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WKDNKSDAV, SKIT. 21, 1013.
.t i
J i
i '
Thp HaHjord Herald
.,E. & V.. inililtOAD TIMK T..
Tho following L. & N. Time Card
(a effective from Thursday, Jan. 23:
North Hound
So. 11 ' due nt Hartford 7:19 a. ni.
No. 114 due at Hartford 2:55 p. m.
Souili Uound
No. 11C iluo nt Hartford S:45 a. m.
So. 113 due at Hartford 1.4 C p. m.
of the treo and Lane Was unable to
make his escape for several .hours.
Finally n line of flro forced the hull
from the tree and Lane was ahle to
descend. He lied through the hot
embers of the brush fire and had
ono foot burned.
Fiendish Crime Of a Madman
Domestic Trouble The
Dloomington, Ind., Sept. 20.
Carefully selecting the places where
iie believed the most damage would
be done, .Mack Hurst, "t years old, j
a stone mason, early to-ifay blew up
Ills homo here with dynamite, kill
ing himself and his seventeen-year-,
old daughter .Maude, and Injuring,
two other children and stunning his!
Washington, Sept. 20. William
J. Ilrynti, Secretary of State, has
abandoned his lecture tour and In
tho future will devote his time ex
clusively to the affairs of tho State
The announcement was made to
night by Ilenjnniln Davis, chief clerk
of the State Department and an In
timate friend of Secretary llryan.
The announcement "Jatc.-l that Sce
tctaiy Ury:m would dollvo.i I.p '..si
Chautauqua lecture at AVarrenton
tf.-morrow night.
No cause Is given for the sudden
termination of tho series of lectures
which Secretary llryan had planned,
but It was believed here to-night
that the Influence of the White
House had been brought to hear
uuon the head of the Cabinet to
abandon his program in the fare of
the hostile criticism which his lec
tures have brought forth both In the
t'nlted States and from foreign
countries as well.
4N$$$$&$$$$$ -v!JCjir ' '
('in die Williams Held Out.
Hawesvllle. Ky Sept. 22. (5ar-
The Injured: Pantile hurst, 13, 'die Williams, charged with the mur-
one leg broken and body lacerated;
KHzabeth Hurst, tl, .severely cut and
bruised! Mrs. Heua Hurst, 49,
stunned by explosion.
Hurst has been separated from
Ills wife for six weeks and yesterday
she refused to take him buck. It is
believed that he then. In a tit of In
sanity, determined to whf out the
entire family, consisting of his wife
and eight children!!.
The dead girl met t-e fate In
tended for her mother, and the fact
that they had changed beds for the
Jiight cost the daughter her life.
Hurst, after stealthily, in the
tlarknefei, planting a stick of dyna
mite under each of the three beds in
der of his cousin, Al Mason, on last
Friday night at n resort three miles
above Ha'vesville, was held over to
the grand jury of the November Cir
ett't Court without bond by Justice
Victor Hagmau, before whom the
trll took place this afternoon here.
Dennis F. Seacat. of the firm of
Dohaunou, Harmon & Seacat, of Kv
ansvllle, and John D. Kelly, of the
loca lbar. appeared for the .defend
ant and County Attorney J. H. Hlg
don appeared for the prosecution.
FOK ItOVAIi ('1111.1)1. i:
.Manchester, Kng., Sept. 22. Ilel-
'I ttt'OL tf t Vln HlWioti F Ct.nln timr..
the house, tied two sticks to his own ' , ., , , , ' , ,
...,.. i.i i. i... i.., .......... en shocked by the news that the
i'umj . viunicu liuu mi- ucu ..mull j , , , .
necuiin naunier oi me wucen, UKe
her second son, will be both deaf
I and dumb, says the Manchester
I (iuardlau.
1 It is feared that the little Spanish
Princess Is totally deaf, ami unless
i this can be corrected she will prob-
l ably never Ijb able to speak.
