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Iowa territorial gazette and advertiser. [volume] (Burlington, Iowa Territory [Iowa]) 1840-1846, May 30, 1846, Image 1

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vol 9i
8l)[email protected] cttc rtn5 ^bocrtiscr
^po noi.t.AWS per*oninii. if pai't in adTans*—
fvo DcixAKk and Kirn CKjm*ilbiti*il moath*
TiakKK Doi.i.ARS *l the e\rjr»tion of the year.
||0Mtucriplion will b« duconHntied untill lll tr
fr«ar«S*» hure been paid. tiulr«« *1 the option
it tilt editor*: and no tdbStfripMoii *)il life received
*,a ik*rw term than three months. All tub
Ir.rtptiaat far laasthai. oue J«,»r niutt be paid in
tERMS Of AflVfRflSlNfi,
fftitralMo by the Propfie.ors of the Qasette
!%*&«*n4l\n«»o-less,) one insertion, $1 00
Eacn additional insertion,
One month, »....«••••••
Three months,
Six mnnths,**
One jfeat-,-
.4 00
12 00
i *.'*« i
Professional cards—all under SIK lines,
per annum,
Merchants advertising by th? year *ill bte
entitled to half acu'lum:i for-- -25 00
jLn extra charge will be ntade for all
iwrWf a column.
la ao c««e wilt the price o' subscription to the
^tper be included in the above charges.
•5 00
Patent medicines, half column, oneyear, 30 00
**_ one colnit»n, BO 00
WTbese terms will be rigidly arihelred to.
Pottage 141 u,I be paid uu all ouimuiuc.iiuiisaajt
|hi« ili e
Wholesale and Retail Dealer lb
LrfJiffCffiB IwSSD fcirjO)01£l
rr Vnrn'r ttf Jefftrmn and Water IIrttlt* Of
Mi't ikt "Farmers' KtihAiig-t
a.ay 8 '46-1/
O. Armstrong,
Staler it
9»p o* M'ii* sheet, brtv-etn Garrett** comer
**d W. Carpenter*! Jewellery Store.
April 25 '46.
S E W E 3 n
Memtftdurtr of all kindi of Household
Which he k«eps constantly on hand and for
al« at lo* prices. Shop oh Washington street,
Wtween Main and Water streets.
April 25,18-46.— y.
tkder in Iron, Steel, Nads, Stoves, Tin
Plates, and Jeweii't Patent Plough,
jcrrtRso* street, BORL]!GTON, IOWA
ST. LOUIS, takes tfiis occasion to in
the C'tiEens of Burlington, that he has
(d a FASHIONABLE BAR&F.V.'S SHOP at the old
Office on Main street, where lie will wait on
kfDtlemen wishing services in his line. Having
wt a long time carried on the business in St.
Lom*, he does not hesitate to .tax—thai Jiexan
iwai Anties wf r»»Wo!ijKl( Rirber arnl
Hw Dresser to lhe etitire sati.-faction of all who
Mr favor hi in with the patronage. Call in
May 2, I84G—tf
Shaving and flair Dressing.
i K I i s i o n a a k
VV and Hair I resitr. t«ni|-r his HFi vire* to
tha rilifpn- of heii*jf fully pre
P*r'd t'» wait on all Who way *Uh t» be'»erred
i« tii« tme
Shop on IVTain, be tire** Weahiugtoa
aad Jef
W (tr»oo ttrrria. i
apr 25 '4S—If.
Mtaney Counsellor at Law, ^oliriloTtn Ck&n
etrf,aid Comm'r of Deed* for the Slate o fit. Y.,
Pert Madison, !o«va Territory.
jana 17—tf
SAMt cLSHurFijcioK. THOs.fl.GRir
OTPm.KTON & GtUlfY "AMornej. at Law
w Fairiald.Jcderaon Coaulj loWa.
i«ljl0. 4- f?-tf
i I I— I
O 8. PECK,
X.*J O A E I A W
Lantz St Raift
HAa/IUai *1 of French Burr Milhtone*, and
Dialer* in Jhltinr Cloths,
Millitones made to order, an| a constant sup
P"T*n hand. Screen wire, hofetinp scfeWs and
•aill imns, fnmished at the shortest eotiee, and
"•uianted of the best quality, i
jut 1 '44—ly i
Ali Oraamentall Painting
ttm.»,!»«. """T"'
8. R. TH(JRST4W,
wijlpromptly attend to all business in the line
J^ts prefesrion, in any part of the Territory.
