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jiilmtfotial ©alette.
The Central Committee of the
^wntr of Des Moines recommend,
that the Democratic Electors of the
several Townships in said County
JbKl meetings at the usual places of
'tiling Elections in their rcspec'iive
To* whips, on Saturday the 7Vh day
ef March next, for the puvpose of
selecting Delates to meat in Bur
lington, in CouBty Convention, on
Saturday the 14th day of March
nevt, to sclect candidates for Dele
gates to t!ie Convention to form a
•Stale Constitution, to be voted for
U the approaching April election.
Uy order of the General Central
Democratic Com. of Eea Moines
Feb. 14, 1846.
Ac* ^Iviuei Ctuify Democratic
Tlic several Townships of Des Moines
Comity are hereby requested by the Demo
cratic Central Committee to semi their re
spective quotas of Delegates to the Des
efoiaes County Democratic Convention, to
be af the city of Burlington, on the
l4thW March next, At ten o'clock, A. M.,
t«i mididattifor L\Iegates to the Con
vention \v Ama a State Constitution. The
CoinmitUe Kfuld most respectfully recom
mend a prompt attention to *he call, sad a
spirited turn out to said Convention.
order ofCommittee.
Hie movements of this august bod/ are
now assuming a more important asp\^ct
The principal moves made in it since ou
Let, are die action of the House on the oon
i«*«d «e«t from Florida, the bill proposed
'•y Mr. Fairfield for the naval defences of
•he country, and the resolutions of Mr.
Alton, defining the position of the United
rei itive to future interference with
(He independent nations of this continent
Km -ean powers.
Ua 17th ult., Mr. Fairfield's bill
csilad up. It will be recollected,
t'nt tin* hill proposes a large increase of
*r navy, and proposes therefor, between
fivcjuid six millions to meet the expense.
Mr. F. supported the bill by an abh* speech,
going into the provisions and object's of the
biU at some length. Mr. Benton o| iposed
it, en die ground that he did not con eider
it called for, as he thought there were no
wyns of war to justify such a step.
'Ir. Dickinson defended the biU, a&d
the views taken by Mr. Fairfield, and re
plied at length to Mr. Benton. Mr. Han
negan proposed an amedment, and tho'i^'*
tlie biU as proposed by Mr. Fairfield did
not make the necessary provisions for the
wants of the nation. The debate was in
teresting1, and we are happy to say the in
dications of the Senate are more favorable
than heretofore. On the 28th ult. the Sen
ate renewed the debate on the same sub
ject. in which various Senators took part,
among whom were Bagby, Miller, Hanne-
So much transpired in the Sen­
ate on the Navy question.
On the 26th ult. Mr. Allen called up the
subject of his resolutions upon foreign in-
e e e n e e u e s i o n w a s u o n e a v e
A L.
Uc*1 re*
111 18
tioa Gen. Cass made one of the most able
speeches that we have ever read. It fell
!il«lhe withering f,own.
of .n.ngry Dnt,
uf Aaseri janism, and repelling with calm
ness, yet with great force and decision, the
imputations oast upon Mr. Allen by Mr.
CaUumo for introducing the resolutions.
GeA. Cass is a champion for American
right*, and God bless him. Calhoun op-
p*ed, and the whole whig posse. Leave'
waa granted by A vote of 26 to 21, and we
are happy to see the terrific name of Ben-
to» on ihe right side. Why dont Benton
pash "that ball." We think the signs are tj18
now, judging from recent moves, that Cal-
ifiiinl «f UM Stoni*
Wa an, at length] able to give to our
readers a summary of the news by this
steamer. Sinee our last news, by the Lib
erty, affairs havetalcen still another aspect
in England. Lord John Russel was una
ble to form a cabinet of anti-corn-law men,
and was forced to request the Queen to re
store (he Government into the hands of Sir
Rob't. Veel. The Queen did so
t'tat Peel is still Premier of Her Majes
ty's Government, and the corn laws will
remain unchanged, and unrepealed, as we
predicted in our last. Indeed, we think,
the resignation was a mere ruse to hold our
government in suspense, and to prevent
any decisive action by our government, for
the British have already learned that there
are a class of Statesmen in this country,
who look to England for their cue in mat
ters of State.
