill
and try and remember what THE
HERALD and the Democratic pantc
has done for him in days gone by
w chen I
of the support of most any old thing
that woull elect him to office Hw
hould not let the vices of ingrat
itude j and prejudice overcome his ob
ligations to old friendst
As regards the Brown men THE
HERALD has always thought and iie
poken kindly of them We have
never denied them their opinions
o ar
said sothat the L it N railroad
had much to do with the candidacy t
of Mr Brown but for the rank and I
file of his followers we had reapecp
if i not love We recognized their
grievance f but deplored their mode
of f retIrees We could tlotnor do
1ri i ot yetsee how any true Democrat
c ttould
p Eubhican
things t to which Democrats are op
posed j opb
But for the man who expresses the
entiments of Mr Williamshe he
Democrat Republican or Brown
Im anwe have little patience If I
things t dont go his way he resorts
to t rpite and abuse and he seems I
magine i in his egotism that peo
ple should consult him before form I
ine or expressing their convictions p
We will try however to get out an I
other tone of THE HERALD and
perhaps a few more after that one
and in the place of Mr Williams aa
name we have added twelve new ones I
The Democratic State Bard of
Election Commissioners is now com I
po edof the following gentlemen
Senator Poyntz who was a member of
the t old board and held onj Judge
John Fulton of Bardstown and Mr
dMorton I
Judge Fulton was selected by Sena
tor Poynlz to fill the vacancy causetl
b tly
iml Mr Yonts was chosen by Messrs I
Poyntz j and Fulton to take the place I
of Capt WT Ellis
Judge Fulton is i ex Judge of Nel I
d OU county and a man of recognized Integrity If I
integrity j and natural ability Ho Is I Bo
a gentleman of fine character and an
excellent lawyer He will lend l
strength and decisiveness to the com I
rabaion and to his stalwart Demca < I
cracy will be coupled a spirit of fair
ueaj that will add great popularity
to t its decisions
Mr Morton K Yonts who has
been selected to take Capt Ellis
place on the commission ia i a young
man of probity and established abili
ty t as a lawyer He is one of Wes ¬
tern t Kentuckys most popular and
well known gentlemen both In poll
tics t and social life He has done
valiant work for the Democracy
and he will render excellent service
on the commission
The new Democratic election com
mission is without doubt a strong
trio t of men all of recognized ability
and fitness They will constitute a
most worthy tribunal and no bon
a st claimant need fear a trial before
Guy Taylor laboring under a
misconception of the law has apt
pointed Meser A M J Cocbran I
nf Mnvfurilln and W H ATunlrnv of i
Covington aa State Election Com I
rnissioners to fill the vacancies causetiI
by the resignations of Judge Pryorh
and Capt Ellis Mr Cocbran is I a
well known Republican and MrC
Mackoy Ie i an eratwhile Brown Dam
ocrat There will of course be a
c lash in regard to the legality and
authority of the two commiaiions
the Republicans claiming that they
ore proceeding according to the Con
stitution and the Daraocrala denying
this and relying upon the plain etiloisn
o f law both organic and statutory
Tho clause of the Constitution
from which the Ii piiblcana get the
authority of Gov Taylor to appoint
the successors of Meter Ellis anda
Pryor Ie section 152 of the Coustitu
Ion which says
Vtcinclei In ill office for the State
tUrge or for dliltlcti larger than I
county than be fllltd by appointment of
the Governor All other appointment
I shall be made i raiy be ptftcrlbcd by I
Section 03 of the Constitution says
