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C'orVm's Sale or His Wash in or ton House
to t.i-.tnt.
"WriFN Coffein ikteflncd ta change h
jpg of opurtinm froan Wahia$Wn loRew
Yrk, he at once put elegant inattaion
in the former city bl ÜM market lor s:i:e,
but t"r a nnmli r ti months w.-is nnahisto
fed a MncfcMcr at any price, Imk'nl,
though om of the inovt qptteiom ami -lc-
nut ilwt-ilinirs in Washington, its location
was ur. !' s:r and al Um time Ol its of
!V-r C'ort n WM UBaaftls to dispose of it. At
lat lie approached Gen. tJrant with a
proposition,! nit Grant ottcdUat thettlnc
of the hc.uso was lxyonil his means and
declined to become a pun lmwi Nothing
tliuntetl lw this refusal, Corliin hftntedtip
Gem, W. s". Elilljrer, whoee pasaaanal rela
tions to the then General were of the
closet nature, anl to htm i rnesn -A the pro
po.-al. The prop sitiim he made through
Oen. Hillyer wucertoiDlj i most inritin"
one. He would sell the place to (Jen.
Gnat tor paOgPOCL and would leave the
whole amount mbottd and nrtflUN on
the house fat ten JTMUT9 w ith interest at
per cent., and
! if, at anv time daring the
ti n wars Gem. (Irani sluniM hetouie ick
ot his bargain, C.rliu arunld agree t ur
n nd T tlie bond and Mortgage and receive
the pbee back. At tills time Gem, Grant
was p.,vin- J,000 a year rent hr lions-,
while this arrangement womld ghre him a
house at only 1.000 rent. Stil! the Gen
eral hes'tatcvl. It was, he insisted, too
much money for him t- pal Into a hooae.
At this point Corbin Migsrcsted to Iliil
yer thai it' Gnat would hay the house
the pabfic won 1 o,uiekly h. !p hhn paj lor
it, and pointed out the obligations tlie na
tion rested under to the conqueror of the
rebellion, and added, "You see Grant again,
and gel him to take the house, anil theu
we will iro to l,w York and raise a fun. I
to pay for it." Hillyer went back to Grant
with this MUKCstkn, ami foned hut little
dilficuhj in indncing the Ott ml to ae
cept the proposition, it being tlisiinelly
understood that Corhin VOttld interest
atttnsetf in raising a test inwniai that would
tinstils the General promptly to pay the
When these preliminaries were ar
ranged, it wa found neceasarj to come to
New York to execute the papers, and (Jen.
Grant announce! his intention to he in the
city during the uet w ee k when the papers
could be executed and exrhanged. lie
came according to appointment and stop
ped at the Metropolitan hotel, where he
was at once besieged by a crowd of visit
ors who would not be shaken oil". Indeed
an great was the rush to see the hero of
the war that ir as found accessary to go
satwherc to transact the appointed busi
ness. AccordingTy an erening was s.-t
when all htterested should Bseet at Mr.
Corbin's house, in Twentj-seventh street,
and close the transaction. Attheappo d
cd time there assembled at Mr. C'orbip
pallors the Inflowing company : Gen. I.
s. Grant, Mr. Abel R Corbin, and Mrs.
Corbin, since deeeaaed; Mr. F. E. Math
ir, attorney for Mr. Gorbin: Gen. W. S.
Hillyer, attorney for (Jen. Grant; Judge
Clark, of the Supreme Court, by inTita
tion, to take the eecsanfy aeknowledge
ments, and Mr. Am s K. Kim, as witness
to the papers. The papers haying been
previously drawn and mutually examined
by the attorneys ot the two contracting
p-irties, were now formally read, signed,
sealed, a id delivered, ami Gen. Grant be
came the owner in fee simple and absolute
of the "Washington mansion, and Mr. Cor
oin became the possess,, r ot ;l niortiri'-Tt
upon the am..- tbr j0,000, with interest al
3 per cent.
Within a very lew days after these oc
currences a committee ol prominent gen
tlemen of wealth assembled in a privat
room in ruth Avenue hotel, ontheinwta
tion of Mrs. Amos K. Kno, to consider tin
propriety ot making a testimoni d presen
tntton CnGeaL Giant Who composed thai
company, or all that was sauf and done at
that meeting it is unnecessary now tore
uearse. If will he sufficient to say that
Mr. Able !J. Corbin was not present. In
.'ir. .nuns ii. r.uo was present .vnl was
the h ading spirit of the meeting. When
it was urged by a prominent merchant
lrei'!ent lrant s snhseouent choice for
.Secretary of the Treasury, that the gov
eminent suonld reward Gen, Grant, as the
Hnt'sh trovernment had rewarded tin
Duke of Wellington, and t
ought not to be called upon for contribn
tionsto such a testimonial, Mr. Eno assent
en to tliat proposition on general prim
pica, out remarxeu inai as tu government
won id not or did not take hold of the mat
lav, it ansa the duty of the dtiaena to do it
I-. 1.1.-- y.
;ui' i reuiaxiveei mm eu'ii. uraiit vvad now
awing in a hoaaa upon which there w as
- - ..a jeio j .o, , rati 1 - .
monuaeoi ?.tv,wj. ints mm nr xmcei
a telling effect upon the bure-hcailed am
chants and capitalists there assembled, ant
i was ueiermniea to raise the means
once to pay oil' that inortssge.
The result of the movement then and
there inaugurate. i is well known. Not
only was i mBcienl sum raised to nay off
Corbin's nMvWBag-, tints making his aala
irtiially a cash transaction, hut the testi
mouiai swelled to $100,000, with the
balance of which Gen. r.i:d furnished
his house, p iid off some incuuibranci' on
his Mispeln property, nu had a handsoaae
sum left, which he in voted in government
Tims is seen the shrewd management of
Mr. Ahle II. Corhin, his adroitness in keep
ing in the haekirround, and the obligations
ander which he aaceaadtd in placing Gen.
Grout toward himself. EnMtrn Paper.
- - -av m -a
Iiont well.
It hi evi I. at thai the ltepublica.n pap r -,
while applauding Kr. Becretary Bontwell,
do not put entire faith in him. The Chi
ttro TrUfi'i-Washington c H respondent
tay s ;
rhe appearand- of Mr. Bontwell bean
or.t the tradesniaiilike quaiiliesof his mind
a storekeeper, nuMlitieü by political am
bition. He has the highest place in respon
sibility in 0H Cabinet, and his friends got
it tor him by much efaaaoring, at a time
wheal the Fiaaidant, balked hi getting A.
T. Stewart, had no second choice. The
country should sust;;in Mr. Iloutwell
heartily, yd not forbear its vigil inoe, nnd,
hove e.li, not tall into tiie afSBSefa m-re-ly
sujHirstitious aetUlltj in loose fancied
great powers which lie- may be alleged to
possess. lie is an aefive politician still,
and is supposed to divide with Cretweu
the extreme uaitlsaa linofllj of the Cabi
net, Hoar, Fish and Cod being nu n ofad
ministration at present rather than of
strietly jmrty preju'lic . The most nib
chievous alaaaenl of ;r. Boutweirs char
acter tiny be called Kverythimrism. From
hagfasdng life a femncnit, wiMi the- pre
sumption that "we are governed too
inueh," he has arrived at that meddle
someness which supposes that everything
ought to lie imineiiiately corrected, and
by himself. HSnea, like a soldi r breaking
ranks, yea see him row paAtiag in an ap
pearance on Wall street, and now pro
scribing the proper aaaanaatfl lor (b)veojM)r
of Mississippi. He would hustle every
offender into his Hole in the Sky, and
turn Ihn batteries rt the Treasury nnon
i ?a?AA '
memooa n n iurne: the w rov ed"e at
1dm. Imagine for this nneomprosalsiag
gentleman a hlak-han-f il, iilack-cved.
small hoaiieu, smau-nodied, cleverly en
treating person, who might c.i'rlv b
transferred from the Treasury bench to
the pulpit of the most anster d( nomina
tion, and you havf arSssed ill in black,
Mr. Bontwell, one oi th many Iiis n men.
riiitcging the Holes of Apple Tree
IJorci s.
A oitT!i'(iMK.NT of the New England
hvaan relates tlie e.perienee of a neigh
bor in destroying apple tree hnftfl by
plugging up their holes they make in fie
tree He says tliat his friend while
making an examination this spring of one
of his trees, found -ev ral holes w ith signs
t b re-rs at w ork. lie Soon found it ho
inorh of a job to follow them with wire
or chisrl ; so he dug around the roots,
acnyed otf the rongh hark Iron the roots
and trunk, and found all the holes. Then
lie took common putty and plugged them
all up perfectly tight. On the thirel day
after doing this he visited the tree, ami on
removingthc putty found, to his surprise,
four borers dead. :dl of which f ame oat
with the plugging. Ity this process he
destroyed the borers without cutting the
root or trunk of the tree, which is an in
juri. us as the work of tie borer, a I hare
often found it nccfsatrj locuiipiitc d ep
in order to reach the rascals. From the
irreirularitv of the oi reel ion ol" i,
have also found much diflii ulty iu lLsliiug
Iiem out with a burbed wire. "
The following are the remarks ( Hon.
