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rnoflleially Stated That the
. UiiitfNl States Will Not
j. A save Witli Germany.
Great Uritain and Germany Oppos
ing Russia and Franco, With
America In the Kulancr.
The Chinese Complication Ia Rapidly
Reaehin' an Acute Mage
Tbe German 'ote.
Hong-Kong. Soit. 20. An Imperial
elk-t reeolvtil at Canton apioliits I.
Hung Chang, I'rlnee Ching ninl Sheng
to be jM-ace m-p it latum.
Washington, Si.t. 20. With the
German propositi) u to iMHtuiiu jeac?
lit-gutlatltiUM with China until the pc-r-
. ftouH reiKniMe fr the I'ekln out
ragc art? imnlxlied aul tlic French and
KumhIuu iJotltUatlou of the purpose of
those government to leglu bucii nego
tiation at once awaiting him thepresl
dent foil ml much matter of importance
to dlHixme of upon hi arrival la Wash
. Inetou from Canton yesterday. He lout
no time In notifying the officials he do
Klred to consult of hi return and the
day was largely given up to private
discussion. Although It wua stated
that no answer would le at once ready
to the German note, it appears that
the president after talking over the
nit nation with Attorney General
Grlggn, Acting Secretary Hill and As
Kistant Secretary A dee has arrived at
a conclusion as to the nature of the
reKMtnse that should le made. It is
nald that the note I to be gone over
carefully at a further meeting !etween
the president and hi adviser. It is
understood, however, that the answer
of thl government, as now framed. Is
in effect a diplomatic refusal to ac
cede to the German proiosal. The
German government apparently i
anxious for a spe-dy answer, a Ilaron
HternlM-rg paid several visit to the I
Mate department. The Chinese minis
ter is also an anxious culler at the
state department seeLirtg to Influence
the government not to agree to tlw
Joint action auggcsioil in the emiau
The conclusion reached from late dc
Vclopmcn!s'is that the powers are di
viding a to China and that at present
Germany and Great Britain stand
aligtMMl against France and Kussia.
while Imth sides are ardently seeking
the adherence of the United States gov
ernment. The issue appear to lie
made up in sjIcJi s!-npe as t dismiss
" further hope of attaining that harmony
president has twen aevkinx so far aiwl
the iKlnt nppare-ntly has been reached
Where the I'nitd Stales must take sides
ir at once piv -eed to act entirely In
dependent of oilier powers in reaching
n sitt!einent. Tin- Chinese govern
ment Is urging the latter course upon
the state department, but tlin tar
there has been no restraining force hi
the desire to avoid making the t'nited
States the first of the iowers to break
the solid front that has been main
tallied up to the present time In eleal
Ing with China.
A Ii tlnite let"rminatioii.
Washington, Sept. 20. The first defi
nite determination to begin peace nego
tiation with China soe-ius to have
been renehetl by the French and lifls
fdan governments which have made
known their puriose to proce-cd with
negotiations with IA Hung Chang and
FrlniH Cliing as soon as feasible. As
France is ae-tlng with Bussia, this de
termlnatlou appears to remove any
lrespHt of a modification of the Bus-80-Franco
eleterminatum to withdraw
from Pe-kln. It also disposes of all
questions as to the e-rvdentlals ef I.l
Hung Chang ami plaets France in a
Itsition of iM'ing ready to proceed on
the credentials he has brought for
ward. If it Is the purpose of France
and Bussia to tegin peace negotiations
Xt would follow that at least some
of the great powers will not concur in
the German nete requiring the sur
ren1er of the chief Chinese ringleaders
as an inellsiensabh prerequisite to the
opening of peace negotiations. The
German note is leased on the theery
that no peace negotiations ran go on
until the Chinese malefactors are sur
rendered. On the other hanu, the
Frneo-Bussian attitutk contemplates
proceeding with the paeo negotiations
at the earliest feasible time, without
attaching any Indispensable e-ondition
as to the prior surieuder of the Clii
jvse offe'itders.
The Immediate Cause.
1 'Berlin, Spt. 2. It is understood
that the immediate cause for the is
suing by Germany f the circular note
to the powers reganling the Chinese
nettleme'nt was the fact that I.l Hung
Chang, during his ree"cnt intervhrw
with Ir. Mumm von Schwartzenstein.
th t;rmau mlniste-r to China, men
tioned a numlHT of names ef aUegel
lilgh tnanelarians. hitherto wholly un
known, as those responsible for th
Fektn outrages and said that China
-a willing to punish them.
!lr. Cenjicr's Opinion.