inferior State offices not saysSc
for in the Constitution may be ap
pointed or elected in such manner as
may he prescribed by law and asI I
totio 1 n 1530 of tho Kentucky Statutes
1IORellgolllou I how ind to whom ten
I ilerttt Alt reilgnMlons of office Ihlll beC
I tendered to the court or officer who tareh
quired to flit the vacancy Alt such res I
Ignition shall be In writing and rell I
I llcetsed etc ofTtp
ofla w says in regard to vacancies
torr i vacancy occurs In nald board
wlillit the General Aaiembty la Insenlon
latd vacancy shall IK filled by election byt
the General Aa < embly If a vacancy orh
vacancies occur In laid board whllit the
General Auemby lain I vacation the tame
shall be filled by appointment by the reo
maining member or members of sstdt
board Reiliinatlona rom Mid board
shall be In writing directed 1 to the boardc
and filed among the recorda thereof
Evidently the Democrats have
complied strictly with the law in
their case The Goebel law was not
in i vogue when tho present Conetitub
tion t i was adopted and consequently
no specific provision was made for the
resignation of officers who administer
it i The law itself specifies action in
the t premises at hand and this thea
Democrats 1 have carefully observed
The 1 position of election commissioner
is i not considered an elective officet
by t many in the strictest sense of the
word and it is therefore contended
that t Gov Taylor has overreached
his t authority in filling vacancies
which do not come under his junet
diction The matter will go before
the t Court of Appeals and will there
be t finally decideda
Election Commission before whom
come the contests for State offices
composed of Messrs Poyntz Fulton
and Yonts is now open and ready
for f business and being fully em
powered to legally act in the matterd
will commence operations the first
of next week
Z Wayno Griffin Bro enarantee
every bottle of Chamberlains Congh I
Remedy and will refund the money to
anyone who ia not satisfied after nting
twothirds t of tbo contents This is the
belt remedy in the world for la grippef I
coagba colds croup and hoopiog
conch nod is pleasant and safe to take
It prevents any tendency of a cold to
result i ia pneumonia m
Will Have the Country With Them
Savannah News
If the Democrats make opposition to
trusts their one great is ue tbey will I
have the country with them People of Ir r
iia ll classes are snffcring from the ex
a tctions I
3f inc f compelled to pay more for fertilizers
and wageearners have to pay more for
the necessaries of life And tbe Ite
publican party ia l largely responsible for
the existence of trusts because it re
f uses to reduce those tariff duties which
make the existence of certain trusts
To accommodate those who are par
tial to the use of atomizers in applying
liquid into the nasal passages for ca
tnrrbal trembles tbe proprietors prepare
Elys Liquid Cream Balm Price In
cladinc too spraying tube Is 75 cents
DrnRgiatsor by mail The liqntd em
bodies the medicinal propel ties of the
s olid preparation Cream Balm is 1
quickly absorbed by the membrane and
does not dry np tbe secretions but
obflinces them to a natural and healthy
oharncter Ely Brothers CO Warren
St t N Y
Choked his Wife to Deatht
BALTIMORE December 30 Franklin
IB Livingston the blind man who late
on Cbrhtmns night strangled his wife CI I
Doru LiviDijstOD and on tbe following
followingday i
police station was discharged from cus
tody j today by Judge Stockbridge Hio
attorney asked tbut ba be released on
tho i ground that the Coroner jury bad 1
decided that the murder wag commit
ted in selfdefense and that the com V