The tone of the press in England is de
cidedly submissive—the English govern
ernment is evidently cowed, for there is
no power which understands better how
to assume any attitude, mild, warlike, or
exterminating, than she do»s when policy
demands it. When the North Eastern
Boundary question assumed a critical atti
tude, and the Canadas needed only a matoh
to explode into ten thousand fragments)
she was sure to send a minister here to ne
gotiate for an amicable settlement. Policy
demanded it. One year ago she appear
ed ready to exterminate us—that was for ef
fect—a feeler. Now that she sees war is
not only possible, but probable, she dictates
possession which she has on the North
American continent.
of that nature to Pakenham. What will be if need be, your blood and treasure freely
the result of such renewal, God only knows.' lavished in defence of the Union and its
But Mr. Polk and the American Congress, laws- Let the God of liberty spread lib
and people, will do themselves eifmal dis- eralisn.N and teach all men to greet man as
grace to make any such concessions. The his brotL'er. i
negotiation has been most unceremoniously
broken off by England, the rights of the
parties now stand on the same basis they
^u®*"|did at the origin of the dispute, our rights to 15th of November last. Up to that time
A. r'
to the whole are "clear and unquestiona
ble," and to yield any part of them for the
when demanded] woulj
dijgrace nd a upon rf [|)e
American people. We go for the whole of
Oregon, and no compromise and we call
upon Mr. Polk, and in doing so, we speak
unanimou8 voiCe
Iowa, t0 yield
voice of the people. As for him, if he ^at Peel is not so war-like as Lord John,
wishes to take up Us abode with the whigs,1 ooMoe rot is not so great as repre
let him go. We admire his splendid ge-
Him* but When duty calls, we are bound to
reprobate Ma aourae. Our country against
StfcQa fur last, a spirited debate has come
on the Oregon question.
Isljrt. Dale Owen has made a masterly
speech ca that aobject, distinguished, as
dlifia cflbrtaare, by eloquence,soul, logic,
and literature. Bob Owen is a
•ff Uu world. We will give our readers' Sundance
oatofad aeat from Florida has been set
tled. After a spirited debate, the House
daaidad by a decisive majority/that Mr.
Ufadiesbrougfa waa entitled to his seat.
Mr. Ika democrat so that the great
le by the whigs, last fall, over the
of E. C. Cabell, whig, has turned
a«L4a be tdl ameke, and.it yet remains an
afltaUykad feet that Florida it democratic.
No man loves America
ardently than he, he was born in
a faraifia land. Here we dull have to
lest* the reader till next week, assuring
h«i that Bade 8am fd livttk, and is get
HagtoborMtrmmmnlm )nnfan.
of the democracy of
no part of that Territory to
Ergland( or any other power.
come by reagon of thig course,
migh{y to back Mr
liouti will not be able to oontrol those £oufh-18tatement of Peel, was very favorable so
ero Senators to rush headlong against t.'-1®
there are
brave hearts and wilUng handg enough in
in Ilig
upon the money markets, and
generally, produced by the rein-
the English papers, it being believed
it is believed, that the matter
-exaggerated by England, and
jn order to induce a supera-
jef ressegj
tbespeeoh af the eU champion, CMS, na**! tatoes, so that John 3u!)'s children could
make a speck out of Brother Jonathan's—
nothing strange that! Our rea.ders will
now have to bold their breath til' the next
news. Congr£J« has aeted before thisupoi
the question of the
of importation of grains and po-
Oregon, and we hop® learn before our
next, what course the Sei?*te has marked
out en that question—whether American
Ism prevails, or the selfishiam of C?Uiouk
and some of the South.
Importut to Westen ud Snthm lerckiits.
In our advertising columns will befoun
a long list of the enterprising Merchants
of Philadelphia, with their respective lo
calities and the article^n which they deal.
It will be seen that they offer for sale their
respective merchandise
at priees and on
terms which cannot foil to prove satisfacto­
That is all
merchants can ask.
be well, therefore,4e examine the
advertisement, and gjfoe those Philadelphia
merchants a call in &e spring. They are
net tofcioutdooe.