Tekln. S.-pt. 12. via Takw. S,pt. 10,
la Shanghai. Sept. :H.-Mr. Conger.
the rnitetl States minister, says that
Fektn must le m-uj-ir.! by foreign
troops uutll siMiie settlement is affect-
ad. as otherwise all the value of tue ex
peelition will le lost. Gen. Chaffee has
lssutl orders prohibiting the American
troor fnm shooting from lats. loot
ing or foraging. Every facility is to
l .Mvn to the Chinese who desire to
re-ope-n their shops and every thing ta
ken must le jvaid for.
ClautI MaelVnalel Hi
Tranterrl to Tokkv
Eon.lon. Sept. 20. The only news of
Importance from China t ex lay is con
tained in a dispatch to The Timers from
Shanghai, dated yesterday asserting
that Sir Claude Maxwell MaoPonald will
lecome British minister at Tokio and
will ve sueeeoded at Pekm by Sit
Ernest Mason Satow. the present Brit
'I In.- ."Ityn tlie Time corresondTit
i difipjH)inting to Iiritlshers in the
far east. a th.-y had hojl that a
stronger dipttnuitlt would le wnt to
IVktu." It U irol.le tlmt Vice Ad
miral Seymour will meet Sir Claude
MaelxinaM at Tientsin.
irep .rts from Nankin iint to the i
crcaslfr ncflvity and influern-e of the
nntl f .r l-j party. Tle manner In
which the Vans Tse viceroy have
ts-en Isrnr.red !- the throne in refer
ence ttt the fence negotiation whil
Imperial edict order the M.mehn lead
er to resiime control of nfTafr. Is
eapr.lde of only one interpretation
Minnsrhal report seem to ahow quite
a shower of wll-t regarding nepotl.t
tions, to which little Importance is at
tach, d.
Accnn.;ni to The Iaily Mail's St
etersburs correspondent. Itussia will
claim an Indemnity of Hm.rtVJ. A
Washington spicial say: "The ehantrr
of front on the part of the T'nited
States government regarding Russia's
'vaeuntlon proposal was due to the
ract that Mr. ContrT and Mr. Tower
confirmed Information obtained by the
British minister at St. Petersburg
showing that Russia's proposition con
ceals! a well designed plan to seize
Gnlvrsfon Itapirtly Getting ISac-k to a
'"."- IlMNiiieM ttsisi.
Galveston, Tex"?- Sept." 20. Normal
condition are fast being restored In
Galveston. The work of clearing the
striata of debris continues unabated
and all relief work is now thoroughly
systematized. More human Inxlies are
being found daily. So attempt ia made
o Identify them and they are imme
diately cremated.
The question of judicious distribution
of all funds will be taken up Uy the
central committee and a plan workeil
out for the lust Juterest and leneiit
to all. Each member of the commit
tee' hu under consideration some sug
gestion and a general plan will be ir-
fecte-d at an early date. A full record
of every subscription has Imhmi .ept.
which will be published In due time
in connection with the lists Gov. Say-
ers ha received at Austin. It is
thought lest not to publish tlie'se lists
until matters are more settled. Every
thing 1 working witli perfect system.
harmoniously nnd intelligently betwee-n
the othcial and the different commit
The report that Miss Clara Barton Is
ill nnd that she has leen cotnpelleel
to leave'. Is an error; she Is indisposed,
though not seriously so, and remains
In her room, but stie is directing the
weM-k ef her assistants. A system has
now lieen inaugurated and the work
is progressing smoothly in conjunction
with the I.x-ai relief committee.
A census bureau has lwe-n estate
lished and placed in operation. A
mortuary bureau lias also Imh-ii opened
where? relatives or friends are to make
oath of the known dead persons lost
In the storm. These bureaus will ma
terially assist in a more accurate rec
ord of the loss of life.
Houston. Tex.. Sept. 2o. Oov. Joseph
l. Savers declines that the loss ef life
occasioned by the storm in Galveston
and elsewhere n the southern coast
cannot Im less than l'J.iXM lives. while
the loss of property will probably 'ag
gregate $2o.otMi.tMN. Notwithstanding
this severe atlliction he has everv eon-
lidene-e that the stricken tlistricts will
rapidly revive and that Galveston will
from her present desolation and sor
row arise- with renewed strength and
IiOiidon's Sulstaiitial Sympathy.
Indon. Sept. 20. In the morning
papers appears a letter signed by the
Barings. Bothsehilds. Speyers and
Brown. Shipley V Co., in which thes
heuses offer to nH'eive subscriptions
in aid of the Galveston sufferers and
to forward them through the New
York chamber of tommtrce. The Bar
ings, and Brown. Shipley & Co., con
tribute 21". and the Bothehllds and
Speyers each .'25.