mitment of the Coroner chaining
Livingston with murder was defective I
Judge ijtockbaidgo took this view and
d i prisonerThe
The evidence before the Coroners
Jury j < showed that Livingston bad bee attacked
attacked in the middle of the night by
bis wife and that lie choked her ti Death
death to save his own life
YOU should know that Politys Hon
ey and Tar is absolutely the beet reme
dy for all diseases of the Throat Chest
or Lungs Dtaers are anlhor zed 10 t
guarantee it to give satisfaction in all
cases For sale by JH Williams m
News From Frankfort
The Daily State Democrat Frank
j forts new paper witb fall preoecdincs
of f the Legislature mob day and nil the
iutvrestini i inside political eosulp of
tblo I momentous session will be tent
yon the entire session for one dollar
oaeb Bund dollar bill check or order
nt t onco to
409 Main Street Frankfort Ky
And the AVenU nre Iteotored to Full Vigor
and Ntregti nt the IluniU of tho Great
eat Healer urMotluruTliuva
Ram o JollnnalnorncbttorwoaltaMIII I
Are You 1N4 Tour iIoi i how tint tcoUinq 1r
Sick n f uII R I 0 I
iiiu > a lrtlr < iH lluvoinu
I loftiimUlUiiit is liars UII
unnulnn ilruln ujon the
y > U > iut It tivury nrvun imp
fiirmlny Hi proijr Junc
tion III Othrr VoriUi
Cir V iti n Irrrrctlr
htruiiK Artlvu 1 VlK r
out IftMijiliy lluppr
JMnniir t Vonmri Y
Iduit you 111101 not tOo
lay one ilaylofiro joucon
milt a tijclulin ono to
ilnimthntiurannixiijjliaa I
IMWIUMIOK aLl wbojinilor
sund evry ihasuit weal
Inl I cml Ueao Ja to I
a hum ltiopniirr treatment
far a rll I u Inn 1
t houddlniiot8coiIILuuI tirlirmV I
Jnr n er2I fHr pn JNEVnOX
T ho Leading IIATIIMVA Y Its 1 < ntii i < > llllll >
eRnmilxllml I
tic tuil tlfra fur curs eMn
u Iliutof all oilier iwcialitUeomMiira Illncurrunt all
p torts
I lliotBHllculiroff I loiluiHltliu < Dlocinrrullr I lilt i
fiiiuoliii fjrroitlnlii evorf IlIln l nut rvirrharnlet
liiiwrrlcn Fhoti cthiIvteIv In IrIII iuinrttditawtus lit tbfynilLlit to linda uuim I
Ij Urn admlnlterliiK htawuntlcrtul > rrti > ni ol treat
rI r wIr
i JiieflI I 1
j riinpultntlonaiut iiUUlclnr f nhoa few month later
tlunkpAll h rave I
All Diseases lir llulluwnr ireala all dlwii M
Cured how I IJiIU I to men aIo
IoIMorrb ai I
IMorrb nheuruRIIm hlnft Complaint ECZPlu a
a nil all Irms II hallerlnll sri chronic IIloIOrdr
Varloooelt andrriJ HIIII aiicefw Intha
and irntniTOt Tl Vnrlcocelo ami i
Strloture Btflcturo without theolil 1 ni r hint Ce
orcniilfrr hpiienomniI l l Tlie
patient Ii treated by ChiC mrfliol MI hli ounhmiie
without Minor Inwol tlmn from Innlno Tlilxla
p oltIly llip only Irratment wblrh cum wllh I outs
operation IT taitiawarrall I IlioixirllruUraltrn
t luirllcuiaraitnihen f 10 I
j page nZMJW and ill of liliui I hook lileb alit U I
licullnnEvery I >
KWrrfi iiln liyDr flilliawnt
Speolally II I Pelf IrmlM 1 rcnrifinii full
Treatednahiirecil I mlertI li rpnrilp Renrl iran wad I
him am nrepan4 Irma lbs Iret ecu littilrne In I
hli i own i 1Iorolorl l umlvr lila Irnal l oTurrlKbt
and ill Irnmciwliil prr rlptlon if lilnoirn
r rl
Dr Ilalhawur uaIe ui rijurm i for cons Ii
Low laUolI oSUclYIC4 atIltr It IiIM ofUrn or h 7
Fiatnaaliaruh < tiuti cae ltakn tli in
ro icemen cOrnet ill tBedlclueaaod ci inf
Dr IliitluiHitr St Cou
Scheme of Republicans to Commit the
I Preachers Gages Defianceha
I ol Public Opinion
Special to Tot HRHALD
i WAsntNoioN Jan 1 1000 Senator
Oookroll the hading Democratic memo
ber of the Senate Committee on Mili >
I taiy Affaire is strongly oppoetd to the
I I Kepnblioan impertalletlo in realitytn1
plan for n lingo standing army and In
j I teud8 to tight It every time It shows Its