The pessimistic reports of the
royal physicians and specialists have
nearly broken the heart of the
Queen. She goes constantly with
I her children to the convents of the
j religious orders In and near Madrid
to ask for prayers of intercession on
ciaw led Into the bed which
lie had formerly occupied with his
wife, but which last night contained
the three daughters, .Maude. Fannie
und Kllzabeth.
Fannie spoke to her father. "Lay
wtlll," Hurst replied. "We will all
lie together."
Uefore the girl could make a
move the explosion rent the house
and aroused the entire city. Tho
police and fire department rushed to
the scene, sent the two Injured girls
to the hospital and cleared away the
sJ&fli !
." ' kr
i , -i.11, .'Be, .stP lMlt v !: M m . mi
rial r.i; ma aw k m- . m m imm .. hk".v v m r w w mm m
rt .-s.Jt.A. i5 FiamZi-V.i j"
WKKr w Wiaii
Of Ladies' and Misses'
Coat Suits, Cloaks,
Skirts, Dress Goods
and Silks.
Four sticks of dynamite, unex-1
ploded, were found In the ruins, and j
the fact that only one, and that one
attached to Hurst's body, had ex
ploded, accounted for the escape of
the other members of tho family.
Sept. 22. Misses Ida Rarnard
and Mary Kverly spent the week
end with Miss Barnard's sister, Mrs.
Colla Adrock, at Martwlck.
Mrs. Virgil Morris Is at Luzerne,
in the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Mud Davis, whose little child died
Mr. anil Mrs. Leslie Leachman, of
Pleasant Hope, spent Saturday and
Sunday with Mrs. Leachman's fath
er, Mr. Hob Taylor.
Mrs. Kniinn Fulkerson. Itockport,
visited her brother. .Marvin Kverly,
last! week.
The Hlckoiy Ridge schoolhouse
i their behalf, and particularly of late
on behalf of her young daughter.
Safety Laxative For AVortien.
Nearly every woman needs a good
laxative. Dr. King's New Life Pills
ire good because they are prompt,
afe. and do not cause pain. Sirs.
M. C. Lunlay, of Leadlll, Tenn.,
says: "Dr. King's Now Life Pills
helped her troubles greatly." Oet
a box to-day. Prlco 23c. Recom
mended by James H. Williams. in
All In, Beady For Business
Are a collection of styles as originated and perfected by the world's most famous
style-makers. These goods have been selected from the best manufacturers in this
country. Not only from the point of style, but ' everything has been considered
that will contribute to the satisfaction of 'our customers. We prefer not to sell a cus
tomer at all than for her to be dissatisfied. Now, Ladies, we have the very Coat
Suit, Cloak, Skirt, Dress Goods or Silks you. need.
At least it will do you good to look at our wearing apparel for Women and
that's all we ask you to do. COME AND LO.OK.
Beaver D&,m, Ky.
O iii i-egnnl to C
I The Hartford Herald has adopted
I a new rule In regard to Obituaries,
nas ueen given a coal oi aiaiiastlne , Resolutions of Itespect, Cards of
paint on the Inside. The grounds I Thanks. &c. whether written at the
have been raked and leveled and the behest of lodges, churches nr In-
present a much neater appearance
than formerly.
Mr. ames Duncan has completed
ja new addition to his residence.
Miss Isabel Hoiishaw, of Hart
ford, is visiting the family of Mr.
John Durham, Sr.
Mr. Leonard Tlnsloy is erecting a
large barn on his farm.
The Lone Star singing (lass' has
-accepted an invitation to slug at
Hopewell church next Sunday. This
class has long had the reputation of
being one of the best In the (Ireon
Zfivnr Country.
i-'oit kali:.
A scholarship In the Vanderbllt
Training School. Klklon, Ky. Will
sell at a bargain. For further par
ticulars call or address THH HKIt-
jvm). act i
dividual, and that is, we shall
charge at me rate of two cents per
line for all such articles, except obit
uary poetry, which will bo one cent
Iter wnnl. Htr.ilpht Thin Is tun nnmll.