Gen. McClorimnd
Springfield. Ills., Seyt.
I'd. General
John A. McClernand
Ing about 2 o'clix-k.
died this morn
Roxers Will Keoccupv
rjtMON, England, Sept. 20. The
foreign office learns that the Boxers
will recx-cupy IVkin as soon as the
allies retire.
Prominent Democrat Dead.
Plymoi th, Ind., Sept. 21. John
K. Lawrence, Democratic candidate
for state senator, diexl today of
Several Americans Mur
Washington, D. C, Sept. 20
The war department has a cablegram
from Cbatlte reportinr the murder
of the two daughters of Atwater on
the 2bth, and others at Taynan July
y. Clapp and four others on Julv 31.
Atwater and wife and two childreo
and six others were murdered near
I'ow Chow August 15. Dixon and
wife. Curren and wife and ethers
escaped to the mountains and were
never afterward heard irom.
Howard's Examination Is
Frankvort, Kv., Sept. 20. The
cross examination of James Howard
was completed by Colonel Campbell
today. Jueige Tinsley testified de
nying he congratulated Howard on
what he did at Frankfort. F. C
Day testititd to seeing Howard in
Ixndou January 2y. He had been
clean shaven then. Sheriff Beverly
White testified to seeing Howard in
Frankfort after the Goebel shot.
Strike GtowIuk.
Hazleton. Pa.. Sept. 20. Re
ports today show large accessions to
the anthracite strikers.
Resuming: Work.
Lorain. O., Sept. 20. The steel
company's furnaces are repairing for
resumption, lhev have been idle
three months.
Bryan's Movements.
Lincolx, Neb., Sept. 20. Bryan
spends tomorrow and Saturday cam-
t aisruing in the vicinity of Lincoln.
Next week he starts oa his Dakota
Another Victim of IH-Fated
Chiquita Has Washed
The Body of Capt. Way's Wife Re
covered After Nearly a Year
on Lake Mieui"ran'd Shore.
Other Matters of Interest Relating:
to Happenings Throughout
the Hoosier State.
Crown Point. Ind., Sept. 20. After a
lapse ef nearly a year another victim
of the wrecked yacht Chiquita, which
went ashore en Iike Michigan in a
titrong north gale on the mtoud day of i
Iat November, a total wreck, was
found yesterday by Albert Sabinskl.
1 lie iMidy proved to le the wife of
Cant. I. S. W'nv. and was found tinrloil
in the sand, two mile west of the
wreckage, near Miller's Station. The
UsJy was in a well preserved state.
uring the inquest $ PMi was found
pinned inside Mrs. Way's corset.
Her husband, the captain, was found
lead, lashed to the mast, and his was
the only body recovered at the time of
the wreck. It is thought several more
(Mtdies will le found eventually as the
party was supjiosed to number six.
General Order Issued by the Indiana.
Anderson. Ind., Se-pt. 20. The Indi
ana department of the Women's Belief
corps has issued general order. No. 4,
in which the timu and place of holding
districts meetings is announced as fol
lows: No. 1. Oct. 23. at Hiintinbnri?!
.No. -2, Oct. IN. at Linton; No. 3, Oct.
1. at Salem; No. 4, Oct. 11, at Greens-
burg; No. ,,, Oct. i), at Terre Haute;
No. . Oct. 4. at Shelbyville; No. 7,
Oct. 2, at Indianapolis; No. 8, Oct. 1,
at Montpelier; No. 9. Sept. 27, at Veenl-
ersburg; No. lo, Oct. 25. at Uoodland:
No. 11, Sept. 20. at Boann.
i iie- uispe-iion oi corps wui occur
i i . . ...
during October, November and Decern
ing. Memliers of the order are asked
to secure from the department treas
urer, Bitta M. Metcalf. small silk flags
with which to give salutes during the
state convention.
May Be a tSett lenient In Sight.
Anderson, Ind.. Sept. 20. Charles
Bryant, memler of Wage Committee
of I A. 300. has returnee! from Pitts-
uurg w uere lie naei neon called to a
conference to consider matters looking
to Jill .'I 11 lien I le .lilliisfmonf r.f tho rl.n.
the manufacturers are to have another
me'cting with the e'utters committee. It
is believed that within a few days the
situation will clear and that so far
as the cutters are eoneerneel, the differ
ences will 1h' adjusted. The flatteners
are not in the present negotiations.