S. S. Fisher, Commissioner of Patents,
made recently at the fair of the American
Institute, in "New York, npOa Ihe patent
syslem :
It has occurred to me, that, standing
here to-night as the oficial representative
of this system, it won! I not be inappro-
priSte for me to say a few words in its be
half! In the first place no comparison can
properlv tw made netwi-eii our system
and tbal of other cotntrtel, In Eriirlnnd
.itul on the Continent all ajtplieations STB
patented without examination into tlie
noyelly of the inventions clainud. In
Some iiKfanees t i:- i nst rument is seanm-d
lonacertain if ii cove rs a patentable snb
ject matter, and, in Pntttta, some alight
examination is ma le into the character of
the new idea : but in no case are such ap
pliances provided, such a corps of skilled
examiners, Bach provision f drawings,
models, and books, such a collection of
foreiga patents, and such (hecks to pre
vent and review error as With us. Asa
result, an American patent has, in our
t mrts, a falle thai no foreign patent ran
koqmrc in the courts of its own country,
rhia iias rendered property in h-reicn
Mttente exceedingly precarious. Such as
ire granted have not been subjected to ex-
imination; they have no nrssaa Jtcie
weight, l et they may ie rand. It is true
that no one knows this, not even the in-
entor; but the possibility that they may
rove so m:tKe mein weapons m me
lands of unscrupulous men to frighten
coerce manufacturers ho have verv
mperhet means, short of litigation, of ar
riving at the truth or falsehood of the
self-asserted pretensions ol the patentee.
Un the Other hand, the inventor is in as
Butch doubt as the manufacturer. He does
not know- what to cfatttn as his invention.
Al he alone is to fix the limit, as there is
to be no revision, he may claim much or
ittle, how much or how little he must al-
wav- ilo'im. i.s a consequence, ioreign
Stents are of doubtful value, ami the
whole system has fallen into some dhuw-
I suppose that the foreign patents of
Vmerican inventors, that have been copies
of patents previously granted in thiscoun
try, arc the bust that are granted abroad,
and I know that many an English or
French invention that has been patented
without difficulty there, has been stopped
in its passage tbr ugh our office by a refer
ence to some patent previously granted
in this country, or perhaps in the verv
country of its origin. In spite of our el
imination, which rejects oyer one-third ol
ah the applications that are made, or, more
properly, because of it. invention has been
stimulated by the hope ot protection
and manv as many patents wul issue in
the United States this year as in the whoh
ot Europe out together, including tin
British isles. Hut a few davs ago 1 took
no a volume ol Italian patents to sec what
progress the new Kingdom w as making in
invention, when was amused and Rati
tied to find on every page the name ot Um
universal Yankee, reDatcntin& there hi?
American invention, and, I suspect, much
Ihe best customer in the Patent Oaroe o
united Italy, lüetnrn is, we are an in
ventive people.
Invention is by no means confined to
our mechanics. Our men bants invent
our soldiers and our sailors invent
our Bcfaoohnastera invent, our pto
resriona men invent, aye, and our
women and our children invent. Cheap
protection has heen a fertilizer that has
produced much growth of brain and much
until of discovery. One ntan lately wished
to patent the application of the Lord's
l mycr, repeated in a loud voice, to pre
vent stammering; another claimed the
new and useful attachment of a weight,
or other article possessing gravity, to a
eowa tail to prevent her from switching it
while milking; another proposed to cure
worses by extracting them by a delicate
ni'l tiny hook bated with a sedndive
pill: while a lady patented 5 erlmpins
pin, wnien sue ucciarei
i I 1 n T er ll 1 fiten
he used
pi ner eii'it r. a- a sKin nipnoricr. as
paper file, as s child's pin, as bonqnet
hcmler, as a shawl faste'ner, or as n UOOk
BUtrk. Do not suppose thai this is. the
highest til-lit which the gentler sex hat
icniered. It has obtained many other
natents, some of which hare no relation
to wearing apparel, and are of considera
ble Tahae.
But, I ant sskej, what proportion of all
patented inventions prove to be valuable
to tin ir projectora or to the public I One
tenth? Probably nt much more than
that ; but, let it be T 'nu mbered, there are
few failures so harmless a- that of a nse
ieSfl invention. The patent .gives it a
chaMee to prove Itself worthy of the pub
lic patronage, it simply declares that if
ft be good it shall not be stolen: but, if it
he useless, nobody will want to steal it
lm oi ail those who enter upon anvoeeu-
paUon of lifo, how many suceml and how
many i an .- now manv vounir men nave
ntered the bar, and have failed to take
i;ink with Kvarts O'Connor, or Rradv?
H w no my hare lama bed their bark laden
with mercantile ventures, and bare been
.rainhNl, while Liaflin ami .Stewart wre
sarluia infea port J llnw nstuy hxft been
in 'pert to "start paper' who have lived
as Ionic hut not to as mnch inn nmwi an
rUtyosond, Bennett, or Greeley ? I sup
pose that nine failures to one success is a
ve.y fair proportion for the professions of
the world, hscruding that of the inventor:
or, at ail events. I do not suppose the fail-
ures ansang inventors are more numerous
than asnnng eVery other class of" Working
men. to properly in inventions, I
sliiill not stop to uiscnss it. That a man
bavingviw long experiment by patient
thought hy brilliant Mains by the ex
penditure of time and of means, conceived
and brought to perfection and embodiment
some new ntta, haihig ercated amne aew
RUbstancc, put in motion some new ma
chine, put some old force to new work, or
riven lo some now force a neld for labor,
lanoi entitled tocnil this which he has
done his own and to wei n price upon it,
need not, I think, be armed before honest
men ? If we owe SjoCnhlg to the men
who have m.Vie this entury H4 illustrious
by their great conceptions, then we owe
nothing to anybody, and repudiation
ought to he the watchword of the age,
Vc do owe them much, not merely a
debt ol sentimental crralittvle, hut a debt
payable m cash, whieh shall lift them
above want, and place them upon such a
pinnacle of happfnesi that the world shall
nay, "Thus glial it be done unto the man
whom the nation delighted to honor!"
Heriliail we give pecuniary consideration
for invention.-; There arc two ways in
whieh thia might le done. One ll by the
purchase, for cash, by the Oovernment of
all inventions for the use ol the nation.
This plan met a? the outset by the im
possibility ofdeti rmining I he value. Every
inventor supposes himself to have a for
tune in every conception thai he puts Into
wofwl and iron. Mealing tr mbftng and
furtively Up the steps ol the Patent OfAcC,
with his model can-fully concealed under
his coat, lest some sharper shall see it and
rob hint of his ilarHng thought, he hoped
to come rlosm those steps with the pre-
t t a an
cio,. p.. n aim-in mat Mian insure tuin a
present competency and that shall enrich
his children. I should think if he were
ottered a million, in th.: lirt lluah. of his
triumph, that he would hesitate about
. ... . .
kiucuibk it . wiiiioui sleeping over II lor a
night Vet l'ourte, 'ii thousand inillioiis
would be a pretty 1 avy hill lo pay from a
treasury not overran. Fourteen hundred
millions might I thought an important
aiioilion lo the National Ueht, or rvcn om
nwMion four b mured rhouant, which
would Im just apiece for all the oat
cntcd inveiitioj sd iw.t. think, there-
hare, inai we may sl". aSMe the plan of pur
clets as innfuctKabJe.
Rb ooosaahaaon wnld satisfy the in
ventor, an ' no price that we could allbrd to
any would ake the j lace of the stimulus of
the hope oi unlimited wealth whieh now
lightens his toil and shines' like a beacon
at the ni ranee of the harbor that he hopes
to make. The other plan is to offer pro
tection for n limited time, in payment for
the new discovery. We niay say to in-
venters, " Von have a valuable secret,
whieh may Imneflt n. To disclose it
witbiKit protection arouhl be to lose it. T
keep ii would deprive ns of ii , u e. If
oil will di: clo-.e it to U l by SO de' I l hing
it and ilhaatratinsj it, as we may rally tin
d r tand ii and may avail ourselves of it
w'-ihont difuciilty, we will airree thai fee
SS read as a years you shall be protected in
its use
j can.
