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IIItNIc I IIIXIrrltllt
II EIIKIl 111X1 IIKUS 1 111011
Subscription tl > tr Ieurn tclran c
LAST Wednesday was President Me
Klnleys birthday Hi Is I HfiyHtfh
years old
IT Is I announced that t tin t l > ciinwriti 1 t s 4
In I Congress have detennliiril I I to t kill
the shipsubsidy bill with talk I Hen I
Is a tine excuse for tilt wives of the
Senators to t I lslt I the nations capital t I
Tin Republican primary In I till I I
county last Saturday demonstrate
that III Is I not always the most dcserv
Ing who are chosen It I t also demon
strates the etfcets of juggling am
of boodle
Tim newspapers arc mixing liiiinni
with tragedy by commenting on tin
fact that Mrs Nations llrst husbam
drank I himself I to I death They seen I
to think Unit III I quite natural that t
he should
AN exchange is led tll > > remark that
the difference between a cniiiplalnlnu
woman and Incle I Sam Is that t the 1 for
iner borrows trouble and the hatter
buys It outright as witness the Phil
ippine purchases I
Tin uroiiiuMiiij did not see his
shadow In I this I section last Sal i t urela1 I
III I 1IIIiIh IImllI I hI I i IIItI i allllI Illforlll I
us that winter is I over Hut really
winter has seemed to be user ever
tlnce winter began I
SBV iniAL years 11111 a lIllIi i i i i 1111 i dollar
Congress1 was thought to be a very ex
travagant body Then It reached
the billion mark and the expendi I
tures of I the present Congress are ex
Pee ted to reach a billion and ahalf
Ho for the two billion mark
Iu CionniKY HVNTKII Is h said to he
suppling up Ills gum shoes for a steal
upon the U S Senatorshlp Ami Mr
1hradle also hut hils Hyttfilni r < xl up
alongside of Mr i Debocs I The hall
cations are for a i large nest ot trouble
III the region of this Republican trl
THH Louisville W oilers a reward
of 100 divided Into four purses for
the best suggestions for the Improve
ment of that paper It I 1 seems that
this l should be easy money for some
body If all others fall the matter
might be referred to MCSSI llarnett
Deboe Sapp ititl
Mils NATION is gaining I recruits to I
her Idea of saloonsmashing I all I over
t lie country The latest Is lev Sam
Tones the evangelist who says he
thinks she Is Just right Saloon
keepers In prohibition districts have
found that t It Is easy to dodge the law
but not so easy to dodge Mrs h Nat Inns
IT Is estimated I I 1 upon reliable I author I
It y that 1 the lloer I war is eo > tlng I Kng
land a million dollars a i day The war
has already cost Great llrltaln I t I 800
000000 a sum twice greater than the
entire I value of the I peaceseeking re
publics if sold to the highest bidder
1111 < 100000 of her I troops have I been
killed and wounded Many well po > t
id statesmen think I there can be no
doubt of the Una I successor the I Iocrs I
TUB 1nited States Is the brag
country for law ami order of the
whole clvllled world And yet per
haps no count rv presents such open
flagrant and frequent violations of i I
law as our own Olllcers seem to
slallll IUlIelles III I the 11IIsence IIf the
most iioii and outrageous act which
violate I both the letter and the I spirit
of the law It leads one to Inquire
what Is really the matter Is I it not
possible I to i construct a law nut of i 1
the I Kngllsh language which means
what It I says and I which I i cannot lie I vlo
lalcll wlthollt 111I1IblllllllIl
AiLiiii > ioebellsm I In I politics I I
va > fairly Illustrated I 1 t In I this h county t
last Saturday by MUIR of the very
men who l have been I loudest In I Its I t i
condemnation If 1 ever a man was
inebelled I It I t was i Judge 1 Wedding I
Tearing that I even a large bag of
huodle would not accomplish Its ob
Jell t t lie Judges name was dropped I
to the last In I the column where it
was i Imped that not even an accident
would find II Ten days ago the word
was passed out troiii Hartford I to I the I
faithful that I tlm I e who did not
want to risk losing their vote and
who wanted to be on the winning
side had better Just 1 stamp the llrst
mime in each column across the I top
of the ballot And this t word
seems to have accomplished Itsobjeet
IniA Is now arising in her majesty I
and demanding l I that she h beglven that
stable fOllIIl1f 1t01elIIIIII1i1 which was
assured when i title Nun plucked tier I
from Spains I u u cruel grasp lieI I I cry Is I
ii righteous OHO and should prevail
The following I resolution t were adopt
ed by h our Congress in I April I 1lS 1
