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Iowa territorial gazette and advertiser. [volume] (Burlington, Iowa Territory [Iowa]) 1840-1846, November 29, 1845, Image 2

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"JiUkr i
.'PMJtiCTOK, SATU8UAV, NOV. », •«. „rmw
9* tltjfcifcn ud Pnlrosi of ike Biiftte.
Wwr a new man to fill with respectabili-
W"*Ch lla*
*&»fd "l!#
^l.giv^Uw.l0th.m»lv,,,,mc„nt,d. u
l«i by fcings and Emperors, and Aristoc
raoies and Moneyed powers—in fine by
any thing except the volition of each in
dividual who acts, uncontrolled by any
e&er power whatever.
Our object will be, therefore, in the
the democratic puty, to discus, the leading1 T*0
political questions of the day, and at all
times look after the rights and interests of
the people. But in doing so we shall
o u e s y w e o e a e n e
Vill deny thai right to hi? fellow. Anj
hU p^t, decided, frank, but g,„,r„„,|
his antiigonUt. If man ought not
But to
immediate i«d untiring Wini
the awpWio+criitt (fcNtette, fee&^con
th*- *ilh l0« ^|sHl*n Uuf'presetit
bember suWffitrsqy, lano
length of time, be doubled* We hop**
irons of the Getette, end all other* who
may wish to advertise will patronize u*
'JlwnrCtAftKK, fi*q.,the former worthy liberatty and wewlll ngree by the err
and dirtingaished editor of this paper, has largement of our circulation to reward
reM^MUSe"ftnfise oF editor to enter up- then in their pFoRts. And ill those who
•«n tflfotfc rf more dipnified station—that have patronized the establishment hereto
of^Governor of the Territory of Iowa.— fore, by way of job work, and all who may
TH establishment, therefore, in conse- wish to, will he promptly attended to.
qufncf of. the appointment" of Mr. Clurke, We alar intend, if exertions will do it,
to {he oiju^abovc «Uuded to, has passed to keep our readers informed of all tfee
into oilier hands, whose names will be inoYemenis of the times, political and oth
fo$td In their pfoper place in this paper, ere, and to have a portion of our paper
It becomes necessary for me as its new devoted to the useful knowledge, such as
editor, to announce this fact. And notice will not vanish as soon as it is read. For
hltoreli)' gi*ew thai from and after this while we are anxious to get the news of
date, including this week's paper, all sub- the day, we should alao endeavor to fill
scffl^ii and advertising customers will up the store house of the mind, so that
)a£ the present publishers. But who- wlien there is an absence of news, the in
tvff may have paid for his paper in ad- dividualmay be able to fall back upon his
g*M£and.now is entitled to receive it for a own resource*, and hold converse with
liihe. will continue to receive it,and himself. To give such information and
to us will commence from and af- knowledge will bee part of the object of
tyeiur far whicShe lias p.iid. There- this paper. I|J fine, we matn this paper
£m all who Wish lor any change in their shall continue to be, as it has been, second
pres*it relations to this paper will appi-ise to no paper in Iowa for the soundness of
us of tRe fact at early of possible, for we its political doctrine*, and a vehicle of use
sbail fon&ider them as continuing as they ful information.
"•Pi*" until otherwise notified. And^ We come into the office perfectly en
4e#.ihe democracy, and other readers and tt^mmelled. We mean to lemnin so. We
patrons of the Gazette may I s fearful that
ul l,le
I!**? •MUred' ^1St
bee" Va*
determined to knew no cliques, or
thf paper m,iy not be properly conducted party, or factions, we go in for the whole the opinions of parly leaders, and ninety-1
fu%tbe interests and benefit ot those who party, for the interests of the whole. A nine of «Very hundred would say "The
ancy lose princip es an Doing this, the Gazette and State may
.* °*utu,Ions orernmentso a pop- and being assisted and defended
vernment where the people rule
privilege possessed of right and by
nature and received from natures God bv
the people to govern themselves. The
greatest Governor of any age is he who
properly governs himself and the great
est and most sublime of all governments is
a,government governed by the self gov
erned and the grandest sight tliat ever
broke upon the eye of a Freeman is that
think so too, and can assure the democra-
of M«ing nation of ,„n.r million, of Mocracy
and«litor. W. d.. not d«m it ne- °^""edur «•"•»«. give an
for itself:
e«lor of a pnrtv paper should always be i Vhamb^rtTJmoLIl0^'
differs from you
so ought
not a
party of men.! 1
say we shall not labor to convince'^res"*ent '^an Mr. CLARKE. Mr.