1 "U iiuiy m.iKe ml ol it what vu
When your limit of time hm cx-
nired we shall have it without further
inyment We cannot pay you in money,
we will pay you in time. I submit that
this a fair bargain. A new thought ele-
veloped, explained, described, illustrated,
put on record for the BSC of the nation
this on the one ule. 1 tie rnrht to the ex
clusive benefit of tins new thought tor a
hinted time1, and protection in Unit right
this on the other. Thi is the patent
tern. A fair contract between the m-
rentor and the public ideal paid for ly
time. It is manifest that the utmost good
aith is required upon both sides. On tlie
one hand then; must really be an inven
tion; no stealing of the ideas of other
men, no crude notions resulting only in
experiment. The inventor must have
HomethinfE to sell. On the other hand,
here must lc prottction noinlringcmciit,
. 1 t I
nooiraev.no stealnur oi ine soui oi ine i
invention hv clothing it m immaterial
chaneefl of form.
r secure tins fair dealing we have, on
the one side, the Patent Ufflcc, with its
examiners, its drawings, its models, its
books and its foreign patents, to scan and
test the invention. On the other side we
have the courts of law to protect the in
ventor und punish the thief. It is possi
ble that these instrumentalities may do
their work imperfectly. This may some
times happen ; but to the extent to whtCU
they do it, a fair contract lor an hone st
nd useful purpose is made and is main
tained. Tnis is the American system.
liukr its protection great inventions have
been born, and have thriven. It has given
to the wotid the steamboat, the telegraph,
the se-wimr machine, the hard and soft
rubber. It has reconstructed the loom,
the reaping machine and the locomotive.
It has trained up each trunk of invention
until it has become a graceful tree with
many branches, adorned with the fruits of
many improvements ami useful modifica
tions. It lias won irom tlie older homes
of the mechanic arte their richest trophies,
and, like Columbus, who tound a new
world tor Castile and Leon," it has cre
ated new arts in which our nation has
neither competitor nor peer. Without
the protection of our Patent laws, no such
exhibition as this would have been possi
ble. By far the greater number Of the
inventions which now crowd the shelves
of the Patent Office would be missing.
Kb doubt many weaklings would
thus have been spared a contact
with a cold and unfeeling world ;
tint many vigorous children, that have
come to a robust manhood, would
have perish d long since for want of suste
nance. .Men will not take the risk ot in
troducing new inventions, of educating the
people in their use, ol overcoming oppo
sition and prejudice, unless they can be as
sured of reasonable protection in their
work until their capital has made return.
They w ill not sow that others may reap,
and, when the land is ready for the har
vest, come forth with greater capital and
more laborers, and thrust aside the pio
neer w ho ha borne the burden and neat
of tiie plowing and cultivating. For the
proper aelminist ration of such a BystcSS as
I have attempted to sketch, it is manifest
that much skill and honesty are needed in
the Patent Office, in all its departments.
Speaking for the gentlemen associated wit h
me, I neuere them to be both skillful and
honest. They pass in review many valua
ble interests. They are attendee, by a
body of skillful practitioners. They are
Ii set by an array of eager inventors. II
in the examination of 30,000 applications
they make no errors, the' would deserve
statues of gold. That they make no more,
and that in all these years and in till their
number well founded charges of corrup
tion have heen few and far between, are
strong tributes to their integrity and abili
ty. On behalf of this great American bu
reau ol invention, 1 bring you greeting to
night ; on behalf of the 100,000 American
inventors whssn it represents, I bespeak
for it. your cordial support and sympathy.
F.r,jfr.i:s insure their lives in the Wash
ington Of .New York.
TOW most important part of every man's
education is that which he gives to h.m
self. A New Tons auctioneer announces for
sale "oil paintings by some of the ancient
masters of the day."
The reason why a piano was not saved
at a tire wa- because none of the firemen
could play ofj it.
If you would tinel a great many faults,
be on the look-out. If you would lind
them in still greater abundance, be on the
What's the dillerence between w ur
and whisky ? Men slip on the former
when it's frozen, ami on the latter when
it isn't. .
WHAT i the dillerence between the la
bors of a farmer and a seamstress ! One
'Mlhers wh;tt he sows, the other sews what
she gathers.
An oid farmer reports a very fair growth
of corn in his section this season. lie
states tliat in July it was so dark hetween
the rows that he was obliged to carry a
lanti rn to see to plow it out.
Am nnconscsous but comical play upon
words was made by a little girl, not long
sinoa, while relating to a sympathizing
lady the loss of two pet calves. "What
caused their death?" said the lady. uO."
was the answer, "one was booked to
leath, and the other died on
its own
8vu s male advocate of woman's fights;
"When I am in a crowded car, and a lady
comes m, l think it is tlie dutv ol some
other man to get Up and give her his seat.
I look around the car to see if any mn in
the crowd looks like making a move in
that direction, and when I see them all
keep their seats, I hide my face behind my
newspaper, ami blush for my sex."
A lively New Orleans youth essayed the
role of ghost the other day, ami was sound
ly thrashed by those he attempted to
frighten. He brought a suit for assault
With intent to kill. " Yon wanted to be a
ghost, didn't you ?" inquired the Court.
" Yes, I reckon so!" acknowledged the
j rnith. " Well, it seems to me rather un
generons of yon to wish to punish them
for helping yoQ to be-come what yon
Somkuody lecently played n practical
joke on the nfficefs ol ne City Hall build
ing, at Lawrence, Kan., by procuring a
black-snake six or eight feet long, which
had been killed, and coiling It neatly in
side the entrance. It repeatedly Aright
i ned Sway several parties who come upon
it siuldenly, but each retnrneel in force to
kill H, aasong the reel n delegation of the
police force of the place, whose prow
was tried in this way by the BhenfT, who
had also been a victim. The dead snake
died seven times before its Anal dissolu
tion. The following leth r explains itself, and
does eredi to the Company and its hoa
i liable managers:
Raw Yon. March 18, tttft
I. N. Htoooaro, Esq. Dkah Sik:
Your favor of the 10th instant is at hand.
The premium on Mr. Johnsons policy
for .January was unpaid, and the policy
would have lapsed for lion -payment of
premium, but for our rule ei holding
poiieSoS in force while there ll any
unused dividend to its credit. This is I
rule pe uliar to thlt e 'inpany, and its ad
vantage to the twilicy holder i exemplified
in this instance. Yours Truly,
Vice Prcs Washington Ufa,
A?r exebanr has the following anec
dote ; A traveler, in going through a thin
ly st illed distric t of western Pennsylva
nia, pasted a tumbledown log cottage on
the roadside, and his attention was at
tracted by a long- ronidi pine hoard, nailed
up in ting fashion nf a Mgn, and bearing in
characters of very primitive fashion, this
inscription i
my wyf (Juerr A IJcioso
ninl I Qui res th'- (iillideM.
Utterly confounded by the mysterious in
tianstion, he knocked as the Sjoor to have
the riddle explained, but the enttageJJ w is
empty. lie rode on, greatly perplexed,
and trying in vsin to divine the peculiar
relation which lids singular family ap
peared to have established with geese, and
judged of stifliticnt importance to pro
el.iiin thus oskntationsly. Presently he
met a noid country saan Ibnping along with
a ptickand ashed hon if he kneaf tie
llOQ u 1 v s, J live there will, mv old
WomanJ 4hMdoyoudo?M Well,
you see my old woman and me are kind - f
doctors like: she cures the level uagur.-,
and I cures the janeh rs."
The Elections.
Wf. shall now have much moralizing
about the elections in Ohio and Pennsyl
vania, und a deal of stilted talk concern
ing "the tetjoni of the hour."
It is plain thai the Republicans are some
what surprised by their success in Ohio.
They wire fearful of being beaten, not
withstanding 1 rant's majority d' 40,000
last fall.
The election showi such a great change
in pnhlu sentiment, and such willingness
on the part of the people te consider the
financial issues presented by the Demo
cratic party, as w ill greatly encourage all
Democrats, We now hvn New lork,
New Jersey, and California, and shall
have all of the .Southern Stales, with the
exception, perhaps, of Missouri, bo Boon as
- 1 ii lilt la.
iine Maic- sum. ne em li eiv jeieaseu ii in
and military domination.
The revolution in Pennsylvania and Ohio,
so nearly successful this fall, "wilt gnon un
til those two great states release themselves
from Republican misrule.
Politicians are very apt to underrate the
strengte of party ties, and overestimate
the hold whieh new issues will have upon
the peoph', and their lntluene e In breaking
party associations
There is no more doubt that thousands
of Republicans in Ohio voted against Mr
Pendleton, who firmly believe that the
fire-twenty bonds ought to be paid in cur
rency, and agree with bun on all financial
questions, than there is that he was beaten
by lb-publican votes. This h a very con
fident statement, but convincing moot of
its truth may be found in the fact that
the press of the ruling party in the State,
and a majority of the Republican speak
ers, when not silent upon the questions of
eurrency redemption and the tariff, thought
it politic to indorse Mr. Pendleton's ew s
on those questions. The State platform ol
the ruling party in Ohio show s that the
convention framing it was afraid to de
mand the payment of the live-twenty
bonds in golel.
