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And How This Is Bein
Brought About
Shows That He Needs Mud
To Bring Him Around
Just Right
We must drive the special Inter
ests out of politics said Mr Roose
nit In his speech at Osawatomle
nt is necessary that laws be passed
10 prohibit the use of corporate
funds directly or Indirectly for polit
ical purposes
As evidence however fragile ol
the political reformation of Theo
Lore Roosevelt the World greets this
utterance with praise and thanksgiv
The Theodore Roosevelt who spoke
these inspiring words at Osawatomlc
Is the same Theodore Roosevelt who
qn October 14 1904 wrote from the
White House to Edward H Harri
man My Dear Mr Harriman
A suggestion has come to me In i
d roundabout way that you do not
think It wise to cotrio to see me I In
these closing weeks of the campaign
but that you are reluctant to refuse
inasmuch as I have asked you Now
my hear sir you and I are practical
men and you are on the spot and
know conditions better than I do i h
you think there Is any danger of your
visit to me causing trouble or If you
think there Is nothing special I
should be Informed about or no mat
ter In which I could nive aid why
of course give up the visit for the
time being and then a few weeks
hence before I write my message I
shall get you to come down to dis
cuss certain Governmental matters
not connected with the campaign
WliJi I grout regard sincerely yours
This Is tho same Theodore Roose
velt whom Mr Harriman visited at
the White House by Invitation a i
tvieek before election returning at
tree to raise an additional campaign
fund In Wall street of 2GO000 by
which he boasted that at least 50
000 votes were turned In the city ol
New York making a difference ol
100000 votes In the general result
This Is the same Theodore Roose
velt who made George B Cortelyou
then corporation Inquisitor of his ad
ministration chief collector of cor
poration campaign tribute Mr Cor
telyous appointment was followed
by a contribution of 100000 from
the Standard 011 Company by contrl
butions of 150000 from the three
great lifeinsurance companies by
admitted contributions from tho beef
trust by confessed contributions
from the tobacco trust and by secret
Contributions from other special In
terests the sum total of which Mr
Roosevelt has never dared publish
This Is the same Theodore Roose
relt who In 1906 denounced Edward
II Harriman In a letter to My Dear
3hermanns an undesirable citizen
after Mr Harriman had refused to
make further contributions to heir
sleet Republican congressmen
This Is the Fame Theodore Roose
VOlt who tolerated the political ac
tivities of the sugar trust during sev
en of the many yearn that It was rob
bang the United States Government
and who protected It from criminal
prosecution for violating the Sher
man law
Tills Is the same Theodore Roose
nit who turned the United States
Treasury over to Wall Street during
She panic of 1907 for which ho was
Jirnoly responsible
This Is tho same Theodore Roose
Toll who personally licensed the pur
phapp of the Tennessee Coal and Iron
Company by the United States Steel
corporation thereby giving the trust
a monopoly of the hlghgrado Iron
ore of the country
This Is the same Theodore Roose
velt who received more corporation
manager and manipulators at the
White House than all the other Pres <
Idtnu of the United States com
A4 a result of the shocking rnvola
Ions of the Roosevelt campaign fund
Congress enacted a law forblddlnp
orporatlon contributions In national
and congressional matters Since Mr
JTooBovelts retirement from thoWhitc
I use Congress has provided for
publicity of campaign contribution
and oxDondltures Now that the law
arc already upon tho statutebooks
MT Roosevelt comes forth bravelj
to tell us that the thing which hat
been done In spite of him Is ono ol
the things that must be done
Nevertheless we rejoice that hI
serppratlon practices now seem si
scandalous and abhorrent to Mr
Roosevelt and that he Is determine
that they must never be repeated In
American pollUcs We hope that
U I time he will view with equal do
testation his jingoism his demago
Ism his menacing schemes of fedora
centralization and his shocking at
tacks upon the United States courts
New York World
TO Imm11 VIm FAMIftt
Sturgis Ky Aug 25 1910
Mr Isaac Bennett and Family
Hartford Ky Dear FrlendsI was
very much affected to see an account
of Coras death My deepest sympa
thy goes out to each of you in this
