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"I Co mi, 111 Htrald of a flour World, til Im of 111 Mm UaWm at H;
.Subscription $150 Per Year, in Advance
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th YEAR.
SO. 30
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PRIMARY LlW KEPT ' our eyes
turncu upwara ami mica our wug
on to a star, and though It may bo
best, It is not always safest,, cs
,m Those Who Want Old Con
vention Plan Will Make
IJt t '-6 ,
y t
Hard PJcrht -
4 .i , It
County Democratic
Convention Saturday
The Woninns benefit association i
of the Maccabees gne n picnic at
the grove nt Williams mines Mon
day, in honor of the returned sul-
The Democrats of. Ohio County war In the history of the World ., , , , .,
.. ..... .. . .. dinner was served and there was
.. I- .r,n i,.iitlitii nt thn ADB01UU9I11' mat Roucnt to PTlRlnV. . .
grounds Saturday. Because two " " "- " " '" and hur,e(f bnck the -,. .,,.. n large crowci present, a pnuw
souls were bent on uouri House in xiaruora, on oaiur- , - ..... VT band and a string band furnished
peclally.it that star ho an aeroplane
jis waaj, demonstrated aJL "the fair-1
curious old
tho world and established a new
-30-.llook,Ph,eaV"vd-.onc uttera da AUKU!? 30th'- 1919 P8Uant Declarer, of Inde.eidelice, em- B1ood mUS,c tf"rufhut the ,
there were two ball games played
In the afternoon, McHenry and
'?S3 Echols, or the L. G. & K. team. In
l?he Sr7 'cilonTs cm "oT Bklnnedf d aps broken nose to e callot the State Centra, and Jft nt.onT ' '
-SSLmf''1" brUUed .Executive Commltteetor the pV WltC, standing, army of
-4a VoBtunlpv nvmrinnn flAV TafflPa .
J... . L' ,"'"" Two goo
D. BIack.haa.Ws way. .... mrA
Dbriai hr Btay' In Louisville Tres- .. ,-M
terday he called AWThi-'-S. demtm8trallo
Tinea, rtemecratlccampalgH ch,r wins at the'
!!!LSSSSSr'T lhe tw wVe thero a key- rir-pi. o sunt, who ex-
jr . .. .v-?
to nreyreKaiiTe
Ier-JouraaC 'OorS li
To SeSlnSrTentron; J TasVZSetor' the "n- TherCUPn f lBh,,lta Wa' ot Mfc"' fln -P-t hat s.w MODES! r Vl LL
.'- rt77.B.?v'ij. where It was -imppssioie lor me .,i,.i,j nermanent Chairman and- mn. d r i, ,j .u 1.1
TS5- -" -i' " - --'ri.
Weed Has Come Out Wonder
fully Since July and Will
Exceed 1918 Crop
Tobacco growers are enthusias
tic over the lmproement which
has been shown In tobacco her
. I-VIIUIO, Ul ": -. VJ. w. -. ..., ,..( l. lna, mnntli n tl r I n.nnif.
. -. .. jud ui oDioiMHB Vo.vo.a . .." innn luo.n in nipn. .Ih thft Bhnrf .... .... -.. , :uuihb -- " i"""i", " ..-
d old .people rrora w- state Dem6cratlc Conreatlon to bo Iod VoYSlghteen months it or- "' Z V Z , 7 . "? th flne raln f a C0UPle
loot wooV that nnn of . .1 . ..- -,.. .... P-r' -S" eignici-n. monins, u or- n nd then Icllenrv crossed bats . . . .
.,,.-- .-. -; ioa' lB'JMMTliie oLf . ijursuuj , enniro and oaulnnpd nn nrmv of . j . . . or weeKB ago. runners now pre-
.iiA man wnutHT o-t-A C - .rr.. r t S?..,., un""1CwIu "'lU'PPe11 n army 01 wt rtPaer Dam nnd was defeat- . ... . .
f Ma ohuTtv WithvSeptem" '"- vonvenuo.. 4,ooMn.O soldiers and. In spite of d to the tune of -even to tw,,, t only exceea msi years crop .a
of his ability With WM ltod t0 order by the CnaIr. ,fnn'l0wn perlg of 3 00 mes cd t0 th0 tune of seven to two , hat the th,s w,
fairgrounds, so Status . . ,fc. rn. ibw,.Hv. Horn- - ''T!?. P . ...:" "es All kinds of refreshment were ttf ., o .. ull. . . . .,,.
