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Richmond Palladium.
Published ave y enlng (Sunday excepted) by
flian Hoa. J and 924 Main St. near Tenth.
Telephone No. 1L.
One year br mall, postage paid
On month " " . -
Uoe week, by carrier
Many of the
niarchiiig home.
boys will soou
Merkitt says all religions shall be
protected and treated alike in Manila.
AT the the opening onherjisu
The appearance of yellow fever at
Key Wost has caused the government
to chancre its naval base from that
point to Norfolk.
Thk fact that an American girl ha
become the vice-empress of India
another evidence of the imperial ten
dencies of this country.
Thk Friends' conference which will
begin at north A street meeting house
tomorrow will be one of the important
religious events of the year.
John Hay, the new secretary of
state, was botn in Salem, this state
about sixty years ago. That place has
the unenviable distinction of being the
only town in Indiana where negroes
are not allowed to live.
In Huntington county, this state, t
girl jumped sixteen feet out of a win
dow to join her lover :n an elopement.
The parents were opposed to the mar
riage. The girt was not injured in the
jump. She may however discover
later on that the sixteen foot leap was
the least dangerous part of the trans'
Nkw iork is leveling in one of
those startling murder sensations which
periodically occur just beneath the
social upper crust in that city. The
victim in ttrs eae was a Miss Rey
nolds, who had the fatal gifts of beauty
and wealth unaccompanied by moral
balance. A rather prominent dentist
named Kennedy is charged with tue
murder. There is ni particular lesson
to be drawn from the tragedy. To ex
plain the case would be to unravel the
mystery when, where and why lust
and cupidity entered into the world.
Thk result of the war will make
necessary an enlargement of the space
this country expects to oeeup the
Paris exposition. Commisiecer
General Peck wants the spacWhat
Spain was to have but will not occur.
He says he is determined that CubWv
I'orto Kico, Hawaii and the Philip
pines shall be represented in the
American exhibits. Accordingly, he
has sent a letter to Senator CuLloin of
the Hawaiian commission requesting
him to urge the islanders to prepare
suitable exhibits. Similar letters will,
the commissioner-general says, be sent
to the military governors of Porto
Rico, Cuba and the Philippines as soon
as they shall have been appointed by
the President.
Drk County Fair Excursions
Ptnniytvanta Lints.
August 22d to 26th, low rae excur- j
sion tickets will be sold to Greenville '
from Richmond, Fletcher and interme-1
diate ticket stations; return coupons'
good Saturday, August 27th. i
C. W. Elmir,
Passenger and Ticket Agent, j
Present Condition Compared
Thoss of 1890.
Correspondence H.cbiiond Palladium.
Kosebci Agency, South Dakota.
August 10, lSJ'.lS. )
This reservation is the home of what
was once known as the Lower Brules,
now called Rosebud Indians. It ex
tends fiom Big White river on the
north, south sixty miles to the state of
Nebraska, and from the Missouri river
wett one hundred and twenty miles
and has an area of 2,500 000 acres of
land. The general lay of the country
is rolling, though there are large
stretches of valley and level praiye
land. Much of it is worthless, being
nothing tut beds and hilU cks of sand
Not twenty per cent, is arable, and
this per cent, is rendered worthless for
fai miner purposes because of the laek
of ram; yet, taken as a whole, it is
fine grazing country that is for a lim
ited number oi cattle
The whole surface of the reservation
is now covered with buffalo, blue, and
a wire grass, and I have never seen it
as beautiful as at tne present. It is
one vast rolling, wiae-sweeping green
meadow field, charming to look at and
encouragirg to those who have
cattle thereon and to those who ex-
neet to make it their future home
and engage in the stock industry
The agency is thirty-five miles north
of Valentine. Nebraska, the nearest
railroad station, and is reached either
bv sts.6re or private eonveyence. It is
located on a small plateaa, skirting
Rosebud creek and takes its name
threfrom. This is the agency of
which I had temporary charge, in the
fall of 18!0. when the Souix war to
called, broke out and some of the
scenes and incidents of that period
have been brought fresh to my mind
hv hninc here at this time. I remem
ber how the very atmosphere seemed
charged with the elements of fear and
apprehension, how a good many spoke
in bated breath, expressing a fear that
the Iudians might come down "like a
wolf on the fold" upon the agency
some night, sealp the force, burn the
buildings and play havoc generally.
