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WMNIttMtYt MAftcrt i, iw.
X Seem In Danger Of Being
Oil Mount Calvary Landmarks
Of Birth Of Christianity
In War Zone.
London, March 9. (Correspond
ence of the .Associated Press. Tha
care of the Holy Places brought on
the Crimean War,, with the slego of
"Sebastopei, the battlo of Inkerma.i
and tho Charge of the Light Bri
gade, juat'as tho care of these Holy
Places, so called, had before that
convulsed all Europe with the three
Crusades, and yet Uio care of theso
samo Holy Places the Holy Soiml
cher a. Jerusalem, the jplaco of tho
Nativity at Bethlehem, and the
countless other landmarks of the
birth tot Christianity are changing
hands as an Incident of tho present
war, and almost imperceptibly be
cause of the noise of tho conflict Sin
so many other theaters of warfare.
One report Is 'iltat a military
shooting range hat been sdt up on
Mount Calvalry, the site above all
others venerated "by the Christian
world as the place of tho crucifixion.
But Inquiry establishes that If this
rifle range exists It is at tho Oorrdon
Calvary, so calleC, after Gen. Gor
don, of Khartum fame, who flo3ig
nated it as what ho believed to be
the real site, though it Is' not tlm
'Calvary commcrfly accepted by tra
dition, venerateil -and guarded by
Pilgrims and the Church, anu con
tended for by European nations.
'This Gordon Calvnry is In the out
skirts of Jerusalem, some "distance
from the traditional site of the Holy
From a military standpoint, all
attention to 'tho German-Turkish
mllltnrv oneratlons in Syria has
bpen absorbed in the slow approach
southward toward Egypt arid tho ,
Suez Canal, that rich prize supposed
to be the lino between Europe and
the Orient. "But while this main
irillltary object has been going on,
it has Involved at the samo time tho
steady occupation of tho entire Holy
Land as part of the field df prepara
tion and advance, with military
forces in control of Jerusalem,
Bethlehem, "Nazareth and "through
out the region of tho Holy Places,
and the French, Italian, English and
other custodians of these -feltes, ex
pelled or interned. Seven of the
Italian custodians a Bethlehem
the site of the Nativity -have re
cently been interned by the military
authorities, and their place "Is to bo
taken by Austrian custodians.
Tho sweep or this German-Turkish
movement through the H6ly
Land Is shown 'by the fact that tho
military railway, on which the ap
proach to Egypt depends, Is believed
to be constructed to tho desert out
skirts of BeoMhuba. This Is tho
same town referred to In holy writ,
and which created tho Biblical
phrase "from Dan to Beersheba," as
it is the uttermost limit of tho Holy
'Land, where It merges Into the des
ert leading to Egypt. It Is tths "Blb-
"llcal point Beersheba which is ex-
., , ,. .1.0 ni ,.
Which the railway will bring down vous' nnd the lawyer tor " defense
BUPPlies from the North, for the ad-!endavor,edi to trhtoa h"
vance across tho desert, should the' Nw' ' he, remarked sternly, "re
attack on Egypt ever bo carried out memberf u' oath! Aro you
as It has been loudly heralded. So,p'epared to "wear that this man
that Beersheba to-day Is performing
i... ...,. nr ., i niMii
the samo function as in Biblical
days tho last outpost before enter
ing tho desert, ISO miles across,
vlth an ocean of white sand and al
most no water holes none ade
quate for the watering of a great
army. The only cavalry hero must
bo such as is mounted on camels.
wlth the dazzling white sand as
deadly to tho eyes and throats of
hearts and riders as poison gas is to
the men on tho firing line.
The Teports recently spread
Indlcited ' that tho Italian and
French custodians of the different
brlv places hnd been interned by the
military authorities. Austrians or
Vffeftever recejve the proper balance of food
7 tfct'suftdeuUy nouri.U both body and
7 "bfin during the growing period when
. s'Uure'a demands are greater than In
' mature life. This is shown in 00 many
jac icva, ican Domes, ucqucnt coiaj,
nu taK 01 ajnuuion
..-.. "??. .-L .- t
unmistakable earnestness: They need
Scott's Kuiulrton, mid need ft how. It
rowchsda jn couv)trateii fona Jhc very
ijixl elcuiviits to iirkh their Wood. It
ch.wges weakness to strength; it tmiu"
lliem sturdy and elioag. No akotaL
fecit & Sow. Me!wM, V. .
some of the Eaitern sects replacing
them. Thero aro many of their
sects Copts, Greeks, Armenians
nnd oven Abysslnlans though little
Is known of who is In charge, ex
cept that most of tho Latin custo
dians are interned.
While tho charges do not consti
tute a loss of Christian, control, yet
they show tho shifting of tho nation
ality of that control, which has been
a frequent cause of International
complications in tho past.
