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Svbsoription $1,50 Per Tear, in Advance "i ft. bni tf M VwH, ft tm t in ytiw kWir n i- ht
4M Kinrls Job Printing Neatly Executed,
45th YEAR.
NO. 25
Pistol Charges and Artillery
Break Up Forces; One
Yank is Shot.
El Paso,' Tex., Juno 18. Ameri
can troops that participated in tho
punitive oxpcdltfcn against tho Villa
rebols in and near Juarez last night
and to-day were billeted in barracks
and camps, on tho American side to-
night after twenty-four hours of
campaigning. Villa and his forces
escaped to tho interior. , j
Seven ragged Merican prisoners
were herded toward tho Fort Bliss
stockade by a detachment of tho According to German newspapers ' dispute is Johnson Dourno, former
6th Cavalry, while another cavalry industrial plants, banks and civil- ( United States Senator from Oregon
detachment drove a herd of 10.0 ian8 cast ot tho ninos' bridgeheads and now uto President of tho Re
captured Mexican horses and pon- aro making preparations for cv- Publican Publicity Association,
ies to tho remount station. Untualltles In case allied forces Tho causo ot tho troublo Is that
It was unofficially stated to-night move, eastward. It Is reported thntwnu0 tho Republican Natlonul 'iw
at Eort Bllsfl thmt approximately sci100'is uavo postponed oxamlna- mlttee, through its own publicity
fifty villa followers wero killed.
one American of tho 7th Cavalry,
jorp. unigas, was suot iuiuuhu iuu
lung by a Mexican rebel.
After crossing the night tho cav-,
airy column, supported by a batta-.
llon ol the sua Arunory, auvanceu
una ut daybreak began a scouting
tour. f
Capturis the seven "prisoners be-
fore reachin tho Villa camp, tho
cavalry was esabled to proceed, dis-
mounted, to a short distance of tho
adobo headquarters when flhtlng
was begun by the 'Americans stand
ing in water up to their knees.
Tho following returns have been
made bo far by tho Armenian-Syrian
Relief Campaign in tho Coun
ty The precincts hoard from,
their apportionment and amount
contributed are as follows; .
Prec. Appo't
East Hartford ?12C.OO
West Hartford 5125 00
Beda $ p5.00
?'j2 00
$62 00
$28. CO
East Beaver Dam, $125.00 $50.00
West Beaver Dam25. 00 $50.00
Centertown $100.00
Shreve $ 25.00
Point Pleasant $ 50.00
A very attractive wedding was
that of Miss Elsie Elizabeth Hil
ton and Mr. Arthur Byron Shields,
which was solemnized Wednesday
evening, M(iy 21, at sine o'clock at
Lebonon Cumberland Presbyterian
ohjirch. JThe Rev. T. T. Moore pre
formed the ceremony In tho pres
ence ot a large audlance.
Mrs. R. W. Kittenger was her
sisters Matron of Honor and Miss
Bcinice Moore tire brrtles' niece
was the flower girl. Mr. Shields
had for his best man, Dr. R. W.
Kittenger. The church was beauti
fully decorated in white Peonies,
Mock Orange Blossoms, Ross and
Myrtle. Tho bride and groom stood
under a beautftul arch made of my-
rtle i and orange blossoms. The
wailfltnv nftHv onfnrorl in n wnilrllnf
"-" " ;;r -""0
march played by Miss Myra Gary
as during th'3 t-Temony,
in, Morn-
sons Meditation was played "I
love you truly'' was sung by Ms.
Grjce Graves as the wedding pa' y
retired from the church
"Whistling Jack" Collins, tho
mocking bird of Haytl, has return
ed from overseas. Jack haToeon
sadly missed stneo he entered tho
service ot Unele Sam. Last Sum-
mor ha was the nrlnce roval of tho
colored ministrels who furnished
lip music ana nis snnu mimicry or "" ""'""' ",ure" " ""
tho birds of tho air and beasts ot Detroit United Railways voted to
of the field resounded at twilight accept nn offer by the company of
over the Haytl hills with a pleas-1 wase increases from forty-threo,
ing cadence that always made ono forty-nix and forty-eight to fifty, fit
take notice. But Jack was called ty-flve and sixty cents an hour,
and went to war and we wager the Then men asked an increase ot
amps were made vocal with tho ' twenty-seven cents. The carmen
sound of his minstrelsy. But now,accePted the company's compro
the war clouds have blown over and' m,8 offer after an a,1-aay debate,
Jack has come back to Darkeytown a ,are number of the 2500 strikers
and we hope to hear those notes of favor'ns it.
melody on our streets once more.