I am reminded of a little incident
personal to myself, how in company
with Mr. Caton, the boss farmer, I
started one afternoon for Black Pipe,
where Short Bull and his ghostjdancers
had their camp, and were doing all
sorts of naughty things according to
report, for the purpose of holding
a council with this naughtv
little warrior, and see if I
could not induce him and his
followers to quit and be good. How
when we reached Cut Meat school
house we concluded to stay all night,
and go on next day, and that about
dark, a policeman came riding up in
hot haste and handed me a letter from
the clerk, Mullens, in which he said
"you had better coma back,Short Bull
has called out his men and the soldiers
are coming." How. that Caton, no
sooner t'tan he rea i the lelter.immedi-
ately jumped up and said let us go,
and started for the stable to gear up
the team and hitch them to the buggy,
etc. Now of course 1 was not alarmed
but it did seem to me he never would
get ready to make the start and I
never have been able to account for
thi tardiness onlv on the irrouuds tuat
ho KM ao f rihtenMl aA the Bnipd
ktPt&0ilTfctfcu&min&il this matter
is, that at that time and even the other
day when I saw him this incident
was referred to, he still insited in
public and private that I was so scared
that I did not know whether I was in
the body, or out of it, and was quite
incompetent to tell what his state of
mind was. Such is life, however, and
we are compelled to make the best of
it we can,
I was sent here for the purpose of
making a thorough inspection of the
agency and to do so, was compelled to
travel near four hundred miles over
the reservation.
In visiting the Ponca sab issue sta
tion, which is tho camp of Chief Swift
Bear, a camp a hundred miles from the
aeency, we hid quite an outing. The
agent. Major McChesney, accompanied
me. We had a double seated spring
wagon, in which were the interpreter,
the agent, his son and myself. Then
we had a supply wagon drawn by four
big mules, with Omaha Boy as driver,
and a policeman on horseback. The
second night out we were caught in a
heavy rain storm, accompanied with
fearful lightning and thunder, and in
the morning some were laying in pud
dies of water though not drowned. We
all took the storm as one of the inci
dents of an outing and did not com
plain. Lewey found it difficult to start a
fire in the morring, but by patient
continuance in well doing he at ias
got one under headway, and it was not
long until we sat down, or stood as we
I.ked, and partook heartily of coffee
fried bacon, Boston baked beans acd
hard bread, after which we loaded up
our camping fixtures and started on
our journey. About 3 p. m. we reached
I onca sub-station, the objective point
of our trip, and at 5 sat down to a sup
per prepared by the farmer's wife
that was indeed appetising and
enjoyable. Fonca and the val
ley along it is the home
of Chief Swift Bear and about five
hundred of bis people. They have
taken their aliottments and have pen
eiaily settled on them and are making
some progress towards the white men's
civilization and awav from their for
mer mode of living. Chief Swift Bear
is an old man and loves to tell about
the times when he was vonntr: When
irWas Scrofula
Medicmes Qrove the Humor to
V His Eyes4
HoocTs Sarsapilla Eradicated the
Tophus System.
ppeared. on my little bovla
shoulder and fscJJTect ot the medi
cines prtscribedjr? to drive the
humor from his faoe Ider to his
eyes, which be- ' amed. The
more medicin ore the hu
mor spread. V--ifuch of what
Hood's SarsaparilU had done for other
we decided to try it. He began taking it
and we persevered in its use and after a
whilo the eruptions began to disappear,
and finally the flesh was all healed over.
From that time there has been no return
cf the scrofula." Mas. Ctbcs Docb,
Silver Lake, Indiana. Remember
Ii the best In Uct the One True Blood rsrilter.
pom "T U cruises. FTee, SI; six for $5.
Hood's Pills
are Use best after-dinner
jmia. aid LestioB stt,
the Indians swarmed these hills and
valleys in unindisturbsd freedom and
when the country was filled with
countless numbers of buffalos, elk,
deer and antelope from which they ob
tained their principal food supply.
