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Iowa territorial gazette and advertiser. [volume] (Burlington, Iowa Territory [Iowa]) 1840-1846, May 30, 1846, Image 2

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mimshed t|§ til
hat» b»eilpectcjL
powers and duties of the office shall de-
epch disability shall cease, or the vacancy
19. If, during the vacancy of the otlce
Governor, the Secretary of Stale shall
impeached, displaced, resign, die or be f"
ctate ot
iiff i
It). AH grants and commissions shall be erasing the privileges of banking, or cre
in the name and by the authority of the ating paper to circulate as money.
people of the State of Iowa, sealed with 2. Corporations shall not be created in
the great seal of this state, signed by the this State by special laws, except for po
Goveroor, and countersigned hy the See-i Ulical or municipal purposes, but the Gen*
rotary of State. eral Assembly shall provide, by genera!
17. A Secretary of State, Auditor of laws, for the organization of all other cor
Fiiblio Accounts and Treasurer, shall be porations, except corporations with bank
enctfed by the qualified electors, who shall ing privileges the creation of which is pro
le in (^cettvO years. The Secre- hibited. The stockholders shall be sub
of State shattleep a fair register of ject to such liabilities and restrictions as
%jl the official acts of the Governor, and shall be provided by law. The State shall
mall, when required, lay the same, togeth
er with all papers, minutes, and vouchers
relative thereto, befre either branch of
(lie Genet
a! Assembly, and shall perforin
such other duties as shall be assigned him
by law.
18. tn case of the impeachment of the
1. The Militia oC this State shall be com
of all able bodied white male cili
betweea the ages of eighteen and for
ty-five years, esoept such as ars or may
hereafier be exempt by the laws «f the
United States or of this State, and sha'.' be
ariaed, equipped, and tfjined, as tho Gen
Ifal Assembly may provide bv law.
2. No person or persons conscientiously
|£rupuious of bearing arms, shall be com
^Mied to do militia duly in time of peace
provided, that such person or persons shall
an equivalent for such exemption in
Ae same manner as other citicens.
8. All commissioned officers of the mi
Mtis, (staff officers excepted,) shall be
jsleeled by the persons liable lo perform
ailitary duly, and shall be comtnusioned
the Governor. t1
whi^i jaw shall provide ways and means,
exdualve of loans, for the payment of tli«
interest of such debt or liability as it fall
oue, and also to pay and discharge th*
Iowa" and all pro«ecutiona shall
iks ootiduoted in the name and by the au
V«fthe Mm#. iv*-.,-.
of. such debt or liability wilhii
soty years from tbetime of the contract
tug thereof, «id shall be irrepfidabie until
.^jNiocipalaod the interest thereon shall
be nud and disdiargedj but no such law
pbatl Uks elB^et until at a general election
it ahall have been submitted totlie people,
bay* received a majority of ail the
votes cast for and against it at such elec
tlop^and all money raised by authority of
•.JM&law, shall be applied only to the spe
&M3| tWreinatated, or to the pay
rtha debt thereby created, snd suph
,lap gj^aty jgs pablislted ia at least one news
.Klll in eaoh Judicial district, if one i*
UiertfB, tlirougbout the Slafe
wlph bftahall circulation, any bnl. eltecjr, licfcet, certi
tfarwfcifeh bfahall circulation, any bffl. ehecl^ ticket, ceriifi
ogte,provisory note,or other p?per, or liie
re WI beHHwbl ofthirState, I paper ot any bank, to circulate- as money,
which shall be kept by the Governor, and The General Assembly of this State shall
u«ed by him officially, and shall be called prohibit, by law, any person or persons, as
the Groat Seal of the State of Iowa. socisti'cn, company or corporation, from ex-
1 f.at,a.ny time'the
Article ...1
1. Tlie General Assembly shall not in
manner create any debt or debts, lia
or liabil«Ue», which shall singly o
In the aggregate, with any previous debt
or liabilities, exceed the sum of one hun
dred thousand dollars, except iu case ot
war, to repel invasion, or suppress insur
jsation, unless the same shall be author
i*ed by some law for some single object.
eg work to be distinctly specified therein
«f J^iNjt, orjmlting
months after the vote of the people In
vor thereof.
Article 12.
not directly or indirectly, become a stock
holder in any corporation.
Article lO.
1. The General Assembly shall provide poiritmcnts until superceded under this
for the election, by the people of a Super-1 constitution.