A Probable Suicide.
Hartford City. Ind., Sept 20. The
Ixxly tf a man was found on the Pan
Handle railway tracks, one mile east
of this city, yesterday with a bullet
hole liohind the right ear. There was
a revolver in his right hand and a
package of strychnine in his vest
po-kt. There were also $7 in his
pocket, together with a scrap of paper
iK'aring the address "II. M. Harth."
His cuffs are marked "M. M. II." The
stranger is supposed to have, been a
canvasser, with his home at Muncie.
A disastrous Care-In.
Osgood. I ml.. Sept. 2t. Five laborers
employed on the Baltimore and Ohio
Southwestern construction at I.augh-
ery crct'k. In this county, were caught
yesterday by a cave-In of an embank
mont ami four of them were smoth
ered tH'fore' the'y could le rescueil.
while the fifth was badly injureni.
Thov lived in Louisville, and had but
recently leen employed. Those killed
were: O. I.auti. Augustus Note. Will
iam Hughes and H. Minert. William
IZkerty was fatally injured.
Weekly Wajre Uw Sustained.
Muncie, Ind., Sept. 20. In the cir
cuit exurt last evening Judge Lefler
made a dee-ision on the Indiana week
ly pay law that helds it gooel. It was
an answer to a demurrer in the suits
tileel against the Uepublie Iron Com
pany several months ago by State Fac
tory Inspector MeAbee. and the elee'i-
sion is that the law is good except un
der certain specific conditiema.
Will KnRajre In Slum Work.
I,ogansport. Ind., Sept. 20. Kev. W
V.. lU'iderwolf has r's:gued the pastor
ate of the Pi-oadway Presbyterian
church to engage in slum and evan-
gel'.cal werk. He was chaplain of the
One Hutidreei ami Sixty-first Indiana
regiment during the Cuban war, and
wrote a regimental history. Mr. Uei
derwolf rar.ks as a pulpit orator, and
ia very pepular here.
Married Fifty Years.
liedford. Ind.. Sept. 20. Capt. Will
iam I'ay and wife yeerelay ce let rated
their fiftieth weelding anniversary.
Capt. Iay was a soldier in the Mexi
can and civil wars, and served two
terms as sheriff ot Lawrence county,
toing sue-e-eenleel in otSce by his son.
Many friends joined in honoring tha
People at Itonrbnn Place Light and
Water Company In Tight Place.
BonrIon. Ind.. Sept. 20. The city
council has just passed a rvo!utien
placing the 'Rourlxm Electric Light
and Water impany in a somewhat
euibarrassing position. A $30,000 plant
.vas eree-ted here one year ago and it
s auegt-d that the construction coui
anv deviated from the plans and
-pecitieatH . The citizens thereupon
ipplsed for an injunction, restraining
;he e-ity from accepting it. Since the&
p.o move lias b.cn made toward ren
dying the defe-e-ts. The resolution
massed bv council calls ppon the com-
tif plant at-cordlng
to the i;r! zlv.al
or else re.nove if
ign. w ithin ! days
Inasmuch as this
is puictit-aH.r !t:i!Mss!.i. - irili tig
expert Jud.n-nt, the -nnpany is
loss whar to tin.
Ch:iraetl With Complicity.
v ashint n. Ind.. Sept. 20. James
Couroy. Hayden IJighaiu, Thomas
Glenn, Tine Cole and an unknown
man were- arrested yesterday by the
sheriff on the charge of complicity ia
the ktllirsr of Ijwrrnce Allen in a sa
loon brawl Mt Montgomery, this coun
ty, last Saturday nig tit. The accused
are held for trial. Ode was first
placed under arrest shortly after the
trilling, but was soon after released.
A Sweepstake ISurglar.
Terre Haute. Ind., Sept. 20. A burg
lar enterexl the residence of Frank
Rouc-h, and, after e-ating a chicken and
a pan of dumplings, ransacked the
house for valuables After he had elonc
this he peurd oil from a lamp alut
stove In the kitchen and set the
house aflre. The dames were put out
before much damage was done. No
one was at home at the time.
Employes Suinir For Hack. Wagr.
Mnncle, In.L, Sept. 20. Thirty suits
have been tiled by employes of the En
terprige Stove company for wages due.
The company operates a plant in Ie
troit and one in this e-ity, and recently
a petition for a receiver was not grant
ed, and the emidovea struck a few
weeks ago when the banks refifsed to
cash checks given by the company.
Killed In Nebraska.
