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"I Conn, tlii Herald cf a Unity fforM, Hi Hm of III Mom Limbering al My Pact."
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39th YEAR.
NO. 6
VjBy Committee of Equity
Three Counties Remonstrate
Against More Tobacco
Being Delivered.
A crlslo was reached by tho to
bacco organization known as tho
Equity Homo Warehouse company,
a branch of the American Society
of Equity, Thursday, when certain
branches of this society filed re
monstrances with the Owenshoro
organization as to the sale and de
livery of tho pooled crop. When
, the sale, which was only tentative,
-was made ten days ago, it did not
Include' all of the weed pooled with
this organization. In fact tho sales
committee could not dispose of a
large portion of the tobacco at alf.
Portions of Ohio, McLean and Han
cock, as well as certain districts in
Daviess county, were not Included
In tho sale.
' Under the constitution and by
laws of the American Society or
Equity, a -part of a crop of any pro-
' duct that haB been pooled cannot
' he sold until all has been sold. At
present it looks like no final sale
has been made, nor can be made
until the entire pledged crop is dis
posed of. It is known that the sales
committee cannot find a buyer for
it.Jaige..portloni-ofthe pool.
Tit was found necessary; by the
sales committee to take some ac
tion on the matter, and Thursday
the officers of the association and'
members of the sales committee
drafted the following resolutions,
"issued to the growers in the form
of a statement:
Statement in Full.
To the farmers who pooled their
tobacco with the Home Warehouse
company and the American, Society
of Equity:.
v Inasmuch' as we have made an
lionest endeavor to take care of our
members who have tobacco in th
high wat6r, and in doing this have
been taken advantage of by those
-who had no need in bringing their
tobacco to the market, and to such
an extent that there has been a re
monstrance filed against you by tho
poolers of Hancock, McLean 'and
Ohio counties, and in view of this
remonstrance, and the fact that
'sdme of our members have been no
tified to deliver their tobacco, it be
comes necessary for us to issue this
, ', First, we will remind you that all
the tobacco in tho pool is not sold,
and that it fs thorpughly under
stood that no deliveries are to be
juade until all the tobacco is placed.
and. when tobacco Is rushed to the
market ahead of Its turn, the owner
Is., placing himself In the attitude of
the "dumper," and the finger of
scorn U being pointed at him.
'Now, in view of all these facts, wo
wuit to ask our people to withhold
deliveries until Monday, February)
,,!, or until you are notified to be
gin delivering.
' "'in rushing the market as you
have been, doing, you are not only
sacrificing, principle, for present
t igain, but you are "butchering'' the
P farmers' organization, You are also
taking advantage of tho other coun
ties at, the same time, and It will
.coat' you 'dearly In tho future. You
.cannot expect ttyem to stay with you
unless, jpu stick .with. (lom. They
have all stood man to man wth you
In this fight, nnd their battlo Is not
yet won, but as soon as your tonne
ico. Is placed, you desert your beat
frlends and put mora tqbicco on 1 10
market tha ntho trade cap handle,
Now We want to appeal o yoM ns
nien and orbthers, anil (n tha in mo
of all that la good and right: in the
harne" of vrganlzutton, In ti.o imtuo
of jpnc neighbor, your fnther and
jour Clod, lo stop de'lvorlm; tolmc
,i;ntlpr.tjce Is served on au. We
also appeal to the reading and think
ing people In and put of this organ
Isaljoi. ttJk this maUor for with
yoNM:HK;Ws.r ,..rWJ,JL "A. c"
cpMur a r.quaro deal fo. itvoryone
Interested in this pool.
(SJgued) PRICE BAlllO 'res.
1 1. N. ROBERTSON, Secy.
Equity Hcmo Warehouse Company.
Washington, Feb. 3. An incomo
tax is now ono of tho provisions of
the Constitution of the United
Wyoming's ratification to-day of
the Incomo tax amendment the
nlxteonth change in tho Constitution
and the first since tho reconstruc
tion completed list of thirty-six
States, three-fourths of tho Union,
which have approved tho provision.