ui iainnmiess ocean ana mo jutk- .. -.. .u i rr.t.i.. -,.- ""- " " --
luiiniimess ucran una iuo iurK- . i,,. ,u ,i rp,,,,, ,-
ttllT nrtffnpa if trin mnvilaiiniia f?ttt-
.uuub. , . witltexDecta'ncy. allr taut , ij ,u ....o. h moot "AsK . uv.o Uu j waa qUte a SUccesa and speaks
.ot'Tne C0-1-.2 " TnS-i Thev f" TT.!!.- " "'a"nWenlng , every foot of fw the abmty of tUe McHenry La.
lack said he ""-.; "t ., - ,.. ,nB .anu "8R lur ""-"" " "" le wf transported safely 2. , nBrt fnp ,h lnrtM.
- .. ' HIUUUHCU lUOHIDVlfW V v4" .w--w - . AfflMM ftf ll rnflVPtl- v nh.TS'tf-.t.it .- . . . . .-.. --. .--..
eaauon . ,. f iMlftif. aii "- - "":""'" w.
l are going to mnite-n nara ngui . .,,. witinl,t thnm ttlncr . .. x. "p w6 " "" ""j "' a
get a plank urging abandonment "Jj ' They waTtef anS Cretary f 'be ?rTJn0n' ", bltV!v5tifircasonIns cr,tlclsn b' .
L primary into the Democat.c TZ T 'hou ""Zl"; D.'- -" - ty an
nn. o.o. l,t h. nM.f.lilnn. "' -. -- Bon antl uXarcBce x-anou. ic .u.- rare..J111Ii ,ani) ness of the men. rr,.. i....iM,i ,,!,,, fh.. n ranueii uruunu uiuinmr,
'' "o "- 4ot of their wonder was UVinK. ..... ..... ,t ,r-- ..- ,CD ..u....c. ......uu.o ...... ,. . . .,, ., ., .
ed Democratic convention goes a ':"" r. "tll1 n, ,t - -Ith .10WB! .""""- ..: v.. . women-.and children of the nation part8 of the UnIted States and CanuT'"u ."" - '"T ,
quality. .
It was at first feared that th
recent rain would damage the col
or of the tobacco, but It doe not
seem to have been sufficient to
cause the dark, green second
growth which farmers feared. The
York. AiiRU&t 30. MoUm- " "" "" l"c . .
and respectability will prevail ""' i" -"'
.nr-llno-'HueH luriuci
becoming rather gfii-
country at
irmers will not
long way
mc convenuon goes a Autllmn sky. flecked as It was with " " , , , n ,. hv ,, "",-" V""'
toward bringing Demo- amber and showerod -"-"-" " '"" r"" " "", NT" """."'!?- ,lu attended and Fenton Bott presl
craU from all parts or me siaie ,uh.th.,-.0id of the settinu sun. ' . V t.t r.,t e'i5iBii.w ;' ie.- ( ent of the assoclatron. voiced the
into close" totich SAa" L m '. Thl ilLJSJ0 S"X 6St8 f. a 1,e0p,es are best. 8U"- Prediction.
of the convention are scattered ov- nf 4h(J afternoon anrt "!
r e-rnntflr tfirrltorv. rosultlng in .. .t j-j . ciare.
.7. i. . .i. unconsciously, mey cruwueu uraioi . w endorse
the action of
we rommend the efforts of
uie, ..jle id waiti is comiag back
OUT I.. .ilppiirtv linpt " h, anlrl
aro beginning to cut. The tobacco
has suffered more in that section or
tp onnntv than elsewhere In tin
eastern part of Uie1 county the cro,
' tt in nin,ii.i''coudltion while Han-
and . ....... I ..!.! tn Una llllv
UMl'K lUUUt; l oaiw iw .m.- ....j
this year as ha
hick is rather ur-
et. - i.j . , omall anpp.lr which .. ueneving u 10 no u step in ine iadies wi10 have been pushed back-'
Among those still Insisting that . M oc lf annPOnrhfil,. taen ... .... , ., ' right, direction and In accordance ..urd ove ..... uallroom noor t00 ,us a. ':-.. , .,. ..,
.itari States Senator A. O. Stan- " ""e"" ". "'::i ,.w - z- WS enaorso lUD au',m8ua with the teachings of the Prince of u ., ,,, -.! f"raets "" -." .
