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"' T
Circuit Court.
Judge R. W. Slack, Owenaboro.
Com'th. AttomcjT C. E. Smith,
Clerk A. C. Porter. Hartford.
Master Commissioner Otto C.
Martin. Hartford.
Trustee Jury Fund Cal. P. Koown,
1st Monday in March 12 days---Com'th.
and Civil.
, J st Mondav in May 12 daysCivil
Eighty-four nurses and ,alds from
the American Red Cross at Paris
have been lent for cmorgency mili
tary work In connection with the
present offensive.
The national game, baseball, Is
following the flng to the war zones
nt Europe and tho American Red
Cross Is doing nil In Its power to
supply equipment to keep the gamo
The piece work repartment of tho
Imn.lnon T7nil flrnss In thn Hotel
let 'Mnnrlnv In Julv 12 days .... . . . ..,.. .. ,
.,. . - viRtnrm. at iMimcs. iiaiy. is nun,.
Com'th. and Civil. nrr.vi.iimr r.nn wnmnn who are mem-
3rd Monday in September 12 days,. f goldler9. fnmine3 with work
to do at home. i
JJlJOn, f TUaui' "CIO lliu nuiun-
can Kcu cross nas erecteu a uur
rack to serve as a day nursery for
the children of tho French women
who work In the United States Army
camouflage factory.
4th Monday in November 12 days
Com'th. and Civil.
County Court.
Meets first Mondar in oacn month.
Judge Mack Cook
County. Att'y A. D. Kirk.
Clerk W. C. Blankenship.
Sheriff S A. Bratcher.
Superintendent E. S. Howatd.
Jailer Worth Tichcnor.
Assessor D. E. Ward.
Surveyor C. S, MoXiey.
Fiscal Court.
Meets Tuesday after first Monday
in January, April and October.
1st District Ed Shown, Hartford,
Route 3.
2nd District Sam L. Stevens,
Beaver Dam.
3rd District Q. B. Brown Sim
mons. 4 th DistrictG. W. Rowe. Center
town. '
"" 5tfi "Diihlcl W; Cr Daughterly,
6th District W. S. Dean, Dundee.
7th District B. F. Rice, Fordsvillc.
8th District B. C. Rhoadcs. Hart
ford, Route 5.
Mayor J. E. Bean.
Clerk J. A. Howard.
Police Judge C. M. Crowe.
Marshal E. P. Cascbier.
' Beaver Dam.
Ch'm'n. Board W. T. McKenney.
Clerk D. Baker Rhoads.
Police Judge J. M. Porter .
Marshal R. F. Stevens.
Ch'm'n, Board James Wilson.
Clerk Rushing Hunt.
Police Judge John T. Jackson.
Marshal Will Langford.
Ch'm'n. Board W. R. Jones.
Clerk Olla Cobb.
Police Judge C. P. Kessinger.
Marshal Grant Pollard.
The American Iter Cross Is to as
sist tho Itatial Sanlta MUItalre In
Its study of Infectious Jaundice
malaria, tho Infections of the ty
phoid group, tho lesions Resulting
from refrigeration and asphyxiat
ing gases and certain otheT wound
Hull Consists of Two Parallel Cylin
drical Shells Joined Throughout ,
Length by Diaphragms.
Tho French government has con
tracted with tho Foundation company,
which Is building wooden ships for the
Emergency Fleet. corporation, to turn
out for It flvo enrgo "nonslnknblo (
ships" of 4,200 tons dead weight.
The hull of these ships, says tho (
New York Sun, Is to consist of two
parnllel cylindrical shells Joined
throughout their length by a series of
heavily braced diaphragms. Each cyl
indrical shell Is divided not only Into
watertight compartments by trans
verso bulkheads, but also Is Isolated
entirely from the adjoining shell and
from tho scaled spaco between tho
two. Tho latter space, which has a
watertight bottom and deck, Is not
used for cargo, but Is provided solely
for reservo buoyancy.
"It should not be called an unslnk
nblo ship," snld Mr. Boero. "I would
call It rather one of tho less slnk
nblo ships. It Is seldom that a ship
has received more than one torpedo.
It 13 extremely Inir limbic that a ship
will be struck by torpedoes on both
sides. Wo have tested an experi
mental design thoroughly nt Paris,
and have found It entirely satisfac
tory. The space required for the spe
cial hull construction docd not mate
rially lessen Hk bulk of cargo that
can bo cairled. We nro convinced
that tho ship will keep afloat after It
has been torpedo d."
31 IE
A tciecranhlc request for addl
tlonal Red Cross workers at the.