"Welcome home, Jack. MARRIAGE LICENSE
-GERMANS ARE FALLING I W. B. Smith, 68, Centertown to
BACK FROM RHINE ZONE Mary T. Embry, 59, Cromwell.
Willie Hopper, 19, McHenry, to
Coblenz. Tho movemodt ot war LottievMaddox, 17, McHenry.
material by tho Germans from terrl-' R. L. Obeaqbaia, 43, Aekias, to
t.tgrttke,06we y was;Yiht, TTfaiii , .".HHMmi I1u).
Unites, according. to German now
papers. Tho beginning of this
withdrawal was made several weeks
i ago, when there was a hitch In
peace negotiations. The withdraw
al of troops from various sectors
opposite the allies' bridgeheads is
also reported.
Several days ago tho removal of
matorlal from the Frankfort area
began. Tho most of this material
Is going in the direction of Cassel,
but there aro no indications that it
, belng unioaded thoro, that city
belng on n llno over whlch tho Am.
cricans would advauco should tho
allles ,)0 oniorcd to move further
)nt0 Germany. Deyond tho Coblena
bridgehead much war matorlal has
becn withdrawn for a distance of
moT0 thnn Bixty miica. in tho
Ruur district tho military retiro-
mcnt ia virtually comnleto.
Itlons which wero sohedulcd for
thls Weck.
; Louisville. Ky. Developments In
tll laat twenty-four hours of tho
I proposed telephone strike duo to be-
g(n jlondny morning at 8 o'clock
ljn(ucato tho Cumberland Telephone
rnmnnnv hrft ia trvini? tn cnii.Hfv.1320
,ts forceg t0 combat theh proposed
Harry Henderson, business man
ager of tho local branch of tho
rhpod of International Elcc-
rwers, said this morning:
yrosuavo nnau orders to striKo
Monday morning and tho only or-
clers we -coul(1 receive now would bo
to revoke that order."
MIss'Cecllo Irgln, president of
the Telephone Operators' union,
said today she attended a meeting
lat nlnht. but doallnod bo alvo any
information concerning the plaife
for tho strike. -.
Seventy-five girls, operators, all
said to bo employed by the Cum
berland company, met in the as
sembly room of the company and
were addressed h-D. F. Turnbull,
local manager wpe Bell company.
K was stated the meeting was call
ed to consider whether non-union
operators would walk out Monday
with union operators in tho event
the strike Is actually called. It was
reported tho operators decided to
support the company.
In labor circles today it was re
ported tho Cumberland people wero
offering girls $1S a week and all ex
penses to go to Atlanta and be come
What came near being a serious
accident occurred on the pike north4
of town Sunday afternoon when an I
"uto in which several wero riding'
turned over 'a.n embankmest, on
two wheels, and the bank had to be
dug down before it could be gotten
out. Mrs. Howard Ellis and her ba-
by, of Hartford and her two broth-
oa Tlin nml iTaVaIav TMwIni. nt TVTn
,lt , ' ' ' T
ceo, wero riding in the machine. Ia
trying to go around a bad placo in
tho road the car veered too much to
one side and went over tho embank
ment, hanging by two wheels,
which was the only thing whicll
kept the occupants ftom serious In
juries. Mts. Ellis otu.laiued some,
painful bruises but the others wero
not injured.
Dotrolt, Mich. D.etrolt'8 traction
tlo up, effective since Saturday,
camo to an end early this evening
- .if . oa
Publicity Methods hi 1920 Race
Cause Friction Among
Washington, Juno 17. Unless
some action Is taken in tho near fu
ture to eliminate tho friction and
tho working at cross purposes which
now exists in tho management of
Republican publicity, It was admit
ted h6ro to-day by leaders of tho
various factions of that party that
the situation might result in das
aster for Republicans In 1920. Tbo
center of tho Republican publicity
"Bents, studiously is avoiding any
thing that would put the Republi
cans in tho position of accepting;
tho LoaSUo of Nations controversy
' ns a Party Issuo, Mr. Bourne Is issu-
ng every day $100 worth of publl-
, cuy l0 s'uuu "epuuucnn nowspa-
pors throughout tho country, chal
longing tho Domocrats in tho uamo
of tlle Republican party to flsht it
,out on that llno ln the campitga of
A pathetic case of tho effects of
tho flu was brought before us Mon
day when Miss Ratio MuffeU, daugh
ter orfcud Muffett, of near dhreve,
was tried and adjudged lnsano In
tho County Court here. Miss Muf
fett suffered a serlo'i r.t'ack-of
the dreaded influenza last winter
and had not fully recovered and
last Thursday night sho beyjno
violently insaue and roved from,
that on until Monday ,when sho was
token to Hopkinsvllle. Her men
tal derangement was made mflfinr,
p'athetic by reason of tho factTEurFf
sho is only twenty-two years ot ago.