tooK on a aenniie buuuc, . t( ot 0overnor a. O. Stanley, ana .. " .-......- -- . ll)egt,ining to speculate on wnai
. A ..141. wlilvfilnv ' . . .. ' OULt, .,. lnoIa ...Itli f1,w man I ... , ,
United States Senator A. O. Stan
f?. nioiiii. R. L. Bonnott. T. P. 1 ur- . . ........ "l l'uul "uu """" ""
w" over the levee, both man ana worn- nao.0.M' fPnm this Dls- " . ... " " '. . ... "e gien at me lairgrouncib. nie nfe
. Av.niMm ah - -- .- it uui nuiiivauuiiHti'v w. . - -ii i irnva ir i' wfituT'iri ii' . .
Hork'nnm. DRrmuneiiL ciiaii ii.tiu. . . it.-. .'rninr.i . h"jcu-m' '.u v. vj. h-iih.v, l( . t,,i- An,,kn., i, n4V..n,i . .in..
I'ix. ' . .Jin. ano encouniormi iuo "S'"" trlctAthe Hon,en Johnfon. 0 tfdbfJtlfjt D Tloborlaon S O .' ' T . Thg opi,ilon is borne out in- re-
KVF ' I2eka be,ow- )In- "SSBWH- .i-Wa- unkservedly7 endo4,'Kn'n the. usd of tie fairgrounds and ts from tlf North ad Sl)Uth
gg' '9iS?femptlnB toVee thenTs-elvejrtrom an-dpprore- theT NatTbnar ATmTnlk "Jj"8' ' ;J.' "y aylof O ho ''?rA4?'I tross roUna niaeth. Oood tobn.r,
ffr rEgiDfHNT'8,srBAKlXG9TODB fhe weed8f dust and brokenf rocks. aratloanPPunder PrC8ident Woodrow "d.rp? c j TIchenor Sn Ros, ,UCtUrer tiolthe troUl Al ffn--5ntne caBwrnWrKe w trtM.to a
IV :,.,, inRt sleht of tho twentieth cen- jf,."0. " , 4 .0 fi!oinP Dexter S' . J- Tlcnenor. AJv,n Ro'' as will also a Salvation army can- Bme iMs year fully us nigh a.
nn1 tndllllin
ta r,L -TTiz1 : -:' -- -? j2-s rc.;r; ., , ;,
pinions, smone ibsuiub hu.u
Thomas Hatcher, Plkeville, ap- t ., . .. on . .nft .i...
nolnted by Senator Stanley as a uwo" l,,, Tv. . of thn 3' we eari,v commenu vu Qh,0 0m t t th gt t Conve
SSI'S thTstte board'of con- ? ; ? "te . de a"nT "on to oe held in Louisville o,
senators irom iveuiuua.,, u, . ... Thur8,iay the 4th, inat.. viz:
enator Stanley made temporary ,. . .. . it,w -rnnt i. ' m- r. ueiegates
A. 1 II. n,ANA. WAIllll linVn - . - .
iroi. III. nuvtoic. o-. --.- .,. Trvlnc to WOWfl ClOSOr 10 . . . . .... i !.. nMn
L ISKJXHr Tw' S ..r OW we, sK'irA.T-i -1
price of tobacco will be when tin
local market opens. The general
opinion seems to be that the price
for the better grade of tobacco will
On the 20th of this month a has- ))e as h,gllf f not iligher. than thy
ltet dinner for the benefit of the .... i ,i.n ,i.u ri-Q
t iTi .i. t --------- ,vm ,ns year uiiu ini in- ."
.,.. nu.u.vun, . returueil soldiers and sailors will ,, .0,u1 rniip m b
UL (1UUI 41..U ...Li...... p. ....--
The followng Delegates and
ternates were selected to represent
fty basis with the men.'
