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Iowa territorial gazette and advertiser. [volume] (Burlington, Iowa Territory [Iowa]) 1840-1846, February 08, 1845, Image 3

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Ifr. CHQiiTi jkWI^l un
^Ht of oeusidrrsble length, reviewed*!*
^L «e from the origin of &e cUnl f»
ITuBitedSttt«^tyon806. He toot
As around that this claim was well found
that it was fully sustained by
of this government in giving
jpat Khersl and equitable construction to
grants. He examined the lan
xltoftbe deed from the Indians to Du
and coupling it with the language
7|)abaqae'i petition to the Spanish gov
gpxjr, the order of the latter to Todd to
Ifitir*'* aod report upon the nature of
the claim Todd's report that he saw noih
jMr impede the grant the full and free
teknowleogment of the Indians to General
tymnman- infull council, in 18( 6 that, they
^alnj the claim as valid General
Ifcfi iinr'i own letter, in which he says he
j, satisfied of its Justice and validity, and
fa he never had any doubt en tle sub
test all went to show that, however vague
(ad drfcient of legal technicality the writ
is! drawn up by a plain layman like Du
beaue n^ht be, the intention of all parties
was that of a consequence in fee of the tract
Mr. HUNTINGTON opposed the claim,
that the approval of the Spanish
governor extended beyond the right ac ,uir
y Dubuque from the Indians, and that
fgjgl ms merely of personal occupancy for
•ming, ami to the contents of such mines
should work. He also denied that
IB* sanction of the claim to the land in fee
could be derived from Gen. Harrison's
treaty or despatches, which treaty, in the
yfr^Lnal article of I806, merely reserved
l^e rights of parties claiming under Span
ith grants, not particularizing the Dubuque
yfrim, any more than other claims, that
night exist. The whole question, he con
sidered, conldbe summed up a few words:
what possible title could Dubuque derive
from the confirmation of the Spanish gov
ernor, or from the tre.ity of 18 4 and 1806,
that was not dependent upon and referable
te the fundamental ground of claim, the
deed from the Indians? That deed, after
all, was alone the title, and the only title.
But it neither sold, granted, or even men
tioned Use lacd in lee, directly or construc
tively it plainly stated its purpose to be to
give Dubuque the personal occupancy Ibr
abing purposes and no other construc
tisn, consistent with fact, and the obvious
neaniig of the language used in that iu
rfjoaent, could be given to it.
Mr. HENDERSON maintained that if
tack tirictness were resorted to, no Span
ish cfafcs that had ever yet come before this
gwsnment could stand the test. No one'
afthe many claims hitherto allowed had a
foundation more equitable than this. Such
claims had always to be construed in a lib
eral and equitable sense, and in this way
thn had hitherto been acted upon. He
fuUier expatiated the merits of the claim.
Mr. BERRIEN could see no reason why
tV* cLim was not allowed to take the same
casrse which had uniformly obtained in
tias class of cases. It had long been the
wttled policy of live government to refer
such claims to a board of commissioners
Ibr investigation and upon the report of
sach board it was tlie practice of Congress
Jeact. It cases where the quantity of land
chimed was not large, the recommenda
tion of the commissioners was almost uni
nmHy adopted. In cases of great »g
aiMb, like this, Congress had the benefit
sf the investigation of the commissioners
aad their re|ort for its guidance. There
was certainly no propriety in exempting
this eLim from that very safe and proper
Mr. BAG BY offered an amendment, the
object of which was to save the rights of
pqpenptioners on the tract, whose pre
emptions may be subject of dispute, or may
remain vet undecided.
Mr. FOSTER moved to by the bill and
amendment on the table.
This motion prevailed without a division
•nd the bill, with the amendment, was laid
the table.
Fraai the I, Y. Coarier and Enquirer.
Later from Canton,
The fast sailing ship Paul Jonas, Capt*
Wsllins, arrived at this port on Saturday
bom Macao, which port she left on the Is1
tf October, thus bringing intelligence a
*ontb later than was received by the over
bad route and by Mr. Cusliing. We have
Heaved our files of China papers to the
blest dates,—including Hongkong papers
•f the 27tli Sept. We understand that
Rstcher Webster, Esq. and the other ai
Wa of Mr. Cushing's mission, came out
s passengers. The Treaty concluded in
J«dy last by our Minister with Keysing,
At Imperial Commissioner, has been ral
Mhdby tlie Emperor and went into effect
•nlfce 2Sth of September at Canton.
the Friend of China, published at Hong
•a^^omments with great severity on tiie
•WM practised taw»rd3 the natives by
British. It slafes Uiat while Hong
kng was held by Bri«i«h troops, but before
it.vaa coded to Great Britain, a locality
bown as the Upper Bazaar was set apart
fc^ ^tive shopkeepers great numbers of
Vhom erected baMMgr there in couse
iepace of the urgent solioitations of Sir
Henry Pottinger. Soon after it Was found
"rrt iisiy to pull down the Bazaar, and Sir
^a»i ia accused of having loreed them to
Ji tneir property at auction, without 0ub*
BaMke, and of thus aUowing his ciea
te buy it for themselves. Under
Governor the work still goes on,
numbers of the natives are still
hdent of the Friend of China
gives an aeeount of UM baptism,
Mb$aetiar ter, often China
l~~' ]a |M^ersti^Qt«i
)ok and ewhimsed Chris
them are meaef high lit
—i and thewholehavebe«»
tuder^os« ^hAun infttruo
same ^paper says th^ two small
ve been
fijwIs^ateN latelvi reeeivfd.