hour of deep affliction and sorrow I
remember Cora as a dutiful obedient
and pleasant girl She was always
obedient to me when In school and
she added her part to make mj
schoolroom pleasant and did what
she could to help me get a start In I
the world I am thankful to her and
to each member of the family for
these fond recollections I am griev
I ed to learn of her death
Death must come but Is always ar
unwelcome thing Always has Its
deep troubles I know now that thick
clouds of gloom and sorrow hang
very low on every heart In the old
home and that there Is unrest In the
quiet of your country life But these
dark clouds have their silver lin
Ing and I trust each of you will
soon see the sunlight of Joy and good
cheer In the home At these dart
experiences we all shudder but the
greatest comfort Is In Gods Book
Let not your heart be troubled but
believe In Christ It should be the
I greatest Joy to you to know she died
In the Christians faith and hope and
I has a right to expect tho welcome
plaudit Well done thou good and
faithful servant My love to all
and best wishes must be assured
S Yours respectfully
Your complexion as well as your
temper Is rendered miserable by n i
disordered liver By taking Cham
berlains Stomach and Liver Tablets
you can Improve both Sold by all
dealers m
Some Krlio
An American and a Highlander
were walking one day on the top of
one of the Scotch mountains when
the Scotchman wishing to Impress
his boastful cousin produced a fa
mous echo to bo heard In that place
When the echo returned clearly af
ter nearly four minutes the proud
Scotchman turning to the Yankee
i exclaimed There man ye canna
show anything like that In youi
country To which the other re
plied I guess we can better that
some stranger Why in my shoot
Ing lodge In the Rockies when I go
to bed I Just lean out of my window
I and call out Time to get up wake
ups and eight hours afterward the
echo comes back and wakes me
Bait fur the Hands
S L Chapman Massac Ky says
I used Dr Bells Antiseptic Salve
on my hands which were sore and
find It the best I ever tried It cured
them completely m
U 1
Kvplulnliig Ills Position
One Kansas editor who was a can
didate In the recent primary was
asked the other day what position
he took editorially in the Republlcat
Gentlemen he said reflectively
I put down four uprisings in tin
Balkans banished the Sultan to per
manent oblivion settled the Spanish
row declared friendship between
England and Germany and freed s
lot of Russian serfs Thank you
Iloiliiily Hop
Are you Just barely getting around
by the aid of crutches or nr cano
Unless you have lost a limb or have
a deformity If your trouble Is rheu
matism lumbago sprain stiff Joints
or anything of like nature use Bal
lards Snow Liniment and In no <
time you can throw away your
crutches and bo as well as anyone
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rated m
Mcsopotuinfan floral Life Coiiinils
Nebuchadnezzar had Just con
structed the hanging gardens
Farmers uplift Movement he
Thus we sec he had the first prac
tical scheme
Not a minute should bo lost when
a child shows symptoms of croup
Chamberlains Cough Remedy given
as soon as tho child becomes hoarse
or even after the croupy cough ap
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I The Summer Girl
There was a girl In our town and
she was good to scan The spent her
I days In playing games where silo gal
r pots of tan and when she saw the
tan was on with all her might and
II main she rushed to n beauty shot
and took it oft again
Where the Jews acid I Rus
sians Congregate
A t Strange and Solemn Sight
As the National Griefs
Are Compared
Jerusalem Is Interesting ns no oth
er city Is interesting and that quality
of it increases Its grip upon you day
by day waking up the intellect stir
ring the faculties to an almost untir
ing activityan activity that per
haps becomes feverish at the fever
ish time of Easter In Jerusalem
surely the most sleepy mind must
wake the most phlegmatic temper
ament be whipped to a strong alert
ness Conflict seems In the aira
turmoil proceeding rather from the
souls than from the bodies of men
By their great wall the Jews wall
day after day They weep for vanish
ed power vanished glory a posses
sion taken from them But there Is
much less to weep for In the city
whose name means foundation or
habitation of peace where Moslems
keep the gate of the Holy Sepulcher
and Turkish soldiers with loaded