While on trial she seemed' possess
ed with the Idea that she had re
ceived miraculous power to speak in
tongeus and this seemed to be her
whole thought. She was taken to
Hopkinsvllle Monday evening where
she was committed to tho western
State Hospital for treatment.
Rockport won a free hitting con-1
test from Central City Sunday by
tho sfore of 12 to 10; Blades, for
Rot'Lport, pitched a good gjmo 'tut
was given very bad support. He
t truck out eleven of the opposing1
batters, had three putouts and throe
assists and allowed only six hit
one of which was a homo run by
Gray. Shorty Gteen was tho uatt
Jns star of the day. getting a single,
double and triple in five times up.
Durall, with the local teajp. also get
three hUs ono ot which wa3 a dou
bio, In fiv tln-es jip. Humnhroy
i led tho attact for "Ceritral City, with
tvo singles, two,bi.se on bnlls, twa
I , I, . . , , ...
istort was:
Rockport: 3130050X
Central City: 510000022
Tho 'Batteries for Rockpsrt wero
'Blades and Browning, for Central
City were J. Harris and B. Mil
lard and Foley and Matthews.
London! Communist govern-
mont will be proclaimed fti Austria
Sunday with promise of Immedl
ate success, according to Informa- Iora' K'
tlon in government circles here. I Uov- A- D- Litchfield, Vice Chalr
Tho best informaton indicates man Hartford, Ky.
that about 40 per cent, ot tho Aus
trian army is Bolshevik. .
Tho Communists are expected
quickly to align themselves with
the Hungarian Communists, whoso
recent military successes are con
sidered, to have strengthened them.
Tho Austro-Hungarlan situation
as a whole Is viewed here as decid
edly serious.
I bow have my tax books for the
year lull).-' Come at once and get
your tx bills and save cost.
Mf. ' ' COutyi.
Hbld Leases in Ohio County and
J ized at $100,000
It- j The Salt Lick Oil and Mineral
tuiiiijun is inu iiuiuo ui u tur muni
tion, articles for which wero filed
in the county clerk's office late Sat
urday afternoon. Tho proposed or
ganization will hold leases covering
about 1,000 acres in Ohio county,
for tho purpose of drilling for oil.
As In tho caso of most organizations
of this kind, much Interest is mani
fest In tho community covered by
tho holdings of tho company. For
ten years or more, tho probability
ot tho discovery of oil has bcon
discussed in tho neighborhood leas
ed, and a few of tho older citizens
report that oil has been found on
some ot tho farms hold. At tho
present time, remnants of oil salt
wells may bo seen, some of which
wero abandoscd long ago because
production was Intcrferred with by
the appearance of oil, a commodi
ty which formerly was not highly
The Salt Lick Oil and Mineral
couiu-ny Is being organized oy Ro?
coo Iolbrook, James Keeley and
Wilbur IC. Miller, each of whom
own 50 bhares of tho par valuo of
$100, and It Is their Intention to bin
gin drilling as soon ns contracts
can bo arranged with competent
bperators. Tho capital stock of
jthe corporation is fixed-at $100,
;000. The Indebtedness is not to
exceed $50,000-.
The Ohio county field bids fulr
to rival some of tho better known
oil fields of Kentucky, paying wells
already having been sunk there.
The company is to be conducted
by the usual board of directors and
officer to be dlaoted by tho Stools
holdctfs at a meeting to bo held at
an early date. Oweusboro Inqulr-J
Wort? for the Homo Service Fund
of the Salvation Army will start
promptly, In fact has already be
gun, an organization for the drive,
with some of tho best men (and
women of the county in charge hav
ing been perfected. News trom
the State Headquarters at Lexing
ton, where Colonel I. Sobel is iii
chajwp of the State Campaign, is
to tiro effect that tho outlook for
Kentucky going over the top is ex
cellent and that this worthy or
anization will be given the needed
funds to look after the wants of
returned and returning soldiers as
well as they looked after the flght-
, lng men at the front In Europe.
i Sunday, June 22, will be Salva
tion Army Sunday In all tho
churohes of Kentucky, the minis
ters having been asked to preach nt
that time on the work o.f tho Army
at homo and what ft did for tho
soldiers abroad. The next day,
I Juno 23, tho drive for the Homo
Sorvice Fund actually starts andijtl
,T , av";Ut,"- aiullB auuVl
will bo completed Monday, Juno ufr.