. r.l. .' Mnr tnr .nvlhln. ., ' "r CUIIUIieU.r Willi IIIS CIMII Oil. II1IIK-
iik up ui.iii i n inn 1111.".. iijiiim uiu
Thay Are Not Too Clean and the Con
ducter Make the Bed.
Describing railroad travel in South
Africa, id W, Howe In IiIh Monthly
"Soon nfler the train conductor look
ed at our tickets he proceeded to lug
two huge lugs of bed clothing Into our
compartment and make- up two beds.
We paid $MU for the use of the bed
clolhliig tno (lights; the charge would
have been the same for one night. So
that we will have u large compart
ment to ourselves two nights ami a
day and pay only Slit) above the reg
ular fare, The beds were comfortable,
though somewhat narrow, but we slept
as well, I imagine, as tveopte usually
do on a sleeping car. On our door and
on our window were placards announc
ing that the cotuiKtrtnieitt was reserv
ed, and we were not disturbed during
the Journey. When this reservation
placard Is not displayed any one has
u light to a seat or bed In a compart
ment that N not fulL
'The South African sleeping cars are
not at all Uul. except that the train
conductor h.is so much to do that he
cannot Icovji them as clean as they
should be. The conductor did nut (!
Uh my shorn at night, but I knew he
was very busy ami overlooLed bis
"I wish the haughty conduetoRt of
American passenger trains could see
neiiualutnncc, t wan astunhhud' t
i learn that ho belloved ulost kuya- ttuiU'
ed to the left to unlock their IocUm. H
vuh trying tq open a typewriter deslf,
and he struggled with the key aoveral
moments before he made tlni iiHtouml
Ipg discovery tU:t It uiloeked by curn?
lag fo the right
" 'Why,' he said to uje. with' a sur
pilsed air, 'this key works the wrong1
"Must wuit do you mean by Mth
wrong way." wiif myiitturiihiuiiry.
"It unlocks to the rlgjifc,' he replied.
'"So do inoht keys.' Ii tnldi hiin.
whereupon he glanced at mo skepti
cally. It took me several minutes- t'
convince him that, as unual, ! was
riuht The fact Is that, whereat door
keys unlock to the left perhaps as of
ten as to the right, depending on which,
side of the door jop face, tile key to.
almost anything except u door In- pretty
sure to turn to the right bo- unfasten
the lid or drawer or roller apron, which,
it secures. A little observation l all'
one requires to prove, tile- truth of
this. I& one of the llttdo-things, wblchi
onco Iii n while may ho- well wort hi
And the profusion' alisnntmlndedly
tried to unlock his desk, by turning tu
key to the left New York. Ttuiw
Is only one-fifth bf our regular rate.
The amount, In cash or stamps,
must accompany each article, or
It will not bo printed. Six
words average a line in ordi
nary reading and every separate
character or initial letter counts as
a word. The heading and the slg
see our tickets, which cover u early
U.OtiO miles of 'travel and read fivui
Durban to Victoria Falls and back to
Heir. I am unable to understand
them, but the conductors hare no. dif
ficulty. "On one or two. trains we lane beeu
on (here was a man who helped the
...... ...o. i.i. n .m. I conductor, but on ut least two crowded
nature both count ono line each, . ' ,. . . ... r v
. . ii. trnln on which vc tniveleii the con-
c,u u v,,v, .o u.. u uru u. . .juctor has bad no help whatever in
All obituary poetry, straight m.,ung up the beds; the most i-urloim
turougu, one cent per woru.
Contributors please remember.
Simplified. Spelling.