_{intendent of Public Instruction, who shall 6. The first general election under this
Governor, bis removal from office, death, i °®ce three years, and whose constitution, khall be held at such time as
resignation, or absence from the state, the! ^u,'e*
tie. oftheolHoeof Governor «l.*l!devolve of whieh t,o,, ,l,all be oon.lueled m»ccor,la, c« with „isll
Article ®.
be prescribed by law, and who the Governor of the Territory, by procla-
*olve upon the SecreUtry of State, until ®r^| direct. after its adoption, for the election of a
2. The General Assembly shall encour- Governor, two Representatives in the r.
I I G- Y I O I I N V 8 0 I S O U
by all suitable means, the promotion Congress oi the United States, (unless ii
ot intellectUjl, scientific, moral and agri- Congress shall provide for the election of
upon the President of the Senatwj and 'hall hernaiier be sold or disposed of, and the existing election laws of this lerrito
Mould a vacancy occur by impeachment, hundred thousand acres of land ry, and said Governor, Representatives in
death, resignation, or absence from the Stran,e'lto the new stales, under an act of the Cnngress of the United Slates, Audi
•fate,'of the President of the Senate, the Congress, distributing the proceeds of the tor, Treasurer, and Secretary of State, J^f-EiiiiATtTM.—In the article of last
Speaker of the HDUSO of Representatives P"b,ic
•Sail act «f lievernor till tl» vaoauc, be «'e Union approved, A. D. 1841, and all to ,discharge the duties of their respective
estates of deceased persons, who may have offices tor the lime prescribed by tnis con
died without leaving a will, or heir and stitution, and until their successors are
•fl. Tlic Judicial power shall be vested Congress on the sale of lands in this State, said election shall be made in conforipity
S .. a i"i' .a ... bU.i 11 ka ki\/l wAMtnin i\AvnAl nil Iiiviri tna tha evmlitm mo «\l line 'l upflt Aity i
fit a Supreme Court, District Courts, and shall be and remain a perpetual fund, the to the existing laws of this Territory.
dich inferior courts, as the General As- interest of which, together with all the 7. Until the first enumeration of the in
Mmbly may from time to lime establish. rents of the unsold lands, and such other habitants of this State as directed by this
2. The Supreme Court shall consist of means as the General Assembly may pro- constitution, the following shall be the ap
ijCt ief Justice and two Associates, two of vide, shall be inviolably appropriated to portionment of the General Assenbly:
Wiom shall be a quorum to hold court. the support of common schools throughout The county of Lee shall be entitled to
3. The Judges of the Supreme Court the State. two Senators and five Representatives
•hall be elected by joint vote of both b*anch-! 3. The General Assembly shall provide The county of Van Buren, two Sena
Be of the Genera] Assembly, and shall hold for a system of common schools, by which tors and four Repre|entatives
their courts at such time and place as the a school shall be kept up and supported in The counties of Davis and Appanoose,
General Assembly may direct, and hold each school district, at least three months one Senator and one Representative, joint
their offices for six years, and until their i» every year and any school district ne- ly
pticcessors are elected and qualified, and glecting to keep up and support such a The counties of Wapello and Monroe,
fehall be ineligible to any other office du- school may be deprived of its proportion one Senator jointly, and one Representa
ijngtlhelerm for which they may be elect- of the interest of the public fund during tive^each
The Supreme Court shall have ap- such neglect. The counties of Marion, Polk, Dallas S. Gazette, Baltimore American, and other
pellale jurisdiction only in all cases in chan-1 4. The money which shall be paid by and Jasper, one Senator and two Repre- whig papers, filled with vituperations a
toery, and shall constitute a court foT the persons as an equivalent for exemption sentalives, jointly
correction of errors at law, under such re- from military duty, ar.d the clear proceeds The county of Pes Moines, two Sena- ®l,r "overnm*n 5
Strict ions as the General Assembly may by of all fines collected in the several counties tors and four Kepresentali\es} !on Thursday, the Haw key
law prescribe. The Supreme Court shall for any breach of the penal laws, 6hall be The county of Henry, one Senator aod this place, joined in the lay, and dis
have power to issue all writs and process exclusively applied, in the several counties three Representatives charged ail its air-guns in wild fury against
necessary to do justice to parties, and ex- in which such money is paid or fine col- The county of JeH'erson, one Senator jyjf ptljk
o i s e a s u e v i s o y o n o o v e a i n e- e e a o n e s e v e a s o o i s i s o a n e e e e s e n a i v e s i
jrior judicial tribunals, and the Judges of said counties, in the proportion to the nuin-j The counties ol Louisa and Washington, Per^sne
|he Supreme Court shall be conservators ber of inhabitants in such districts, to the one Senator jointly, and one Representa- Editor of the Hawkeye ought to have had
of the peactf throughout the State. support of common schools, or the estab- live each Itnore prudence than to commit his party
4. The District Ccnrt shall consist of a lishmcnt of libraries, as the General As-! The counties of Keokuk and Mahaska, against the war, but out of the abundance
jjytdge who shall be elected by the qual- sembly shall, from time to time, provide one Senator jointly, and one Representa-
lied voters of the district in which he re- by law. i tive each i spea e 1.
