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48th YEAR.
NO. 40
uniinr . nnnnin niniTit
Illinois Representative Passes;
Away After Brief Illness; In
Congress 26 Years.
Washington, Dec. 1. Death last
night ended the legislative career of
Representative James R. Mann of tha
Second Illinois District, long rated
as a giant of the House.
Returnlng here two weeks ago for
the opening of the special session of
Congress, Mr. i.Mann, who had served
hi nonnl'n for uoward of a Quarter
of a century, took part In the parlla
mentary work of the House. A week
ago, however, he was forced to atay
at home because of a cold, which he
failed to shake off. His condition at '
first was not regarded as serious,1
and it was not until yesterday after-1
noon, after pneumonia had develoved,1
that It became alarming. Early In
the evening he rallied, but there was
a change for the worse as the night
wore on. Shortly before midnight,
'with his wife and his physicians at
v, u-...- .k. f n,nv .
11 1 a UCUDIUC, il'D . v, . . . .. w J t
. . jt-j ..fi.. I
congressional oaiiie uieu pcmciunj.
Few Knew-of Illnesa
N'ews of Mr Mann's death was a
shock to the House,' for few of his '
. i.tim.i. friomla knew of his '
nin.. hnvnnd the statement that '
k.. .. Kn ..onflnPrt tn hi. home bvi
ii' ,iau " ' u ...... - . i
...... .r
a cold, on live eve oi me nuutu. --
k.,. km !., University.
voie n euuMuoj uu me n...ei""e ti,
Air. Mann wantea to get uui in ueu :
and eo there to be counted on Its
side. He was told to stay at home,
and that, while his wise counsel
would be helpful, there were votes
nnn..t. In atcrht Q fl f 1 ha WOllld 1H
nalred. But his thoughts were COU-!
stantly on the work of
the House,
here his reord of service through
ilrteen consecutive terms, or twen-
thirteen consecutive terms, or twen-
ty-six years, had earned for him the
reputation among friends and foe ot
the best-informed man on the details
of Government that ever sat In either
branch of Congress. He wag sent
back for a fourteenth term by the'at the Tennessee-Kentucky Football
people ot his district in the election
last month.
Minority leader In the House dur-'the May at the annual May Day festl
lng tfie eight years ot Democratic , val. For two consecutive years she
control, Representative Mann saw has been voted as one of the most
the speakership go to GUlett of Mas- popular girls on the campus. She
sachusetts when his party again ' is a member of the Alpha Gamma
came Into power there, but If the Delta Fraternity and of the Agrlcul
failure of his party in caucus to se- ture Society.
lect hltn as Speaker left any tinge
of bitterness with the veteran mem-
ber, his friends never saw any in
dication ot It. Representative Mann
thereafter continued to exercise a
Dower equal to If not greater than
that ot the Bpeaker himself as chair-
man of
.ho rnmmiiiu nf Cnnimit.
II Uommil-
tees, which controls tho makeup of
the House Commlttets.
To lie Burled Iu (liicugo
Counting on his strength for
possible House upheaval when the
Republican majority was cut to less
than a score in the last election, nil
Irlends again set to work quietly in
his behalf, but the Illinois member,
- who, months before, bud declared he
never would accept the speakership
or the leadership, quickly ended the !'
move when he heard ot It by relterat-'
lng what he said then. That U would
lave required a powerful effort to
iiaVe reqUirea 'v
, . li k. k.j .nn. n.it tnr alth.
Kiettl U.u o - - - ---
ot these places, was the opinion
er Ot toese places, was mo up.u.ui.
w ha M In ttln HOUSe. . I
Funeral services will be held in uweusooro u. ..,... f
the House ot Reprtsentatives' chant- they were joined In marriage.. The the employ of the First National WE REPAIR STOVES If you! Mrs. Ernest E. Birkhead enter
her tomorrow afternoon, after which Rev. E. E. Smith, a Presbyterian Bank ot Central City, spent Thanks- have Heater. Cook Stove. Range talma tno Lad!t.,. Sodal rlub Bt her
the body will be taken to Chicago Minister of that city, performed the giving with her father. Dr. E. B. 0r Furnace out of order we can re- omu ou Ceuter glrt.e Kriday utur
tor burial. The funeral part will ceremony. Pendleton, and Mrs. Pendleton, of pair u for you. It makes no differ- umm , nonor of ,u.r 8lBluri Mr3. A.
