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Iowa territorial gazette and advertiser. [volume] (Burlington, Iowa Territory [Iowa]) 1840-1846, June 14, 1845, Image 2

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in «o»qtiH,
.thg^inApe ead republican America, the
fpstfiMha sovreign people—are to be
Mdl Maple expression of their opin-
ISM ai it iqgsrda a ehange of the govern
||W^:«ader which they are to live! Suoh
ieMC th* whig doctrine, not only advanced
hy their pessss hut sanctioned and pro
^j^ipsd by Gov.- Chambers. Attempt as
J| titty wmf te evade the true issue by talk
^g lihent another convention, Sic. &c., it
aB(#)ea^, birt opposition to the power
jT th^paafAite ^alter or abolish1' the pres
'•*a Ml tarritarial government, and to institute
8Ue geverament, "laying its foundatian
Ml Nlh ^riaciples, and organizing its pow
in such farm as to to lliem shall seem
fikely to effect their safety and happi-
s v
vVtaf ..I
CMvcrtlM at torn
-Wf§ are gratified to learn thst tha utmost
and good Ming cbmetemcd
i of ourCoavention at low*
a candidate ftr De^gate.
%9, that of Gen. Dodge
i the convention, which we
of the largest aad
iPfntMe ever heUen in the Terri
.Tfcbnaminition was unanimous.
town City—
-a froi
e r«*stitutlaii
Mil providing for
UMIMA ecit-VeteafOov. ciaun
•yw iiffppryr. ef rke people to
/^UCCt|i«ir larernmeat.
We are rejoiced to learn that on Satur
day lai, the bill providing for a vote on the
Constitution, as it came from the hands of
the ftenrmtinn passed both houses by a
MKjeiity ef two-thir's of the member* pres
ent^ notwithfcti-iuiii ill- veto of our Whig
Governor. Thanks tu the members of the
far their courage and deteriniu
i i 4resfiii|! forward tu its final con
this faiurite me stire of the peo
above .11, thanks tu the gallant and
invtaciUe democracy
hill,*, ^^utive Anroooa CoV
U? hating executive. Apropos.
were wwnt to
versus whig preaching.
"*f-~V..V "^j'"
actually carried
iiiv KiiiiAiii siiti ,«
low,, for having,
delr t,hese ma8k"
Omshera an excellent whig, and like,
^iv^cet from tbe days of Hamilton and the as sgents and subjects.
"^•r Adsm^ he has, we fear, been station- In constitutional monarchies, like that of
%ary-eertmn it is he has not kept pace with Great Britain, the sovreignty of the nation
WfaU other end, under Heaven,
be attained by adopting the constitu-
tten than this change of venunent? None
i that we can see. W hy then, if the whigs
'I W«e Mt really opposed to the exercise by
tWyiefls of their legitimate powers all this
if S prating about form*? The truth is they
art new, as in time past, opposed to the
Aaarioan theory of government, and are
to trust the people whom they re
J'ypd at an ignorant "rabble"—not capable
«f aalf-goveminent.
llahonid be the source of no inconsider
aMa pride tq the democracy of Iowa to
fetthe, are now battling for the
promulgated to tlie world by the
ef eur. erer glorious revolution—by
T~r his veto to prevent the1 According to this theory, the people, as
Madison and their venerated
These distinguished republi
cs we are now doing, for
aad not the shadow. In an
aftieie written by us upon this subject, a
"f dbift tjpe sinee, we stated the historical
iventionof 1787, which met
of revising the articles ef
ssaMersrinn, framed the present
ef tha United ^*stnt. which is
t# ha lhe wiaest and be^ system
MM# ever devised by the wk ef
,l^pt eoaventien bad no more au-
It wan eaBed |sr lhe ade
ijaahafcra stated, efreviewglhe-yr*'
.-*• -.:
A^, ,.'
*5-^.* -v.^-:: Os
"They [the members of the con
vention] oust have reflected that, in all
great changes of established
approbation blqfc
csd\** nef*i
t|a«-ef the executive—and yet, in this m-
he is seen to use it so much in the
^d irregularitiea." Faleralut, No. 40.
