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All kinds Job Printing neatly executed I come the Herald of a noisy world the news of all nations lumbering at my back IISubscription 1 per Year In advance
Tired out
tADd she dea not undentam why lIer
t work uled to Item so ealY You could
ten her whereabouts as ehe worked by
the anatche of song which now antI
again overflowed her happy lips And
now she can hardly keep up Her head
vaIn her back hurt and the feels
entirely worn out
What II the mat
terf The proba
Ulity U 1 that the
stomach II dUor
dered the liver U
I not performing lt
whole duty iol
long are accumu
lating In the
blood and units
these are rem
and the stomach
aad organ of di
Kesti ion and nntri
nOD cured II
there U liable to
be a serious Illness
t neat There II I no
medicine can
equal Dr Pierces
Golden Medical
Discovery for
prompt help and
perfect cure for
diseases of the
stomach and
blood It strength
enl the stomach
purifies the blood
flourishes then
nerves and brings back the happy days
of health when life Isall song and
UI niffirrtd ten monthi from a complicated
es of liver complaint contlpaUon In4Ire
calow Pupprrutott Dr monthly function and kid
DIV dase tao writr 1Ii Iula 1 Brittle
DrdIK Vs I ilio tufffml excruciating ain
fa my tck = llafy im glad to isy II that
six bottle ofOolden Mnllral ItUunrery three
vials of Dr Pierces rieaianl Peikt and two
boltlea of Compound Kittct of liwart Weed
rated tac entirely IaUdly nceouatad Or
FUrWa medlrtnea to aliruflerer
Attorney at Law
1TILI practice hli proftuloii In Ohio and
Wltl eounllca Hptclal attention 111
i c > to all builneia cntruilcd to hi care Office
outdoor to the Republican office
08 Ulceiis
Office seat loot to Hartford HOUM Special
alttntlou jlrrn lo collections
Ernest Woodward
YlTai practice hla profrlon in all the courts
YtLt Onto county and In the Couitof Ap
ali Vrtut L itleetUB given l all hui new en
IrI t4 tojUia Independent telephone t l In office
4 Attorney at Law
TIU practice hla probation In all the court
VUL Ohio and adjoining counties and Cowl
f Appeal Special 1 attention to vollectlona
1Tttt PRACTICE hi la Drofriilon In all the
tcourl oOhlo and adjolulolountl and
Court of Appeala Strict attention will lie on
to all busbtsa Intrut d 10 his care CoiiectlOns
and criminal practice a ipecliltr Office up
stairs neil lo Otlfflna drug stole
L L s L 8114YWlANI
1TzLl practice his ptofeaalon In all the
vy courts of Ohio and adjolnlu counties
CollIctiosi can full and promptly attended to
4Officewlth T JSmllb It CoMitkelbtrtCt
A O Taylor
Attorney at Law
Hartford Kentucky
1TILf practice hi prOteUtOfl In Ohio and ad
WIr coutics and Court of Appeal
Criminal practice ani collections specialty
4JQii1t f Hone
ITTitL practice his profeailon In all the courts
W of Ohio and adjoining counties and Court
of Appeal Collections I apeclally
jno B Wilson
And 1rVsyeX
3 r KCI At attention II lr n oeolleeoM d
all kind 8ureyingt4akinatttrCt1c
Also Notary Iubll for Ohio county Office
north side of public aqutre
1TItt practice IIi profea lon In Ohio and
yUL COIlItitI apeciatattention Si
la to collections Aleo notary publiC Office
E1 I ALt
ITIWPaACTIC10 IlIlhe Courts of Ken
y tnckr SpeclaJ attention given to eollec
tloassettlcfltfll odctdnu estates road cases
and criminal practice Office upstairs nexlto
k Griffin Drug Store
lib rRACTICHthtlrprofeaalonln all tat
TV court or Ohio and adjoinina eouatttl
and ia Court ofAppeals 9pecial attetlon 11 iv
en to criminal practice and collectlona Alan
h Notary lablle for phlQcqnnT
ILL practrce his ptotcalon 10 all the court I
YlL8radr Idjolallll conntlca and Court
ppiali Collections a pchlltl1ce 10
Cocat 1 Aitorneysofficelncoutlhouss I
Bullets and Dynamite Create I
Deadly Havoc atI I
Corbin Ky
CoiniiN Ky January 111Fur twelve
hour today and tonight Corbln was
Iii a state of terror and tho suspense is
not over An n result of an encounter
today nnd Its developments two IHT
soils are dead five are wonndwl nnd n
building wrecked by dynamite
Tho dead are
Susan Cox an innocent bystander
iillvtl by a stray shot
Button Karris killed by explosion
Tho wounded are
JatnoH Shotwi11 fatally cliot by Itolla
Whito Hartley Hradlpy injnrlfd by explo
sionJVray Cool r injnrifd by explosion