One cannot but feci a sympathy for
these Indians as he listens to their
picturing in glowing colors the glory,
to them at least, of those bright days.
They recognize, however,, that these
davs are one to return no more and
are endeavoring to adjust themselves
to the new and ehaged conditions
which are trradnallv gathering atont
After inspecting this issue station
and resting a day or two, we started
back to the agency. On the second
day and about 9 a. m.. a ram storm
hich had been threatening all morn-
. , r 1 1
ing, struck us ana we easily unuueueu
our hores and adjusted our canvas
so as to protect ns, acd under this we
sat for three hours while the rain
poured down upon us.
It was a pretty dreary waiting, but
we bore it bravely. The sky
cleared about noon, and after
a cup of coffee and some
hard bread, we were again on the way,
the horses in the start shivering with
cold. It became so chilly in the after
noon that I had to wear my overcoat;
had a horse blanket for a lap-robe and
a woolen blanket wrapped around me,
and this the 1st day of August. In the
evening we went into camp on Hole
creek, and pitched our tent by a large
water hole, which was full of fish
Horses were unhitched acd picketed
And Lewey dressed
. zinnia of prairie chickens which had
been killed during the afternoon
After T.wev had dressed them 1 in
sisted on the privilege of frying them
for I believed 1 could do a better job
than he. and I think I succeeded
which I believe was the judgment of
thn com nan V
Enough of fiah were caught to make
a cood mess for breakfast, and nere
again demonstrated my culinary abil
ity. We reached the agency aoout
o. m. Tuesday, g'ad that the journey
- .. i " U
was over, having ueen gone eigii
While visiting Cut Meat and I5!acK
Pipe issue stations I took a peep into
the Bad Lands, and camped one night
on Cedar Butte, the highest point in
this rpcrinn of these famous lands. J.he
view from the batte was impressive
and in some respects is inspiring
will not describe it; it will be an in
terestmer sight to any one wno may
V'sit them.
A I have passed over the reserva
tion I have found that while the im
nrovement amon? the Indians has not
been striking in the past six years
Rinn I was last among them, never
theless it ha3 been substantial, and in
some respects maiked. They are more
inclined to settle down and have lost
much of their restless disposition
Thev are becoming more and more in
cerested in the stock industry, the only
method bv wthch they can ever make
living, and this to the man who desires
to see them progress is encouraging
There are now some twenty-six day
or camp schools on our reservation
which I think are giving to the chil
dren that line of education which will
be the most helpful to them in the fu
ture. There is also a large boardirg
school iust completed with a capacity
f . it torn hnn dred bovs and eirls. This
plant cost a hundred thousand dollar:
'pence again spreads her benignant
wings over the land, and I trust that
it will be a century before she will
fold them again. Now let the govern
ment turn the Philippine Islands over
to the people to establish whatever
form of government they deem proper,
withdraw her army and navy and let
the islands alone. Iu my j idgmnt
we want nothing to do with them. We
should never had anything to do with
them. The orders to Dwey should
have been to destroy the Spanish fleet
wherever he found it and then bring
his n set into the Cuban waters and
help j to drive the Spaniards there
from. We have no use for nor should
we be fooling with the Philippine
Well, this is my say and I am done.
ir tne spirit 01 writing moves me you
will probably hear from me again.
E. B. Reynolds
An Eloquent Speaker.
True eloquence was voiced by John
Speaker, of Catawba, Ohio, when he
says: "I had five large fever sores
on my leg four years, and tried five
doctors without benefit. All said I
could not be cured , but I fooled them
by curing myself with one bottle of
Electric Bitters and one box of Buck-
Ion's Arnica Slve.M Electric Bitters
is the greatest blood purifier known.
It gently stimulates the stomach, liver.
kidneys and bowels, so that poisonous
matter cannot remain in the system.
It cures dyspepsia, malaria, constipa
tion, nervousness, aids digestion, im
proves appetite, increases strength,
gives new life. Price,50 cents. Sold
by A. G. Luken & Co , druggists.
Reports of Various Committees
Heard Attendance is
Morristowx. Indiana, August 19.