Congress now will onact a law to
levy the tax, and it probably will
become effective during the extra
ordinary session to bo called by
President-elect Wilson In March.
Tho tax itself, its provisions and its
limitations, are all left to Congress.
HenderoBn, Ky., Feb. 1. Hen
derson county Fiscal Court met
here to-day in impromptu session
and appropriated $1G0 to bo used
In relieving the flood sufferers in the
parts of this county affected by the
Green river flood,
Mayor Thompson and those as
sisting him on the committee,
through the medium of Capt. Wart-ma"rin,s"-""Boat
"at Spattsv1tter haw
distributed a large consignment of
rations, provisions and modicines.
This was purchased with the Red
Cross fund sent here by Congress
man Stanley. The Elks' committee
together with the committee in
charge of the Stanley Red Cross
fund, have matters well in hand.
Thus far something lke 350 are
receiving assistance,, apportioned in
the follpwlng sections of the coun
ty: Walnut bottom, Scottsville
section, Reeds, near Bluff City and
near Henderson. Capt. Wartmann,
who is donating the services of crew
and boat at Spottsvllle, made a trip
to-day and supplied ninety people
who were in need of food. He also
found eight destitute families near
Bluff City.
Feb. 3. Mr. Nathan Keown and
daughter, of Nebraska, are visiting
relatives- here.
Mr. Earl Davenport, of near
Bowling Green, is visiting his cous
in, Mrs. Clarence James.
Sirs. Nancy Keown, who has
been very ill of pneumonia, is slow
ly improving.
Miss Tassie Taylor, of near town,
is with Mrs. Clarence. Baker, while
Mr. Baker Is'a'Way at work.
Mr, Ray Diinn, who has been in
Russelhille for the past two
months, is at home.
Mr. Leo Gllstrap, who haB been
In the West for several years, is
visiting his parents here.
Mr. T. W. Wallace, our produce
man, left on his regular trip to Ev
ansvllle, Ind., Saturday night.
Miss Ollle Shields entertained
the young folks at her homo Friday
Mr. Richard Shlelds'has purchas
ed Oscar Borah's property, Is build
ing an addition to it and will move
In soon.
Tho friends and relatives of Mrs.
J, J. Stewart gave her a surprise
birthday dinner Friday, January
31st. There was a bountiful supply
of everything good to eat and ev
erybody enjoyed the day. Those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
'Stewart, son and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs, Avery Stewart and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Fleuer, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Flener, son and daugh
ter, Sir. and Sirs. G. C. Flener, Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Coleman, Sirs. Lon
Edmonds, Mrs. Annie Cooper and
daughtor, Sirs. Leoua Butler, Mrs.
Corda Thomas and three children,
Sir. and Sirs. J. C. Edmonds anil
daughter, Sirs. Clarence James and
two children, Sir. Earl Davenport,
of Bowling Green, Misses Nina
Trout, Luni and Ruth Plrtio.
Important to Phonograph Owners.
As Sir. Edison has permitted all
dealers to make a reduction on 2
and 4 minute records for an Indef
inite period, I will reduce the 2's
to 21c and the 4's to 31c. You had
bettor hurry and lay in 11 supply, as
you may never havo this chance
again. The old price was 35c for
2's and OOo for 4's. I have a big
stock to pick from,
314 J. B. TAPPAN..
Tho Reliable Jeweler.
Attend Rosenblatt's Clearance
Sale February 1st to Marcajtt,
Over the Militant Suffrage
Parliament Leaders Are Pan
ic Stricken and Afraid
To Leave Home.
London, Feb. 1. Suffragists to
day smashed with stones the glass
cover of ono of the cases In tho jew
el room of the Tower of London,
where the crown Jewels are kept.