That the > roilc tlf Cuba arc ami of
right ought to be fite all l Imkpciidtiil
Trill the InlttU Statm hmliy illtclalma
IIny thhohhiou or InKntlou to t crcl e
kuvcrtlcnly Jiirlnllcllon or control ovtr
said ulauit except for the paclBcatlon
thereof und > tten Iti ilettimluatlon
when Hint l > computed to leave the ROV
vtuiniiI awl control of the Ulaiul to tt
people i III I
It now remains to be seen how boy
ally this t pledge will i he kept and how
soon our invrnnient will cea e from
further domlnutlan In Cuba and thus
keep Its solemn and binding obliga
tion I
A < UNTUMN reimirknl In I our
presence recently that lie wished Mis i
Nation would come to our county and
tackle some of our blind I tigers Hut I I
she would hardly accomplish what
seems tu be her principal 111111 Ac
toni I ug lilt I hu I IWIIlIape occult II ts 1111
cJlstlIctlunls Hilt IlItcd so IIIl1ch III
the liquors I as It I Is l on t lie plate glass
mirrors I ntil line bar I fixtures of the I
ilruinsliois I She often leaves whole
iva rehouses full of liquor I i iintnncheil t
In her mad elTort to t demolish the vis
Ihlo surrounding Here hi Ohio < I
county t 3 she might I sink her hatchet 1 In
ton few heads of cheese cans of to
niiitoes or mysterious looking licks I
earrlcd by darkles but she would Iliu I
no plate glass or Hue pictures to I hack
nt t And i > erlmps as In I Kansas I tin
real I I Iger I would escape unscathed t
Tin o prime cause of all I violations t of
the I law by saloonkeepers In prohlbl
lion districts 1 is found In I the fact thai
the lovernnient will I I I grunt I a mm
liquor I licence I nn matter t where he re
sides If he pays the required fee Wi
venture the I assert Ion that ninetenth
of the t I blind I tigers In I Ohio county ntii
nil the saloons In I Prohibition I Kn lisas
have permission I from tncle I Sam to I
do business Fortltled with n Jov
eminent license It Is I Inrd to uproot
the t liquor evil It I Is I n clash of laws
und a perversion of Justice J thatshouU I
not be tolerated No i law should be
made to override the will of the peo
i pie The law should be that the
Government has no power to grnnt II i
license I to sell I liquor I In I n COOl uiiiu ii I ty
or district where there Is n local law
against Its sale
I TUB llrst names In I each tol ii in ii
I ncross the top of the ballot that I wal
I voted at the Ucptibllcnn prlmarj
election In this county last Sat turday I
were Messrs
And the nams of the winners arc
h I I
1 ItAlilAXD M 1 L t I1KAVKIX
lii TlIAlK FlU Xi 1OAVE
Isnt this a strange outcome Of
course some fellows name had to be
first In a column but It seems a little
strange that of all ten of these names
the whole ten should be winners1 I
doesnt ItV
The I tihith hI lea its held their primary
election In this county iiceordlia tii
schedule last Saturday It seems to
have also been held according toother
prearrangeil details from a glance at
the result AH soon as the ballot was
nrrnnged a week ago It was seen who
had been slated by the Court House
King to win Across the top of the
ballot occupying I the llrst place In
each column were the names of the
winners The scheme worked beauti
fully just as the Court House King
Intended I A glance nt the winners l
named below shows how near the
game came of succeeding I
The race for the nomination for
County Judge J came near being I a tie
Soon after the I polls i closed and the re
turns began to conic In It was an
Iii iii uiceh that I Judge Wedding I had I
won over his opponent Mr lingers
The figures as they came In I I i a tub were
tabulated I all i of Saturday night and
nil I day Sunday gave Wedding I the I
nomination I by a majority I of about 1i 1
all I precincts having I been heard I from
It was predicted however by 1 the
knowing I ones that these figures would
not be allowed to stand Sure enough
early Monday l morning I It I t was an
IWIIIICld thai later IIIIIIIS hall been
received I from some remote precincts
which I gave Kogers I a majority Tills i
was a bitter disappointment to the I
friends of Judge 1 Wedding who were
lolilidelit of the lattels lIollllliatloli
Few men ever ran for olllce aga I list
such u odds as Judge 1 Wedding I who h
was In every way deserving of the
nomination he sought It will be re
membered that I Judge 1 Wedding I had I
the nomination for this I same olllce
won u four I years ago but was turned
down His I friends are thinking
strange that the Judge 1 who Is one of
the IIIl1st IIIal allli deser11I1 lIellllhll
cans III the I county should bo so re