Mr. Pendleton was beaten because he
was a Democrat. The issues he presented,
although influencing public opinion in the
State to an extent whieh ve ry nearly over
threw the heavy majority which Grant
received last fall, were insufficient to en
tirely overcome it. Party prejudices and
associations beat him, notw ithstanding a
majority of the voters of the State1 be
lieved him to be right in the financial pol
icies he advocated
In the face of these facts, it Lb both im
pudent and false to say that hut advocacy
of those policies was the cause of his de
feat. The partisan passions which were
so hot and bitter during our late civil war
have not yet entirely subsided. The)
were appealed to, and with effect, in thi
Campaign 'V Closed in Ohio. Indeed,
such appeals w ere most effective in s.; i
ing desertions tro.n Republican ranks, ;
They art daily losing power to influence',
md before the return of another
will be harmless weapon-.
The increased receipts from internal
revenue, enabling Secretary Bontwell to
show a reduction of the national debt,
and make false but plausible claim of a
much larger reduction, by deducting the
amount iu the Treasury front the debt in
bis monthly statements, have done much
toward helping the Republican party in
Ohio and I'ennsy lvania. In the latter
State, Secretary iiont we'd and Commis
sioner Delano took part in the campaign,
and claimed that our debt had been re
duced ÖG,OQO,QOO under (J rant. Although
the falsehood was frequent ly expost el,it was
not without effect upon the voters. Bout
well's treasury stateme nts haveallbrdcd le
pnbllcan newspapers and politicians n pre
tence for much ubragging and blowing"
alnmt the economy of Grant's administra
tion, and the honesty of our revenue Ber
rien, Which they have industriously im
proved, and have thereby made the igno
rant and credulous voten of the coun
try believe that the administration la not
contemptible ;md corrupt.
All the power and inllucnce of th-j na
tional and State governments were
broe ;ht to bear to defeat Packer and Pen
dleton, ami the result ought to enlighten
Grant as to the rapidity with which he is
sinking in the popular estimation. Both
ha Ohio and Pennsylvania, the Republi
cans, three or four days ago, stood with
white lips and fthatt Tiring teeth," looking
at the prospect ot defeat. They have
barely escaped It, and are conscious thai
the comparison of their past with 'heir
present majorities surely presage their
speedy and complete overthrow.
As for the Democracy of Ohio and
Pennsylvania, they have, Ih very eleeel
and truth, fought a good and glorious
fight, and haVS more than achieved suc
cess, because the' have deserved it. Chi
raun 'liutcis.
The Government in the Gold Hing-.
Aktkr sll, the Government itself is the
leading nu mber of every gold ring that i
formed. It is at once the greatest " bull,"
i him! the rrcfltejt bear in the market.
Fisk, Corhin, Gould, üelelen, Bpeyei and
the rest of them are only fe hie imitators
of it. It sets the example, antl they fol
low it. Fik and his party bought up
gold which they did not need, to control it
for a rise. Is not this the very thing that
the Oovernment is doing constantly, and
has been doing ever since the present un
wise financial system was established;
' The Government needs a fixed and known
sum of goal, twice a year, to pay the in
terest on its public tlcbt, and this is the
only considerable demand tor gold that
exists. It is not money, and does not
figure in money transactions, or business
opera'' his. I?nt the Government, instead
of limiting its demand for gold to the fix d
needed supply, is constantly buying mil
lions more than it wants, or can use, and
hoarding itfl purchases in the Treasury
tor months before it has occasion to use
them. Is not this 44 bulling" the gold
market in true gold ring style! Is not
this the very wrong that we denounce the
gold gamblers lor ? With what show of
consistency can Mr. lioutwell come into
the market to break down Fisk, when
Fisk is only engaged in a patriotic imita
tion of Ids own example .'
llul this is only halt the matter. While
the Government ia "bull" in gold, it is
a " bear" in currency that is it is con
staidly engaged in the discreditable busi
ness or depreciating its own greenbacks.
These greenbacks an' it own fegal tender
notes which it promises to redeem. They
are as sacred a debt as its bonds. And
yet it payS the interest on its bonds
promptly twice a year buying gold at
nigh premium, for the purpon but does
not redeem it greenbacks. The high
tense of honor which Mi. Sumner and
other distinguished Republicans huvc so
much to say about, ought to prompt it to
maintain the value or these legal tender
notes. Hut instead of thK it is hourly
I most iucccsslully endeavoring to
degrade their value hy rctuMiig o accept
them in payment of import duties, and
demanding gold Instcad This n fhaal to
accept its own paper in certain oases can
have but one effect to discredit and ds
preciatc that paper. If it be said that the
Government must have gold to pay In
terest with, we admit it ; but it needs onh
a certain amount about I0,000,0ü0.
Why should it buy and hoard forty
or fifty millions more than this?
Why should it collect more than it needs,
merely to n lion I Mr. Iloutwell Ihe pleasure
ol selling It again ? Is not tliis alterrate
buying and hoarding and selling the
didnrbing element in our business the
cause of financial irregularities- ihe
origin of all the gold gambling that goes
on! Why liould not the Government al
low Us import duties to be paid in Its taw
fill SSOWC -and then, twice a year, when
if needs gold to pay bib teat vitli, go Into
the market here, or in Europe, and buy it
just as it buys corn, Hour, beans, or other
commodities for its trjnw f Mmouti
j Wien it.
An applies tion wilt be made to the
Parliament ol ( amida, at its next session,
I to incorporate n Company for the purpose
ot building a tunnel under Ihe Detroit :
1 River to conned the Gnat Ve tern Kail- !
way with the Michigan Central Roasf, and
I A.. a. ......... . ... ,1... i t 1 .1 n ... H ......... I
! i' wi me im lie i .ii 1 1 .ii in .i ii initiation
' either in Windsor or In troit, a it ii tlie us-
! of the same on fair lernt: PoWuf will
also he naked to w ir the same hv fIchui
landhoras power foj luea pasr enger snjl
Ir' iht traSUc h. lweeii it tn.it and Wind
The right man in the right place A
1 husband al home in the evening.
Cider nnd Vlnecrar.
To makk the Mai cider, the following
rub s should be invariably observed :
Ftrxt. Pick the apples from the trees.
If tin y are Btaaken some will inevitably be
braised, and the juloe drawn t liiere
bruised places will become tainted. Inv
pure, m thus rob the final How of its
choicest tlavor.
Second. Keep the apples after they are
picked till they betonte mellow, but not
rotten. If the juice is expressed while
the fruit is green and hard, there ian Un
pleasant acidity about it; if after the
applet are rotten, there is a sort of Hat
taste, which is exceedinffly disagreeable.
Third. See that everything about the
fruit, about the hin in Which it b: placed
before being taken to the mill, about the
mill In which it is ground, about the press
where the juice is lorced from the puip, is
ihorottgdtf olsan, so thai nothing that Ins
any impurity, or that can impart any other
tlavor, can possibly reach the pare juice
of the apples.
To have the product perfect, all wormy
or worm eaten fruit should be cast aside,
the stems separated from the apple, and
the fruit nnf grotthd so fine as to break the
dark covering of a single seed.
The more closely these rules are ob
served, the better the product will be; but
a common article, men as will make good
vinegar, can be made of ordinary refuse
fruit fruit that has been shaken, and that
is partially eiecayed, or which from any
cause is not eatable and is unsalable.
When the cider is intended lor vinegar,
it should be allowed to remain out of the
cellar till it has thoroughly M worked' r-
fermented and then should be drawn out
of tin original casks and put into others,
where, if possible, there Ii alwayi a little
vinegar, which will ama.ingly hasten the
process, If no vinegar can be obtained
to "start" the cider, it must remain in a
ilry cellar six months, :mel sometimes a
year, before it will be lit for the table.
Hearth and Bmte.
To DBSTOOr yellow dock, the following
method has been found effective: Dig up
all that can be found early in the spring;
then before the seed matures, go over the
farm, and gather and burn them, and again
dig np the roots.
BoiLKD Brkad PfJDDIKG. Soak a pint
of bread crumbs in milk until perfectly
toft, using only enough milk to soften
them, add three beaten egga with salt and
a little soda; it should be quite stitl ;
raisins are an agreeable addition; boil In
a cloth three, quarter ol an hour, and serve
with hot wine asnce.