leave Washington at : 50 p. m.. to-' The young couple will probably Hartford. ece what make, we can secure any y , Goouill , oI Charleston. Mo. Alter.
morrow, arriving In Chicago Sunday. to housekeeping at McHenry. at part for you. Have 'em put In or- a numuer of enjoyable games of
LMimley to Attond Fuurntl an early date, as Mr. Reynolds Is em-1 Mesdames. J. C.Gentry. Liver- der before cold weather. progressive rook most delicious re-
President Harding, the Supreme
Court, the Senate and other proml-
aent Oovernment omctalt will be in-!
vlted to attend the Xuneral services
'In the House chamber ,
News ot Mr. Mann aeatn was
shock to his Irlends at the Capitol.
and there were expressions t regret
from Republican and Democratic
leaders In both the Benata and HoUB
Former Speaker vannon saio Mr.
Mann was "the most lndustrlou.
faithful. Intelligent and useful loglj-
lator" he had ever known.
On learning ot the death President
Harding addressed a not ot sympa-N
thy to Mrs. Mann In which h ex- Mr aB( Mrs. Lennle Everley, of kins, of that city, spent front Wed- Matansas. Leslie Is a competent and record will be brought down to date ford. Route 3, to Ora Bella Thomas
pressed a sense of personal loss In Matansas, moved Into the residence netday night until Monday with Miss aniblD'ous young man and we predict during the year 1933. The avails- son, 34, Hartford, Route 4.
Mr. Mann's 4eatn and said thg na- 0f Mrs. Everlsy's parenU, Mr, and Glenn's patents, Judge and Mrs. J. for hint success In bis chosen Held of blllty of such records will be a very Jesse Trobus, 20. Roslue, to Klor
tloa kal lost as nVle, tearless acd Mrs. Joe C. Bennett, Saturday. , 8. Glenn, ot Hartford. endeavor. great convenience to the public. ence Crowder, II. Roslue.
devoted public servant.
The delegation appointed to nc
'company the body
Chicago consists of twenty-six mem-
Ibers of the House, fourteen of them'
'from Illinois,
(Speclai Hartford Herald)
Lexington, Ky., Dec. 2, 1922.
T V. -1 1 t ...... .... mnn nf Inhw IT
no. ...... ...
nrn-., hnkpr at Heaver Dam Kv '
uarnes, oanaer at Beaver iam, rvy.,.
nag been elected President of the
Junior Class at the University of Ky.
Marshall Is enrolled In the Law Col-
lege and will get his degree from
there In the spring of 1924. I
Besides being an unusuanygooa
student with a standing of "Distlnc-
tlon" t the University, Marshall Is
an athlete of no mean ability, hav-
'nS played on his class teams In both
'banket ball and baseball during his
resnman ana oopnomure ,r3,
and has signified his Intention of do-
ng so again this year.
He Is a member of the Phi Kappa
Tau Fraternity ana nousemanager
'at tne House oi me local cnapter. no
also belongs to the Phi Alpha Fra-
ternlty, organized in the college of
J taw. Also he is a member of the
"Mvstle 13." the Sophomore and
- -
Junior mnn'H Fraternltv.
I Marshall Is very popular on the
I . . l &
campus ana is active in an smueui
activities, as Is best Illustrated by
the fact that he was elected PresK
dent of the Junior Class. ,
He is undecided as to
what he
-m h u -hon ho itpi his decree from
, - ,
(Special Hartford Herald)
Lexington, Ky., Dec. 2, 1922.
Miss Martha Pate, Junior in the
'College Ot Agriculture ot the Un!
jversity of Kentucky, has' recently'
been elected secretary of the Junior
oeen eiecieu secretary 01 mo jumui
Class. Miss Pate Is very prominent
in student activities. She is sponsor
to the University Bund and has Just
returned from Knoxville, Tenn.,
where she went to sponsor the bana
Game. Last year she was sponsor
to a battalion and elected Queen of
- ,
Th Hrtfr.l rt School basket
The Hartford H.gh School basket
ball team, in their first game
or me
season at home, took the scalps of
the Fordsville High nve at ur,
ins rurunnn ..is..