XHire AwriMaioL
We find in the New Orleans Tropic, a
letter from the Hon. BAILXY PSYTOK, ad
dressed to the President of the Native
American association of Louisiana, with
drawing from that association, and declar
ing that a separate organization by that
party is both unwise and ineffective. The
letter does not fail to intimate, that the
only effective way for the views of that
party to be carried out, is for the Natives
to unite with -the whiga, in their party or
The "history of the rise and fall, and of
the ultimate object of Native Americanism
has turned out to be what we predicted in
the beginning. The party was started by
the whig party, under the disguise of no
party, at first, the better to lead astray
such democrats as might easily be deceiv-
ed, with an intention on the jsirt of the
whig leaders, to form and keep alive a dis- which the constitution ptohibits, they can
tinct party for a season, and when the alter or amend the constitution in the way
proper time came, to cry up the impolicy prescribed, and this is one of the most
of a further and separate organization of distinguished features in a Democratic
the party, and to give a general. invitation constitution. If a constitution was unal
to the new sect, to come over to the whigs, terable, it would certainly be anti-demo
alledging as a reason that such a step would cratic. The Hawk Eye asks "how can
be the only sure way by which they could they govt/n if the constitution sets up a
accomplish their objects. By this maneu- complete harrier to their action We
ver it was supposed they could allure made no such case for there can be no com
such of the democrats as might belong to plete barrier, so long as the obstacle may
that party at the time of their graaou* ad- be removed. The obstacle to the pas
vice. This is the history of Nativism, this sage of an unconstitutional law can always
to her press by the magic of her secret fund, which and many more, the whigs have idea.
and appears as submissive as a lamb, and been among the prime movers, and always
why? Because she knows that a war sought at the earliest moment to turn them I GLIMPSE OP IOWA IN 1846."
with lis would be sure to loose her every into account for the whig party. This little work, which was anhounced
degree the boundary, giving to Great Brit- i„g to the rights of citizenship they will
ment will not be so bigoted as not accept brother who may not yet have come over* ly qualified himself to give us a correct and of~Mexi France" 8
it. The ofJer is this: To make the 49th to this country, of the possibility of obtain- interesting description of the rapid progress
take, she would take what she could get. to have been born on the soil of freedom, tainly cheap enough for every citizen to be
mand of all the harbors worth a cent in marriage betwixt your children and the
Oregon, as there are not any harbors of children of the natives of the soil. On the
any value south' of the straits of Fuca. other hand, it is the doctrine of domocra
Then slie wants tue free navigation of the
Columbia, and when she gets these, she is free, to exercise the most humane and
o I
She now, through her organ, asks the Is- that therefore you are unworthy of free- the possessor of one copy at least. to the rumors* Phil U S, Gaz
land of Vancouver, and the Harbor of St# dom. And their doctrines when carried! Prospectuses may be found at the pnnU
Juan de Fvca,- so that she would have com- out, would work a prohibition of inter- ing offices, the post office, hotels, &<
and of liberty too, thai this great earth
Wash-: to the sweets tf liberty, your hearts will
Our opinion is, that the blockade will
succeed, and that Rosas and his party will
be overthrown, and that henceforth, South
America will be wholly controlled by the
Monarchies of Europe. This will certain*
y be the case, unless the United States in
terfere, and we see no signs of it now.
The whig party in this country, and the
Calhoun faction, are in favor of allowing
this Monarchical interference on the conti
nent of America, and as it would promote*
the interests of Monarchies, why should
they not adopt, and always hereafter carrj
u,ut .'he policy? Deeply as we lament the
apathy o.^ this subject on the part of the
United States,
Dw kai foMJltwk'i SpecMsf
UM Editor of the Gazette says that he agrees
with ns in the statement that there can hie no
democracy "here a majority de net go rem,"
and yet if there is a Constitution in existence
the history of anti-masonism, this, in fact, be remedied by amending the constitution, Pittsburg on the 20th of January,
the history of abolitionism, this the history Now, friend Edwards, put on your specks, The schooner Wm. Walker, bound from
of the anti-rentism of New York, in all of read carefully, and see If you cant get the Boston to St. Andrews, wa3 lately wreck-
They are now proposing and carrying out few weeks since, in prospectus form, by
a union of the Native party with the whigs, our friend Newhall, is already in press, ,can*1
The London Times, the organ of the ad- upon the pledge on the part of the whigs, and will be ready for subscribers about the!
