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r M I
E All Kinds of Job Printing Really i < Executed 1 Come the Herald of a Noisy World the Jffyos of Ill Nations Lumbering at my Back Subscription X100 per Year In dunce
In SeveralVery Important
Coming From Madisonville
Will be Cordially Received
CleanUp Day Set
The Hartford Commercial Club min
the courthouse
called session at
in special
house here last Friday night
President T R Barnard and Sec
retary Henry Carson present together
wIth a representative crowd of other
+ citizens There were not as many pres
ent as should have been and It Is
hard to discover the reason Several
prominent citizens and business men
who were absent said next day wlien
Inlcrrograted that they knew noth
lug of the meeting although It was
announced In both the town papers
and the court house bell wets loudly
sounded Others absent seemed to 1
taho little Interest In the matter and
wantedto know Jwhat the meeting
wits for anyhow This Is rather ix
sad commentary upon the business
enterprise of our citizens who get
their living here and who should Ub
Interested In every movement large
or small in the Interest of the place
I which of course Includes the welfare
of all its citizens There Is evident
ly too much of lettheotherfellowv
I seetoIt There are cltlnpns and
business men hero who of course
I would like to prosper but they seem
inclined to want some other fellow
I to do the boosting This is not the
4 proper spirit and auch a condition
1is 1 deplorable Let us hope that these
citizens will soon learn to stb this
matterin a better light
Those vEo farm present ntthe
meeting seemed interested and alive
io the moment of the occasion The i
committee appointed to Investigate and I
llnd out a location for the proposed
hickory mill of Kellar Bros report
ed that they had found a location
near the depot here which could be
purchased for X200 The railroad
company proposes to furnish free the I
steel for a switch if the mill com
pany will do thie balance The mill
company is said to employ from ten
to twenty workmen regularly Col C
M Barnett and Mr A C Yelser were
appointed as a commlttbo to solicit
funds to buy the lot for the mill 10
location to be deeded to and owned
any the Hartford Commercial Club
wlhlch v111 lease it to the mill own <
eS foe a term of years
A committee WAS also appointed to
solicit funds to prepare a free dinner
for tllC old soldiers of tM county
who will hold their annual meeting
here on the 4th of July next This
committciQ is compelled of A C Yela
er C M Barnett and F L Felix Who
will also have charge of the matter
of advertising the event It will U >
n bee affair and It is high timjo our
citizens were preparing for it The
Ohio County Fair grounds will be se
cured for the purpose and it is an
ticipated that thci lll will lie an Im
mense crowd present
The matter of cleaning up the town
In the interest of sanitation and also
in nntlclpation of the visit of the
Lets Gt Acquainted crowd from I
Mndlsonvillo who will arrive here on
Thursday May 26 wus next taken onI I I
That the town needs a general clean
Ing up at least once a year goeS with
out question After some discussion
as to date it was ngreed that next
Tuesday May 24 would ben good
date and all bur citizens are request
ed to make it a personal matter and
join in the duty of cleaning up their
premises and the sidewalks in front
of same Merchants and other business
men are asked to clean up both in
front and rear of their places of bUill I
bless It should be done for the
s 1 good of all without hesitation or
delay I I
r i The principal object of the niqctlng
and one of tho most important sub
t jects discussed was the entertainment
of tho people who will come from
MadisonvlllcJ on a special train to
Hartford on Thursday + of next wdok
for tho purpose of getting acquaInt
ed This delegation will number
about 150 people and ttfero will be
s ladles in the bunch They will nrI I
rive here between li and 12 oclock I I
+ In time for dinner The tact that
Hartford at present has no hotel In
operation makes tho matter of fur
nlbhing them dinner more than usu I
ally important By totter and also
by telephone the leaders of the Mad
Isonvlllo movement have said that
they do not wish Hertford people to
also to any extra trouble on tUclr
account or to feed them free They
simply say You and your oommlttija
furnish us a good dinner under the
trees and we will gladly pay for 1U
They further add Wo will bring ILl