Bean". Opera House last eunesaay
mgnt to tne tune 01 o to
llnral,t1thocrLls've,ly proved'
ball, but the locals aociff.veiy proved
their superiority. The Hartford
team la composed of the following:
Messrs. V.Tgll crowe. junior onum,
Charles Ellis. Earl Bartlett and Ar-
noia Linens
Kin u,u, nm, .....-
tive high school student, daughter
Mr. Jesse Hill, deceased and Mrs.
. . . j n,,,,,
HUI, Ot rtartioru, uu .r, )..iia.
M Revnolda. of McHenry.' accompa-
Keynoias. oi mcneary. .,uM
-- - -
;nled by the bride's mother, went to
1 r. .1 .. KT Oath mliapa
P'ye X ou M,,' lu"-
" '
,ad. o ... Hartford 'MrtS -
... n. h . .PcMfi.l
Jn the churuh yesterday.'
a,nner and wer, Mrved
.d , UrM Miwrtment of ,rtlcie,,
d U,
Derson patronising this
. ..,. .,n
. . d . d
enjoyable time. A neat sum was
realltad by the ladies.
. -, .' '
I 'DO 000000000000000,
Mr. 8. T. Harnett, who has been
seriously 111 at his home here, show-
ed considerable linprovemeut, on last
report. j
! Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Carson, city,1
'spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Car-
son's mother, Mrs. J. P. Foster, No-
. I .
If you are in need of a farm
wagon, don't forget the Owensboro
Wagon. None better made.
Mr. ana flirs. lorn caseiiier, oil
Central City, were guests of Mr.
Caseblr's mother, Mrs. Hulda Case-
bier and famly, city, last Wednesday.
TATE'S Always have the freshest
nu .- ublr, tn.r,, LruU.rnB,
Fruits, and Nuts of all kinds. Buyj Nana Floral Company, Owens-
for Christmas from them. 48-lt boro, Ky., Funeral work a Specialty.
Iwestern Kentucky's old reliable
; rvn muh rive iua ciuver uuj;
tu.. v.u.er am. i..,.Ut..y
49-2t Hartford, K-
Editor W. S. Tlnsley, Dr. J. R.
Pirtle and Mr. V. L. Fulkerson. Hart -
ford, spent from Wednesday until
Cnn. n tn.AH Dn...vli T 1 ,.. hl.n -
ouumj .vUUt,u
I Mrs. A
Mrs. A. V. Goodin and infant
daughter, Anne, of Charleston, Mo.,
are the guests of Mrs. Goodin's par-
V". Capt. and Mrs. S. K. tox, of,
' Hartford
Judge B. J, Bethurum, of Sonier-
set, counsel for the Kentucky Chief
t rroniDmon nturorrnmenr timcr. was
11 Z, , V ,
tin Hftrttord last week In attendance
1 -
at Circuit Court
v Dr- and Mra- J- A- uuff' of Dun -
left Tuesday morning of last
miBi uu wilt un uuutrr 11 raimtiii
tor some time.
Hon. I. S. Mason, traveling repre-
nve or tne ew r.ng.ana una
Insurance Co., is at his home here,
recuperating from an operation for.
tho romnvn I rf a litmnr
Mrs. John Lindley and daughter.
Mr. n.wnt Martin n,l th
little daughter, of near Llvermore.
visited Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Barnett
last Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Coyle, moved
WfirincaHflV. nf lust wepk. from tilt.
"V. -'' " " ' ...
asuington couutry, to tne noine
vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Rue-
Mrs. Robert Mason, suffered pain-,
....... , .
ful. though not serious, burns to one
, .
1 he i.i . !-
at Lexington, last we"ek.
Mr. and Mrs. James Daniel. Hart-
ford, Route 3, are the parents of an
eight-pound baby girl, born Sunday
26. The little lady has
been christened Emma Ernestyne.
See Tappan's Christmas Jewelry,
.1 a..!...
