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The Harijord Herald
MIikiU Ccntrnl Itnllrontl Thno Ta
ble nt Heater Dam, Ky.
North Bound. South Bound.
No.132 BtOBn.m. No.121 lltOOa.m
No.122 12.29p.ra.No.101 2;4Cp.m
No.102 3:31p.m.'N0.131 9:00p.m
J. E. Williams. Agt
Packed In Unslackcd Lime,
They Keep Indefinitely
A Rare Dish.
Mr. Charles W. Rankin, of Soo
chow university, China, writes of
century-old epRs, which he says are
served as delicacies In China. He
"Last Sunday 1 spent with Mr.
Smart In Wuslh. Mr. Smart is an
assistant pastor of the church at
that place in connection with Mr.
Yul, tho Chinese preacher In charge.
The town Is about forty miles from
us pnd has only about 150,000 In
habitants. It Is small as compared
vsith Soochow, but Is one of tho llv
fst cities in this section. They do a
larKe shipping business, and have a
cotton and Hour mill, owned and op
f rated by Chinese. Mr. Smart and I
were met at the depot by n boy from
Dr. Lee's home. Dr. Lee Is in charge
of the hospital work there for the
episcopal church. He has a good
hospital building, and a comfovtablo
home In which we found Mrs. Leo
and their live children. They gave
ms a warm 'Welcome. We went over
to the home of the pastor.. -Mr. Vul.
and ate Chinese supper with chop
htlcks. etc.
"Mr. Yul hud a very enjoyable
supper of stewed chicken, very ten
der pork, eggs cooked omelette fash
ion with small quantities of meal In
side the rolled eggs, vegetables,
rice, etc. AVe also had a choice del
icacy consisting of eggs which are
called 100-year-old eggs. I had .seen
and swelled these eggs on the street,
and thought I would always leave
them to those who had a fondness
for them by inheritance. Hut those
on Mr. Yul's (able were odorless,
rather dark In color, but not repul
Mve in any wuy. And when Mrs.
Lee took a piece in her sticks and
ate it, pronounced it good and leach
ed for another quarter section, 1 con
cluded tliat there was my chance to
take a bite and still live, so 1 did. I
must confess that I could not join
Mrs. Lee in her words of praise, but
I ato It with no harmful results.
"The eggs are simply packed in
jnslacked lime, and left there in
delinltely. Tho lime cooks them.
And they seem to keep as long as
may be desired. I suppose they are
good any old time after two or three
months up to a century or two. And
they are called the century plant, I
started to hay, but eggs they are.
"Air. Yul has built a new church
In the year's time since 1 was there.
1 was present on Saturday morning,
heard Mr. Smart preach, and then In
the afternoon was on hand for Sun
day School. Mr. Yul Is one of the
Hvest and best of the Chinese pastors
and he has a splendid, active con
gregation and Sunday School. And
hoy they sing! They let their voices
out, and keep good time and carry
the tune well. We greatly enjoyed
the trip."
Yoti'ic Itilious. mid Cost he!
Sick headache, bad breath, sour
stomach, furred tongue and Indiges
tion, mean liver and bowels clogged.
Clean up to-night. (let a 2."c bottle
of Dr. King's New Life I'ills to-day
and empty tho stomach and bowels
of tormenting, gassy foods and
waste. A full bowel movement gives
a satlstled, thankful feeling makes
ou feel llnu. Infective, yet mild.
Don't grlpo. 2."c at your druggist.
Mucklen's Arnica Salve for burns.
"What Is "sleep?" A common
place natural phenomenon which wo
accept as we do air and water a
ba tiling mysterious condition In
which wo are compelled to pass a
full third of our earthly life yet
sleep, strangely enough, has been
little studied or written about In ull
our compendlunm of learning. In
the thirty thousand pages of the en
cyclopedia, which maf bo looked
upon as In a senso a microcosm, an
epitome of all tho accumulated
knowledge of thu world, there are
but two pages devoted to bleep. This
measures tho general interest of hu
manity In tho subject. One would
think that psychologists would find
a special field In this ecllpso of thu
mind for eight hours every day, yet
thosu huge tomes of Baldwin tho
dictionary of psychology devote
half a page to sleep. The practical
Interest of medical men la In the
disorders of sleep, but they treat of
It In their medical books almost
wholly from the standpoint of thera
peutics, seldom or never from that
of etiology. Tho chief literature of
sleep seems to bo found among the
poets, religious devotees and mys
tics. 1 shall not quote Shakespeare,
but only say that his Innumerable
references t6 sleep and dreams and
the disorders of sleep prove him to
have been an extraordinary observ
er. An Incomparable clinician was
spoiled In him when he became a
poet. Atlantic.
oooooooooooo oo
(By Walt Mason.)