Washington. Auguht ' 30.-flTe tury wondeP which had now flown wcom;n9bment3 0r a pomocratlc 3' lef WUI Havnes A Boian t tCen Wrker' X lCaX or&anlfjt,(m last seasop. Poor
itinerary , of President Wilson's far away. They picked themselves AdmtnUtratlon dUrlng his term of ' T J ..j, j 7 Parfg c,aresCe of the Amer,can Legion wUl be af" grades have, how
. -. -- ...,. ,!. n leciea inai. uay. ine lmuuu a ni- a decded slump ueing Clown, ii -
It l?aestabUshed our monetary J ?BJ.S"TlD PhSKT '" andrln 10 n the hUSdretl
system on, a firm and substantial 'y' rk J"" 0.n'r '"Sm' l' ketS'. An aerPlane wiU probabl-v Prices in the North Carolina mar-
system ,jf , ,-.. .'i-.. rn J. Patton, Georgfe wcMUien, i.. . . . . flight. Come .... .. ,...n tr.ton a an Ind ca-
Bwing around the circle, with ad- UP),R sadder and wiser couple
rirpaaes.ln behalf of the, peace , - -'
r r. -.---I.-,.. .n'.A tn. ' Tho RtanmtSr W.jW. whlch W.18 ireel,u ".,1..r ... ...
. ."1"7. :T SSi. "'"I,, w hr Prank Rounds to tha.automaucaujr xuni--- -u Tlchenop, w M Addlngton c. M.
oh-7 "SSSSprWSffl bucRWer-NavigaiWc 5! S-t SSf' f "STES."
ind'iUbly within ten .ind ot Monroe, iTZ' buslness.of ,the Na- f tohS aK J?wS
merid twenty- days In .- . boat , under p p BJ John H. B r
ng oeiu .a .T --'" r.WT-, ".,.-'. r.nnt. Bnnnds arena P?y Puucs luo. " ."w. Taylor. J. H. Lloyd. R. L. Amies.
- i,!,,-. o ovofAiTi an neriect iiiat
v.to ih.tr i ' nroof a'rafnst Wall "J ' ""' "!" ' be here ana make a nignt. uome k . are usuauy taken as an inaica
uuaiLi hv - w 'i-auinF n- - hhttihiw m t r ; n ...... .. . .
strPM an'ciBanltewPMiiM and t' "'":, r T ut and nelP b" bnn6lnB we" m' tlon of what prices may be here, as
--. . ' .. i .ui:r ttrtuuu. m.v ... .
ed baskets.
Ills reasons for desiring ihetmme-. way. pt Louisiana Capt
dlate ratification of the1 ttf jf llh- accompanies the ..boat-
whpn the nrlces are high there the
'tobacco buyers usually buy heavier
.'in this section to substitute for the
?- Carolina weed.
The Ohio County Fair came to .1 ' A number of local tobacco buyer?
close Saturday after threo days of are now jn North Carolina. Among
but change. Although
as far as
questlon.-.a system so perfect that "y"" 'ooTor j ' Tnoma8( L. G.' nterestlng' meetings of people and these are Cecll Clarkson and Will-
4 ' .. -.i ,itl. " M. HOOVer, J. . luoiuua, u. u. , . wll.pnrrlPil out .-... ,t....j w M Tnnoa Jjck
three days of a well-carried out am Hartford, W. M. Jones. Jack
program. The races were good. Grfnth and Robert Clark, buyers
faent desired to greet ,aeneralers in. t engineer, C. Johnson ana uuy of tho . ""- """" ' ; the floral hall exhibits ere above ;for .he 'Instead company
fhlng on his' arrival In fcew.ork Bug.ot the crew .are also making -Sj destructlve war TIchenor' and Dr' J R8 e " the average and the aeroplane 'civde Bell and David Clark
T .... J. l.H .kM. At.- 4.IW r iria Clllth
arly next monxn..i mjr u?.r iu v y - -- . aJ, H1story.
. -.-. 4V.4 tAiinnin kfl wiin inn nfliiariuru ul lug. i . u ... . . ..
sary to lorego uw .-. -- ,.- -.------,.... . .. n has .enacted a uanu i.oa. ,- . . Rowan. H
tho average and the aeroplane ' civde Bell and David Clark, uuy-
Mason. Clint Igleheart. R. B. End- l.t. which many citizens took s for the lmperial company 1
..uav, ..v .. nnrt war nn pvont within itself. I .
p .. . ,-,. .