ministration, now advises the government that if they can succeed by the union, to first of March. The work is designed Th® Police Gazette informs us, that
of England to make us the offer made the) carry out the doctrine of Nativism. We as a practical guide for the emigrant, and Tom Brown, arrested in New York as the
English, as the Times sayS} by Mr. Adams ask, the particular attention of thai toorthy reference book for the citizens of the murderer of Miller and Leicy, has been
through the agency of Mr. Gallatin, as Seo- 'part of our community in Iowa who are Territory. Mr. N. is well known to the discharged by Justice Drinker. For what
retary of State, and calls upon Her Majes-|made up of emigrants, and the descendants citizens of the Territory as an early settler, reason discharged, the Gazette does not
ty not to be too nice about a matter of eti- 10f emigrants to this country to this ma- and as the author of "Sketches of Iowa '•y* though we suppose for want of suffi
qu°ette, but step forward and make the naeuver. If the whigs can come into pow- and from his extensive research and gene- cient proof to indentify him on the examin
offer hoping that the American govern- er, they will not hesitate, to deprive your ral knowledge of the country, has especial-
ain Vancou ver'6 Island, the Harbor of St. not hesitate to draw the lines between you an eastern cotemporary, Mr. N. is aliv- *u- i .•
R. J. I
u a o n e i u i o o n a i n s
Juan de uca, ana tne Tree navigation ot and your descendants on the one part, and ing magazine of information respecting the
the Columbia river. This is what we those whom they style the native born on resources of the'Great West.'" We hope this country through various channels.—
have always s& id England would do. When the other. They think that because you our citizens will subscribe liberally for the The writer who is a gentleman of obser
she found she could not get what she would
country is making. In the language of
your father were so unfortunate as not work. The price is only 25 cents: cer-
Death with his Sjrtbe.
or more. Now the average age of man is
would have enough, for she would be mas- liberal policy towards all who may wish estimated at thirty years, so that this whole the King of France is to marry the Infanta
ter of the navigation of the Pacific, with to come and live among us from foreign population, or a number equally as great, of Spain, and take possession of Mexico
w^ter privileges enougt.' to manufacture countries, because our fathers were onoe must disappear in thirty years. Bydivid- and give it back to Spain. The court of
w'jtJi, and
asks nothing more. We emigrants themselves knowing, that if ing this number by 30, the average age of Ma^r'd will appoint the son of Louis Phil
might as .well give her the whole, and let our government and people greet you as man we hence learn the number who die
our disgrace be complete. brothers and equals, and bid you welcome yearly, which are twenty seven millions Spanish fleet in the harbor, and a large
be re-opened
ington, as there is no* a doubt in our min.d, burn with gratitude, and that your arms being divided by 365, the number of days concert with the Spanish. Kngland will
but the Hibernia brougiH out instruction^ will be nerved, your steel sharpened, and in a year, *hows the number who die daily
litest nefff from Sontfc Inwrlea.
We have news from Montevideo down
.the blockade of Buenos Ayres and all the
ports of the Banda Oriental, occupied by
Gen'l. Oribe's troops, was stricty prosecut
ed by the English and French. The brig
Amazon, which brought the news obtained
a cargo of bides, but not without mueh dif
ficulty. Up to the 15th of Nov. the Eng
lish and French had been unable to make
any progress, and it was thought they
would not be able to, unless they could
get a supply of cavalry. It is said that
Rosas, who la President of the Argentine
Republic, will take good care that they get
no horses. The natives seem determined
to hold out againbt this unrighteous inva
sion of their liberties by these two heart
less nations. It is rumored that the com
bined forces of England and France cant
succeed, without resorting to bribes upon
the subaltern officers, which they will not
hesitate to resort to.
to he -75,342, which being itself divided by
are forced to believe that
the European syste.**1 of balance of power,
and dictatorship, will hereafter be a part of
the future history of South America!
There have been two new cotton factorfe*
lately erected in North Carolinia. The cot
ton manufacturers all over the country are
beginning to see that they oan cam pete with
all the world without that protection here
tofore asked for.
and u» iront of them large clock, lick.ng
successive tick, knowing that the nex/
and precipitate him into the gulf below.
Yet, with the fact no less certain, and be
ing fully aware of it, but because the drama
is invisible, the human race go down life's
A A? MA n
were numberless, and the continuation of
life certain.
lonaoK—Gttat Cararu started for Oregon.