Thu* thi*
always thought
or 1
||p consistent in the priuci- Willi but such change or alteration can only
ykp he poofsssed than most ef his party,
and because of the unoffending and harm
last efrwirtsr of the measure which he has
What, has it oome to this,
rfmwdiinsd it
af guiw&nl It *aa
af that dvysaftww illy Ajoae
§S~^, v
edktheir powers wM there fors (Mr Urork
war withoirtigAirity, Jpf void.
Midisoo sdmittodthet the ftctwas so, and!
defended the convention against the oharge. light—to consider them as progressive
-Stand thai the cnorealion "hod seen U.n steprm inqmrin^tht knowledge of gov
liberty which e few deputies, from a very ernment, and increasing the happiness of
ZZJT* '""TUt" H-tlle
token of recommending a great and criticalj
toOnr twiwrnw, through the United States of this
by public opinion, but principle, that the supreme power re
late effect by twelve ottt aides in the people, end that ^ey never
61 foiltM. g*M«», rw f* ifS error b. id SSZ
gislature, it may he corrected by the con
stitution. If in the' constitution, it mayjbe
corrected by the people. There is a jnja-
form* ougfiit to give way to substance that eminent if the p*«pk
a rigid adherence insuch casea-to the form-
er, would render nominal and nugatory the
that such changes be instituted by some tn
formal and unauthorized propotihons, made
by some patriotic and respectable citizen
or number of citizens. They must have
recollected that it was by this irregular and "1!
assumed privilege of proposing to'the yeo-
li/su.. were Sr.. united ^uinrt the
danger with which the were threatened i
by llicir ancient governientj that commit- °f_ •ocle,y,' Nothmfl is to
tees and Cungr4e. were formed for con- j"» «ns'Jered unchai*eAle, but the inhe
centrating their eBbrU, and defending iheir »"d un»henable nghu of man.
rights and that conventions were elected in Justice Iredell, of the Supreme Court
the several States for establishing the con-
fubstance They must haxe
borne mmd that, as the plan to be lramed
f|» beienoe of his party, has been loud in people themselves, the disapprobation of this
his denunciations of lite one man power—|supr«ne authority would destroy it forever
proposed was to be submitted to the
ne is seen 10 use K SO mucn in me, ducive to their welfare."—Story's Comtnen
fteeef public sentiment as to have it over- Present constitution of the Inited States far^u 326.
ooMbya two-thirda *ote. ThUia^oth- bro^htintob^by^irr^nUtedandun-j
V^Uneeof whig oooaiateney-rf whig authorized proceeding en part of the!
coavention which framed it.
'We have not seen, as yet, a copy of his q"«nt spproval by tl» people blotted out
Excellency's Message, hut we think we antecedent errors and irregularites. I
rftaUdthm no ihjusUce when we hazard In absolute monarchies the sovreignpow- .g
(fee conjecture thst he wUl be found to have «r resides in the monarch, from him aU
Df t}ie
n by surprise in the tliat no little ill timed scruples, no zeal for. European Governments and those or
i r.«.
(ahhflOf^i «iam»t taken
laitapnng etedions,) returned a majority' adhering to ordinary forms, were seen ex-1 our own, (3d vol* Elliott's Debates,)
ao lane to each branch ol the Legislature, *P* in those who wished to indulge, un- says:
as to render powerless the negative of our
ui.ni ean
in4hoAraMAioa of a constitution, &c. lie. enUre y deludes the people from aU voice ^J^n^tion untZelZ with Ae vention to meet in October next, that they
WhiKtheGovernor's party has made many
participation in the government, except
pHgninvt democracy. We had re- »«PP««d to reside in ^e crown, which hut they are at heart hostile first of January next." Now we an
ptQtd&f Ward it stated en whig suthorityj *^e representative of the lung, lords and anairs nut uiey are at nean osme
dbee -the commencement of the present commons, or in other language it is held to
•aamea of the Legislature, that Gov. C. *n poMi&d organization of the State*
fundamental Uw of the empire,
governmen eir own sovreign ^iere
tamade by U» parliament, or l«g.slat..re,
The democrstio theory differs radically
and fundamentally from the ttro just stated.