Ma,lhal th^Merchants in
«d^[e2 tMr thet awrksl thak
fran tfia aaa
Oil that lliuil%llgi hsp
%J \"r•v*,%?F
from the N. Y. forold of Uu tliL
rive days dkr from Enrope.
By the packet ship Oxford, Capt. Rath
bone, arrived below last night, from Liv
erpool, with five day's la|er news.
The Puseyite excitement was not
that tlie church ought to predominate over
the state.
Private letters from Paris state that there
is on hand in Prance more manufactured
the market for tliree years.
man I'atliolic family n.aned Daly, had been
Mr. Samuel McKim was shot at his
own house, near Sligo, on the 3d uli., by
some person who fired through the win
dow—emotive unknown* Patrick Curren,
a substantial farmer, was rising from a
chair at the fireside of his house, at Gur
neen, near Clara, when he was in like
of &o ftatoriea, which lad toell civil rights, aader the vary' coastitik-
Murders and aseaaainairdil are inci^s- ^erL^*#*ii
ing to an alarming extent throughout Ire-1
The Morning Advertiser Uiat
Aram which no tioathey require him to swear to obey. It
*kA. J?1® apprehended. It ia remains to be seea now, whether they will
bought to have been written by some of the petition of his parents to be per
the disapointed Chineae scholars, who tnitted to visit him, and allow hhn the at
Ipve great mfluesoe over 4ba pMple.
ejected. The Shepards, who seem to, the righteous, in peace and in fait hope of a o
have been three brothers, received a notice "ous
w»rnitigtlieni„ct toUk. potion if the. iStftS &
valued Uieir lives. hen they proceeded the Lord from henceforth yea, saith the spirit,
to the lands, a second notice was served that they may rest from their labors and thei
upon them to the same effect. But being
a numerous family, and nothing daunted,'
and Nenagh.
A faction fight (00k ploce, tlie other day,
in the churchyard of Ballinaltig, in the
sou'h of Ireland, a large number of inftt-*
riat^d men savagely figging over a corpse
manner wounded in the arm, shoulder,1 cles for cakes, pastry, &c. for families.
and breast, by a hall and some slugs. On
the 3d, James Murray and John Kennedy,
brothers-in-law, quarrelled about some
land which they held jointly there was a
conflict among the friends, and Murray
received a mortal blow, of which he died
on the 5th. An armed party entered the
house of Joseph Burk, at Douraa, in
King's county, on Friday, during the
man's Absence, fired shots over the head of
his wife, destroyed some seed-wheat, hay,
and agricultural implements, and left word
that Burk had better prepare his coffin.
Tipperary produces its usual current
list of "outrages." A man has
Qov. Dorr has Refused the Insult*
iui offer of tlse AlgeriM Tyrants.
By Uie following, from the N. Y. News,
it will be seen that Gov. Dorr refuaed his!
liberty at the kiss of his honor He de
mands the rights and liberties of a free
man, before be will accept of the boon of
leaving the prima walh. That liberty he
demanded tor others in Rhode Island, he
demands for himself, aod rather than sac
rifice it, he will periisli in the walls of a
loathsome prbop:—Ohio Statesman.
]b^ seen fcop^
pected by hi# founds,
liberation from prison oft the totsat
him by the mean tyranny of hie
eiohew mae.
Ge»9tfs-ir Sept-
otlb^col)imn, tWtithe nol
hoaor efWhaeo asm* akme redeems.his
unworthy little State from 4he shame of
her ptirsfebttitm of him, has, as was ex-
wish or nope might be Di
adhe beea an of auoh
id viger af Ineltb, al to be
4B.|Widdh»veae hssitsriae bi |re»
eifcotildfe—uu jncbtfrst#
flu® iccotiQtffit
V. .-
tendanoe of his accustomed &mily physi
cian. Who* from the spirit of all their
past treatment to him, era venture to in*
dulge much hope that they will?