i C. was born and railed in Westmoreland,
where lie imbibed those principL„
Wrong, is to deny us the xery privilege has led to the highest post in his adopted
Schick you claim. We say, then, our ub
Jf* will bo to ibrward the triumph of
principles wiudi we believe to be ri ht,
but in doing this we will not be the first
be guilty ol a want of respect and de
fgjruui to our opponent. But if we are
driven to the wail and must fight, why,
we'll try. Next to the duties which we
•we to our principles and party, are those
lathe patroftfc of this paper. The paper
jiriil ountinue to be seut to all iu former
jtubtoribers until notice shall be given to
u« not to do so. Such notice, however,
we truit will not be given, for he who
reads a good paper and subscribes for it,
had better rob himself of a portion of his
tend* than himself and his children of
tfcat- which makes mm and women
knowledge and understanding. What
be good for without the
it? And if you takeaway
Jfcftjiwd dif tie Utter, l^»w then can the
farmer continue? We think, then, that
qyrpresent list of subscribers will ie
fa&ln efttfre, so that our advertising patrons
woito «VaMr"n4lhii^ by the change ir we
didufflif flhln. But tb*f may be as-
Pr,nc,l,i* party ought not to join in every little dif- headed our article, ^'Coming events cast
/\^"1*C*"US0^88 difficult it may competent to adjust, and they, and they subject, to make the Oregon question a 'ry
fst and prime object of all democratic pect her worthy sjns reciprocate and to 3ears to come, the great oracle of the whigs I TIttJ
Gov. Clarke's native State, speak of Mr.
of this Territory in the highest terms.-
th* PresideHt'
are true
Aritelt a rule totreatour opponents „i,hi"" Prol,rii"» ,f"war'1'»
die prerogative of man to differ in npin
V?n from his neighbor and ii0 gentleman[ Fjrealdeitt. .....
rich,3r deserves this mark of distinction
couutry. He emigrated to that territory
at its settlement, where by his talent, in
dustry and energy, he has risen, by suc
cessive steps to the Govenorship. He
enjoy# the confidence ot the democracy of
his territory to an eminent degree, and by
the ability and prudence with which he
has edited the leading Democratic paper
there, he has contributed no little in de
ciding the politics of Iowa
our advertising oolumns it will be perceiv
ed, that the day is approaching ft,r the an
nual meeting of the Samaritan Society
public charity instituted by the ladies of
this city for the express benefit of the poor.
Since the formation of this institution hun
dreds have been relieved, the sick have
b?eu assisted generously, and the prayers
of the psor are resting daily on the heads
of the members. There is no sectarian
ism in the little ciiele, but ill are visited,
comforted and provided for. Such a soii
ety deserves the support sll, and has
hitherto hem greedy-sdgMy the citizens.
Wo hope the mactiq| im the Methodist
chtnreh wiN be largely flHended. **Hk
who piv4rth to the pw, lradeth te (be
its cail tbeir Shadswi kftre." IK
Texas queetfen
an exlracl of wlul he
18 de8tu,eJ to
more than justice to Mr. Clarke and to Jlnglo Siixuns all men educated in notions CC!a''u')
and who are able to fill, with dignity and when fifty or a hundred thousand persona
best understanding
-Msary that persons of different political I ^"tmoreland Rep.ib- Pacific republican nation. I believe that ®RTGE
rties should be personal enemies. It is *arnie« Chronicle." It speaks Jt »s in the course of Providence and of,1ou
British Premier and Monsieur Guiftot
die people of the United States, Texas,
the consummation of that project, has grad-!
n a y i e a w a y o w u i n o w a n
still lower, till its last notes have been
lo«t th« notes of approaching peace.
The great deed is done and liberty has
i chieved k. The good people of our glo
rious Union now that the task is done,
have had but a slight respit to look about
themselves and sec what remains to be
done. Auother great question is before
them, upon this question they are called
to pass. The question is Oregon.
