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No young woman can have a better safe
guard against adversities of fortune, or a bet
ter resource in time of need, than a knowl
edge of bookkeeping and business affairs.
Harriet Ueccher Stowe,
Business colleges fumisli their graduates
a better education for practical purposes than
Princeton, Harvard or Yale,
J imes A. Garfield,
No. 1 Do you expect to make your own living?
No. 2 Are you interested in making your living in the easiest, best way-the
way that will leave something over and above your living expenses?
No. 3 Have you given enough attention to conditions to understand fully that
to make more than a living you must be educated to do some one thing
If your answer to No. 1 is "YES," the best way to answer No. 3 is enroll with us and equip yourself to b
efficient Stenographer and Bookkeeper.
The answer to question No. 2 is the result of answering No. 3 put into practice.
e an
The position of a stonograpeer is the best training ground for a young man, if he
has any brains, and if the man he works for has any brains, bea. use he can learn moie
in that way than any other I know of. Hugh Chalmers.
Road to Efficiency Attend
Owensboro Business College
Fall Term Began September 1 .
K?j2vs:juLi2jiuMiJixvErmx ma -wt'-Tw faafcEgasa j
Day and Evening Classes.
floeberg'not an iceberg
Former Yellow and Dirty in Color;
Latter Ordinarily Brilliant
White With Streaks.
While floebergs often are of great
size, they nro much different from
icebergs, Rene Bache writes in the
Philadelphia Public L'edger. They are
yellow and dirty-looking In color,
while Icebergs are ordinarily a bril
liant white, with ultramarine streaks.
The streaks are pure ice, while the
white parts are largely solidified snow.
Floebergs aro formed In the bays
along the coast of Labrador, where
ice Is blown shoreward and piled up,
sheet on sheet, during tho winter.
When summer comes the masses thus
formed are llablo to float out to sea.
An iceberg Is composed of fresh wa
ter, frozen. A floeberg Is frozen salt
Tho crew of the steamer Andros
coggin, of the United States coast
guard, experimented In blowing up
icebergs with shells and mines, but
both attempts failed. The shells mere
ly made white spots, and were shat
tered, while there was nothing that
the mines could be attached to to do
damage. In addition ships could not
come closo enough to the bergs with
out danger from the floating moun
tains to make careful investigation
for the placing of the mines.
Ye Old-Time Telephone Girl.
"Time was, before the experts came
along and, In vulgar business parlance,
'sold efficiency to the telephone com
panies, when the telephone was a real
convenience." John Armhruster re
lates In Everybody's. "The historic
Instance of the lady wUo rang up cen
tral and said : 'I am Just stepping over
to Mrs. Brewster's for a few minutes
to get her doughnut recipe she's Main
227 and I'll leave the receiver off
so you can hear If the baby cries and
let me know.' In my home town we
used to ask central where the fire was
and who was dead and did she think
there was any mail for us."
Massive Timepiece In House of Com.
mom Tower, Regarded as One of
World's Best Timekeepers.
Fifty disabled soldiers, many of
whom had lost a leg In tho war and
wore au artificial one in Its place,
climbed the 300 steps of the House
of Commons tower In London to stud;
the mechanism of "Big Ben," the
giant timepiece. Tho soldiers are being
trained by the ministry of labor in
watch and clock repairing.
A guide told the party that the
clock was designed by Lord Grim
thorp, and was placed In the tower
In 1S9S. It has been working ever
since, and Is still regarded as one of
tho best timekeepers lit the world. The
minute hand Is 14 feet long and
'lelghs 224 pounds, and the pendu
lum, which requires two seconds to
complete each swing, weighs 700
pounds. The bell which sounds the
hours has a diameter of nine feet,
and weighs 14 tons, the weight of the
striking hammer being 700 pounds.
An electric motor now winds the clock
In 20 minutes. Formerly it took two
men working three afternoons a week
to complete the task.
Fire-Resisting Construction.
For flre-reslstlng construction, the
recommendations of the American Con
crete Institute specify that limestone,
trap-rock and burned clay be given
preferenco over highly siliceous
gravels, which disintegrate under In
tense heat. When gravel Is used, with
out a protective coating, columns
should be made round Instead of rec
tangular. When gravel, with spiral
reinforcement, Is used for either round
or rectangular columns, it Is suggested
that additional protection be given by
a coating of one inch of cement plas
ter, either on metal lath or reinforced
by light expanded metal.
Hartford Herald l.f tb ier
Electric Circular Saw.
"Among recent electric toil uovclties is
a portable circular saw, provided with
the handle of an ordinary hand saw.
The tool weighs only 12 pounds with
Its one-quarter horsepower motor, uses
a 3-Inch crosscut or rip suw, has n
suitable depth go go and is provided
with an aluminum base grooved to
slide on a guide track when necessary.
The blade Is covered with a safety
Italy's Lumber Requirements.
Destruction of he Invaded district
of Italy, although bad enough, has not
been so great as anticipated. Unless
there is a tremendous jndustrlal de
velopment as a consequence of the
war, It seems likely that even with
favorable freight rates Italy's require
ments in tike lines of rough and sawn
lumber for ordinary commercial use
will not exceed 2.000.000,000 to 2,500,
000.000 board feet a year.