We have been informed by a gentleman
who vistited Nauvoo, on Friday of last
week, that a great caravan of Mormons
were crossing the river at Montrose, on
Saturday, consisting of some two hundred
wagons, on their way to the far west. The
whole army mustered some two thousand
strong, and were well armed and provis
ioned, and seeded, ready to sow and plant
at the first eligible place in Oregon. It is
their intention to prepare the way for their
brethren, and to raise provisions, so that
those emigrating afterwards, may not be
obliged to carry so much with them. An
other party, it is said, will depart about the
first of March. It is surely a matter of
intarast to watch the movements of this pe
culiar people. -What will be their end, or
what they willjMount hereafter, yet lies
concealed in the muteries of the future.
The steamboat Old Hickory recently
sunk with Henry Clay on board. Henry
jught to have known that Old Hiokory"
would not have oonacnted to ba ridden by
The Legislature of Pennsylvania has
passed resolutions remonstrating against
and the majority cannot carry out their measures any alteration by the present Congress of
by law under it, or in other words govern, that
constitution may nevertheless be democratic i present postage law* New York lias
How can they govern, if the constitution sets up done the same.
a eomolete barrier to their action ?—Havk Eye
Tk%r*Uly There was a destructive fire at Phila
It must be that the Editor of the Hawk clelpliia on the 10th ult., which consumed
Eye had lost his specks when he read our pr°perty to the amount of $2 0,000,
article. We said what he has put in quo- The Bangor (Me.) Democrat says or
tations, but what follows that the Hawk ders have been received at St. Johns, New
Eye said we did not. We took the tena- Brunswick, from the home government, to
ble position, that a Constitution did not cease have the forts in that Province examined
to be democratic whenever the contingency **d put in a strong state of defence, and
should happen, that a majority might want tint a battalion of rifle brigade are to be re
to pass a law which would come in conflict moved from Halifax to St. Johns.
with the Constitution. All democratic con- The number of undergraduates now in
stitutions have a provision in them for their
amendment and alteration, so that whenev- Rev. Robert Emory, A. M., is its Presi
er the people shall wish to do that by law dent.
the Dickinson College, Pa., are 147. The
The Philadelphia Sentinel informs us
that the Hon. Lewis Cass was to deliver a
lecture in that city on the 25th ult. at the
Musical Fund Hail, for the benefit oPthe
Mr, Buchanan was to give a grand ball
at Carusi's Saloon, in Washington, on the
23d ult.
The Belle Zane had on board when she
sunk, 27 mail bags. They will probably
prove a total loss.
The Ohio River had 6 feet of water at
ed: whole crew and passengers lost.
The Senate of the United States have re
jetted the nomination of Judge Woodward.
vatiorl) 8pec'ulates sti|1 more upon°lhe
of afl-airs and ves
U,ciB.ni h* is«° doubt,,r}'inK
Caldwell is the Democratic
for Gov. in North Carolina.
The subj0ii,ed
letter, written at Havana,
more 0f the rumors
which have reached
additional importance
HAVAVA, Jatf. 3,1846.
Dear Sir:—I have heard numerous ru
mors that afe floating about in this city,
Tilt'Peculation of the~globe is estimated and will give you a few of them: there is
at eigijt KundrM and twenty-live millions
»«»me grand scheme is going for-
courts. One
of the rumors is, that one of the sons of
s o e u i n i s u o a s w e a e a
hundred thousand. This last number, French fleet is expected here to act in
}ar8e .®h,P8 °r
cruize in the Gulf of Mexico.
24, the number of hours in a day, shows receive for her share, Madam Rum*ir does
1,139 to be the daily deaths. This last not say, but only hints at Upper California
number, being divided by sixty, the num-
ber of mfimtes in an hoer, shows that 52 gUude
Madriil does
fractions are left off, and the population rec- England a foothold in Cuba, as froiy this
oned to be one hundred and twenty-five island Spain derives nearly all her revenue,
millions. When we consider that the pop- and she knows full well that if England
1 1 .1 ... once raises the cross of St. George in Cu
ulation is somewhat larger than this, we .1
,b ba, the whole island is lost to her, and in
shall see that a human being must die on iieu
war to
VVhat share of the $poil Enf,hnd to
eastern half of Cuba, say to the I011-
88 ,his
.. ,. be nearer her possessious. The Court of
must die every hour. In this estimate, the
»art H" "land will
not like the idea of giving
an average, every second of time. What Rico.
an appalling sight this would be, if we1 Santa Anna is here, and is a deep poli
oould see the whole human family together,
this will offer to Victoria Porto
effect a rev-
1 1 1 olution in Mexico through the army, by
wor|l|r,|t lhejr r„lingf
the seconds of time, and, so often as it Stales for annexing Texas. As Santa An
ticked, one of the human family drop into na is in the power of the Spanish Govern
the gulf of eternity. With what amaze-1 n*0** he wishes to make, it appear that he
ment would all stand, and shudder, at each j8
„K,in,t 4
UP Mtxic,? SPain5
he is in correspondence with all the Uen-
erals of Mexic0 he reeeiveR tjJveral
might remove the sutid from under his feet, large packages by every steam packet from
Vera Cruz.