There are other subjects of vast impor
tance before the American people, but it
may be said with emphasis, that noue, nay,
nil others, do not move the hearts of the
Americans, like that of Oregon. Oregon!
at its sound, the pulses of the vast millions
of the United States beat high, and the
whole people ask,
if to be done
with Oregon?"
This question, till very recently has
worn the form, as all such questions should,
of a great national question—-all parties*
all ages, and all sects uniting upon it as i/lt
American question. We say, until vety
recently. Indeed we believe now, that,
reAdand piUr.niae it, we deem it proper democratic newspaper which speaks for a' whole of Oregon or nope." But we have) W,at then ought to be the position of maintain American interests without dis-
pqf? was established? What is the object fend and whoever or whatever may aim a ceedings touching the Oregon question, less, wear one for Ortgen. "Hie whole frankly and manfully, and he may be as
for which any other democratic paper is blow nt her we will intervene. Contend- D.uiiel Webster, for many years past, has of Oregon or none." aured, that, whatever other nations maj
statobhshed. We lay it down that the ing to maintain her interests we shall ex- 'been, and is destined to remain sofor some
^«rs is to incu cate e princip es an lend their aid and support to that paper ^,e North and East. When he speaks, The last Haw key e puis this q»ieslIon. the United States will rally round him
iSttfmlim. uf^'haji^iiuJ ILTTT" i labors and strives to benefit them.
eo^ o o\erninen wc i are congem grow up together, each assisting and de- States Senate, and a fund collccted you arc, certainly, you have no right to
Ul. CUlffc '1"'" h^r'Te- have ^oiJ^n^1
C's appointment to the office of Governor which he has marked out his son should appoint Gov. Chambers.
now claimed by great
settled. WN*th«#epuUteabout to spring
Up iKl^e. We ifipeat, %ho Is to have RP
have b(*h beep foiled by the decision ofj"^y*|'.s
otwar, predicted to be sure to result from ^ere, and that it would not be safe for
a n
IT I'1'
Oregon then.
American, mainlj i
Pre«dcnt has done no tiers undoubtedly from England but all
an Cong
Tliey wilt
B"tish Parliament.
democrats enough tc ac- standard for themselves, and they ought ta

k. Hie uturtr editor will be govern- jerence ol opinion which may arise among their shadows before," because we BW, the good whigs of the West, who or tittle of our rights and liberties to be
conducting this paper. The reader jtt members. This is a private matter from recent developements, that an attempt
which those among whom it may arise are »s to be made to divide the people on this l'1® Orrgj* question, wl»o love thetr coun- that the spirit of the illustrious Jackson
eattd by-the former editor, and to speak tor tliem to differ, about and we know not cause into the vortex of party strife.—' the democracy, tliey are for Oregon, come not tread upon the tulloiis of the Ameri
Mrfwrito satisfactorily for those who have what is not so, we say, let go of us, for "Oaks from little acorns grow and when' what may. If we can have it with peace, can Eagle. Let Mr. Polk say to all na
UAU Woirt, for these many long years, to while you differ among yourselves, we the leading men of a party "define" tlieir
^vafthe same done by a more experienced want to see to it, that neither of you is in- position, it is quite natural for parties to war we have got the change and so the do not presume to demand injustice at our
•nn mote able lerson. But as we are in jure(j by foreign foe. ,, .. .follow and file off on the siderif itrtir lead- whole souled, high minded, hard handed, hands. Let him gi\e the whole world to
th^ siUuUon, we will adopt the motto of, lowra is our adopted homo. Hare w»'«rs. |generous hearted yeomanry of Iowa do understand, that the United States know
alTgaod Westerners, wo will try. We expert to live, here to die. I'.very thing The movement to which we allude is,' Let us all, then, w hig* and demo- how to feel gratitude for favors, but that
wlHiitrn our backs to the old and push
|one ought to do so. While men in the party question, to palzy its life blood and turned against thjs question? We cannot as did that great and good man, to »ok to
»«bjects competent all its energies by pushing it without good answer for them but we can say, as for it, that the massive hoofs of John Bull do
interest to Iowa is therefore of interest that- the leading whigs of the next Con. crals, young men and old men, without she has too much self-respect to be insult-
eW* 'to us. .For her benefit and interest we willl gress w ill make an attempt to lead off their distinction of party or age unite, and say, ed. Let Mr. Polk maintain our soil and
j^hat, then is the object for which this labor, her rights and interests we will de- party in opposition to any and all pro- whatever else we may differ in, neverthe-
by the other. sand dollars by the whigs of Massachu- that the President should fill the office of 'u'artfelt gratitude of a great au$ free j*o
support. He has re- nave coni|Ucnce
Pennsylvania, «en?!y "defined his position" on this qties- came into power, it was no crime, then,in1 DHibcrtltf Bftisioi.