A Missouri correspondent of the Oiwh
trg Gentleman s?ys that honey locusts, for
posts, is about as durable as sassafras, not
equal to black walnut one black walnut
post is worth three or four of honey locust.
He thinks th;it honey locust is much less.
durable in some localities than in others,
not lasting half as long in Missouri as in
Peak trees growing in grass are seldom
' productive. The boul way of treating
1 them IS, to dig away the gras, and weeds
j from a wide- space over the roots in the fall.
j taking care not to damage the root s in so
, doing, and to cover the ground with old
: barn-yard manure. This should be left
I undisturbed until sprint, and then worked
in'o the soil with a digging fork.
RkliAULK Vkast. A lady contributes
the following recipe to the Wettern Rwrat:
Take ten or a dozen common sized pout
toes, and boil and mash them: Inula
handful ol hop . in two quarts of water4
scald a quart of flour; add the Hour and
potatoes together; put in one cup of sugar,
one-half cup of ginger, and let it stand
until cool enough not to scald : then stir in
yeast, and let, it rise ; when light put ll In
ana cork it tightly, and set in a cool
Tiik Oountrg Gentleman says: After
many years' trial, we hud not hing so cheap,
simple, convenient, and durable, as Strips
of tin for permanent lahels on bearing
, trail In e s. They may be seven or eight
i Inches long, an inch or so wide at the
; larger end, and tapering m arly to a point
:,t ti Titer. Neither the breadth nor
the length requires accuracy. They are
. cut "I scrap tin, and may be made at the
rate ol a dollar per thoussnd, or at a less
; cost. To write the name, lay the label on
a table or board, and make tin-letters with
j the point of an awl or of a file ground to
: a stout point, Dressing firmly while writ
THE Cankkk Woku. The females
which lay the eggs that produce the mis
chievous worms are wingless. Whatever
will prevent these from ascending the tree
will save you from their ravages. It some
limes occurs thai they ascend in autumn,
but they generally leave their chrysalis
condition in the ground in early spring.
S me obstacle must be interposed to their
asce ilt, and we have in former volumes
given several". Wc cannot commend coal
tar directly implied to the tree, as we fcaf
it would prove injurious. The eineacy ot
all the preventives to the ascent of the
parent of the canker worm depends upon
frequent almost, dally personal alten
tion . . burrioih A'jriraHurkt.
CuAL On. for Bkk Stinos. I hav
in w remedy for a bee sting, a gentleman
removing from .Southern Illinois, this
spring, told me that coal oil would cure
the bile of a rattlesnake, by bathing the
bitten spot with it. I applied the oil to a
bee and it gave me immediate relief.
A few days after I had a little boy stuns
on his khec. His mother applied coal oil
to it, and the boy iawncdiaudy qntt crying.
Sometime afterwards, a parly removing
was detained at my house by hiirh water.
Two of the small children went to the bee
gUBlS, commenced lighting the bees, and
were stung all over. 1 elo not know how
many bees stung them: but suppose not
less i ban fifty; probably more. We wet
every place with coal oil ; and as soon as
this was done, they ceased crying and did
noi seem to suffer, nor did any swelling
follow. nc of my neighbors has also
tried it, and reports tbal it is a perfect suc
cess. Cor, Atnerieau Jitc Journmt.
Wim, There appears to be a notion
prevalent among the cultivators of the
soil that there must be some easy and
Cheap method of destroying Weeds. To
ascertain how it is to be done is the rub
and just where the laugh conns in with
Ihe itinerant puldlers who sell farmers the
secret of killing Canada thistles by cutting
them on certain days from June to Sep
tember, or at a particular tine of the
j moon. Sorn l and noxious weeds are
i disposed of, or supposed to be, in tin-same
way ; but, with all the nostrums and
secrets against them, they continue to
grow and spread, except where cultivators
I of the BOtl attack them in a common-sense
way th it is, cut them down with hoe.
plow, or any other implement that will
eftectually prevent anv l :it or stem ap-
tearing aoove ine ranace. v.antuiti tins
iles are the most perslsteut of all weeds,
but they cannot survivr ihis treatment
ni iri' than two seasons. Bntttk tinl Home.
Tun Ljttlr ConroKAi. The pnn-
lishcrs of this very ioiular magn.ine Tor lio and
,,'irls oder atir.ictive afSSStSSM for eJsW, and in xl
iliiion Wil tsad lice o extra rhartre the Octolier.
Ilavssaaar aai Dtcemher uiimiHsrx for lsii'.i to nil
B V Mllwi 'Hier. !'.l lSTll Whose 8llhcridioDji are
received helote the rir-T of BSxl month. Tlie MSV
MJrlptlSS SffeM ol Tut: brTVUI OSSmsnaS is only
fl.itl par year. Tlictieioliei niimher i-"veiyai
tra- live one. Alfred U Soajal J Co . Chicapo, 111.,
are the puhli-le r.
QoDnTs liVov's ileum. Oodey, in the
NovemWi nunihei, presoiits some very line Mus-
UStkMM lo his usaMUlbstl. Hi- steel iilale. fashioti
plate, and tinted StCtatS an all that could he dc
alrsd as ersbeillshinen's. In mhlltlon itSB an
e.viensiiin fhoot containing thirty-nine illustrations
of article v-iecially dcsl!ned for ladies and chll-
jsa aassirn plilc of children's fashions; front
and hack view of an opera dSSk ; and a design lor
a home-made toilet table. A ureal aricly ol useful
designs for fancy work are also pi veil in Ihe wattl
dprUnc4it. A capital vtsry apiaan in SjaS unm
her. writt4m by Mrs Hopk.n.-on. entitled "Scones
eaaaat lad Willi the Life or n Weak Man.'' Marion
Harlan!, Mts. Victor, Miss Frost, and oilier well
known writers contribute articles, l'nlilishrd by L
A. Uoiiby, Fluladelphia. OaSSSpf one yar. SS
Mrbcopica, .; Ilin-e, fTMi; four, fin ; Ive, and ,
one extra, fll; elphl, und one cxlra, fU ; eleven,
Mild one extra, ;7 rUl. Kvtr.i indn enieni to clnl.
... i . ...
Tlirloi I lift Hei e- I Cod l.lvel (Ml In the world h
ll aid A ( unwell-, uumIt ou Uo aaa tliari. Irian ira a,
-l.vt.il II vera, i.y V IHWKI.I.. IMVAUH 4, i'o, N'-w J
Volk. UhaaäSntely p' and urrri. Patients who
on e Ukcn ll ptnler It to all otbiva. lhjrU .
have kx'ldvd tt superior to any of tbe other oil iu
m BJtci al Editor or the Ui ffalo E
ragst :
Du. Bann A: Co.,
Gents I am always reluctant to pay
any thing in favor of patent medicines,
but I have found your Catarrh Remedy
such in effectual soother In those annxnr
ing attacks which wc term " colds in the
head," that I take pleasure in testifying to
its merits. Two or three applications
have always removed tin; disa j recaltle
Bjmptonii) dried the weeping eyes and
quenched the Bsjrdolphlan flames of the
nose. If it possessed no other virtue, its
worth would be Deywd price as a simple
and effective antidote for the' horrors of a
44 cold in the head." Yours truly,
For sale by sO prominent Druggists
everywhere. Sent by mail on receipt ol
sixty cents. Address U. V. Pikrvk, M.
D., Bnando, X. Y.
Tlie Exhausted System.
Summer dcbilital inir penson. aiul the fntltlen
rhnn.:e of temperature Which UtJtef place nt this
period ol the year thids the healthiest of n? con
siderably enervni;d ry the preceding he:it. and the
ansJdj nd delicate !most prostrated. This is not
a favorable condition in which to encounter the
raw cold wind? of October and its chillhis foprs sad
night dews, and consequently intermittent fever,
dysentery, bilious attack?, and rheumatism are
more or less prevalent everywhere, but pSpacUly
in localities where the atmosphere is naturally un
wholesome. In order to avoid ihe dangers arisinc
from these causes, the exhausted system should
now be renovated and inviporan-d by a course of
purest and most potent of all vegetable IsalH and
exhihirauts regulates tlie WCretlOtM Wfcila it renews
the strength, and purities the fluids of the boly.
while it L'ivcs firmness and vigor to the nervous
SMhH&taa. Free from the unpleasant tlavor
watet renders the ordinary tonics s0 repul
sive, composed of extracts and juices of the
choicest vegetable invigorar.ts and correctives,
minirled with a dill'tuive stimulant from whieh
every noxious clement has b- en expelled, this re
nowned preparation is. in all rcsp.-cts. Um very
best medicine of its kind that the world has ever
known. Such is the opinion of distinguished mem
bers oi the medics! profession, and the general
verdict of the public, after an experience of twenty
years, dttriSSJ which IIOSTKTTEK'S BtTTJEK) has
attained a pester popularity and a more extensive
sale than any specific ever advertised in the col
umn? of the American press.