brats band and give you all tho music
you can stand Get up all the pur
thuslasm you possibly can and we
will do the reel This is certainly
kind and generous and they should
not be disappointed in what they may i
expect Hartford ptcplo owe it to
themselves the Interest of their town I
and the visiting people to V entprtaln
this coming crowd in the most hospit I
able manner We should not show
up short in any respect i
After some discussion it was deem i
ed best to appoint a committed and
let them place the dinner job with
name of the ladles of the town
MessrsRowan Holbrook and JohnW
Taylor agreed to net as this commit
tee It is assured that this dinner
will be right up to the notch both
In quality and quantity
A reception committee was also ap
pointed as follows Mayor James H
Williams Judge R H Wedding Rev
Virgil Egn Capt S K Cox Col i C
It Barnett Messrs F L Felix C E 1
Smith H P Taylor Ernest Wood
urilS A Anderson Irr CBuiffsr
W M Fair and Heber Matthews
Alogetther the meeting was very
Interesting and piofltable and happi
ly rrut wed the spirit of progress and
interest in the towns affairs which
at times seems lagging
Knights of Pythias Entertainment
Rough River Lodge No 110 with u
membtishlp of over ono hundred has
done In Its sixteen years existence
in Hartford 4a wonderful work in I
the uniting of our young manhood
in helping the weak nod distressed
and In cheering those in sorrow
lie membership has lived very cloeo
to the tenets of the order friend
ship charity and benevolence and
as they have worked for good to a
I common humanity the story of
Damon and Pythias grows sweeter
raid brighter
That tho citizens of Hartford and
all who may desire to attend may
more fully appreciate the friendship
which bound Damon and Pythias and
became the foundation of the order
the lodge has at its own expense em
ployed Miss Eva L Dunning of Co
lumbus Ohio an impersonator of
rare ability to render in tap Count
house on Friday night May 20th
the following program
Irjixjductton iMrs J S Glenn
Pant 1 Scone 1 A street In Syra
cuse Soldiers rush upon Damon win
s rescued by Pythias Scene 2 Da
mon sends his wife and ohilld to his
villa near Syraoluse tor safety Music
Pant IL Scene 1 Tho Senate House
of SyraouEft The tyrant Dlonylua is
elected King Damon Is doomed to < a
public death Scene 2 A chamber in
Arrias house The wedding day of
Pythian and Calantho Pythias hastens
IJQ Damon Music
Part III Scene L The prison Moot
ing of Damon and Pythias Scene 2
Pythias stands haulage for Damon
MusicPant IV Setfce 1 Garden here Da
mon visits MB wife and child Scene
2 The exterior of Damons villa
Lucullus slays Damons horse to save
hbn Damans rage
rageI A public place In
S yracuse A scaffold The arrival of
Duoncii In time to rove Py Lios
life Scene 2 Dlonysius pardons Da
A Happy Father
Is soon turned to a sad one if he has
to walk the floor every night with a
crying baby McGeos Baby Elixir
will make the child well soothe its
nerves Induce healthy l falslum
Iber Best for teittntt la and
our stomachaU r teittn f babies
need It PJcasnnt torts kesuretuid
sare contains nel h amfuif drugs
Prluo 25 cents and 60 ce timer boat
IPrIcI25 by HartfojdP ug Coaiit
corporated ttwV s > > xnf
n i a r
Building Contftttlil jr I
If you are going to build a new
house or repair the old one I would
like to make you prices on the cost
It the labor and can furnish the ma
terial if desired Will work in the
country also Good references
Builder Contractor
10H Hartford Ky
Look For It Far Over in i
the East
Hereafter Will be Seen of I
Evenings Then Gradually 1
Fading Away I
Henry NorrIs Russell an eminent
scientist contributed to a recent d is
sue of the Scientific American an t
InterCBtiES article in regard to the
return of Halleys comet and the po
sition where it is seen to the best ad
vantage He says that on the 18th
which is today it will pass directly
between us and the sun later ap
pearing even to greater advantage in
the evening sky
On the evening of the 18th or morn
ing of the 19th according to the ob
servers longitude the comet passes
between us and the sun and the earth
Mill be enveloped In its tall If the
latter Is long enough over 15000
If this evening is clear it will bo
of great Interest and Iniiiortanoci to I
look for illumination of the sky 1 In
the early evening just after sunset
the con ts tall will be in the east
but a few hours later It will have pass
ed over toward the West If as is
sometimes supposed the tall Is a