peatedly I t shutout i Several other de
hated candidates arc also very much
dissatisfied over the result
l11I Iollowlllj an I Ill IInllles of Iho
winners the figures Indicating the
tcprescntatlve Alvls S llennett
County Judge 1 Fon J0IttI4 I
County Court Clerk M I S Ihigla hub
County Attorney I M 1 L I lleavrln I I
Sheriff C I1 I Keowii 1 no opposi l
School Superintendent James DC
Jailer Tims H I I Ulackmo
Assessor Frank howe 87
Surveyor John H I I Woodsu
Coroner lien I L I Davis I 411
Ijion this ticket t Tin IlKitALi
makes no comment lit present They
are the t men whom the I hthiihlii hen hi
party of Ohio county puts forward ns
Its I candidates and we accept them as I
such h It I now behooves the I Democrats I
to put forth a ticket that will bent
the I nbove at the polls next Novem
ber I This I should and will I I I we think I i I
lie all easy matter
For II week past II lively I I serial has
been miming In the columns of tho
Louisville I I I I KmitiHj Jot with I t I u Mr 1
M 1 lturiittt lit llnrtfnnl ns the prin
cipal subject and prime object of nt
lalkI I
Mr llarnett I I besides being I Surveyor
of I the t I 1orl I nt t Louisville I I I a very fat
IMilltlcal jollIs also chairman of the
llepubllcaii I State t Central t h Committee I
and one of the chief advisers of the
Republican party In Kentucky
Whenever ho makes nn utterance of a
public or political nature It Is assum
ed h that he voices the sentiment of nt
Ilaslll I lIIi1jollI t of hl I Is Iarl
Recently I there I ins been consider
able 111 I I I feeling I between the t I press and
the political lenders of the Republi
can party IIf Louisville It I Is quite
genernlly understood that t tho 1tt
and Dinimlrli which I u have been sailing I I I
under false colors and pretending I to bo
Democratic I journals have I In i reality
aided the Republican I party morotlinn
Its I I assumed organ the I bmnirtrliil
which ot late years has rather lost
caste In the estimation of some of the
more rabid of the I Kcpubllcnn leader
of Kentucky That the 1ott and lt
> ntrh were subsidized supporters of
Kcpubllcnn Interests has been qnlti
generally understood Whether these
pseudoDemocratic journals had be
come tired of serving further wlthou
more pay or whether they had bcei
considered too costly for further cm
ploymcnt by discerning Kepnbllcai
managers It cannot he exactly deter
I mined Anyhow they have shown IIn
I Inclination to fall away from and dc
nounce some of that clement of tin
I Republican party In Kentucky which
constitutes Its mainstay and support
I III this movement the t lost seems to
have taken the lead The matte
llrst became public by the open utter
ances of Mr Barnett In an Interview
In I which he said The AYfiifm lost
has done more Injury to the Kcpubll
can party and especially the Kcpubll
can organization than all the cOld ih
Oocbcl papers of the t city and State
The position of the 1ott and Itiiatcli
Is I In every way offensive Taking
this as his cue Mr Richard W
Knott I through his paper the Punt
opened up his batteries on Mr liar
nctt and he has been giving daIly
utterance to the most bitter demitiela
tlon uf the Surveycr and his friend
Senator Deboe who It is assumed Is I
responsible for both what Mr liar
nctt may say and also his position Oil
the Slate Central Committee and hIs
occupancy of the fat Government job
In all this unpleasantness figure
the next Lnlted States Senntorshlp
for which Senator Deboe among oth
ers will be a candidate for re elec
tion In words which arc so plain itS >
not to be misunderstood the lot dc
mands as the price of its support of
Senator Deboe the removal ot Mr
llarnett from both the Committee
and the Surveyorshlp of the Port
Speaking I asan independent I journal
the Ioat says Senator Deboe niusl
accept one side or the other of this
controversy lie cannot stand for Mr
Knrnctt and expect to get the support
of any t Independent I Democrats
Senator Deboe In a letter to Mr
Knott seeks to pacify that belligerent
jiuimal the Ittst by disclaiming nnj
direct responsibility for what Mr
Harriett might say and Mr llarnctt
In an open letter says that his utter
ances In regard to I the Iutt were not
Intended I ns all attack on Independent I
Democrats generally but related slit
cltlcnlly I to that I journals position and
And so the war of words goes merri
ly I on Sides are being taken faction
are being created and there Is much
political I unpleasantness t yet In I store
Last Sunday was the anniversary uf
