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1.4 rt.
yfnnsKimAY, an. a. iis.
! i
And Over Four Miles Up
In the Air.
. . imiTiiinn nrnnn
' , . n
WAen Air Craft Surged Up
i rv ...... Tt,,,.i,
And Down Through the
Blinding Flashes.
la ta Febmarr Aaerteaa Mara-
aaoe Asgastas feat, wnuag e
-Erjeneaees o: an Ar. ' -
asToUow, how it fH w b ap
. . - .
tieair iwsr me -a a itu -
"Mr. Haroa asd I aade the'
.Aasertea daraOoa reeora. s coars
.lay. ia the air. I awn ttra ",. tearia? dowa two telegraph
.. .- - ,
to speak f thU trip, far oa this oc -
earioa we had llei all orer the
rirrai "nr- Arkaazaf. Iadiaa
Cexfral Wea. Artaaias. Iadiaa'
Terrltorr aad tie 'Hoea Dawg -
State, as aayoae worfd recegaUe
Trho had eeastoa to leara aow
xhe real aaiaal's rolee caa pes
... -
-trate. especially aaward to a bal -
looa high aboe the do4s. Dcr- weM ,a a btBo0Qtr and M. cy.
la'g this trip Mr. Haraton and 1, cobIb v'e vonid come,
rsaehed rtrr great altitades. 'Wejow.
fEtaMlibed the AarcaB record for; -rBere a Interestlag sequel
altitsde. za& reaeaed a potat cos- adve-nT-p which shows that
xideraMy oTer foar alles abore thejUle mexvxifA. soraeUmes happens'
ssrfaee of the etrti. oer lastra -
Teau reglsteriag ? feet ac-
cordtag te oar aeisereaeats. At !iCt SoJae tJn2e after,ard jIr J beea frequently announced that the place of so auch that is good aad
this great height onr Eensattoas t Hanaoa received a letter from the-Ga!,aDer "'ou,d uke the ElaJty to- great, hours vere short so that pu
were of a diSe.-eat aatare froai any- a,a,Pr ,,0 Urfj nelr ,.ro. this i bacco but. so far the compaay'has pi!s might travel foag distances and
ilrtfljr-e? w" -Mjertwcsd
Te air U rery rare, only aboat oae
half the deaslty of that oa the r -
iae 01 ia esna, aao cvsB9qo;ai -
ly ytm feel a great reilei of pres-
-wwe. and waii imsag sun. as k
and -while sittiag still, as Is
-necesiary ia a Vallooa-basket. yon BafflBe EOBTealr of tns experience."
feel light as a feather, aad aa If yoo ( . . .
had ao body at all. Voar breath-( THE COST OF IXSAXITV
las is alaost twtee as rapid as oa, JX THE CXITED STATES
the ?arth. for yoa sou get doable
"the rolaae of air for aa amount of ' it has been computed that it
Jsea equal to what yoa are accus- costs us more to ore for our- In-
tomed to. Of course, if you did sane each year than the annual ex-
any physical work saea as moun-. pense of the Executive, Legislative
tain-climbers do, you would soon and Federal departments of 'oar
be completely exhausted. You it Government.
like a majestic condor peacefully j Thirty-two millions of dollars is
In your basket, looking about and. . the actual cost of caring for the in-
xaxlng down below oa the great: sane in oar various public tnstitu-
rouad earth stretched far beneath itlons In the United -States. It does
7ou, hazy aad dim, ometimes hard
ly distinguishable for the thin,
-stratum of cirrus clouds, which. at
different elevations slightly veil the
distinctness of the fa-stretchina
earth below. 1
"'Below you, when the mists and
'liberty scarfs' thrft veil the face of
the earth thin away, you could Eee ''D,n& amount is calculated is on
at this great height, not the merejthe worth of 'each adult between the
uereri mile that fs all the curra- aSes of 18iand 4C, Long ago it waa
ture of the earth -would let you see ' carefully ascertained that the av--atlU
surfaee, bat more than three iage value to the community of
hundred miles in erery direction; ithe aormal adult between the ages
or, to make the picture more clear, 18 and iT' was 700 Per year,
you could see all of the Middle Counting the number of people
States, or all of the country be
tween New York and Cleveland,
and It would look almost enactly
like those great maps on the walls
f the new Pennsylvania station in
.New York City.