It holds that sovreignty is not vested in a
sinale individual who haDnens to be at the c0011^ held for the purpose of selecting
ment, but in the people themselves, by1* •Doth«r column) was, on account of the
whom, and for whose protection snd wel- i
tuted It holds that the sovreign power
11 a,
individual is joint tenant with his fellows,'
and an equal sharer in the political power
ofthe State. The democratic party, there- jinate*
fore, maintians that the people can, at all,
times, and in any manner they may think
Justice Wilson, a signer of die Declara
tion of Independence, a member of the
convention of 1787, which framed the con
stitution of the United States, and after'
Af*in, he Mys: "TbcM Important truths
are jar from being mawli »peettisftive we
at this aieaM&t apeaK and deliberate under
their impmfiato andbenjgja influence. To
the ope^Mi if Ifease truth* we fra to a»
cribe thg aaetttk Itfbcite uiiiatfiiliilsil
which A*aiieafM*r aathftfts to the werhi
ssssocistion, con­
nected with t)M idea of wars, and e0 the
ladUmlMui on wai.H
... "But happy experience teacher ua to
I view such revolutions in a very different
the foree end preva-
vernments,' edy, therefore, for every distemper in gov
transcendent and precious right the peo- Again he says: "As to the people, oowr
pie to abolish or alter their government, «ver, in whom the sovereign power jre
as to them.shall seem most likely to effect, kj«* from their authority the constitution
their safety and happiness, since it is im-, originates in their hands it is as clay
possible far the people spontaneously and, the hsndf of the potter they have the right
universally to move in concert towards to mould, to preserve, to improx e, to re
their object and it is therefore essential. fine, and to finish it ss they please. If so,
can it be doubted that they have the right
likewise to change it?"—VoL l,page 410,
Wilton flfakt, vol. p.
Mr. Jefferson says:
"It is not only the righi but the, duty of
9? action, to change
c,e a,.^the
United States, in speaking of the
i o
th. principie. of U,.
T.'niir nurn /HA vnl* Rllintt'a T)phatM.\
secret enmity to the ,0ur Government is founded on much
principles. The people are known
with certainty
to l.ave originated it them-
injpower are their servants
and anj
ndtfZSie^Fed^Uitt. No.""" I ?_hen.!!" governmenU when the will of their sub.
benificent measure—the because they think^other form is more cm
u 1 s *u e-
,ltUority whi.h
from the
are supposed to emenate. This tlieory judgment upon the LegisUture had ordered another con-
Congrewk)nal amtndmenU?
'that Gov. Chambers and a large, portion of
..... .. ... ... that Gov. Chambers and a large, portion of mission.
In constitutional monarchies, like that of ,. .5. u. u n•
his party are not only unwilling to trust might have "had all the powers and ira«
are re
to the constitution itself, it is too democrat- ally apprehensive that if the legislature
ic for them. Did not this instrument re- had adopled the plan that this friend to
tain so much of the powers of government immediate admission suggests, and the se
in the hands of the people—did it not con- cond constitution lo framed had been as
e measure of the peo-^^ohj have nosovreign rights they csnnot those healthy restrictions upon the republican as the one for the adoption of
not give credence to the

proper, alter, reform, or abolish existing c®88 the democratic party. There was
forms of government, and institute ether
*1 "IimSf afSSSrtrf
Statu.) In ate pwta of the world the
idea ef wralufiei
Improvement powcr
wouy not g0 muc]| anj guc|j
whi^ whi, MwS-Dape,
Tlie Meeting on Satiirdaf Last.
fare, aU government is, or should be, insti- gen«»% attended ss has heretofore been
sovreign power
belongs to the whole peorle, of which each "ler®
was 8ome
WM mo8t
available man to be nom-
Delegate we were glad to see
object of the meeting—the sue
forms in the plaoes of those they abrogate, 1 who, we understand, came with the expec
whenever they deem such an act necessary! ^at*on witnessing a split in our ranks,
for the perpetution of their liberty, safety 1 when they found that the democrats
or happiness. That this is the American
theory, and principle upon which the ex
isting political systems of the American
number of town whigs present,
only differed so far as it regarded mm, and
were willing to unite upon any one if the
democratic condidates who would be sure
Union are founded we are prepared with' success, they looked very much chop
the best authorities to demonstrate. But ^en« Some of the whigs in this county
we have neither time or space to quote but
a few of them at present.