bead lie said on the subject TheG
I army oatMbllsbmentig provided for un
til l July 1 1001 and there is no neces
sity roJr lelol18atlon lit thIs sesdou 00 the
aObJeol This Rives ns u year and a halfda
to consider tbe mutter and decide whatI
slightly increasing the artillery arm ofI
tbe service to take cato of our lot
coast fottitloations bat I do not seahi
there t is now or will be in the near fu
ture any occasion for a permanent In
crease in tbe number of infantry or ol
vary regiments above that which has I
been provided for by law for a number
of f years
Captain Sigsbeo and Chaplain Chad
wick had charge of tbo funeral over the I
bodies of 160 ol the crew of tbe battle
chip Maine which were brought from I
Havana this week and interred iu Ar
ht ugton cemetery The ceremonies I
were very simple ceremoniesho
Neither Mr Quay nor bis friends are I
acting like men who are confident of
landing l that seat in the Senate They
are iu reality alarmed because of the
large l number of Senators who decline I
to t say how they will vote I
The American Protective Tanifiar
League has dono many eb nrd tbiner
bnt all its tfforts in tbat line have been I
I eclipsed by a ciioalarltttor it has sentco
to preachers for tbe parpoie of trying
I to t get them to say that church uollec
BIons I
tariff t The ministers of Watblnutou
ore inclined to resent this attempt to
nso them for pi 1tloul pnrposea One
of f themDr AUx > mdei MackiySmitb I
who voiced the opinion of tbe most of
them t taut Tho weather cuts more
flearein church collections than aDV
t tariff measure tbat could bo framed I I
h j ave noticed tbat collections frrquebtly P
f Dall
d aiay <
tbo greatest tbinu to be considered IiI r
tbe I gentlemen who are sending taut the
circulars can prove tbat more people go
to t church under a ptotective tariff than I
nuder a tariff for revenue I will be in
clined to think tbat there is something
in i their contention
Secretary Gage showed his contempt L
for public opinion when be ordered I
something like a million dollars a day
the t receipt of tine Qevernment for in
tercul t revenue taxes deposited in a i
favored New Yurk bank pending dis
tribntion t among otuor netionab t
banks but he may find himself in hot
water on account of that order as a i
Senator is l quoted as having said of tbe
order The only cuticfiction Secretary
lace vuuiibsHfes to the o mutry is tbat
it is u confllentlttl arrauuemtnt be
tween tbo Treasury and tbo Lank
That is a qifer way tJ tilk nU > nt th a
Government transactions and I
wouldnt lie surprised if an effort aboold
be made in tbe Senate to ask eomesharp I
questions about it I remember that n
big muss was kicked up during Mr
Clevelanda Admluintratiou because a i
much smaller sum of Government mon
ey was deposited in widely scattered
banks In Jacksons time tbe came
question was railed and tbe country
sat down bard on the scheme
The bearings In tbe cue of r
Clark of Montana which are to begin
Jan U I before the Senate committee on
Elections will boeenbstloual if Senator
Clark proves as bo says he Kenatoit
the whole case againi him bas been a I
conspIracy which having failed to pre
vent the Montana Legislature electing
I him Henatortarned its scheme towards
the U S Senate with the hope of get
though each witnee from Montana will 1
cost abont SIMO a large number hay 0
bcpn t summoned by thn ommittee
ExSenator Fniilkn > r of We t Virginia
Is Senator ClarkVcbicf counsel
100 Reward 100
The readers of Ibis paper will be pleased to
learn that there U at least one dreaded dltease 1
that science has keen able 10 cure In all Its
stages and that U I Catarrh Haifa Catarrh