the death of Governor William Goc
lid At six oclock on the evening of
February 1 of last year the assassin
bullet had I finished Its I work and u the
noble soul of one of Kentuckys most
fearless and able statesmen took Its
Illght to the One who gave It
Many people of this State have not
yet ceased mourning the death of Ihls
great man There were those and
they yet live who were glad of lib
death and the manner of his I taking t
off These were the men who haled
him I for his aggressiveness and fear
lessness Xow that the object ol
their h hatred has been In I his I u grave fur
a year It I t would seem that their ill
feeling would have subsided but not
so Whenever a Democrat I Is to be
censured or held up to the scorn of
the public he Is referred to as aoe i
bellte I When Democratic I plans or
nets become obnoxious or oppo < ed tc
other plans of other parties they I arc
referred to as Goebellsm The most
contemptuous t epithet I that can be ap
plied to a Democrat I Is one embodying
the Illustrious name of Kentuckys
martyred Governor
1erhaps Mr Goebel was not always
ns good as he I should have I been It 1 Is
seldom that greatness from a world
ly I standpoint and true piety go to
gel itr He I I may not like I I Mary have I
chosen that good part which should
not be taken t away from him 1 i I Hut I
withal he was kindly natural and
true ns steel l to the right ns he saw It
Ills I I I faults and he had a number of
them were swallowed up to a great
extent by his I u noble ambition I and his
zealous Interest for plans which
should bring good to the great com
mon people This was charity as ho I
conceived I It I and It I was this good qual
I ity t In I his makeup I which I u i covered the
sins whether h a multitude t I or not
that I stood charged against I him I I I
Hut I I I call I him I what h wo may saint or
sinner statesman or devil I hthe man
ner of his death was none the less
heinous I u I and 1 his I u murderers deserved
not one whit I less punishment i for their
dastardly crime Vet notwithstand t
ing I Mr u Gnebel I has I been under tho
sod a twelvemonth the I real punish
ment of those t I convicted I of complicity
III his assassination has not yet begun
And several of the most guilty I I have I
not yet been apprehended i This Is not
the h fault of the t courts or of Ihe law
or altogether of the 1 olllcets of f the law
And yet some I of I l the t I IntlIlIn 1 greatly
to blame Since the very hour when
Mr i Goebel was assassinated and tho
very minute I following I when acting I
Governor Taylor interposed I t In I behalf
of the assassin by refusing to allow
fatalI t I I I t
shot was fired to be searched by olll
cers of the t law Mr Goebtls assassins
have hacl their protectors These
protectors composed of the press and
the leading politicians of the element
which stood ns Mr Goebels political I I
opponents In I life I I have used every ef f
fort to prevent HID arrest of the sus
pects and Ihe trial and conviction of
those who wero the subjects ofconclu
slvo proof With the cry of persecu
tion they 1 have sought to I I paralyze the t
nrin of Justice 1 Andtlilr efforts lo
a certain I extent t I have proven success
fill I They have I succeeded in I making I
some persons believe I thai I I nobody yet
apprehended for complicity I t In I Mr I
Goebels assassination was In I the t least
guIlty of even tho remotest connection
with I this I dastardly nlTalr I Iolsonlng I I
I hue minds of Mr Gochds I I enemies
with these delusions these murderer
protectors have created tho Impres
sion In the minds of some persons that
It Is really not Important that the as
sasslns be apprehended anyhOw
Lint nevertheless and not withstand
Ing tile machinations of both tho nc
cused and their protectors a strong
chain of evidence has been linked
around certain men some convicted
and some yet to he convicted whlcl
settles without any doubt as to the
particulars of Mr Goebels taking olT
and those responsible for It
I And yet though men may be con
vlcted and men may be hung and oth
Irs sent up for life these things will
not bring back to us the lamented
Goebel nor restore to the State tin
life which was beloved throughout Its
borders and whlclrevcti now is mourn
ed with new grief as the anniversary
of Its passing away Is brought tt
timluitil3iviit A Call I
DKAVFU DAM KY Jan ill 1001
We the underclgnedunhealtatlng Dem
ocrats of Beaver Dam voting precincts
earnestly and respectfully petition
J P Miller to become a candidate for