hollow cone of light there will be two
times at which the sky In general is
comparatively brightly illuminated
separated by en Interval while wo
are in the darker center of the tall
Meanwhile observers on the opposite
side of our planet will have tWe rait
privilege of seeing the sun through thb
comets head Only the extreme west
ern portion of the United States
is Included in Oils favored rtglon
but as the comet enters upon the suiH
dbk at 623 p m by Pacific stunt
ard time null remains on it till 722
tho transit will be visible all along
the coast The comet passes almost
squarely across the center of the nun
from west to east
Paradoxical as it may seem it I is
probable that the ordinary observer
tar with a small telescope and dark
glasses will not be able to detect
event the slightest trace of he com
ets passage With powerful in
struments the nucleus if solid might
be seen as a dark speck against the
sun If it is over 50 miles la diame
ter but it is improbable that it is 1
anything like so large for the whole
amount of light reflected from tho
comet when remote from the sun Is
no more than a single mass 30 miles
across would send us
Transits of comets across the sun
are very rare Tlo most remarkable
previous Instance is that of the great
comet of 1882 which though so bright
that It could be seen close to thb sun
In broad daylight with the naked eye
vanished completely when In front of
the HillS disk showing that It was
practically transparent
On the evening of the Il1th > we may
perhaps already see the comets tall In
the evening sky though its head will
IIet while the twilight is still very
strong On the 20th however It will
be visible till about 9 p m on the
22nd till about 9 p m on the 23rd
till 1020 and on the 25th and after
ward until after 11 p m
On the 21st the comets head will
be disco to the stur Gemlnorum on
the 23rd about 10 degrees above Pro
cyon and on the 25th near Hydrae
Lost Cow
Small yellow cow horns crook In
with 7 wrinkles part Jtorsey had cop
per ring in nose also rope around
horns when lost known us Widow
Singletons little Jersey cow Stray
ed from my premises April 4 1910
Liberal reward for her return to me
18t3 Render Ky
A Living Skeleton
Is tho final condition of any child
that has wormsIf it lives Think
of having something in your stomach
that eats all you take as nourish
ment Nine tenths of the babies
have worms maybe yours has Be
certain that It Jinn not by giving it
Whites Cream Vermifuge It expels
all worms and is a tonio for the
baby Price 25 cents Sold by Hart
ford Drug Co Incorporated m
> r oiJ
To Penitentiary for Year
and a Half
Alleged Bank Wrecker Re
turned to JailThird
i Trial of Noted Case
iJGullty was the verdict and a year
and a half in the penitentiary was the
punishment meted out to T Sidney
Anderson by a Henderson county jury
a at Henderson Saturday morning on
the charge of having sworn falsely
to a statement of the condition of the
defunctDaviess OouutyBank and Trust
Company of Owensboro of which in
stitution he was the president
+ vjfTlie closing argument In the casp
by Commonwealths Atorney S V
Dixon was made I > Iday night and the
co was given to the Jury at 830
n m Saturday morning They con sid
eyed the case for two hours and for
tyfive minutes before agreeing upon
a verdict
t Ai > soon as the clerk read the ver
diet Sirs r ATuler Tn vT Vtirsstctlns
by tho side of her husband complete
ly collapsed and it was some moments I
bpfore she rallied The shock was so
Ri > ut that it Is feared that she will
break down with nervous prostration
The shock was similar to tho one that
Mrs Anderson had In the first trial at
0vtnsboro when Mr Anderson was
given a three years sentence The
verdict had a telling effect on his
daughter Miss Sue Harris Anderson
as well as Mrs William Clarkeof Ow
ensboro who were also in attendance
during the trial and the greatest sym
pathy was felt by those who were
fiL snit when the verdict wns return
I edThis Is the third trial that Mr An
derson has had the first one being
at Owensboro when he received a ser
I once of three years After remaining
in jail for several months the Court
of Appeals reveiitd the case on the
grounds that Judge Blrkhead the pre
siding judge should have granted the
defendant a change of venue The
tort trial was held lu the Henderson
ldersonI I
Circuit Court before Special Judge
Dorscy and the Jury foiled to agree
seven being for acquittal and five for
conviction This time the case was
called before Judge Henson the regu