They think Mr. C. has richly deserved V'***™ the mxt Congress. Here fbl- fore he did it. There was no ceremony YVheeler to try his cases as justice of the
the honor which he now enjoys. We
cy of the Key-Stone, that Mr. Clarke ha3 "Where i» Oregnn? On the short* of »evcr blamed the whigs for doing it, they so much for entering action &c &c In
ong tb^ youngert of us] will seeTgrlllt 1'** CI"all'
whose power'wiu'be estTbl" oveTthe'
„cu over me
CLABKI, Esq. has been ap-Uountr/on the shores ofThe PrcUicTan.*!giV* ."S ',St °f 'h®
ri8hls ni,,ur»l
"1 ... I IS.' °"k
r8" "l.
y WOuW
•nd the action of Mr. Polk. The sound Britain ought to have a resting place nceuvred England, cajoled the Trxat* into The democracy of that State
let the American people be called tngeth» *hey attempt it, and crv to us for assist- upon Mr. Polk's course with pleasure,
er, to-day, before they are tinctured wilhianc®i
Iowa. There are many, very many, good, "dependent government and all self The insinuation of the Hawkeye as to ed, on n time, that a suit was made return
faithful, long-tried democrats here—men *jePe,u,ent*
now ,et me
be any sensible man in the whole United
whohava the confidence of the people, State* Why ^iuTay'Vora^mer^thtt
««t place to look after the intereah rf "y the Territory. Among of tkit description shall find ihemseKes on "ffice of Gov. of Ioiva. And the very fact joinei issue and put themselves on trial
Columbia, or more probably ft.rlher south,
a great Pacific rejmblic, a nation where our
children may go for a residence, separat
ing themselves from this government, and
forming an integral part of a new govern
ment, half way between England and Chi
na in the mo*t healthful, fertile, and de
sirable portion of the globe, and quite too
far from Europe and from this side of the
American Continent to be under the gov
ernmental influence of either country."
It will be seen by the above, therefore,
that Mr. Webster thinks that the United
States are destined to be bound on the
west by the Stony mountains, and that all
who pass beyond those must leave the A
merican Eagle forever, and that country
which has borne, fed, and blessed them
from their cradle.
But we do not feel at liberty fta atop
S0' and'
good proof that the President has not
a«reat error»
name8 of
Cateplintmt to fintdent hit
a Vo
o k v o u n a i n s a n n S n
owned or claimed by Great Britain? When the General's seizure of the Florida*.- fought on the Bank
did ever this consumer of nations, this The question now is, whether the British been sadly beaten.
globe-ester, ever give her consent for a Government and that of Fr U3r,havii g!