Unknown traveling man injured by
JaniM Shotwell and Holla White met
nt noon today ut II street corner near
the Louisville and Nashville depot
There had Ixen bad fiellng between
them and almost Immediately tho
trouble began No one wan near enough
to hear any words that panned but three
tiinaifsvrtro standing at Home dbtauoo
and tuiw the shooting
ShotwtH was alwilt fifty years of age
and had II largo family while Whito
was unmarried and about twentyfive
Whito had been pitying attention to
Shotwclls daughter to which Rhot well
objeced and hail ordered Whito from
his bonnie which is imppowd to have
been the cannu of tho final trouble
Shotwell won shot in the bowels At
midnight ho is lying In an nnconwions
stupor and tho physichum nay ho ian
live but a few hours
The ihot well family is large and very
deflperoto when drinking having been
engaged in several shooting affrays in
Cor bill within till hint few years when
Police Judge Mofllt was killed and Will
lam Molland dangerously wounded and
another when Marshal Henry Hartford
was killed
White had never had any trouble
prior to this Immediately after tho
shooting White wont to his brothers
store when seine of hiII friends and
two brother were to protect himself
from the sons and other relative of
White surrendered to a deputy sheriff
but till deputy nherilT was afraid to at
tempt to take him to Wllllamsbnrg the
county neat as several of tho Shotwell
lioys were watching the Whito store
attn all trains t swearing they would
kill Whito on sight
Those in tho stnro of White armed
thuiiselves anti prepared for a siege
The Shotwell friends gathered at night
fall and paraded the town with pistols
threatening to kill tho Whites
Shortly after dark sonic ono placed a
largo quantity of dynamite under the
store building and It IK almost an en i
tire wreck from the result of the ex
tllolliollI I
Sheriff Sntton wan telegraphed for
and arrlvd on tliu scene from Williams
burg nt midnight with a posso of depu
ties to see that White is protected and
safely lodged in jail and to apprehend
If powiibU1 tho wrecker of tine store
Until the arrival of Sheriff Sutton
and his deputies there was no ono to
preserve order and tho greatest terror
existed More trouble ts feared as
Sheriff Sutton says he will endeavor to
arrest the Shot wells nt daylight
Susan Cox an innocent bystander
Sores and Ulcers never become chronic
unless the blood is iupoor condition It
sluggish weak and unable to throw of j
the poisons that accumulate in It The
system must be relieved of the unhealthy I
matter through the sore and great dangei
to life would follow should it heal before
the blood has been made pure and healthy I
and alHmpurities eliminated from thin sys
tern SSS begins the cure by first cleans i
ing and invigorating the blood building 3
up the general health and removing from
alt morbid
efreteZuedr UPON THE SYSTEM 1
When this has been accomplished the dis
charge gradually ceases and the sore 01 J
ptcer heals IUs the tendellcy ortheso old j
Indolent sores to grow worse and worse
Ind eventually to destroy the bones Local 1
applications while soothing and to IODle
extent alleviate palncnnnot reach tIne seal j
of tIne trouble S S S does and no mattel
bow apparently hopeless your condition i
even though your constitution has broken
down it wilt bring relief when nothing
else can It supplies the rich pure blood 1
necessary to heal the sore and nourish
the debilitated diseased xlvivWInona
slr B Tithed Lode Box ivWInona Miss
Nfll Six years aso mr let from the knee tc
the footwas one solid sore Several phvslctsoi j
Ircatedinsaud r tnade two trlpa 10 lint findings i
hut found no relief Twasinduced 10 try h 88
and It 1a 1 complete cure I have been a per
feetiv I well man ever sines
ls the only purely veg
etable blood purifier
known contains no
poisonous minerals to
ruin the dlgestlonond
aaa tOi rather than relieve your suffer
Ings if your flesh does not heal readily
when scratched bruised or cut your blood I
is in bad condition and any ordinary sore s
lOreIs 1
Send for our free book and write our t
physicians about your case We make no
chare for this service i
wan killed by a stray shot fired at tho
time of tho explosion which wrecked
I tho store building A jury at midnight