"After supper was over and- our
.things stowed away, wc noticed
-what seemed to be occasional
'Hashes of heat-lightning far off on
the Tiorlron, but we thought little
of It. Soon these became frequent,
-and we saw that a storm was gath
ering, but, as it was far to one 'side
of the direction In which we were
Koing, we thought it would pass
-around us.' - However, -we'-began'to
"hear the rumble of thunder and
' knew that the tempest was he'arlng.
The air grew chill, -'and before we
'could reallre what was happening'!
the balloon, pitching and swaying,
was Bucked into a mighty vortex
-where, amidst the deafening roar of
tlhe'thurider and the lightning's vivid-glare,'
surging and swinging and
spinning around and around, the
balloon Rhot right up Into the very
heart of a cyclone. ' Every flash of
lightning blinded us. and each clap
'Of thunder felt like the blow of a
mighty hammer on tbe side of the
vnr. We had to .bold to the edge oU
the basket to keep from hping hurl
ed out. The balloon, bounding and
tossing, rose and fell thousands of
feljC with frightful rapidity Intbe
whirl of the maelstrom.
''Vo roso thirteen thousand eet,
-over two miles.
and then cast
out ballast to try to ride above the
torm,"but It'waa Impossible. Wo!
lost nil control 01 mo uanuun us
ually bo amenable U) guidance?. It
wan how: like a chip In the gorge of
"Niagara1.' Ha upward rushei weroi
like thoso of a rocke1!,' through a'
darkness .Bla'c'lC s'lhk, changing
now'' auU'''a'ilu to a blinding
xlare as the lightning, mora vivid'
than we had erer wen. turned sight
into a straare aadMurtd dr- For
we were not witching the lightning:
frets aMr area dots oa the earth-.
ere Jt U like a Hint en tbroarb !
wladow w'e were IcsWe of It. a-j
TfM?a te"lr "Mla-ltr glow. i
Tarongh rift Ifl tie elonds wej
5ht sight of the earth far tkw.
A -. - ft.. r r"iiilri
.aad caw that we were danhisr
downward with such violence that
It wemed as If the ground were
nuuiai. up si ui. c iw ui
t.i - ... .. . ..u. !..
4Ufc r7 Vf C f..
' the -ram-Jrope; and the -age bal -
Kr tuned oh. sad dash am.
-elds, dragging as with terrific
9 lvtr Jt r cntwJe4 IaUl
the 'aeatraUag: ring kt the risk
of filling oct oa the iron ad or of
getting aj- fess casgot ander the
basket. Grasplag the rip-cord. I
JpallW it rlth all af algku, ,U
,,,.1 .itf, lBr fingers. Sad
n, . ria t w -..rfnc. tak
, u ca with It. JosttheoraTJ 1" "'" "--" "4 -e
J paatol: Mr. Hairmoa. aeaflr leu'" HoJBe Warehonte Coxapaar aa-
aad -ijag Wa ta, we croneh -
,3 boUo:a o btsiet
, . v,ir.f ii
luned oa. crasn -
. i .
I.,. Hrht fbrh tn hrb!-w1r
jesces, tearing aowa two leiegxapa
,aw fS.uh,as a flephoa- pole to
. 3 oa ,Eto , pitch
' , ,. . . ,. j
r ,,. , , ftmhrtnmM. ,H
" Uai n a toraf eld. iallr twojbas ared ." uke, .000.000
ate jreja u fim Mruck tbe,pooads of the pooled erop'aad If
. X17. maJ. n .M. w I
!. cr. 5,. t-g xt tl:aP we
- : 1 nfm ' kfu t
that the next time we. '
' 2ad that
j Si!Ai TaJej j- te f0naded oa
i-'-Ta.-.TSi""1!Trf"'",; ;r " "h ii" -ri
toeearred. saTiaz that whUe olow-
Jasr , hb fleld he flad found a rlng
. aad agktas J we ,5 eJther of M
, j OB
We told him that oae of
as had, he seat it on. and so I
, ,,, , M,H, ,,, a.
not cost quite as much as that each'
year to carry on the construction of
the Panama Canal, and - yet this
$32,000,000 Is only a-small part of
the actual cost of our insane. The
total cost has been estimated at!