Jü8T Causb for Being At aumed !
When a cort-h has been rnnuinjr lor a lomr time.
ana you begin to reel a pain getting in upon your
J.uns. attended witli l S'.'hfn -ss across the chest, it
is hurh time that you should awaken to the danger
oi fonr disease, wsicn is fast rniininir into fatal
Consnriiutlon. Now. before it is too late us.
ALLEN'S LUNG BALSAM, which will cur- the
dfwenfw, and sll will be well with you. For sale by
ali UraaihSs.
Chapped IUvds, face, loaill sfcln, pkapka, rin?
WW, Mt-ntMOa, MM otliT ClltMTK'ous aftcetions
cnnvl, and t!ic skin nun!" colt au'! smontii, by nsins tlie
& CO., New York. It Is more convenient Mtd rasQf
apnlled than otlier n incdips, avoiding tlie trouble of
the pvasy compounds now In use.
What It 1 Not Ami Wim t ll I. -TIk
truth, arc Ii - vi.l' in. PHALOX'S VITALIS Qu
SALVATION rOu ma hAIU Ii neither Micky lik
motam s. mwhiy ik- a irtitr- r-msMIe, nor Ret Id lute tt
luim soi hriawtoae. It Ii am Un omiIi atf u iiial fluid
eii-:ir. iimpei. nrommie. naroiieüs, ;v,vl ivi restore :o
gmy lunr, aawKem, neanhi and mnMaclieM, tbt ir urizinnl
color as c itaiuly a HimxIuiM' ne :t the HUOW.
TücMosl Popular illediciue Extaut!
1 c
ually applic;t!)l and liShlMhllll to younir or old.
1 ll
both Ml Interna! and External llemedy.
'PHK PAIU KILLElt will cure
L Fever ami Ajiue wtwa oiher remedies have fai'et.
'TUR PAIN RILLUn shonld be
1 i
ied at the lirst manifestation of Cold or Coutrh.J
Is the Croat i'amily Medicine of the aee.
1 WU cure Painter's C'ollc.
1 Ls ?o
i ?ood lr s al'l anü Burns.
A iin me Vertuet of the Peopl tn Its favor.
1 QlTQi Universal BattsfiMUoa.
I nr. i .1 i tVU.L.1
A Beware of bfiTATiora and Cot-n-tkv.fsits.
I 1 nn MntOSt cerUln cure Tor CIIOLKUA, nnd ha
without do tt, icen more MMCeaMUl lo enrtns this terrl
n.c uisease man anv other known reined v. r tn cn the
moM eminent orslnllthl Physicians. In India, Airica
and China, where this dreadir.t dlscMe Ui ver more or
less pre . ah nt, the I'AIN' KILLKli U COBsMered. hy the
A SUBK 'V viKl)V raKDM U inese Tmmm tllW
1 is wrapped with full directions for use.
'IMIK I'AIN KILLKli ii sold hy all
1 DrscHMl and Dealers in Kmnilv J
Two Months
Little Corporal.
Entirely OHslaal mill l'irsi Clan.
All new nlMtrfbern IbrTas LrnnCtsnHNut lor tlie
near yvar, whoee aamra and money are ami n before t be
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ermbrr Nan. of ISM FttKK!
Tiik LlTTLK CokPoBAL has taffrr circulation than
SIM oile-r .Iuvenile Vltipaziue in (he forlÄ and is betU r
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sittiseriin- now. Back naiberi can Mwayabe s nt.
i'ii hi iii er-, rhieasras ill.
SKNJD I'OIC 1 1C I I. A ICS ,jr-
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' Yacht Club
The beat judges evuj vacie etafears it to be the best, lor
many r asons.
It m maile oi the nn'-st stock zrown.
It. has mild BSS agreeable ar nna.',
It is iuiU n -rvo'iH In its eitetn
The N'rottne hnvin? DSflB extracted
And Is perfivtly l're, from drnzs.
tt baWM uo acrid, U:iKreeailttafler-tast,
Does not lmni or stin tli" tsasaa,
aadleavea no MSaaMva odor in the room.
Ileitis very Ikht, oik- poosd will last as Ion;
A - Iwo U three pouuUä oloi dhiary tolwccos
Orders Air E LEG A XT MEEK
Are h in- packed daily In the various
BIz- il B&z- in whicli It is oll.
III V IT, Try It, ami
vliico Vonraeir
That it Has all the adrantapee we claim for
it. If your d'-aler docs not keii
' It, ask him To net It.
Eureka Smoking
is a i i icri i i al i.omkoi;t.
Tli- "Kareka1 Tobacco Is likewise an excellent arttd
ol i liolec Vlr-.dnta Tobacco ol a IfaVlor liody than
the former, and hem e much cheaper in price, never
theleos i mjuVif du tvcrU'iii finolu'.
Orlr tor MS i-irrbiiniu IIpo- are al-ni
parVi if UaBy in nsaorand.
Lorillanl's Siiutls
bllll retdn the KXCKM.KVT Qlt.M .ITY lor which they
EaaaSeoeaM kanwan wherever uaod.
ia Lirciilar eal on application.
I. LOItll.l. VUP, NowVorlt.
VK1IRAHKA. It- oll. r limata a ail Pra
ia ..l 11 v- 4 V 11 M; K . I ihlor. and Maie Kn 1
ter, and ti ele j . o
- .... .
Address A. I.
ele yeai5 rf-sii'ni. n i :iiiihim i i-i
CIlDl'SI V. Lincoln. N i '
1 IOW Sil 1,1. wr PAlSToHr liai'HKS
.1. W . M l k . ( I., IJUp ,l "'". I
ipl n pries MAsrifv a IIH"V
I i 1 1- wall
on rc
. ..i.
loi l.ndii H (Vital Irralaral t
I till md U dispell !M. 441" im e. I im.ul- l! id'
mimn iu'Val, r Ro II :n. v v.t ii)
.-. t in llow I mad.- It In 9 months
Heel ft anil
5 I I IV laMlde n nided tut
A. .1
r I I.I.AM . N. V.
i Ii W Miiixv. I LIH'-.'1 Yr' '' 1
I r.f Ipt ol prlrt. MASURY A WHIION, hew Ma
iHiimn MIRTH"
Siyhts and
A Wom BwtsamiS of W.shiV(,to CTTT: tta
hlli ami i' Ii w Uli; mantiflcvol inlji- -.;iil-.- : hhMr
iiivii- rim : illaiui- aiwl orrupllon : the iiiidi- work-
ins ol the Goenini"tit ; and -howins how !'e i: y H
Kqtiaililcn-il; how utiic T.snt- DCTSMIH lli-ir trui :
low r:iej' h:'.' man:is-l ; liov fln-iaW ar l.mk-ii.Äil'-.I :
low roiint' r. 1:lnu korriHl on ; and II alioat Srfnat
ohbr member, hwlv rt-Tk. fee. StC. 1 i In autlful'v
l!liiAtnad, and iln Biii k t. Bi(l Utrittinr, mtertaln-
ln. instructive and -tartlin Look ofthe dflrr. Mf Httd
for clrrnlsrH, with Irrnui, &. Aelr .HiNKs. .H N-
KIX v . nit fcoi : i" trk btrctt.a . 1:1.
158 State St., CMeago.
13G Federal Street, Boston.
estahiishcd for ttw parpoM of Mytng our Aseate the ad-
v an tage ol tue larp-ij reaiiceo i;re-s ctiar j'-s,ani ihai
they may receive their oods in the SVtrteM posiiile
Persons who have lieen ai-tlicr s Agent for the DOL
LAR Ilol'SFS of the Kast, will lind it to UMSrsdvSB
Ue to deal directly wiih
Our Chicago Brancli !
The quality of our Goods are fully e ;t:at, ari.i onr
term R to Asri-nts are not exceUcl ly any vp.ittnoie litxtM
in our line of hiwie-s.
AfiKrtT? W RTBD in every town and villas
in the Weatern States.
('KltTIKH'.tTKH etv!r-.?a complete deoerlpt'.or
of article that will be s.;ld for nc Doilfll each, will 1 e
sold at the rate of Ten Oeabissc. Ten for yl.OO; -t,
with commission, lor .tn ; :i;. witt rommUMoa, fcw
a.S.00: and irouimUsion, for '-.00 , 1 A , with commis
sion, tor flluw.
Any person sen llnz for a eluh of Twenty, can have
eommiion om' oi t: e l uiowm- arte l''-: ii yaros
Sbectlns: IfO Pictun riiotoraph Allium; 11 (,u;utr
Honey (nmn (udt: Ladles' Senrs lhitti-n rwKits, r
yoor choice of nnmeroai other articles woe sbove Uul
named on circular.