lar judge and the trlul began last
Mr Anderson bade his wife and
daughter farewell and was conducted
to the Henderson jail where he will
remain untl taken to the Eddyville
penitentiary provided there Is no
pppeal taken
i takenLets
Lets Get Acquainted
I The Madisonville Journal says
We want to know our newly ac
quired neighbors in the towns along
tlie M IL E We want them to
know us If we go over to see them
make ourselves acquainted and meet
them the results will accrue to the
best interests of both ourselws and
our neighbors Madisonville and Hop
klus county wart to further their
own interests but do not desire to
tal Q anything away from any of the
ether towns along the route or Inter
fere with the Hartford trade The
Get Acquainted trip has for its par
pose the creation of u good fellowship
ml l cooperation in building up the
country along the new rntlromland of
cementing a tie that will work to the
good of all Let every progressive
citizen of Mudlbonvllle and Hopkins
county secure n ticket for tile trip
and help boost Madisonville Hartford
and the intervening territory
For Sale
Two good work mules Will sell
reasonable W E ELLIS
The Produce Man
18tf Hartford Ky
Wealthiest Negress in State Dead
Margaret Pryor aged 75 who for
years was housekeeper for the late
Major Barak GThomas and who as a
beneficiary under the will of this not
ed L breeder and turfman became the
wealthiest colored woman in Central I
Kentucky died of dropsy at Lexing
ton last week I
In his will MajorThomas expressed
a desire that the aged negress should
occupy a grave beside that of his in
Lexington Cemetery When this was I
made public It created much comment
somjo of which reached the ears of
Aunt Margaret as she was fa
miliarly known to Lcxlngtonians She
thereupon put an end to controversy
by announcing that she would much
prefer that her remains rest in Green
wood the new cemetery for her race
than In Lexington Cemetery She was
burled in Greenwood Saturday morn
Boys Scalded
Clifford and William the young
eons of Mr E P Moore who lives on
Clay street met with rather a tragic
accident while playing last Thurs
day With boyish Ingenuity they had
rigged up a steam boiler with a largo
fivegallon oil can closing tho top
opening with a wooden plug in which
small pipes of different lengths were
Inserted After a fire bad been start
id underneath the can the plugs
proved to be Inserted too tightly and
tho boiler exploded with terrific
force hurling the can over a fence
near by and scattering boiling water
over the boys who wero standing
near Both boys were severely
scalded but their Injuries were not
serious It was a narrow escape
rural the boys will probably call in
an experienced engineer tho next time
they get up steam for their plant
Killed in Mines
Ray Hamilton and Peto Baker mor
tormau and assistant were killed I in
Luzerne mines near Greenville last
Monday morning about ten oclock by
falling sldeMr HamUtcnwha
was In his twentysecond year and
single was he oldest son of Mrs
Jennie Hamilton a sister of Mr W
G Duncan President of the W G
Duncan Coal Co and a nephew of
Mrs P L Felix Hartford Mr Baker
was in his twentythird year and
loaves a young wife
MrHamlltons father Wallace Ham
ilton was killed by the accidental dis
charge of a gun about fourteen year
ago while on a hunting trip In New
School Board Elects
At a meeting of the trustees of
Hartford College Saturday evening
Frcf Halley E Brown was elected
principal for the ufcxt year and the
other teachers were retained In their
respective places as follows Prof
It E Ellis 7th and 8th grades Prof
W R Hedrick 5th and 6th grades
Miss Alta Likens 2d and 4th grades
and Miss Mattlo Moseley primary The
position of President of the County
High School made vacant by the elec
tion of Prof Brown to the Principal
ship has not yet been filled Prof
Geo E Bailey who was principal
last year did not apply for the po
sition again as ho has been elected
to a similar position In a college in
Census Shows Development
The manufacturing Census of 1910
under the supervision of Robert M
Estes chief special agent for the
State of Kentucky is being closed
Said Mr Estes One feature of the
work which Is attracting attention
is tho great number of new concerns
which have started
The census we are taking also
takes In the mines and quarries oil
and gas throughout the State The
development along this line In the
southwestern part of the State dur
ing the last few years has been very
marked When the tabulation Is mate