on Jefer* n street. ove£ »«. T. David'J
«we. and immediately under the Gazette office,
im i*
of ,he first flight of
0B the eorner
a. WILLIAM «REjE2«iv",'
Biadcraud blank Book Mla.Mlidar(f,' Bn
ItBKtoa, Iowa.1
1 a*rf -Ar-
LOCHRIDGE takes pleasure in bi
forming his customers and the public ia
general, that he has removed his
CHnsmr jjpuirJiiDtrii'! .'
to Court Street,between Vain and a^trtiere
he would be pleased to see his old customers
and friends, and as many new ones as see fit to
favor him with a cal who can be fiirnUhed
with every variety of Chairs in his line at
the shortest notice and on the most accommo
^ERM84fi to cui on Court at.
•iWatflimaker & Jeweller,
Maia, ntnr lhe corner ttf Jtfftrmm tlrctt,
3?A0 3Bin© K A
2 50
•Main Street, between Washington and Co
Ittmbin streets i
Burlington, Io
Cqn and White ^miihing.
rjnHE undersigned having permanently locat
ed in tnrlinaton, would inform the public
genera ly that he has opened a shop on Main
street, a few doors above A W. arpenter's
Watch maker shop, where he can lie found at all
times, and hope by a strict attention to business,
to merits share of public patronage
Corner Columbia and Third Streets,
UucUnflton, Salsa.
K3"Mr. T. trusts tVtat his lone experience in Lon
don, and other cities of England, with strict at
tention to business, and moderate charges, will
iecure him a shdre of public patronage.
March 21,184G—ly
Brockliss it Cook,
tyferton Street, next door to Dr. Itamm'*,
affffinjEsjaffoK, stWA.
March 14,18*6- tf
ttur.tncton, Jfotoa.
Cot%ttef Jefferson and Third street*, Burlington.
3. C.
and airy
Aug. 30,1845,
sfiEW crom.
J. S. Kimball & Co's.
To tcthick they invite tlu attention of the community.
DR. Joll\ F. IIEKRf.
his professional services to the
citizens of Burlington and its vicinity.
IT?" Office in the Basement of his new house,'
Corner of Fourth stieet and the Public Square, i
aug 9 '45—-ly i
*. cox.
Wtmancollj teltijed ia Barlin^ton
•aAl°7rrJ profesdonal serirei to all tbo*»
of.Wasbiosloo and
A,r- 5th.
*nd Fancy Painting.
ffWATKSi A HAWKINS, (\alley street, be
}^aler) will execute eve-
i£2v'JPonof Painting, plain and oruamental,
®"St approved style.
ff'[resPectfu"y »sk ashkre of patronage.
e uerm I 1 «rckSa4itt
1' *i ioiep.
•i jfc.- hTRKBT.
of fresh Drugs,
solwit a coaUuoaace
llfj? old fneud.
and Merchants supplied on the
terns wrti all
r.7A .'Ik. ...
Wholesale and Reta
Groceries, Hard
Ready Made Clothing, &c.,&e.
Burlington, Iowa.
Mannfaeorer of Vinegar and Dealer in
Corner ef Main and Columbia streets^
Burlington, Soto a.
at the same prices they will have to pay in St.
Louis. Country dealers are invited to give him
ca I btffore sending below for tbeir supply,
apr 19 '49
THOMPSON, attorney and uinselior at
law, and counsellor ajio anlicitor in Chan
«»r: also a^ent lor the purchase and sale of real
eiiaiH, Mouut l'lea»aut, Henry county, Iowa.
110* 6. ':9
Dr. A. F. Rrntiine,
April 26, 1845.
Law Partnership.
HALL, of Mount Pleasant, and F.
& Mill*. They will attend all the Courts of the ...
first and second Judicial Districts. Criminal
business attended to in any part of the Territory.
Office in the brick building on Main street now
occupied by F. D. MiUfc
sept 14 44—tf
IV* F. COOLffirCH Ji cm.
Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, liats, Caps
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, Qneensware,
Ac ., Ac., Wholesale and Retail.
i 8 a s a
A W 6 O i O i
Weet Point, Lee County, Iowa.
jane '44
Attorney and Ceinielkit At taw,
A«g. 1843.—r }7
ISO Dei. Comli,
tONSlSTING of horn and shell, plain and
-A s s
w-ays being necessary to shape our line of
SUed in v.ew of those facts?
comparatively notae directly or indirectly
House, recently opened is one of the
largest and most commodious in the West
ern country. It has all the conveniences of the
large hotels in the cities, ami is fitted and fur- J"r°r® «e unpaid, our courts forced te
nished in the neatest and most substantial man- Wait for the necessary means of support*,
n e n e o i e o a s a u e e i e n e
iri the keeping of public houses, which, taken in
with the (acilities afforded in Bur-
n i
and ln
I lin^tnn for furnishing his table, justifies him in #u jr *_ ainoitff whicli nrc tho^c of ctiiovinf
protni^in^ that the character of his house shall of lhe tiztdjvl to keep them in motion* *.
be kept up Then there are the lower
Visitors from the South and elsewhere, with
or without families, can at all times he accom- during a large season of the year, tax our and obtaining safety and bappi
from 75 to 9a cen,s on
Famines will afeo le t»ken as permanent hoar-' dred pounds ef freight brought to and sent
TUB ST AT qCESTIOl!. I These are the clrcUttl^atl6^ With which
When an important step is to be tafeeti,'we
conduct with a view to the condition of liberal and commanding State,
things around us. This is the course Adopt*
ed in the business affairs of life it is
prudent one, because the only one which
can be adopted with safety. With these
preliminaries, let us inquire, first, what
are the Atcts peculiar to the people of Iowa? erateful to the Supreme Being for the bless
and secondly, what course should be pur-
•,» J.I .T
iment, funds might be made to clear those 4.
rapids, which would be a source of profit
il Dealers in Dry Goodss as all the expenses of carrying on a State
tt^Mr. S. manufactures a most superior r
tide of Vinegar, as all who have used it can at- i',an that state is the
test, and will furnish it to merchants and grocers went of a universal diffusion of knowledge,
but in an unlettered, untutored, uneduca- {^*Ie
a D. MILLS, of Burlington, have this day .. ,,
associated themselves into a partnership for the i objects of charity. The traveller IS com
practice of Law under the name and style of Hall
prairies, either to drive round, over or
through a stump while on the prairie there
are ten thousand roads, all tending the same
way. Existing under a rigorous State
Government, we might soon cause these
things to be righted but so long as we re-
it is always well to consider the reasons' deciding what ought to be don«P Every
for taking it, and the oonsequences liable
to follow from the course to be adopted. fu(her and mother who delight in the learn
The present is emphatically a time when *ng °r
We are now a Territory, under the su- snd ndependent government, by the name
pervision of the General Government) ex- of the
State of Iowa, the boundaries whereof
isting merely as a charity pupil, without
W.LL of our own having no certain exist- I
ence, and our destiny, both in regard to
area and future unity, wholly shrouded in channel of the Des Moines river, thence
the mysteries of the future. By the first up the middle of the main chanuel of the
of December next our population will be!M'*' Des Moines river, to a point on said
one hundred and seventy-five thousands, 11T,ivl!«1^herP\^e
surrounded and who dih falter in
°f business, every man of prldfe, eytty
the inquiries of men should be on the alert, gwsPe'i who Wijhes to see religion follow
and the inquiry should be, "What is thfe |in wake of intellectual And mofal irtt
best course under present circilittstances?" Provement—*" and shot«14 do every
We are creatures of circumstances, it
children, every minister of the
in their power to accomplish the glo­
achievement of forming an enlighten*
tllE COftSTiTUTIQlr.
Article 1.
l»I?t!AMBLE AND BOilVDAltrfil
We the People of the Territory of Iowa(
hitherto enjoyed, and feeling our de-
renr'eiceon Him lor acontinuAtwnoftho«e
do ordt%in and esUb|i
measures peculiar to attend ally place of Worship, pay tithes,
their interests. In a very short time, in taxes, or other rates for building or repair
the commanding position of a Slate Govern- i
he as follows:
1 Be?ifnlh.?1,1
i i nel of the Mississippi river, at a point due
ea8t of|he miid
ware, Boots, Shoes, fn«.r„m.ni qualified from the performance of any of Pre9s,y
up not an immoral condition) further. disqualified from holding any office under
natural result of a the constitution and laws of this State.
6. All laws of'a general nature shall
ted state, of all others the most dangerous'
to true religion, and the safety of a Repub* jng responsible for the abuse of lhat right.
lican State. An indifference to education No law shall be passed to restrain or a
increases in proportion to the time during bridge the liberty of speech or of the press.
which intellectual culture is neglected, so fi" prosecutions or indictments for libel,
1 e u a y e i v e n i n e v i e n e o e
that the present lamentable state of things j|lry
will not only exist, but rapidly increase matter charged as libellous was true, and
while we remain as we are. The only was published wilh good motives, and for
remedy is the formation of a State, when justifiable ends, the party shall be acquit
All will have to contribute to the support of
education and schools.