sides, at the township election, and hold 5. The General Assembly shall take /The counties of Muscatine, Johnson *t will be well for the people to observe
lis office for the term of five years, and measures for the protection, improvement, and Iowa one Senator and #nc Repre#ent- the attitude assumed by the two presses of
until his successor is duly elected at:-! qual- or other disposition of such lands as have ative jointly, and Muscatine one Repre- the country on this question. We
4£ed, and shall be ineligible to aj»v oilier been or
office during the term for which he may ed by
W clected. The District Court shall be a persons
court of law and equity, and have juris- versity
diction in all civil and criminal matters rents
wising in tiieir respective districts, in such other
mner ae shall be prescribed by iaw._ shall be and remain a permanent_ fund, the ton one Senator jointly, the county of
*»Ehe Judges of the District Courts shall be interest ot wmeh shall be applied to the Cedar one Representative, and the coun-
conservators of the peacc in their respect- support of said University, w th such ties of Linn and Benton, one Representa- Pers"*de the christian world that, on our
4ve districts. The first ses»ion of the Gen- branches as the public convenience may tive jointly pa't, it is unchristian, and unjustifiable—
*?eral Assembly shall divide the State into hereafier demand, for the promotion of lit- The counties of Jackson and Jones, one while with one hand they appear holding
fcur districts, which may be increased as crature, the arts and sciences, as may be Senator and two Representatives j|)e
As ex ieeni-ies require. authorized by the tenns of such grant.—: The counties of Dubuque, Delaware, ... ,,
Uk 6 The Qualified voters of each county, And it shall be the duty of the General As- Clayton, Fayette, Buchanan and Black-
#aU.at the
general election, elect one Pros- sembly, as soon as may be, to provide ef- hawk, two Senators, and two Representa-
•eating Attorney and one Clerk of the fectual means for the improvement and lives jointly enemy may overcome or drive us into an
1. The jurisdiction of Justices of the
Peace shall extend to all civil cases, (ex- lo subscribed our names:
cept case* in chancery and cases where the voq I niv
o,-.i,l. Thorn.,1
arise,) where the amount in ctmtroversy t-u_„i.:
does not exceed one hundred dollars, and
by the consent of parties may be extended
to any amount not exceeding five hundred
2. No new county shall be laid off here
fier, nor old county reduced, to Jess con
tents than four hundred and thirty two
-.quare miles.
3. The General Assembly shall not lo
cate any of the public lauds, which have
jeen or may he granted by Congaees to
his Slate, and the location of which may
'ie given to the General Assembly, upon
ands actually sellled, without the consent
the occupant. The extent of the claim
»f such occupant so exempted shall uot
exceed three hundred and twenty acres.
Article 13.
1. Thit no inconvenience may arise
from the change of a Territorial govern
nent to a permanent Stale government, it
is declared that all writs, actions, prose
etitions contracts, claims and rights, shall
continue as if no charge had taken place
in this government and all process which
may, before the organization of the judi
cial department under this constitution, be
issued under the authoi ity of die Territo
ry of IoWa, shall be as valid as if Issiled in
ihe name of the State.
2. AU the laws ndw in force in this
Territory, which are not repiigriaht to this
Constitution, shall reifcaiti in fortfe Until
they expire by their own limitations, or
be altered or repealed by the General As
sembly of S*te.
mon&s pfiwtdinK the «leeiioQ at 3. All Mdaltles, and foffeitun
oy^or*t* body shall hereafier bejor v hereafter be taken, before
improvement. The proceeds of one Kepresentative,) members of the Gen- senbers for the Gazette, and receive and
also such per cent, as may be granted by elected and qualified. The returns of Mount Pleasant. The mistake occurred
District Court, who shell be residents permanent security of the funds of suidj And any country attached to any county ignominious peace It is by no means im- mining the most dreadful luvnc' among
"therein, and who shall hold their
University. for judicial purposes, shall, unless other- probable but the scenes of the old Hartford
-offices for ihe term of two years and until i Article 11. wise provided lor, be considered as lorm- ... i 155 fioo roimda of r*nri.'»i. ami *hn
4beir successors are elerttd and qualified.' AMENDMENTS OF THE CONSTI- ng part of such county for election pur- C°nvention will be reaoled, il the war con-j «enPra| Arista's
6. The style of all process shall be -the TUTION. poses. Unnes. This spirit is out on the wings of ™J* ""J
convention, at the next ensuing election four months aft^r Us ratification by the *.rom'h® democrats it will meet
-gbaed of ail able bodied while male cili- case a majority of the people vote in favor which place shall be the Seat of Govern- tempt, but further the denonent saith not. g00
Be it ordained by the Convention as*
States, which if assented to by that body,
shall be obligatory on this State.
remai/valid, tech township be granted to the State fori
ie of purchasing a common school I
Y prosecuted the purpose u. uuruiiamor a common scuoot i r-n I I
in $ SMS* Soto. .A«d !»M.!in»Vfar II*Uof Jh zy To.H,wlio desire n.n.ature port™*.,
execurifrto !p* Governor W this Territo-| 4. That five per cent, of the neft pro*' execute*
ry, or to any other officer in his official ca- ceeds of the sales of all public land* lying manner, we would say, call at the Daguer~
pacity, shall pass over to the Governor of within this State, which shall be sold by rean Gallery of Messrs. WARD& Joiixsox
the State, or other proper Slate authority. Congress after the admission of the State
and to their successors in office, for the into the Union, shall be granted to the
use* therein respectively expressed, and State for the use of common schools.