Mlshawaka. Ind.. Sept. 20. A tele-
grom from Petersburg. Neb., to rela
tives here says that James Sandiland
had lx-cn killed there. His age was 5$
years, lie has worked in various lndi
an newspaper ottice-s.
A Pathetic Funeral.
Cincinnati, Sept. 2u. The eight via
tims of the Salvation Army nrserj
fire last Monday were buried today ir
a single funtral service. The religious
services were held at Wesley chain?
at 10 o clock this morning. Three
black hearses and five white hearss
were usetl. Prominent dignitaries ol
the Salvation Army from all part oi
the United States were here to attem!
the ceremony.
An Knor:-ous Ciidertakintr.
eiatvesxou, a ex., ept. 'U. o on
has oeen found who will undertake th
job of removing the city's debris et
contract, as all state it is Impossible
to make a tletinite estimate'. The near
est estimate expert wreckers will makt
is that It will take 2,ooo men 10 dayt
to clear away the debris and get at
of the liodie-s out and 'that this wil
cost $3e0,000.
Bank Kotters Make Clean Sweep.
Topeka, Kan.. Sept. 20. State Rani
Commissioner Rrehlenthal has Just re
celved notice by mail of the roblierj
of tbe state tuink at Itushton last Sun
and ?20,000 of discounts.
China News.
Hon Kong, China, Sept. 20.
Count Von Waldersee left for Shang
hai. The missionaries of the Knei
Yanw district left for Chung King
under escort.
Boers Routed.
Lonpon, England, Sept. 20 Rob
erts reports the Boers completely
routed from their last stand at
Xews From the West Side Educational
Many of the students have com
menced work on their orations and
as soon as possible the contest will
be held. No arrangements have been
made as yet in regard to a debate,
but Earlham will probably have a
tlebate with some school. Since a
debate with I. U. or DePauw is out
of the question it is probable that a
debate may be had with Butler tr
Notre Dame.
The new tennis courts which are
to be north of the athletic field are
being put in shape and will be ready
for use in a few days.
A Mexican girl, Antouia Gonsolis,
is enrolled and will be in school two
years. She knows very little Eng
lish, and is studying for missionary
There are seventy boys and only
fifty-eight girls in the dormitory this
term, something very unusual, the
boys and girls generally being equally
The different classes had their
meetings for election of officers yes
terday. The Senior class elected El
wood Mendenhall president, Miss
Kaufman vice-president. The Junior
class elected Charles Fickel president
and June Kersey secretary.
The Ionian Literarj' society hael a
special meetirg Tuesday to finish the
election of officers. Charles Frazte
was elected associate editor ami
Harvey Schilling and liowland James
local editors.
Tonight at the Riak President Schor
man Will be oa Hand Al
ready ia the CitT-
President Jacob G. Schurman of
Cornell university and president of
the Philippine commission arrived
this morning on the 11 o'clock train
from Cincinnati. He was met at the
station by Congressman James E.
Watson, Countv Chairman C. G.
Swain and other prominent Repub
licans, who escorted him to the West
cott. He has been there meeting his
friends and taking a good rest.
throughout the rest of the day, and
will speak this evening at the Re
publican headquarters on the issues
of the day. There will no doubt be
a splendid audience to hear him.
if the weataer improve anv
Fred Landis arrived on the 10:15
train from Indianapolis and is ready
to speak tonight also. Mr. Landis
has been ill, but Richmond was for
tunate iu that be recovered la time
patsy t eompl
to be here with us.
BistVntlinu-itiv Collieries
Stke Iicinains I'rneti-
rally Viichaiiiretl.
I'residjt Mitchell Continue
Grilled at the Manner
I Inch Men Coine (hit.
A MIIet to Heart" Meeting That
leilopHl Into ait Aerimo-
Hious Joint Iebate.
Hazejon, Pa Sept. 20. Rcyond the
oecasiial stoning of a mine worker
going or from his work, the're lues
letn ridisorder in connection with the
big coi strike. It was estimateel last
night at about 70 ier ce-nt etf the
mine iprkers of this rtgion were ielle
which is quite an increase over the
flguresof the day before. President
Mitcli said that from reiorts he
had reived, he figurel on more than
120.01 fin ing idle in the anthra-ite elis
trict. pie added tlmt most gratifying
report'weie received from this and the
SeliUyjill district.
So I'gotiatloiis for a settlement of
the sfike are yet in sight and the
sitnatn In that r'spct is pre-cisely
the sine as it was at first.
