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WEDNESDAY, NOV; 0, 1012.
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: r1
Tlie Hartjord Herald
The following L. & N. Time Card
ta effective from Monday, Aug. 21st:
North Bound
No. 11?. due at Hartford 7:19 a. m.
No. 114 due at Hartford 3:40 p. m.
South Dound
No. 115 due at Hartford 8:45 a. m.
No. 113 due at Hartford 1.46 p. m.
Ani Refused to Marry Him Un-
iil a Compromise Was
the ground, In such a poaitl u that
(ho wagon passed over his right
thigh. Ho was taken to his homo
near Sorgho, but on account of the
seriousness of his Injury, ho was
taken to the city hosp'tal nt"Owons
boro Saturday afternoon. The P1'!'
slclaiig made an examination of the
Injury and found tha' he thigh
was badly mashed, but did not
know whether or not nn amputa
tlon would be necessary.
lllisburg, Penn., Nov. 2. "I
Just couldn't stand for Raymond's
horrid whiskers," said pretty MIch
alina l'econskl to-day. "But I love
lilm so much, oh, so much, and
when he agreed to cut them off for
me. 1 felt sorry and said he ought
Iieop just a little bit of the horrid
things on his chin. A goatee, Ray
mond called It."
With a naive shrug of her should
er after speaking, the pretty Pol
ish irirl turned to her big, strong
Nov. 4.- Mr. Ves Taylor Is erect
ing a dwelling house.
Mr. D. J. French transacted bus
iness at OwenBboro Monday.
Mr. Claudo Duke made a business
trip to Owensboro Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith visited
relatives at Jingo recently.
Mr. Elijah Duke Is nl of lagrlppo.
Mrs. Flossie Daniel and Veorla
Duke spent Saturday night and
Sunday with relatives at Green
Mr. L. D. French transacted bus
iness at Hartford Friday.
Mr. David Sadler and family
have moved to Taylorfleld to
make that their future home.
There Is quite an epidemic of
whooping cough in the Bells Hun
and handsome lover, Raymond Zo- Experts Report Presence AISO Of
land, and holding out her nanus
Pellagra Three Patients
Have Died.
"My Raymond with a goatee,
., but no whiskers, never, never."
Raymond and MIchalina were
married to-day by Justice of the
I'eam Daniel Carsley, of West
rittsnuig, after a stormy courtship.
Two -vcveks ago Raymond secured a
license to wed MIchalina, anil they
vcTf atout to take the nuptinl step
when the pretty little bride-to-be
demanded that her finance be shorn
of his abundant crop of whiskers,
which made Ills facial contour n
matter of guess work.
Rnymond demurred at the loss ed next week. They have examin
er liSs beloved hirsute adornment, ed nbout 100 persons a day, and so
liul TMchallna v wsb Arm and the far they have found about fifty
wedding was off. Mere whiskers, I cases of hookworm and also a num
liowever, though they were of ex-lber of cases of pellagra. The In
traordlnary texture and growth,1 vestlgation of pellagra, however,
:oulrt not beat Cupid In his own I will bo resumed next summer, as
game, and through the Intervention1 the symptoms of this disease are
of Wnfl friends and a little for-! much more pronounced In the
Lexington, Ky Nov. 2. The
hookworm and pellagra investiga
tion which is being conducted at
the Eastern Kentucky Hospital for
the Insane by Misses James aml
Fenwlck, experts, under the direc
tion of the Kentucky Board of
Health, has brought out much in
teresting Information which they
embrace In the report they will
make when their work In complet-
beanmce on the part of both, Ray
mond and MIchalina to-day finally
settled the question.
warm season.
An Interesting fact developed Is
that pellagra patients are nearly
always sufferers from hookworm,
PRENTISS. thnuoli tho trpntmenta for the two
Not. 2. Rev. Alex Royster Is d8eaBe8 are entirely different. Su
conduetlng a protracted meeting at perlntendent J. A. Goodson, of the
East Providence. j hospital, Is hopeful that the lnves-
MIss Laura Shultz is visiting rel- ligation may bring out whether
atlves In Owensboro. j tnere js any connection, between
Mr. C. Rally Is building a new hookworm and pellagra. Dr. Good
dwelling house on his farm near gon Btatea tnat hookworm can ubu
hore. I nlly be cured, requiring ordinarily
Mrs. Minda Patterson went to onIV i,rIef treatment. Dr. Good-
Itockport last Thursday.