have for sometime past been very active in
endeavoring to get up dissatisfaction in the
democi atic ranks, and thinking they had
partially succeeded, were hoping to witness
a general flare up in our meeting. But
such schemes of federalism could not gull
wards a Judge of the Supreme Court of,the democracy they are wide awake and
the United States, says: "Of tbe right of
the majority of the whole people te ehange
their government at will there is no doubt.'*
Again, he aays: "Permit me to mention
one great principle—the vital principle I
may well call it—which diffasaa anima
tion and vigor through all the others. The
principle I mean is this:—thst the supreme
or sovereign power ef society resides «a
the ciHzmt ef forge and that therefore
they always retain the right of abolishing,
altering, or amending, their constitution
manner they shall deem expedi
will be ready to give their nominee, who
ever he may be, a hearty support. Pre
ference for men, before the action of a
nominating convention is by no means un
usual, and, aa we think, proper but when
our standard bearer is once selected,
measures not men, wiil be t|» incjtttef |he
Da. Lannaan's Lacmaas.—The third
of this wqrk baa come to bed. It
upon "The Tidea,"
"light," "The Major Planets," "Pros
pects of Steam Navigation" and "Tha Ba
rometer all af which are illastrated with
numarpua cats. As mentioned by ua in a
it ia (me of the bast
25 centsjpar number,
Gnaju Mn#sr, for 1
jHsoey •toefrsf
The editor of die Hawkeye, in his lart
mmber, after lauding Gov. C3iambers to thm
skies for his "noblecoiidttctM in vetdngthe
bill to provide for a vote on the constitution
in August next, says: "Where did these
legislators obtain the power to submit this
constitution te the people? And what
will be the effect of their action? We
cannot answer these questions at large this
week. We declare in brief, that they
had no such power granted to them by the
the people do not defeat it, we hope the mi
nority will declare their design not to be gov
erned by it." Here we are favored with a
beautiful specimen of unadulterated Fed
eralism. The principle so dear to every
American freeman, that the majority shall
rule is openly set at defiance—aye, and the
minority are called upon by the peaceable
and order loving editor of the Hawkeye
to resist the constitution and laws of the
State when they shall have, been adopted
by the majority—should such be their de
cision at the ballot bo* in August next.
We entreat Mr. Edwards to be more
chary in his advice and exhortations to his
friends lest he might be instrumental in
leading them into difficulties such as Rit
ner, Stevens & Co. led the whigs of Penn
sylvania. It will not do in our country
for a party to undertake to treat the ''elec
tion as though none had been held." We
advise our pious cotemporary to keep hia
temper—to acknowledge the great truth
established by the American Revolution—
that the will of the majority of the people
is omnipotent, and to bow submissively to
its behests. The editor of the Hawkeye
will surely be enabled to yield obedience
to this salutary principle, when he reflects
'the "Emperors of all the Russias" so far
the people, unthout their acknowledge its potency as to dismiss their
may remodel the Government favorite ministers and reorganize their
ia-0ppteKiv,.? exercised, but, |e
^nowledge which every
American dli7en of Uie
of authority
lift* fte whig grounds of opposition, to Th ^T P»sa law allowing the citizens of Iowa| The editor of the Hawkeye thinks if
,tfep«P«rafthe Legislature to participate
»s the mutual security and happiness
funda-: of all and it is ever to be supposed, what.
principle* of our government, than! ever the fact may be, that Uie administra-
talk about the tion of its affairs willnever be in violation
in the Legislature to of strict and impartial jusUce.
The truth is would thus have greaUy facilitated our ad-
mission. He thinks, in that case, we
might have
"bad all the power, and
management of their munities of a State Government by
which we are now intending, that he
would still have holden back. His co-op-
with the assent of the kint or executive governors ana way news paper 5 August election the voters of the county Louisa County, convened at the Court
editors.' ». power to plunge tlie State in debt,
lZ of the nation, nor K poltaaj to attend the Territorial Conven-1 °foU'' thep.intb.ving the higheat number of otet of the m.eu,, having been e,plain
/.u- nrnrppdimn. whirK will ciUzens have well grounded constitutional 1 rotes shall be the permanent seat of justice ed by J. Helverson, Esq., it
g^tlo., or ewatituted form, of jyver^
Kruple» in
k...„ .1,- ment which they have once condemed," as
mrmcrs, not so U. -J .,.-
similar meetit gs. Although Hawkeye, surpasseth our understanding.
n nn:n7m
difference of °P,m,m! ,..