Tbe"uited Mine Workers of this sec
tion sre confining tlu-ir efforts to get
the'uju to (juit work everywhere, be
lieviB; that they can not successfully
e-iirri'Cn the contest unless every point
of oiratiou in the thre-e districts Is
tied tp comph'tedy. The operators ap
pear to 1 doing nothing toward a
Hcttleiicnt of the trouble. They are
workikg the eedlieries which are eri'
pled as best they can. 'rfie mine ow n
ers, In th' Hazeltoii distri-t complain
bitfttry of what they call the "cruel
tactfe" of the union. They claim that
thenvorkmeii who are still going to the
mines are nemg miimiiiated and even
threatened with serious iHxlilv harm if
thei do not quit work. They also add
thai most of the men now idle desire
to frsuiiie work, but through fear of
assault they do not leave their' homes.
Hie meeting yesterday afternoon at
Jeddo of the employe's of ;. It. Markle
& Co.. proved to l proltahlv the most
remarkable gathering of its kind ever
held in the anthracite regions. It was
expeeb'd to Im a heart to tfeatt talk
iH'tween John Markle. managing part
ner, of the lirm and his employes, now
numbering 2.".oo. but if developed into
Joint debate, in which Mr. Markle.
President Mitchell. I'ev. Father I'hil-
liis and National Committeeman Ren-
jamiri James, took part.
It ln'irnn iu a dignified manner but
TtU Ueyeuc ra t e-el I ntojj m pass Ion
to persona wten. : ' ' ' V-
claim . that as a re-stilt of the meeting
the Markle mines will tie closed while
the Arm claim that the meeting was a
packed one and that their mines will
ope-rate as usual.
KfForts Itcing Made to Secure a Set
tlement of" the Strike.
Shamokin, Pa., Sept. 2U. The most
iui'iortaiit development tf the coal
miue'rs' strike which has oe-e-urnil since
its iue-e-ptioii is tin effort made now
by a i-ommittee of miners employed at
the Natalie colliery. Mount Carmel.
who are iu -lose' touch with the' ojH-ra-tors
who control that mine all New
York capitalists to secure a settle
meut. They have come here to consult
with several leading mine officials.
They say that the ojicrators they rep
resent are willing to adjust the prin
cipal grievance's emlxxlled in the de
mands of the Hazeltoti convention, and
they are anxious to get their proposi
tion to National President Mitchell. It
is believed that if they can efftM-t their
obje-t the other operators will folkw
in tlit same line.
Will Work Through Women.
Wllkesbarre. Pa., Se-pt. 20. The me-n
employed by the West End Coal com
pany at Mocanaqua continue to resist
:tll attempts to get them out. President
Viehols made a last attempt yeste-rday
'.nd failed. It is now said that an
ffort will Ik made to reach the men
-brought their wives and daughters.
Mother" Jone-s, the- la! -or advocate,
vvill probably be se-nt to the mining
.iliaire to persuade the women that it
is their duty to urge tlu-ir husbands
nd brothers to join the strikers.
Setting l"p an Alibi.
Krankfork. Ky.. Sept. 20. The first
evidence for the defense in the How
ard case was taken yesterday the de
fendant himself Iwini; the first witness.
He told in a straightforward way of
his arrival iu Frankfort and move
ments here Jan. 3 and his testimony
as anticipated, was to prove an alibi.
He is on the stand again today.
The fire Brand" IoTinr
Spitzkop. Si-pt. 2t. Gen. Viljoen,
who rticceeileil Iouis Ilotha in the su
preme i-ommand of the Transvaal
forces, is re'iortel to be moving north
ward in the direction of Heetorspruit.
with S.iXKt men and o guns. He is
known as "The tire branfl" and will
endeavor to protract the war.
Kicked bv a Horse.
IWatnr. Ills., Sept. 20. John B
Reckett. a retireil farmer residing at
P.lue Mound, had the bone of his left
arm shattered by the kick of a borae.
Nevada Desperadoe Hold l'p Cashier
and Carry Away the Gold-
Win neiuueca. Nev Sept. 20. The
First National lnk was robbed of
about $13.oi0 yesterday by three men
who entered the front door of the
building and with revolvers made all
ru-eseut throw up their hands. ner
were five people in the bank at the
time. Cashier Nixon. Assistant Cash
ier McBride. Bookkeeper HilL Stenog
M., f- e'-.n .mn and a horse buyet
named Johnson. The robbers threat
ened with instant death the first man
who made a show of resistance. One
rrvi.hop nt tho r-int of a pistol made
I Cashier Nlsou cnui te sare ana ia
from it three' sacks of gold coin. They
tlire-w this in ait ore sack, togethel
with all the gold coin iu the elJii-
drawer. The rotiln-rs then mare-hed
the five men out through a back dooi
to au alley, when.' three horse's were
waiting. The men were kept covered
with guus until the desperadoes mount
etl tlu-ir horses and escaped. Tin
whole affair .xt-urn-d in but five mill
uns. Am alarm was quickly given am'
several shots were fired at the despera
does as they sin-el through the town
but without effect. The rMers re
turml the shots, hut no one was hit.