Italian front received at C o'clock I
at Red Cross headquarters ! Five
American Red Cross men on itho
train at S o'clock! With them,
as "personal baggiigcr, -went 2,000
shirts, 20,000 cigarettes and 5,000
packages of chocolate!
In the past nine months
American Red Cross has aided
tuberculosis hospitals and dis
pensaries, representing a total of
30,147 beds. Tho second requests
of 1G7 Institutions have been grant
ed. The value of tho goods re
quisltlonal for this relief work
alone Is estimated at 1,125, 20S
Ii., H. & ST. Ij. R. R. TRIE TABTiE
No. 113 due at Ellmltch 8:32 p.m.
No. 110 duo at Ellmltch 7:30 a. m.
No. 112 Lv. Ellmltch .. 3:40 p.m.
Ar. Irvington. . 5:35 p. m.
, Lv. Irvington.. 5:56p.m.
Ar. Louisville.. 7:49p.m.
No. Ill Lv. Louisville.. 8:35 a.m.
Ar. Irvington.. 10:06a.m.
Lv. Irvington.. 10:40a.m.
Ar. Ellmltch .. 1:04 p.m.
Twenty layettes a week are need
ed In Chioggia, Italy. Tho Ameri
can Red Cross layette of twenty
two pieces. Including four bright
colored swathing bands, brings un
measured joy and relief, for tho
mothers, at wits end to clothe tho
oher chlldrn, are often utterly un
able to provide for the newcomer.
M., II. 3. R. R. TIME TABLE.
South Bound, No.. 115
Duo at Hartford 9:05 a. m
North Bound, No. 114
Due at Hartford 6:45 p.
(Both "Mixed" Trains.)
Reasonable Prices.
J "W- GrlZPE;,
108 W. Third St., Owensboro, Ky.
Men's 81.00 to 81.25
Ladies' 00c to 81.20
Boys' and Girls' 7Cc to 81
When sent by parcel post add
return postage.
IMtoj if g. d Mk Go.
Founders and Machinists,
..(ciU'JNin. ki.
Automobile Repairing u Specialty
A OerUUUMMi lor Fsverlpbnrii,
t!oatlpiillun, II id due be,
Hiouiucli Trouble, Teelbloc
llleortlore, .ud .Destroy
worn,. ThtlHrHak un Oolde
n'l accept ln8fl' ,A,.!!.V."1:W .
tubst.tute. vofHK oka CO. La Bj, W.T.
Allen's Foot-Eue, tbe sntleciitle powder to bo
shaken Into the iUcx and iprlukled In tbe foot
bath. The 1'lattiburg Camp Manual advlseamtn
111 training to iuo Foot-Ku.u lu tutlr alloc each
moruluB.lt prevents blisters aud tore spots and
teHevrs palnf ul.iwolleu, snarling feet aud take
tbe itlng out of corns and bunions. A certain,
rOlsf for sweaUng, callous, tired, ftcbJnu (eet.
Always u.e Allen's Foot.Eaaa '-o break in new
&. gold eTWjwners, We.
On Wednesday, Aug. 23, a most
bountiful birthday dinner was giv
en at the homo of Mr. Sherman
Coleman, in the Shults-town com
munity, to celebrate tho eightieth
birthday of Mrs. Sallye A. Shults.
Seventy-flvo of her neighbors,
kindred and friends were present
and tho day was spent In feasting,
pleasant conversation, singing etc.
Late In tho evening after sing
ing "God bo with you till wo meet
again" a most fervent prayer was
offered by Esq. H. Taylor, after
which tho guests departed, all wish
ing for "aunt Sally" many more
happy birthdays. Thoso present
were: Mrs. Sallyo A. Shults, Mr.
and Mrs. J. P. Froy, Mr. and Mrs.
Joo Shults, Mrs. Sallyo M. Rowo,
Mrs. Zrllda Shults, Mr. and Mrs.
John Drackln, Mr. a,nd Mrs. Leo
Chtnn, Mr. B. G. Austin, Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. French, Jlr. and Mrs. J.
C. Shults and Children, Mr. and
Mrs. Andy Mofford and children,
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest French and
children, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Shults,
Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Render aud
children, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Shults,
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Chlnn, Mrs.
Tom Southard, Mr. and Mrs. Jesso
Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. II. B, Taylor,
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Pendley, Mr.
and Mrs. V. H. Southard, Mrs. H.
C. Elliott and child, Mr. and Mrs.
Leo Chlnn, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Tay-
loy, Mr, and Mrs. J. M. Shults, Mr
and Mrs. Dlrchell Coleman aud
children, Mr Loyd Hocker, Mr.