the Democratic nomination for re
election as County Judge of Ohio
county We hereby pledge him our
support as we regard him as the best
County Judge the county has had for a
number of years lIe has been faithful
In the discharge of every duty as County
Judge and fulfilled every promise he
made the people while a candidate fonr
yearsago and saved the taxpayers many
thousands of dollars We cheerfully
and sincerely recommend him to the
party as a tried and true official In ev
cry way worthy ol the ofHce and the
partys support
Jno J Mitchell P P Walker
W II Taylor Harrison Austin
1 W Pate Z W Mitchell
Byron Johnson W T McKinney
J W Phelps W C Smith
Ed Cooper Jr Bnrges Austin
Ed Cooper Sr C D Chick
J 1 P McKinney B C Barnes
James McSherly IL B Taylor Jr
R H Stevens E D Oldham
D A Miller Bob Barrett
W A Austin J N Oldham
B RGray O H Barnes
Dr Geo IL Smith T A Stewart
W H Austin J D Hocker
J B Taylor Thomas Taylor
J W Taylor I Austin
H L Taylor J Mason Taylor
IL B Taylor E T Smith
R L Taylor W H Beau
J W Hocker S J Rhoads
B IL Rummage Get F Mitchell
J Frank Casebier Win Foster
C E Render G W White
K V Williams Ira Fulkerson
J M Porter Dr B X Patterson
J W Cooper W T Stevens
H Monroe J Leslie Leach
J M Peters R E BasBett
David Lake
Mrs Nations Idea Gains Popularity
A band of W C T U women of
Danville Kan wrecked four joints
in that town with axes hatchets and
A Boston woman armed herself with
a hatchet and in emulation of Mm
Xation smashed the furniture and con
tents of one naloon Into bits
Fifty women of Topeka Kan signed
n pledge to wreck local saloons
The W C T U women of Harper
and Attica Han organized to close
the joints and the joint keepers
becoming alarmed voluntarily closed
their places
Young men of Parkdale Kan have
organized a hatchet club
A preacher at Vineland X J quoted
scripture to prove that Mrs Nation has
divine authority for her physical oppo
sition to unlicensed saloons and advis
ed the women of his flock to go and do
A young woman of Louisville armed
with stones attempted to wreck a
joint in the tenderloin district
A Fort Scott Kan woman becom
lug imbued with the efncacy of the
hatchet USI Iolle to settle a grocers
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury
As mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering in
through the mucous surfaces Such ar
ticles should never be used except on
prescriptions of reputable physicians as
the damage they will 10 is tenfold to
the good you can possibly derive from
them Halls Catarrh Cure manufac
tured by F J Cheney Co Toledo
O contains no mercury and Is taken
internally acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem In buying Halls Catarrh Cure
be sure you get the genuine It is ta
ken internally and is made in Toledo
0 by F J Cheney Co Testimo
nials free Sold by druggists Price
7oo per l > bottle
Halls Family Pills nn the best m
4 a
Chronic Sore Leg
Mr J Richardson had n running
gore on his lets for twenty years Tried
doctors and medicines without end or
any permanent good Mr L B Xun
nully druggist Hartford Iowa rec
ommended Morleys Sarsaparllla and
Iron to cure the cause of the sore and
make it heal from the inside A few
bottles cured his leg and put him in
better health than ho had been in for
twenty years Sold by an agent III cv1 I
G A R Meeting
Preston Morton Post Xo 4 will meet
at Court Hall Saturday February Oth
nt t oclock p III on KOIIIO Important
business All comrades arc expected to
come In By order of
ofI I
Persons who titer from indigestion
cannot expect to live long because they I
cannot eat the food reuuirefl to nourish
the body and the products of the nu
illgcHUd foods they do cat poison the
blood It Is I Important to euro indiges
tion as HOOII as possible and the best
method of doing this is to use the prell
ration known as Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
It digests what you eat Rill restores all
Iho digestive organs to perfect health
J H Williams htimrttorJii
IThe I
The aggregate of the losses III tho fac
I tory ntul tenement house fire in New
York Thursday night is I estimated nt
tl 15000HI
I Fortyfour negroes have pleaded gull
ty to Boiling their votes nt Rockport
Ind and all hare been disfranchised
for ten years and fined a nominn
I amount
amountMrs Nancy G Thomas one of tin
oldest and wealthiest residents of SlId
I I by countydled Thursday morning SIte
was tho oldest member of tho Christian
church In Kentucky
I Circuit Judge Cantrlll has ordered
