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Rosa Bonheurs Stirring Master
piece The Horse Fair
The Artist Native Land Permitted
the Great Canvas to Find a Home In
Thfo Country The Story of the I
Painting and IU Replicas
One of the chief glories of tbs Metro
politan museum In New York U I Bus a
Bonlic rVtlrrlug masterpiece The I
Horse imlr a picture which for Its I
irresistible movement and living por
traiture of mans must useful friend
holds a unlquo position In the annals I
e of art and tho affeetloua of lovers of
Few however are acquainted with I
the Intimate history of that notable I
canvas and fewer still arc aware that
there are no less than live homo fair
pictures In existence The one InNew
York Is tho original and It will be re
membered was first tho property of k
T Stewart and thou purchased for the I
Metropolitan by Cornelius Vanderbllt
for 250000 francs
It was painted in Paris the models I
used being the horses of the Paris Om
nibus company and a few animal I
studied at tho horse market of the I
French capital It was first exhibited l
at the salon of 1853 but went back to
the artist unsold
A part of the further history of the I
famous painting Is recorded by Ernest
Gambart In his manuscript memoirs
which havo been freely drawn upon L
for the Reminiscences of Rosa Bon
After the closing of the 1853 Paris
salon The Horse Fair was intrusted
to the Society of Artists of Ghent for
exhibition in that town where It had l
a great success but whence it also
came back unsold In the spring of
1854 I expressed to Mile Bonncur the
dttlre to buy it from her At that time
It was In Bordeaux her native town
Her preference was that the munic
Ipallty should purchase it for the city
museum and a price of 12000 francs
had been mentioned at which the town
Authorities might acquire It But she
said to me that If the canvas came
back to her again she would let mo
have it However she could not let
It go to England for less than 40000
trines I unhesitatingly accepted the bar
gain and It was agreed that the pic
ture should be mine unless sold to
Bordeaux As the picture was back
in her studio again In tho following r
year I told Mile Bonheur that I
wlshcfrto take It at once in order to
ba > flt in my 1855 exhibition and tha t
I should like to have it engraved by
Thomas Landseer tho celebrated en
graver and brother to the painter
t IiShe was delighted at the Idea of
thfeplcturo belna engraved and said to
me 1 have asked you 40000 francs
for my picture although in France I
cannot get 12000 and I am pleased at
your consenting to my terms On the
other hand I dont mean to take un
due advantage of your llberal > y How
ran we arrange matters Let us see
Well the picture Is vary large and It
will be difficult to find a place for It
In an engravers studio Besides you
want to exhibit It Wouldnt It be bet
+ ter for me to paint you a smaller r
opyl H
That suggestion sbo carried out and l
explains how the second canvas came
Into existence That smaller copy was
the one from which Landsecrs well I I
known steel engraving was made and l
Is the picture which IjMn I the British
National gallery
galleryQ that it had become
r the property of the British nation l
Mlle Bonheur decided to make a third l
copy thinking the second was not
good enough for the London collection
hence The Horse Fair No3 But t
the National gallery authorities were
not able to accept the substitute as I
the painting which it was designed to
replaco had been given to them as I
Besides these three Mlle Bonheur
executed a water color replica and a I
drawing based on a large photograph
Of all these however the picture lu I
the Metropolitan is by far the fines I
work which is only as It should be In 1 I
view of the fact that tho artist always I
found her best public In America
This was recalled to her detriment
when tho rosette of the Legion of Hon
or wits requested in her behalf She
has ceased exhibiting at the salon
objected the president and sells 1 In I
America everything she paints The
complete answer to that was that the
French government had had the op
ptortunlty to buy The Morse Fair
but had neglected It Argonaut
t An Accurate Description
Did you ever run into a telegraph I
pole Inquired tho elderly passenger
I Yell mnnm said e chaurteur
t islowlnl up tire tnslcat tQ avoid a col
to llslon with a street car Ive bumped
k Into telegraph poles I reckon two or
L three times
Brings you to a pretty sudden stop
hoeant It
r No maam the machine stops all
eight but I always keep on going
Chlcagd Tribune
I bad a curious experience ycster
lay said Farmer Corntossel
What was IU
A stranger came along and told me
a funny story and didnt try to sell
jno anything Washington Star
Obedience Jan t truly performed by
the body of him whose heart is dto
PattlddddfnnAt tIcI
She Lets the fain Do All the Family
Washing For Her
Swiss methods of laundering are orig
inal practical and labor saving The
women thtre have learned well how to
make the best use of their opportunl
ties with the least exertion How they
use the tourists every one who has
traveled In the country of the Alps
knows They afco know how to make
nature do their housework