They were arrested and sent to Bow
Street. The attack is in line with
tho militants' expressed purpose to
attack all Government property.
Leaders in Parliament, panic
stricken because of the militant
methods of the suffragists, seldom
venture into the streets now with
out body guards. Their houses are
also protected night and day by
specially assigned police, who have
been warned to prevent Incendiary
"If res "of "other "damage.
Sir Edward Grey has temporarily
abandoned his official residence and
now sleeps In Sloane Gardens.
Lloyd George has given up his fa
vorite amusement of appearing In
public restaurants and intends to
eat his meals in the House of Com
mons' dining room.
Alarmed by rumors that his child
would be kidnapped, Winston
Churchill has four policemen con
stantly on guard outside his house.
He Is not lacking In personal cour
age, but his wife has urged author
ities to take ample precaution
against the suffragists. The Church
Ul baby is invariably followed by
plain clothes men from Scotland
Yard when the nurse takes the child
out for an airing.
Prime Minister Asqulth objects
strongly to having a bodyguard, but,
the police captain is not at all sat
isfied! with the promises of the suf
fragist to 'respect human life. He
has pointed out that some of the
younger and more ardent suffra
gists have openly threatened to
throw vltrol, which 'the police con
ilder almost as serious aa murder.
t Incendiary tires are most feared
by the authorities. They firmly be
lieve, attempts will be made to burn
the -principal government buildings.
The force or night police In tho
neighborhood of Westminster con-;
sequently has been doubled.
"The price pal for any great
chapter of history In any country."
said -Airs. EmmaJIne Pnnkhurst, suf
fragette leader, "Is enormous and
sometimes costs human lives. The
other side has not paid with any
lives. I have, for my sister died
three days after her release from
Bristol prison. Physicians said
death was due to the harsh treat
ment she received while a prisoner.
Vo've lost many others, too, who
died as a result of prison treat
ment." i .....
F, M. Porter Dead.
Sir. Francis Slarion Porter died
at his residence In Hartford lust
Thursday night at 7:30 ufter a
brief illness of pneumonia. After
funeral services conducted by Rev.
W. B. Wright at the residence at 3
o'clock Friday afternoon, his re
mains were interred In Oakwood
cemetery, sir. Porter, who was
one of Ohio county's best citizens,
lacked 27 days of being G7 yfcars
old. The deceased was married to
Siury E. Porter in August, 18C8,
and to their union weru born five
fcons: J. L. Porter and I. C. Por
ter, Hartford, Route 4; Ola Porter,
Beaver Dam, and Win, Porter and
Aimer 1'or.tor, Slcllonry, and two
dnughters, Sirs. T. H. Chlnn, Boa
ver Dam, and Sirs. Will Howell, Is
land, Ky. The widow, tho seven
children and several grandchildren
survive. It can be truly said that
a good citizen has been called to
his final rest,
. Correct Ion.
The 1'ornld, In reporting tho min
utes of tho Flecil Court in its Is
sua of January l"th, mode an error
'n FtnM'ig llmt there was a poll tax
of $ l.r. 0 levied for school purposes.
It should have read $1,00 Instead,
Tii2 ?.1-50 P2?1 !axJ? t?F. county
purposes. In other words, the poll
tax for county purposes was In
creased "0c on each male citizen in
tho county 21 years of age ami
Greenville, Ky., Feb. 3. Tho
Siuhenbcrg county branch of tho
American Society of Equity met
hore to-day and ratified the sale of
the tobacco held by tho society. The
tobacco was sold to John H. Hogc,
of- Paducah, at prices ranging from
$5 to $9 for leaf and lugs, and $3
for trnsh. There are about 2,200,
000 pounds In tho pool which was
sold by the action of the farmers
to-day. The price Is nbout $1 low
er than that realized last year, and
President Sf. W. Carver and oth
ers of the society say that the ac
tion of the new Green River Dis
trict of Owensboro In selling 13,
000,000 pounds at these figures
about five weeks ago, Is responsible
for the los3 to the Sluhlenberg
growers. There is an organization
at Pnnrod, In this county, that
holds 000,000 pounds of tobacco
that has not been sold.