Jim Howard transferred from the Louis
ville jail to the county jail at Frankfort
Henry E Youtsey will be taken to
Georgetown to receive his sentence
Col C C Hardwick one of tho most
prominent citizens of Webster county
died nt Dixon last week of Brlghts dU
ease He was a successful merchant
and business man lIe was the fatiiei
of Dr C C Hani wick of LIIIiI I
The residence of Judge James E
Cautrlll at Georgetown was destroyed
by fire Thursday with a considerable
portion of its contents The loss on the
house is about 123000 There was In
surance of 112000 on the residence and
fJOOO on the furniture
Memorial services were held all over
tint world Sunday in honor of tho lain
Queen of England The services at
Washington were attended by the Pros
ident the Cabinet mcuiljers of the Su
preme Court Senators and Itepreseuta
lives and the Diplomatic Corps
Gnruett D Hipley of Henry enmity
has been Indicted by the Franklin coun
ty grand jury as an accessory before
the fact to the murder of William GOt
bel A bench warrant was at once is
sued and Rlpley was placed under ar
rest at his home Hipley was Captain
of one of Taylors militia companies
and had charge of the squad of soldiers
In the anteroom of the Governors ofllct1
when Taylor was preventing search for
the assassin It is significant that N
H Withersiwon brotherinlaw of
Henry E Yontsey was a witness before
the grand jury which < Hipley
Feb 4The telephone Is now com
plete to this plneI I
The primary passed oil quietly
Rev D J K Maddox will preach at
Green River next Saturday and Sunday
La grippe is prevalent around here
We are for J J WIlson for Represent
ative T J 1 Smith for County Clerk and
J P Miller for Judge
Pulpit to Perdition
Haducih Sunl
Mr E P Crows who was until last
summer pastor of the Main street Moth
odist church at Owensboro has decided
to become a temperance lecturer and
will start out shortly delivering his
lecture From the Pulpit to Perdition
It is probable he will lecture first in
Padncah Mr Crowe has been editor
preacher and lecturer and will no
doubt have many interesting and enter
big things to say
Life Sentence for Gibson
CATlKTTSUtiui Kv Feb 1The 1
jury in the Gibson case returned a
verdict at 125 2 p III finding him guilty
and fixing his punishment at life con
finement in the penitentiary
Gibson was accused of murdering his
infant stepdaughter The evidence
showed that he tortured the child by
burning it with a redhot poker He
I finally broke the little childs hack and
tied to the hills He was finally cap
I mired and taken to Maysvillu to escape
When the jury returned with the
I verdict the court house was packed
Fully twothirds of them expected a
death penalty and they are very much
disappointed in the outcome of the
Salt rheum with its burning sting
hug sensation is due to poor blood and
is cured by Hoods Sarsaparllla the
great blood purifier
Burial of the Queen
In London the pomp and splendor of
1 gorgeous pageant in historic St
Georges Chapel Windsor where three
fingi lie buried beneath the pavement
of the church the solemn burial serv
Ice of the Church of England This
was the programme followed Saturday
In the funeral services of Queen Vic
turin Countless thousands lined the
route of the parade through London
tud the crush may be better estimated
jy the statement that laO persons re
inired hospital treatment as a result of
njnrics received yet only two fatalities
ivere retried There were two hitches
tu the ceremony at Win Jsor The horses
which were to draw the gun carriage
> ecame restless and nearly overturned I
the coffIn They were promptly nn
hitched and their places taken by 1110
nenofwarsmen During the services
In St Georges Chapel the venerable I
Archbishop of Canterbury was almost
Overcome After the services the body
wits removed to the Albert Memorial
Chapel in the rear of St Georges Chap
el where it remained until the burial
at Frogmore Monday I
When threatened by 1 pneumonia or
any other lung trouble prompt relief
III necessary as It is dangerous
to delay We would suggest
that One Minute Cough Cure be taken
nil goon as indications of having taken
cold arc natlcwl It cures quickly und
Its early use prevents consumption J
H Williams Hartford IIII I
Courts His Own Daughter i i
A peculiar story cornea from Princeton
ton Ky Lee Wilkerson 11 middle
IIged widower of that place came near
Harrying his own daughter Two
nonths ago he begun paying attentions
to Miss Fanny Loyd a hat trlmmcraml
within a short time secured her consent