Cure la the only potttlve cure known to the
medical fraternity Catarrh being a conillti
lIonel ill ease requires a constitutional treat
ment Halls Catarrh Cured l taken Internally
acting directly upon the blood and nauseous sut
faces of the system thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease and giving the pa
tient strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature In doing Its work Thi ICf
proprietors hove ao much faith In Ita curattb
powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case that It falls to cure Send for llita of
testimonials tAddrea
Sold by Druggist jjc
Halli Family Illla are the best
Please Have Read In Every School 1
room In Your District
Every blind chili in Eentuokywhoso
sight is l BO weak an t > prevent u from
going to a school fur the seeing 04n get
a free edncition together witn board
and lodging at the State toluol for the
blind in Louisville Ky
There Is no charge for board or tai C
lion and if the childs parents are too
poor to pay the railroad fare und tj I
clothe the obild tbe State will provide
clothing and will pay tbn railroad faro
botii tn the fcuoi 1 und buck to its hume
oi > iiiu at vacation
The school session IH frcm the tnUMIe
of Hcptf > mbpr tn the middle of June I I
und the children Ill go to their homes i
for the summer vacation us the State
wishes to kep dive the familv ties StateI I
There aria seParates scbobh for tbo 1
white children and for tbe colored
children in separate bnlldlns sumo
distance apart each with ill own sot of
To get n child into tbo school it ia
only necessary to writs to the Superb
tendent nf tbe school thn namo of tho
child and itt ago tho names of its I
purnuts and their pontoulce address and j
tactile whether the child has a sound
mind and Is free Mora disease and to
state win thor the child baa been vac
To secure clothing and car far > Uipro
unit 1 bi a oTllHcutt dinned bv the
county jldafi or tbe nonreit t clergy
man For fnttier Information write to B I
n Hnntion Suit Schools for the I
blind in Lonlaville Ky or to any off its
t triuteos in Louisville Ky I
These are Andrew Cowan Angnstna
E Wilbnn Charles T DAIIrd Miiobi
a l JluldoonRsv Adilph MneerD D i I
l ames A Leech Logan 0 Mjirrnv Dr
William Obeltlum Dr L B Mour
t ry
Bucklens Arnica Salve I I
Has world wide fame for mary loi Is
tion ointment or balm for Cut DornB
Hume Boil Sores Felons Ulcers
Tether Holl lltxiim Fever Ou riki >
tied nand Skin Eruptions Infalllhlo
for Piles Core pnornnteod Only 2 10
at < T II William drug store 01I I
Frozen Standing Up
LONDON KY Deo 30 William J
MoNeol an old and highly respected
farmer f of Piltnbnrg this com tv wai i
found near his home Ibis morning
standing ooalnst a feiice frl zen He
bad gone away from home mterriay
nnd was returning last t night wbn bo 1
succumbed to the cold Relatives bo
big alarmed by his failure to return
sea rched the neighborhood for him al
lat flight bat did uot find him until
after dayl teak lie was leaiilDg nlRlut
a plank fence nod wax thought to bit
olive nntll it was discovered his body
Will Fight for Charity
Special dispatch to the KnqulrerJ
DETROIT Mien Deo 20At noon
noontoday I
parson of lionel Oak accompanied by
matmi nf tn rBdliio All letio Club
enttirH Mil ir Mi hiirtM rfflon The
mlnitr < ewe inln iianti the uIII I
Button uiadu tbat bo was ready to en
ca thge
Gnard Armor January 0 for sweet
obari s talc If the lhyur would ex
° Ohr t wfl a man on whom no ono
rlarrd tar tinndn I8ee tin reason wby
I honMnt sitar ns vll as talk for
charily forI I
1 I RUvor Mat bury was plpaurd to liavn
him fliht if he wished tsen that wan nil