When summer comes the poor old
cow finds sledding hard and com
forts few; deep Hues of trouble
crease her brow, for grief Is hers,
the 3"ason through. Ten million
files light on her back, ten million
more arc on her legs, and every
place the hide Is slack, they build
their nests aud lay their eggs. ' All
day she wields her weary tall, and
swears In husky bovine tones; what
wonder if she kicks the pall, or tries
to break the milker's bones? Alas,
the milker ponders not upon the
oes that give her bats; he reaches
for a wet elm knot and plays a solo
on her slnts. We should bo patient
with the cows when ll-tlme drives
the beasts Insane, for every minute,
while they browse, they suffer many
kinds of pain. If Hossy kicks you
on the chin, or puts her trilby in the
pail, or tries to drive your whiskers
in by blows repeated with her tall,
don't let jour angry passions rise.
or for a large spike bludgeon reach,
but gently brush away tho (lies, and
tell the critter she's a peach. Then
put your mangled face In splints,
and write a screed, serene and wise,
Insisting that the public prints
should call on folks to swat the flies.
11ns Your Child AVnrms?
Most children have.' A coated,
furred tongue, strong breath, stom
ach pains, circles under eyes, pale,
sallow compleMon, nervous, fretful,
grinding of teeth, tossing In sleep,
peculiar dreams any one of these
indicate child has worms. Get a box
of Klckapoo Worm Killer at once.
It kills tho worms the cause of
your child's condition. Is laxative
and aids nature to expel the worms.
Supplied In candy form. Kasy for
children to take. 2."c at your drug
gist, ni
A vj:uv mt.WK ACT WAS
We read In one of our mountain
exchanges where Esau Moore saved
a woman fioui drowning. Tho wo
man, it appears, fell off a log aud
Esau, he saw that unless something
was done she was going to the bot
tom of the stream for keeps. He
grabbed her as she was going under
thu second time and landed her on
a saudbar at the psychological mo
ment, upside- down or downside up,
or any old way so as to get her out
of the water and get the water out
of her. Anyhow, Esau ho saw that
she was delivered over to her friends
and relatives In damp bad order and
they saw Esau In the light of a Car
negie hero. Tho woman Is now glad
that she saw Esau about tho same
time that he saw her. As for Esau
Moore It Is probable that he saw
more than he wanted to see under
the circumstances. - - Frankfort
State Journal.
Cures Old Sores, Other Remedies Won't Cure.
The vort cakes, no matter ol how lonir standing.
are cured by the wonderful, old reliable Dr.
I'ortcr's Antiseptic llealici! Oil. It rellee
raiu and Heals at the tome time. I'c, fGc, $1.30
.Milking; .M., II. & K. Ciosing Hug;
Stop I 'or I'u.senger Travel.
Louisville. Ky Juno 2!. 191 -I.
.Mr. Pon Woediunn, Olatou, Ky.,
Dear Sir: Referring to petition
signed by joursclf and others, aud
my letter of Juno Kith, with refer
ence to making M., II. & E. crosshrg
flag stop, for passenger travel, I
have Instructed that this be done,
effective July 10th.
Yours truly,
, .1. W. BALDWIN,
Diogenes was looking for an hon
est man.
"What luck?" abked tho wuyfarer.
"Oh. pretty fair," replied Dioge
nes. "I still lime my lantern."
The toll of tuberculosis is chiming
wore than 350 victims every day in the
United States, yet few realize their jfrorc
condition until the critical period arrive!.
Overwork, worry, weakness after sick
ness, catarrh, bronchitis, tender throats
all exert the weakening influence that
invites consumption.
To guard against consumption, thou
meals because its rich medicinal nourish
ment strengthens the lungs, puts.vigor iu
tfae blood, and upbuild strength to reaitt
tuberculosis. Scott's HauUlouU nature '
strength-builder. Refute tuUtitutet.
O o
O The HcrnldN Special Selections O
(Hy Joseph Jefferson.)
Two caterpillars crawling on a leaf
Ily some strange accident In contact
Their conversation, passing all belief-Was
that same argument the very
Tha has been "procd and conned"
Ircm mini to man,
Yea, over since this wondering
world began. !