colony of hers to dismember itself from her failed, will be content to refrain from all
iron grasp, and be free! When and where further interference. Will thry give up
did ever Great Britain favor the idea of a their treaties with Texas? Will Ejiglish
•'Pacifie," Atlantic or any other Republic? men give up their claim upon Texas, as a
Now it is well known, that the soil and portion of Mexico, for the 60,OoO,000 dol
territory which Great Britain claims, west |»rs due to the settlement?" We think
'he mountains, Will continue to be un- the above is surely a compliment to our
der her sole control, just so soon as the worthy President. Not that we assent to
United States abandon her claim. Brit- the idea that he has "defeated the purpose
ish Oregon would then be a Province of
"Her M^f sty's Dominions," and, s» such, j«let] t|ie Texans," or that he has done any
strictly subject to her laws. This being other act since his inauguration, unbecotn
the case,.uo Republic could spring up ing the President of the United States
there until tl.ey were powerful enough to but because it shows fcijhe American peo
assert its liberty by force. And if it pie, that the British press are dissatisfied
should attempt to do this, how soon would because he has not, as yet been outwinuvd
Botany Bay receive all the ringleaders and headed by British intrigue and policy,
who might escape tl» halter? But should So far the whole American j»eople look
his own Senate," or that he has "on-
would Mr. Webster then say? because it has born itself erect, and been
the sanctity of treaties and the laws strictly American. The people elected
nations must be scrupuously observed^ Mr. Polk in the full belief, that he would
people of the West on this subject? tinction of parties, and not suffer or* jvt
anU-Btuish, who are he*rt and soul in taken away. They had full confident
her liberties, to be cajolcd and would pervade his actions, and causc hiin,
go«»d, but if we must buy it with tions, you may expect what is right, but
spoken through, a consequence is sure We answer, we are, and ask the Hawk- one heart and one mind. They will
*®llow. He has been re-elected to the eye back agttin, are you t!issaliified? If S"s^in him in whatever perrils he may
put to interest, of one hundred thou- complain, .for what is more proper, than
rights to the uhnost verge, and do it
,say wlu«e interests and schemes may be
defeated by such a policy, the people of
frtCe' w'len
rece ve
delivered at Fanuiel the eye of the Hawkeye, that Gen. Hurri-' Wheft Henry Farewell first moved to
«l«on upon this great American he did not wait eight months, either, b«- bv profession, he employed one Deacon
democratic Gov. was pushed out peace. In that State, the justice siRns the
n^en, without any courtesy at all. We blank writs, has so much for trying a case
a3 soon
ask it there Gov. C's ability is uncalled for
the least.
lh* Territory'
Sexl Speaker «f thf 17. S.
here. Tb,. great BriUshite 6re^hM «ut is ntfw believed that the neat House of
Z "°U1 °r, B«pre»„utiv„ will be able to find „„e
the •hu-d.-ce of he heart the, mouth ong to whole number who will co„
sp^eth. What does Mr. Wrt^e, ^, annd.,e
mean, when he says "there will exist a*
,, .. .. at This is very essential, and we hoDe the
the mouth of the Columbia, or perhnut tur- u 1 nope me
#1 41 o *.7 I members of the present House will not be
is grea repu ic of which he friends*isetheir names at least.
speaks is to exist at the mouth of Colum­
bia oh! no. It must be further south than The ramor now is, that Mexico pro
tbatl Now, what is going to beoome of pocee pesee with the United Stales, and
jha'Und from some point south of the Co- desires -to .send and receive a minister,
lumbia.up ta,tbe &4 dsgree of north Lti- What ssi awful war we have had^y reasao
i The United States must net touch ®f T^ir^rrT? f—
... IW
tf teprtifii
From the best information we can get,
.• 1 °i^"Ker.
Ute matter, but wiU
Mr. Webster's speech? however, defeated thepurposc of his own counties liave been heard from in which 1vL
the strife is over, lie will
fof his reward the sincere, and
And Dixiield village, in Maine, being a lawyer
«f th.".W Dcn-
F«»pl« that con, Far,, ell hir.d him .1 ,o much
as sue- year, and it is said that he never lost a case
out the Egyptian in full. tried at the Deacons court. So it happen-
There is able before the old deacon, and the defend-
but that Mr. ant employed counsel. On the day of trial
to discharge the the parties met, attorneys fded their places,
Hawkey. «,nld not before hi, Honor,,he worthy dencon. The
\ery case was long, good deal of evidence, on
com- both sides, involving some considerable
and the attorney
"OlW men «,«, »(*„, (Democratic) all the dust thev couldi «h'
w k e i
a v e s i
th,,,k tl,erc is no
State is t"o'could be found in your party, neighbor? Uy"^'tV^U.7 •wumertr"^!''©!^8^
j"St C°Unsel
fought stoutly, throw
i W e e v i e n e w a
9"aU,te't dis-' dosed. The defendants counsel arose and
duties of that office.'' proceeded with great vehemance to areue
dobt but such men to his Honor, who listened with greai
for the
closed the
a long speech, arraying law and fact be-
will you? You and fore the deacon's mind, who sat perfectly
«-!»-. if *. whole as
our priy a, able as Mr. Clarke, but that the plaintiff sat down. All wa, still. The
does not show but he is amply competent
to the duties of the office. Indeed we know hushed into profound silence. All eyes
he is, a*d the Hawkeye w,ll not deny it. were turned upot, his Honor, who arose
A, to yoor fry,''and "«„p. and "lo- fr„ra
cofo«, they are ,11 empty words. TWy
gunient, nor reason, nor common sense.