i i settled < soil tto Mayor OlUd bin steno
I erapher P1 dictated a fjraal invltnt
i viuu AlteH answer 10 ffct Is as rol
10I I
WlitA linen notlvilv Intpreatfd in atlilintt
ti t ttcs
jgt 1 tl athletic club which was approved
When asked an to lila ptivpieal conill
dition Mr Axtell said that his lost affairl
with lift landlord was a parlous onn and
be fltnnd will siar Mirro ronnda for
points with Percy Puttersoc champion
amateur whecimanII
L A Q roer Berry Ferry Kvwritestl
D tlr I
aronsea the liver to action likn clomel
wi ethout
It in a ctrengthing tniilo Clears Ibo
oomplpxion I firk U stronger and
pnperlor to Zeilina HLUUtor and
teB eef Famine Threatens KlondIdgl
TOCOMA WASU Deo 31 Beef am
ine i threaten tUe Kfucdikp Ileceiit
letters 1 from Dawaon eUlcd that by theA
end of December Ilitrx wiulil not lie
a pnnntl of fresh intent left Beef wan
retailing at n dollar our pound early in
December with I tle to ho had The
Bitnation is more eerlcns from the tact
that herds of moose oDd cariboo have
been t very scare with the neitlement ot
tbe t Yukon and even the Indians find it
difficult to sconce them Fresh beef f
shipped i over ice can not reach Daw beeffi
before I March 1
Two Well Known Statesmen
Ita Slked porcbI
a 7nd I
of Foleys Honey and Tr will explain
why they could do this witbont injury
to their vocal organs It in largely nstd
by speakers and ringers For sale by
J H Willlamr 00
Died at Havanna
A letter I wis receiveil at LriloLDild I
j GW
W 0 ler from hie nor Jno Oiler of
Oumpiuy I F Jiigbtb retiimptjtititioned I
at Havanna which rvporlh ti p death nn I
t tInhl Etotseits
Hobeit 1 of the semi cnnjpmv Hod reid 1
w ient
r utilnr army in 1SII7 with several oher
LcitoliflfM 1 hop was in Ma thirtieth
yeiir J He was a sun of H H Robert
of f LeitcbQeld aod his line wonM have
expired next Angntt when he expected
ctldi i t
Notice to Creditorsf
1 M I Bryint Ailinr c
Nancy Bryant c
All persona having claim uitaiut the
ettle i of A A Bryant deiiased lire
hereby j nutfird tu prennt their claIm
properly i veriQil tu mo nt my office ou
or bnfore the 1itb day of February WOO
or they will be burred
SOW j M C 0 0 0
5Ien cnu bo cured privntilv I and post
I t I sivcl
ettr Write fir new free book Dr J
N iUthwnr 80J Cborcli Street NuBb
vill Tcnn 49yl
Two Remedies for the Trust Evil
Katism City TimeR I
There are twotnilliidt v hich will go
R great way If not Uie entire dlttaice
toward wiping out tli traig OUt of
tbfbu IH this iibiilitiiu nf iiirill unties ou
e very lilt ole UH l wnda t andj ct for
It runt monopoly The itbur IB To retire
from power the Republican party an
organization whose economic policy has
been the prolific breeder of troets and
whose political existence is mainly de
pendent upon the campaign contribu
t ions of trustsm t
trustsJiis1 p
Just I pt p
Not worth paying attention
I to you say Perhaps you
7 youhave
Its annoying because you
have a constant desire to
cough It annoys you also
because you remember that
weak lungs Is a family failing
p coughAt
At last It Is hemorrhage
At first It Is easy to cure
At last extremely difficult
Allers 4S 4
Cherrg I
quickly conquers your little
Y hacking cough
cought t doubt about
the euro now Doubt comes
t from neglect
For over half a century
Ayera Cherry Pectoral hasI I
been curing colds and coughs
and preventingconsumptlon
It cures Consumption alsoH
If taken in time
KMP tIC or fir Aicrscicrri
Pectoral Plasters over ovf
lings II goi cough
Shall WI lend you av
book on Ihla subject freeI I
Iciii I Medloal Vjkartmnt I
If you bay any compltfliwlist I II I
ever and deilro I lh I belt rnadlral
advlca you can poiilblr ot > talnwrlta