meeting ss te
i If there were no constitutional scruples
united in what wo consider ^j°n ^r. Edwards if he would point out
any yesra tha
Ajbira in tha
.of IodhM| in dttdL
AAnalihitiAnal MAutnvivnknh laftnv
fe the flakweiten te the CUUtttto,
Under the new fost effice law, which
goes into epentieft^ihe first day «f July,
the 'Gazette'* wftt be sent to the tallowing
post offices free of postage
Dts Mom** County.—Augusta,
pers Mills, Honey Creek, Shockokop,
Jforren Co. Oquaka, Olena, •,
Hancock Co. /it-^Appaooose, LaHarpe,
Naur oo.
or more witnesae. residing Nauvoo and
ever, refused to give them a continuance,
that even the Kings of Great Britain and seems to be a determination among both 1. Resolved, That we consMer a thor
the offieers of the law and the people, that ough organization of the Pemocratic party
the murderers *ha" not go unpunished. indispensable to the preservation and sue
cess of democratic principles
Laud Sales.
The minority agree in the formation of jJ ,, /_
the social compact, to submit to the will ef
the majority in the administration of its
have aduced, political concerns. The object of govern-
The Reporter gives the following locali-
y o e a n s a a e o a i e y e
President to be sold at Fairfield and Du-
buque in September and October next:
In Davis 11 townships 4 frac. do.
Van Buren 1
JeiTerson 8
Wapello 9
Benton 15
BuchaflMl 3
the constitutional power which is
any where
confered upon us to hold a convention or
to move in tlie formation of a State govern
ment. in conclusion we beg of him to read
the extract which we have given in anoth
er article from the pen of the venerated
Madison, who in speaking of these changes
of government remarks, on account of tlie
difficulty attendant upon the people moving
in body, that, "it is therefore essential that
such changes be instituted by some informal
and unavihorizti propositions, made by
some patriotic and respectable citizen or
number of citizens."
V Wr the Fourth of Julfi''\*
The Jqfrilee number of the Pictorial
Double Brother Jonathan is out, and we
have received a copy from the New York
publishers. Among some fifty or sixty
fine large National engravings which em
bellish its columns, Washington's recep
tion at Trenton stands the most prominent.
This great picture occupies half of one of
the mammoth pages, and is a magnificent
specimen of the aft of wood engraving.—
The contents of the paper consist princi
pally of historical incidents, anecdotes,
songs, glees and romances df the revolu
tionary war, and of the last war, noticee of
remarkable revolutionary character*, &c.
It also contains a veiy beautifully illustrat
ed Declaration of Independence. All for
12i cents.
Haw.—In a reoent trial at Louisville,
of tha strength ef comparative qualities of
American and Russian Hemp, tha Amer
ican sustained a much greater weight than
the Rifesian.
feir %fegrfaaverp»ul!ybeoft£aoov- appBcation of ekct4ai^4 %asys tha
md in Gennesee coanty, R, Y. Journal ef Comaierce.
ClintoiK 3 2 fraa.
Jackso|| 12 1 da
Jones .!t 3
Du Btiqtw: 3
Total nomber of acres, 2,2-16,400
w^h fihall
Tu. _f. the power unrestricted to create banks «drof votes cast, there shall be a second the 11th inst when MERIT JAMISON,
Ine meeting oT the democrats ottnis election held for choosing between the two Esq., was called to the chair, and THOMAS
reiati™ to voting for an i„«ru. of the county. ItT..hough,Jhatthe'coun- fa
ed y
,fnra V.
Vot/ot itl
glad to be informed how there can be any
now? In fact, we would be under obliga-
k»k-jaw has beeh eured by
Keokuk 16
Poweshiek 2
Iowa 16
"a «_
Dodgeville, Hartford, Yellow Springs.
1*r. County.—'Fort Madison, Montrose,
String Prairie, Tusearora, West Point.
Tusearora, West Point.
Henry County
New London, Crooked Creek P. O.
Louisa County.—Columbus City
They assumed the power and if ence,Toolsborough, Grandview, Wapello, i
Fractional 7 amounting to about
37,601 acres.
Whole town'pe ~95 2,189,800 acres.
Lee County.