In moat of the towus everything that
Is wasted or cleaued Is washed or
cleaned In aim of the big watering
troughs that stand at regular Intervals
along the main thoroughfares Into It
goes everything from potatoes to hu
alance being ud the only sanitary
regulation tixlstoiu is that It must bo
tocleaned out with a large broom made
of bush or twigs after the potatoes
have bad their huh Hut when It
rains then uvurythiuK else gives way
to tin fnnilly wuli no matter if It Is
Thursday or Sunday or Saturday or
Wednesday for lu Switzerland they
seek the rainy days for wash days In
stead of deploring u cloudy Monday
The steady downpour provides run
ning water In the village washtub
Into the sweeping current tho family
linen goes and there It Is whirled and
twirled about until every speck of dirt
Is thoroughly rinsed away The scrub
bing board Is not put into commission
at all Occasionally the good housewife
protected under the family umbrella
held over her bead by one of her
the drips from that same umbrella
ages It with a gentle poke with her
husbands best cane But the rest of
snug chalet while the elements do her
work In fact with her conscience at
rest that her days tasks will be done
she can spend her time gossiping with
her neighbor whoso conscience is also
through a process of bluing and starch
ing all in that same basinand fin
ally when the sun shines It Is laid
out on the wonderful green grass of
the Swiss mitten rand is there bleach
ed to a snowy whiteness It the gin
clue and the landslides were to ac
commodate her by rolling down over
her wash mid Ironing it out without
soiling the Swiss housewife would not
be at all surprised In fact It is not
to be doubted that she now regards as
an oversight the failure of Dame Na
ttune to provide an IronIng boardNew
York Post
The Salesman Who Made a Caricature
of A T Stewart
A T Stewart was shown one day by
one of his confidential employees an
amusing caricature of himself done In
Good good he laughed Thats
excellent Who did It
A young salesman ut the linen coun
ter He scratched It off as you pass
ed the other morning I managed to
get It from him and now hes scared
stiff for fear youll see It was the
laughing reply
Scared stiff is f he said Mr Stow
art with a twlnklo lu his eye Just
sent him to me will your
A little later a slim youth entered
Mr Stewarts private office and said
he understood he had been Bent for
Yes said Mr Stewart gravely and
holding up the sketch asked Did you
do this
The lad grew pale and stammered
I beg your pardon air it was only
a bit of fun I meant no offense
Thats all very well but youll have
to give up your Job here
The youth humbly protested when
Mr Stewart burst out laughing and
said Dont say any more my boy
Im only Joking Your sketch Is excel
a man of your artistic talent behind a
linen counter I propose to supply you
with the means to study art
Mr Stewarts proposition was grate
fully accepted and It was thus that
John R Rogers the sculptor began his
artistic career New York Press
A well known German who is some
thing of a wag walked Into one of tbo
public offices In Cincinnati tho other
shoes or ones that had recently been
One of the clerics remarked about
the shoes and the German said
I comes pretty near selling dose
How is that asked the clerk
I bad em halt soled said the Ger
man as he walked out of the office
A deep groan was beard as he slip
ped through the door Cincinnati tom
mercial Tribune
Not Hit Fault
Vicars Wife Im sorry to see you
coming away from the public bouso so
often Prlggs
Blacksmith Ycsrn They wont let
me stay there two minutes As soon
as I get set down comfortablelike
somebodys sure to wanta Job done
andout I has to come again London
The Congenial Pair
Purchaser Plcaso give mo tho two
seats that have a post between cm
+ Box Office Sorry sir but the married
couple pairs are all sold Cleveland
A Maxim
To be candid speak of the present
as though they were absent To fro
clinrjlnble speak of the absent as
thfjiifrfi litp were present Uppln
Onslaught of the Ravenous Tribe
During an Invasion
The Devastating Armies Fly in Cloud
Dense Enough to Obscuro the Light
of the SunThe Hoppers That Oflme
After the Cropi Are Devoured
There arc several species or varieties
of the migratory locust which are
mostly to lit found In dry semitropical
countries such us the south of Eu
rope Egypt Syria nnd Morocco for
their native home seems to be In the
countries bordering on the Mediterra
rem though migratory locusts are to
be found In region n4 remote as South
Africa and South America where they
form a veritable scourge to the agri
culturists In Argentina especially
the northern half of the country they
are very destructive for they will an
nihilate the farmers entire crop In a
few hours
A locust Invasion writes John D
Leckie In Chambers Journal Is an
event not easily forgotten The first
sign of the approaching Incursion is
usually a long dark cloud low on tho
horizon But the dark cloud Is no
forerunner of rain Instead of tho
precious liquid which the farmer has
probably long expected In vain It por
tends tho approach of his greatest en
emy tho omnivorous locust
As the dark cloud comes nearer It Is
