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T" '
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 3, 1117.
Pace 3
Make Treason Odious
The Courier-Journal has always
been a stickler for free speech. It
believes in calling a spade a spade.
It would circumscribe no man's!
thought, nor abridgo his liberty of
utterance. But the line between
freedom and license is nowhere
more clearly drawn than It is in the
matter of public discussion in time
of wnr, when, the issue made, duty
proclaims "our country right oj
Mr. Elihu Root has spoken clearest
touching the situation in this regard.
The Courier-Journal, which because
of its habit of talking out in meeting
and telling the truth as it sees it is
so often charged with the inflam
mable, has never spoken, and could
not speak, in plainer terms" than this
trained statesman and calm jurist,
whoso wont is to consult the book
and measure his words.
On his return from Russia a pub
lic dinner was given Mr. Root by the
Union League Club. In his speech
on that occasion he laid it down as a
rule that "the men who arc speaking
and writing and printing arguments
against the war now, and against ev
erything that is being done to carry
on the war, arc rendering more ef
fective eervicc to Germany than they
could render in the field," and clihch
ed it with these memorable knock
out sentences:
There are men walking the streets
of this city tonight who ought to be
taken out at sunrise and shot. They
arc doing work for Germany under
false pretenses and are lying about
it. If wc arc competent for our lib
erty we will find them out and get
them. Every one of us can help by
telling to the authorities ail we know
and hear.
It is only a matter of time when
we will get these spies and traitors.
We can't be fooled or played with
too long. There arc some newspa
pers printed in this city the editors
of which deserve conviction and exe
cution for treason. Sooner or later
thejr may get it.
There is nothing hysteric inflam
mable about this simple, direct and
fc-ue indictment. It strikes out from
the shoulder, so to say. It has, as it
were "the bark on it." Mr. Root at
least means it. How about the De
partment of Justice.
Too many newspaper editors and
university professors, not to mention
literary and legal quibblers, go still
at large. They are the real culprits
rather than the soap-box orators,
whom they keep in countenance and
supply with fuel. To be sure many
of them are mere notoriety seekers.
One of these whose publication has
been denied the postal service should
long ago have been indicted for trea
son. Two others who write thus far
without check, or rebuke, upon the
letterheads of honored Collegiate in
stitutions richly deserve the gallows,
being but echoes of that Pan-Germanic
propaganda which prepared
the way and precipitated the war.
A slight application of well-considered
hemp in season were to cast an
anchor to windward against a time,
which is coming, when, the blood of
the people aroused to white heat by
events across the seas and the re
turns of the killed and wounded from
the matter of their citizenship, but
seise of justice, will be lost, leaving
mobs to wreak reprisal upon the un
offending and unprotected among the
At the very outset the Courier
Journal warned the German-Americans
of this danger. It urged them
not to invoke it by equivocation, in
the matter o ftheir citizenship, but
to stand firmly by their oaths' of al
legiance. All it said has been veri
fied. The issue of Autocracy versus
Democracy plan to its vision, it did
not doubt atfer the Kaiser began the
policy of frightfulncss, that war be
tween th United States and the
Mr. Coombs: Can't do without
the paper, so I am sending you one
dollar and start it on its way to the
Kentucky mountains.
Yours very truly,
McVeigh. Ky.
(Pike county.)
P.S. I am with the Pond Creek
Coal Co.
German Empire was but a question
of time.
Uhappily, the Pan-Germanic prop
aganda had already- driven too deep.
The Kaiser had too many agents, and
agencies abroad. It is only just now
that the full realization of the con
flict is coming home to the mass anti
body of the people. Transactions
near at hand will intensify this real
ization. Everybody will understand
that wc arc at war, and. as Bedford
Forrest observed, that "war means
fighting and fighting means killing."