An aet has passed the Legislature, pro
viding for the relocation of the county seat
of Lee county.
tormioed hoMilhy mnifeated towanl. it °"'j in favor of a CO.- viding Tor Ue relocaUMi ol tnc coumy K Pursuant to previous notice a large and
«ituUon with high wlariea, with unlimited °.' Loeco.inty. It prov.de. that at the next reSpect»ble meet.ng ol the den.,«:raoy of
the election of most of the officers taken ing the same, and provided no one point inating delegates to attend the Territorial
out of the hands of the people, and with shall receive a majority of the whole num- Convention, to be holden at Iowa City, on
®xten points having the highest number of votes B. now it, was appointed Secretary. The
feet », he, well aa the U*d«n of the
party te which he belongs, look upon the
and working-men who make up the great
body of our democrstio assemblage^-
QrThe second great race between
Fashion and Peytonia reauked in die suc
cess of the northern mare. Time 7, 48
and 7,57. An aoeideut occurred during
tha race, by the falling af a portion of the
stand, by which some 60 persona ware
Tnnttas Comae Otrr.—The Wa
bash Courier contains AM card of TaMltas
into the General land QSoea tatty mi
came oaf whig.
Democratic Meeting.
Pursuant to notice a meeting of the de
mocracy of old Dee Moines was Held at
the Court House in Burlington
g06( PIealant
l^ial of tbe Ilodgea.
The two Hodges, who were'indicte
icted at
the late term of the Court in Lee county,
for the murder of two Germans, and who
took a change of venue to this county, were
Harrison. I ville, Hooton, of Augusta, and Wesley street, a few doors below Coal lane, whitfe
Hinders n Co. Jilt Henderson,, Hop-1 Hunt, of Union.
following gentlemen were appointed a com
mittee to report the names of suitable per
sons as Delegates to the Democratic Ter
ritorial Convention, to be holden at Iowa
City, on the 11th inst., to wit: Messrs.
Carpenter, of Burlington, Vance, of Union
The committee after retiring for a short1
brought to this city on Monday last, in or- time, returned and reported the following ly to arrest the destruction, but the scm*!
der to stand their trial at the present term pireons to the meetiiw.M delegate., l«nen^of water andI want oij„o^r
... *T and A. J. Messenger, of Danville, John
w of
St. Louis (and by whom they expect to jjoward} of Benton, and Jacob Salladay, of
prove an alibi,) would not be in attendance Yellow Spring.
and that they could not safely go to trial On motion, the-names of John Johnson, tenements which were saved—that mow
without their testimony. The court, how-
v stricken out and the names of Geo. Temple,
purneU and LSargentf in8eAed
but allowed them time until Tuesday next jn ijeu thereof.
to get their testimony—on which day, we' The report of the committee as amended
understand, the trial is to commence.' was then concurred in by the meeting.
There has been considerable excitement" fhe committee appointed to draft res
olutions, through their chairman, Dr. Lowe
occasioned by these murders, and there
reported the
2. Resolved, That principles shall con
tinue to be our watch-word and bond of
union, and no artitice shall draw us into
contention about men.
3. Resolved, That we will give a warm
and zealous support the nominee whoever
he may be of the Democratic Territorial
Convention, for Delegate to Congress, an 1
that we will use all honorable means to in
sure his election.
4. Resolved, That we yiew with pride
and satisfaction, the undiminished confi
dence and respect for our fellow citizen the
Hon. A. C. DODGE, as manifested the
I Democratic meetings recently held in sev
eral counties in this Territory.
On motion the following gentlemen were
appointed the "Democratic Central Com
Jmittee" for Des Moines County, to wit:
John R. Woods, of Burlington, John M.
1 Moore, ofBenton, A. 'Michael, of Frank
lin, Geoige W. Robinson, ot Flint River,
and G. Hepner, of Augusta.
ty seat will be restored to Fort Madison Ruolved, That a committee of three, oon
by the proposed vote.—Reporter.
From conversations with gentlemen from *on *nd
Lee county, we are gratified to learn that
On motion, Resolwl, That the proceed
ings of this meeting be published.
On motion, the meeting then adjourned.
Democratic Meeting in LsalM
vote for the respective towns claim- House in v\ apeilo, for the purpose of nom-
'7'' A .'W-r r-'i-'l-.i^f'^ "T|
on Satur-
day the 7th day of June 1845. I One k**drtd and. fifty td two hundred
Dts Mrintt Qnmiy. Benton, „ton, was called to the chair, and A. W.