seen to be composed of countless mil
lions of locusts on whirring wings
Soon the cloud appears overhead and
Is sufficiently thick to obscure tho sun
which Is only seen opaquely aa
through a mist although the sky Is
cloudless and the air clear
Now we are In the midst of a dense
swarm of flying whirring locusts
which dash Into our faces enter our
houses and fill our rooms with their
presence The air Is simply alive with
them All open wells must be Instant
ly covered or they will be polluted
fowls and turkeys welcome tbo ad
waning hordes They simply fatten on
the locusts as they run around and
gobble them up But this Is no bless
Ing to the farmer far from It for the
flesh of poultry becomes so tainted by
this form of diet as to be quite un
eatable und even their eggs have an
unpleasant taste
So well Is this fact known that as
soon as the locusts make their appear
mice In the locality the price of eggs
drops to otichalf or onethird of their
former figure and qveu then there are
few buyers All the animals about the
farmyard seem to be affected adverse
ly for even the horses have a strong
aversion to eat grass which has been
polluted by the presence of locusts and
unless very hungry they will not touch
touchalt ItThe
The advance of the locusts takes
place as follows First a few pioneers
the advance guard of the vast army
then the main body of the army a host
which Is as Invincible as It Is destine
tlveAll true locusts are mlgatory by
nature for the simple reason that be <
Ing gregarious In their habits It would
be Impossible for them to exist with
out continual migration
The ground ou which they settle In
completely cleared In a few hours and
they must perforce seek other fields
and pastures new where they can re
peat their depredations For the same
reason the destruction which they ef
feet Is purely local One district may be
completely devastated while another
few miles away Is altogether spared
from their presence
When the locusts have eaten their
fill tho females commence to deposit
their eggs which they do by making
an opening In tho ground In which
the eggs are laid The Infant locusts
soon make their appearance scarcely
so largo as a pea hopping about In
countless swarms In this stage of
their existence they have no wings
but progress by hopping While In
this state that Is before their wings
are developed they must be ruthlessly
Long trenches are dug Into which
the hoppers are driven by rows of
men women and boy armed with
branches of trees with whlcb they
beat tho ground driving the Insects In
the direction of the trenches On the
opposite sides of the trenches sheets of
galHlzed Iron are placed upright so
as to form an effectual barrier
On arriving ut the trenches the hop
pens fall Into them nnd cannot easily
make their way out especially as
their progress Is barred by the wall of
galvanized Iron In front of them the
smooth surface of which affords them
no foothold
The trenches are soon Oiled with mil
lions of young hoppers the weight
of those above crushing to death the
under strata of their fellows Earth
Is then shoveled on the top of the
seething mass of Insects and they are
thus smothered and kllled
This Is tht most effective method of
exterminating the locusts but In order
to Insuro the success of the operation
It Is necessary that tho attempt should
be properly organized and that all the
neighbors should act In concert
Providence Journal
F The Right Spirit
Did Mrs Brown take her husbands
failure In the right spirit
Ob yes Just as soon as she knew
bo was going to fall sho went out and
bought an entire new outfit Clever
land Plain Dealer <
Life Is not dnt merely by ycnr
Kvont8 nreKompflrmi the best cnpu
fir r Lor < lBencou3ltlL
Exactness In Keeping Tab on the
Movements of Soldiers
We hear much of the perfection ot
military organization abroad but it Is
doubtful whether any foreign war of
flee follows with an accuracy greater
than that displayed by our own war
department the movements of its ot
flees The following Is an interesting
case in point
A young army officer who has seen
service in this country and in tho cast
was once with a scouting party In Arl
zona After two weeks la the desert
his squad came to the railway near a
small station Within ten minutes a
telegram from Washington was
brought to him by the station agent
It asked It the officer wished to be
transferred to one of the new artillery
regiments then forming
He answered by telegraph that ho
would be glad to enter either of them
Then with his squad he set off again
across the desert
It was six days later when they
again struck the railway this time
eighty miles from the point at which
they had previously crossed It but the
officers reply from tho war depart
ment was awaiting him It had been
telegraphed to every station within
200 miles
A more striking Instance of accuracy
occurred after the same officers trans
for to the cast lie was traveling
homo on leave and as the regulation
require he had notified the department
of the day hour and probable route
of his journey After he bad been on
the train for eight hours at a small
station the porter entered with a tele