Sir. Hoge will begin receiving to
bacco here Wednesday and at South
Carrollton later In the week. Bus
iness hero has been considerably re
tarded on account of the failure of
the farmers to sell, and great satis
faction is felt now that the deal
has been closed.
m rrrr
Wren Bros." Old Reliable Texas
Sto&k Company Is coming to Dr.
Bean's Opera House for three
nights this week, beginning to
morrow (Thursday) night. It is
reputed to be one of the best stock
companies on the road and carries
a repertoire of the most popular
wtn. !., fh .- .
vuva f'UJ A IIO bt UUfC fill" J . . L 1.1.1 1111 I ", ww .w cw w "biuu-
braces Miss' Annie Wren, champion t l0 b,m fhat he had raade lt hls po1; crats at the general primary Aug
lady rifle shot and leading lady, I ,cy to havo lnnuentlal members of UBt 2 ,n,3 Mr MadlloXf wno was
supported by her own company of
metropolitan players. Teal Indiana,
cowboys and Slexlcan actors. Ev
ery play contains a beautiful story,
beautiful western costumes and
-stage settings.
The .specialties between acts In
clude lady (slngers, dancers, musi
cians, rifle shooters, Indian special
ties and cowboy rope spinning.
They carry their own orchestra,
furnishing the very- best and up-to-date
Remember- three nights Thurs
day, Friday and Saturday. Popular
prices of admission.
.Inn. n. Wilson For County Judge.
Judge Jno. B. Wilson, of Hart
ford, announces- this week as 11
candidate for the nomination far . , ,
' ": '"' llln "uniinuuuu irj0f Congress In large numbers were
ire on.ee 01 (jouniy juuge 01 unio
county, subject to the action of the
Democrats at the general primary,
August 2', 1013.
Judge Wilson is the son of Sir.
urvy .,. wiuoii, oi near itciuibb.
this county, and has eight brothers
and a brother-in-law, all of whom,
1 r , ., ., I
along with himself, are staunch
He was elected and served the
county very acceptably as Surveyor)
ijuui joao tu iniv-t, muuieu law
and was admitted to the Hartford
bar In ho year 1894. since which
time he has been actively engaged
in the practice of his profession,
Durlng six years of this time, how-
ever, ho has served bb Police Judge
of the' town of Hartford, to the sat-
Isfactlon of all.
Mr. Wilson Is quite well and
favorably known, throughout the
entire county and we bespeak for
him a largo following. If nominnt-
ed and elected, ho will make a(
good County Judge.
," . ... . , '
The Z. Wayne Ellis farm, eon-
tnlnlns slxty-five acres of fine hot-
torn land, two miles webt of Hart-
ford. Forty-five acres cleared,
Good dwelling, outbuildings, twen-
y acres ln meadow nnd lino wator.
For terms apply to
', The ,1'roduco Slan,
r.t4 - Hartford, Ky.
Sin pi 1st Vow Friends.
For (our weeks regularly ubo Dr. 342; Interest on sinking fund. $12.-Klng's'-New
Life Pills. They stlm- 7ss: llKhllnc. $!i.78S: fire deimr.
ulate the liver, Improve digestion.
removo blood Impurities, pimples
and eruptions disappear from your
rice and body nnd you feel better.
Begin nt once, lluy at, James II.
Williams, v m
Attend Roeeublutt'B Clearance
Sale February 1st to .March 1st.
For clawty Job printing: The Herald
Washington is Tax Dodg
ers' Heaven,
WilO, With PrOOf, DenOUnCeS
Unequal Taxation in the
National Capital.
, Washington, Feb. 1. Represen- being $2,200.
tatlvo Ben Johnson, chairman of the Tho stork vlnited the homo of Sir.