What a curious thing a Prwkr is!—He
stmdt when he Mb, and sets when he
dmdti when he wishes to set with
ease he alwws siandt erect. It is, how-
A New
t» ere are 18 or 20 sUunch Pusevkes in the Ppeffcr»hortD«n- An exchange
House of Commons, ready to maintain
On his return he saw tlie horses stray
ing about and the door partly shut. He
called to his brothers, but they did not an
swer and fearing to enter the house, he
ran to the next police station for aid. The
houses were entered, and one brother was
found lying in jt, his he. smashed by a
spade and all the arms had been taken
away. The body of the other brother was
not found till Saturday it was lying in a
ditch, the head also smashed. A coroner's
jury Itaving returned a verdict of "wilful
murder" against ''some person or persons
at present unknown." «u«»uso win oe oeiiverea oy ».
by a'l who knew him he died asdieth
fT^HERE will be a meeting of the Journey
««n Carpenters of this «Uy on Tbursdny
evening next, at 6 o'clock, in the New Hotel fee
which had been brought to the churchyard Feb. 8, '45 Hawkeye copy.)
for interment. The two parties had
lought on a similar occasion, but had been
put to flight by the police before mischief
was done in the churchyard they battled
until one man was taken away insensible,
aud many others had received severe inju
have just received some cloth coats,
cassimere, cassinette, jeans and giraffe
cloth pants. Vests of all kinds, shirts $c. all
of which will be sold very cheap for ready pay.
Feb. 8. 45. sign "Great Western."
Te the Ladies.
°+r :,:•* z: ?,i% ••,: #$t, rf w 0,\:.r: *•.
"y* ^1#rie"
and observes that no
woman objects to Hy-mm.
In'Wapello county, I. T. Jan. the 30th 1840
Protestant family named Shepard had ta- I In thia city on the 2d in*t.,Mr. DAVIS SHARP,
ken a farm of Mr. Fawcett, near Baila-
g/itjvl Murders and (hdrngts.— inst. Mr. JONATHAN GAKKISOK, a most worthy
Frightful murders disgrace Ireland, a
U» thU city on Wednesday morning the 6th
*Dl^ two small chi dren with
^ro® dead. He lived a life
do fo ow them."
th«y provided U^elv,. „i/,rm. „d
ammunition, and took possession their throwing back to each otber and to every eye the
first precaution being to make the roof of
the house fire-proof outside with clay, and
httea of
»orninf *»rth
the rainbow such in Heaven
thpn lmrinir „L i ,.i. i small ia himsc f, but all like so many polished
,, gun-holes through different gems sparking with a ce estial brightness and
parts ol the wall and while at work in reflecting to each other and to a'I around the
the day time, one brother standing senti- glories of the Sua of Righteousness."
nel with loaded arms, while the others
were employed. Ambrose, one of the
brothers, went off on Wednesday or Thurs
day week, to fetch a cartload of furniture
and his family.
**ch 'rd5e}
On the 4th inst., SABAH FKAKCES, infant
daughter of Moses W. and Martha Robinson,
aged thirteen mouths.
Thy litile prattling voice, thy playfalaeas aad
no:»e, «r« dent hem
Kw wrapt ia ailent gloom, in the dark and nar
row lamb, thou art there.
But tlir apirit taok its flight op to world* of aad
leas light, there to prt-ite
And above bit hl«ird iawe, who was once far
linners alain,all thydaya.
Then *hy tlioald any mourn, or wieb far thy re
taru, here be tow
Where there's naught but care, aad pala be I witb
Christ, and there to reign,
A long list of outrages, varying in de- evening, February 10th, at 7 o'clock.
grees of atrocity, are announced as having tua. By order of the Board.
occurred in the neighborhood of Limerick W*. B. REMEY, Sec'y.
Members with their ladies wilt please be punc-
WATER, Lavender Water, Palm
and Almond ?oaps, and a rreat vi
elegant and deliaious articles for the
from New Orleans, wr sale aa
died from
the effects of a savage beating administered'
by a number of men, on the 19th Novem
ber, after a quarrel at a public house. An
other man has been beaten by four ruffians,
near Lisbony, and his life is despaired of.
Four armed men attacked a house at
Scragg, but were repu sed land was the
cause of this assault.
at variety of
Toilet, just received at the City Drug Store.
ALSO, Preserved Citron, Isinglass, Irish
Moss* ac. ftc. forming a general supply of arti-
apply of fres
ALSO, a stna' I supj
New Orleans
Feb. 8th. 1845.
FEIT of these delicate perfiisses for sale
the City Drug Store, by
Feh. 8th. 1845. J. READ.
Religions Lectnres.
Rt Rev. Bishop Loaas will continue the
course of Lectures on the doctrine and discipline
of the Catholic Church, during the month-af
February, on Sundays, at 7 o'clock, P. M.
MEETING of the Jowa ffietorical and Ge~
vlogical Institute will he held on Wednes
day evening, Feb. 5th, at 6 o'clock.
A. D. GREEN, R. 8.
Froih l^ensons,
RECEIVED and for aale et the City
Drug Store, by J. READ.
feb 2 '45
llooey Dew Chewing Tafeateo,
just received and for aale at the City
Drug Store, by [feb 1 -45] J. READ
Guardian's Notice.
JOSEPH ROTH, Gaardiaa.
feb 1 MS—Jt
~Estray N^ice.