Our roads, too, show fully that we pre
pelled, at every few rods, except on the
main a Territory, our inconveniences must cused shall have a right to a speedy trial
fttnain also. by an impartial jury, to be infermed of the
Then again, the idee of great people, I accusation against him, to be confronted
i .• iic.fin j- with the witnesses against linn, to have
population of 175,too, pl..du.g t»»cy,
and lying in the arms of of the General,
Government, and listening to the song of
"lullaby," does not oomport well wilh that
energy for which the people of Iowa have
pupilage, with a presiding genius tbat can
not hear our cries amidst the general
clamor of full grown States, we shall be
found wilh weakness peculiar to that state
of horn and shell, plain and „f r\..r ,.P#Iurth mutft he nv
tented, tuck wood,
dressing and pocket combs—same new styles quired by self-exercise, and that never Can
and very fine well worthy of the attention had io long
eity and conatry trades, wholesale or retail at,
I mar 38'4S J. S. KIMBALL & CCS. [swaddl
ie ofihe mouth of the main
vote, and by custom excluded from debate extension of said line, intersect the middle
on all subjects except those particularly of the main channel of the Missouri river}
confined to his owtl Territory. In the whence up the middle of the main channel
Senate, we have no influence, and have' °fth?*aiJ.Jv?1is!s0
boUnd^y line of
... the otate of Missouri, as established by the
and increasing in a proportion that will constitution of that State adopted J.tne 12th,
raise that to three hundred thousand in five 1820, crosses the said middle of the main
years. We have but one delegate in Con- channel of the said Des Moines river
gress, faithful, to be sure, but there merely !hence
__ „„(r ., boundary line of the State of Missouri, as
on sufferance, ,1 ».re, not .llo. edlo ,|le ,ime
the said northern
r„re,ai,|, „r,,il .n
rivei to
pol"« «PP°-
.... site the middle of the main channel of the
Big Sioux river according to Nico
on the great political questions of the day, map thence up the main channel of the
either in Congress, or upon public men out said Big Sioux river, nccording to said map,
of it. We are not in a situation to benefit
by our influence, therefore those men who ^r"eB
., latitude thence east, along said parallel of
would lend us a helping hand in view of a for,y_three degrees and thirty minutes,
timely reciprocity on our part, turn away until said parallel intersect the middle of
from us to other Slates where their benefits *he
can be repaid. Congress, moreover, has ^ence down the middle of the Main chan*
become dwHo our necewi.i«, our
wheels of the Territo*-
Government are nearly on a stand for'
everyhuni ness-
.. ....„ .. j- protection, security, and benefit of the peo-
tax to the bur-
in tIl0S#
's intersected by the parallel of for-
channel of the Mississippi river
1. All men are by nature free and inde*
pendent, and have certain unalienable
land defending life and liberty, acquiring,' 'i
plC) and they have
Rantds. which.! i I marine ervice of the United States, shall
h. vear a, o„
he year, tax our pursuing and obtaining safety and bappi- K_ _„ .• u i
dens of the north. These burdens might to alter or reform the same, whenever the
be obviated If we were a State, because an public good may require it.
influence in the House, and particularly
rjg|u at a |i
s ,i iji u no law respecting an establishment of reli
in the Senate, would be such as to compel i a i. i ,,c"
gloh or prohibiting the free evercise there
other sections of the Union to help us, or of
General Assembly shall make
nor sha
any person bc
compelled, to
rship, or for the mainte-
I nance of any minister or ministry.
No religiouS
yearly to this Territory, four times as large and no person shatl be deprived of anv of
test sl.all be required as
qualification for any office or public trust, ito
I I 1 ... inlli.ra .vnanl an lk« ».••• ..
Government quaiuieu iroin me performance ol any
But though this is a bad feature in our'!,is Pub,ic Pr.'va,e .°r rendered
incompetent to give evidence in any court
present mode of existence, pecuniary
a 08
pr(lc,„s hlj oWn
have the assistance of counsel.