IH I holding an Inquest over the body of
the drad women
Several hundred shots have been fired
on tho streets and tho people are roo
maining Indoors tonight
I A jury III holding an inquest over tho
body i of tho dead womnliI I
Hndley Bradley Tracy Cooper and an
unknown drummer were wounded by
I flying glass and pieccH of timber when
tho explosion occurred
The dherift after he arrived went to
Heitrchiug tho vicinity and found that
mutters were worse than expected that I
Hutton Farrls wan also killed either by
explosion or eliot but no Inquest ban
been held to tell how
The three White brothenTwcre found
by the Sheriff in n dark room afraid to
have a light None of them wan hurt
Later in the night after the Shotwella
failed to find the Whites in ShOhvell81
they turned their gnnx on the house of
William White another brother of
Itolla and eliot a volley into it No ono
wits hurt there
Minister Creates Sensation
Theodore M Ahlatrom a Swede died
very suddenly at Deep River Conn
nfter an linens of only a few hours
The Swedish pastor preached the funeral
Hcrmon In that language while the
Uitptist minister mado a few remarks
in English for tho benefit of tho Ameri i
cans in attendance Since the services I
tho remarks of the Swedish minister
Iwo btiin criticised by AhtotromV
frioiiiU Ito said 10 Ithu 1 not know
Mr Ahlstrom but according to what
I have heard ho lived without a God
and thus of course ho died without a
joel and we may bo sure that he was
not carried into Abrahams bosom This I
was undoubtedly tho worst calamity
that could Imo befallen Ahlstrom
namely that ho was precipitated into
tho abyss I would commit n great sin
if 1 stood hero praising him as saved
knowing what kind of life ho led No
ono who is here now will judge me on
tho judgment day because I praise him
ns saved On his deathbed he could
think of nothing but lila illness anti
during most of tho time ho was uncon
scions so one may say with certainty
that he landed in bell
Tho outcome will be much dissension
in tho Swedish Congregational church
for the members feel greatly aggrieved
Any cough Is serious enough to war
rant prompt attention It if i what it
may result in that makes cough danger
oils For all slight and stubboui coughs
for grippe lung fever bronchitis asth
ma ninth other throat and lung affections
yon can find no other remedy BO agree
able and harmless or so promptly ef
fective as Slorloys Honey Pectoral
town in
How Much AreYou Worth
How much are yon worth Measured
by the tape line of tine worlds valuation
you aro rich or poor worth much or
little according to the dollars you own
Measured by the rule of Heaven and
you are worth just what you can take
with yon into the new life A man who
possesses In this life n million dollars Is
not worth a cent a moment after he Is
dead Bank books are out of place In a
dead mans cuMin Shrouds have no
pockets All tho wealth of the universe
could not purchase a single moment of
time or help n man to retain his hold
upon his earthly riches for one hour
Yon ore worth whatever of good
deeds yon have to your credit on tho
other side of life If yon have been
honest upright full of kindness and
IAVO bullded your character along those
lines yen are rich
If you have been narrowminded
covetous grasping hardhearted self
spckingyon are poor indeed oven though
the wealth of a gold mine la yours
S 5
LA GRIPPE coughs often continue
for months and sometimes leads to fatal
results after tho patient is supposed to
have passed the dinner point Foleys
Honey and Tar affords positive protec
thou and security from these COUGHS
J H WUlianiHHnrtford a L Mitchell
Itosine Ky R K Bean Sulphur Springs
Swap Party
Have yon ever been to a swap par
ty Each one Is supplied with four or
five little bundles wrapped so that no
one else can suspect the contents The
bundles may contain anything from n
tinsel bill to a sunbonnet Each one
praises up his own property without
telling whatlt is nnd the swapping is
carried on with great show of bargain
lug When everyone has swapped tho
parcels are opened and tho one who Inns
made the poorest swap must tell ft story
or suggest a game or In some way en
tertain tho company After this come
othergames with applesnnd nuts for re