To-day's session of the White river
conference, radical United Brethren
church at Mount Carmel, three miles
south of this place, was devoted to the
hearing of the reports of the various
committees appointed yesterday. The
committee on eldtrs reported the Rjv.
R. A. Morrison of Huntineton. the
Rev. John Jackson of Fairland. the
Rev. G. E. Floyd of Dublin, the Rev.
J. C. Moody of Lynn and N Beck of
Herbst as having completed the three
years course ot study prescribed ty
the church, and they will be or
dained to the office of elder Sunday
mcrnicg. The Rev. S. McNew and
the Rev. W. A. Oler, of Dublin, were
elected presiding eiders and will be
assigned to their circuit at tomorrow's
business meeting.
The devotional exercises this even
ing were conducted by the Rev. H. W.
Robbins and the evening sermon was
delivered by the Rev. M. F. Keiter. of
Huntington, publisher ot the Christian I
Conservator. The Rev. T. J. Jt ff er-!
son, cf Xcdianapolis. also addressed
an oveiflow meeting in the tent. Both
ministers preached from the same text.
Large crowds are attending the meet
ings both night and day. The appoint
ments of the ministers to their circuits
will be mada tomorrow and will eon-
elude the business of the conference.
Ifyou hava been siek yoa
will fi ad
Hood Sarsapaxilla the best
you can i&xe to gtve you appet.ta and i
strength. 12 J
Pisces "Where the People of Vdch
morid Are Invite ! to Yorship
Tomorrow Sabjects.
Heal me, O Lord, and I shi.il be
healed; save me, and I shall be eaved.
First Baptist Church Preaehing by
the pastor, R. N. McNemer, at the
n-ual hours. Morning subject, "An
I.1p.5 Hnm." Evenint? snbieet. A
Faithful Saying." There will be Sab
bath-school at the Sevastopol mission
at 2:30, also at the mission on Rich
mond avonne and third at the same
hour. All ether services as usual
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran
church. Rav. Huber. pastor Sunday-
school, 9 a. m. ; German serviee, 10:30
a. m., subject, The man who went
away justified rather than the other."
Luther Leigue, (:4o p. m ; i.cgun
. . , - . T
service. 7:JU p. m , suojaer, uess-uu
from the lite of Naamac, the Syrian."
First EagHsh Litheran Church-
Services 10:30 a. m. Sermon by the
pastor. No evening services. Christ
ian Endeavor meeting 6:43 p. m.
Trinitv English Lutheran ohurch.
Rev. J. Beek pastor Preaching
10:30 o'clock a. m. Subject
Battle." "
United Presbyterian Church 'J:"V,
Sabbath-ehol; 10:30, sermon, Thisie
Especial Work; 0:30. Chritan
Union; 7:30, sermon. The Motto ot
Hero Hobson.
Second Presbyterian church Sub
iflct of the mornintr sermon tomorrow,
Th Stndv of the beripture. jo
evening service.
Temperance meetine at Rhodi
temple tomorrow at 3:33. Mr. Mote
is to read a paper. Subject, "The
Economics of the Temprance Ques
tion." Ssveral strangers are expect
ed to be present and speak at this
meeting. All are invited-
Fifth Street Methodist church, lisv.
A G. Neal, paster Sermons morning
nnd night by the pastor. Sunday
achool at 9:15. Juniors at 1:30. Gen
eral class at 2:30. Epworth leagua at
First Methodist The pastor, Rv
A. W. Lamport, will prea2h morning
and evening. Good singing and a cor
dial welcome to all. Sunday school at
2 p. m. Young peoples vesper ser
ice at 6:30 p. m.
South eicrhth street Friends Bible
school 9 a. m , preaching by pastor.
Elwood O. Ellis, 10:30 a. in.. Junior
Endeavor 4 p. m.. Senior Endeavor
0:30 n. in. We desire that all who at
tend may be profited in spiritual
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada
E. Hart, of Gorton. S. D.."Ws t&ken
with a bad cold which settled on my
lungs, cough set in and finally terimna
ted in consumption. tour d?!ors
gave me ap saying I could I've ';'t
jUtttmUmmmmmtmr i . . i u TiOl slay
with my inends on earth, I would
meet my absent ones above. My bus
hand was ad lsed to get Dr. K"ng's
new Discovery for consumption.
couehs and colds. I gave it a trial.
to-k in all eight bottles. It has cured
me, and thank God I am saved and
now a well and healthy woman."
l rial Dottles tree at A. U. Luken
Co Drug Store.