'jpAKEN UP by Andrew Sullivan, liv
ing in Bnrlingtoa fbwaahip, eertain ee
cattle, ee follower—One red ox silk
white faee, poi n ta of both boraa, aisooth crop
of each ear, slit fa the
whiu .....
of each ear, slit
e prisoner, the
8 years aid.
value (9. One ox, aame H»arkS,red sides a«J
line back, 6 yesra old value $9. One red
white specks crop off right ear yeahr
petsone indebted to tbe Srai of Mat.
gae lk_ Hena for sabeetiptfap* te
••Territorial GAsewej** adverdslggyks
Lnr or lummmm
•A to him. As it Waa, we wefV {fi^d(id fernaa* cadsrfy. ..Oa*. Wi
ai' Oa of his! *'$!£$&
thaiiidkHrit» of^liis
rsqeartsii ta asaka paysiwM festiiirihlt to tin
aadetaigied or their ageaia, asher^tne eol
lectiona will be eaforaed br law bitlmst
reeaect te peteegi. Aa indalgasies Sfbe
te be'etpbctsd oe Maall aasasata S»H jih
Shall bo oar excaaa where aad whaw
yariai to
«. u«H Bepaei, Bm. Augaata. Qs» dahs
ota id^Na Moieiseoaaty, wiihtha
thono who reeeivod thetr
i ta, caa cail esMlfMfsIt^
hfthe aa-
TAIW UP by «tth Hay. rf Adbrtee Mtafe.
fowa. jwoSwm,
oM.enpaf «er.a*i»ta ia th» left rtppaJTS
h* tors oatt whita UM taddAf tatt urf
nov 9 *44, Jefferson street.
persons indebted to the estate of B. F.
Wood, deceased, are notified that their
notes wil be left with aa officer for col *ctk»n
anless paid within a raasonab e tiaie after the
same become due. LYMAN COOK,
jaa 18 '45—3t Atfy for Administrator.
LARGE lot of Ladies' and Gentlemeas*
Addles, on hand and for sale very cheap
at the [fan 18 '45] GREAT fPEffTEJlN.
Wholesale Houses—Kew-York.
Subscribers are now amp'y prepared
with full STOCKS of GOODS in their re
spective departments, peculiar'y suited to the
wants of Southern and Western Merchants.
The large and varied assortment which the
New York market affords to purchasers, presents
a superior opportunity for a choice se ection,
and on terms
IR »1)
May thy memory still be dear, and thy wage *1
•rayt near, ta our view 4
And way each returning year, remind ns of this
tear, shed for jea.
The &th Lecture before the
Sociatibn will be delivered by S.
Room As
uaa, Ei
respects as favorab e, to say
the least, as any other market.
Southern ana Western MtrchtnU» are assured
oT our determination to please, if possible, all
who are in search of Spring and Summer Sap.
piit*—and are respectfully invited to examine
our several stocks and prices.
Silks and Fauty Goods.
Car'eton, Frothineham, Co., No. 172 Pearl
street, corner or Pine St.
Bowen 4 McNamee, 16 Wi liam, corner of
Beaver street.
Straw Goods.
6. M. Peck, 146 Pearl street J'
Staple and FancyDry GoodsmtZ.'
Parsons & Lawrence, 129 Pearl street and 82
Beaver, a few doors below Wall street.
Bradner ft Co., 160 Pearl street, near Wall.
John P. Stan a Co., 182 Pearl street
F. S. a Lathrop, 62 William street, corner
of Cedar street.
Doremus, Suydam fc Nixon, No. 39 Nassau
street, corner of Liberty, opposite the Post
C. W. a J. Moore a Co., 207 Pearl street)
four doors above Maiden Lane.
Nelson $ Graydon, 61 Cedar street, next door
to the new Post Office.
J. W.tR. Leavitt, 166 Pearl street.
Cloth*, Cat tuners, Fluting and Summer
Wilson G. Hunt a Co., No. 82 William st.,
corner cf Maiden Lane.
F. S. Winston a Co., 138 Pearl street For
eign and Domestic Woolens, Vestiogs and
Pantaloon Stuffs.
Hardware and Cutlery.
Cornell, Brothers, 269 Pearl, corner Fulton st.
Wolf a Gillespie, 193 Pearl st., near Maiden
Hyslop a Brother successors to Robert Hys
lop a Son, No.1220 Pearl street, above
Maiden Lane. n.
IT. I. Buck, 209 Mad street, four doors above
Maiden Lane: extensive Manufacturer and
Importer of Saddtery, Harness and Coach
Henry Bayiis, 106 Maiden Lane, Manufac
turer and Importer of Needles and Fancy
Wetmore a Co., 79 and 81 Vesey and 205
Washington streets: Importers and Dealers
in Hardware, Bar Iron and Steel.
John Van Nest, successor to Abraham Van
Nest, 114 Petri street, Hanover Square: Im
porter and Dealer in Sadiery, Coach
Harness Hardware.
Importer of French^ and English Staple
Lewis Cohen, 138 frilUam street, two
doors from Fulton.
Importers cf Watches, Fine Cutlery, Jewelry
and Plated Ware.
Ball, Tompkins
of fresh Lemons, direct
above, by
Black, (late Marquand
CO.,) 181 Broadway.
Fellows, Wadsworth a Co., No. 17 Maiden
Boots, Shoes, Leghorn and Palm Bats,
Caps, Bonnets, ire.
Shipman, No. 37 Nassau street,
opposite the Post Office.