fiv V Ahe president 'considers his t9ttr to Owensboro is left without a single ' ., of lnestImable bee- fy'' gks c w Ran- A number of Ohio County's "land- piSK TOUACCO PATCH
r- xnlaln the treaty of more import- steamboat of any size. Neither ,. of the Nation in c- Ac on' J- S. James, - w- itan b a,rmen ,0 ,he (
. y
. . ... . .,... . .. .t .4 . nnmnl tlmn anv " "'" 7-- -- . . nnv. A1V1S llOWe. W. C. muunaj, ..1
ThePresiaent is miiea m are mere v v.v.-. - money to buy ana im- ". . T A mmmlnes tune or a ten dollar Din, anu an EsauirQ Leslie Combs, who lives
,n Sioux City Minneapolis, boats -.! tM. r , port urnlshing n ' '.eemed to enjoy it. The first two - ' , one 'of the
t, nmitura and Helena, and that the Steamer Hazel uice now ip ... n on posv rnesi , ; j.- thP nttpml- . . . ... " ..... . i. uan
car Bennett. Leslie Hagenman, '- ... neld3 0 xouaCco uiuv i ..u
Irom c... M.nn, nrviip Ross. James H. nce to some tent but tUe la3t our pleasure to see this season He
money " ,' , n, day it was far above the average. . . ahout ten acres in one
Blsaark. Billings and Helena, and that the Steamer Haze Bice bow j of. interest and on
then swing-down "the Pacific coast call. If was eportqd recently J J -. 8aylng them
J-..i .. a. v..ni.nn .mincr vonturVv river trade had been pur- p"c" r.
C-by10 tTKw;;u;;-an"d ; iVbeWced ,. t arSfi".-d"ioriB
&Umr addrewe.; -"5 , river- trade' put of Owen.boro. . but Jj'" crops or ojesa ahd
TLwUry-Tumulty. in announc- It is now understood that the" deal ". . lh
v.lvS;j!-tt- Wu,.- BaiH thn -has' not vet 'been closed. r"' :.,.. nw
.Barnes. Jack .Walker. Carson-Gary. d it was far above the average. (bag ,n
T...II Cf.ilt flal.1 ni
Tnnard Barnes. Jewell snuuz.
Jack Wilsos. Charles Butler. Char-
II.. Unirtnlav T V. Ptint J. P. San-
It has given .Agmattuie new . wniMB J M
. Kv tha Denartment ofAgricul- "" ....,. . ..
(Special to Herald)
''lif tte-preifdent plana", said the as' not y'et'been closed
"W fit:1 V'TJl:". ,. DROWNED lite by the Department
feet man gwung uenerei i-enm- ni akrIAL DKRBT tura and the lire
lie 'touT waa-btgTtot,p import- '( IN AERIAL DKRBT ture .
S5?- - ta tineo,.,N. V At 30 -Elev. trato , B r j, E. K -- - -
the'west. nrobably at St. Louis, as en Americatf entrant in the la- It has " t0 baV6 Moseley. 'nethMaddox Hoover pie nM
1Z: , -.--. . .v, t hi. .M ternational aerial aerny nua - . - - - , ... ,aml,
"-L "" -ZirJZStZ: 2SLS KSirrj
field and Ws plants aro of such ev
enness as to give vthe impression
that one Is looking over a level
floor of black-ereen. The tobacco
twtalng from overseas.
u""""" . . .L. .,.-Jo,h of livlnr and
and storms on the route from Al-'raisea ma V.w..inh work
Sn, put an 'end to further arrl- the .(U otto
,ment f .i-i M "' ' Sne' ' Cenrertown. ,3' J n TutivatVd intensely and
' : k;?d S.BS'oKSnor ,s h0,d,n "W T' Bhows the effect of good farming
if FamvDemdtfa- Nan. -0FJr ' " . -, tlst church at this place with fine m. a .aHranfH1 thnt the fleid
H.'.W. uaipn. u. r. h, - ,,., Htt hn, dnnfi son., fl0 "' -- "T. . Vv
1 Ielehaart; E. K. --- - j wm average oyer eignteen nuBai
aeth MaSx. Hoover Pre"hln and ,0fd byH a " he .pounds to the acre. He Is cuUin
aeiu " n-onle here, both saint and stnner. ' . . At. . .Ui .,i.-
k?oi w w rtrown. Wilson ioni- . . ... anu nousing cue wrcu iuia ...
gomery wVM.Valr Archie Burch. w ,ar havlB De"1 " The uniform size of the stalks and
j HB Carson I D. Puskr. T. C. ,nat 8 been bore ' a ,0ne " tho brod heavy leave impressed
trl' a P Teton MaUaeth. W. " Sne. "" ed ?ome F".dar us as marking It as the best grade
-- - - . .
vala tonight.