We mighl pay you back, words enough in
store, bat it would not be worth the ammu
nition. ^One thing is certain, Gov. Cham
bers is removed, and it is pretty certain
he is tip last of his party that will ever
rule over Iowa. What do you think of
a n e i o
„r, crowded to overflowing, was
his c|ulr, wilh de.
livtrc the opini
„f,he court
"or •"«»»*. "or ar- ..The court has listened to this ease with
Michigan llfetiu.
President Folk js thus spoken ofSjrthe TMfr Weehreraeaea appear to be if th«||
London Examiner: "President Polk has, old work of devouring whips. Fifteen
thinks, that Senate he has out-promised and cut ma- Felch'a majority over Vickery is 2115. of the Mamnoih SftlmerL"
n v a e i n A I o a n a
w u u i e
nput. Cord/til
are true to W"lkert end I he loss of evfiy soul on
annexation, and acted therein their trusts. They are farmers, an occu-
*nd holy allianoes, and queetis promptly hy the despatch of ships and pation which is always pregnant with de-1 ^L10'o*!'J
o w n e e a s a n e i n o n e s e i e n s o e i o a n e o k a s o o a e y W e n w e a s s e o u a i n
But what is the use, pray, of talking old Hickory, since he has avoided the vio-' they said, and
about a republic springing up on the soil lence and bloodshed which accompanied
"-""-'f —.y -or Sl.t, LenUv, ,h. whig, we,. iklhe^3 ^^™d£L,,'S-
Jackson indeed, an improvement upon great efforts had nominated a farmer as Empire was one of the largest water^w!1,hT.*ga
,i, 11 ..
a great deal of attention. It iB a very dif*
ficult one and important to this community,
both as to its law and facts. It is impor
tant, then, that it should be well under
stood and properly decided, That has
been the object of this court in listening
the whole day without any dinner to this
time which is now eleven o'clock at night.
This oeurt has never had the pleasure to
listen te more able arguments. It has
been my constant aim to come to a right
decision. It is a very difficult case to un
derstand. But this court has finally come
to the conclusion that there are three dol
lars damage somewhere, but where this James Powers is now a gay bridegroom
court cannot tell?J Gegjll^n^jL/^i^ywi'
had better settie jtc'V t,n
Some burglars recently entered, by ter. Singular ss this
expectations, is said, of finding Mr.
r» 1 n n fi #v.
Ogle s Spoons. hey could not find them oner
wouW .OU the
great inroads upon the democracy Thev v "nd .f,.tted
New Yerk Election.
The democrats, as far as heard from,
Democratic Governor elccted by
thousand strong.
ed to the Senate—Gootl!
EFFECTS or mn TAarrr.—It will hard
be believed, it U certainly
known, that whilt
ing 50 ',00U tons of coal annually.
Exchange paper.
It wHf hardly be* believed, it ccrtainly
may not he generally known that while
some twelve or fourteen years ago there
were scarcely a while settler west of the
Mississippi in Iowa, there are now nearly
or quite one hundred thousand white peo
ple in Iowa. n't you take neighbor?
Every thing which comcs afier a Tariff
must be caused by il of course. Why do
you not tell your readers, that the increas
ed price of wheat is owing to the tariff?
The very next presidential e.eotion, your
ing with all parties. A pity lhat such a
at man as Daniel should not be more
A seaman, and stranger, whd came
up on the "Galena" on her last trip, we
understand, was killed in the warehouse
of Messrs. S. & P. Lindcmuth of this city
on the night of the 25th inst. The acci-
dent happened h» the fall of u_, J** l»«fuiHl homage ...
u 1. JII- I- Rs
twenty-five millions of bushels, which is
Dreadful ftewa.
day 4et WeCivithe ruiner,
in circulation Ui Galena when ke7**
S,le wa4 on ,1er
sanguine of making
... t- ll It. leeward, where she
'.'Pern'ion5 tlon. She wa* freighted at St. JoSf
1810 undtT tiie i-o,n,„„ni.e Act. Ye»,' «"3 l'"^
,, garditssot their own satety, in tl« lui
•nd you will not tell litem a word lhat the, |i,tg
starving condition of the European populu-| save iheir iellow seaman in distre!», ami
tion is the cause of it. It h-tppencd after
«riRS|,s about .9,500, 3S,0«
the Tariff, it must therefore be owing to Pr"I"P,.bi
1 Ttr i.
the Tariff, say Uie whigs. We shall Ue
occasion. 111 due time, toSlidw upthe tula- I ized his conduct in the emergency, wa
cy of such reasoning. I1'1# last to leave the wreck. The boat
bounded over brvakers of fe.irful LeigH
and as she returned lull iiiletl with watft
to tl.e harbnr, with her \entHreunsie crrv
and their rcM-ned comrades of the deep,
prolonged and hearty chcers welcomed Iter.