•nay be sued lor, and recovered according- That in consideration of the grants speci
ly. All criminal prosecutions and penal fied i„ the four foregone propositions it is
actions, which have arisen, or may arise, declared that this State will never interfere
before the organization of the judicial de- with the primary disposal of the toil wiihin
partinent under this constitution and which the same, by the United States nor with
shall then be pending, may be prosecuted any regulation. Congress may find neces
to judgment and execution in the name of «ary for securing the title in such soil to
Khl*\e.* I tbe bonafide purchaser thereof, and that no
5. All officers, civil and military, now tax shall be imposed on lands, the properly
holdup their officcs and appointment* in the United States, and that in no case
this Territory under the authority of the shall nonresident proprietors be taxed high
United Slates, or under the authority of
this Territory, shall continue to hold and
execute their respective offices and ap-
than resident.
territorial ©ajcltc.
S. R. THURSTON, Editor.
matiun, may appoint, within three months BURLINGTON: SATURDAY, MAY 23,46.
^'at have been or hereafter may eral Assembly, and one Auditor, Treas- receipt for subscriptions. The present is
tent from the state the powers and gr»tted hy the United States to this urer, and Secretary ol State. Said eleo favorable opportunity for all tho«e who i r#i i i a 1
a a I .- i a _r
among the several States of duly elecied at said election, shall continue week's paper from New London, a slight
u w K*
of a University by an act of Gingress, ap-1
General Assembly 8 The first meeting of the General As- the federal press, and will fly into all parts
shall think it necessary to revise or amend sembly under this constitution shall be at of this Territory on those of the Hawkeye. be of treat value as we now hare ihe
fkorhytftbesam*. «Ws constitution, they shallI provide by law auch time as the Governor ot the Terr,to- What response shall it meet, even from the key to the whole rampa.gn, which will
Article T.db i »or a vote of the people for or against a ry may. by proclamation appoint within
for members of the General Assembly, in people, at Iowa City, in Johnson county,- with nothing but uncompromising con-j \ve took all and evervtbinir ihev had
between the affes of eighteen and for- of a convention, said General1 Assembly jnent of the State of Iowa, until removed, Bui what shall be done to nip this Irea-, The enemv 'had between" 8 and 9.000
o n
i y
United States of America the seventieth.
In Testimony Whereof, We have hereun-
18,h day of May, in IW y,„_ .r „„r Unit,,I S..M,,hall cnm. only in l.vy-1
Lord one thousand eight hundred and ing war against them, or adhering to their
George Berry,
Socrates H. Tryon,
Sullifand S. Ross,
Shepherd Leftler,
Curtis Gates,
William G. Coop,
John Ronalds,
S. B. Shelleday,
David Olmstetl,
William Hubbell,
Stewart GoodreU,
Alvin Saunders,
Sylvester G. Matson,
S. A. Bissell,
John Cot rey,
William Steele,
Joseph H. Hedrick, John J. Seltnan, ._,.
Stanford Hinted, James Grant,
G. W. Bowie, Thomas McCraney.
George Hobson, Francis K. O'Ferralli
Wareham G. Clark, J. Scott Rich man,
Henry P. Haun,
ing Agent to procure sub-
to elbCMbc
this office, and was not made by the
ii we flpeetcd.—The Hawk-Eft tgtfist the
& ie a time of war. The old party lines
are beginning to appear, while the whig
presses beat up for volunteers to join in
embarrassing our Government, in its pros
ecution. We had hoped this spirit of "old
en time" would not appear in the West,
but the mtils which caine in on Tuesday
last, brought the National Intelligencer, U.
,i.« 1
CU(j^ej 0f war. wjji, {}-ie ol}ier
e,r own
they are
coun ry a i s e en(
to so weaken them, that the
forty-sis and olI the Independence of the enemies giving them aid and comfort."— Our officers while prisoners, were well
To adhere to ihe enemies of ihe U. States,
{specially in time of war, is treason. Wrluit
Is it to adhere to a thing? In the sense in
iivhich this word is used in the U. Stales
Constitution, it means to hold to, to be at-
by taking this course, in a newspaper, may
snd does as effectually aid and assist an
it the contempt of the world, is the same
serubied to form a Constitution for the State enemy prevail, and us overcome. There
of Iowa, in behalf of ihe people of said forpf jf the scenes of the last war have to
State, that the following propositions shall .r
b. marie to th. CW... oftl,. UniK.I "C,ed
1. Section number sixteen in every stir.- emies, they are to all intents and purposes
veyed townships of public lands, and where I
"P1"',f «'"g P'"».
is now indicated, is lo make war upon our
country, and espouse the rights of our en-
?ui„ y 0ftreason.