The ugly creatures, I
lionf ninl il ii Mill mill blind. I
Devoid of features
That adorn mankind
Were vain enough In dull and
worldly strife,
To speculato upon the future life.
The first was optimistic, full of
hope; . '
The second quite dyspeptic,, seemed
to mope.
Said .Number Two, "I'm sure of our
Salr Number Two, "I'm sure of our
Our ugly forms alono would f.eal
our fato
And bar our entrance through the
golden gate.
Suppose tl'.al death should take us
How could we ever climb the golden
If maidens shun us as they pass
us by
Would Angels bid us welcome In
the sky?
I wonder what great crimes we have
That leaves us so forlorn and so un-
I'erhaps we've been ungrateful, un
forgiving, 'Tis plain to me that life's not worth
"Come, come, cheer up," the jovial
worm replied.
Let's take a look upon the other
Suppose we cannot Ily like moths '
or millers.
Are wo to blame for being cater
pillars? .
Will thu 'same (led that doomed us
to crawl the tarth,
A prey to every Hid that's 'given
Forgive, our captor as lie eats and
And damn poor, us because we have
no wings?
If we can't skim thu air like owl or
The worm will turn 'for a' that."
They argued through the summer,
autumn night.
The ugly things composed them
selves to die.
And so, to make their funeral quite
Each wrapped himself In his own
winding sheet.
The tangled web encompassed them
full soon
Each for his colli n made a cocoon.
All through the winter's chilling
blasts they lay
Dead to tho world, aye, dead as hu
. man clay.
Lo, spring comes forth with all her
warmth and love,
She brings sweet justlco from" the
renlms nbove,
She breaks the chrysalis, she res
urrects tho dead,
Two butterllcs ascend, encircling
her head.
And this emblem shall forever bo
A sign of Immortality.
Piles Cured in 6 to H Days
Your drucclst will refund money il FAZO
OINTMENT falls to cure any case of Itching)
blind, Dleedlne or I'rotni Jluc Piles InG to 14 dayf.1
The fint application elves Ease and Rett J0c.l
m t
In thu current Issue of Farm and
Fireside E. C. Whltniyro writes an
urtlcle entitled "How n Friend of
Minn Figured the Profits," Iu which
ho tells the story of a fanner who
failed and later succeeded because
of the radical change In his meth
ods. This farmor Invested $3,000
iu the dairy business on n small
farm near a town of 3,000 popula
tion. He worked hard but In three
years found that ho wns practically
a failure. His failure was due large
ly to the Tact that ho had neglected
to liguro his costs and expenses und
to adjust his business, und particu
larly his purchases, collections and
prices, to thu exact conditions of his
undertaking. Ho took the advice
given to him, und .Air. Whltniyro
"In three years he has revolution
ized his business. Ho knows at tho
end of every day Just whero he
btunds. It ho has made a profit of
$100 ho knows It. He known hlni
solf, and ho knows his business. It's
Just a case of building on a scientific
'To-day wo are hammering away
at the farmer for tho laclr. of con
ductliiK his farming In a wny to get
tho most out of It, Yet the develop
ment of tho farmor has been won
derful. Tho farmer who conducts
his plnco on a scientific basis Is tho
man who rides to town In his auto
mobile. He has learned what to
plant, when to plant It, and how to
plant It. He has machinery Hint
saves him time and money. Uut
hns he learned the value of a strict
watch on the financial end of his
business? If he has, he need not
Oil, don't you remember sweet Al
ice, Hen Holt, when her hnlr wns a
beautiful brown? You suro never
would know her as she looks
to-day, with a cano nnd a trousor
ette gown. Her Paris-made curls
are the new purple tint; when I call
ed I could scarce trust my eyes, for
she wore n little nightcap, tho latest
I'arls hint, with rosebuds nnd pink
ribbon ties.
Swcot Alice Is now on tho stage,
Hen Holt; sho began at the end of
the row. She smiled with delight at
the public each night, and now she's
tho hit of the show. Sho dances a
tango that sets them a-whlrl, with a
dip and a kick and a glide. You'd
never believe 'twas the same little
girl that the song wrongly stated
had died.
She's a cigarette case on the end
of a chain, where tho old-fashioned
ones wore a fan; has a flat and a
maid and a Pomeranian pup; her
motor Is olive and tan. And down
at the theater place whero she plays,
her pictures are hung by the score,
and they've titted a slab with about
a thousand electric lights, and sweet
Alice's name up over the door.