Meanwhile, Mr. Root's definition of
treason may not be gninsnid. It is
the law and it "goes." Yet some
how, there appears to be a string to
it Wc Rave had overmany "ifs" anci
"ands." We have had overmuch
"politics." Inccntitude has been the
word both at-Washington and "out
in the settlements."
Inevitable it may be. It is the na
ture of Democracies. The November
elections are at hand. Candidates
are proverbially timid. Where they
are not timid they are apt ;o be
We hear much of the soap-box ora
tors. They are a product of the
streets of New York City, which aie
most in evidence because they are
better exploited and advertised than
those of other cities. Yet tlicv arc
altogether typical. They make vol
uble that which goes on beneath else
where. It is mainly crankiness and
vaporing, for the warp and woof of
the land is loyal; loyal through and
through; loyal to the Government; to
the army and navy to the issue and
the flag.
Even Wilson's "wilful men" of the
Senate The Courier-Journal would
apply to them a less decorous epi
thet, though, since the President em
ployes it, let it go at that arc not
really at heart pro-German. They
play a kind of waiting game. Then
idea is to corral the immediate Ger
man vote and to hold it for contin
gencies. If Wilson goes ahead and
wins the war, they will shout, "Hur
rah for Wilson." But, if there be de
lay if this time next year the result
remains in the air the world will be
changed to "didn't we tell you so?"
Thus Hell is expected to break loose
greatly to the profit of those who,
opposed to war in general, will claim
to have been only over-solicitous
when it had actually arrived, to have
it conducted "according to Hoyle."
Nevertheless, an end must be put
to equivocation of every kind. We
must have at Washington, and every
where else, in word and act,. ,a long
pull, a strong pull and a pull alto
gether. No sane man can doubt why
we have gone to war and what we
are fighting for. The patriotic ob
ject lesson is set before our eyes ev
eryday and "hour by those Brave
boys in khaki yonder in Camp Zach
ry Taylor. They will be presently
sailing the deep, salt seas eastward
bound sailing away to France and
Flanders, some, alas, never to return;
sailing to lands where duty calls and
glory waits them; historic lands,
where centuries of manly prowess,
from Fontenoy to Waterloo ,from
Malplaquet to the Marne, will cheer
them on, telling them that they, too,
are men, gentlemen and soldiers,
worthy successors to the legions that
followed William of Orange and Mau
rice of Saxe, Wellington and Napq
eon, yea Charlemagne and the great
Conde, the heroes who made every
fighting rood of the Low Countries
ring with the .martial airs of England
and France, of the Holy Roman Em
pire and the Dutch Republic. Up
with the starry banner!' On with the
dance to Berlin!
"Not man, nor monarch half so
As he whose flag becomes his
"Do you think your father would
be willing for you to marry mo?"
psked the enamored youth. "He
might be," relpied the girl. "Pa's
queer at times, you know." South
ern Agriculturist:
. i
Plenty of grapes at your place
now? If not, arrange to set out
some vines this fall. Southern Agriculturist.
Catarrhal Cough
f OT a Drnm. H. HV 7Y.Nn. 4.
Box ' 83.' Rogemille, Tennessee,
"I feel It my dupy to recommond
Peruna to all auffeUra of catarrh or
cough. In the ye 1909, I took a
Bovcro case of the a grippe. I then
took a bad cough. II bad taken alt
klnda of cough remulea but'got no
reller. I thon decldol to try Peruna.
I u3od flvo bottles. Ater taking five
bottles my couoh sapped and my
catarrh was cured. My average
wolsht was 115 and ov I wolgh
148'4. Any one sufTeiW with ca
tarrh In any form I wlU.vlse thera to
take I'eruua.'
Suffering witk
Any font
I will
Advise fihem
To take
Those who objoct to liquid modi
clnea can procure Peruna Tablotr.
Cnll Heard In Every County in Ken
tucky to Stop Waste nnd Help
Uncle Sam Win the War; Ad
ministrator Sacked Hns
High Hopes for Showing
to Be Mnde B-v
This State.