Miiltiore Portraits*
n most
£,r „e
efrof occ(|re( mak
accurate and perfect
corner of Jefferson and Main streets, u iih
out delay, as they propose to remain here
but a few days longer.
For beauty of appearance and accuracy
of execution, their miniatures cannot be
surpassed by those of any other artists.—
Call and see them before it id. toe latff as
this is the last call.
Itts! Hat*!!
SA U E NO U S E of St. Louis, evident
ly keeps the best hat establishment in that
city, as he manufactures especially for cus
tomers, and at the shortest order. Hats of
every description of fashion, late or early,
can be found at his store. He is one of the
oldest hatters in St. Louis, and manufac
tures and sells with great integrity, so much
so, that every one who buys one of him
will call again.
He also haa a crtmeovtefer, «olj one
west of the mountains. It was manufac-
jn praHcet
London the
°f Henry county, instead of
e, whig paper
jtiie »life.destroying and ex­
would seem that the
n,e heart (he'mouth k ll
to bri into c„nlem and (o
Our litil* band nf an army then rent the
air with their huzzaa, and rushing cheer-
]e especial]y to enable
fit hat hpaf flf nPrson
F.vprv numn of Hi#, lipari is mfflsnr^n. and
Every bump of the head is measured, and
the hat neatly agisted. He also furnishes
every one of his customers with an exact
cut of the shape of his head gratis, which
is worth a hat to look at. All who go to
St. Louis should call and see himf See
advertisement in another column.
Any person who wants a dollar's worth
of shaving for a picayune, will call at Boyd's
shop on Main street.
Great A4etcs--*1nother Baffle,
CupU MC C.I II'M Advuli«e--Cnpt. May's
charge on the Enemy's Batterie«—
Itonle—Bnggngo and Artillery tftk
eii»«Captniu Thornton, Hardy and
Companions infcGxchn ngeil as Pri
soners ol War Mem. Deis not Ex*
cliitiij.-ei for—Cnpt. Walker—Attack
on iMatantoros—Mexican Prisoners,
fcc. I I
At the receipt of the news nf the first
battle I wrote yon a shore sirount, the
result of the second is now on hand, and
tl is most decisive. It now appears that
the Mexicans hail only five thousand meiv
in the field at the battle, and four tltoti-aud
stowed away in the chapparel near the
bailie ground. It was iheir intention to
luve made but a slight Httack the first thy
hut beinjr so closely pressed they were
obliged to fiijlit in order to make good
I heir tetreal lo the chapparel. In the first
tiiihl a general officer had his head shot
off. it is not yet ascertained wbt» he wi«,
as his body was recognized by bia dress
as he l.iy on the field.
Gt-n. 'Pay lor advanced the morning of
ihe firsi bailie into the chapparel, then
sent o e hundred picked men under ihe
charge ..f Capt. Mct'all to reconnoitre, he
May. 'id Dragoons ordered to charge the
battery that had thrown the grape, and to
lake it if he lorn every man. he oheyed
orders, look the battery of four guns and
lost but one man. .The battery was o n
niiinded by Gen. De la Vega, who was
t.iken prisoner.
J,ouiiiigTpTn"lhe eneinv.com-
them taking ei«ht pieces of artillery,
bllc hairg8t|fe |li(|)Pr8 wtliph UucT W(|1
democrats it will meet Gen. T. lo form hi. plans so a.
en,jrelv defpat l)(ejr
j»oners and the army bairmire
w i
If they choose to attempt
it, ice say, let them take the consequences—
let them feel, that while the Republic of
such section haa been disposed of, other
lands equivalent thereto, and as contiguous
as may be, shall be granted to the Sutefor
the use of common schools. the United States is mighty to overcome
2. The Seventy-two sections of land set its enemies abroad, it is competent to search
apart and reserved fort he use and support, ...
out and brine to judgment its more con-
proved on the twentieth of July one thou- vnnaiurd enemies at home,
sand ehfcbt hundred and forty, entitled ''An
•ct crantinc two townships of land for the I fttr The price of produce is now remark
siee of ar Utdveraity in tha Territory of
Ioira,M shaft! be applied solely to the use
and ertppovt tif s«eh University in such
mwtaet ai Ike Q«n«al Assea^ly may di
3. That one quarter section of land in
,ormoilf Hardee and his little band—
treated, having lived with Gen. Ampudia
ever since they were takpu. Gen. Tay
lor would not exchange for Lteut. Deas
as a prisoner nf war. as it would he sanc
tioning his crossing iho river, which he
did tint, having reprobated his crossing in
tached to, while the fact must be proved 'he severest manner.