10 iunu ...- ""... ,UtrM ,nd fields
Six arrived between m me . -""- ,t .,,,, to'us Harl
In eighteen momu .. --""-" ,,,,.
..- . il" tmlllimi Vll
cj. layior, ju. . , .. - . Saturdar n,Kht
L. L. Porter ana. u. u.
1 to preach a funeral but arrived of dark tobacco- Probabiy ther
Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
' 5:39 and 8 o'clock. Eight of the In elgnieen --" - ?lchenor.
. Bennett en.,. .Mn alrme ho Btarted 8t a successful finish the greats.
tertalned a few friends at dinner fe eJjd of the Journoy had ' opENED MONDAY
on Sunday. Those present were: comp,eted the round trips tonght. SO1001' OPENbii win
Hunter, Dr. F ord I. Prof. . W. S. HllU Mn of town
Rev. A. L. tdicuuciu i. . "
tor Creep.
are as good crops In the county
as this one but so far we have not
seen one.
Misses i ,..., v. - . Interest In race. However, is over- .,. rrndPd and High vjr "' w.- -- --
j Irene Hedges d Artye Bennc , i i 'Bnadowed Dy the news ot probable JJL about ad school entered upon
school opened Monday after about
2 4 miles
znszsrsUJSSZ ' "!" i-rjrj: ss " v,-i2
raui 0u-,D. -" - ' .believed to nave pensnea m u - resting spell was
Heflln: Mr. and Mrs. Vascoe C. ..,. Mn ,. haa been found 80a Wf UU iobe ""
--.., . .!. xr. j Mr- Hn. """- the epidemic or mnueuiu i
mum, "------?-- . of the aviator. ... all thft -.hoou ltLSt year and
Ty Gray ana aaugmer, uouisa, . n n
and Mrs. William Thorpe, Mr. and FUNERAL AT PROVIDENCE
Wr. W. W, Brown, and daughter,
Margaret Frances, and' Mr Tim
Dennett, of Masonvllle. Owens
boro Messenger.
closed all the schools last year
'Hartford school did not reopen
. Vii nnn nf tho flnp.ot llopllH of thick
,i.nn. M.Avi orfrn.frpn " w..v w. . .. . .
Ulttocn nu.w -.0 . . . ,..-
1 -.- ... i.nH.t i th. nrv ,.11 126 acres ot land
UIOI 4WU. MUUM.VW M HV ..w..., .. , .... .. . I.J
from iiartroru near ine graui-a
'load. Has five room house, S
acres In orchard and well watered.
of the purest strain and tat en
ough to make gravy for a klng'J
.tlnkiA Afro rnmlw flnvntpo.
great deal of care and attention to, Buod stock farm. Would
wero .,... ..i.i , itrv ,,n,i i,. hn said nt a bargain. See
.- ---" ". 1
i However, this year the prospects severely Injured last week when an r8niarkably successful.
' vKh, for an interesting ana auto m wnicu cucy nD. ...-, . -- .- - . .
nrrtfiiVhia session A good faculty turned turtle In a ditch. They Mll. WILL NKWBOLT DKAD I'rentiss, nas new lour room u.
profitable session. A gooa J."" un om. uarn and out bund,nB8. 17 acres
Pniil ITawlrlnn and Wile
MM V -)"-. mo IHtOtUh V Jwv ,-..-( fc
Also 47 acres ou ine uockiiu.i.
nnd Cromwell road 1 mile from
(Herald Special)
nv. m. a. bneil. wno was eu- ..... ...., ( i.ih. un
-. - - - . .... j b. n innvii arnrwiaii .' a r riniriF hiiiiik ucjiuu
Kased In a meeting at Olaton, was Is in cuarge .v H Mra nakliiH was word 1ms been received horo ot to clear. And also, C5 acres hot-
a ... 11 cniainriiri iiiiriiiiuuL.ii 1 iiiiuniuuuL m uu ------ . w . -.--
driving whon she suddenly lost con tho death of Mr. Will Newbolt who t torn land 3 miles from Hartford. -
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Pnturday rHelit for tho benefit ot y(.ir old ? County Mrs. Huwklns was only slightly Typhoid fever. Ho died Saturduy
the chVcu. Everybody invited to ---'. . .. mr Lnor,ntBBuent B. S. Howard. C. O. Injured. night and will bo burled in Tulsa. The Hartford Herald $1.50 the ,e..r
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