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r T7 < t > Zmz 4 JO T r
c > T M1 rr
V P w
IL <
2 HarlJfd Hula
wnet MOTHERS FRANf I Feufe 1
FRANK L FELIX Prbaal Pre r 1
The dear ones have gathered I
> v J
Havo you got the grip yetth
grip on your pocketbook
Itlscasy to be connected with
the beat families nowadaysby tel
ephone It seems a paradox but It is gen
a orally the cheap present that IH re
membered longest
Mr Carnegie bravely continues hll
fight against dying rich but the odds a
seem to < be against bin
We doubt that some of the milk
of human kindness nowadays would I
pass the pure food laws
Anyhow the year 1911 can be
written a little quicker and with a
little less motion of the fingers also
some less Ink A sort of warning o f
economy all around
One of the beautiful R intricacies o f
the law Is exemplified In a case be
fore the courts to decide which of > L
mans divorced wives is entitled to <
I his life Insurance money
What a pity Gov w Wilson does
not stand aside for the balance of h19 I
term and let Secretary of State Ben L
Bruner run his job for him The t
result would certainly be more of
benefit than a joke v
Mr Rockefellers proposed fonndti
tlon gift of more than 100000000
has again been before Congress
which seems to be appalled at the
Immensity of the benefaction and
afraid It may have a flareback
Dr Cook sent hle article to a
magazine saying he was not sure
ho had ever reached the North Pole
and then straightway embarked for
the United States on the good boat
George Washington Who can now
say that he didnt tell the truthI I
i After all tho eloquence of the an
cient and modern Demostheneses has
been exhausted and the pens of all
tho Arlstotlcs have penned their
burning words on the subject and
after other learned men of all
classes have had their say the factt t
remains that the door of opportuni E
ty is the tront door of the school 1
With the present Issue the Hart
ford Herald completes the thirty 1
sixth year of Its existence and with t
the first Issue of the new year we
will start out on volume year thir
tyseven Throughout these many t
years we have tried through hard I
and studious work to present the
public with a thoroughly Interesting b
and readable paper devoted to the 1
r best Interests of tho whole people
But we were never an adept at per
sonar hornblowing and the fact that I
we are still here seems good evi
t dence that the public hat atlellBt t
n tolerated the garao I I
jftj seems that the principal and
perhaps only dissension In Demo
1crattcranks 1 In Kentucky was wheth
er r ehould have a State conyent
tlpBTer primary for the Selection oll1
State officers That there la argu s
meat both for and against both S
C propositions would seem to make It 11
plain that either course of the off
lemma should be acceptable to ev
t ery loyal Democrat There will no
r doubt be objections along either S
line The vital Idea Is that Demo s
crate should jiot get into a squabble
over this difference In the manner of t
selection of candidates and thus en t
l danger the partys success at theI
y pollsBut the fact that the primary was I
made possible over the protest of I t
nearly every ono ref the candidates r
In the field should only reflect to
L the disadvantage of the small coterie J
of men who seem tonthlnk they are
running the Democratic party re
gardless of the wlBhebpf the major
p ity Such selfassumed authority IK
will hardly bo endorsedby tho rank i I
V and file of the party and spcaks for
t nothing better than the defeat of tho
r moving vsplrlts therein Any candidate
date who stands sponsor for suchI I
a work has a poor show for endorse i
mont But Democrats will pick their
man and wW regardless I +
t ueg yOf RECALLED
+ I
Many Pf the brldsisaeters 1 iJ e
that ot Wed clay > i4tbe bf 9n 1
Co Plant Jtt l J Urn galltoe y dy I
Chicago ayd 0 pj J rPhfa 1I 4
last week tft tI 4 eyed J the
4rtatmaIT ir JjI8 rJ6tfr i
r Hdre ale foe h wlfbisi i Beat yearp 11
It08l e dafi after Chr1eEr
mss Earthquake inltaiy t Jclllc
1 pO9 J Sv froI
iiI3FN6w efoaVe Eve Irbquol
thejrtlr Chicago causod bo
de Q1 of more than 600 men y omen
ands children
l9p6TEarly In January 80 york