d the mineral production of the State
It will show that Southwestern Ken
tucky possesses some of the best soft
coal fields to be found in the Unltjed
For Sale
One 12horse railroad graderin good
shape also 14 railroad scrapers and
8 dumpcarts Will sell cheap for
cash For further particulars call on
or address W E Ellis The Produce
Man Hartford Ky IStf
Methodist Church
Irsyer meeting at 8 Im Wednes
day Tho Epworth League will nrqet
with Mrs J 0 Keown Saturday at
p in Xo preaching at Hartford
next Sunday but the pastor will fill
his regular appointment at Goshen
There will be preaching by Rev Vir
gil Elgin at Mt Morlah the fifth
Sunday May 29 at 11 a m There
will bo preaching at Taylor Mines by
Rev Virgil Elgin next Sunday at 330
p m Everybody invited
I Want Hauling Done I
IParties I having teams and log wag
es can get steady hauling atnockI I
port For further information npI
ply to Rockport Saw Mill Co Rock
port Ky 19U
The Madisonville Crowd
is Coming
Hopkins County People are
Making Big Preparations
For the Trip
The Madisonville Journal says
Advices from Hartford apprise the
local committees in charge of the
Get Acquainted trip that the clt
lzi g of that place will welcome the
Madlsonvillo business and profession
al men and ladles accompanying them
with delight and that the reception
thtro will be all that the hospitality
of Ohio county people can extend And
that is saying a great deal Theijo is
as much enthusiasm concerning the
trip among the people at Hartford as
there is In Madtfonvlllc Every bus
iness man and many others not di
rectly engaged in commercial lines
here are preparing for tho trip to
Hartford on Thursday May 26
Tho committees aro busy with thb
details of thotrij and as thexoa M
many things to be given consideration
and much work to bo done no defi
nite announcement of the schedule or
of entertainment has yet been an
However everything bearing on the
trip Is moving rapidly in firstclass
order and the success of the ven
ture Is now assured The kindly
spirit In which Hartford people have
taken the proposal of the visit has
keyed the committpemen up to harder
work and it Is certain that every
thing will be definitely arranged with
in the next two or three days
It is believed that tho Hopkins
Circuit Court will adjourn on the day
of the trip in order to allow the lawn
yere and officers of the court to
join the excursion Tickets have sold
at a good rate and more will follow
especially when the adjournment of
court for that day is announced
Stricken Lightning While Talking
Over Telephone
While talking over the telephone
from the home of her sister Mrs
G H Haston in tho Yelvington
neighborhood to Mrs Thomas Mc
Intyre Mrs Mary Mitchell wife of
the Rev G W Mitchell came near
being killed by a lightning shock
About 7 oclock Wednesday evening
urn Mitchell called Mrs Mclntyro
over the telephone for conversation
Immediately after calling Mrs Mcln
typo a loud clap of thunder was heard
and Mrs Mitchell fell to the floor un
conscious In which condition she re
mained nearly four hours Medlcla aid
was summoned but it was found ebb
vas injured ouly by the shock
A peculiar coincidence is that
about three years ago the husband
of Mrs Mitchioll was killed by light
ning about 500 feet from the spot
on which Mrs Mitchell fell Rev
Mitchell was feeding some chickens
wben he was truck by lightning and
Instantly killed
Administrators Notice
All persons having claims against
the estate of S F Sharpe deceased
will present same properly proven
to the undersigned at tho Bank of
Whltesvllle Whitesvllle Ky on or
before June 1 1910
17t5 Administrator
To Try Dumping Cases
Carlisle Ky May 14 Judge Fryer
in the Nicholas Circuit Court today
continued tho cases of tho Burley To
bjinco Society against J B McIntire
James Rcffltt and J H Blount as it
was announced that a special jury
would be required to try them
Judge Fryer ruled that no member
cf r the tobacco pool would lIe a com
petent juryman and directed that a
special jury for these cases be sum
moned for tbo next term of court All
of the suits are for damages for al
leged breach of pooling contracts
Foloys Kidney Pills contain in con
centrated form ingredients of estab
111l therapeutic value for the re
ef and cure of all kidney and blad
dor ailments Foloys Kidney Pills aw
I antiseptic tonic and restorative and
a prompt corrective of call urinary iN
regularities Sold by all druggists m
V Jmn

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