- r.
a rew very quaint art.c.e. too.-ana
you will nolle the price 'is down,
kurnra ..nil h... Innlra.l Inns
v.w. j "
AO 1 .
ATI..- ... 1 1 1 Dunillulnn uhn I m In
more, ana jonn a. Tayior. waning-
, ton. were guests Wednesday night!
l"d Thur8da3r of th'r brother' Mr-
j R. B. Martin, and Mrs. Martin. Hart-1
Mr. H. C. Bratcher. a former resl-
dent ot the Pattlevllle community,
but for the past year sojourning at
the guest of
ol" MT'' "uau- muu
Mr. caraen, oi near naruora.
Miss Leila Glenn a teacher In the
Central City High School, accompan-
led by little Miss Anna Francis Per-
000 quickly relieves Colds and La-
Grippe, Const Ipnt Ion, Illljousncns anil
Headaches. 47-13t
Mr. R. T. Collins, representing
the , Dnpont Powder Co., spent
Thanksgiving and the week-end wlth'was the guest of his aunt, Mr. T. S
his family here.
Mr. J. Russell Pirtle, of Detroit,
Mich., arrived Sunday to spend
about teu days with his parents, Dr.
ana .Airs. J. K. 1'irtle, nartiord.
I '
FOR SALE Registered Poland
China boar, 13 months old. Call
'and see this fine hog. Priced to sell.
49 - ltp Hartford, Ky.,
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Forman, who
have resided In Hartford during the
'past three years, will return to their
! country home near Narrows, the
iatter 1urt of this week.
norists, Mrs. j. i. uooaman, torn-
mercial Hotel, agent
ior riaruoru,
Mr. Gregory Wedding, traveling
salesman for the Axton-Fisber To-
1 bacco Co., of Louisville, spent the
week-end as the guest of his father.
' T 1 Y, n .1 XI.... 11... .1
juufo n. n. ncumus, nuu -
ding, of Hartford.
For your Xmas Gifts this year see
the finest line of Watches, Diamond
Rings and all sorts of Jewelry at
NICK T. ARNOLD, Jeweler,
Masonic Temple, Owensboro, Ky,
i Mary Warren Collins,
..m.. i mi r , .1
' " "
!.-.,... ..1.. oiunu r nn... ..11.. annnt
v,u,..... y,
I the Thanksgiving season with their
pa.eii.s. ... ...... .v. ..
I iMr. and Mrs. R. 11. Culley and son
Robert, of Stanley, Ky., and their
guests Mrs. Culley's brother, Mr.
Joseph Braden, and Mrs. Braden, of
McLeansboro. 111.
Mf nnd L (.
.night and Sunday.
MONEY TO LEND On farm land
,n a hIh 8tate of eltIon. where
the al rights ave not been sold.
at 6''i '''". " sy terms. See
UKIr r l l ll KKALTY CO.,
Masonic Building, Owensboro, Ky.
' 4C-tf.
. . . .
Have Mother and Father come In
, u
..u luei. oj
pair ot Classes for a Christinas Pres-
I.. ...
man auytiung.
J. B. TAPPAN, Optometrist.
jq i.
,m i... a p..,.j u.... ..... .....
jtaurant which he had been operating
. J..!. it 4
month, to W. E. Dunn, of Cromwell.
Mr. Tate has leased the City Restau-
runt, Hartford, from Mr. Loney Mln-
ton. who has gone to Florida.
Messrs. Lafe aud Virgil Grant,
merchants of Davidson Station, were
. ... .
recently accepted the Plt'on 01
traveling salesman for the Ko.l Gro-
...... r ... - ,.l,. Ml, . ...1 .
;ix ij vu., u. unniDi-ui u.
Itory consists of Ohio and a pjr'.ion
'of Hancock Counties.
salj-kk bhubi- tisu uiina,
Hartford. Ky.
Messrs.N. A, Yelser and Jn
Klu' clty' Hobttrt Tm,,ley nA Uly"
sea iTORueu, oi tue vtuhoiukiou,
community, who for the past tew
months bad been employed in the
construction of the Kentucky Tim-
ber Products Company. Louisville,
relur" lu """r "'
Mr. ,J. Leslie Hagerman, formerly
of Hartford, but recently ot Center-
town, has purchased the general
store of Mr. Lennle Everley, at
Master Dale Turks, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Marvfn Parks, who wax hurt
several days ago when his pony fell
on him, is Improving nicely.