lI lea perished In a fire that destroye
a Cr byiti Lake Michigan l off Sixty
gnljV street Chicago
19 < J9 Theater fire in Boyerstowi
Pa > cost the liven ot 172 persona
Records show that others ot th k
worst disasters on land and sea took
place about the name time of year
o 0
I wish to call attention to th s I
time of the Common School exam I
nation which will be held January
13th and 14th 1911
All pupils In the country who are
expecting to attend either of the
county High Schools should make
arrangements to pass this examlni
tlon All pupils who complete the
Common School Course and pass this
examination will have free tuition In I
the County IIIgh Schools
Teachers having pupils In their
schools who are ready for High
School work should urge such pupil
to attend but do not send pupils who
are not ready for that work
I think nil young men and youn
women who are expecting to teach
In the near future should attend I
some High School
The public demands that you at
tend some good school land tully
prepare yourselves for teaching
All who attend the examination a
should be present by 930 a m
January 13 1911
Three will be an examination held
both In Hartford and In Fordsvllle
Those desiring to attend the exam
Inatlon may choose the place most
convenient to the applicant
I will be In Hartford Ky Mon
day January 2d 1911 to buy Cat
mules 4 to 7 years old 15 to 16 j
hands high Also fat horses sound I
and to work
Hardlnsburg Ky
The report has reached us that as
the result of < i quarrel at a pound
supper at the home of Claude Miles I
at Gum Springs near Fordsvllle I
Thursday night Thurman Crowe
was shot and probably fatally
wounded by Charles Condor of
VVhltesvllle It Is stated that both of
the men were drinking and the
quarrel was started by Crowe calling
Condor vile names Crowe was shot
through the left side two Inches be
low the heart
Magistrate Miles arrested Condor I
but he escaped and has not been
heard of since V
For Sale
A span of Vprk jhules six years
oldnext spring 14 bands high and
relgh 850 and 860 pounds Teepee
Ively For furtber particulars call i
on or address W A OWEN
51J4 > Hartford Ky
t OPFIr IS llifiVJN
Island Ky Dec 2fMax Fewell
tie l < man WhO was shot Thursday
Ijjhtfby Town Marshal Will Samp
son died at 3 oclock this morning
and his remains were taken on the I
morning train to his former home In
Vhlteley county
HM n Fighting Chan
Island Ky Pec 26 Tpwh Mar
hal WHIam Sampson who was I
hot by Max Fewelllait ThurBday
while he was attempting lo Arrest
the latter Is Improved and it Is now
bought ho has a fighting chance to
ecover although he Is still in a
dangerous condition The attending
physician has succeeded In stopping
the internal bleeding and Is hopeful
tor Sampsons recovery
Paducah Ky Dec 24 John
C Hendrick will lead an insurgent
movement started In this the Gib
altar Democratic district and will
peak In tho home towns of the Dem
icratlc committee members who
oted for a primary at the Decent
joulsvllle meeting
He will charge undue influence
ws brought to bear by Interests out I
ot > the State Senatorial allega
lons will bo made It is said
v Yon Can Always saidj j
The best cough medicine If you ask
or jDr Bella PlnoTarHoney and I
Ot19r the b 1Jt1Itt Q bottle 4par
nTeea to give satisfaction Sold ey
elYVfire i m
JIlo IUJ ocL1 U I
MakeeMtAaaYNeNiARirldiiplF > 1
ttis supposedHis Body and I
w Pistol Found Near iii
The sad Intelligence of the tragl
death of Henry TThompson formei r
ly of Horton this county was re
ceived ovor telephone from refs
tlvcs at Providence Kentucky late
Monday evening Mr Thompsoi
who was one of the most prominent
merchants of that section left his
home about 7 oclock Monday morn
Ing for his place of business and
was not lIen until about 4 oclor
Monday evening when ho was found
by a searching party near the Prov
idence cemetery with two bullet holes
In his head and a revolver lying b r
his side Business worry Is thought
to be the cause ot tho raah act H e
leaves a wife two grown daughter
an aged motherslster three brothels a
and a host of rWtlves who have th a
sincerest condolence of their man t
oooooooooooooo I
W R Stevens McHenryto Noli 11