freshments a
Youd better hurry nnd get the best
of that Rheumatism or It may get tho
best of you Both muscular and iiiflani
iimtory rheumatism are instantly re
lieved with Dr Bells AntiPain the
worlds Greatest Best and Most Won
fill Pain Killer ui
a w
A Grave in the South
New York Freaa
In the end of a deep railroad cut in
Georgia near the town of Altoona on
tho line of Shermans march to the sea
is a soldiers grave The simple head
stone bears this inscription He died
for the cause he thought was best
For more than 83 yeArs the Western
and Atlantic Railroad Company leas
lug the State Road from Georgia bus
kept thus nameless grave in repair No
one knows whether the soldier belonged
I to the Union 6r the lost cause no one
Bound to an Iron Cross8
000 People Witness the
Ii I i
Alexander the negro who Saturday
evening attempted to assault Miss Era
Roth and who was supposed to have as i I
saulted and killed Pearl Forbes in thU
city in November lost was this after >
noon taken from the Sheriffs gum l
and burned to the stake at the scene of
the crimes half a dozen blocks from
the center of the city Probably 800 0
people witnessed the lynching
Alexander was brought to the city
from the penitentiary at Lansing at
430 oclock this afternoon and placed
in tho county jail The citizens gather
ed in great numbers and finding peace n
able entrance to the jail impossible
armed themselves with railroad irons I
The jail doors were battered down and
Alexander dragged to the scene of his I
crimefollowed by hundreds of howling
frenzied men and boys
Arrived at the scene a steel rail wan
stuck into the ground and the negro
fastened to it with chains Then coal
oil was poured over his body and set
afire He protested his innocence to tIn > e
Tine negro was taken fri his cell In it
tho State penitentiary at 3 oclock this
afternoon put into a hack and brought
to town Fifty Deputy Marshals sun
rounded him and Deputy Sheriffs
Stancemhyers and Tom Drown sat in
the hack on either side of him
There were fifty buggies and wagons i
In the procession which followed the
hack in There was no attempt to cre
ate a disturbance along the road
When the corner of Fourth and Olive
streets was reached tho police who
were in the hack following the one in
which Alexander was concealed jnmp I
ud out and chased several negroes
This attracted the attention of every f
one and in the excitement the hack in
which Alexander was concealed was
driven frantically to the county jail I
and just as the mob reached the doors
he was locked in the first cell on the east
side of the cellhonse All the doors of the
jail were locked and the crowd first at t
tempted to gain admission by peaceful
Sheila Everliardy refused to deliver
the negro
Then the crowd pushed its way to the 1
side door and the door was forced from
its hinges Then the crowd surged into I
the corridor by the narrow doorway
A huge iron bar was secured and the
iron door of the cell attacked This
was finally so bent that it could be
forced far enough for men to climb over
it Several gained entrance in this
manner In the meantime the crowd
had pushed down the side gate of the
stockade and in n moment there was a I
yelling pack in the jail yard
Tho side door which was made of
heavy sheet iron was tho next object
of attack Several of the thoughtful
ones had provided themselves with
sledgehammers and chisels and it waa
the work of only a few minutes before
the hinges l were cut More men pushed
inside and the iron bar was again
brought into play and the doors of the
cell room were broken down
Then a cry went up He is not here I
he has escaped
Search the courthouse there IsIt
tunnel between and he has been taken
out that way
Then a man with sharp eyes spieda
shapeless mass crouched down in one
corner of a dark cell
An exultant cry went up He is I
here weve got him bring the keys
Several keys were found lying around
the corridors and these were passed in to
the crowd They would not work
Then again n sledgehammer was called 1
into action In five minutes the heavy
lock had been broken off A yell of
terror issued from the cell
The tension was so great that men
filled the room with hysterical laughter
Outside the crowd was yelling in a
manner that has perhaps never before