Santa Anna you will find is to lead the
European diplomatists on the wrong scent
his object will be to throw Mexico into the
arm8 of(|,e United Stale8i just at the time
broad road as careless as though their years'the European powers have all things ar
L. S
ll.tA Ik
A aI.I
ranged: this he no doubt thinks will cause
a war between France and Spain, in which
England must take part with Spain.
Yon will see that Spain, inher stupidity,
will lose the Island of Cuba, as the Cubi
ans only want a pretext to declare them
selves independent and have the Republic
of Cuba. Uncle Sam will no doubt have
an efficient Navy to keep off a law hard
Shipwreck, with less 6t Life aad
Tragic Consequences.
PLYMOUTH, N. C. Jan. 14.
On the night of Tuesday, 6th inst. the
schooner Comet of this place was wrecked
on the North Point of Breakers, near Ora
cock, and all on board perished. Besides
the crew there were two young men sons
of Mr. Stephen Long, of VVilliaoislon,
promising, interesting youths, in the very
morning of manhood, the pride and hope of
their heart-stricken and unfortunate pa
So intense and overpowering was the
distress of the'disconsolate widow of Capt.
Thomas S. Case, our townsman, on receiv
ing the news of the death of her husband,
that it is presumed reason must have been
overthrown in the dreadful trial. Last
night, between one and five o'clock, she
rose from her bed, and though severely
cold, plunged into the river with her two
little children. The body of Mrs. C. has
been recovered, but as yet neither of the
poor innocents,—Exchange paper.
the whigs take a victory by default—or
whether they will rouse up, and, like the
of the masses and purchasable and unprin
cipled legislation—and because ofthegener
al high toned and bold democracy of its
le. ding features which conformed it to the
progressive spirit of the age—a spirit
which disdains to worship at the shrine of
antiquated abuses, and which will never
Oawtfc. vote in favor ofamen to whOse hand, .L-
State Oo*trnnl«nt-*OrganiBR«ion great work is to be committed K» ,i
—Duly or .... iein.»cr»c. £e
Mr. Editor:—A CITIXCW begs leave, their principles. A republican f*
through the columns of your paper, to call stance, who desires (hat republican
the attention of the public, and of the dem- tions, and a safe and economical sv'i"MU4
ocratic party especially, to the law which government may descend upon hii'T^
was passed at the recent session of the dren, would not, with his eyes an*
Legislature relative to the formation of a for men of entirely different sent"'
State Government. That law provides from himself, and from whose act'
that the eloction of Delegates to form a Con- Delegates, hi could expect nothing u*
stitution shall be had on the first Monday very reverse of what he so ardentlv W
in April—that the Convention shall assem- and for which perhaps he has been
ble in May—and that the Constitution tending a whole life-time.
shall be submitted to the people in August. Nor should it be necessary,
Preliminary to the first of these events, many and embittered contests whieTk/1*
and upon which the successful issue of already taken place among us, to w
the other two will depend, should be the democracy of the danger of supine!!!!!.
i e i a e a n o o u o a n i z a i o n o e e i a o o u e o n i
democratic party, and the nomination of against the machinations of an enem*
competent and firm democrats as candi- policy they entirely understand lull*
dates for Delegates to the Convention, oy this time. It ought to be *uSei«!?
haxzard much by inactivity at such a and doubtless it will he sufficient. to^S
Mme, and will lose every thing if not 1m- i their attention to the fact that
time, and will lose every thing if not im- their attention to the fact, that ma/iT
mediately upon the alert. The object pro- fight between democracy and xhir
posed—that of forming a Constitution for I Iowa is soon to come off! t*
thegoverninent of mirselvesand our poster-j It is therefore hoped that the Ce _j
ity —is too important toadmit of any delay (Committee, who are chared u/ik
in our preparations or of any dalliance
with the enemy. He is a very blind man,
indeed, who does not see with what anx
iety the whig leaders are watching their
opportunity to steal a march upon us—
and he is a slave, deserving of the chains
which they would fasten upon him, who
seeing their design, would not make it his
first duty, by means of whatever energy of
mind, and influence of character he may
possess, to defeat it. That the wliigs en
tertain some hopes of securing a majority
of membcers in the new Convention, naturally arise, and thus afford the people
through the inactivity of the democratic' an opportunity to judge fairly and imptr.
party, and by means of monnrelism, is quite tially of both men and measures.
certain: that they have some chance ofsuc-
cess, though not certain, is not impossible.