muskets hold In check the furious
passions of Christians
From the Russians who weep In
Gethsemane one may go down Into
the city to the Jews who weep in
their wailing place It is strange aid
Interesting to compare the two griefs
Nothing In the Holy Land touched
me so much as the simple faith the
deep reverence the heartfelt love and
sorrow of the Uuslan pilgrims To
tally free from selfconsciousness
like children they show all the feel
ings of their hearts In all the holy
places they kiss tho ground Where
every they think the Savior suffered
or was sad they weep today men
and women alike The Jews are
prouder are more selfconscious yet
every time I visited their walling
place I felt that their grief too in
Its different less touchng way was
often genuine
The walllngplace Is a rather nar
row paved alley between a white
washed wall and a gigantic ancient
wall formed of huge blocks of unce
mented stone worn away so It Is
said by kissing lips Weeds sprout
In places In the numerous crevices
and cracks In the alley are wooden
benches The Jews both men and
women go there not only on Fridays
but on all the days of the week
Standing In rows close to the great
wall with their faces upon Hebrew
books of prayer they murmur the
words aloud weep bow sometimes
almost to the earth and often press
their lips fervently against the blocks
of stone The women wear shawls
and keep by themselves at tho ends
of the alley The men cluster In the
middle Behind these mourners a
blind Moslem conducted by a Jew
often goes to and fro demanding
alms from the onlookers The walling
place Is In the Tyropeon Valley and
the great wall Is at the west side of
the temple area Whereas the Rus
sian pilgrims never even glance at
those who watch their tearssuch at
least Is my experience of themthe
Jews are often obviously aware of
the Interest their mourning creates
I have seen them peer furtively round
to take observations and return to
their lamentations with what seem
ed a greater zest when hey knew
the eyes of strangers were upon
them Nevertheless many of them
really weep pray with earnestness
and rock themselves to ants fro as If
genuinely tormented But the Jew
Is by nature acutely aware of the
things and people about him but the
Russian peasant Is notFrom Rob
ort IHchens Jerusalem In August
have Von n Baby
Then watch It closely And above
all things dont lot It suffer for any
length of time with wormsthat Is
fatal Jf Its complexion gets yellow
and pasty If it Is listless cross or
peevish gets thin suffers with flatu
lence give It Whites Cream Vermi
fuge The only cure that never falls
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I ford Drug Company Incorporat
ed m
III IovInK Memory
After a short illness of whoop
ing cough God in His kldncss and
wisdom reached forth His strong
I hand of affliction and took the tltne
babe of Mr and Mrs Fred Tat n
22 1910
Aug i
I Little Thelraa was only 9 months
I and 13 days old but with all tho
I sweetness and cheerfulness nature
could provide at this age the little
one had become the center of delight
In this happy home
Dear parents you have the sym
pathy of your many friends but He
has spared your other child In all
Its serious illness
God needed one more angel child
Amidst His shining band
And so Ho bent with loving smile
And clasp the darlings hand
The little cradle Is empty
The little clothes laid by
A mothers hope and fathers Joy
In deaths cold arms doth lie
We miss thee here but soon well
come where thou host gone before
For Use on Face and Hand
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best It Is a creamy snow white oint
ment and one 25c box will last three
months in
It would be a pleasure to publish
obituary notices of friends without
charge but owing to the large terri
tory covered by The Herald and the
fact that several columns of space
would bo required every week for
that purpose it is Impossible for us
to print obituaries entirely free
Therefore we are compelled to
charge for such notices at the rate
of one cent per word for all over 150
words To ascertain the cost count
six words to the line and remit ac
cordingly News Items concerning
deaths are published free
Frequently obituary notices are
sent with no name or postoffice ad
dress given merely the given names
or none at all in which cases we arc
unable to notify the senders by let
br of our rule In a case of this sort
no disrespect is meant by seeming to