CABPESTM and J. R. WOODS, of Burling- Our city has again been the se
ton, appointed Secretaries. another disastrous conflagration,-
Upon motion, the following gentlemen dreadful than the first as regards the i_
committee to draft res- suffering which will follow, although
Mt. Pleasant, lowell, olutions expressive of the views of the paratively small when the amount of i
I meeting, to wit: Messrs. Lowe, of Bur- erty is considered.
Flor- lington» Salladay, of Benton, McMichael, About a quarter before 9 o'clock W
wn i of Franklin, Snelson, of Flint River, Bled- evening, a fire was discovered in the
Grove, Sargent, of Dan- ble of Samuel Young, drayman, on Seventh
Robinson, of Flint River, Tucker, of Pleas- following the largest body of flame, tad
ant Grove, Sells, of Benton, McMichael, hurling blazing cinders in every direefigg
of Franklin, Sargent, of Danville, Hepner, i by turns,
of Augusta and Howard, of Benton.
wit: John Johnson and F. D. Mills, of cient hose, greatly impend their
of the Court, now in session. On Tues- Turlington, E. H. Ives, of Augusta, John Near 11 o'clock the fire was got
was about
was on mo-
si3tingof Messrs. J. Hell, Jr., J. Helver-
McDaniel, be appointed to
drait resolutions expressive of the sense
of the meetillgj
there is a probability that the election pro- follows:
vided for by the act above referred to, will That, whereas, the wolf is stalking
finally settle this vexed question, which abroad Jn sheeps clctbing seeking whom
ha. ao long agitated and t^uhUd thej^le
of that county. Re.iolml, therefore, that this meeting rec-
the commiltee reported as
Jommend to the democrats throughout the
AwroL Coi*rLAoaATioif AT QUEBEC. Territory to arouse themselves for the
—By Thursday evening's mail we re-
eeived the Buffalo Journal which contains and that they appear armed and eqmp
... ed as the law directs on that day to array
an account of a dreadful fire winch occur-
election, to be holden in August
their 8trength
red at Quebec on the 27th ult. From of federal coonery, Clay ism, Sic.
Resolved, That the democrats of Louisa
1000 to 120 houses were destroyed, and
about ten thousand persons deprived of .90Ui^ the democracy of
their homes. The burnt district occupies ®rr' y
J3*"The editor ofthe Hawkeye,(as he al- McCleary, of Wapello township, M. Whee-
ways does in regard to democratic gather- lock, of Columbus township, J. Blake, of
against the cunning tricks
t- ests of the people and by so dome render
a space of one mile in length by about one
advancing the best mter-
democratic prin-
third of a mile in width. Many lives are ciples which govern the party unconquer- FLVINO MACHINE.-—An lta&a etlW
supposed to have been lost. The value of able. Signor Muzz, has invented a machine fcr
tlie property destroyed is estimated at Resolved, That the following persons be 1 yj, u-- k^a p(0'
.appointed to attend the Iowa Territorial
ings) tries to ridicule Uie meeting of the Fredonia township, R. Chtlders, of Grand- 14000 dd*
d^U Saturday ^e.o„,y
knew how lndicrous he made himself by township, with power to fill vacancies.
peeping under the benches and grinning atj Resolved, That the Democracy of Louisa
every move that was made, he would never county will use all honorable means to se
attend another of their meetings. The'cu£
ib* cjecj,\°n
te Hon A for hi,
democracy aa a "rabble," and hence it is political career.
that their arristocratie feelings prompt
them to sneer at and underrate eur farmers
On motion, Retolved, That the prooeed
inga of thia meeting be published in Uie
Burlit^ton Gazette, and Iowa Capital Re
Tha meeting then adjourned sine dk.
T. B. Baowa, Sec.
t. *»5l
FnMM tks PithHrg, Jforvtmg Jrid,
Aaether Dlatatronc ilwiniuL
soon extended to the surrounding buildiiwe
The committee retired, after which the —all of which were of wood—filled wnlt
poor families, many of whom had removM
there since the great fire.