Calvin W. Bow, 131 Maiden Lane.
D. a A. Wesson, 157 Pearl st., near Wall.
Spofiord, Tileaton
Co., 149 Water street.
Backs and Stationery.
Huntington a Savage, 216 Pearl street.
Collins, Brother A Co. S&4 Pearl street.
Pratt, Woodford a Co., 63 Wall streetfc."
Importers of Fancy Articles, Brashes,
Combs, Perfumery, 6fc.
Wm. H. Carey a Co., 186 Peart street, op
posite Cedar street
Spelman it Fraser, 136 Pearl street,—also
Cutlery, Buttons, Ac.
A H. Wsrd Co., (formerly Baillv, Ward
A Co.,) 41 Maiden Lane.
Levi Cboft* Co. 138 Pearl street*—alt* But
tons *c.
Manufacturers and Dealm*. in Drugs,
Medicines, Paints and Dye Stuffs.
Haviland, Kees 4 Co., 80 Maiden Lane.
H. H. Scbieffelin A Co., 104 and 106 John st.
j. i .1. F. Trippe, go and 92 Maiden Lane.
Hoadley, phelpa a Co. 142 JVater street near
Maidon Lane.
given, that Florence
Roth, Des Moines eoanty, I. T., ban,
by ibe decree the Court of raid
eoanty, been declared 10 be ineane, and the
underaigned has by the ordec^f aaid Coart
been appointed the Guardian Of the peraon
and citato of the said Floie.tee Roth.
Wood ware, Baskets, Src.
J. B. Wiodle Co., Maiden Lane.
Wholesale Grocers.
J. A A.'Lowery, 121 Front street
Wines, Liquor*, Segars, Fine Groceries, 4'c.
A. Biniager a Co., 141 Brondway.
C*trw, Glass and
Henry W. Hsydoelt, 276 Ml street.
sydock, 276 Mi
VmbrtUas, Src.
Richard McNaatee, No. 16 William street,
Maaafactursr aad Dealer ia Umbrellas,
Parsaols, Stock*, Linens and- Straw Goode.
Charles DaviSj 194 PeSrt street, Manufacturer
aAd Wholesale Dealer ia Umbrellas.
Henry Keep, 122 Pa*rf street, successor to
TbomSs Gamer, Manufacturer and Dealer
ia Ca^trellas andifPvaaMs.
*aitoi XaaaJWanafae
Iadia Rubber Suspenders
Horpce HUDny^
tutor of Palest
and all kinds of India RaMer Goods.
Firth, Hall APbod-No. 2S9 Broadway,
0- V ^.
S$&sf -fr'l.r5*
wfciu oa tb« belly »*d laaka. jflw oaa
briadl* «l«r In yrara aidt iihoI th* rirht
•ad swallow fork ia tha left ear and a amall
mat ajar ihj. Uft«fa.whi*eq« back mm4 |a|.
ly whb HUali boras. No after ^a,
jaa It *45—31
aaarka nr brands
Appraised at ewbteen 4altin.
have jort rn^da large nad splendid
assortneat of VuMm and Cutlery of
all descriptions, among which will be found 10
do* Collins* St Bcatty's axes, 100 dec heavy door
butta, 100 do* screws, 150 pcreaaaioa cape,
90 dot asst table and tea spoons, mill and eraaa
e«t saws, band and eomaaas do, 300 straahiuas.
lb sid irons, chissels/ augers, sboVal.W
tongs, steelyards, broad axes, carpenters and
coo pars adzes, fcc. Parsons wishing to bay
baildinc omtariala are particularly an»eetad to
eaU befora buying ataewhere.
KW- !•.
the seaaan ta advancing we have determin
«o aatl goads a little cheaper thaa tkev
have *«ar bwi 11M be re for tbe read'
bare a lam atackotaM kind* •it.,
Groceries, Hardware. Boots and Sbaea, Hate and
Caps, Ready Made Ciotbiag, and ahnoat even
article kept ia a alara. Alt yon ibat «aat Mod»
call and see as before ^aa bi]
jaa 11 *45 *t?AHRETT ft CO.
Ad •simiatrator's Notice*
"fcTOTICE is hereby given, that the aadersign
i*. *d has taken oat letters of administration
Mi thfe aetata ol Jacob Letter, deceased, late of
Dee. Moines county, I T. All person indebted
to said estate are hereby notified to make imme
diate payment to the undersigned} and all per
having claims against said estate are re
quested to present the same to the undersigned,
or to the Probata Cbort for Des Moines county
within nine months from this date.
jan 1! *46—3t
Wiehiag yoa all a bSpp* aaw
would most respectfully inform
following articiea for
yon that I have the
sale and manv more
Very Cheap at Wholesale and Retail
14 hhds beat N O. Sug«r
tOO aacks Rio, Havanna, St. Domingo
Old Government Java, Old Sumatra
aad Mocha Coffee
boxes while and Havanna 8»|»r..f^O
5 bbls. Molaaaes, 3 bbls Vineear
900 bbla Kanawha Salt Nn.