Sherman Coleman, Misses Effle and
Ora Mho Gentry, Messrs. Corbot and
Ifobert '.J.utliujd, (Miea Mildred
and Rhoda Taylor, Messrs. Waconda
and Raybur.ii Burton, Misses Mary
and Clona Nnnny, Pearl Southard
'and Rosa Austin, Messrs. Henry
Nail Shults, Rayburn Namy, Albert
' Shults and Goobol Shults, Mrs.
Merzlo and Graco Shults, Miss Annie
Mao Coleman, Mr. Mathem Coleman,
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Shults, Mr. and
Mrs, W. L. Shults. Mr. John Chap
man find children, Messrs. Elvis
Chlnn, Leonard Taylor, Burnle W.
Shults and Ozna Shults.
Southern Pacli Railway Company
Cite3 Attcn 'in of Employees
to a R. a I Expense.
'rffln't waste -t'ijs jilr.r
This injunction. Indicating tho pass
ing of the last five commodity known
to man, has beei. .idded to tho conser
vation program in the Southern Pnclllc,
says Financial America. -The attention
of thousands of vurkmen In the rail
road shops at Los Angeles, Sacra
mento nnd Oakh-nd Is being directed
to the fact that compressed nlr, used
to drive many midlines and tools, rep
resents n real expense. In fact, the
"high cost of air" Is giving tho com
pany economists some concern.
G. V. Rear, coneral bridge Inspec
tor for the company, estimates that
a half-Inch leak In a compressed-air
tank 'will ouYot the work of n 73-
horse power engine nnd the cost of a
horse power varies from less than a
cent to SO cents ner hour, depending
upon the size of tho plant, amount of
attendance, etc. Usually tho los is
greater than tho money cost, due to
decreased output on account of Insuf
ficient air supply.
The expression "free as air" has no
relevancy In tho Southern 1'aclllc
Building the City.
The new nnd better world after the
war, of which wo dream these days,
will not build Itself any more than
the rubble which marks the site of
Ypres or Louvaln will come together
of Itself Into beautiful and splendid
buildings, observes a writer. It will
tuke time nnd straggle nnd Infinite pa
tience, nnd if men nnd women nro not
witling to pay tho price of n new nnd
better world, fiueh will not come mere
ly because they have airy visions of
It. Much of our talk about better
things to come Is too cheap and easy
and has not enough of grip and pur
pose to make It worth much. What
God Is giving us, und will give us In
those great after-the-war days, Is n
wonderful opportunity, but wo skull
have to meet that opportunity with
heroic endeavor und self-sncrlllcing ef
fort before It can ixwRibly becomo
fruitful. Talk Is cheap und dreams nro
sweet und lusplrlug, but It Is not with
these nlono that the Kingdom of God
Is bullded In tho earth und mankind
Is won for righteousness nnd brotherhood.
Every Farmer
A Business Men
Just as much so as the man
behind the counter in town.
And the progressive farm
ers conduct their farms in a
business-like manner, using
printed stationery for cor
respondence just as much so
as the man who sells goods.
Breeder of Duroo Jersey Hogs
U. F.D.I, Iliirtforri, Ky.
Sample N!reliuad -
IJeturn to
It. F. D. No. 1
Hartford, Kentucky
. - Snmple Envelope Corner
We can print 250 ruled noteheads, 50 to pad,
size 6 x 9y inches for $1.25. The envelopes are
the regulation size, 6, 250 for $1.25. So for
$2.50 j'ou can appear in the eyes of those with
whom you correspond as a progressive farmer.
Be Progressive! i
Hartford Herald Pub. Co., Hartford, Ky-
lni n::::;:::::;: ifcjl
. - MimrtiTrrlTI
" " " " "
oxixjxwrwr ttJpnCTmaBnatA'?'riwt' nmx
City Patrolman Slier Says Famous
Via Jlepatlca Prescription Heln-
c" Him Out Considerably.
City nightwatchman J. L. Slier,
who resides at 3S1 X. Bellevlew
Blvd., after a hunt of flvo years for
something to put his liver In right
shape, was considerably rundown
until E. C. Philpot, of Xashvlllo,
told him to go down to Weiss' Phar
macy, Main & Union Sts., and get a
bottlo of tho great VIn Hepatlca
prescription and take It.
Ho at once made a dash for this
popular drug store, where ho found
several others buying this wonderful
llve.r stomach, kidney, and bowel
remedy, and got his ilrst bottle.
"I had been suffering for flvo years J
from an inactive liver, had no ap
petite, was all rundown," said Ofllccr
"But since taking VIn Hepatica I
feol more llko doing my work than
I havo for years. I really enjoy
my work now, and I gladly recom
mond VIn Hopatlca to all who need
a real toulc."