11. No person shall be held to answer
for a criminal offence, unless on present-
I .• U 1IL ,' cept in cases cognisable by justices of the
been so distinguished. We have all heard peacej
Of Casper Hauser—a man in si»e, butlessj ^e militia when in actual service In
than an infant in power. So it will be with time of war or public danger*
us. So long As we continue in this state of
mu" B0*
AS we are wrapped ia the
-clothes tf cut mother/
uig-cioirtes tf out
fbWT :TTW ft
treason unless on the evidence of tWi) Wit
nesaei to the same overt act, or ooafessien
in open court.
1 J. E (cessive bail ahall not be required.
Excessive fines shill not be imposed and
VI UC I and unusual punishmeuts shall not
be inflicted.
18. PrivAte property shall not be taken
for public use without just cdatpinsation
19. No person shall be imprisoned for
debt ia any civil adtidn on mesne or final
process, unless in cases of fraud and no
person shall be imprisoned for A militia
fine in time of peace.
20. The people have the right freely to
assemble together to consul for the com
mon good, to make known their opinions
to their representatives, and to petition for
rtfdrfess of grievances.
21 No bill of attainder, ex post facto
law, or law impairing the obligation of con
tracts stall ever be passed
22. Foreigners who are, or who may
hereafter become residents of this State,
shall enjoy the same rights, in respect to
the possession, enjoyment, and descent of
property, as native born cithiens.
2o Neither slavery nor involuntary
servitude, unless for the punishment of
crimes, shall ever be toleratfed in this
privileges or capacities, or dis-
or eq
point of view, yet there is another worse opinions on the subject of religion.
—that of otlr schools. No one going into 5. Any citizen of this State who may
the country, can fail to see the woeful state here®fter be engaged, either directly or
in which the rising generation is growing ^m''rectty'
in Wf
by a grand jury, ex-
or arisi„g
jn the army or navy, or
12. No person shall after aequlttal, be
tried for the same offence. All persons
shall, before conviction, be bailable by suf
ficient sureties, except for Capital offences,
where the proof is evident of the presump
tion great.
13. The writ of Habeas Corpus shall not
be suspended, unless, in case of rebellion
or invasion, the public safety require it.
14. The military sh^li be subordinate
to the eivil powtr. No rtamfcng army
'I it". 1*3? i ja r\ •. siw
principal or
1 accessary before the fact, shall forever be
7. Every person may speak, write, and
publish his sentiments on all subjects, be-
8. The right of the people to be secure
In iheir persons, houses, papers ahd effects,
against unreasonable seizures and searches,
shall not be violated, and no warrant shall
pported by
oath or affirmation, particularly the place
to be searched, and the papers and things
to be seized.
9. The right of trial by jury shall re
main inviolate but the General Assembly
may authorize trial by a jury of a less num
ber than twelve men in inferior courts.
10. In all criminal prosecutions, the aa
but on probable cause, s
24. This enumeration of tights shall hot
be construed to impair or deny Others* re
tained by the peoplei
Artifile 1
t. Every white mAle citiaen of the Uni
ted States, of the age of twenty-one years,
who shall have been a reaident of the State
six months sext preceding the election, and
the county in which he claims his vote
twenty da s, shall be entitled td vtfte At All
elections wlsch are now or hereafter may
be authorised by law
2. Electors shall, in all cas«s (fxtiept trea
son, felony^ or breae'i of the peace, be priv
ileged from arrest oil the days of election,
during their attendance at such election,
going to, and returning therefrom.
3. No elector shall be obliged to per
form militia duty on the day of election,
except in time of war, or public danger
4. No person in the mllitalrjr, tiAval or
2 A I 1 o i i a o w e i s i n e n I n e W i i n
Government is instituted for the
IT T«.'
u Yi
icon.i.lered I..il«nt of .hi. State b,
being stationed in any garrison, barrack,
5. No idiot, or insane person, of per
sons convicted of any infamous crime, shall
be entitled to the privileges of Ata elector.
6. All elections by the people, shall be
by ballot.
Article 4.
1. The powers of the government of
Iowa shall be divided into three separate
departments} the legislative, the executive,
and judicial and no person charged with
the exercise of powers properly belonging
departments, shall exercise
f,|nc,'on appertaining to either of the
in the
cases hereafter ex-
1. The Legislative authority of this
State shall be vested in a Senate and
House of Representatives) which shrill be
designated the General Assemlly of the
State of Iowa, and the style of their laws
shall commence in the following manner:
"He it enacted by the General Assembly
of the State of Iowa."
2. The sessions of the General As*
sembly shall be biennial, and shall com
mence on the first Monday of December
next ensuing the election of its members
unless the Governor of the State shall, in
the interim, convene the General Assem
lly by proclamation.