$16-1.000,000,. -
The manneriin which this aBton-
I who have been withdrawn from the
community because of Insanity,
people of the seven-hundred-dollar-per-annum.
value, the loss Is $32,
000,000. This, with the actual cost
of caring for the Insane, brings the
J total up to the $1-1.000.000 mark.
The first cost means a per capital
coat of about 33 lr3 cents for us. or
that everyone In this country, If the
cost were evenly, divided, .would
have to pay 33 1-3 cents each year,
for the care of the Insane, Tho to
tal cost of this. Is more than the
entire value of the wheat, corn, to
I bacco a.nd daIry and beef . products
exported each, year from this count
try, New York. American
Here is a remedy that will cure
your cold. Why waste time and
money experimenting when you can
get a preparation that has won' a
world-wide reputation by Its cures
of this disease and cab' always be
depended upon? It is known ev
erywhere as Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, and Is' a medicine of real
meriti For sale by all deal
ers, m,
A .Modern Supposition.
"Frederick," said tbe Sunday
School teacher, "how many years
did Mcthuselfth lVe7"
Frederick looked nonplussed.
"But see," she admonished, "here
Is this list I asked you to memo
rize. Methuselah: 963."
"Oh," said,' Frederick deprecat
ingly, "Is that what it means? 1
supposed that waa his telephone
number!" February W
Home Companion.
oman 8
If your children aro subject to'
attacks of croup, watch for the first
tyraptotn, hoarseness. Give Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy' as so6n as
the child1 Becomes 'hoarsiA.an'd"'tiie
attaek'may be warded off. For"'aJ0
by all dealers. a
t prices of 59 to $5 for
Leaf and Lugs.
.-- -. -.- --, -....
' . .
Imperial Gets a Bi? Slic
Gallaher Was Not One
Of Pnrchasers.
The". Oweasboro
Measeager of
Friday says:
T-k. - T aiUA. h T.l
: n"" """ "oa ii
; deal lad beea closed whereby prac -
tieaiir an or inc innacco toimi
i '
""" ii'v .s - "- "
, ,d at prices raaglag from $9 tot
1 ... . !t , .
$ pr lnadr4 Ponnds for ihe leaf,
aal,n andf3 for be tfaih' '
The American Tobacco comnaaT'
The American Tobacco compan?
J is caderstood that the Imperial
ilnds theniCon,paar yrltt take about 39'0.000
poaads. The remainder of- the
pool win be sold to other local buy-
cr5r- . ' . ',.'"' ,
' A "'fprf6 m bfe created jn to-'
bacco drc,es wliea ,l !s kaowp. that
! the Ga"aner Limited', whlcb'last :
I J:ear Purcha'd the greater part of
of the Arabiaalthe E"lU'r tobacco, has not bought
! a pouad of the present crop. It has
Taor - booight any-parf -of--it.-Tire-
Gallaher is buying a great deal of legal school year was made. In
the weed that is being sold on the New York, only twenty-eight weeks
loose leaf floor. 'so that the big boys, might have
Before the sale consummated time to work In the fields. Satur
Thursday becomes effective It will day was a holiday for the sajne rea
be necessary for the action of the son.
sales committee to be ratified by In cities where rural precedeats
the poolers of Daviess. Hancock. are meaningless the Saturday holl
McLean and Ohio counties. ' day Is continued, an absurdly long
There will be a meeting of -the summer vacation is allowed, and
poolers of Daviess county held at , term vacations and holidays are
the court house in Owensbbro at 1 ' generous. The result of dawdling
o'clock Saturday afternoon for the ' is either- to put the American stu-
..-. .nn.l ' iV...Il
the sale. '
On the same date and hour meet
ings will be held by tbe poolers in
the Whltesville and Reed neighbor
hoods' to take action on the sale.