been heard in the city of Leaveuworth I
Those who were nearest tho door rush I
ed inside the cell The mob issued forth
in a moment dragging the negro by th 8III j I
coat collar Ho had been struck over I
the head with a hammer but was still I
conscious Men fought to get at him 1
These Infuriated beings struck r n
at him and hit ohly his captors who I 1
guarded him well I
Dont hurt him they cried Well I
burn him I
Outside the stockade the crowd surg j I
ed Alexander and his captors were
surrounded by a solid wall of human
flesh Across Third street and up the I
bill into the courthouse yard they drag
ged him They then stopped still I I
Confess before we harm you said
they I
I am innocent I am dying for what
another man did I see Iota of my
friends here they know I did not do it
If I had been guilty I would have said
BO at the penitentiary and would have
staid I there for life The warden told
me BO The policemen toM me BO I 1
vyonuld not I have told them if I was
fHe f I I i
He did not know that the citizen were
bent on lynching that their minds were
made up and that be had committed a i
crime that could only be avenged with
his blood
You lie they cried and one huge
fellow filled with more lust for blood
than 1 with the feelings of a man struck
him in tho forehead with his fist three
times This seemed not to have the
slightest effect on the negro When he
talked his voice was steady He spoke
with the resignation of a man who sees
only before him death slow perhaps
but certain and was prepared to meet
it j in its most awful form
When he had finished talking n move
was made for a large cottonwood tree
in the northeast corner of the court
house yard He was backed up against
it and a chain was hunted for One
could not be found and while they
waited Alexander was given another
ctiacco to confess
My Godl men he criedin his agony
I have told you that I am Innocent I
cant tell you any more I Old not do
He lies burn him I cried tho mob
Take him to where he committed the
murder suggested one
The suggestion met with instant ap
provnl and the crowd carrying the ne
gro pushed on for Fourth street There
wereinany wagons standingTibont and
into one of these they threw him Tho
wagon wan started for the vicinity of
Lawrence avenue and Sprnco street
followed on the run by the crowd
At a quarter past 6 oclock Alexander
was brought to tho scene of the murder
of Pearl Forbes at the corner of Law
rence avenue and Spruce street The
exact spot where themnrden girl was
found was located by the leaders of the
crowd and there a semicircle was form
ed Alexander was brought up in a
wagon with a dozen mon The wagon
was stopped in front of the ravine and
surrounded by the crowd the leader of
the men who held Alexander called for
silence The roar ceased and Alexan
der was shoved forward for the crowd
to gaze at A howl went up which was
quickly hushed as the prisoner raised
his shackled hands and began to speak
Twice he started and the crowd drown
ed his trembling voice
You are going to kill mo whatever
I say he said but you men are
wrong I want to tell you right now
youve got the wrong man 1 did not do
that and some day you men will run
np against the man who did I know
It aint any use to IIIIY 110 for youre go
ing to kill me but I did not do it
tThe men standing behind shoved him
from the wagon and the roar from the
crowd drowned every other sound Tho
IInegro was quickly driven down the em
bankment to the pile of wood with his
hands shackled and there bound to a
stake Long before the wagon contain
ing the doomed man arrived at the place
a crowd bad gathered Many carried
rails and boards Several seized rail
road irons and carried them to the ra
vine The spot chosen for the stake
was tho exact one on which Pearl For
bes body was found on the morning of
November 7 It Is on Lawrence avenue
near the Santa Fe track and n hundred
yards north of Spruce street
The first thing done was to plant the
railroad iron upright Inthe mud This
was made fast to cross irons firmly
bound to the upright iron with wire
Around the improvised stake wood and
boards were piled To this the man was
dragged and chained in a standing po
altion to the upright railroad iron
11Chalus and irons were wrapped about