8. The members of the House of Rep*
resentatives shall be chosen every second
y e a y e u a i i e e e o s o i e i e s-
and if it appeaf lo thc jury tbat (he on the fir#t Monday
•h*ll h® kept Up by the Stats ill time of Imaller numbet may adjiurn from day to
peaee, and in tirtie of War no appropriation day, and may compel the attendance of ab
lor a standing army shall be fof A ionget- Sent members in such manner and under
time thAn tiAro yeari. such penalties aS eAch HouSe tnay provide.
15. No soldier shell it* tiihe of peace) 10. Each House shall sit upon its own Authority, ll thb Qfenefal Assbmb v Vha„
be quartered in any house, without the adjvumments, keep a journal of its pro-1 deein any law of immediate Importance
consent of the owner, nor in time ol war, ceedings, and publish thfe Same deUritiine I they may provide that (he same shidl tilt'
except in the Wannkr prescribed by law its rules of proceedings, punish members effect by publication ia newspapers in the
lo. Treason against the hUte shall eon- for disorderly btihaviori and with the fcoh- State
sist dnly in levying wsr against it, adher- lent of two-thirds, expel a member, but 28. No divorce slwl] be mated by th4f
ing to iU enemies, or giving them aid and not a second time for the same offence, and General Assembly.
comfort. No person shall be er nvicted of shsll have all other powers necessary for 29. No lottery rhall be aulhorixel U
August, whose term of office shall contin- or any othei power
the General Assembly
fices in the militia, to which there is at-
ue two years from the day of the general the General Assembly I Provided That of
the county or district he may be chosen
5. Senators shall be chosen for the
term of lour years, at the same time and
place as representatives, they shall be
twenty-five years of age, and possess the
qualifications of representatives AS to resi
dence and citizenship.
6. The number of Senators shall not
election. I fices in the militia, to which there is at- 'i
States, and ha« e been an inhabitant of this lucrative.
at the expiration ef the second year, so
that one«baif shall be eboera every tiro
7. When the nurttbef ef Senators is
increased they shall be itfoeied by let to
one of the tWo elaeses, so as to keep then
as nearly eqtial id number as prac^ieable.
8i Each House shatt ebnoie Mi Own
officers and jsdge of tlie ^oaliiesAioo, sles*
tion, and retaM of he oW« aeiAfcsrs. A
contested eleAion MA be determined io
audi manner as shall be dmeieid ly law.
9. A majority of eeeh hew MeiLeea
atltmte e quertte Id s Irtiimi^ Ml e
shall have accounted for
treasury, alt sums for
A branch of ths General Assembly of a this State, nor ahe.il the sale of lottery tick*
uli/1 £j i 4. A I .11
free and independent Siatte,
II Every member of the General As
sembly shall have the liberty to dissent
4. No person shall be A member of the tached no annual salary, or the office of, *'ve department, upon any subject relating
House of Representatives who shall not justice of the peace, or postmasters whose duties of their resneotite offitee.
have attained the age of twenty-one years compensation does not exceed one hundred shall see that the !a#s are frill**
be a free white m.-le citizen of the United dollars per annum, shall not be deemed, '"j executed.
8. When any office shaft f^om Any
State or Territory one year next preceding 23. No person who may hereafter be a becom« vacant,"and no mode, is provided bj£
his election and at the time of his election, collector or holder of pubiio moneys, shall! Constitution and !aws, for tilling snip
have an actual residence of thirty days in have a seat in either house of the General, ™canc^'
in have a seat in either house of the General, vacancy, Governor shall have p^werlS
n to, Assembly, or be eligible to any office of Such vacancy, by granting a cWMi»
trust or profit under this State, until hej,,0,,»
treasury but in consequence of appropria
tions made by law.
25 Each member of the General Assent
be less than one-third nur mofe than one- bly shall receivc a compensation to be fix
half the representative body
first session of the General
ter this constitution takes effect, the Sen-' pensation snail noi exceea two dollars per
ators shall be divided by lot, as equally as day for the period of filly days froirt the i ..—.p...w^wccn
may be, into two elasses the seats ef the commencement of the session, and shell not jwo ^ol'.ses, with respefct to the time of i£!
Senators of the first class shall be vacated exceed the sum or, one dollar, per day tor jounr.nent, the Govtfcrfior shall have Dowel
... ./• -i .v_ J.. _r .JI .i ..