Brown Rockport
David Engler Echols to Blanch
Brown Rockport 1
Jesse Colyer Whltesvlllo to Des
ale Farmer Whltesvllle t i
R T Taylor Moorman to Inn
Condor Moorman
Van Davis Fordsvllle to Eva R
Knight Fordsvllle
T J Miles Ceralvo to Dora Mil
ner Ceralvo
Estlll Lloyd Owensborotc Alllc
Westerfield Reynolds
Robert Steward McHenry to Min
nle House McIIenry
Jesse Bartlett Hartford route 3
to Mary Allen h artfordr f
S A Moseley McHenry to Mary
S Southard Beaver Dam route 2
F M Petty Fordsvllle to Mary
Royal Fordsvllley
T J Cook Narrows to Julia L
Wade Narowsj j
Executors Sale
On Monday January 2 1911 at
the court house door In Hartford
Ky I will offer for sale by public
auction the following property on
six and twelve months time with ap
proved security namely Tho five
acres known as the Hickory Mill lot
just west of the town limit and be I
tween Rough river and the pike I
deeded to L F Condit deceased by
J H Condits heirs also onehalf
undivided Interest In 3 acres west
of and adjoining above lot Also an
undivided Interest In 10 acres west
of and adjoining the above lot and
east of W H Moore Sons slaugh
ter pens
Sale between one and three oclock
Executor of L F Condlt de
c ased 50t3 H
Try It Try It
Try Dr Bells Antiseptic Salve for
all skin troubles It Is as pledsantaa
sweet cream and guaranteed to give
satisfaction in wp rat cases 36c a
tiera Jtf
s > j i
Notice to Creditors
Ohio Clrcult Court
Mark Berry Plaintiff
G W Taylor Admr 4e Defendant
All persona having claims against
the estate of Wm Berry of color
deceased are hereby notified tp pre
sent same to me at my office lq l Hart
ford Kentucky properly proven oh
or before the 16th day of January
1911 F L FELIX
5015 Marter Commissloper
Holiday Rates on L N
On accunt of Christmas and Hew
Year holidays the L N will sell
roundtrip tickets at one and one
third faro plus 26c Dates of sale
Dec 21 22 23 24 25 31 1910 and
January 1 1911 except to Louis
ville Ky dates of sale Dec 24 25
31st and January 1st Final limit
will be good to reach original start
ing point hot later than midnight of
January 8th except final limit to
Louisville and return good until
January Cth 1911
Glasgow Ky Dec 26Three t
children of Robert Bales a farmer
near Wisdom In this county were
jChlldren to death late this afternoon
Tho father was away from homo I
Iand the mother went to a spring
fockiftg the children in the houso
When she returned the house Was I
burned to the grptind and the cbarr
ed boar of K three llttle iBnfea
whose ages weVe 5 3 and 1 year
were found In one corner of the spot
yhere the house stood
f +
Report of the Cojjdltlonef the
Bank Dolag Bush e04 l tar the
1 town of Hertford CQft tel >
Oblcj SUtpof JCemtBc jr
Iat the Closevof IJttilnesfl
rpn the HUh day bf
I Dccenicr 1B164
I f i
1 txia1nBSndPI lCPWniBiife26603
2 U S and v other
Bonds Steckaand
Securities 63000
3 Due from flanks 229374
4 Actual Cash on hand 97163
5 Checks cash Items
Iiand exchange for
clearing 77760
6 Overdrafts
Secured 390019
Unsecured 118869 50888
7 Current expenses and
taxes paid 2 1066
8 Real Estate 3 000 00
and Fix
etures I000t00
Total 40000 O
9 Other Assets not In
acluded under any of
tthe above heads 0
Total 2335871
11 Capital Stock paid in
In cash 4000QO
11 Surplus 2000000
profits 312861
Total 7 231286
12 Depositsr
on which
Interest is
paid 11970615
on which
Interest Is
notpald 5065716
Total Deposits 1703633
13 Cashiers checks
outstanding 00
chocks 00
Total 00
14 Duo to Banks 952
15 Notes and
Bills redis
counted 00
Bills pay
able 00
Total 00
16 Other liabilities not
included under any
of the above heads 00
Total s 23358716
State of Kentucky
County of Ohio
I Jno T Moore Cashier of the
above named Bank do solemnly
swear that the above statement Is
true to the best of my knowledge
and belief
Subscribed and sworn td before
rap by Jno T Moore this 22d day ot
December 1910
My Commission expires January
10th 1914 C M CROWE
g5 Notary Public
Correct Attest
v c DIreCteraIII i
1 f f
1 w w J
Dec J6r4vr George Bkroep bad
an old = t h1orird family + reuHlonfe
centlyVHe Nhai Wltn hto all his
children aiM Bra iiJ lfdt8tl J except > T
MIhrid Mrs Shelby Taylol ot Cf wJ J
l ley ta Tbdso prbaefit were Mrt