In nrsents l'enew liiji Activity.
Manila, Sept. 2't. There are rumors
of attacks on the railroad and of iron
ble iu Manila. Kefuii.'es are arriving
here- from ljimuta. Mrong and Pant
panga provinces. The- natives of Ma
nila are restless, and many are leav
ing the city. The hostile demonstra
tiotis are particularly marked aion:
the railroad and on the s..ores of Ia
truna de- liny. The insurgents have at
tacked garrisons and outposts. In
some cases they have charged towns
th-e-ini! when pursued, (uingunto. Polo
Ma klos and AhxH-an have Iwi-n sul
jected to this treatment.
Many Vesels Wret-ketl.
Seattle. Wash., Sept. 2. The treas
ure steamer. C. II. Hamilton, from
Itavvsou to St. Michael, with l."i jmis
sengers and Sl.."o.i in dust, was
driven on the leach on the Vukor
tlats Sept. during a severe storm.
The steamer St. Paul h; brought
news of the terrible havoc wrought
at Nciiie by the recent storms. Eight
vessels wire either wrecked or drive-n
He' - .n t.ives an Opinion.
Vancoi vi r. I!. C. Sept. 20. In an in
terview wi.'.i Lieutenant 11. V. Hobson,
pi;!Hl e,l iii a local paper, Hobson is
qu. t: il .- -y:n t'e.at Admiral Hewey
dui n s !)'; rite Spanish sliips at Ma
in a. '
lil.l.' .
' h t,ie Spanish oiend tlic
d si-uttled the ships them
c sn d. according to the In
' f eur shell fire did very
t ',-'lTlf Inriler.
Ardmo-v. I. T.. Sept. 2. At Ionia,
a sm:i!I place cast of here. Postmastet
Iiismiink was shot and instantly
killed by Sam Ashton, a weli-to-ilc
stM-k man. 1'ismunks's son rushed tc
h'.s father's aid and he was alst fatally
shot. Ashton is tinder arrest.
ltrotizht m tJooil Iriee.
Iexinuton. Ky., Sept. 20. The f4-year-old
brown 'mare. Etlie Lillian, a win
nT in loth harness and saddle classes,
was sold by (lay brothers of Plsgah.
te tJeorge Webb of Pliiladelphia fot
$3,inm and she was shipped to her new
owner in J. I. Wilson's private car.
Standing nf flubs and K.ults ol
Cm-rent . ames.
I - rraml !. , . . . . . i J l
CllU.':li:i . . .
St. bonis.,
e'liirliiiiul I
New Y.irk..
Clubs anil ritetu-is. n. H. K.
Yirk--Tnylor 'J n :
1'ittslMiin- t'heshro . ; r 12 0
IMiilnclili'li'n ! nhnril. Tionnhne. s 11
i'oie.iiiiuli -.I'liiiri-s 7 12 r,
St. I.mi jit llroe! Ivn Forfeited t
Ilro.iklvu -'n iiei-oiiut of a row during ro
:r,t of cauje.
4754 Perished.
Galveston, Texas, Se-pt. 20 The
list of 4,754 who jverished wen pub
Hshcd toelay. The city is lvein; clcareel
and everytniner 'oinp; well, with sup
plies flowing in.
Prevail ins Pri-es l-'or tJrain, Provis
ions and Livestock on Sept lt.
Iiliaiiatolis ;rnin anil Livestock.
Whi'l-Wapm, 7So: No. - red, strong.
I "oin Sternly; No. - mixeil, 4lc.
Oats-lxill: No. -J ml--i, L'lVac.
Cattle-Stanly lit i:t.if.i.".'.0.
H..BS Sternly nt 4..V..".."ki.
Slu- i Steaiiy nt JJ.oofii.i.tiO.
Lambs Active nt .t.5o'ir.25.
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
.Opened. 1 Closed
.77X$ .7!V4
. . .
1 t. . . .
Nov. . . .
Corn -Sept
N-t. ...
Nov. . . .
Sept . .
O.-t. ...
Nov. ...
Sept ...
tot. ...
j"u. ..
.7S-1 .80
11 !
11 f7
11 40
...S 11 45
S.pt ...