to marry him The wedding was to
hoe takeu place Tuesday night Incl
dentally site informed her suitor that
her real name was not Loyd but that
she had been raised by n family of that
minute in southwestern Missouri sie t
laving been taken from an orphans
home when n baby It dawned upon
I Brevity is the I
Soul of Wit
Wit Is WIsdom Blood is life Impure
I on gooJ Hood Disease is due lo fad
Wood7ic blood can le purified
Legions say Hoods Sarsapariila Amer
icas Greatest Blood Medicine purifies it
A brief story but H tens the tale
II I Wilkerson that she might be his long
lost child and Investigation proved this
to lie true The wedding was declared
Jailer Jailed
Fisher the negro brought hero Friday
by Oftlcer Monday charged with burg
I lary at Lewlsport and turned over to
I Jailer W I II Brown called the turn on
the jailer in great style about 1 t oclock
tills afternoon Jailer Brown went In
to the jail at the hour named to take
Fisher his supper As the jailer enter
ed Fisher passed out closed the door
and locked the jailer within He then
told the jailer goodbye and went on his
way lie got aboard a Texas freight
train which was just pulling out
Jailer Brown finally succcdcd 111I mak
lug his family hear him and they I let
him out as the negro very considerate
ly left the jail keys in the door after
turning the bolt The jailer learned
that Fisher had boarded the freight I
train and he telephoned the Owensboro
police to lie on the lookout for Fisher
when the train reached that place and
to watch all other trains as Fisher 1
might drop off the freight at a way
station and take the next passenger
train down Fisher was the only pris
outer in the jail
Both Were Killed
Officer C 1 Sutton was shot this after
noon at 4 I oclock and Instantly killed
by Ora Ferguson Ferguson at the
Mime time received his death wound
Ferguson was drinking considerably
and was warned by Slaton to get oft the
street and not doing w rorjuenJ l
Policemen Slaton mull lIchK attempted
to arrest Ferguson who said he would
not be arrested and drawing a pistol
both he and Sutton tired Hiinultaneonsly
Examination showed that Slaton was
shot through the heart while Ferguson
was shot through the abdomen living
until 120 oclock
Ferguson resided at Mortons lap
and was considered reckless while 1 rink
big Slaton bore a good reputation and
was a terror to evildoers Because of
his untiring vigilance 1 and fearlessness
his death has been often predicted
Eagle Carried Baby Half a Mile
DKNVKK Feb 2 Tony Giovanni
two years old was seized and carried
off by an immense I gray eagle today
while the child was In the yard of his
home in a Denver suburb Thai childs
screams brought the father and two
other men to tbe door in time to see the
bird and child disapjiear over the bluff
of the Platte river
The men gave chase and saw the
eagle alight on a small island covered
with underbrush half a mile from the
childs home When the men urrivid at
the island the bird attempted to rise
with the boy but his clothing caught
in a brush und the eagle weilig the
men close at hand with clubs dropped
his prey and Hew away The boy IH
not badly hurt
Stricken Blind by Lightning
MAUISOX iNt Jan ill Charles
Kernel a Madison volunteer In the
Twelfth United States Infantry Philip
pines is reported enronte home totally
While on the march some months
ago a bolt of lightning struck his gun
and was diffused in such a manner as to
destroy his eyesight Ho was not seri
ously hurt otherwise
I TAttlE
this illus
trate yourI
e x peri i
And arc
you wor
ried for
fear vou
are soon to be bald
Then cease worry
ing for help is at
hand You need
something that will
put new life into the
hair bulbs
a hair
It brings health to I
the hair and the fall I
ing ceases
It ceasesI I
color to gray hairI I
You need not look at
thirty as if you were
IhQir I
hair may have again
I all the dark rich color
of youth
1100 n bottle All droggtit
I I am a barter by trade tod bus
bait Q great tleal to do with yQur
flair S Igor J bave Soaad that It
will do everything that you claim
for It 1C lm given IDa tho uioif
complete natbfictlon In lujr bush I
ael llEMiyJOroxnE
Much a 1899 Kanwi City Ho
YMIo fbi Doctor
If you ito not obttln nil th ttnefltl
you fiixcud from mlii us ol Ibl
Vigor writs thlrfloI tnut it
ddrIJIII 1 u cIlMaa
I pc3iEL1ENd in SbC es
Nd tieS
Sompod In Shank
Anchor Shoe
Stmpd in Stink
300 iI
FootwTeara pair of 5lvoes vwi want
tie sure vcxi net ci I hwipliM vrusirc
of value fervour f maw