ignore the communications but Wi
have no way to reach the party tt
Tattered Timothy Ive been
trampln four years maam an its
all cause I heard that the doctors
recommended walkln as the best ox
ercise Mrs PrlmWell tho doctors are
right Walk along
First and Foremost
My wife has a great deal to say
to me about her first husband
Nonsense your wife was neve
married before
I know It Thats what makes
her reflections so painful
Great Il Ticssn
Lies of great men oft remind us
We can make our lies sublime
Till they actually blind us
To oldfashioned forms of crime
i The Lush of a Fiend
Would have been about as welcome
I to A Cooper of Oswego N Y as a
i merciless lungrocklrtg cough that
defied all remedies for years It was
most troublesome at night he
writes nothing helped me till I
used Dr Kings Now Discovery whlc
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satisfy A trial convinces SOc and
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tively guaranteed by James H Wll
Haras m
Itlakaa Y4tnav3 awl Piv1das Ueht
In the District Court of the Unltei
States for the Western District 01
Kentucky Owensboro Division
In the Matter of Zachariah Wayne
In Bankruptcy
Grlfflln Bankrupt h
Pursuant to an order entered in the above styled proceeding on the
22nd clay of August A D 1910 directing a sale of the property hereinaf
ter described I as Trustee of said estate will on the 19th day of September
A D 1910 at one oclock p m at the drug store known as the Griffin
Drug Store In Hartford Kentucky offer for sale at public auction to the <
highest and best bidder the following described property
Said property consists of real and personal property as follows
1 A brick business house and lot on Center Street In Hartford Ky
more particularly described as follows Being a part of lot No 50 be
ginning at Fred Weerners N E corner on Fox Alloy now Center Street
thence N E with Center Street 20 feet to W C Chapmans corner now
Barnett Smiths corner thence N W 75 feet thence S W 25 feet
thence S E 75 feet to the beginning and being the same property conveyed
to Sallie T Griffin by Z W Griffin Sr on January 30th 1879 by deed re
corded In the office of the Clerk of the Ohio County Court In Deed Book
No 1 page 108 and inherited by the bankrupt from the said Sallie T
Also another parcel of ground adjoining tho foregoing and beginning
at the N W corner of the foregoing lot and in the line of the Barnett
Smith lot thence N W 31 feet to corner of Barnett Smiths lot thence
N E with their 25 feet to Apple Alley thence N W with Apple Alley 11
feet to the corner of the lot formerly owned by the Union Church thence
S W with the line of said church lot and lot sold by I Morton to W H
Miller 85 feet to line of lot No 49 thence with a line of said lot S E 42
feet to a lot now owned by Barnett thence N FL with the line of said lot
L F Wcernor and the foregoing lot 60 feet to the beginning and being same
property conveyed to Sallie T Griffin as above stated and inherited by the
said bankrupt from the said Sallie T Griffin his mother Both together ap
praised at 330000
2 One stock of drugs druggists sundries toilet articles paints and
other merchandise and the old prescriptions and Including the fixtures and
everything in the drug store except the soda fountain and the appurtenances
belonging thereto such as tables chairs refrigerator charging apparatus
c appraised at 266202
3 Soda fountain and its appurtenances including tables chairs re
frigerator charging apparatus glasses c appraised at 64725
4 One lot of accounts appraised at 20000 one lot of notes ap
praised at 10800 one share In Hartford Tobacco Warehouse Company
stock appraised at 3500 these to bo sold in separate items and for cash
The Trustee will first offer property described in 1 2 and 3 separate
ly ho will then offer 2 and 3 together he will then offer 1 2 and 3 togeth
er and accept the method bringing the most money
All of said property except that described In 4 will be sold onethird
cash onethird due in six months and one thlrd due in twelve months the
purchasers to be required to execute bonds with good security for the de
ferred payments bearing Interest from the date of sale and payable to the
Trustee with lien retained on tho property as additional security
All of said property will be sold free of liens
This August 23rd A D 1910
ERNEST WOODWARD Trustee in Bankruptcy
i I
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