XO. 47.
rTixns:::i:$2 Of) IN ADVANCE.
27. N'.i law of the tJener?.! Asiembly^1
of a pubiio nature, shall tolte effect until'
the same shall be publUhed and ciiculated
in the several counties of this S-ate, br
eta be allowed
B0. Members of t^e General Assembly
.shall, before they enfc-r upon the duties efE
from or protest against any act or resold- their respective oflictw, take and iubscribll
tion which he may think injurious to the the foliov ing oath affirmation: do sol
public or an individual, and have the rea- !«mnly sv-r-.r4 or sfhrm (as the case may
sous for his dissent entered on the journals Be,) that I will support the Constitution of
And the VBaS and nays of the members of the Un ted States, and the Constitution of
either House, oh any question, shall, at the the State of Iowit, Atld that I will faithfully
desire of any two members present, be i discharge the duties of Senator, (or Rep
e n e e o n e o u n a s
12. Senators and Representatives, in
all cases except treason, felony, or breach
of the peace, shali be privileged from ar
rest during the session of the General As
sembly, and ingoing toand returning from
the same.
13. When vacancies ocfiur in either sequent terin of two years, for the term of
House, the Governor, or the person exer- eight years, an enumeration of all ths ^nit£
oising the functions of the Governor, shall, inhabitants of this State shall be made, in
issue writs of election to fill such vaean- *"ch manner as shall be directed by law.
14. The doors of each House shell
be open, except on sueh occasion as, in
the opinion of the Jdtouse, may require se
15. Neither House shell, without the
consent of the other, adjourn for more that!
three days, n«r to any dlhef plaee than
that in which thsy may be sitting.
16. Bills may originate in eitlter House,
except bills for revenue, which shall al
ways originate in the Hduse ef Represent
atives, and maybe amended, altered, or
rejected by the other, and every bill hav
ing passed both Houses, shall be signed
by the Speaker and President of their res
pective Houses.
17. Every bill which shall have pass*
ed the General Assembly shall, before It
becoltie a law, be presented to the Gover
nor. If he approve, he shall sign it but if
not, he shall return it wilh his objections,
to the House in which it originated, which
shall enter the same upon the journal and
proeedd to reconsider itj if, after such re
consideration, it again passes both Houses,
by yeas and nays, by a majority of two
thirds of the members of each House pres
ent, it shall become a law notwithstanding
the Governor's objections. If any bill
S tall not be returned within three days af
ter it shall have been presented to him,
Sunday excepted, the same shall be a law
in like manner as if he iiad signed it, un
less the General Assembly by adjourn
ment prevent such return.
18. An accurate statement of the re
ceipts and expenditures oRbe public mon«
ey shall be attached to and published with
the laws, at every regular session of the
General Assembly.
19. The House at Representatives
shall have the Sole power of impeachment
And all impeachments shall be tried by the
Senate. When sitting for that purpose,
the Senators shall be upon oath or affirma
tion and no person shall be convicted with
out the concurrence of two-thirds of the
members preseht.
20. The Governor, Secretary of State,
Auditor, Treasurer and Judges of the Su
preme and District Courts, shall be liable
to impeachment for any misdemeanor in
office but judgment in such cases shall ex
tend only to removal from office, and dis
qualification to hold any office of honor,
trust or profit under this Stale but the
party convicted or acquitted shall never
theless be liable to indictment, trial and
punishment, according to law. All other
civil officers shall be tried for misdemean
ors in office in such manner as the General
Assembly may provide.
21. No Senatcr or Representative shall
during the time for which he shall have
been elected, be appointed to any civil of
fice of profit under this State, which shall
have been creftted, or the emoluments of
which shall have been increaned. during
such term, except such offices as may be
filled by elections by the people.
22. No person holding any lucrative of'
fice under the tJnited States, or this State.
shall be eligible to
resentative, aS the caSe ibay be,) accord
ing to the best of my ability. And mem
bers of the GeherAl Assembly are hereby
empowered to administer to each other the
Said oath or affirmation.
31. Within one year after the fAtincAtio^
of this constitution, Mid within every sub-
The number of Senators and Represent*
Uves shall, at the first regular session of
the General Assembly af.er such enumeri
•tion, be fixed by law, and apportioned
among the several counties according te
the number of while inhabitants in
•tid shall alio, at every subsequent regulat
session, apportion the House of Represen
tatives, and every other tegular session th|
Senate £r right years ahd the House oi
Representatives shall never be less ths
thirtynine, until the number of white in
habitants shall be one hundred and seventy
five thousand and after that event, at atictf
ratioj that the whole number of represen
tatives shall never be less than thirty-nine
nor exceeding seventy-two.