House Committee on tho District of J Joe Swoatt laBt Saturday and
Columbia, to-day told the citizens of brought them n fine boy. AH doing
Washington exactly what he well and Joe Is happy,
thought of them for Insisting that) Sirs. Geo. Coots, llvlnk with her
the Federal Government pay half daughter. Sirs. Tom Taylor, Is vls
the municipal expenses. The DIs- Itlng In Owensfioro this week,
trlct of Columbia Appropriation1 Sir. J. H. Shiewsberry, of Safford,
Bill was under consideration In the Ariz., former clerk in the Barnes
House, and the Kentucklan, who has store here. Is In town this week,
made a deep study of affairs in tho visiting friends. Sir. Shrewsberry
National Capital, denounced the un- is In fine health and is in love with
equal system of taxation here, an- his new home in the far West.
nounced his intention of reporting Sir. John If. Barnes and wife and
from the committee an Inheritance Sirs. Liela Sillier, their sister, have
tax for the city as soon as possible, gone to Louisville this week to see
and-aroused -tlw lnterest-nX.. mem-.a japeclnJLlsL.ainLhaYe. the tonsils jre.-.
bers from all over the country by moved from his little son Slalcom's
telling them how much each State throat.
contributed to the support of the Miss Gertie Vlckers, of Central
District of Columbia during the last City, Is visiting her sister, Sirs. Joe
fiscal year. Stewart, this week.
Mr. Johnson created a sensation 1
when ho said:
"Recently one of the conunlssiou
era of the District of Columbia told
me that one of the richest and most
I powerful men in Washington said
U,B "uuo" "u "oii.no ,,un...uDC ...... born a), rpared ln OU0 county js
estate ln the District In order that a 8)n of the ,at(J j L n Mnddox
their assistance might be had to- and a Brandson of John MaddoT
ward keeping down taxes and se- heUcr known ..,., JackK..
curing, improvements." Mr- Maddox-,s a farmer and lm
"Uncle Joe" Cannon, who had plement dealer, well qualified for
been finding fault with Sir. John- the position he seeks. We bespeak
son's plan to have the District for him a good following" through
pay Its own expenses, quickly re- out the county and especially In th
Joined: southern and southwestern part of
"I have never owned a foot of the county, where he and his an-
ground In the District of Columbia." cestors are so well and favorably
Mr. Johnson congratulated him.
"Washington is the heaven of tax
dodgers," said Sir. Johnson. "Here
the rich can live and die more
cheaply than anywhere else on
fi Tntiuctr 1-at.fi rl.Al iVini nl.
....... .ow.. ''""" Ml, .
. ifintiiFli lit, 11.1 nn lialluvn mamliAi-a
,nve8tins , roa, e8tate , washing
ton, or had ever done to, still the
people of the District undoubtedly
did owe much to certain members
of the House and Senate who had
- dol,e 80 u tlle ,mst Me ,.a,d th(
. remark m.ldc uy tho unnamed blls.
' mo ,, .i , m... 1...
1UGOO lllllll (Kill IlllCUtCU IU ,1111 UJ
I one of tllp commissioners, was typ-
1 leal of the attitude of prominent
cItIzpns of .,. Nlltional Canltal.
Mr JohnBOn produced tabl.
showing how much money the va-
rlotiH States, on the basis of nonula-
1oJ( contrluutcd ,nBt ,.ear t0 thB
support of tho District Government
congress appropriated approxl-
matcly jn.ooo.OOO for the DIstric
Government', of which between live
am, b(x mJjjon8 of ,ollirs came
from (he Federal treasury and the
regt f(.om ,n(J ,.ovouue8 of the dN.
trIct Ho rcfbrred t0 ,tlu! monej-
from' the natona, coffer8 n8 8Ub.
8jdy.. pajd to tuo District.
Kentucky contributed ll.'t 301
he explained, and Indiana h..