by the overt act. Now if it is not an overt 1»'bis second and glorious battle xvt
., lost annul the name number of men as in
act of adhesion to an enemy, to advocate
fir(|| h(M hw| mtiw
his rights in public newspapers and attempt capt. WALKER with his heroin hand of
to show our Government in the wrong— Rangers was the h*t thai fired at ihe
Consequently that ihe war is wrong on our Mexican*, ihe army left htm nnd his coin
part, we do not know what is. A man,
in effect, as strengthening our enemy. In Romulus De la Vega, one Mexican Cap
either case, the tendency is lo have cur tai: and two Lieutenants, who go
ably low. How long it will continue,
cannot be precisely told. The difficulty
will be removed however, as soon as the
war baa become fairly settled. Ueap
prise our readers of this as our markets
are crowded
out this week by other matter.
"f 'he
enemy as though he transported him bread, lion with t'om. Conner, who has sent a
and munitions of war. To weaken our boat expedition lip ihe river.
own Government, by bringing down upon I
theni as they attempted lo rross.
To.inorrnw Gr„. Tjiy,fir
,MVp|1 hfr!
ke an attack on Maiamoros. in connee-
lo me,ui,,n
i. i arrived here yesterday with all our
„untleJ, between 50 or 60. with Ge„.
tiiis letter in the Col. Ilarnev.
The Jiiigusta, from N. Orleans, arriv
ed lafl evening. The mules from Mata
morns, some 500 were sent in lo-day as
well as the Mexican wounded.
1 should not forget to mention that ail
the shell, ball and grape shot of the Mexi
cans are made of brass or copper. This
letter I must rloee, with details of glory
enough for one day. J. C. P.
Correspondence the Tropic.
Announcement of the coming of Volun
teers— Unexpected arrival from Com.
Cunnon at Brazos Santiago—Gen.
Toy tar Mart* for Alatamnron—Com.
|Connor reinforces Point I* a ltd—Ex
citrment—News from the Bat lie Field
Retreat—Capture of .Irtillery
Mexican oM tr shot by his own i en
Capt. Page wounded—Louiniuna
Fulanteers— Untie &am s Sailors en
Di-uzos SANTIAGO. May 10.
Since my last (not received) we bare
had two arrirsls. the New York and brif from Point Isabel, with f.ls
Millatidon. 1 he last brought the news
by Gen. T.f contents 10 ti# tubs unknown,
•I., .nomine ..f th* ».h. .f,„ the
soners mostly wounded. One Mexican
who was siationed al one of their hatter
Capi. Page of the 3d. had all the low
er part of his face shot off with a
Major Brown, of th# Artillery, who
was lefl in commend1 of the fort opposite
that six steamboats with four thousand brought down the
•olunteers were about starting when she **PRE# met him a few miles frcfe F|J
left. This news niado us mo*t eheerful bel, infdrming him that 80:0 /re*A
as we could not have then expected the can troops, had arrived at Mataworas Sh'*
result thai has since taken place with utir
D«-i*patrhc8 hsd been cent to Vera CriiE
squadron (Falmouth excepted) appeared information. It i« said he is
oil'our harbor. The Commodore id not
ly was he welcomed. Gen. I avlur had
marched out ihe evening previous, to rom ie mouth of Ihe rl»er, where
meet and conquer the enemy, taking with *"er#
apprised of, as the teams had heeo loaded
ever since Monday last, awaiting ihe ®l,r C°m|mssionors, op«raled kit
orders for a march al a moment's warn- thought, by Mexican emissaries. The t«|.
'"n i r. t* u ,• speaks so well for the coolness si
Gen. T. lefl Point Isabel
Willi little T«%,l,.^ „„j,i.„
over lour hundred men to defend it. Ma- "*.r
jor .Vlonioe, co.nman.ling here, sent in a
makes this place MMng enough in with-1 '"'thing, bnt turned lo his command ami
aland an atiark ajjainSt 20.000 men. I said—•* U e must lake that battery—f.i|.
Believe tne when I say there w»a the low.'" He made a charge with three
greatest excitement here all ihe afternnon companies—supported by the 5th sad
of ihe 8th. as we could plainly hear the 8tii regiments nf infantry. They cleared
cannonading from the field of battle. i the breast work, rode over the battery.