I let. ..
... 707 !.
i 0 i r,,i .
. . ' ISA r.7 titi I .4n:
. .1 H!i .".4 (i.-. .4.V
. . . lift c.S .4:0
i-'Q r-o o .41-
7 1". 7 07
j C 1 6 77
t ! 7 " Ol
i 7 4o 7 XI
! ft 07 j 7 07
J:in. ..
S-pt . .
let. ..
J:ID. ..
f'lmi'ne ash mrkt Whent. T!"1.,-: mm.
40Ve: onts. ile; pork. $11.'.i7; lard. $7.07:
ril.n, $7.iio.
Irftuisvillc Grain and Livestock:.
Wheat No. 2 red and lonsberry, 74c.
Corn - No. '1 white. 4."m': No. 2 mixed, 44c
Oat -No. l' new. i'4-: No. 2 wiiite, 'Ifx:.
Cattl Slow at - '" i S T.
Hosts- Ste.-nly at .'t. .
Shin l Steady at $"J..".if3.2T.
LiiujLs Steady at :t.n'4ij.tX
Cincinnati Grain and Livestock.
Wheat l'irm: No. 2 red, 77c.
Corn-tjuiet: No. 2 mi led. 44c.
Oats - t'.rm: No. 2 mixed, 'Ste:
Cnttl. Eav at M.i .".. Ml.
Hots r.a.y at J4.7i'.i.". .
Sheep- Sf rona at Jin)!").
Iinhs Stronc at :-i"'..'j.7o.
Chicago Livestock.
Cattle Steady; sf.s-rs. 4-4i(fiS.OO; stock
rs. iC2.7Vi'i'J-."'.
II-Stronc at $4.!Cfr..!2tj.
Stn--p Sieady at M.2.V4.2-".
Ijifril-s 1xj er nt t4.2TjzO-. j.
New York Livestock.
Cattle TjOTve-r at f2.Vf5.5.
U.rKiim ar -".s.v..Ui.
Sb-ep-Kina nt 2."xi4.T."(.
Iiil Act.ve ft i T-..374.
'foletj.i i i rain.
V-;x-af . !v(: enh. -2e: Ik?., Sl.
C... u-li- H: N'J- 2 .th. 41e.
0t lo.:.; N . 2 cash, 22'e.
Today's Quotations.
Chicago, IU., Sept. 20. Cattle,
prime steers $2.25, 15.90. Hogs,
14.90. $5.62.
Chicago. IlL. Sect. 20. Wheat
T7!c Com 2Llc Oats 21c
Tolibo. Ohio, Sept. 20. Wheat
We want to see all the boys who knock out
their clothes. They'll not be able to wear out
in a hurry our special
$3.00, $4.00 and $5.00
all wool knee pant suits.
They may jump, kick, climb, slide or throw
each other, and these suits will surprise
them every time by proving they're stronger,
than the boys.
They're stylish, elegant!
Good tailors made them.
The J.Will Cunningham Co.
Successors to J. Will Cunningham.
Cor. Seventh and flain Streets.
After three months' stile, conducted with the full intention of closing ont to
(juit liusiness on account of health (which has improved after a vacation K through
the strong solicitation of frien.ls and employees we have concluded to organize a
stock company. The company is orgam.e.l under the state laws and the article
are filed in the office of the county recorder. , f-
Mr. Burton A. IIunj,t-rford, head salesman, is one of the directors and Mr.
Charles Wesstll, in charge of the work department, is another director. L. Cun
ningham is secretary and treasurer, and J. Will Cunningham president and manager.
We kindlv solicit the trade of our old palrons and many new ones that took
advantage of the sale. We are putting in one of the most complete stocks of sltoea
ever shown in this section. Shoes for every Ixxly.
wSCHdOLf SHQES a specialty
Tr TuTTcs and geiitlemen. . . . - , m-mr.. .
The J. Will Cunningham Co.
if ALL
Chairs, Tables, Rockers, Divans, Couches,
q Easy Chairs, Cosy Corners, etc.
On your health fy waiting until the cold, wet weather starts in
lie fore getting your fall and winter
Keep your feet warm and dry and you'll
save many a doctor hill.
This advice is given first for your benefit, anl last, but
not least, for our own.
Get Yoar Laundry Word Done There
Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
829 SI Tleph
Xhe latest electrical apfjiaoce& for reduc
ing pain ia deutiitrv.
- - - 710 MAIN 0T.
Gas Fixtures
Steel Ranges
Repairing, Etc.
4' '
tuiiter at thu Jaianes nlwL

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