For s riuh af Thirty one of the lonowtac ar.
eles : V car ls Stieeting: 1 pair Monev Comb Quilts:
three articles irom ExehMtse List, tc, ice.
For a ( lull of Sixty One pMr Manchester
Quilts-. 18 yards Sneetinc: nMr of Wool Blanket ; Web
MePa National Pictorial IMctioaarT, with lttcm iwsjei aiei
Wtflltiailllll Ma articles irom Exchange List. Ac.
For a Flub of One II n n d red 3 rarSa BhCCt-
ine; IU tirticles irom KXChaajce Li.-t. iVc.
W Senil Money In all cases hy K'.'ri-tercd Letter or
Postott'u-c Money "Order.
If" vve lake pfcnaare . referring thoe who have
ne er had SeaSaaa with us. to the largest Bsprt Com
nanv in the United States, AMBKte&M Mki: NAXTs'
I'ki'ox Exnutas Cosfast, 1 to M Wasliinsk street.
Roston. Ma., an I tbroogb tlicm to their A'-'ents
throu rl-.out the country.
15S State St., Chicago, IH.,
on p
fi New Discovery ! I
ion for the Hair.
Bor Restoring to
Hair its
Pralon's "Vi
utterly from
M dvc
M eolorer
" restorers
acts on a
in ve. It
totally dyerent principle. It
is limpitlfragrarit, and per
fectly iniroctfatyS, precipitates
no nnidtly or flhlent mat
ter, requires no snapung up
and communicates no
the skin or the lira
pel per curiam is nectary
conceal its tuijappearance,
lor the sirnfie reason that it is
not turbiJi. It is, to all intents
and panoses, a new discovlp.y
in ToiirtChemistry.
fgfr PhSlWs wViTAUA" is
warranted to efiQt a change
in the color ofthe fTMir within
io days aiier tne nrst.inr
tion, the direction being
carefully observi
3ne Dollar per 15ox,
Sold by auSDruggists.
It your lJru"feisN has not
aa e -w 'v
u Vitalia" on baUld write, en
closing l.oayftntl we will
forward it uramediately.
Phalon & SoNa
517 Broadway, N. Y.
rreervatlre as well as Curative
It W not only tor their a'olm.-lr curative, hat t r
rsrlr pr wrratlre proaerttea, thai lr. LQ. Wisi! A UT
inedl.;ilje aja sii Wldrly
TIIK IMN'K TIUEK TAn !1M AL n A -nly iwSurtd
tli - siek to ihe l.l.Mim of h alth, inn It fortlAea tbe aya
U'iii a.unsi Maaavsasl at tack. of
Malignant Affections-
The array of 'iisean' s t the luti ai. I thmat yields
to tin- haisanilc an-i tonic propertti 1 of Dr. 1 ishai t'n
A- the summer f-sr ir.appear before tbe ftvaa ei'eslag
breear. Its constitu -nt prop rtlea, thou, h airuple, are
powiTful. 1'roin th--vei v lirai the drhilil.it.it rlrtini t
noxloaa draz" reallaea Ihal he ha found Irl n-i.
A alow of warmth b-glna to ra 1 in. mirh hU chilled
rin ulatton. Th" I'ttls.- bi-conu s natural and rcjilar,
and a hnoyanry or untrlt -tbe cons. neuer ol an k
rtriw 1 retMralaa Iwatth ooawa upon the aaiteat.
Tie- frit rtlaiwae, lVinnmr4bn, tt'ie Mir lun n -tat 11
anv thimrof itn-n th ndi which io in.ihl. i uipi-lh-1
by' the 1 INK TllEJC I U; COttMAL, la uiaaai r lo
whlrti rbomand nt e atrrolpatlesti have f It it a duty,
a W' II aa a paivuirc, i U-silv.
Mow iii iny, who have dliil an I 1 ll tle ir chil-tr- n or
phan. mWnt liac been Wring In blooiiitnr hearth had
t iicy hut avail d thiiaai 1 ev lh a 1811 AKT'H aliaple
rcnteiU, int' a l ol tbe nuxioiis polaoa to which
Their Constitutions have Yielded.
Tr rrom lh- pine tns- foreft. as prepared iy Or.
lBflART, tl 1 p.m.ie a.
"uiK rnapi i r r m ans raaTan aaauai ar
TIIK SA 1 '-Ik- "
The li;irly ti- Ww 1 ' :n n. ' n h'M: 'h ir mn ol 1
npn-aTinu branch's, are rv '-v nipt rrm th.it Mttilaraw-,
t'onsuuiptlon, a lie- n.i'iic ol bonlh m Krancroi Itulj .
Aaprvnareii lf Dr. WISH AliT. the.! 1di.1l acN o oi 1
Tbe riml botd exhintu hi yon tlv; crrai rul foiab" 0 . (
rrturnlng h-atth. Yon are rariced by no mors esszh,
nor hat hed with SsbBltarlns niphl oweata.
Thonnandu ) jwople will t-II 11 thai In
ranxo of imun e" curat-vc. there 1 no coinhlnaU' 11 -
hü"i(i - ao tHPcncion, ami hi.riulcM a 1 sit Mil's
l ine True Tar Cor. Hal.
rii iuiiits atm e in savin that THK PEOCtt OK
DtS i ll. I ATtl'N hv which this Ciir dil H ih-ldi , W
lMIopHtra1 a to nnuo-ttll- 01 on Mi- 1 intr"
ni' nt. Tlie ,1 iM-rl- laxie ol the Co Is m n 1 1 d. .nl
Iln-Idea or medicine iHWonua loid iu ihe iinalitjit i
palaiahh luxury.
Are oh! hv II n,r,ec''''n, iottii-aiiia, and uei-l d to
theiia ie at Llr. WlSUAatT'S (arcwl raaatli shaUt-lae
232 N. Secoml St,, PliUadelpkk.
S Meatfläl expert, h d Uns h montlen II
ma. l-oes hf enttr tum ton. -. ,M I pa
Iiaai4.nl the llltlee I'arloiv. Amm 1aUd wHt Ii aiaa,
two 1 'iixiilllne phvsleian -i ain-oi ' i-o ""'i- '
Whiwe ilec. ui ..iv 'II I' the Mihnt I Bist
llllAlUiK. Tbl "i'p"i iiinlii . ihn lh, iiotdh"
I union In thi eii) .
1.1-fti rs renin any nut i h-cuiiilrv. -o
Will IV- WOIMpn and I llllll. II l ir.p M
Where rum u.i nt, i. nntlaiM h hl Uke i a ! m-
Ol 'tr4ll ol IWlHll' ..IMlt lX.
I'lt.-e ..r wisiiai;i h viu I'tv To toi.nai n 41
l i laiitbs ir s 1 1 pri JaS'ii taunt hi
Ail CiMionuue aUons -Wiuuld im ititiitn
l. q. . inn IN I H I
V o.hirSttd M., fhllndrlphts.
i i
r7AKWBLL J. V. A 0.? I r.i porters.
14 a, UtnC to alijvh Ave.
J .i ' ben ii. Ir Cis ami Ntl'n.
IMl 1. IS. A OOaj X Like BU,
um.oKsmV ifeaiertlB .
?Iilllnorr md SIrst v ..a, Ladies
k. . . 1. 1 v r. rl l'irv f iUOlfr.
Oideni solicited aud MtialscTlon piaractecd.
AltltlN S. II.,
62 Sou Ji canal bt-
fire and b-mw J'roor Safes d: Lrx K.
KWIS l.. amritS (atreawr foCoMm Mt)
Patait Attorney and Solicitor, No. 11 LA1.MON
CLIi'JJv, 17 tiark Street, LlilCaeo. Ill
tf Send lor Ir.ventoiV Haw! l'.ook
fre of -Jtnrit.
Inventors xvLo wisli to take out Lette: ? i . i
I rc advised to coamel with
! 1
who lave proaoct:t.-l -:ai;u bet jtu t!. i Pi (MS
lor . er 1 t v i ear.
EXT ACKXCY is the most cxteneive i:i th" wori 1
Charirea h-sa than any o'.h-r reoahlo agenc y. ,
Pamidilet containing fall lualractiona to Inwntore
is nerrt RMttS.
r o A h in.'.m. IVnn ! Volume, rontaininff 1 VI
Mechanical i-ner imr, ano llie cnited StateaC'ensu
I v ( aa . -, v -'i Hint K eeipU f r Moebai
mailed on r -e iDt Of 2 c.-n s. The BciKXTiriG
Am e Kir ax : the best an.I cheapest Weekly IHu
tiaSed Hawaiianer. devatwl to Stmbca, Art, an-i sfa
hatiice, pablialMxl in thj w.-r-I. Three d-j...r
fear. tJii- i-imens era'i. A-Mwa
HLA2I Vi . : 7 l..rk Kow. cw Vor c.
t: K ...!' -'. A .'Ir- 1
3. A.HKAUX, .". 1'. . Am uu , WUiuor . M
WU Wit A PAY AfaBNTfl -VI tin (
ill per we-k iüd x :.!, or -.'ow i-'ce coti.i-.-"
sioa to eU our new and vomlerful etiMon.