Regular size 50c anb $1.00
teed or price refunded.
The popular comedian. Jule Walters
or whom so much has been said, will
present his latest comedy dranaatie
success to the patrons of The Bradley
ihursdav, August 2... The name of
his new play is How Hopper Was
Mda 1 racked." Mr. Walters' eharae
ter in this piece is that of a wind-mill
agent who gets himself into manv tire
dicaments. The scenery has been
made one of the special features, and
the east supporting Mr. Walters
said to be faultless.
Mother Sharo DsacS,
(Kokomo News)
At ten minutes past 4 o'clock Julv
-j, ifa. jnst as the bright sun wa
coming un over the eastern hills, with
loving, affectionate friends surround
mg her, the last spark in the erand
guou ma oi mrs. ivizaoetn oaarp was
1 . t " . . . ,-. ,
extinguished. For thirteen lonsr
wearisome years Mother Sharp has
been afflicted, and how patiently, and
with what Christian fortitude has she
borne that severe afil ction. Mrs
bharp was a woman whom almost
every one knew. She grew np with
this community, and no one better aa
derstood its needs and its wants
ana no one fcuew better how to
administer to them than she and
her husband. Mr. Cass Shc.ro. who
cued, tour years ago. She was biloved
by every one, especially by the mem
bers of the M. E. ehirch. of which she
was a life-long member. Htr entire
ife has been one long, joyful service
for her Master. It used to be said that
when she prayed one eonld almost st e
the sublime light of Christ illuminate
her eonntenacce. She was a Christian
in the true sense of the term, and the
last tew years of her life, when she
was undergoing intense suffering with
Positively cored by these
Little Iills.
They a!so relieve Distress from Dyspepsia,
Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A per
feet remedy for Dirzraess, Nausea, Browsi.
cess. Bad Taste ia the Mouth, Coated Tonoe
raiaia tie Side, TORPID LIVER. Thrj
KegcJate tie Eowela. Purely Vegetable.
w", omau
omU Plice
martyr-like patience, was but
Her sole aim was to administer to
ethers and to bring other nnto Christ. I
tal to call on and pray for, she would ;
, r I " . . T j.i.t. 11 si,,
4 tt I
was a plain woman ana carea nine iot
the luxuries of life, and like all true
Christians she scorned all ideas of dis
hooestv. As stated above she has
been sfHicted for thirteen years with
nprrAna rtrnctmt i An but hiar TttT. t
fatal illness was only of a week's dura-
tion. She was a daughter of John ti ,
and Susan Thomas, and was born at
Wilmington, Delaware, January 3,
1S30. While she was yet a small girl,
her parents moved to Richmond, ledi
ana. Here she became affiliated with
the M. E. church.
On September 19, 1S53. she was
joined ia marriage to George W.
Netlson, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
From this union two children were
born. Councilman John T. Neilsoo, of
this city, and Henrietta fcJizheth
Nei!on, who died October 2i, livvj-
Her husband, George W. Neilson, de
parted this life. Ftbruary 4, IS06, and
on May 26. 1S70, she was married to
Casswell Sharp and moved to Kokomo.
They resided at the Sharp homestead
on north Main street. Mr. Sharp died
June 20, 1S94. Mrs. Sharp then
movtd to the home of her son, number
C5 West Mulberry street, Kokomo.
The funeral services were'eondueted
y R3V. E. T. Gregg, pastor of Grace
M E. chureh. Interment in Crown
Point cemetery.
Suoklan'a Arnioa Salvs.