Besides the main points of mili
tary operation in thin locality, like
Beersheba and Jerusalem, the whole
range of this Biblical country Is af
fected by tho military activity. But
tho chief interest la nt Bethlehem,
Nazareth nnd Jerusalem. At Beth
lehem Is tho Sanctuary of the Nativ
ity, a subterranean chamber thirty
two feet long, Incased In rare mar
bles and constantly guardsd and
lighted, with a marble slab marking
the place of the nativity. At Jeru
salem Is the basilica over the Holy
R'pnlcho.r, first built by Constantlne,
often swept nway and built again,
anil now a vast monument, embrac
ing within its walls and beneath Its
dump tho Sacred Tomb, which has
been guarded for nges.
"Show me some copies of tho pa
per published in your town and I
will tell you some facts about It and
your people."
Tlip man who said that was an ac
tive business man, who was consid
ering an expansive proposition. The
information he wanted was all In Is
sues of a weekly nowspaper.
He wanted to know about the
stocks of goods carried by the merf
chants, to judge their business ca
pacity by the stylo and amount of
advertising they employed the pa
per should show him.
He wanted to know something of
the social activities of the town,
which the paper would show him.
Ho wanted to know something of
the pursuits of the people in the
town and the condition of the sur
rounding country. The paper would
show him.
Ho would scan those papers care
fully and would be able to give the
information as he had stated.
He wanted to know something of
the kind of merchants, which he ex-
Pecfci from the advertising columns.
' prospective selling possiblitles by
tne local happenings, of the tastes
and intelligence of the people by the
reading matter the paper gives Its
readers and whether they wore a
progressive, alert or an easy-goirg
and comparatively Inactive sort.
Your paper tells the story fully to
the active, observant business man.
who never saw your town or its peo
ple. If tho town merchants are not all
represented In Its columns it would
spell "Little Business" a bad knock
for tho town. If the local columns
showed a scarcity of news nnd little
of the social life. It would spell In
glaring letters "Nothing Doing." If
there was a lack of high class up-to-date
reading matter on the livest
topics of the times, It would spell
for him ?
Tho Investigation would end and
tho town be passed over as not worth
Not long ago a man was charged
fat a country court with trespasslnc.
and also with shooting some pigeons
belonging to a farmer.
In giving his evidence the farmer
ws exceedingly careful, oven ner-
""" ws"
I didn't say ho 1
say ho did shoot 'em,"
was the reply. "I said I suspected
him of doing It."
"Ah! Now you're coming to it.
"What made you suspect the man?"
"Well, frst, I caught him on my
,and w,tn a,gun; Secondly. I'd heard
a " ow "Q ,,au 8een 80mo PB-
eons '"" Thlrdy. r f"d four of
my,P'f,"8 ,,n h,s I'oct-and r
don,t th,nkJ them blrds flew '"to his
pocket and committed Bulcido for4
tho fun of tho thing."
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gitbtrrlpUonts received at this office.
Is Interesting To Every
' Patriotic Texan.
Has Been Preserved In Legend
By Battle Cry "Remem
ber the Alamo."
When tho massacre of tho Alamo
occurred on March G, 1S3C, there
was a cry for vengeance over the en
tire country. Hardly an American
in Texas nblo to bear cims but who
presented himself to avenge this
crime. "Remember the Alamo" was
the battle cry when Sam Houston
and his largely augmented army
went out to meet tho Mexicans.
Sam Houston, of Tennessee, had
served with Gen. Jackson In the In
dian wars. He had gone to Texas
with the distinct object of wresting
that country from Mexico. Revolu
tionary convulsions In Mexico gave
the American colonists welcome op
portunities for complaints, which led
to collisions with tho- Mexican au
thorities. Gen. Santa Anna who, by n suc
cessful revolutionary stroke, had
put himself at the head of tho Mex
ican government, attempted to re
duce the unruly Americans to obe
dience, 'in 1835 armed conflicts
took placo In which tho Americans
frequently liad the advantage. Tho
Texans declared their Independence
from Mexico on March 2, 1836. The
declaration was signed by about six
ty men, among whom there "Were
'only two of Mexican nationality.
"Meantime Santa Anna advanced
at the head of a Mexican army, en
tered Texas and on February 23 laid
siege to the Alamo fort at San An
tonio. Atrocious butchery marked
thu progress of his soldiery. The
Mexican general mado frequent as
snults upon the fort to route the de
fenders. The small handful of
Americans, however, iere able to
withstand the siege for eleven days.
They were starving, but In spite of
this they were able to Inflict death
upon abont 1,600 of tho enemy.