Mrs. Agnes Patterson, of McHen-
son expects to bring to light all of
the cases In the hospital and after
ry, who has been visiting relatives tney aro cure(1 to institute a strict
near here, returned homo recently, medical examination which will
Mr. F. R. Casebler, who has been ' ,nake jt practlcally Impossible to
In Herrln, 11., the past few months, j urinK the dlsease Into th0 hospital
was called home last Sunday to the again, x0t only will tho patients,
burial of his Infant child, who died j but an 0f he attendants be exaraln
Saturday night and was burled at ed, as several cases of hookworm
Slaty Creek Monday. Ho waB ac-' havc been found among tho attend
companled home Wednesday by his ants during this investigation.
wlte- Three pationts have died from
Miss Mattle Wood returned home hookworm since the Investigation
last Thursday after an extended ! Was beeun at the hosnltal and a
post-mortem examination of the
body of one of them revealed the
presence of more than 3,000 of the
visit with friends and relatives at
Ceralvo, Central City, and Utlca,
Rev. and Mrs. John T. Casebler,
of Rockport, were here last Mon
day. Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Wood, of Ce
Talvo, visited Mr. and Mrs. A. Pat
terson recently.
Mr. James Ferguson Is building a
new dwelling house.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Condlt and
daughter Miss Bertie, of Center
town, visited Mr. and Mrs. Terry
Tlchenor last Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swain, of
Itockport, are visiting his parents
Huntsvilte, Ala., ETAOIN
nv. C. Pollard, a well known cit
izen of Huntsvlllo, Ala., says: "I
have used Foley's Honey & Tar
Compound and found It a most ex
cellent 'preparation. In fact, It
suits my case better than any cough
asyrup I have ever used and I have
used a good many, for I am now
over seventy' years old." Sold by
all dealers. m
mux over in coal wagox
Nov. 4. Mr. J. L. Brown, of
near Rockport, visited relatives
here Saturday and Sunday.
Rev. Royster failed to fill his ap
pointment here Sunday on account
of being engaged in a series of
meetings at Providence.
Several from here attended the
speaking at Hartford Saturday.
Work Is progressing nicely en
the new tobacco factory at this
Mr. S. W. Rowe, who met with a
very serious accident several days
ago, is improving.
Copyright Hart Sthaffher Sc Mut
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Nov. 1. Mr. Tom Miller, .pun
dee, spent Thursday night here, the
guest of his brother and sister, Mr,
and Mrs. C. L. Patton.
Mr. C. L. Patton, wife, and
daughter Elda C, visited relatives
In Hancock county the first of the
Mr. John Raynion waB In Owens
boro Wednesday and Thursday on
Mr. C. M. Patton and daughter,
Ina, were In Hartford Monday.
Mr. Clarence Patton, wife and
daughter, of Taffy, spent Wednes
Lander Hill, the six-year-old son
or Mr. and Mrs, A. Hill, of tho Sor
sno neighborhood, suffered n very
serious injury on Friday afternoon
that will prohably result In the am- day with his father, Mr. C. M. Pat
potation of his right leg. Young ton, here.
HJ1I was standing on tlfc rear .
-wheel of a cool wagon, with one f A bronze tablet In memory of the
foot sticking between the spokes, seven heroic musicians who went
"When tho driver, not knowing that down with the Titanic playing
fee was on th wagon. Bta-'ed the "Nearer; My God, to Thee" was un-
.. t Af ... I AtlnJ I-. Maw Vsu.1t fluml.v
texm, he was inrown viuienujr w n "" . ,.,.
Nov. 4. Mrs. A. J. Wilson and
little daughter, of Fordsvllle, were
her eeveral days recently, (the
guests of Mrs. Wilson's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. li. B. Felix.
Miss Garnett Evalyn Felix spent
Tuesday at Fordsvllle,
Mr. C. N. McDanlel was here
from Rosine Saturday on business.
Mrs. Fred Faught returned
Thursday from Beaver Dam, where
she visited her mother, Mrs. lialllo
Mr. John F. Allen was In Hart
ford oii business Saturday.