993; New York. $014,108; Pen.uyl-
vnnin i',ifi4ns OMn H'l 2"-
vania, oitj,4Js. unio, .ij, .'....
Tennessee, $47,818. and West Vlr
Blnla, $82,282, with other States. In
"ere is tho way Kentucky's con-
trlbutlon Is divided, according to
tho chairman of the District Com
J Schools, $39,811; stieets, newer-
and water mains, $l"i,09C; police
$12,700; Improvements and repairs.
$28,7." 1 ; salaries and health, $10,-
meilti $s,3Q8; charities and eorr-e
tollB $17,37, aud mlscellancoun
53 0 ii .1 .
Mr. Johnson said when Congresi
first undertook to pay half the e-
pCnBes of tho cltv of Washington U
embraced only C.000 aees, niostlv February S, nt 2 p. m. for the pur
swamps nnd forest, and that now It pose of culling a pastor for tho en
was paying half the expenses of a suing year
community of sixty-nine and three-
quarter square miles, with tho
swatnpn and forests turned Into val
uable real cs'Me, from which citi
zens of tho District of Columbia
were getting rlc'i. It Is lime the
E)stcr.i was chirred, ho urged
t m
Feb. 3.--. Ii3. EllsalHth Smith,
widow of the Into John Smith, of
Taylor Mines, died January 31st of
a complication of diseases incident
to old ngc. Sho was 82 years old
and a native of England, but had
long been resident of Taylor
Sllnc3. She was the mother of tho
nvldow of Nicholas Barrass. Her
remains wero interred in tno Tay-
lor Sllnes burying grounds on tho
evening of the first.
Sir. Eirl Chick has purchased the
farm of Sir. Stanford Rone, of
South Denver Dam, known as tho
I Will Chick farm, the consideration
M. It. Madtlox For Assessor.
Sir. SI. R. Sladdox, Hartford.
Route 4. announces his candldacv
for the ofnce of Asse8Sor for ohjo
county In this issue of The Herald,
..,irP . ,h iinn r fh rw.,.'
' Another For Sheriff.
Sir. J. D. Holbrook, of the Bu-
ford precinct, one of Ohio county's
best known and most substantial
citizens, announces his candidacy
... b f 0,,(T o, .
action of the Democrats at the gen-
. ...
!"' "". ' ,, '""' "T ,''
1913. Sir. Holbrook Is an old-line
Democrat of well known party ser
vice and Is popular throughout tha
county. He Is splendidly qualified
for the office which he seeks and
would make an excellent Sheriff.
He solicits the votes of Democrats
., ,. . ...
attwr n!e County' PnUsIng them
a thorough canvass If nomlnnted
and good official work If elected.
Attend Rosenblatt's Clearance
Sale February 1st to .March 1st.
Mr. I'm Is For Assessor.
Elsewhere In this Issue of The
IIera'11 w,'i UQ found tho announce-
ment r Mr- J- M- ''nr'8. Hartford.
Routo "' for the office of Assessor
for 0n,f) '. subject to the ac-
,fon tho encrat the general
primary, August 2. 1913. Mr. Paris
ls a farmer nnd well qualified for
t" Position to which he aspires.
" ,s a Bon of the ,atfl William
,nr'8 aml comeB Jjf ll 'rge family
of nun'rats and we predict a good
'ollowlnu for him throughout tho
county, and especially trom the
0,,n Bide of jlqugh rUer.
i-Q reduce my stock of Wheat
1Iran nnd shlpstuff. I will up to and
includlni; February 1.1. 1913, sell
it as follows:
Ton lots $30.00
1,000-lb. lots $15.25
soO-Ib. lots $ 7.75
These prices aro for Spot Cash,
Tit2 Produco Slcrclmit,
Hartford. Ky.
Second door below tobacco factory.
('lunch Notice.
The members of the West Prov
Idenco Rapt hit chinch are requested
to meet at tho church on Saturdav,
J. L. BROWN, Clerk,

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