When the siege was at its height,
Davy Crockett, with about thirty
frontiersmen, cut his way through
the Mexican forces and, rushing Into
the fort, shouted, "Boys, we're hero
to die with you!" Finally the day
came when the little band could
withstand the assault no longer. It
was the memorable Cth of March. It
was a hand-to-hand struggle, but
each American before lie gave up his
life made the enemy pay an awful
'Col. James Bowie was ono of the
bravest of tho Americans, and when
his body was discovered it lay in tho
center of a circle of slain Mexicans,
Mad with rage at the Alamo trag
edy, Sam Houston gathered the set
tlers together. He showed an unu
sual amount of strategy. 'Knowing
that his band of followers would not
bo able to compete with the Mexi
cans, ho retreated in order to scat
ter tho pursuing Mexican force until
San Jacinto was reached.
At San Jacinto tho Americans
charged the Mexican force, which
was much superior In number, but
throughout the roar of cannonading
nnd tho rattle of musketry, that
wild yell, "Remember the Alamo,"
could be constantly heard above tho
din. It stirred tho patriots and
made them fight like demons. In
barely twenty minutes after tho
first onslaught tho Moxlcans wcro
flying in every direction with Hous
ton and his men following them.
Houston had his horse shot from
under him and a bullet had smashed
his own ankle. This made no Im
pression upon him, for ho paused
not for a moment until the entire
Mexican force was destroyed. The
Mexican loss was 1,300 killed and
captured, and among tho latter was
Santa Anna.
It was the battlo of San Jacinto
that secured for Texas her inde
pendence and for his valor Sam
Houston received as his pay tho
honor of being the first Presldont of
tho new republic, which was later
to become tho largest State In tho
Union. It was through Houston's
infiuonco that ten years later Toxas
became a member of the United
Stafes with the result, tho Mexican
war. Texas, by tho way, has boon
under no lea than six flags those
of France, of Spain, of Mexico, of
tho Toxas republic, or tho Southern
Confederacy nnd Old Glory.
KnnsuH Holds Auto Record.
Every other family in Pawnee
county, Kansas, has an automoblln
Tbl Is probably the world's record.
Census experts figure an average
1 family nt foilr and one half
so Pawneo county has on
iie for every nine persons.
county has one for every
is; Mitchell, for ovcry 12;
for ovcry 13. Kansas has
7 00 automobiles registered. There
are perhaps 1,000 more In tho hnnda
of dealers. Two yenrs ago tho State
had only 34,945. Topeka Cor.
Detroit Free Press.
Tho Jungle fowl, from which all
our modern breeds of chickens havo
originated, laid from twelve to fif
teen eggs a year when In Its wild
and nnturnl state. With years of
selection, wo have succeeded In de
veloping from this low-producing
fowl a typo of bird tho chief func
tion of which Is egg production. Our
present-day Leghorns, and carefully
selected fowls of several other
breeds, lay closo to 300 eggs annu
ally, nnd In the course of a life-time
niure than a tliou-uind.
An average 1 en of tho egg type
breed will lr. in a year's time fho
times her body weight In eggs. Tak
ing the standard weight of eggs as
24 ounces per doren, this means an
egg every three days during the
year. To accomplish tills the hen
must consume nearly thirty tlnres
her body weight in feed.
The hen also has a market value
when she Is no longer an egg produc
er. Comparing the total marketable
products returned for 100 pounds of
digestible matter consumed, the l'fn
ranks s-econd only to the cow am., l.-r
all our common farm animals.
Groundhog SattMie.
Mr. E. J. Thlsler, a prominent res
ident of Harrodsburg, recently got
after one of his country friends to
bring him some sausace. He solicit
ed him pretty strongly, and finally
tho farmer consented. When the
meat nrrived in town the queer col
or and tasto of the sausage was no
ticed, but the family thought noth
ing of It. The entire amount was
soon cooked and eaten. Seeing hia
friend a few days later he thanked
him cordially and complimented the
especially nice flavor of the article,
but almost fell dead when informed
that It was groundhog sausage.
Harrodsburg Democrat.
Highest Price Ecr Knnun.
The last bushel of hemp seed to
be had in Clark county, and perhaps
in this section, as Clark Is in the
center of the hemp-growing section
of the State, was sold last week at
$12 per bushel, the highest prlco,
ever known. Thousands of acres of
tobacco land will be sown in hemp,
and dealers are offering as high as
$8.50 per hundred for the 191G
crop. David S. Gay, of Winchester,
one of thp largest hemp dealers of
the nation, has purchased several
several hundred acres of the 191G
crop at this figure: Danville Mes
senger. Tropcr Treatment For RilloiisneHi.
For a long time Miss Lula Skel
ton, Churchville, N. Y., was bilious
and had sick headache and dizzy
spells. Chamberlain's Tablets were
the only thing that gave her perma
nent relief. Obtainable everywhere.