him and with biB hands still shackled
he was made fast to the post Coal oil
was then poured over him and the
match touched to him
Before tho match was applied John
Forbes the father of Pearl Forbes stop
ped up to Alexander and said Are
yon guilty of murdering my daugh
ten t
I dont know what you have me here
for said the doomed man
Forbes repliedtFor Wiling my girl
on this very spot
Mr Forbes if thats your name you
have the wrong man
Burn hltnt Burn html cried the
Grentlemenr youve got lots of time
said Alexander Youre burning an in
nocent man You took advantage of
me Yon gave me no show Cain I ICCt
lur mother
1 man In the crowd called for the
mother but she was not in the crowd
He then said Will yon let mo shake
hands with all my friends
You have no friends in this crowd
yon damned beast said one of the men
in charge of the negro
IIf you have anything to say do HO In
110 hurryAnother
1Another man then stepped up ennui
said to Alexander Make your peace
with your God nigger for you will
Coal oil was then applied far the sec
ond time and while it was being dono1
Alexander called to friends in the crowd I
and told them goodbye He did not I
seem to realize that he was to be burn i
ed at the stake and talked rationally
until John Forbes father of the mur
dered girl lighted the match Again
Alexander was asked to make a confes
sion but he replied that he had nothing
to say As the flames leaped about
him AlexamJer turned ghastly pale and
for the first time realized that his death
was near He clasped bin hands togeth
er and began to wing to and fro while
the crowd yolledI
In less than five minutes he was bang I
sing limp and lifeless by the chains that
bound 111m
111mI I
eQualtY and not quantity makes De
Wftf Little Early Risers such valna
Hartford as
Interesting Letter from an Ohio
County Man In New
0 1001 DKAIl EoiTOK Your paper
reaches me every Saturday This seems
n long tlmo to wait It In always n
welcome visitor bringing the news of
my State ami calling to my mind the
scenes of my Home county anil tho many
friends and loved nines that I have been
forced to leave there
In my last letter I left the reader on
Pikes Peak If you will go with
me we will next go to Cheyenne Cniion
We look up the mountain and see 1I I
beautiful little river coining dashing
down the mountain side leaping from
rock to precipice until it dewcnds BOO
feet in Seven Falls This is n beautiful
view There irt u stairway leading to the
top and there in a beautiful grove of
pine overlooking those pretty falls is
the grove of Helen Hunt Jackson ono
of Americas greatest and noblest wo
men Fortyflvo miles from Colorado
Springs Is Pueblo tho second city of
Colorado Going southwest 71 miles
we reach the Sangre De Criato Blood
of Christ Range It Is twelve miles by
rail to the summit La Yet pass As
we approach wo look away up this
mountain and see clouds floating along
the sides We turn to the right and we
reach Mule Shoe Curve This is the
sharpest curve known to engineering
skill When thu front engines are po
ng one way the rear engines are go
Ing in the opposite direction and the
train is in a half circleliko a mule shoe
About six miles further on we come to
fA Veta Pass We are now far above
tho clouds Looking over tho clouds
far down tho valley we can see Milk
Ranch which preseutaa beautiful view
Wo are now up in air over 0000 feet
My head ached and swam my heart
would flutter and then seem to stop
beating I could hardly breathe I
could not stand tho high altitude like I
did 20 years ago
Wo passed down the western slopii
Into San Louis valley one of the finest
valleys in Colorado 40 to 00 miles wl e
We pass Fort Garland to Alamosn
junction of the Lako City branch thence
to Antonito junction of tho San Juan
branch from there to Tres Piedrasc
New Mexico
We go down the Rio Grande valley to
Santa Fe holy faith the capital of
New Mexico This was a town before
the Spaniards conquered Mexico and is
undoubtedly the oldest town In the
United State unless we consider the
fluid or Moki Indian villages Santa
Fe is n city of about 8000 and mostly
Inhabited by Mexicans The houses
are mostly of adobe pronounced nlido
ba sundried brick They are made of
mortar and straw in the same manner
employed by the ancient Egyptians