With the problems of establishing
problems of establishing
I boozele&s saloons where there Is ' '"S tbo convention of the American ma' "t stU them all but arrange
any demand for them, finding woik ! Federation of Labor today, coun-'niets will Uo made to take caro ot
for unemployed soldiers and others "d organized labor not to parti- the overbow and to have duplicate
I who may want work after tho sa-1
loon has passed out, there will b3
plenty of uso for tho fund to bo
raised In this drive and Commaadgr
Evangeline Booth and her co-
... 1 ..a a1. a . a
wurKCTs at mo neau ot tno Army
aro s"!cJont nssuranco that it will
bo Properly expended.
The organization In this county
is composed of the following well
k "on:
W. H. Balzo, Chairman, Hart-
A. D. Kirk, Treasurer, Hartford,
Waltor Grejp and W. S. Tlnslo.v,
Chairmen of Publicity, Hartford,
France, and all It means must be
restored tor the sake ot civilization
and It Is tho French women who
must mainly do It, not tho politi
cians, declares Ida M. Tarboll 1 n
the June number ot the New Red
Cross Magazine.
"Let the politicians do tholr best
tor worst" thn writer imntUHtm 1
ytti&mi'. ttt &.;., IH&. m. J.. -Cnl"" .
pave France.) It has got .to b
dono from tho bottom, down whoro
people live in love and labor. And
It is tho women who will play the
chief part there. Their task in
the pcaco which has como Is not
unlike thnt of the pollu in tho war
that Is past. They como to this
work with tho most terrible hand!
caps." Tho handicaps, Miss Tarbcll finds
aro not meroly tho fact that Franco
has been striped of tho flower of It3
manhood while thousands of others
havo como back from the war muti
lated for life, but also includo tho
problems of employment. Many of
the women who went Into munition
plnnts will not return to their old
work, somo becauso they have been
rendered unfit, some because they
have succumbed to tho innumera
ble lures of Paris, solno becauso
there Is not work for them. Thorn
Is the principal rub. But, concludes
tho writer, It s
tho handicaps
which force them to their big task.
Even the discomforts and actual
hardships of a German prison rampi
failed to dishearten tho Amciican
soldiur and proof of this Is that al
though handicapped by tho fact
that ho had no printing press the
Irrepressible Yank prisoner suc
ceeded In getting out one rollicking
nowspaper. tho Rastatt "Barbed
J A iroless." Tho armistice was dc-
:lared &oon after the advent of the
first edition of tho laboriously
pencil-printed sheet and with the
liberated Americans making their
way toward homo thn poppr nude
no second appearance. One sol
dier preserved the original copy,
however, and sevi-ra! of Its fkter- Thursday evening Juno 2Gth of tho
estlng pages are reproduced in tho Kentucky Educational Association
June number of tic New Red Cro-.s antl the Kentucky Press Assocla
Magazlne, In which also Frank tlon. It will be the first time that
H ard O'Malloj' U Up of tho brief boil ! the teachers and editors have met
Joyous career of tho "greatest news-1 together. These two organizations
paper- In captivity." reproront greater power than1 any
"One has nodoubt that In tima,
the 'Barbed Wireless' would havo
waxed more ambitious, perhaps ev
en to the extent of adding a color
ed . supplement 'printed' In beet
marmalade," writes Mr. O'Malley.
"But ono November day, when
things wero particularly dull within
tho enclosure, a most marvellous
message arrived In camp a few
u- .- .......,, m ivn .
minutes after the clock had struck I great orator oi tne united state;,
ono in the afternoon. The armls-, IIls work In France during the war
tlce had been signed! And, of an& bis nomination and election to
equal Importance, a paragraph of tll(i ofnce oi Governor In his ab
the document Insisted that all Al-r"nco make him a peculiarly dls
leid prisoners wore to be liberated Anguished figure. Governor Allen
forthwith! Thero were cheers a ,s on the Education Committee of
few; but chlefiy the great joy that , tne National Security League and is
surged through the hearts of tho having a large shai in the new
caged young eagles of Rastatt took I educational program. He has tour
the form of bearhugs, wild cavort- eu this country in the intereat of
Jn-gs, meaningless yelps of song, a the Iletl Cross, suffrage and various
scramble to pacn up one's pitifully ! other causes, and whatever his sub-
A.cant belongings with a hurly-burly
of haste that indicated that every
American mother's son in camp
fully expected to board tho 1:30
ferry for New Yor.k or never sco
homo again."
tlantic City, N. J., Juno 16.