Addr--s M. X At.XKit Co., Makbü .lu Mtoh.
M o N I : V
S !
nil- OV o xlt o x !
Tennf an " ample box of Ix bottlen ent liv rrpr-. on
receipt of i Vldre It. .IKIIOMK v C .. 1 - . 1 .
A ttlNI 11 PTI1 I l l 11.
DU. It. .'AMF.s. a 'tin-! phnSt i.,ü offsi at i aSaeac .
Sbnav rix', wblb-la t! e Eai fndk aoettain -nr- h-r
I'otiM,. i., ;,. .t '.'c. . ft. i ' . '.'. aaS
(,.;.. ,.'' UfbNHf, Tin nwi'S) diM-ov.nil hy li'.ui
wlen hin onlvchlVi, adargltl r. waa Hbrra nphHli .
lli rbild rar d. mdbaa aSra mid u. II
4rom of hm Bttnc hi f- Haw niwtala, he wilt awS Iw
tl-.n who wi-h i; the r ein , mat -::;itiz full tHnfÄkM
Ihr : akin and -:iei- ujull' nabui ti - r ined . fr -. oa
ri e tkl nrtbelr nam -. wttti ram laaoipt ta par ear"
Tier.- Ii' a' I a ill lull i j uniloin of Coniilliiailli (Hal I
do not at one- take ' old of nt lit Xttrl ;
Wi at. p labn :r;-iia'ion of the Remis S .ilure ut
memory, ditflcult ei5toratioii.sharp pnins in the bin--'-,
son- tti'roat. chtlly PtmaTtona. nan--, a at the stoma-ti.
inai tioiii! tawSoarehs wanting awav ot tin- hiism-Ii.
The nril r will plcaav t t--' th - name of OM
rap-rth-v rtataadvtrria awnl la. A-'.dr
CRAlfnoCK a o.. Mil Rso ml, nilladelpbia, I'a.
NO. H rill IK 11 STREET,
1. O. Itox SSW. KEW YiPK CTTV.
An orpwtaStoa of ra;4taRstt lor the urosf of
Iraporfiag Tea and dtstrlbatinf taeai to Merchant
tlMTMaat out tbe country at banoctera prtoea.
KotalWifitied lJIfS. v .. o- . i..,t.
Ask yenr Grocer for PicrfiN'a
Crura V uraciAa. A moid spl;,dii
FIH.ST PKEMII M a the Ü. S. Fair, 111. St.-'e Fair, and
ClilC'.tffO City r'alr. Inrest r.orks of the ktB4 In I . S.
ariiel". tvarr.-iuted r re and to rrwcr.i! p.cki-.
Kstaoll.-hed ifvlA. 3,J) :
wid341 itate St.. Lliicaco.
Now I
T'. Pn
The oMeat and Beat ftumHm WfWtjßaper, are oflcrintr it
to nea- s'ibscrilK-rs on very amxatsi tern.. nniil
eopi' - an. io
rr lanaai 8IINKV k. M !:K .IK., c.
:17 Parfc tto. New rk.
in a Ti A V 5 v '
THK SLSeiG OOHn am chance any colored hair or
beanl to a nerniancnt I'lack or Brows. One Owah Knt
by mail tor fl. For sale hv merchant and di i. :
generally. Address M a.oio iiie Co., SpilnsCeld, M:is .
rRKSStf ni-.il PIclNTKK' MATBItlAM
Ma li- HP-l l!irnibsl lv
TAKIERBI"BriH, WKLLS v Co.. Naw V-bk.
AttEXTS WA M til K0H V I I LS'
THE mi
In tlie field. The only book of hasSani law that ha
.tood ttie fe.-tof time and crticiin. Kevi--d ,. i..n,
cudoracd hy the lW-iich, tlie Bar and tlie I'n-. lü-i 1
priie, If.-Z.'ZH. Send Tor clrc ilars and U-rms, and
addre-s l'. i. PI 11 1,1 II I ; CO..
l'i JS. ( Inrb St.. fhiens.
It is seneralbr known thHt Dr. J. P. FTTLEÜ
nent PHla'Irlphla pbytHrlan and Profeasor l Uheailst y
and Toxicology, hmm rtcvoU-t 36 cafw mpwlally lo K
ral ria and Khmmat'sm Iii cmj te niaatrry of tlie
diiawihaii raised for hi "VEtihTA HIJ! KliKI MAI 10
ItEMEDY" a murhtj reSatatlom. a Mrh hv Milraia aSi
ilavil M-rmaiHnII v eiiret. hi I v-; Ier e-nt f
Theiv an
1 disea tnat-d wlh ! suen. Mein
ni t NriiraUiin few prev aleul. le-le- -
I ie
iicwly alllict -d rly 1 -r rebel to tin- 111:0 y
i. Mic. no-till!:: nii.i lll proeuif wor eniii, wiie
Ciiv u'lci-ei - lor t-ars rein! tii thoutit afewer l"ln .
eure. I, and ine rv. my d.x c r cant imrr ax, wma I ba n
si ni i'i..n- .in trjin, to tct well, am: a;n no )-ii r. 1-
r'erv where latarn. Tt i no wombr the atTbctct
kui .. kra nad doiiisUiiL tor they haw u aaae be :
lor Iruthfiillv ntoli nolld laei-. li lo, C.rn-1-no
positive, tritalliliti-. genuine, iier r tailing cun- lor
ICheumatism and Seurnlpia at nrtarnt known m the
w orld, other than Dr. K1rt-r Meal Km niuatic
Itemeily. For sale hy all Drici-i-t-.
. 11
L'KtI A I.K COI.1.M3B,
I and Tuition $v."P r v-ar. 1''
int'rtt. X. It". II d
ir eatalivrui-s al irca
r 1 1 r am.
14 114 fVJ 97
m iv a1 hm
The aOaUraf llie i; l y is the brain ; Ihe
h om ich it main enpport ; the ner-e it ne--
pen; tan howiehv the ktaasya nd the asnw Ms
MfefTsanta. lndietion creataa vi-don n-vob
enmo these attacl f I ha paajal aaaaau nnl ti
brtag theni b.-iek to ile'ir duty, then aotahsjc like
the n".Milatim;. purtfyin. invisroratitür. oi
aperaUos oi I'mikavts fcssaaTsstssr Sautsea
ArtniKNT. It renova'c the sy-iem and nr'.orcr to
health hath the body Mad tas mind.
AalKHTn MTAnTKB uttt.
tlVKlt OXK TIIOl'SAND ILI.I'S ritATItiws. Th
lames, beat neiüiig. and most attra live n-.i'm'ilpttoa
Imokever natillsiwst. send lor (Iri'utar, wlthtenus.
OUCe. AddrcKS U. 8. I'l id iSillNO OO
!-. S fs-fe S . C iraro
i IM. Ml
a I'lTKXT, ealletl - T
I th- rTEST .W M tl Trr It.
,fA KFn
l.ll'IIVi ull A- HAKKtt hl. I . Soi- Uk. 1 4. '.' v . . .
1H. None Li-nnlr uut -tamiird I l;e;ncof A 1 .
tiF.NTH n 1NTI D. B T
r M on ii ti. eil
naao er
II p. I ' lKli.
ete I, rntS.
itrot!er In a
It will hem. Ml. -t'.tch. Mn t. braid and
" ust Hivi(,.r manner ..iir ;he ci
1." 4 111 inn. Do t l cv Ma
Hann- name as onr iro n any or
lnin:T io. .en' - i'i -in v. Mj;nel h
W . .rttiless caM iron Marliln. Im c
r I ir kk 'i Iv Lit'. iU KK .v
lbiUdi Iphla. Pi.
neat, Ibaraele Weapoa. aair-ten '
A IT I N I'll 'N ' A I I KM ; i
. l t x
kimier, a
I. IVnr .
t u n n
SS ValNt.
hi li h a Hon.
K aoa
ll If ll
ttn Id l
idwl, more
m , S a
II Afl ftaa rliiiw, NWiayia t S n tyrja sisa.
HaSaaVaM und I Hlutt Oimu..
TIIK Ut sl M oil a -
l'ii 110, lli ltiilrMii m ltd 11 1 a h m
Svapnia )
UiiXav tuih4 CliBawasPncn is

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