On the evening of th« 8th, Mr Mtirry wheeled ar(d came through ihe enemv's
snd VI aeon vidunieered to go and hud l|,,e- whilst the fiie of the infantry wasse
out the result. I deadly in i- efTeci as lo carry all before
On the morning of the 0th a black boy it. Capt May made a rui at an officer as
came into camp, and gave a history of the he charged through—on his return he
fight, which was about the time, but as f"und him standing between rtnnoa
he had run away ami left his team he was wheels—fighting like a hero. He or
not believed.
their flying artillery.
Gen. Taylor arrived with Capt. Dun
can and Major Ringgold's Companies,
snd at il thev went until about sunset,
when the Mexicans had retreated lo the
eitge of the cha|parid and ceased firing,
Maiatnoros. died on the iOdi of wounds! Lot,},,
received ... gallantly defending his P""-1
,, i i- i
tioc—Irom FOUR to SIX HUNDRED l«r had got back lo his camp sife, and was
DEAD upon the field, and Go«J only intending to cross the Rio Grande jusl be'
kiio*s how many wounded that they took ]oW hi9 camp by means of a bridge of ws«
look away. We took thirty or forty pri
bill—It is thought he will recover, tho*
horribly mutilated. Major Ringgold had
the fiefhy part of his leg* shot through
and hor»e killed—none of his bones bro
ken, which is wonderful. Our informant
says the field of battle was strewed with
the dead, and they could hear the groans
of the Mexican wounded all night at Gen.
T.'s camp. The Mexicans were com
manded by Gen. Mejia. There is no
doubt they have retreated across ihe river.
W lien the volunteers arrive you may de
pend you will hear of ifiem ••revelling iu
the halls of ihe Montezuma*," nr. peace
and good-will be whipped into those bom
bastic Mexicans, ll is a mailer of sur
prise that so few were lost on our side.
Yours. J. P.
In the decisive battle, Gen. Taylor lost
about sixty killed and wounded, amontf
whom there were three officers, viz:
Lieut. Inges, nf the Dragoons. Lieut.
C'o hran, of ihe 4'h Infintrv. and Lieut.
Chadhurn of ihe 8th Infantry. Atnnuit
the wounded are Col. Macintosh nf the
Sill Infantry Lieut. Col. Payne. 4th Ar
tillery, and Capt. Hooe. 5h Infantry,
most of theia slightly, and nous suppos
ed mortally.
which had crossed, and 1100
hut rumor would have it aforesaid Vets President ad in interim, is at the iiesdrf
Cruz was to hnve been bombarded. Judge 15,0. 0 men marching to Matamora. Tv
of our surprise, tben, when at daylijfht on
u,arr:nP ^.n
ot Btrita, eiMl
«om Point Isabel. Gen.
Gen. Taylor. fiRhtu^ point. The Ba!nbridR« i,
Coin. C. therefore ihoughl very wisely Grande, enforcing the blo^ade A*
that his presence here would do some expedition is soon to be sctft
good in the way of reinforcements. Glad-
him twenty-two hundred men, learners by requisition from Gen. Taylor hat
included With two hundred and fifty dered out seven companie. of mili'lia t.W
teams loaded with ^munition, provi«ioo*. m,iui»i«l ,• "'M.IOW
&c., which the Mexicans were no doubt rp.
phlegmatic disposition, disliking
received the despatches from her, but was much, but when he is once ar tuerfhei
informed at Vera Crui, thai the Meiti desperate as a hungry Horn j.„
can* had marched 6or 7.000 troops across ~,,«terr«r
bv bud to as.ut Gen. Arista in whipping 1°
«p toths
r,he squadron lo take Barita a t!l
military force. Gov. Hendcrsea
a il,on
to meet Or treat with
U,at WC Cannot rerra,n ftom
rcquiMiion lo Com. Conner, for as many The bat'le commenced bv heavy eqy
men as be could spare, a« we heard fir- nonadiiig on hoili sides. Geii. Tiylof,
ing about 2 P. VI.. of the 8th. which con- i!l passing his lines, accosted vJapt.
untied wiih hut little intermission until «f the 3d dragoons, and told hi n—"Ymr
dark. Com. C. sent ashore '230 men, regiment has never done anything1 yet—
and on the Dili, 4 or 500 more, which
3 P. M. of the 9th. dered htm to surrender. He was asked
Messrs M. and B. returned, and siaiad as he was an officer? Capt May an
follows: I swered in the affirmative, when he pre
They got to Gen. Taylor's camp, six-! 'ented his svord, retnatking. *'You rs
teen miles from here, at 8 A .VI. and there, ceive Gen. Vega a prisoner of war,"
learned that the army marched until about Col. Cfoss "waa taken by an armed par
13 miles Trom here, when they saw the
e i
must take that battery." H*
u iwirn .L
ty of 'Rancheroa and HLNG IMMi Di­
ATELY UPON A TREE." The fidlow
ing gives the whereabouts of Capt. Frs
Me xtcans drhvvn up in battle array across
his road: lie unuiedialely gave his orders
for the earns lo halt until the 2d Brigade
had pa*sed The Mexicans were on Ihe mont:
pra.r:e near the edge of the Chaparal, \\'e have a despatch from Jose Caslra,
when Gen. Taylor got within three qtiar-' dated from the -Commaiidsnria General'"
ters of a mile, thry opened upon him with „f Upper California, Monterey, Manh
6th, apprising the Government of the ar«
riv^l of Capt Fremont. The (?apt«in
went down lor permission to pnrchsss
supplies for bis men left in the mountains.