Secretary of Labor Wilson, address -
clpato in tho proposed national
strike for tho liberation of Thomas
Mooney, convicted of complicity In
the San Francisco bomb plot.
Ho said the Government was In-
I tno4trnMmv A tin 4fflNHAs ! 61v Arn-h
6""6 " uu. " tiu
' Irt InnttnittAii iltli t li i-k. 1it ntiAiM -lm
for a new trial for Mooney and tint
worklngmen could not properly con
stitute themselves a Jury to try
SMr.-i.irv wiicnn nisn mfnrrt.,1 tn
the "Bolshevists of the UntJ
States" who, ho said were allied
with the I. W. W. and for whom
the worklngmen of America had uo
sympathy whatever when they un
dewtood tho Bolshevist creed. Bol
shevism, the secretary said, essen
tially cheated obligatory labor, or
virtual slavery; and all working
mon had been fighting against sla
very since the day of Moses.
Tho singing convention for tho
eastern uivision ot unio uounty
will be held at Ml; Zlon church the,
, fifth Sunday In this month. All
cholra requested to bo present.
BORJIPin Tivrnn-
Often Out Numbered Ten to One;
Carried Wonndcd 250 Mile's
On Pony Sleds
Brest. Tho transport Czar ar
rived hero this afternoon jrom tho
Archangel front with a deVhchment
of tho 339th Inantry of tho S5th
Division (Michigan and Wisconsin
National Army) under command of
Maj. J. Brooks Nichols, ' of Detroit.
Troops from (hat city made up
about CO por cent of tho detach
ment. Another detachment Is en
routo hero. Tho men toll of thrill
ing fights In tho guorllla warfaro
conducted against the Bolshcvikt.
Th0 Amorlcans frequently were out-
numbered ten to one. The 339th
covered a 300-mIlo front In a 250
inlle radius from Archangel. Its
casualties were 200 killed ami 400
wounded. Tho wounded wero fre
quently carried 250 miles on pony
American rations consisted chief
ly of hardtack and "bully beef,"
the men said. They were oftfa
Many were compelled to use Rus
sian rifles of an Inferior type and
used three different hinds of small
armB ammunition. Their artillery
was outnumbered and outranged
Many of the big gun shells fired
against them bore American labels.
The big event of the K. E.
this year Is the joint session
others in the State, and their cpm-
Ing together on June 2Gth means
that they are in earnest about tho
reconstruction problems, which faco
us and will pi$J together to accom
plish tho tasks' they see ahead.
Governor Henry J. Allen, of Kan
sas, Is the chief speaker on the K.
E. A. program this year. He was
once known as the great Western
Ject or wherever he speaks, there is
, usually an-overflow meeting.
Kentucky's Governor, one of
Kentucky's editors and Mrs. Cora
Wilson ytewart will compose tho
I Kentucky talent on tho program
that evening.
! Thero aro eleven thousand teach-
ers antl about five hundred (jUitors
'In the State. The First Christian
Church, Louisville, In which Hils
, """' Great program is to ue given,
programs if necessary
R. E. Williams, Secretary of tho
K. E. A. and J. C. Alcock. Secre
tary of the K. . A. expect this to bo
a record braeklng meeting.
(Special to Herald)
Rev. M. G. Snell filled his regular
appointment at this placo Saturday
night ana Sunday. Largo crowds
and much interest manifested by
both church and pastor. Wo will
meet 'on the first Sunday evening
to organlzo a Sunday school. All
members and friends requested to
bo present at 4 o'clock.
Tho Ohio County Christian Blblo
School Convention will be held at
the Christian Church, Hartford,
Friday, July 18th. It is requested
that representatives fcom the Blblo
schools in every church of Christ
in ohln nmintv h nrnt n,t mv
part. j
0hU Countv christian nihin
I ,
(School Association.
j rml AnU: Uao. tt-jw .
. t,
J '
Li jrfitT.
wtpH'jH"'imi in.'

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