tli doctor IrI iy You will nell
a > promprpllthouteOII
A4011 It J U A YEI I
LawsUul I
What we Say we do we do
Vcl 5 v W e de This
We sell the best goodfs we can find at the lowest prices we can af
ford no TRASH at any I price Our stock is equal to ANY better
enth an MANY All1 new and uptodate Below we give a few prices
I I Ladies Furnishings
ILm1ios I hemstitched Htiiul
kcrchiofs tho newest in town
nt all prices ranging from lc
to 50c ouch
I I Seo our display of newest
and latest things in hulks
A very fine variety of Misso I i
Rain Coats anil Indies Mcj I
In toshes
A large assortment t of
I Hosiery from 5e a I pair and
up j Ladies tleccuhned lio < i >
extra quality from 10 toof
A full line of ladies Coi iwtt i
from 2ue to t2o ineludi
the celebrated Dr I i Thompsons t
glove fitting and the HI1
and II and II leather tiIL lll I
A hcautiful line of bine ill
and pink Coisete at oOc
alico bed Comforts fitiiey
figured t covering 100
Extra lino of white Kd
Spreads at hOc IJetter ualiiy
7fic to 200
Fancy Napkins oOu Pa f I
Too and Si5c per doxeti 11II II
All bleached dinner 11 i I
kins j 55c to 135 per doe i I
Satin table Damask < i
Ifle i 50e and Joe
Colored table Damask I1 j I
2oc and loc
Nice line of plain and f 1 i cy I
Towels from 20c to S 10 pr
f I i tti IV I I j I 11I I
Mens jGO9ds j
CUc 7oe und 100 for mona
Oxford I Mnllleis I I all styles
A beautiful line of mont
fancy Suspendeis at popular
A handsome lino of mens
and boys fancy and white
bosom Shirts in all now and
late patterns r
Our mens half Hose de
partment is i full and complete
in late novelties
nuultiosI I Umbrellas in
natural wood handles also It
vast assortment of ladies and
mens fancy trimmed Umbrel 1
las ranging in price from 75c
to 250
Just received a nice lino of
mens and boys fine IlaUs
Moves of all kinds for rid
ing driving and street wear
Young men ask to see our
excellent line I of Clothing and
handsome I hcrcoats
Our I assortment of ladies
and mis < cs Cloaks and Capes I
is now and uptodate Tho
Cloaks are in 1 all the new
shades and styles Ve have
Capes ill Kroudcloth 111t h
and itlf I IHects
ilIr i lino of skirt lining is i f
I strictly uptudato We have
I it in I Irocadid I l ftitccn and also
ill fancy ranging ill price from
i lc I ti l < > 24 lIt < per yard
We respectfully invite you to call and examine our goods before
purchasing elsewhere and we are SURE of pleasing you The po
litest I attention will be given to all We are anxious to show you our
stock and will make your visit profitable
5 L m 1 1 JtIlI profitabletp J tf Jr J 1l m YI
SitClal to Tint IlKKALII J
Jin tIr 1 Hob rolir iud Ittaily
of Prentice have bevu visiting rcitivea i
here for the past t week They unlined
bomo Ut Wfdueeday I
Mr Jack Russet baa fold biB tim f to
b ought property near ildllu aid baa
moved to the ameI
Mrs Greenwood of Oontml Cty ha II I
b Ltevens I
Miss Ella M dir of the Prosldpnoe
Deigbliorbood IH lljennett of itt sitter I
Mrs Qeo Ilbradf
Measr 8 A Bilbro A Jltbrada
and J 0 Jackson are makta rear
t lions to co to Eobnul 1ft Bert rd tbo 1
ipring term
liviDR l In lliis coratnnnltv fir quite
while hAil movoil to Eobol
Miss Mattie HtfvecH 18 isi 1 tag rein
relaUnA l
Mra James Ie Thomson kmikini
prenaralionfi to jo to Illinois
J I Benoett wont to Otrooiiaro last 1
week j
Miss Nellie Tlobnnor gave I birthday
party to her many friends las Satnrday
nlcht It wae ItiglilY 01 joy 1 Ijy all
Mica Monde Bennett of Punt Pleat
MIhis si
IdA Aabby for a week or 801118 return I
ed home
Misses Sadie and Mettle Cummin of
Pond Ron neighborhood have been
vlaltini relatives bore Ttuy rotnrned i I