The' graders for Daviess county
will be selected at the meetings to
be held 'on Saturday. , l
All of the other meetings will bi'
held at 1 o'clock Monday afternoon,'
January 27. The places o'f meeting
fnlTnw '
Ohio county Hartford
Hancock county Lewlsport and'
HawesvIIe. " '
McLean' county Buel, Calhoun,
Faith, Cleopatra, : Beech Grove, is
land, Sacramento and Llvermore. ''
It was also announced, that about
400,000 pounds, of Burley tobacco
had been sold to W. E. Whltely, of
Owensboro. The poolers will have
two options on the price. Tbe first,
offer Is $14 down for leaf and Jugs,,
to be graded, and $5 for all trash,'
or $10 for leaf and lugs, and $5 for
If the sale is ratified, which It is
believed It will be. the deliveries
will begin the latter part of next
week. The sales committee has
been In session at various times
for the past two months, endeavor
ing to reach a satisfactory agree
ment. The members jrought hard
for a higher price for the tobacco',
but the buyers Insisted tbat this
year's .crop Is Inferior to that ot last,
year, and declined to go above $ 9
for the best grade of leaf.
The members of (he sales com
mittee are Price Balrd, H. K; Kirt
ley, J. B. Holland, Emon Shawf
E.C. Blair, and L, N. Robertson, and
they stated that they had worked
hard and faithfully for several
weeks In an effort to. bring, saje,
and that now Jt Is up,to th? poo-
When you want a reliable medi
cine for a cough or cold take Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. It can'
always be depended 'upon and Is
pleasant and safe to take. For sale
by all dealers.
The Kehruury Voinann Homo '
An article of great interest and
value to women Is published In the
February Woman's Home Compan-
Ion. It Is an account of the House
wives' League, an' organization of
600,000 women, which, in two
years, has 'developed to the point
It is actually assisting hundreds 'tit
thousands of housewives In the1
United States to reduce' tbe edst of
living. Ope of Its great contentions
Is that Vometi should study the
market Vep6rf In' the newspapers
In Order to" get Information abouV
prlcwi which will eaable then toj
(bar latelllceatlr whwi taeycose
' to deal wlt2r-Wd?a. Tate artrH
n tie shows how the plan star be ear
: oat ijc lay town: or city la the
halted State. It also, rrents a
dramatic picture of the origin of
The Leasae. Mr Jallaa :ieatX -T
New York vonu. had an expe-
" her Mn
Inr. Oct nf lfcU wwrine rrew lh(
. lag. Oct ot tils, experience grew. theJ
League. Hers Is a story of a woa-
aa who started greit 1-lngL
Many, other iaieortast articles
- '",0ded in the February Coa,-
fAUtWHT-AVpSWi;, U A-4.V ll- U4i
John, Drew,,-What I ThinVef.iWom
ea;V "Tb! MakUg of a Father"
a trae storr: "TBe upward ngnt"
trae stories of work. lOTe and
salriSccs la the'slateBr' and'ia
article showine bow a widow worn-
Jan with Jltfo apiVal started a bns-
ffom wh,ca ghe ,g j,,
I earn; at tort , Iacara. . Hi .ii.iT
ltliS . iL.'UI!iU,'.llj.- LUif
I ftw-te 1"W PsncKArti f4l
' Hastings ..Rradler.i Aanle, HaalUoa
j-ri.'MHeJ Fonaaa iad
Fannie Heaslip Lea4 , .
J 'booklng.
-,( .
.. . ' . . .. ,. n
iiome uecoraaoa'na .tpuag reo-
nl' lnartnint ar nncgnallr In-
d he, n,
That the United Etates has a
shorter school day. a shorter school
-eek and a shorter school year thaa
an other highly ciriHzed nation, is
pointed oat la a bulletin of the Rus-
e SaBe Foundation.