Eyda Miller ilK and Mfa Hiram
Mllier Mrs R R Paxton Fort
Madison Iowa Mfl aid I Mra Leslie
Leach Mn and Mrs E P Barnes
Central City Miss Magie Sublett
Ballard county Mr and Mrs D M
Kelly Greenvlllo Mr and Mrs Geo
A Barnes and son Geo Williams
Beaver Dam
Mr Morton Williams of Broad
way Is spending Christmas with his
mother and father here
Mr Orvil Taylor sod of Dr Tay
lor who In a student of the State
University at Lexington Is In town
Mr Willis 3tolnbaugh of Prince
ton Ky was tho guest of Mr Char
lie Taylor one day this week
Mr and Mrs Fred Taylor and
children of Princeton Ky are
spending the week with relatives
Mr Carson Render of Tulsa Ok
lahoma is visiting relatives In town
this week
Mrs Mate Hunley received a nice
surprise from her father and mother
Mr and Mrs Ellis Chapman of
consisting of backbones spare ribs
lard a sack of coffee two large
pound cakes and a pound tif butter
A S of E Notice
Hartford Local No 604 AtS of
E Will meet tomorroW Thursday +
night at Bennetts achoolhouaet A
good attendance IB urged as Import
ant business will come before the
meeting Including election oi del
Safes tg the county meeting at Hart
ford January S arid 7
TH BALMAfN Preeideata
j l
< 1
r A H a p t y NTe W 1 r frtf81 f i
O = ERYB l I W
J +
f Your literal patron aiel
and loyalsupport I Has I
rounded our 1910 show 1
ing tJi it largest I volume of r
btisiiies In the history of 1 j
this i famous trading place 1 f I
Our grateful hearts go
f S out r ta you and words are t
i inadequate to express our +
appreciation Thanking
You for Our Growth and Prosperity
We start into 191 1 prom
ising the best merchan
dise the best store equip
ment the best service and
an honest fair square
deal in every transaction
Your store shall be some
thing better than a place
to handout goods and
take in money Your in
terest shall be carefully j
guarded in every instance
You cant be more loyal
to us than we will be to
you May the New Year
be kind and when time
shall harvest 1911 may
we all be here and able
to say HAPPY NEW
YEAR t p 1
J EL Po Barnes Broi
i r
Dec 261Ir and Mrs JR Shull
who have been spending a few
months with their son Albln Shull
In Illinois have returned to their
old home hero <
Mn Henry Huriley of White coun
tr Illinois Is visiting his brothers
lexers Elbert and Porter Hunley
and other friends here
M r and Mrs H King and son
kraut t of East St Louis Ill are
rlfegdlpgrthze Christmas holidays
with their parents Mr and Mrs C
B Taylor of this place
1 TnVpiople of Paradise gave a nice
Dljristmfcsfrce Saturday nlght
Dry B ie > rmap Taylpr our teacher
made a business tip to Beaver Dam
I Ist l Saturday
tnnls Mlleapf Wllllapja
> nol v I
Mines Is visiting Mr and Mrs J
Miles of this place
Granulated Ere Lids
Are easily cured caustic Is not nec
essary Sutherlands Eagle Eye
Salve Is painless and marmtesa and
guaranteed to cure Has never fail
ed on a caleCosts2Ge O
More Logs Wanted
I am In the market for good white
i oak Joga 1 delivered anywhere 1l the
banks of RouKh river
A j < ILLL15 id
Illff iattforAtK a
i j la
SomcUiag Jvt W < fckt
Caa only bo thecaio when It tan
jdjtfcep botjlej of dry Bell4 i PlneTar
Hpney Every botte the sfmErviook
for the belj on the bottle pa
1I o r tar Li r1 wAre
1 S dr
lire You Going to School
Offers exceptional advantages to young men and
women Strong faculty of seven teachers three
engaged exclusively in Collegiate and Teachers I
Training work Special classes in all the common
branches including Theory and Practice for those I
preparing to teach New classes organized fQr those
wishing to begin High School work Board and
tuition reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed totilO
every honest l worker Midyear term and Norirjakj
work begin Jan 9 1911 Those preparing to
teach or desiring to obtain higher grade certificates
are urged to enter at the beginning of the term or as
soon after as possible Pupils r who have COmple M J
the commoIlfichool course and wish totakefJi
High School work should enter at the beginningg
beginningg1thoterm i I
I l c
o i
For dui JdntQrmft1on tlddr6A8
IIT Ares
i BS II 5 d

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