Mr. B. A. Diignn. of Denver, Co!..
Marks, of Hartford, last week and
made the Herald a pleasant vis t
while In town,
.Mr. Robert Mason, or near lleav-
.. .
er nam, was rendered unconscious
i , r . , , ,
when ho fell from a wagon loud of
coal while drving along Main St.,
in Hartford, last Wednesday morn-
ing. He was tarried Into the Her-
aid olllce. where medical atteiit on
;as given htm. He soon revived
sufficiently to lie conveyed to
home, where he soon recovered.
The second week or tne regular
November term of the Ohio Circuit
Court .s under full headway and a
great deal of business is l'e'"S '-
posed of, though bo far the time lias
been consumed in
the main with
I criminal matters nnd there has been
only one jury trial. A number of
' malefactors have pleaded guilty.
whI!o othor prosecutions have had
t0 )e continued for various reasons.
Cjvj business so fur has been con-
. ..
nluj to matters in equ ty, no civil
trials having been set for
'earlier than today
Thc f0Ho'nK prosecutions were
..,;...,. f om lh. vs. Raymond
I Phillips; Com'th. vs. R. 11. llrown;
irum'th. vs. Arch Johnson. The la'-
ter 4nd'cted for false swenring. Wa
relaesed under $;.oO bond. Fred
i.Midkiff. who had been Indicted for
Ot having an illicit still In his posses-
... ., , r. 1
ston. pieauou Kiimy aim a .u.e,.
. ... . ..; ....
?1U ,, ,.,,i ......
Anthony Walker, indicted for as-
sau-t aim oauery. ..ueu
Albert Wheeler and tiowi ainrpny
I were each sentenced to one war i
the p,.,t..:;t!ary chared v.-!th steal-
lng an automobile belonging to R.
A. Owen.
The grand jury
has finally :ul-
wero guests of Journed after returning the follow
Barrett, Saturday ing indictments: Frank Roberts.
deserting infant ; James Carpenter,
.furnishing liquor; Roy Hlankenship,
operating automomie wane miox..-
rated ; Sarah Jane Stewart and Pearl
Long, maintaining a common nu.s-
ance; Elijah Render. Jr.. operating
nutomoiiue wbi;i iiini.Mcaieu ; ive.i
Ai buckle, having liquor for sale;
Henry Renfrow n:id Leslie Smith.
taking and ope rat,' 11 g automobile
without owners consent; Leslie
Smith, forcerv. (J. cases): Johnny
- "
I'uelps. false swearing; J'm llarve
Hamilton, obtaining money under
..,.. ,. vm-.i. n..,i,t..r ir
aiu -j
detaiuing a woman; Arch Johnson.
falso swearing; Frank rulliam, seii
'ing whiskey; Elza Murphy, devert-
'JIB llliaili: nei.iy ..uiiuii, ioi .
Raymond Phillip-. cutting and
woumllne w tlx intont to kill;
Anthony ttaiKer, assault mm ..-
lel'y! Alimony vuik. 1. "
"'auly weapon; S. S. King. Illegal
, manufacture of liquor; S. S. King.
having Illicit Btill In possession;
Wayland Brookins, shooting with in-
Uut to klll; W,U,1:"1,'! l'rooki"!, ('"r"
: .l.i.i. IK uii'innn . IVt)
rviUK luurcuiiu ut-.iu.i -
Elder, malitiious shooting; F. E.
B Oil.
. ...... ...........
.lltf. isiititir..ii r...ir.ii-
freshments were served to the mem-
bers of the club and a number of In-
vited guests. As ever Mrs. Birkhead
V"ei noste8S
County Clerk Guy Ranney has
recetvea rrom me otate uegwer ot
Vital Statistics and now has availu-
ble for public use at his olllce ninl
volumes of the records of births and
deaths In Ohio County during the
years lH to 1U, inclusive. This
pf7flQ Tfl t ff 1 lift
UUUZXlll) lli lUil II J
Hairs rosi
New .Michigan Senator Fcailess
In Spurning (j. 0. P. Yoke,
Friends Say.