82. When a Congressional, Senatorial^
or Representative district shall be compos
ed of two or more counties, it shall not be
entirely separated by any county belonging
to another district and HO county shall be
divfded in forming a congressional, senate
rial, or representative district.
83. In all elections by the General As-*
sembly, the members thereof shall vot
viva voce, and the votes shall be enter
e jo
34. For the first ten years a/ter the orj
on the journal.
34. For the Iir«i ten years alter tne or*
ganitation of the government, the annual
salary of the Governor shall not exceed
one thousand dollars Secretary of St»tej|
five hundred dollars Treasurer, four huh*
dred dollars) Auditor, six hundred dollars^
Judges of the Supreme nnd District Court#
each one thousand dollars,.
Articles.' .... ...
1. The supreme executive department
of the State shall be vested in a chief magh
istrate, who shall be styled the Govemo^
of the State of Iowa
2. The Governor sfiatlbe elected by tn£
qualified electors, at the time and place
voting for members of the General Assemi*
bly, and shall hold his office four ytarfi
from the time of his installation, and unl«
his successor shall be qualified.
3. No person shall be eligible to the off.
fice ol Governor, who has not been a citi».
zen of the United States, and a resident cj^
the Slalfi two years next preceding the
election, and attained the age of thirty yearfe
at the time of said election.
4. The rettihi* of every election for
vernor shall be sealed up and transmitter
to the seat of government, directed to lh|
Speaker ol 1 lie House of RepresehwKe^
who shall, during the first week oftheses»
sion. open and publish them jn .presence
of both houses of the General Assembly*
The person having the highest number of
votes shall be Governor but in case an*
two or more have an equal and the higheefc
number of votes, thc General Assem
shall, by joint ballot, choose fne o
persons ao having an equal and the high
number of votes, for Governor.
6. The Governor shall be commander*
in-chief of the militift, the army, and navy
of this State
8. He shall transact all executive busw
ness with the officers of government-, civs
and military, and may require informatiojl
i'i writing Irnm the officers of the exeeuj*
Irnm the officers of the exeeupf*
v-, v
the remainder of the session: when con
vened in extra session by the Governor, time as he majr tfiftik proper, provided
vel, in going to and returning from their State tftecute t?ie offifee of Gbi-ehtof, ext
place of meeting, On the most usual roiiie c¥pt al hereinafter expressly provided.
Provided, however, That the members of 1®. The Governor shsll have pewei ii
the first Gene'rcl Assembly tinder this con- grsnt reprieves and pardons, end eeftmwie
atitution shall receive two dollars per day punishments sfler lohvietloh, extol
tx their services during the entire session, cases o» im|*delt£iea(.
98. Every lew shell embrace bnt one1 Ge«4hM# ilW. ikNllf rtj||i
object, whiA shsll be expressed mthitiile.reseite kt Ue lijtHiii 4 TtTjwiiiiUa
'ie Governor shall have p$wer]S
shall expire at the end, of tli|
for and paid into the •e**|°n of the General Assembly Ht
which he may be li-
lht* ne*t
able. I 9. He inay, on ext raordlhary rjocasioiw.
24. Pfo Money shall be drawn from the fcofivene the General Assembly bv brock#
L..i Ifiilanh ainrl eltnll i._«L
election by the plopie.
mation, and shall ststl to bot^ bouses,
y, and at the ed by law, for his services, to be paid out *1 )e General A ssembly, at every session
Assembly af- of the treasury of the State* Such com- the feonditibfc o: the Sute, and febbmm^ha
ffect, the Sen- pensation shaft not exceed two dollars per *ut *1
assembled, the purpose for which the#
•nail have been bonver-d
He »hAll
imunicate by
mat'er^, r.s
he shall defetti kinedieoL
li. In case ol disa^ireetftfcrit betweenth4
adj .urn the General Assembly to suek
time as he may fhftik proper, provided 8
they Ahall reieive such sum as shall be not beyontf thfe time fixed Ibt thk &eM*
fixed fur lhe first fifty days of the ordinary ing of the next General Assembly.
12. ^o person shsl|, while holding ant
^her office under the United Statesi or ihm
UACU tur tire nitt mc wuiotry
sesthM They elislt also receive tv.-o dol
Urs for every twenty miles they shall Ira-

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