It seems pretty well established, from
recent developements, that the Whigs have
raised up a bird to pick out their own
eyes. The election has come off in Mas
sachusetts—Daniel's State—and Gov. Brig*! under water, and will be got afloat, if 4
is elected by the people, nearly all the (*", with much difficulty.
returns have come to hand. So far Gm
s haw 7119, Sewtll 216, scat, 1314, which her boat,-firewood, &c., witli some tnfli^
leaves Brigs in want of 1*212 of an elec- damage to her s.iils and ringing, returne!
tion. The remainder to come in may alter
the result a little, but we think Brigs is
not elected. The natives would not go it.
notwithstanding Daniel gave them such a
polite invitation. Daniel has the nack
just before all important elections of a»ree-
from Chicsto't^TJ
Probrt,)1y lost in 0*
V i- u
'he Western watfJ1
m,t in
and ih** h.v C,Pl-
an inevitable destiny. We
ture, and the whigs 50. The democracy The loss of life must have been imow»
will have a majority on joint ballot of 12T~t'1*(ie,nl 'rJw1a*
or 15. That will answer all practical
purposes, much better the harmony
of the party, than if their majority was
ker was an able and experienced tutjl
and justly popular with the travelling
lie—but it seems the size of the boat
skill of her commander, couid not
ulars—the ne\t mail will
have elected 74 members of the Legisla- particulars, if the rulnnr,,:,- —°»a^ty
p°p'ilar boat,
alwi-ys crowded wi passeng,^' ""U
Fnm tht Chicago JOSTMI,
Lake Disaster.
a single
ly be believed, it u certainly not generally billed the sea wasi.ing off the deck uj
S^Wday during H, heavy Ml.
noilhwpsi. ||,e sifir. Windham i.
from tli
making onr h.rbor, Voiuh of7/',e
ami by kiting go
after mtu-h e ertion, to m»k®
The Mij. Olivtr, lolled with wheal arf
Hour, in the endeavor, having Roundel
there ..n*J hulcliea. A share of the (W
were but two anihricite iron luraaoes in which she Wis partially loaded, came,.
oniisylvania, there are now no less ijian shore nnd was saved in a damaged cmi«
50 0 bushels wheat and 6 0 bbls. Hour
for Hay war.I &. Co of Buffalo. Rath it*.
scl \i)tl cargo we learn, were insured
The intrepidity and bold daring of l}»
sailor character were aptly illustrate«
the rescue of the retmtiui' portion

crew of the Oliver, (her boat, which ha|
bi-cn oeut akliore witlt another potticnlm.
ing tapsiznd iu the surf,) while in their
perilous situation, with (lie hi 11^1
such a continual brotuh over the *ewfl
thai they wer« lofctd to repair.tolhe rig.
ging lor safety.
Capt. MuJyel ^m^h, formerly «T tht
"Polk," recently wrecked near Michi^n
party will be e\lubn ing thc-ir t.ibles to Us: ton,' Johft Sears, ot the brig- "C0U11*
show how much higher wheat was, iu Iown,' hia," John Ereles the 'Wing and Wir.c,'
in 1845, under the Tariff1, than it wis 1ft
dliam Armstrong of tie "Frontier,*
se.t wi,h
Uw boat of the llillurd.li
too on the occasion, did stout iieirii
aw»y arin»
do duty. Cai4. Rr
'he Oliver, to whom much prais
il due for lUe Ci,0,ne„s wllicll
The Olivor lies this rnoruing compiettlj
f° Pa/7-~"
Br!g OvM Fei
to port yesterday. The dd KeJIow h*l
readied a point opposite the Twin Rjmi,
when her commander thought it adti»»li
to put back.