h MondayMr
Mr Bam Jimerfon bf Sulphur
BprtiiK baa been tlntli c lends and
relative here Ho retmed home
Mr Tom Ilidwell of Goman Kv Is J
vlBltlotr relative hero I 1
A nrorootRd meeting clturd here th IC
23 nit There were bl tweet 35 nnd 40
onnverslnni It aao > Jndnited by Ruts i
Brown and JornsciD
Made Young AgainI I
One of Dr Kings Nev LIfo Pilli l
each nlcht fur two week Im lint me in I I
m rnrntf 1
of f DiminflitowD Pa Tlnyre the beet
I andBowel
Bowel Porch vceiHK Never
t ripe Only 85o ot J 1 H William
The Work ott the Weekly Press I
Atlanta Couitltutfoq I I
Daily newspapers nw Hi Ilok fur f
8 atpa and people hut bifore the daily I
newapapt are than aVtA Into play 1 I
here must have I slated the prvlimlary t
dlfcuMloo In which ecli onmrannity I
which pure tomato nn Ihn whole has I
fnr f itMlf iMaced npon lIIIPf i tn 1lllOlr1 <
1lllOlr1Itllr i
I Itdf In pnaiiimi to niasir iu the roll
oil of iml In opinion In Ihh contrn
veray the locul newipprr Ian l reopwltv
fnr f without a conconinn nf local opinion
thorn can bo 10 i welldefioed pnbllo
If Irritiblc Out nf Forlg Depressed
In i Spirits have H Dull HoHdacbe tab
a few doses Dr M A Simmons Live r
Medicine for quick role r For LlnrI I
J D Willlann HnrtfdJ Ky m
a 1
Colored Dress Goods
So our lino of Covert
Olnilis IMtiitln Sergeti Novelty
Hnitings Henriettas Poplins
lotc t
i lilt black dress good must
befell to be appreciated com
p6td of CreponB Cassimeiy I
j I Hivadelotlis I Mohairs etc A
hut line of striped and figured
Outing ClotliAutul Flanneletts
1V 1 per yard
II I I i lldBlankets
4 iood 101 Blankets lOc
i Hotter I grade fiOe iOc and G5c
liiinl 111 I Mlankets Tfie Bet
lll t r grado l lJu 1 up to 500
Upholstery Depart
I ment
A largo and lioautiful i 1m i
tuiitmeiitof t Uiig l Something
IIl > u in i this line
I i iortiers I in j prices to t suit t
tin1 timiA See them I
lato Ctirtains lw to t f > UI I
jKi lau >
1Dont 1 j I lt1toltt fail I to see our lino of
I rrunks Tel lIlO pe l Traveling
Hags and Dross Suit Cases
ShoesI I
Our Shoes for ladies gouts
land children are the talk of
the country Call and exam
ktiC t I to see our I
Hed 1 Top Hoots for little boys I
The famous Woonsocket i
Duck I Snaglcss Kuhber Hoots
the best in the market at l > rI I
I i Furniture Chairs Car
j I pets Trunks Cook
i I Stoves Road Scrapers
Wagons Surreys Bug
gies Phaetons Etc
If it is neat and clean Lnun I I
dry you Avantsavo your Shirts i I
Collars and Culls for Cloy 3
d11cr l
Ridimond Steam Laundry
1a 1
which does only firstclass
jjwork Laundry called for and
delivered and satisfaction guar
Tj Loavo your laundry at I
R T hers saddlery shop
Hartford Ky
Watch Clock sod Jewelry Repair
ing done in rstolaes order
Iond Guaranteed
Pianos and Organs
Undorsod by the lending nrtlstsof f 1
the world wrlto K T Hnmmon I
Territorial MuniiKcr Owunsboro Ky
Kr1tor 1 I
Keown 8 MarlinJ
SutteolDrl 10 1lknl Ross
iue1 t fe
Everything in tho livery line at moat S
reasonable rates Good teams good
equipped stable in the Green River
Ooantry Buggies and Wagons for Bale
1sea on Birdarll Wagons a specialty
Best of feed and your horse will ro
c rive beat attention Give ni a call
Keown Martin Hartford Ky
TIMES few persona can afford to be
Ttlepbooo and Exchange Oo baa lines
rtoobluR to nearly every part of Ohio
o nbtv nil several leotlona of adjoin
ing l coanlirt It ia an independent
company owned by homo people sad
ia I a home enterprise nitlng excellent
s asrvio at n very obonp rate CnnoroHi j
with the Harrison Exchange at Owens
horn via Fordaville Give It your sup >
DB E W FOnD or
V Hartford Ky

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