Every family in Ohio county is ex
pected to offer its co-operation in
the country-wide campaign about to
be launched for the conservation of
the notion's fowl supply, and word
has been received here that Mr. Fred
M. Sackctt, of Louisville, Federal
Food Administrator for Kentucky,
has indicated it to be his opinion that
Ohio county will not fail to heed the
advice for stopping wastage of food
in the homes. According to Mr.
Sackctt the national administration
anticipates the heartiest co-operation
in every American home and regards
the elimination of waste in the kitch
en as a vital factor in t'.ic successful
prosecution of the war.
On Sunday, October 21, volunteer
members of the various county or
ganizations will begin a house-to-house
canvass in cverv county of the
State, and householders everywhere
will be asked to sign cards pledging
themselves to avoid wasting food and
to follow such general directions for
the conservation of food as may be
issued from time to time by the
United States Food Administration.
It is estimated f'cre are 551,152
families in Kentucl'y and that the
average number of persons in each
family is four, and upon each of these
will develope the duty of living up to
the pledge given the government by
the head of the household. The task
will not be a difficult one, and if met
conscientiously and cheerfully the
work of the Food Administration will
show some splendid results imme
diately. "It would be a shameful thing,"
said Mr. Sackctt, "if when the final
figures arc announced, Kentucky is
found to bo lagging in this her prime
duty of the moment. At Washing
ton it is estimated that of the total
number of families in each State ap
proximately 75 per cent, will sign
the pledge cards. I anticipate that
Kentucky will beat this record and
that 90 per cent, or possibly a lar
ger figure than that, will take the
pledge to aid the Government in this
great emergency. Ours is a great
opportunity. If we grasp it prompt
ly wc will place ourselves on record
with those who wish to win the war
.quickly and at the same time release
food, that otherwise might be wast
ed, to our needy allies over the seas."
, The following general suggestions
have been made by the Food Admin
istration as helpful in meeting and
.making effective the Government's
aims in conserving the food resources
o fthe country:
Buy less cook no more than nec
essary; serve smaller portions.
Use local and seasonable supplies.
Patronize your local producers and
lessen the need of transportation.
Preach and practice the "gospel of
the clean plate."
We do not ask the American peo
ple to starve themselves. Eat plen
ty ,but wisely, and without waste.
Do not limit the plain food of
growing children.
Do not eat between meals.
Watch out for the waste in the
You can yourself devise other
other methods of saving to the ends
we wish to accomplish. Under va
rious circumstances and with varying
conditions you can vary the methods
of economizing.
Kentucky was one of the first
rank States in the matter of food
production this year. Her people, in
cities and towns, as well as on the
farms, nobly responded to the call
for more vegetables and grain. The
harvest has .been plentiful and now
the advantage thus gained must be
protected by guarding against waste
The Government has no desire to
ask its people to deprive themselves
of whatever food they need; neither
is it intended to dictate to them what
they do with the supply they have
laid up. They may use it themselves,
sell it, or give it away. All that is
urged by the Government ia that no
good food be wasted.
Houghton, Mich. The life of Mrs,
Frederick Landroche, of Hancock,
probably was saved by a corset stay.
Her husband, arraigned in court on
a charge of non-support, asked to
permission to speak to his wife. This
being granted, Landroche pulled n
revolver and fired twice. One hot
went wild, tho other wus deflected
by tho corset stny.
HI 1 ft
Bowling Green, Ky.
The Hartford Herald,
Hartford, Ky.,
Dear Sir: Enclosed find one, dollar
for which please send mo the Hart
ford Herald for one year.
Your faithful reader,
Daviess County
October 2-3-4-5-6, 1917
Bigger and Better Than Ever.
A Big, Clean, Old-time Daviess County
Fair. Come and spend, one big week.
Special Rates on all Rail Roads
DR. L. B. BEAN, Pres.