The best salve in the world for euts,
bruises, sores, uleeis, salt rheum, fe
ver cores, tetter, chapped hands, chil
blains, corns, all skin eruptions, and
positively cures piles, or no pay re
quired. It is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
A. G. Luken & Co.
The Pennsylvania Company's Athletlo
Cont6s!s at Columbus, Ohio,
A car load of athletes with their bi
cycles, etc. formed a portion of tie
train number 8 last evening for tie
eat. Thev were enroute to Columbus,
Ohio, to take prt in the Pennsylva
nia emnlovees' races to be held there
today. Thev had a ball team ai d
number of fast riders, twenty-eight
men in all. and expected to win somo
thinsrs. All were Pennsylvania era-
plovees. They were in charge of E.
T. Rjed. formerly of this city and who
is now foreman in the shops of the
company at Indianapolis.
Forrest Rosser, Charles Sirrendorf,
El Siewieke and Chelsea Haseltine
went from this city to represent the
company's loeal force in boat riding
They are in fine form and h.ipe to win
This morning a special section of
train number ( from Indianapolis, with
six coaches and a baggaore car, was
run from Indianapolis and intermedi
ate points bearing the Pennsylvania
employes and their famines to the Co
lumbal races. Ihe train load repre
sented the "rooters" for the Inditna:
were "pTotratily "300 people on the train .
Ribert Henley and George McGrew
went from this city to attend the races.
The crowds that went were happy
and shouting, readv to enjoy to the
I full their holiday. The women and
J children were much ia evidence, and
j a'l appeared to be imbued with the
J holiday spirit.
nrad-trel Rjview of Trade.
New York, N. Y., August 120
Perhaps the most interesting feature
of the general business situation at
present is the air of confidence with
which the mercantile community
awaits the approach of the fall trade
period. While of course based in some
degree on the favorable results already
achieved in many lines, it is unques
tionably true that the flattering erop
outlook at home and the return of
peace, with the expectation of benefits
to our export trade naturally expected
to accrue therefrom, make tor much of
the feeling thus expressed. The reports
as to collections are very encouraging.
From winter wheat sections especially
reports are very good. Some slowness
is noted in payments at the northwest.
but this is expected to disappear when
the spring wheap erop moves. Busi
ness failures are larger in number
than last week, aggregating 193,
against 1j last week, but compared
with 21 in this week a year ago, 204
in 1896, 192 in 1893 and 251 in 1S94
Buyers are appearing in increasing
numbers at leading western markets.
Chicago reports increased activity in
distributive trade on country demand,
with dry goods shipments especially
The Sure La Grippe Cure.
There is no use suffering from this
dreadful malady if you will only get
the right remedy. You are having
pain all through your body, your liver
is out of order, have no appetite, no
life or ambition, have a bad cold, in
fact are completely nsed np. Electric
Bitters is the only remedy that will
give you prompt and sure relief. They
act directly on your liver, stomach and
kidneys, tone up the whole system and
make you feel like a new being. They
guaranteed to cure or price refunded
ror sale at A. (i. Luken & Co. s drug
store. Only 50 cent bottles. 1
Has Come Down.
Some days ago a beggar in this city
ftl cted with partial paralysis of the
throat and vocal organs, stated to
kind-hearted friend who gave him
his dinntr, that he was formerly ship
ping elerk for the Morrisson-Pinmmer
l rug eompany, of Chjca?o. The man
now lives in Columbus, Ohio, depends
entirely on chanty for his sustenance,
yet, cheerful and happy and says be is
thankful that things are not worse with
him than they are. He sells scriptural
text cards as a means of livelihood.
Annua! $5 Excursion.
Oa August 3) the Pennsylvania and
the G. K. &. I. will run their annual
excursion to Traverse City, Petoskey.
Mackinaw City and other points. The
fare will be $5 the round tnp and the
tickets will be good on the train leav
ingat5:40 a. m. or 1:03 p. m. A a?.
30. A large number of persona will
go this year.
Maps, Maps.
We have just received a fresh sup
ply of lland & MeXally'g map of the
world and United States combined, the
best war a&d general purpose map ex
tint. IViefl 75 eents. First come,
I first served
ii W V
.i ri. 'iurr
m - . 1- ua.