Records For Longeity.
The Webbs of Letcher county, de
scendants of Daniel Boone, boast of
another remarkable family the
progeny of the late "Uncle" Enocii
Webbs, whoso family of six is living
at an average age of 80 ears each.
"Aunt" Jonnio Webb Holbrook Is
nearlng her ninety-second milestone,
"Uncle" Ned is 90, Enoch 84, Sam
A. 80, Dutch 70 and Joseph N. G5.
Until a few weeks ago there wore
seven of the family. Riley Webb
died In Magoflln county at tho age of
82 years. Winchester Sun.
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The readers of this paper will be
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able to cure In alt Us stages, and that U
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disease, requlns a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Curo la taken In
ternally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of tho system, there
by destroying the foundation of the dis
ease, and six Ins the patient strength by
bulldlngr up the constitution and assisting
nature in doing its work. ThtjJroprletors
have so much faith In Its curative pow
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollnrs
for any caso that It falls to cure. Send
(or list of testimonials.
Addresi: F. J. ClIKt.KV CO., Toledo. O.
Bold by all DrumiiMs. 760.
Take lull's Famtlv rills for constipation.
Best Pig Feed
&2jT I've lecn ' to get.
rays Mr. W. N. Hubbard,
1'nwldPtit Indiana Poland
Chlni linwacrk' Association.
La Vontnlne. Judlaua, lu
writing aUut
RaHior'G Psg Heal
f rl ejpcit ecu ruiltt 2 row t pa f erl that 1 uv
11 tuitrUUthtuiall. 1IilMmlticUDlUla
wlttur ct air If. Ief uh1. inoUiws, com
feed meal. IttuceU luoal. crushed wtiet. ot.
Vlillll l,T " t4 Q.avv mw. vv. f" -w m
wm mm mi c ut n.,owitn,ity
The Supremacy of
Peruna as a
Household Remedy
44 Years of Leadership
Returned to Hit Work".
Iff. .Tolltn Goudean, Erwlnvllle, In.,
tuflerM vlth catarrh o( the ttomacn.
He did not know what his troublo wni.
lie vcaa unable to work. Could hnrdly
tat anjthlcc Alter taking I'cnina a
rhort tlmo ho Is now la perfect health.
lie tajri: "I am now doing all my
vrorlc. I am confident that any ono
raftering as I was could be oured by
Every Chango of Weather.
Mr. E. Arnold, Westerly, R. I con
tracted n eevcro cold. Tho cold set
tled In his tldo and produced a condi
tion that was thought to bo pleurisy.
ETrry change ot weather would brine a
return of hla trouble. After taking re
runa all his ailments havo vanished.
Pain In the Stomach.
Mr. Henry Kneck, Uox S'M, No. 1118
S. Vlita Ave., JanesTllle, Wa write,:
"I Trrot you about lour weeks njo
that I had a pain In my stomach. I
followed your advice, anil u?cd three
bottles of your l'crun a, and I am all
right now, I am very thankful for
your advice and your medicine."
Three substantial men, heads of families, mado efficient
once more by Peruna. Three housewives restored to their
families. Theso are only samples of what Peruna Is doing
every day, everywhere. Surely, this is a splendid work.
'Anything that conserves family life and makes the homo
more desirablo and comfortable, nourishes tho heart root of,
civilization. Peruna Is a groat civilizcr.
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-4 -in. nt 'i.lc jut rod, Weight 140 llw. to rod
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llslicd companies doing business in tills State. Tiio best Is none
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Taylor's drug store, Heaver Dam. 38tf
The Herald-Only $1,00 a Year.
I ;
H '
A Housewife Restored.
Mrs. It. TV. Copelan, Box 22, Oreesf
noro, Ga., suffered acveral years with
catarrh ot the atomach. She was In
aueh poor health ahe could not attend
to her household duties at all. reruns,
was recommended by nelghbora. Sue?
was Induced to begin tho uio of reru
na. Mio aays: "After taking lira bot
tles ot I'erunn I am happy to say that
I am entirely cured. My Indigestion Is
entirely gone."
Once a Chronic Invalid.
Mm. K. Rller, C03 Grant Arc. East
Cedar Tnlla, Iowa, was once a chronic
Invalid. Four different doctors) had been
consulted without avail, hho had taken
five different medlclnei that had been
recommended, without Improvement.
I'erunn was tried and tho good Xcault
was prompt and lasting.
Expresses Her Gratitude.
Mrs. Samuel Ituth, K3 Union Are.,
Lebanon, I'a.. Is nblo to any positively
that alio has been cured by rcrunn. Sho
can scarcely find words to express her
gratltudo for her recovery. For many
jears flio had been a semi Invalid from
chronic catarrh.
Drain Tile. Note prices as

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