Mr. Estill W. Moxley, clerk In LT
A. Moxley & Co.'a store, spent Sat
urday night and Sunday visiting
near Trlsler.
Mr. Tom D. Graves has returned'
home to Logansport after a short
stay here as the guest of J. F. Al
len, Fred Faught and Wllbort E.
Mrs. Dr. Jesse S. Bean returned
Friday from a visit to Dr. L. B
Bean at Hartford.,
Dr. Chas. Wf Felix lB at home af
ter a several weeks' sojourn In
Mississippi and Tennessee, engaged
as traveling drug salesman.
Mr. John Ft Allen contemplates
removing soon to Paris, Tenn., from
which point he will be engaged as
traveling timber dealer.
Nov .3. Mr. Dick Coleman's
house burned, last Wednesday;
morning, it caugnt from a lamp..
or fluo and before Mrs. Coleman
could get out, It was under,, head
way. They saved the most o tholr
beda and what was an them and
all In the two front rooms. The
girls lost most all of their wearing
apparel, but tho boys got nearly all
of theirs out, being on the lower
floor. There was some Insurance.
He moved to what Is known as the
Fox Brown house on the Stum
Mr. Billy Johnson attended the
Democratic 'speaking at Hartford
last Friday.
Several of the neighbors went to
Taylortown to meeting last Sunday.
Mr. Ed Stum is homo on a short
visit from Evansville.
Miss Margaret Taylor Is attend
ing the protracted meeting at Tay
lortown as organist.
Mr, John Miles Is hauling wheat
to Beaver Dam and hay to Mc
Honry. Messrs. Shull and Jack Taylor
are hauling logs for Graves & Her.
A Great Building Falls
When Its foundation la undermined,
and if the foundation of health
good digestion Is attacked, quick
collapse follows. On the first signs
of indigestion, Dr. King's New Life
pills Bhould .be taken to tone the
thestonaach and regulate liver, kid
ney.r 'and ' bowels. Pleasant, 'easy,
safe.and only 25 cents at James H.
WlHUma. m
SHtlBcrib fee The Herald, ft, year.
Death has visited tho Clear Run
Baptist Church and claimed as his
own Bro. A. T. Handley. Bro.
Hnndloy was born Warch 8, 1862;
was married to Mls8 Liza Hoover
and professed a hope In Christ in
1905 and lived a true christian un
til death, Oct. 24, 1912, aged 50
years, 7 months and 16 days. The
funeral services were conducted by
his pastor, L. W. Tlcnenor, and
Bro. R. E. Fuqua. He was burled"
at Clear Run Church.
Bro. Handley was of an amiable
disposition. Ho was loved and hon
ored by all who knew him. Liberal
with hlsmeans, his great heart beat
In loving sympathy with Christ and i nor and Mrs. Allen Caldwell.
been visiting friends near Marion
and Sturgls, Ky. for the last year,
has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller and
family spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Rowan at Central Grove.
Miss Vera Caldwell fell lost Fri
day and severely sprained her an
kle but Is able to get about on
Mrs. Harriet Miller and daughter
spent Saturday night and Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Chester Steward
at Central Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Thomasson,
Of near Morganfleld, Ky., Mrs, D.
L, Miller and children, of Beaver
Dam, visited Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Caldwell last week.
Those on the'slck list are: Mrs.
Luther Miller, Mrs. Worth Tlche-
man, and countless kindnesses aro
to his credit In the llf0 he lived and
the world 1B better for his life and
heaven has gained Its own.
His loved and sorrowing ones
have the sympathy and prayers of
the church.
C. T". FUNK.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Blair and- son
spent Monday in Hartford.
Not. 4.- The meeting that was
in progress at this place, closed re
cently. Brc. Crowe, the assistant,
visited In this community until last
Miss Vera Caldwell whe has
Present For Wilson.
Trenton, N. J., Nov. 4. A pair
of brass candlesticks, which held
the candles by whose light Thomas
Jefferson read the election returns
In 1801, have been given to Gov
ernor Wllsn by Wllll8 D. Clark, of
Schuyler, Va.
Sick Headache.'
This distressing disease results
from a disordered condition of the
stomach, and can be cured by tak
ing Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets, Get a free sample
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rl rr X
h ,ul0tei ,
jtf&TiZ&K&W & JW Vt-wwfrwK"'
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