If you suffer from indigestion,
The Human Factor
In Good Service
There are three parties to every tele
phone conversation the party calling
the trained operator, and the party wb&
answers. All three share alike the respoa
sibility for quick and accurate teleohoce
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always boats -
Slgnotuie ot G&i'&$sZi!c&::
Oement From Beet Sugar.
A result of experiments In French
factories Is tho production of an excel
lent cement ns n by-product of beet
sugar refining. Tho first step In tho
production of sugar from beets Is toll
ing them. It has heretofore been cus
tomary to throw away as valueless tho
scum lonncu mi uiu i-muruiin. ui . - ... ..i ..,.
t. . ,ii0,..,.,.,i w fill' weakness, or any other troulo caused
scum contains large quantities of car- by disordered stomach, liver, kidney,
bonato of lime. It Is estimated that' or bowols, or you feel In need of a
4.000 tons of tho carlonutes can bo'eai good spring tonic, como or send
recovered from 70,000 tons of beets. ' ( or a j,0ttlo at onco to
To this quantity of tho carbonate 1.100 onIO C0UNTy rjn'JG CO., (Incorp-
tons of day Is added, tho resultant , cr IIartfordl Isy.
SSfSua0 PuniSfntrS ImcHENUV COA, O.. Incorporated
volrs nnu allowed to evaponuo xor n. .... ...,, .,.
The calling party should give the cot
rect number in a distinct voice, speak
ing directly into the transmitter, aisf
wait at the telephone until the party an
swers or the operator reports. The called
party should answer promptly.
Patience on the part of the telephone'
user and the telephone operator is also es
sential to good service.
When you Telephone Smile
rortnln loneth of time before being
mixed with tho clny. It is then stirred
or beaten for nn hour before being fed
Into rotary ovens such as nre used In
making Portland cement. Tho Argonaut.
HAItUELL BROS, Kockport, Ky.
. . k
5100 Reward, $10(3
Tho readers of tlila popor r.ill o
pleased to learn that thero U at lann
ono dreaded disease that cclenco lia3
been nblo to euro tn nil Its stages ami
that Is catarrh. Catarrh bolns ureutly
lntlurnccil by cojiEtltutlocal ainditlons
requires eonttltutlonil treatment. Hall's
Catnrrh Modlclno Is talceii inlermllj und
nets thru tho Dlood on tho Muoou.i Sui
face of tho SyBtum theriby iKKtioylnu
the foundation of the Ulaeiue. b'lvliu tlia
patient BtrcnKth by bnlldlnu up the con.
stltutlon and aBl'.inir n.tturo In doing Its
.vorlc. Tho proprleiorH ho-v so ruch
lclth In the ciiratlvo vnrtati of Hall's
Catnrrh Mtdlclno that tht ' oif r Onf.
Itunurea fOlinis lor uiiyraiuuuuii i
Tho Sailor's Widow,
now many pcoplo reallzo tho enor
mous amount of mourning caused
every time ono of our ships goes down.
Hut few of tho heroes of tho son re
turn disabled to llvo at homo In peace.
It Is sheer luck or widowhood for Uio
sailor's wife. It Is somo comfort to
know that several funds provide gen-. Hundred wuji. ior unycuteujniii .
erously for tho widows of tho sea, es-' A,1(lr,.s p. J. cihinev ft ro.. Toledo.
.peclully for thoso with babies; ami lt Ohio. Sold by all Drucutst. c
Is touching to learn Uiat tho major ( - .
part of these funds Is raised by volun xno American lied Cros4 has open
tary subscriptions nmong ha crews oJ ft FrC8h Atr Btatlon nt Mt.
who toko n great prldo In tho knowl- , , ror ropatrJated a:ul rcfl,Soo
firs charities, 0..i...ji. .. i. n..f.ii mi n irm
PUU9UIUV W ...W ..V...I. -. .-
w. w. iiAimis,
.xJaJnu-.T, tlurilorO, Hjr.
Hotter than Calomel ami Quino. Contains, uo Arsenic Tho old rsluMan
As well us a mro remedy for Chills and Fevers, Maluriu) Fovu?, ?t rjirp
Fevers anil Bilious Fevers, .lust what you nceil nt this easou-
Mild laxative, Nervous Sedative, Splendid Tnnic.
Try i). Don't take any substitute. At ilruygists, flOe niiil S1.00 ljci.
I'rcpared by
' i rpniteil
LUVI.1V llil.I'i, HI. i

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