fit the fcct arc what you want Shoes With a Record
Weve Got Emrlllkrrlll II stvlc rcvl nil till fine
l > onls hi Ill lddllll uxj nilkx
In all styles of Toes Kid and
Vesting Tocu Tan ant Black That s the Kind We Sell
1 slim co tile I5ItjtjCt 1 1111 kt
kty 1
GRESIVIi SHOli BUILDERS J Jt jtItt stand bclihvl their ixxxJuct
c iIs a small sum for k J 0 0
J i y 0 0a
gantly nude and Ursti l vltli in In this xiir of Nvocs
rtve1a s1C That what the Jm nvxv xrkr foot comfort and
A T Dca Shoe ismi j Mvi Hum voti urn net I t for m equal
unwxjiu jiiv place cbc
uirpdin Shank
ISpcclil tuTtlE HriALt I
Feb ro Born to the wife nf Mr
Clark Igleheart Tuesday January 1 Uth
a fine girl
Mr T It Tnvlnr attended the burial
of hits HlHterinlaw Mrs Henry Taylor
which occurred at Liberty Tuesday 21 I
Married 1 at the residence of the brides
aunt Mrs Annie Iaxhhnxik tltiwi
Ky January W Mrs Mildred Calloway
to Mr Jas S Trnimell
Mr and Mrs Trnnnell visited their
parents Mr and Mrs Robert Hunter
and sister Mrs Jan Drake and other
friends Mid relatives several days last
week They left for their home near
Utiea Monday
Mr Hob Bennett Ileda has bought I
about III acres of land from Mr Frank
Allen and will build a dwelling house
on same
Mr John Mason hns disposed of his
lot of ten acres of land to Mr Alva
Calloway and will return to Urecken
ridge county soon
Mrs Jenniu Balls and Mr Jas C
Drake who are mite ill were no better
when last t heard from
Clara Fulkerson youngest daughter
of Mr Uuck Fulkerson Ceralvo was
bnriexl at Equality last Tuesday
Mr It H Evenly who has been quite
ill is thought to bo KOIIIO better at this
Mr and Mrs Richie Mnhlenl > erg
county visited in our midnt last week
They were accompanied to their home
by Mr U P Balls and little daughter
Lilllo May
Mr J C Hill who has been quite
sick for several days is able to be out
Miss Lucy Nichols Hopkins county
is visiting her grandparents Mr and
Mrs O W Barnard
Miss Ruby Gregory Henderson coun 1
ty is tho guest of Mrs J O Bennett
An apron party was given at the home
of Mr Clinton Igleheart Thursday
evening in honor of Misses Nichols and
Gregory A large crowd was present
and a nice time is reported
Several of our boys attended the quar
terly meeting at Ceralvo Wednesday
and Thursday
ThullllllI Hunter who has been on
the sick list is better
Pepsin preparations often fail to re
lieve indigestion because they can digest
only albuminous foods There Is one
preparation that digests all classes of
food and that Is Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
It cures the worst case of Indigestion
and gives instant relief for it digests
what you cat J II Williams Hart
ford m
Estray Notice
Taken np as q stray by Hugh A Wil
son ono pain rod Jersey heifer about
18 months old and valued by W T
Ashby and Sherman Frames at 10
marked with crop and split In left oar
Bnbcribed and sworn to by W T
Ashby and Sherman Frames before me
this Feb 4 1001
0 14 J P MHJKU J 0 0 a
fltop the ouCh
und Work Off tbe Cold
Laxative BromoOnlntno Tablets cure
a eold in ono day Price 33 cents tf
Tlld 1011
Std Stink
Queen Bee
SPOTe Heres
Thats what wins = Getting there H
first and hittcn cm hard when you Where We
arrive Thats what VV I1CI C VV C
Our OdsGet Together
Our PrIoesYOU
are doing for competition in the WEVE GOT SHOES
Shoe line this season
Wero 7immnoritr rio wituBEST VALUES
prluc und tlriliK
up VIlluOH
dt I > A jBuys the Shoe
W 350 Is theFaulttess our pr le for g oo shown above the
Faultless in
style and finish Made by The money m town Made by The
Brown Shoe Co St Louis who Brown Shoe Co the bat
I turn out nothing but the bestsho builders
Who Contemplate build
ing will do well to get
prices and estimates from
S H Seibert it Son tho
well known builders and
contractors t Hartford Ky
They will make you es
timates and do your
work by tho day or con
TIMES few persons can affordtobc
without a Telephone rime Rough
River Telephone Co Inc line Hues
reaching to nearly every part of Ohio
county anl sections of adjoining coun
ties It is an Independent company
owned by homo people and Is a homo
enterprise Riving excellent service at
n very cheap rate Connects with tho
Harrison Exchange at Owcnttboro via
Fordsvlllc Give It your support
For particulars address
Hartford Kentucky
Have a
Placed in your resi
denco or place of
business and put
yourself in direct
contact with the
Distance Lona
To all parts ot tho
United States For
terms call on
Frank Pierce
t t
1I 1

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