1 80 hp. Engine,
1 10 hp. Hoisting Engine,
2 80 hp. Boilers,
1 Complete Saw Rig & Carriage,
Tho abovo machinery is In good
40-tf Rockport, Ky.
Strict Rule for Employees In Factories
Where Work Is Done
on Gold.
Clothes of a light color are not fa
vorites where work Is done on gold.
In fact, In many such factories a dark
suit of clothes Is absolutely demand
ed, and even a light waistcoat may
lose a man n job. The reason for this
Is that any stray grains of gold that
may get on the clothing can easily be
caught on a dark suit, while they
might get nwny from the establishment
If light clothes were worn.
That such n rule was enforced
among gold workers one men learned
recently when n Bohemian gold heat
er applied to him for n helping hand.
The Bohemian snld that he had not
been in this country long, that he had
hud a chance to obtain a good Job at
his trade, hut that the place had been
refused him because he turned up
with a light suit nnd waistcoat on,
nnd they were tho only clothes he
The roan whom he approached was
struck by the story and offered to help
him out If it proved true. He went to
a factory with him nnd found out that
the man could have the Job If he pre
sented himself within an hour clad In
the proper clothes. So a suit of de
sired kind wns obtained for him and
sure enough ho got the Job.
"You mny think this is strange," said
tho foreman of the factory, "but it
means quite n lot to us. Every man's
clothing Is carefully examined when he
leaves the place at night and the gold
is brushed off whenever we see any
on his clothing. It Is Impossible to
hide even tiny grains on a dark back
ground, but In the case of a mixed or
a light suit we might easily lose quite
an nmouut of gold, and gold Isn't any
thing you want to lose even in small
Joy for Philatelist.
Tho postngo stamp collector, tho
philatelist. Is in n new haven of Joy.
Tho changed world Is developing new
slumps and hundreds have nlready ap
peared In this couutry.
One of the prettiest of tho stamps Is
from tho now republic of Czecho
slovakia. Several scores of varieties
liavo emanated since tho duul mon
archy, Austria-Hungary, disintegrated
under war pressure.
Jugo-Sluvla also Is in line with n
number of new stamps that delight the
collector, and tho Hungarian republic
is printing 28 different stamps for
temporary uso until a permanent Ee
rie can bo decided upon. Esthonta'
is In line with at least four varieties.
Livonia has 11 new stamps; Ukrainla
has a new series and tbo republic of
Poland Is offering an unusual stump
with 60 varieties. Detroit News.
Thirty-five volumes of the best
readlng-I:i weekly installments for
less than five cents a week. That is
just what the Youth's Companion
offer for 1920 really means. Tho
contents of tho new volume, which
will include S serial stories, over
200 short stories, fifty or more arti
cles by men of great attainment,
sketches, special departments, and
so forth, would make 35 good vol
umes (at $1.05 each) if published
In book form.
Not a lino is waste reading. You
get something always worth remem
bering, worth using as a guide to
your thoughts and actions.
If you subscribe as soon as you
see this notlco you will receive nil
tho extras mentioned in the follow
ing offer, including tho opening
chapters of Harry's Herd, a fascinat
ing, 10-chapter story of life in a
cattlo ranch.
Now subscribers for 1920 will
1. Tho Youth's Companion 52
issues in 1920.
2. All remaining weekly 1919
3. Tho Companion Homo Calen
dar for 1920
All the above for $2.50.
4. McCall's Magazine for 1920,
$1.00 the monthly fashion author!
ty. Both publications (Tor only
Commonwealth Ave. & St. Paul St.,
Boston, Mass.
Now Subscriptions Received at this
Office. "
0 r
Joseph Wilson died very suddenly
of heart failure at his residonco
near Olaton, this county, Thursday
morning, Oct. 16. His remains wcro
intered In tbo PleaFnnt Gijvo
church cemetory, Friday. Mr. Wil
son was 7C years old and leaves a
wlfo and two daughters.
w$ miw
HI ,'.'.'?."'5V" ? v
You can't afford to miss seeing our stoves and get our
prices before you buy. We buy in
which places our entire line on our iloor at the lowest
possible cost. So if you will compare or PUICKS and
VALUES with those offered by other dealers you will
find our line a money-saving ono to you.
Hartford, Kentucky
WANTED Men or women to
take orders among friends and
neighbors for tho genuine guaran
teed hosiery. Full line for men, wo
men, children. Eliminates darning.
We pay 50c an hour spare timo or
$24 a week for full time, Experi
ence unnecessary. Wrlto 'Internati
onal Stocking Mills, Norrlstowu.Pa.
o .... ...
Ike Hartford Herulil 91.30 (he year
We are offering the combination $
lor only
Tho Youth's Companion, 1 year from Jau. 1, 1920.
All remaining issues of 1919.
The Companion Home Calendar for l'Ji'O.
The Hartford Herald, 1 year.
Subscribe uow and save 2 months" subscription t6""tho
Youth's Companion.

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