The district school :Idea still
hangs over' the great educational
system of the Uaited States, with
its 10.000.000 pupils and its $500.-
oeofb0 of yearly expenditnre. In
the Little Rei". School-House, birth-
nave' riffle todo"the" "caeres."- Tfie"
dent about two years behind his
German or French confrere or to
leave disastrous gaps in his prepa
ration for life.
It Is a strange thing that the
United States, which prides Itself
upon" its efficiency and- upon its
schools, should aot have .brought
the. two- . closer together. New
York. World. . ,
. Frightful Polar AVinds.
Blow with terrific force at the Jar
North, and play( havoc with the skfa,
causing red, rough, (or sore chapped
hands and lips, that need Sudden's"
Arnica Salve to heal them. It
makes the skin soft and smooth.
Unrivaled for cpld-sores, also burns,,
bolls, sores, ulcers, cuts, bruises
and piles. Only 25 cents at James
H.' Wiiliams. " m
Tn the February American Mag
azine James Montgomery Flagg-, the
famous wit and artist, writes and
illustrates an amusing article about
the 'adventures of a man named Bil
ly who set out to 'hire a cook. Fol
Iowlrig is an extract snowing one of
Billy's experiences at an employ
ment agencyi '' '
Billy was. trying to describe' the
sort of a cook he' wanted, and 'he
suddenly grasped the agent by the
wrist and pointed rudely. ' '
"There! the one with' the blacfc
hat with' the white feather duster
on itl She looks' like what I'd'pre
for to have' around the house:
bring lier over; 'let me talk to 'her.'
"'She's looking for a maid her
self,1 smiles the agent. 'That Is'
Miss Vera Lipsalve, br'the Winter
Garden!'" ' ' ' '"
Special j Paper. lOffer. , ,,
During the months ot .January
and February, 19U. wo, will Accept
subscriptions for the Hartford Her
aid one year,. and , . , ,,
Daily Courier-Journal 1 year,, $4. 00.
Dally and Sunday Ci-J. 1 y'r. . 5,80,
Dally p.-J. six months....... 2J5
Dally iC.-J. three months..,. 2,jQ(J
It Is understood that the Hart
ford. Herald one year Is and must,
bq Included ineach of (he a,bpye of
fers. All orders must reach , us n
or. befpre February 25,. 1913. This
Is your chance to. secure, cheap
reading.,., . , jt
o4 put rn pry
Some people are almost as stuck
up as though' they bad been tarred
and feathered. ' m .
e, in 1 ! 1 1 'i t
Hldford HtraU, Oily 1 Yttr
3S ''
i5rlBill5B ' - f
mS&S&JgBFiM &&
Ve arc going to keep at the' head of thet J
parade ylt hour good merchandise. We
long since determined to lead,, by never
putting a poor piece o f -goods In oiir store, n
and b s4elincf ' the best obtainable In
medium and high grade merchandise at
reasonable, just prices.
.io. ane-.can-jever--kadus, -because-our--methods
can't be beat.
f ' .!
Was Tearfully Buried In
His Native Heal;h.
1 .1 2
The Funeral and Hundreds
View Remains of Un
fortunate Lad.
Bowling1 Green, Ky.', Jan. 23.
When the L. & N. train rolled' into
the depot at '6:05 o'clock 'last night,
on which was tbe body ot Lester
Bryant, fully 250 people were at
the station, 89 great, was the inter
est and feeing of the , pubHc r'e-i
garaing tne unnmeiy aeatn 01 war
ren's llttl'e champion. 'A delegation
of. 106 persons from ' Ro'ckneld was
here tp me'ef lh? tpdy. Wlththe
body (from Washington, came J. H.