In the height of the gale Capt. Turin
lay to for 24 hours, snd his noble en/t
Worked to a
The wheat crop of the United States for
this year is estimated at one hundred and! ^OI1,essor
charm, during it., cuntimunc*
!Capt.T. just looked i to Millwaukicbut
found 'twas "110 go,''and accordingly audi
for this port, his vessel under easy mil.
The Brig Clarion is aground at the
trance of the harU»r with lighters ski*
side. She will probably be gotten off u
the course of the day.
11 rp,Marl
thit during the miiM
women, as to things divine, a life cluMi)
w ea falling upon him in the night time- secluded from ihtir society was decinetltf*
while he was a sleep, having lodged there,
as we suppose, in want of a better place.
We are informed that some five hundred
bushels were found on and aronnd him in
the morning, and that when found he was
quite dead.
surest road to heaven. The eucliariai
considered too htdy to be touched bv ie
male finger®, and they were required
put a while linen glove upon llie hai"*!
when they received it. The emperor Hoe
oriotis banished Jovinian because h« n"'rf
tained-thiil a man who lived wilha«ii
might be saved, provided he obeyed
law s of piety and virtue and Edward tint
over six bushels for every man, woman L,,,, were degraded from office lor
and child iu the Uni'ed States. Reconingit dience to this vdict.
bushels for ev
at 75 cents per bushel, it would amount! r'ed to such an «-xtent, that the barons W
to the large sum of $93,750,000. If the Powcr
old world will only let us have the privi
lege of feeding, at a fair price, her starv
ing millions, our farmers can get rich.
The Cincinnati Enquirer informs us that
"Andrew Jackson wa^ aground at Three
Miles." The first time that ever old ,Au
drew could not clear himself, we know.
His Hoaqr,
Des Moines is still in session
Judge MA£OK on the Bench
laved from the ttsllswi by Mar*
crime punishable with death, when, to the
of being a prisoner in the doqk on ins
night, the White House, under the high seem, there is no doubt, says the Port, of fear ha should come to poverty.
honesly a"d vi^ae
lhe truth of
—come to the conclusion that Ogle lied guilt.—Union. I ]e
abKit ^ssa, and profited tliey jievcr, why ii rf vain'^manlikeafl inebriate?
in Boston, in a capital trial in the Supreme after the marriage ceremony
Court. James Powers '.vas tried for a boasted to his bride that he hi
he had injured having become his wifeman's wit for I brought some of
that morning, and thus by law was inca-
at large, enjoying his honeymoon, instead
sainted fur dying unnur-
ui)t)ii the clergv. and botli prie.-t* rttid atr
CWIIB were ucgraoeu 11
lilt. In Frar.ee it w »»«t*
to. U1iak,e slavesc
t!ie married clcrgy. St. Dunstan, M&"
inoiis for his abhorrence ol women, in"8"
duced celibacy of clergy into I-nglandi1^'
willi the consent of king L'-dgar, eibof^
the married priests to put awaj thsw
wives, under the penalty of being dfgr^
ed from office, and deprived of their k*"
ings. From the ungallant character of®
Dunstan arose a superstilinus cu»to».
which some traces remain in Great Brt*®
The District, Court for the connty ofl Venrtotlthe1l?re*en! !1
..... ... that if a bridal couple drank from at.
ij as iiaq ic di
11 in His ..
stan s well, on the day of their roarn^
the first one who tasted the water
govern ihe other for life. A bridsi1
who was very desirous lo have tlx
ity in his own hands, repaired to the***
A novel occurrence happened last week
«0on as his wedding day dawned
wat 800
surprise of all, the prosecution was with- done. 'Ah, my friend,' replied»l*b"r
drawn, the girl (Hannah Welsh) whom ing, "you have not circumvent
"I liable of testifying against him. Mr. fwe."—Jlfri. hjjl,
count nf
trial, with the prospect of a hempen hal- ider j,ini as rone a case*"
gene a
occurrence may }imi]f] conclude to stop his daily
of event
her charge agmmst the pris- jivt iodependentlv.—
ho haul moreover confessed lhs
was 1
had drank
ner than she could puasib'y
from the well, in a vial, the Wp"*
hen a man stops hrtTtu
pecuniary forebodings
legacy of $5,000 was left bf «Jf
Alassie, of Elizabslhto»rs,IV i

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