Permission was refused him. hut a fe»
days thereafter the whole of Capt Fre
mont's expedition arrived within Iwe
day's journey of Monterey. Csstro
thereupon MIH him word to le.'ive the Ds
parimeui at «in-e. and amn-ipviing rrs»•
tanre, be had marie preparation ie wt
Af erwards Gen. Taylor fired len or
fifteen guns at tliein, and set lo work
throwing tip two hrea.«tworks. At day
light the Mexicans Were in the edge of
the fhapparal. A council of war wa* lieWf
by Gen. Ta hr, and it was agieed iliut forlll himself «i the head of hi, iroops
one brigade shouid advance up lo the rnforce obedience lo hi« „rder He »f
Ciapparral. in hopes in draw the Mexi frc.ed to wute in great |„Me, i being jusl
cans into a renewal of the fight, but the »bont lo start. 'I l.e paper* g.ve no
more the troop- advanced upon them, details as to the result, bm we have not
••ihe more they warn'i the-e" the Mez- |ra |easi apprehension for Cap! Fremont,
icans having retreated, leaving three pie
ces ol anillerv. any qomvitv of a-nmnni-1
inform us that Gen. Tay-
#nd the fleet had
mouth of thc river
ies, says every body but hinuelf at the up a detachment lo assist in taking Bants
battery was killed—says the guns beat!—the first object of Taylor in orossing the
anything thev ever dreamed of. ihey were jVer.
s« quick. One of the Mexican officers
in trwng to tally his men, found he could
not, and commenced culling them with
his sword, when his troops shot him
dead. We had eleven killed and ten
mortaliy wounded.
and were about to send
The following is Gen. Tailor's ordsrs,
previous to leaving eaap on the lltk, for
Point Isabel. i
The army and country while jn*ily rs
joieing in this triumph of our arms, will
deplore the loss of many brave officers
and men. who fell gallantly in the hoersf
It being necessary for the commanding
General to vi*ii Point Isabel on public
bu«ines-«, Col Twiirrs will assume mm*
inanil of the corps of the arnnv near Vlst
amoros. including the garrison of the
field work. He will occupy the former
lines of ihe arm v. miking sueli disposi
tion for defence and lor the comfort of his
command as be may deem al*i«ahf*.—
He will hold himself airictlv on the de
fensive until the return of lbs command
ing General.
Bv order of Brig. Gen. T«lw
W. W. BLISS. Assist. Adjt. G«l.
G«n. Romulus de la Vega, his (wo sidsr
and Lieut. Col. Marfinax.sre in New Of
leans, have been presented to Gen. Gaines
and invited by him to remain in his family
during their stay in that city. Great num
bers of American troops are pouring iata
Point Isabel, every boat arriving at this
point discharging armies, as it were, like
the famous horse of Troy. Their landing
will be quite as destructive to the Mcsi*
cans as the inmates of jEneas's
to Troy.
Col. Benton has writtsn a letter to Sf#
consf9tiftg of
ami was buried with military nonors on,
the 11 ill. Kearney, and'll 00 mounted men to be fur
Major Ringgold, well known as ihe nished by Missouri, are to start forthwith*
comma.tiler of .be Fhtng Artillery, also for Santa Fe to keep the pence ''if possible."
died on the Itih, from wounds received If the Mexicans refuse lo do this, d**
in the action of the 8th. I.
he says an expedition,
^500 dragoons, under Colo**
troops are lo seize New Mexico CnwW
apt. Page, who wan wounded in the ... .»
name engagement, we are happy to state, ahua and other provinces, "as a conquest,
is rapidly recovering. Lieui, Luther, also This is just what should be done.
slightly wounded, is convalescent.
is our opportunity to get Culifornia
plant the stars and stripes cn the Pscife
Let us take what of Mexico there is
By ihe arrival of the steamers Cumber-1 north of latitude 20 degrees north, takiff
land Valley snd Atlas, we have received San Louis Potosi,
a late lumber of the St, Louis Reveille, Upon a little reflection, and examining
extra, containing the particulars of the late ®ap, we do not know but it wouM be
engagement between the American and well to go down to the Isthmus of Darieo
Mexican furees, from which we glean tho end after having annexed the whole,
following: could give a little attention to the Britiw
On the 13ih, Gen. Taylor started again Possessions of the North,
and VeraCra**

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