Arnpld, of the Agricultural' Depart
ment. Commissioner ' of r .Agricul
ture of .Kentucky J. W. Newman.
and James Speed, representing th
-. . ... . j. . i
.lxmisvuie , uommerciai uiud, met
the funeral traip at Lcjuisville and
joined Mr. Arnold, .qo his sad mis
sion here. II At",GlasgOWi 1 Junction.
Drt,v(Fred ) 7Jutchlen 1 boarded the
train. As tbe casket was lifted
from tbe train and condacted to the
nearby funeral car; .the spectators
bared and .bowed their heads In aU
lence. 1 1 , ,
Slowly and silently the cortege
moved .up Main street.' followed by
the Rockfield delegation aad many
Bowling Green' cltltens. For. an.
hour the body lay In state, and per-,
haps more than. 300. people looked
upon the features' Tjf the lad who
so Joyously left.' Bowlfng Green on
last Saturday morning In anticipa
tion of the many pleasures before
him. The body lay In' a beautiful
white plush "casket. "The' piate wis
of solid sliver, bearing1 the' follow
ing inscription: "Lester ' Bryant,
Champion Cora Grower.' '
, The handle were'of. white plush,
irlEasae-'lB aVlver1.' With the eask
Ram-'. t-VaUrniatitlrnl flnml aV..''
It fre the'ualted State Airkul-
ririif iiiiiflfliiiii U1 r
pi mrnrn.
.. i T
Listen! VeJjreat
the heevd of the
Parade with our
Good Goods;
'.1 U- litll.
tl'-i 0?
'I i.vV (
tural Department at 'Washington
and the banner young Bryant was.
to' have carried in' the? parade; -The.
caeketwas' started-ion its way .to:
the boy's home, nearHDCkfleld at. 7 -w
o'clock last night. ; - . :.-.-, -4
The father ofthe?nboy,. W. M.
Bryant, is. almost, prostrated with
grief, and is under the.caro, of,a
phj-8iclan The,, mother, though
Ubowed In deep grlpf, .has.been, bear
ing, up we, aurng tne bpurs oher
awful affliction, Kind friends hava
constantly ministered tqjhelr, wants
since the sad andt terrlblQ news was '
first (broken to them., ' '
The funqral was hold fh'ia 'morn
ing at 10 o'clock, tho sermon bol'ng
preached by tho Rev. T. M, ( Daces.jjG Jl
of Auburn. Tho pallbearers were,
six schoplmates and, life'lpng com
panions of Bryant Hubert Trul'tV,
John Johnson, David HnJI, Thomas'
Gaines, Mack Wppdward 'and
Chalmers Lambertspn. ' ' ' '
Lester, pryan.t, s survived by fi?s!
parents, two brothers,' Carlton' and
William H. Bryant, and two sis-'
I.h TJ. T....V "'. '.- 1."''
"'i.'. imu una uiora uraco
Bp-ant, "':'' '
,l ------M-M
'A Hero In a I.lghtliouse. '-,
For years J. S. Donahue,- SoutK i
Haven. Mich., a civil war-captain','
as a lighthouse keeper, averted aw.'
ful" wrecks, but a' queer3 fact Is', 'he
might have been a wreck hlmselt
If Electric" Bitters had not prevent- .
ed. "Tney cured me' of kidney
trouble -and cbllls'-'hef writes, "af
ter I .had taken other s6-called'
cures' for 'years, without1 benefit' and
tbey'also,lraprovea''my' sight.1' 'Now,'
at' seVenty,'! am-feellngi'nne., For''
dyspepsia, indlgestion.'-'all stomachV A.
liver arid kidney troubles, they're "
without equal. Try them.' Onlyi'
50 'cents at James II.." Williams;
Hartfdrd. ' ' - ..,m,
' - . .,,
CHlllrri Cry
Q A S TO R I A :
. i
His Sens of Humor.
"Don't some ot the decorations'
on women s hats amuse you?" '
"Yes; the plumes, especially,1
tickle -me very much.'' February
Woman's Home Companion.- "
3 Pectoral
! ---v----a--Bi-
' T-"
M-.K Y-MH ---- J. o. a I
,. . ir A.

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