, - . t
those p.v.'.e m America, v ho ro cUia-
(iWll.t 1.-.
iriii:? louil.v lir tlit aumixauoa im a
' Philiniihirt inlands could spend a short
- ,
time iu the company t f tfcese proposed
allies aud prvptftive American citizens ,
they tdight wonder whether after all ;
the game vre worth the caudle. Mot
of the Philippine inlanders are sav.ige
who tiijut with lance and poi-ud
arrows. 1 once had the privilege of wit- i
neing the preparation cf a number of
these peisoued weaius. and a nearly
as I cu rt member the process was
about us fullows :
T-1 . . ; .... ....... .... T.-vt ,lf lisrV
of two differt-ut trvt-s. the uamcs it
which 1 have fc-rjtotteu. One t tho
piece cf bark was beaten liiK-t to
jelly, prrs-cd sad dried, then moistened
and atam pressed. Thotigh the uiau
used his bare bauds iu doins thi-, he
apparently was not injured in any way
by contact with the iiixxi. The juice
ni tlie !i;u-k thns extracted l.ked verv
much like ihu sor.p as it Mr.micred iu
, ... n-l
an eartheu vessel c er a w.iw nre. !
it had reached the consistency t f si nip,
a qnautitycf pulp from the second piece
f laikwus scrapttl n ami tne juice i
this muicezed iufo the sirup over tlie
fire. The juice e.f the seeoud niece of
kirk whs daik brown in color and the
liquid in the ci-l was darkened and
changed as sonn as tin new ingredient
was (.fined into it. The mixture was
then allowed to simmer for some time.
nutil it had umiued the cnusi.-teiiey ur
iellv. when it was scraped out if the
vessel with a chip and pi t on a lar
leaf which had been plentifully spriu-
Lleil with usliea.
This nrcMiration ct.ii be kept a long
time without losing any i f its strength.
To noison an arrowhead a niece of this
iellvlike substance ubont the re ot
hickorv nut is wanned au 1 rubbed all
over the rmnt, wi.u-n can oe u.-en re
peatedly without the" poison losing its
virtue. The natives fiiso have uagers
with sharp pointed bkldes about four
inches wide and a foot loug, which
they tall baruraos. They i;re very ties
trous in the ue of this weapon, and if
thev can lay hold of an adversary by
the hair, tin y cut off his head with one
sweep of t lie arm and c :r: v it hi me as
a trri;hv of war. Manila Cor. Medical
I'rufeor Trefrjr' NoTel 1'lnn For Reclaim
ing th I.lo of Cuba.
Professor Xclso:i G. Trt-fry of Toledo
has proposed to the United States gov
eminent a novs I and practicable method
for ridding Mie Cuban of the fever
and death laden airs. The proposition
is looked upon so favorably that gov
eminent ofiicials are corresponding with
the urtifessor regarding his plan. Pro
fessor Trt-frr claims tinit Cuba and th
othtr plague infested isles of the south
eru seas can be made perfectly health
hv svsteiiis cf drainage combined with
the growing of the ev.eul vptus globulus
or blue gum tree of Australia. Tin
tree is known to scientists to bo a nat
tiral disinfectant. Professor lretrv as
Berts that the planting of the gum tre
will work marvelous results, territory
which has hi t-n as uood as uninhabit
able on account f the poisonous, germ
laden water and air has bit n literal!
Tvo..fi.r:.irrl Tin- til e will thrive IT
thrive in
Mil hiiiiii wiimi Trnrnr . Llir..
deep. Mr. Ire try says it.
is tho in ten
tiou of the I ."ited Mates government to
inaugurate this plau in Cuba, Porto
Rico and other places where Americans
will rush as soon as peace has been
fully ami finally decl.ir.d. Tho wood
and oil of the, blue jjuin is highly pri.i d
from a mereuiMie standpoint, and it i
iK iieveci tu:it any out ay now made in
this line will bo ui: .ply repi.id after
the rli.-tii.ts are reclaimed. Chicago
Tli I'resldent'n I-pk.
The desk used at the White House bv
the president of the United States is in
teresting in itself, apart from its con
nection wit n tne ruler ot a nation, ! r
it is a token of the gwl will ristii.
between two peoples. Although occnp
iug so prominent a pin e In the official
residerre of America n chosen governor,
it is not of American manufacture.