They will last for centuries The walls
are 18 inches thick They are warm in
winter and cool in summer The
more pretentious buildings are plaster
ed inside and out The outside is mark
ed In squares and has the appearance of
a stone house
It is at miles to Las Vegas Labs Ve
gains This is i a city of about 10000
people and devided into two towns Las
Vegas and East Las Vegas The old
town like Santa Fe was founded be
fore the conquest about IBS a and
nearly all tho citizens are Mexicans
They have electric lights a street rail
way waterworks and many other con
veniences of an eastern city It is the
conntyseatof San Miguel county and
0400 feet above the sea level The old
town Is mostly adobe buildings Among
these are the courthouse tho cathedral
city hall two public schools two mis
shone the Plaza hotel and asylum
The new town is more on the Ameri
can stylo and has many fine buildings
There is but ono church In tine old
town Catholic and five In the new
Catholic Presbyterian Uaptlst Moth
odist and Episcopal
Further up the Gallinas in El Pioneer
a well known summer resort situated
at the foot of Hermits Peak Two sides
of this mountain are nearly perpendicu
Jar and of solid rock Its summit is IV
000 feet above the sea level and it pre
sents a beautiful view Standing on its
rocky summit and watching tine sun as
it rises in the rosy regions of tho far
East and spreading Its glories over
mountain valley and plain we cannot
help but express our admiration of the
grandeur tho magnificence and the
sublimity of tho scene before us
Hard indeed would be the heart that
could stand here and not return thanks
to God the Maker and Ruler of all
things who heaped up tho mountains
and scooped out the valley alllhmooth
ed off the plains and who has made all
things so grand beautiful and useful
forms II 0 POWEIIS
Walkers Tonic is the link that picks
up the vital force of man in his run
down state anti binds him to health nml
strength by recuperating the brain reg
ulating the action of the Heart and
nourlwhinic the Nervous System ni
This algnatura la on every box of tho genuine
Laxative UromoQuinine Tawu
i the remedy that cure a cold In ooe day
I p p
The Old Silver Dollar
IThe I I has been inaplred after
looking over bin Hit of delinquent subscribers
I scribers to compose the following
follovfngI I silver I
dollar when some kind subscriber pre
seats it to view the liberty head with
out necktie or collar itnd all tho strnn u
s JfiWfIYfd7 iiy
S B Hartman M D Columbus 0
It Is now seventeen years since I re
ceived tho first edition of your book
entitled The Ills of Life I received
It In the evening mall and before I
retired I read and pondered over every
word in the bookl was greatly im
pressed with your candor and sincerity
The book left no doubt in my mind as to
the remarkable virtues of your Pornna
It was because of this impression that I
resolved I would test your assertions
and Wit them in a way that could leave
no doubt
I began prescribing Pernna as rec
ommended in your book and prescribed
It precisely aa you directed As you
know tho prevailing diseases are in
flammation or Irritations of tho inter
nal organs of tho body either of tho
D P Nlehart M D
IID II CityMo runa everyday
head tho throat
the lungs bowels
etc I prescribed I
It hundred of
times for these I
diseases during
all the following
seventeen years
and I have never
lost a single case I
during all this I
time although I
have often related I
this to my medical I
associates medicalj j
first ornroBBed
their doubts and sometimes very em
phatically but after I had treated a large I
number of cues that had been given up I
and cured them they began to believe
what I said
I rely so wholly upon Feruna in
very disease that affect tho mucous I
membranes lining the Internal organs
that I never for a > moment think of pre
scribing anything else Since using Po
runa 1 have never lied a patient dlo
from inflammation of tho lungs bladder
bowels stomach or kidneys Every caso
recovered in a very short time In other
things to us seem so new the wide I
spreading eagle the arrow below it
the stars and the words with the strange
things that tell the coin of our fathers
were glad that wo know it for some
tlmo or other twill come in right well t