Lovers of sjmplllludi spoiling uhonu)
make a pilgrimage tm.Njveudun. In lis
sex. whvre the church waideo.s. ao
counts In the eighteenth ceutury wenr
quite delightfully phonetic. Undev th
date 17-t'J occurs, thv entry: "CTe
Ceekup Kolllns for hl gull too. shetlns
ami six pens. Also, hlw close- for the la
sewing yeie." Tin- mysterliHW word
"gall" seems t. signify the girl or
daughter of "jvkup. Kolllns." And
koine of uh who- h.tre drunk the eup of
feminine mllltaucy to the dregs may
accept gall us- tb'e- right spelling. Lon
don Mall. .
eetry and Pay.
Poetry, it U declared. Is about the
I WHks, says J, J. Firestone, of, Alle
gan, Mich. "Thoy nro certainly a
lino article for biliousness," For
, bale by all dealers. m
AND A Fl'ltlOl'S 111 1,1,
Muskegon. Mich.. Sept. 20. At
tacked by a hull and forced tj tnk'
refuge In a tree which later caught
flro from burning brush was the
thrilling experience of U. I. ine. A iy,,i,0, fovqr opldimilc? on New
mi Kggleston township farmer llv- York's Fast Side has been traced to
Ing near hero yesterday, L-iii" milk rtld by n single company, nl-
lmtngud to put out tho flro in tho most ISO cases having been report
tree, Hf Ind Ms eye-brows burned L.,.
off un I his clothing scorched. Ho ..
cflmbod wl e6t ,,,to tue tree l)B" ll lB a"nounc'(, "'nt Theodore
fore ho was able to check tke'PUiwe Jloosevelt will make severul formal
tbpt fn-Pd through the branches. addresses In Urazll and tho Argen-
Tho bull kept in the noltflibgrhpod Uno Republic this full.
thing 1 liaie eer noted In raili-oad wotst paid fortn of writing. That may
travel. Theiels a guard ou lliu iifiln. I be'truc. regarded from the standpoint
who Is what we call a bruLem.iu. but of dollar and cents, but the mau who
(7ood For Itllloiisiicss, ho does not assist the eoudictor In the. can get a em out of ills system
I tnnk iwn nf f'linn.l.i.i-lnli.'. chiuiiber work. When these Conduct-' buouiii iei inai lie ix.prcuy won nam
Tablets last night, and I feel fifty "'" '' '"lug the tickets they aro as( for bis effort-Toledo Ulade.
per cent, better than I have for i "K"'i ' .." .u...im-...i.i
nut wueii iney negiu nigging in hiieeis)
mid pillows and mat I reuses they are
us humble as tho most timid traveler
could wish."
Most of Them Unlock by Twitting
Them to the Plight,
t You would be nimued." said' Pn-
lessor l.ookaboiit luforiulugly. iim he
started to unlock -his desk in prepara
tion for the morning's classwork, 'to
know how many persons are nimble
to lull' off hand which way a key turns.
Only the other dy. In a chat with
oiiy of the best. Informed men of my
One Lite For It.
"I supKMe classical music is all tight
In Its.place." said Maud.
"Phi sure It Is." replied Mamie. Ml
don't 9111-0 to listen to It myself, but
lometlmes you bare to play It in oriel-
to get n man to go home." Wash
ington Star
On Occasions,
"Are you superstitious uboiit thirteen
It table," asked Mr. Illckeulnnper
"I am when there's hardly enough
food for twelve." said Mrs. Olddybody.
MagHxIuuof Fun.
Hartford rkriW, Only $1 Year
1 Good Reasons Why The
Herald Should do Your
Job Printing
Intelligent understanding of your needs and x
' pert knowledge of liow to meet und satisfy
- them.
Close personal attention to detail in the ..execu
tion of every job.
Internal shop eHiciemiy, skilled workinen, modem
machinery aitf thorough supervision clear
Our own appreciation of the real value of what
wo offer, resulting in an unaUcruably highk
standard of output. , .
'- FIVE .;
An unusual degree of success in promptness of
delivery and meeting theemcrgenoy de. ,
a fl if
helpful policy of supplying- from our
technical knowledge, when needed, the idea
or suggestion required Jopjliojouoh of
We think you'll like our sei vice.
1 v v
I Mil K
. I

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