R. T. GUTHRIE, Secy.
Judj-t R. w. Slack, Owensboro.
Attorney C. K. Smith, Hartford.
Clerk A. C. Porter. Hartford.
Master Commissioner Otto C. liar
tin, Hartford.
Trustee Jury Fund Cal P. Keown,
1st Monday In March 12 days
Com'th. and Civil.
1st Monday In May 12 days Civil
1st Monday In July 12 days
Com'th. and Civil.
3d Monday in September 12 days
4th Monday In November 12 days
Com'th. and Civil.
Meets first Monday in each month.
Judge John B. Wilson
Attorney A. U. Kirk
Clerk W. C. Blankcnshlp
Sheriff S. O. Keown
Superintendent Ozna Shults
.Toller W. P. Midklff
Assessor C. C. Hlnes
Surveyor C. S. Moxley (
Coroner Dr. A. B. Riley
Meets Tuesday after first Monday
in January, April and October.
1st Magisterial District Ed Shown.
Hartford, Route 7
2d Magisterial District Winson
Smith, Select
3d M.nglst.erjal District W. S. Dean,
4th MiiRlKtcrlnl District S. AV.
Leach, Beaver Dam, Route 3
nth Magisterial District S. L. Ful-
kerson, Roclcport
fltli Magisterial District R. C. Tieh-
enor, Centertown
7th Magisterial District B. P. Rice.
8th Magisterial District Ben W.
Taylor, Hartford. Route 7
To be healthy at seventy, prepare at
forty, is sound advice, because In the
strength of middle life we too often forget
that neglected colds, or careless treat
ment of slight aches and pains, simply
undermine strength and bring chronic
weakness for later years.
To be stronger when older, keep your
blood pure and rich and active with the
6trength-building and blood-nourishing
properties of Scott's Emulsion which is a
food, a tonic and a medicine to keep your
blood rich, alleviate rheumatUm aud
avoid sickness. No alcohol in Scott's.
Scott & Bonne, Dloomficld, N. J,
Reasonable Prices.
108 W. Third st., Owensboro, Ky.
Men's $1.00 to $1.25
Ladies' 90c to $1.20
Bos' aud Girls' 75c to $1
When sent by parcel post add
return postage.
I QRfl 1
A motor truck must submit, and PASS,
the add test of COST.
That is the test we want you to apply
to the one-ton Maxwell truck its first
cost and its operating cost.
A Maxwell truck which is a REAL
truck, worm-driven sells at a price that
can not be met in any other motor vehicle
A Maxwell truck will cover 100 miles
in a work day twice the distance
covered by two teams and two drivers.
It will do this at an operating cost of
less than that of one team of horses.
Moreover, it is of a size and capacity
adapted to the needs of almost every
form and phase of commerce, industry,
or farming.
The question is not, "Can I afford to
have a Maxwell truck? "
The FACT is, Mr. Business Man, you
can not afford to be without one.
One-ton Truck Chattii $865; Chauie
with cab and windshield $900 ChauU
with cab, windshield, and Stake Cat
Body $9S0.
JOHN W. FIELD Owensboro. Ky.
Mclenry Ill's, anil Machine Co.
pounders and Machinists,
Automobile ItcpulrliiK u Hpeeiiilt
Sl3:u-cLe"foa35:e:r? .A.in.l3omri oTpiles.
Public Garage Service Station
316-18-20 St. Ann SI.. OWENSBORO. KY.
Dealer in Ohio, McLean, Daricss and Hancock Counties
odpzeust zdat a,m.a. zlstig-ieit
Repairs of All Kinds A Specialty.
The Hartford Herald
and Weekly Cincinnati Enquirer
Both papers one year - $1.50
Eye, Ear. Nose. Throat.
and Fittinc of Glasses
Masonic Temple owEXSBOito. m ! Applies to both renewals aud new subscriptions. Start now,.
rsJ. jll-.j..

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