the spread eagle dollar the star
spangled dollar the old silver dollar wo I
all love so well
Ladles Favorite Morloys Little Liver
Pills for IJlllott People aro tho ladies
favorite because they are small easily
taken and do their work quietly
but effectually Ono a dose Sold by
Reflections of a Bachelor
A wife is like an egg You cant bo
sure Its sweet till after you get it for I
A woman can do most Anything with
withI I
n 11011 after sine mite tlrnctllIl so sine 11111
make her chin quiver
Probably the snako had nailed a sign
on the apple treosaying that no women
were allowed to pick anything
Half the women in tho world are tak
ing medicine to get fatter and tho other
I half are trying some system that will
make them thinner
i During tho first six months lifter n
ninn gets married his wife expects him
to tell all her friends that ho knows ho
can never bo worthy of such happl
Almost Blind
My little four year old girls eyes were
so weak from birth that she could not
stand any light at all Was treated by
several physicians without benefit My
neighbors persuaded me to buy MOrley II
Sarsaparilla and Iron from Mr O
T f A n i if mlAn Lot
D1ugherty Dllnllock Ky Three but
ties not only restored l her sight but
made her stronger and healthier than
she ever was in her life
Sold by agent in every town in
Particular About Ills Name
Dont drag my name into print in
connection with this absnred affair
cried the indignant citizen but If you
do be sure to spell out my middle name
in full
CIA S X 0 n X A
DU tinlina Kind Von Han Mwars Count
BJutuo rt
Threw Kerosene on His Wife I
COLUMUIA 8 C January 13EII
pines Dawkins u negro preacher in
Cherokee county was arrested at InI I
homo last night on the charge of uinr
words I prescribed Pernna for aAl cue
of catarrhal diseases I believe yon are
I IltUcueaI
right in classing all Irritations and In
flammation of the internal organ AI
Dr J W Egbert of Neo
aho lIloba graduate of
three ichooli or medi
cine Uses Peruna In
his practice with
gratirying results
catarrh Ca
tank meant
irritation and
thou of some
mucous sun
face and also
that such inn
tation and in
aro caused
either by take
ing cold or by
some local
I see that
you generally
use a nortrall
when you publish a certificate and as I
have just had some pictures t kenI
enclose you one You can use it and tints
letter one or both just as yon wish if
you think it will promote the use of
Peruna If you would like special
cases that I have treated with Peruna
1 can give you hundreds of them
Very truly yours Dr J W Pence
A W Porno M D S 060 Halsey
street Brooklyn NYin a recent let
ter to Dr Hartman
says the following
at am using your
Poruna myself
and am recommend
Sag it to my pa
tients in all cases
of catarrh and find
it to be more than
you represent Fe
runa can be had
now of all druggists
In this section atAWPerrlnMDB
tbo time 1 began using It it WAI un
Send for winter catarrh book Ad
dress The Peruna Medicine Co Colum
bus Ohio
dering his wife by burning her to death
Dawkins neighbors notified the sheriff
that he disposed of her by throwing a
can of kerosene over her clothing and
applying a torch Tho Woman was
burned to death while her husband
looked on it is said ho keeping the
door of tho mouse closed to prevent her
Such little pills as DoWltts Little
Early Risers are very easily taken and
they aro wonderfully effective In cleans
Hums IIl1rtforl1III
DfIlht M Kind Von Hate Atop B4vgIJt
His Application
Boardlughonge Keeper What do
you mean by taking your cup of cof
fee and setting it in that platter of
Boarder Madam I am only carry
ing out an injunction of humanity
Yon know It is the strong that should
support the weak
Perfect Health
Keep the system in perfect or
tier by the occasional use > f
Tutts Liver Pills They reg
ulate the bowels and produce
A Vigorous Body
For sick headache malaria bil
iousness constipation and kin
dred diseases an absolute cure
99c rmB nTRAITS 9 a
Send us a tintype or pho
tograph and J9cts and we
will make nnd send you n fine
1G20 lifosixo CIt ollide por
trait guaranteed not to Jade
or rub oil No extra charge
lor groups
Dont fool with agents but
send direct to
Nashville Portrait Works
No TOT Cbureb Street

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