The decision of the matter is entirely in
the hands of the democratic party. If they
remain indifferent to the result, or unor
ganized, or show the least decree of favor
to the treacherous and disgraceful system
of ntongrelism—an almagalion as revolting
to the honest mind as the amalgamation of
the white and black races is disgusting to
the enlightened ta«te,—if the democracy
give countenance to this species of politi
cal roguery, continue to stand off as
mere spectators with folded arms, the
whigs will most assuredly triumph and
their Convention will present us a Con
stitution freckled over with federalism
from top to bottom, and patched together
with all the shi.iplaster provisions known
to the vviiig catalogue. But il'the democ
racy take the election of the Delegates into
their own hands, and act with the energy
and unanimity which have heretofore
proved their sincere attachment to their
principles, victory will again crown their
efforts, and a Constitution embodying pure
ly demorcatic doctrines and nothing else,
response in the breasts and prints of whig- j,ad demaIU|ed of the new Government his
gery abroad. But this is an item of small pasgports, and received in reply that, as
consideration at any time, and especially at jlt, jiad never been recognized by theGof*
the present. The idea at which the wri- ernment and was unknown to them, ia,
ter desires to arrive is this should we, as passports were necessary, and was at lib"
democrats, in the new Constitution soon erty to go where he pleased. He then
to be formed, fall short of the high grounds demanded an escort to Vera Cruz, which
assumed in our first effort, and thus bring
disappointment upon our friends abroad
and confusion and shame upon ourselves? ^er of the officers of that vessel had deter
Shall we, merely for the poor purpose of
silencing the growls and groans of a hand-
ful of political opponent*, desert our prin-
ciples and sacrifice the leading features of j,e
a great charter for the government of a
great State which is destined soon to em-
brace hundreds of thousands and ultimate- PONG
ly millions of people* within its borders?
merset in all our views, policy and prin-
language, and all, ol the old Con.l, ution,
bit the wujld respecllt.lly suggest, whether
all times and in all situations, to vote en Mr
Jackson Side of all questions.
Other count.es are already moving,
will be rather a novel spectade to find old
Des Moines lapging behind them. As
the diy tf election is not far off, the »oo|.
er the candidates shall be brought into tht
field the better, no that they may have tin*
to discuss the different points which will
From the New OrUat MfcfaJ
The bark Pario Capt. KINHIT, armtd
yesterday from Vera Crux, where she left
on the 13th inst. We have received ottr
correspondence and files of papers to the
12th from VeraCruz, and the 8th frotr. the
The accounts of the entire success of
the revolutionary movement under PAHS
DES, are confirmed. That officcr has es
tablished himself in the capital and has
been elevated to the Presidency, (orf iafc.
He entered the city on the 2d instant,
and a meeting of the principal officers was
held, which provided, amorig other mat
ters for a temporary government, that a
Junta of "notables," representing each
Department, should assemble and e\e:t a
person to exercise the executive functions.
The Junta accordingly assembled on the
3d, and unanimously elected PAREDEI.—
Much discussion was had as to the firm
of the oath that should be administered to
will be the grateful reward for their vig- the President, some of the Junta desiring
ilance and zeal. It is lor thern—the de-, that in addition to the usual obligations,
mocracy—to choose whether they will let he should swear to "repel the usurpations
of the United States." This proposition
did not prevail an oath, varying but little
staunch republicans of the old school when from the customary form, was decided on.
marching forward to battle, have but the The inauguration took place wilh much
single question to settle as to who shall be
first in the fight!
The Constitution adopted at the late
Convention gained for us the public appro
ceremony on the 4th, after which a T*
D"mn was celebrated in the Cathedral.—
The President made an address, appetling
to Hetven fr the disinterestedness of his
bat ion and applause of the leading men and motives, and declaring that as soon as tfc«
leading presses of the democratic party country had established her liberties, he
throughout the country. And why?— should retire.