It was li.-hkned in Kugland. and w
a present from the queen to a former
president. It was made from the tim
bers oi II. 31. h. I.esolnte, which wa
sent iu search cf Sir John Frank! u in
iiie snip wa.-, caught in the v
and had to be abandoned. It was not
destined to po to pieces in frozen wa
irrs, nowever. n. American whalet
discovered and extricated it in l'i'i
anl it was subsequently purchased and
sent to her majesty by the president
and pf-oplo of the United States a a
token cf good will and friendship.
In an Cuglisb dockvard the Kesr lute
was at la.-t 1 roki n up and from her run
ners a oesK was mat'e, which was tent
by her majesty "as a memorial of the
courtesy and loving kindness which dic
tated tho oner of the gift of the Reso
At this rift'K, itself a representative
or the kiimly feeling of loth nati'
the presititnt does thn greit r part of
his writii i;. Yfiuth" "maein.
Chronic Dyspepsia Cured.
FTEE enfferins for near! thirty years
from 3Tp-psia. Mrs. H. E. DufdaJe,
wife of a proralaect fcnslness man of
Varsaw. . V., writes: "For Ss years. I tu
i constant safferer frosa dy5etia and a
eak stomach. The lightest f .xl pn4aced
Ustress, causing severe pain and the form a -5on
of gas. No matter bow careful of toy
iiet I suffered azoniring- pain afu-r eating
I was treated by many physiciaas and tried
inaserous remedies without permanent he' p.
Two years ago I begaa takin? Dr. Miles'
Serve and LirerPllis and Jferrine. Wntin
a week I commenced improving, and per
sisting in the treatment I was soon able to
eat what I liked, wltl. no nl iratt
I keep tbem at hand and a sioele done dtewU
any old ej-mptotiis."
IT. Miles Bemedies
arescld ty ail drug-
Dr. '
gisu under a positive
ru&ractee, first bottle
benefits or money re
MiJca' 2
& Nervine
funded. Cook oo dis
eases of the heart and
serves tree. Ad ires.
VifU HIXS JiEDiCAi tx iUMJuzx, lad.
ATftt -fro
?rJ seera to c'''a' on tlie woodwork fJ
Jgs y about the house. They come easily and
FY they stick, too unless you get rid of them with
makes all clsa!? easy. A -sS
II VAX.. I- - . tf II
II it?1' h W - II
Plain colored muslins may be newer
and smarter than the figured, but
never have there been more figured
muslins worn, and the variety of
coloring and design is endless. A
ehprmiEg dainty gown, from Harper's
Bazar, that ia suitable for .afternoon
wear, is of pale yellow musim with a
flower of deep orange. The skirt is
made so that it fits to perfection over
the hips, and is full at the back. Over
the hips and around the back breadths
are lines of white lace entredenx, and
around the foot of the skirt is a most
effective flounce made of strips of
We hye sever iJ
Money to
on mortgage.
If you want to borrow
come and see ug.
:7s,E. Bradbury S 2: d
Botidb 1 and 8 Westcott block,
"Take it back
to some grocer who will give you Pearl -
Thai s the oniy way iu av
thev send you an imitation.
Tho popularity of Pcarline be
gets the habit of calling anything
tier, "Pcarl-
Those who notice the difference ,
name, think perhaps its about the
thine- it n t, ifi'j;
Pearline, the original ana
i. - nclimfr rmroiind. srs
,UJ4., ...... ..j.
lace and muelin; the skirt part ia
finished in points outlined with lace.
The waist is tight fi'ting, with a
vest of flue tucked muslin of plain
yellow the tucks apparently fastened
with flat pearl buttons lines of white
lace inserted are put on at either e;de
of the vest, and there are lace ru files
over the puff at the top of the sleeve.
This puff is of the plain muslin, while
the lower part of the sleeve is of the
fignred design.
Worn with the costume is a hat with
brim turned np at the left side, and
trimmed with feathers and flowers.
A SUFFERER - vumr tiht-
whoperepires freely, will ba eur
pneei -when he notes bow maeb
longer the linen done np here
keeps fresh and cool when the
thermometer is on the ranryge.
lhan that they have ever wornJbe-fore-
Our hot weather laundry
work is "done up" for keem. and
von save monejby navimj it done
Phone 151

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