WO eels common teas, 200 seta edged platea
35 dos bowls various sixes and paiterna,
creams, chambers, pitchers, uappiee, white
granite coffees, platters, &c.
1 dfs. fine sesl and otter caps,
I do*, nutria and 1 dos fine muakrst do
3 do*.Ola Bull and 3 doe Canada caps,
12 dci. common muskrst do
Mens' children*' and iafante' cloth aad sal*
vet caps
1 do*, new atyle Casaimere Hits,
1 da. round crown drab do
Silk, Russia and fur hata and bat eas*e.~
Fine blue and black wool dyed cloth
Tweed, black caaeimerea,
Ribd and diamond, Paris, cord, black, lilue
gray do.
Beaver snd pilot cloth, sbeepa' gray
Blue and brown filled cloth, aatinetts
Jean*, hard time*, ailk and fancy hdkfe
Red, white, green and Canton Flannels
Superior eilk velvet and common veatings
Fancy and plain alpaca*, Gro do Swiaa
'V®** sdgings, lawns, jaoMette
White and colored cambriea
8triped and plain Swiaa muslins
Very fine Irish linen, gingham
New atyle of American prints, checks
Plaida, liaseya, bed ticking drilling
Domtatic, blanket*, eaavata, padding
Sileeia, brown Holland, worated and silk
coat aad vest cord and bindings, ailk twiei
thread, tape, aportmg buttene, cord, horn,
snd gilt coat aad veet buttona, ivory, horn,
and German
and mittens.
Mena* and boys' boots and brugane
Gentlemene' elippere
Womena' ealf bootaea and kid ahoea
Ladies' fine kid, leather and gaoibrope slip
Naila. brada, epikee, Norfolk «i»4 Ameri
can latchea, blind fasteninga, Parl'i hinga,
butta and acrewa, window eprings, doori pad,
till, chest, cupboard and trunk locks, filea
rasps, hammera, hatchets, aies, augera, chis
eela, gimblets, screw drivera, brad awla,
tacks, floats, butcher and ahoe knivea, mill,
croas cut aud haa^ aawa, saddlera awla,
wool cards, cattie carda, curry combe, and
irons, tea kettlee, etew pans, fry pans, hollow
ware, euperior aad common table and pocket
cutlery, German eilverand iron table end tea
epoons, coepera adxaa and butta, hair, dothea,
counter, blaekiiig and scrubbing brushes
wood and metal liquor gates, purcassion eapa,
flints, aad many articles aot mentioned.
220 tbeusand fee and 20 sawed pine
Lath, A part of this Inmber ia of a very su
perior quality of clear stafTfrom tbe Big Bull
Falla, Wisconsin River, and will be sold at
the loweet ratee for caah or produce.
I return my aineere thanae for peat favors
and solicit a continuation of your patronage,
and I wiah you all not only one happy new
year, bat a great many,
1 have a large atock of goode and am very
anxious to sell and will eell cheap in ex
change for wheat, cam, oate, flaxseed, dry
hides, beee-w«x, aad the *rool of all eviP—
money—will aot be refused.
Burlington, jan 4 '45
Corse Jt liarriHMMs,
their thanks to the citisens of
Iowa and Illinois, for the liberal share of
public patronage which they have received, and
embrace this opportunity of informing them that
they have removed from their old stand, on Jef
feraon street, to a more commodious building,
sitaated on the corner of Valley and Main sts.,
ired to famish at the short
iption of Carriages now ia
when they are psepaiad to famish at the short
ay aescriptioB
us#, the workmanship and durability of which
est notice, any
MirtAoure, Tin and
have been fully tasted in this vicinity and need
no farther recommendation.
They have just received a good aad general
assortment of materials from New York, Pitts
burgh snd Wheeling, of the latest style, to wit:
lace fringe, patent leather etiptic swings, ac.,
Ac., which will enable then to fhrnish work at
rates to suit the purchaser. Produce of every
description taken in paymentfar wwk,
may 18 '44—6m
BARRELS of seperiaeCour expressly for
,00 consignment end for sale
jane 22 *44.
jfiO family ni
low for cash, by
satin, cassiinere,and mcrinoyeats. fbrsi
•cheap at tlie GREAT fPE&TEltN.
nov 9'44
J. Ww
.« »r^ vt J*
Bar from-
tons assorted Teaaaaass bar iroa, ia atore
aad for aale cheap, at the new store oa W»,
ter b«low je&raoti stasaft. 4. Gu UvMAN.
oct 5 '44
Beware of CoM lhw»neh
have just opened two cases gam elastic shoes:
and over shoes for ladies andgentlesnen, aad
sorted sines aod qualities, which I will sell cheap
foe caah or produce. J-G. LAUMAN,
l^tREEW aad dry hides, beeswax, hatter and
W eggs, wheat, oate, earn, and coaatry pro
duce generally, tor which the highest price will
be paid at the new store, Water, below Jeflbnma
street £oct3'44] J. O. LA UMAN.
Selling OS at cost.
^TISHING to change mr bneiaeee against
Spring. I will c'oie my etock «f Ury
Goods, Ronta and Shoea, Htrdware ac. at eeat.
j*n 4 '45 JOHN 8. DAVID.