Catarrh Cannot ho Cured
cannot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh Is a blood or coustltutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
must take Internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is not
a quack medicine. It was prescribed
by one of the best physicians in this
country for years and is a regular pre
scription. It Is composed of tho best
tonics known, combined with the
best blood purifiers, acting directly
on the mucous surfaces. The perfect
combination of tho two ingredients
is what produces such wonderful re
suits in curing Catarrh. Send for
testimonials free.
P. J. Cheney & Co., Props.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, price 7oc.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. Working Overtime.
New llritaln, Conn.. July 11.
The Hart & Cooley Company has
just started on a twelve-hour
schedule. ' An olllcer of tho company
stated last evening that its stock
has become greatly depleted.
The Hussell & Erwin Company
has Increased its working time from
forty-nine to flfty-Ilvo hours a week.
For Infants and Children.
Thi Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Wants An Accounting;.
"Jloss, won't yer help a poor
"See hero! 1 gave you some
money las"t week."
"Wjtdl, geo'whlz! ain't yer earned
any more since?" Iloston Tran
Hart ford Citizens Testify For tho
Public Benefit.
A truthful statement of a Hart
ford citizen, given in his own words,
should convince tho most skeptlcul
about the merits of Doan's Kidney
Pills. If you suffer from backache,
nervousness, sleeplessness, urinary
disorders or any form of kidney Ills,
uso n tested kidney medicine.
A Hartford citizen tells of Doun's
Kidney I'ills.
Could you demand more convinc
ing proof of niorlt?
J. A. llalrd, farmer, It. F. D. C,
Hartford, Ky., says: "I had been
troubled with sharp twinges across
my loins, together with kidney
weakness. As I heard Doan's Kid
ney Pills highly recommended, I got
n supply from tho Ohio County Drug
Co. Ono box cured mo."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply usk for a kidney remedy
gut Doan's Kidney Pills the samo
that Mr. llalrd had. Foster-Mllburu
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y,
Tlio Kind You Havo Always
in uso for over 30 years,
3hffji yz- sonnl supervision sinco Its infancy.
'&C6x4lli Allow no ono to tlccclvo you in this.
All Counterfeits Imitations nnd "Just-ns-Ronrt" nro hut
Experiments that trlilo with mid emlnnjror tho health of
Infants nnd Children Experience njjniust Experiment.
Castorin is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, .Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic ,
substance. Its ngro is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
nnd nllnys Foverishncss. It cures Diarrhoja and "Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
nnd Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving hcnlUiy mid natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Attention -
Now is the time to get the John Deere Wagons.
Buggies, Cultivators, Mowers, Hay Rakes and Hay
Presses, also Hercules Buggies. Don't forget that we
can furnish you the best Binder on the market. Come
now and contract with us, and we can have your
machine here in time so the work can move on with
out delay.
Buy your Implements from the dealer that has the
practical experience and that knows what a machine
is when he looks at it.
Williams & Miller
Light and Power Company
Will wire your house at cost. Electric Lights are
clean, healthy and safe. No home or business house
should he without them when within reach.
Locittd on Pnnylrnl'Avnucrilth and H Streets.
Washington's Newest' Hot.L
Ideally situated, within two blocks ot the Executive Man-i
Hon. only a short walk to the public buildinxs, -hojw, theaters
and points of historical Interest to visitors and tourists.
The famous Indian ' Grill Room, the beautiful Palm Court,;
the delightful 'Tea Room, Grand Pipe Organ (only one of its'
kind in Washington), and an Orchestra of a superfine order,!
re .attractions Rreatly appreciated by Powhatan guests..
Rooms with detached bath, 11.50, (2.00 and up.
Kooma.witb private bath, SZ.S0, JJ.W.artd uo-
Write for booklet with raapX .,
A.t to rbl IUmr, It MU CMpWf. Coanalkw, TMri NrtU.. ScCol. tmt CUWpa
Of programs or any event to 4
taka place In the future, mat
ten of general Interest but not 4
exact current news, should
4 reach The Herald just aa Boon
at poeelble after being decided
4 upon. Fleaae don't delay.
Bought, nnd which has been
hns homo tho sfgiinttiro of
hns been liuiuo unrtcr ins pcr-
Signature of
Look Here
la good. Borne la better arfd
some beet And the beet ad-
vertlsing medium la this sec-
tloa ot the country Is THE
HERALD. It reaches the peo-
pie who have money to

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