There appeared little or no wind stirrnw
nt the time, but as the flames spread s car.
rent of air was produced, which
to different points as the fire increased-.
were promtly upon tks
Our firemen
ground, and worked nobly and oncessbiZ
uie grouna at nan past il.
stable in which the fire
forty lest from Seventh
and in this distance
Chandler and K. W Davis, were dlately in front oHhe stable bei.^ occupied!
were a
row of woodw
by Mr. Young—Three horRes which were'
in his stable, were saved. From this noTst'
the fire spread up Poplar lane (or siley}y
to Washington street, (two houses onttr
corner saved in a north westerly
tion, sweeping all the buildings to Pim
ped street crossed Prospect street, de
stroying all the buildings to the brow of As
hill at 'lie intersection of Quarry
from the direction of Washington street te
within a few doors of Fountain street
where by extraordinary exertion,
The amount of ground now covered witb
ruins is computed at about three seres,
more or less, and which was coiapsetly
built up with wboden tenements, literally
stowed full with poor families, miayef
whom have lost every thing they possessed
in the world, and have neither shelter asr
the means of getting it. The dwelling*
were generally poor and of no greet vahie,
many of them double, and in which
two or three families lived, heaven knows
how. The ground belonged to tbe OH*,
ra estate, and was leased Mr. Hamsr
Denny is agent. The buildings did not be
long to the estate, but to those who Iwei
in thein, or landlords in other psrtsefAs
city. We passed through the burnt district
after the fire had abated, and endeavored
to make a calculation of the lets. TW
number of houses burned will not vs|gir
from si v ty to seventy. The loss of prop
erty will not we think exceed $40,000pir
haps not over $30,000. It ir itnpeefjlb
to tell how many families have beea|M»
dered homeless—probably 160 to M.
These will comprise from 700 to 900 pn*
sons. In no part of the city could a Is
have occurred, by which less propffti
would have peen destroyed, or WM
would have caused more actual destitoSia
But one brick house, Mr. J. Mackefefi,
was burned.
The fire was beyond a doubt, the wri
cendiariex. Mr. Young had fed. his horse*
before dark, and was down tows whea
the fire broke out.
Two or three attempts have Utelj been
made to fire this district. One was noticed
in the city papers a few days ago,st whiek
time a stable adjoining Young's was fired,
and a horse's throat cut. The sufferer* ire
almost exclusively Irish.
re-We learn that the Governor htfip»
pointed JAMES P. CARLTON, Esq., District
Prosecutor for the second Judicial Usatrsal,
and JAMES GMAWT, Esq., for the tfnrd.
We understand further that L. D. fteet*
ton, M. D. Browning and G. H. Wflfckt
were severally nominated for the fe**.
trict, but were rejected by the CouasS,
that no appointment was msde. The
can car
Resolved, That this meeting return their
undeviating course throughout his
political career. out as it deepens, and is *u]
Resolved, That this meeting recommend 1 least three miles in length.
to the democracy throughout the Territory the ore have been raised, whw ^L
to give their undivided support to the con- the belief that the mine averages
stitution at the next August election. five per cent, pure copper, ftwf
Ruolvtd, That this meeting return their •ilver and gold have been foundhJJJJ
thanks to their representative, (G. W.' with copper and it Is oakaiisted
McCleary,) fcr his firm and untireing zeal mine will easily yield f9,000,000sa»^
in promoting the beet interests of his con-
P»YT09A.-~lt ia said that Psytona is
goiagto England to contend for some of the the Cabinet ia net
giaat cups there. Wherever she goes, jlt} freqnei*
success to her.—RevitUc. I ries. His
therefore, will be compelled to fiH Asrs"
cancy by a pro-tern appointment.
From the Iowa Capital Refl#¥W,"
learn that a bill incorporating coispsitf
to construct a rail-road from Blooming!*
to Iowa City, has become a kw.
We opine that many years will eUpie
before any company will, risk a construc*
Convention to be holden at Iowa City, on nounced practicable by the, professoft
inst., to wit: Messrs. (ji. W. the New York University. Itcsnbss***
«r, which Ms os»rr
by one engine for
2000 lbs. freight. The exfO**
{•MAT DlSCOlEaf.—
of copper has been discovered nesr fm
Wilkins, Copper Harbor, Lake
whieh is supposed to be richer tfcssj*
other in the United States. At ths*"*^
it is about twenty inchee wide,
Our information is from a soureetW
cannot doubt ita correctness.—wK*
A Working President.
ton Union, in
an article
rephats, by
ik will not beacandadrtefar
He works from ten to tarelvehsew
twenty four, holds two
sees visitein tMtfhaiM«*arjr

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