Queens ware.
Hhds asB*d common enaml'd and vbhitegraa
ite ware put up for the country trade, far salt
by the package, by
nov 9
aacke G. A. Salt, 400 T. I. 8alt
£0 boxes Tobaeeo, varioue qcalitiee
4 bags Sumatra pepper, spice, cinnamon,
doves, cocos, soap candles, alum, coppers*,
indigo, madder, ink and inkpowders, painie,
oils. Ac. To those who wish far a euperior
article in 'he Grocery line, I would atr, try
mine, yen will find ihem good aad cheap.
for sale
subscriber woald respectfully inform
the citizens of Burlington and vicinity that
he has opened a Shop in the white house imme
diately westof Mr. Maura's store, on Wash
ington street, where he will keep at all times a
genera* assortment of Saddles, Bridles and Har
ness, and every article in his line of business,
which he will sell low for cash or country pro
duce. Repairing done low and on the shortest
notice. I have also, a lot of plasterers' hair oa
hand and for sale, cheap.
nov 30 '44—ly J. M. BERRY HILL.
Produce Wanted.
will pay the highest market price fir pork,
corn, dry hide,, betiwu, feather*,
butter and egg«, and all knd» of produce deliv
ered at oer store, st£u
the Cirr.'l Wei tern,
oci 36 *44 W A JtftKTT a Co.
T^O serve in a small private family, a girl of
1 from 9 to 14 years old. Parents who are
desirous of binding out their children for a term of
years, can hear 01 an opportunity by applying at
sept 14 '44 THIS OFFICE.
Come Again:
*LEVKLANP'8 Celebrated
Wi rranted ia every instance to perform a
cure. The motto i*t '\K»i cure, no pay."
oct 36 '44
and gut coat aad veet buttona, ivory, born,! .bulled cloths, black, Ac., shaded alp
wood and German silver conma, hoae, gloves,
School Books and Superior Stationery,
Boots and Shoes.
A lerge assortment of whip
•apply received by TALLANT,
nov 16-44 Wattr. at.
eonaignment and for aale low, del.
nov 30 '44 J. F. C. PEASLEY.
for aale at ibe Drug Store.
subscriber is now receiving his Fall
,Winter Stock of Goods direct from
the East, which in addition to the stock on
renders the assortment very desirable vis:
Plain and figured beaver pilot cloi
Assorted broad cloths,
New style cassimeres, cassinets#
Jeans, fiannels, linseys, kerseys,
assorted, ailk, fancy vestings, calii
assorted, ginghams, and fancy
snawis, ribbons, bonnets, veils, glove,,
with a good assortment of Domestics.
ALSO—Hats and Caps.
•Agency A(M Inrurance Company, Bartfori,
P"| ^HE subscriber having been appointed agent
JL for tbe above company i« prepared to in
sure sgsinst loss or damage by fire dwelling
houses, stores, barns, mills 4rc., 4c., at as low a
rate as any similar institution.
From the known ability and punctuality of
this company in adpisting all losses covered by
them, those wishing to protect themselves
against loss will find it their interest to insure
through this office.
24 '44 Jgent*
Burlington, Any.
(Hawkeye copy)
For Sale.
West half of the south west quarter of
section thirty two in township seventy
one, north of range three west The above
described tract contains eighty acres of excellent
timber land fiear the centre of Des Moines
sept 7 '44
Look Out.
those indebted to me, either by note or
book sccount, will save cost by paying up,
I am compelled to collect Wheat, flax-seed,
hemp, dry hides, bees wax or cub—one or the
other I must have. The market price will be
allowed for tbe above produce.
aog 24 '44—3t JOHN 8. DAVID.
jpORTY Sacks Ko Coffee, tt
6 hbds Prime N. O. Sugar,
40 bbls N. O. Molasses,
10 half chests Young Hyson aad lap. Tea,
100 lbs 9panish Float Indigo,
lO wiadow glass,
76 boxes 8
20 10 by 12
1000 lbs sole leather,
lO boxes asst Virginia tobacco, 7*'
10 balea cotton batting,
10dos paiated buckets,
For sale by W. F. COOLBAUGH A Co.
nov 9'44, Jeffacson street
VE Tbouesntf-goed corn fed Hoga—alee
dry hidee, flax-aeed aad beee
wai, far which the highest market price
will be paid ia caah or goode by the eab
acribera at their atore ia Burlingtoa.
aMt aad for sa)e lew,
1. isit
Jeferaoa ft.
aov9 '44.
UST Received at the Cttv DIM Proas,
from Wrrsean.1 A Biumnts. Philsdel
ia. n foseh aseortment af
OHN S. DAVID, Geaeret Forward mr ano
ComSsiaaion Merchant, Dealer in Grocerie*
Dry Goods. Pndens ar. 9m., oa Wrist, bHwea*
Washington and Columbia Street*, 6«iVsrtoa.