Because of the light and economical sys- The present Ministry is composec of:
tem of government which it imposed upon D. Juan N Almonte, Minister of War
the people—the safe-guar.la which it in- I). Catillo Y. Lau/ar, Foreign Affairs,
terposed between the rights and interests D. Luis Parres, Treasury Becerra (Bi#h-
op of Chiapas) of Justice.
General Valencia, formerly Governor oC
\'e\ico, has been made Comptroller of the
Generals Tornel, Valencia, and Para
des held a Council at Guadalupe, a villige
few miles from Mexico, some diys
submit silently to be choked to death with since, to make arrangements to consolidate
the accumulated dust of ages. The old! the Government, it will be remembered
Constitution, be it remembered, tho'defeat-1 that Tornel was formerly Minister of
ed at home by a combination ofcircuinstan- and Marine under SANTA ANSA.
ces not one of which went to its merits, i The city of Mexico is perfectly trsnqall,'
received the endorsement and applause of and all precautionary measures again.it a
the most distinguished statesmen and the counter-revolution have been discontis
most talented journals in the nation. Of ued. the Siglio XIX, a paper which lat
terly was a warm partizan of the Hcass
course reference is here made to the lead
ing men and papers "on Uie Jackson side of
the question." As it rose in estimation
among democrats, as a natural consequence,
it sunk, in the esteem of whiggery every
where—and the objections of its whig op
ponents in this Territory found a faithful
RA policy, and has been ably conducted, is
stopped, the proprietor having replaced it
by a paper bearing the title ^Memvr
Historico," of which we have received th*
first eight numbers.
We learn verbally that Mr. Shiotfti
was ref„sed
n,ined to
whereupon he despatched a
messenger the brig
ciples, in case we should abandon the car- ghould resolve not to leave him to the per
dinal features marked out in the old con- j|8 ihe journey alone. Letters of the
stitution! It is far from the design of this 13^ however, only make mention of the
communication to be even in the slightest fact
degree dictatorial in spirit and it is equal- passports, "having failed in the object 0,
ly distant from the purpose of the writer to hj8 mission i
p.,int to tlie adoption, in «to,o detail,,
.Sbmer*, and a niua-
proceed to Jalapa for the purpose
o(- escor(jng
him to the coast. The Somers
at Vera Cruz on the 6th. U will
co|a about
that she sailed from Pensa-
twenty days since, wi'h sealed
We place confidence in the r»»
regard to Mr. SLIDEH., except
Again: what a ridiculous variety of child- the Somers had gone to his as»i-ta»ce snd
ish conceits, absurd whims and gross in- if he had in fact been refused a safe esoeit
consistencies we should present to a half- jjy the Mexican Government, nothing esa
laughing, half-pitying world ny a totil som- |je
the statement that the officers of
reasonable or probable than that
JJaval officers within reach of his call
Mr. SLIDELL had demanded hir
T|w Su,,, br*
he foregoing French brig GW*W, .nd th. SpuW.
the circumstances connected with the mat
ter do not warrant, and make it the duty
of democrats to see that the candidates for'
Delegates are men of the right stamp, and A JvooLaa.*—A London correspond*"*
men who, like themselves, are prepared at
i S a e s a n e v e s i s a o o u n o o n e n
It can scarcely be necessary, among a
people so intelligent as the citizens of this h" feats:—"He stands on a tab.e, unow
Territory generally, to attempt to enforce which the spectators can see during (ha
the importance of such a question as that performance, takes a common table-cl*h,
of State government. All see at a glance,
that it proposes an entire revolulien in .'
our democratic policy-that though 0u. for moment, and on remo, tng .t eihiW"
change is to be made by means of a Con- globes of gold fish, geese, turkeys, n
stitution formed In the short space of a few and fowls in abundance. No one is a**
weeks, yet it is to last for years and per- him, and how the feat is per formed i* j«*
haps for centuries. Prudence then will
wa. at S^r.Cco. on U«
Brili.h b«
the Boston Atlas says that M. Phillip.»
naturally control the action of every man
in such an emergency—and in casting his Axctangs
juggler, is about to visit the XT*
whjch he w roand
him apron M»isa
the wonder of London. vp

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