gram asking If any one of his name <
was present On opening the tele
gram the officer found that It ordered
him to detached duty
Exactness of detail could not be car
net much further The war depart
ment knew the whereabouts of an In
significant second lieutenant even
when he was traveling on leave of ab
senco Now York Herald
The Reptiles Were Frozen Stiff but
That Didnt Harm Them
A naturalist once told how in a i
thicket on a mountain side be saw a i
man kill a rattlesnake He beat the
life out of It with a club and coutln
ued the pounding till It was mangled
beyond recognition When tho nat
uralist remonstrated the man said
I Boss you cant kill a rattlesnake too <
On one occasion a boat bound for
the United States from Rio do Janeiro
touched at Pernambuco where the
mate drove a bargain with a snake
dealer for a half dozen reptiles of varl
ous sizes
The mate had them in a cage on
deck and charged a sailor with the
duty of washing It out with sea wa
ter every evening All went well as
long as the weather was mild but on
the night before the gulf stream was
crossed the sailor left a quantity ot
water in the cage and about thirty
hours from port a biting gale struck
the ship
All bands were busy with tho storm
and the snakes were forgotten When
the male thoughtof them and went to <
look after their condition he found
them frozen stiff and apparently all
dead as the proverbial doornail
The dealer for whom the mate had
brought them came on board the fol <
lowing day He professed great dls
appointment over the loss rl his In
tended purchase but offered to take
the snakes away as a kindness to the
mate Hq gathered them In his arms
like so much firewood and carried
them home But a rival dealer after
I ward told the officer that plenty ot
warm water had resuscitated the <
snakes and that they had been sold
to various museums not a bit the worse
for their death by freezing liar
pera Weekly
The Ambulant Barber
Paris like Peking bus Its ambulant
barber Armed with a little box con
taming the necessary apparatus razor
badger brush soap scissors and scrvi
ctto he exercises hU railing on the
banks of the Seine All the bargees
navvies and quay laborers are bin cll
wits Figaro sents his patient on
I the pavement covers his Unocs with u
newspaper and for 11 son shaves cuts
his hair and gives it human appear
ance to the trumps and others who
Intrust themselves to hU care
Odds and Ends
Uncle Jim au old tugro driver In
Richmond Va hud some ladles to
drive through the cemetery He took
them round and showed them the nota
ble graves and monuments and then
drove to that part of the cemetery
where the derelicts were Interred
Who are burled here naked a lady
In tho party 1 dont think I ever
was here before
Oh replied Uncle Jim odds am
ends missus odds and clldsPltts
burg Press
How She Knew
Will you have some fresh mush
rooms asked the hostess sweetly
Yes faltered the guest If youre
quite sure theyre mushrooms and not
Oh Im quite sure replied the
hostess I opened the can myself
Detroit Free Press
The Big Bill
Little Bob Just started In school
Uncle Harry what is the bird with tbo
biggest bill Uncle Harry who Is still
I thinking of the night before A quail
my boy n quail en toast Judge
In general pride Is tit the bottom of
I all great mistakes Ruskln
Jw 1 < Y it
< I >
Tho KInd Ton IIavo Always Bought anti which has been
in uso for over 30 years has borno tho signature of
and has been made under his pcr 7
sonal supervision since Its Infancy
I AllQW no ono to deceive you in this
All Counterfeits Imitations and U Justusgoml arc but
Experiments that trlilo with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
What is CASTORiA I
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil Pare
gorse Drops and Soothing Syrups It is Pleasant It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance Its ago is its guarantee It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles cures Constipation
and Flatulency It assimilates the Food regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels giving healthy and natural sleep
Tho Childrens Panacea Tho Mothers Friend
Boars the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
TheCourier =
The Hartford Herald
Weekly Courier Journal
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combination rate with Daily
or Sunday Couricr Journal
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pany Louisville Ky for free
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your subscription order to the
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W o piumitiy 1 clitulu U 8 and Foreign
II 1
ftin <
Send Buvlel tfcctcb or photo ol invention for
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Dr Bells Antiseptic Salve
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New Discovery
I UROUCHS blot otiaa t Bettie Free I
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fluence also market reports from all
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I the reader with an exceptionally
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tagouizemorality justice and truth
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