Iowa. rhfaach IS, Mt,
Dntton fttaa
pepp«.. aSspioe
5^ a»weeal(
BQt pfjpmersjtsp
r,^ri» (.* rv.Wsv""
Last Nottoa.
indebted j* me. either tm aote w
book aeceaet, at* earaestlv Mfarsmd la call
aa« aetlle their dara,aed aave eeeta, A» the tear
.be balansaSb
W. M.lyroK.
fpEW THOVSAMO ^arsHniati t|se
I c«t and dry ae^ 1 kava this
ceiired per steamer St. rwi* MJOa ScssiKe#
the foHawing choice hraeds.—SSNTLTT^
eht, Canoaes La {forma, jtasfti Oiasa
Cagadores, TiabusasTietoria, Mttk LaUsaawi
Princtpas. Ji«1hst h|(lMll, Mbh Gat
aad Dry
snuff fc. ^c. which wiU be
sold low, wboleaala or satsH at flIf New Stsea
on Water Mat JkSbrsoa st.
aor» J. «. WfiJMJN.
R^KlVtU) a tail a iiawat^
Queeaewar^. vrsy aboan for eaah sr
produce, fnov 30 '44] WESLEY. JON
I I) SBI^Ciaciaaati Roottted WhiakOfi
fur aaia i«w, by
nov 30 '44 |OHN 9. PAWD*
CASKS Saperiot Ftenet* ((randy,
5 bbls. N. Y..rh de
lor sale lew, by iNO. DAVID.,,
nov 30 44
THOUSAND I be. CoiMa Yasas
aale law by the beg «r bench, by
nov 30 *44. JNO. 8. nAVID .,
0|~| PfLS. New t)'lesn» 8»y*e, 5#
Rio, Havanna and Laenayr-t tsfcr,«
eale, by rnov:0 44] JNU. UAVIfX
Pork! Potkff
W1LL pay the highest market price for 4)1
Pork delivered at my packing hoase, oa
Waler street. Thoae owing mo oa note as
book account, or T. David, caa settle the
same in Pork, Dry Hides, Beeswax, Wheat,
Oats and Corn, or any kind of prodaoo they have
to spare. We are anxious to close ear books,
and would be pleaaed to do so without auitsa
and I hope those knowing themselves indebted
to either House of J. S. David oi H. T. David
will aettle the same, as our books awat be cloaefc
nov 23 '44 JOHN S. D-SVID,
Fresh Shad.
Ague ffrmedr,
RE( KIVF.n f,w bhls. fr«ah
direct from
Rahimora. a part of «*Hia
win b» sold at retail, |f, ti, DEVOK,"
aov 1« '44 HI
—-r- -——in 1 •. am
Mackinaw and Rose
etc, just received and for sale cia
H"M. GARRETT 4r Cd*,
sign of Great Western?"
oct 5 '44
New Fall and Winter Goods*
GaaaKTT A Co have iust received thdir
stock of new Ml and winter goods
which makes their aasorttneat agnia coaphS^
all of which will be aold very cheap for anil.
all kinds of country produce.
nov 9 '44, j1
SPLENDID article of French eto«hi!
also Weat of Ei
also Weat of England (wool dyed)anv
hand and for ssls cheaper thaa the ebeaa.
eat, at tbe caviv atvAwaavi'.
ear 9 *44
and many new and fancy goods,
sbawla hand and for sale at
aov 34 '44 GARRETT a Ce»e?
of baitoaa, aeedleo, aiafei^
thread, combe, boesety, |a«4 rl iniMI
aseortment of artificial flowere eale at the
nov 9 '44 GREAT WESTERN.,
BBLS. Vinegar juK received per
ft Croix, lad for sale by
oct IS '44 J. O,
Cloths & Cassimeres.
Fig'd an ptein Pilot Clalbs.anfs
f«»«y Caaameroa, Caaaiaetnnd Jeans.
Cotton Yarn &
Batting. Sale ami Upper
celebrated rer
esle by
u*"A S|
CHOICE city cured Hams foe aale
(March 3) JS DAVID.
OH %towa
tor sal*-, by
Wet 5 41
•etS *44
HUNDRED Lba. CoHoa two ami
2t, WK8CJBY MJfIA •,
oer, Niiila, GIOM. ai». I.•
Cloves, and Ciuni
oct W,
Ajspfee and Peppw, IfntmeJ^
weslet JOH#a
Farmers now Uthsthis ta rtT
caals for yonr Wksat
highest market price ia caah wiU ha
aug 10,
4oaeignmeat and for saVatew i./l
superior Mieeoari Tebaeao, "'Ntlf
J.J?. C.
/^OJf Meal, Back wheat ^.1"*''
V.SIW Tallow and Ur
hand and for aale by ••notaatly sa
WW Charry, as
^OtB® PI1TS.
Jk N exqyi»,,# ,r,ic|# I„
honaa af. Wetherill A brother* TMmZSI?
o a a a a a e v S w n u
Md^fwa llolaa^i
'9s» nKvnB''
GREAT WWT«#jivo«
on haad aad tot
ddt «'44 WaOAWtlY^
KCEIYED aad foe aAh wi
lwr.es eaa w

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