(jjy CLRIC 1JEI.1.)
Washington Nov " iuh'...-
M ' " -M'l"--
mem ( Mayor "Jim" t'ouzem i
,.m!t t ,i. Sctiator.-hip left v.t-
cunt ,y Truman II. Newberry had a
Martiiiig effect today upon It publi-
..., Washington, some of the il.i.,
that dawned -u,,on observer here a
a result of Governor Groeahei
choice are the following:
! .Mr. Councils, a real Progressive,
according to his friends, "wear n
man's collar" in every sense and will
constitute a "one-mau 'nine" in tho
,,,, u.KiHlailvo boilv,
AIr c(,nzen.s according to h's
triciidn, will nay what he think with
mi.1i painful blumness ihat be - wi;i
probably be l in- most uimomilnr man
jn tlu, S(.;ltl, Wlihin six months."
Mr. Couzens probably will be cti
titleil to be called the "richest mau
in the Senate" in place of former
Senator T. Coleman tlu Pout of Del
aware. Mr. Coiizens, although reputed to
have made SSJ.uoO.thiu on less than
$, 0()) ht invfste(1 in thfi Konl elltt.r.
prise, will bring to the Senate with
him, because of bis avowed belief in
high waites, (he friendly sentiment
of a liirtie body of labor. .
Michigan men Inuilliar with tho
j t.avv.r ot nglitlus Detroit ..Mayor
( ael.Iare tll;lt ,itpite the fact that he
w, (.om(, ju aji a KI)lll)lu..,n s,.na.
, . ... . . amenable
,Q .v uisi.illllm, 0I. considerations
of ,,XI)(.uitncy. Thev assert with
tml,n.lsitl ,.,, th(, nlv V!V .
p,vs his poliil;.at Jiia(u- s . ...,U
,lim a ..tfw..mall ,,,,M... nnil ,,y that
ih.-y mean ilii.t IVimnrals and
tV..rttllw.,. ho !W th.,n the 7e-
publicans. .'Wer will be able, to count
upon him as a con-aant quantity in
their projects.
Oilier tUili-! recalled about the
new junior Senator from .Michigan
include the recollection that be oncn
made a speech decrying the fact that
the prohibition law worked one way
upon tiio.ie of taiiall means and an
other way on persons with greater
,,,.,.,,. lsillK llou,,,..
It Is also a.ii'erted that ".lim" I'ott
Zetis hiimclf is tiie man who Inaugu
rated the Fori! scheme of paying
employes of that industry a $5 daily
wane. Cou.vns, until 11U5. was
general mai:a. er of the Ford Motor
Company at a salary of ?15n,initt a
lienan As fur ( becker
Tilr. l'011.cns bewail iii., Inisiness
career as a car checker iu a Detroit
railroad yard. In lSMCi be was a
clerk in a coal yard conducted by
A. Y. .Malconiioii, known as the
"ungel" of the original Ford Corn-
1)alv collzl.llM WU!4 pi i,lto ,Ue
llon Hman enterprise to look after
the Malcomson Interests. He be
came a director of the corporation.
Later when some of the original
investors undertook 11 rcot'Knniza-
t'on. which resulted in .Malcomson
disposing of his liitere-its, Coiizens Is
said to have emerged with 10 per
cent of the slock holdings. More re
cently, when Mr. Ford bought other
stockholders, he is said to have given
Coiizens a cheek for $
the result ot $1,750 which the former
car checker had scraped together to
go into the original enterprise.
Mr. Coiizens" successful tight for
municipal ownership of the Detroit
railways is a part of his career better
known to the public.
MlssVlim Hamlet, daughter of
aM Mrs- Jou-iiamli of HaTt
Goshen community, were united in
mum age at the bride s home on
Thanksgiving Day, Rev. T. T. Fraa-
U(r. )U;1,or f the Methodist Church
ofliciating. Hoth tho bride and
groom 8ru moHt estimable young
poopie We Join their many other
friends In wishing the in the utmost
Wesley Dodson Howard, 23, Hart-

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