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SEPTEMBER 21. 1900.
President Schurmaa ot Cornell Itmer
sitv, and President of the Philippine
Commission, Addressed a Magnifi
cent Audience The Most Convinc
ing Arguments on tbe Philippine
guest-on Audience Delighted
Fred Landis Starts a Cyclone
at th
I here was the very host music, by
the Richmond City "band; there was
splendid playing by the Richmond
IJule Corp-,; there was a delegation
from Karlhara college; there wa.s en
thusiasm to burn, there wa.s an audi
once of 2,5M (eopIe all at the Main
street rink lu-t niifht. Hut that was
not all. There was a speech that
covered the 1'hilippioeque.stioa from
the very belnnin ui to the present
ana no tionest rnuu could honestly
condemn the administration's policy,
after the srr-ch was ended. The
- speech was by President Jacob
Gould Schurmau, president of Cor
nell University, and late president
. . i i.i-i .
oi me jTunppine commission ap-
TOiniu ty l'resident .Melvinley.
At an early hour the crowd beyan
to gather, and before 8 the hail was
packed. There were not fewer than
two and a half thousand people, at
least a thousand of whom were ladies,
gathered in front of the speakers
stand. It was a splendid audience
otherwise even than in point of num
bers. It was a representative liich
niond audience, and nothing better
could be said of it. The Earlham
college delegation furnished a lot of
pyrotechnical yells, aud bad seats
directly in front of the sjieakers'
stand. The Kichmond city band
played beautifully under the leader-1
ship of Prof. Frank IJutler, and
everytxMly was in the best of "food
humor. Enthusiasm was present and
in evidence In-fore the sjK'akers ar
rived. When they did at last file to
the sta,'e, accompanied by John M.
Westcott, donor of the rink, 1 "resi
lient Mills, chairman of the meeting,
and others, there was a storm of
cheers from every portion of the
) acked auditorium. When the noise
free silver as a panacea for economic
depression. It is the natural result
of the hallucination that the doing of
the national duty in the Philippines
is the undoing of the Filipinos. IJut
we shall go on with our duty and not
abandon the high work we have un
dertaken. Xo man is less of a jingo
than I am; yet 1 stand by the stayers
as against the quitters. e can not,
without dishonor, turn our backs
ution the obligations which have de
volved upon us as a result of the war
with, bpain. Let us then go on with
our apointea taste of suppressing
insurrection, establishing peace and
oraer, protecting life and property,
instituting internal and practical
arts, and extending the blessings of
liberty and seii-government wher
ever and whenever any of the numer
ous eopies or diversified communi
ties are capable of exercising them.
I say totheanti-imperiaiists that the
only nope of a free and independent
I'uuippine commonwealth if they
want to see one is in the continu
ance of American rule.
Do I hear complaints that the
work- of pacification is slow and tedi
ous.' SstUl we will not be ouitters.
And, indeed, tbe Drosrress made since
last November has been not only en
t-uuraging, oui great, oeyona an ex
pectation. Then we held a strip of
country north and south of Manila
less than fifty miles long and a few
miles wide; and nothing else what
ever oi the 40, (XX) square miles of
the Island of Luzotu; and, of the nu
rnerous islands of the rest of the
archipelago, we held -apart from the
Island of Negros nothi air but four
towns which covered at most hut a
few square miles. Hut now the wholp
of the great Island of Luzon north
of Manila, excepting two Ta"alof
provinces, is pacified; Romblon, Mas-
oate, rsegros, Cebu, IJohol, and other
v isayan islands are ouiet under thH
American Hag; and the vast Island
of Mindanaoand the Sulu archipelago
uciu in security oy t tie agree
ments we have made vith their chief
tains. The work of oaeificution hns
gone on much more readily than
I had anticipated when I visited
these islands about a year ago. Aud
when you have re-elected President
Melvinley, as you will re-elect him in
November, (ien. MacArthur, who
has already done so brilliantlv, will
make more rapid progress still. The
1 hilippine insurgents who are fed on
the most outrageous lies are kent
Await the Immediate Atten
tion of the State Department.
Germany'! Note, Russia's Proposition
and Memorandum and France's
Verbal Inquiry Await Answer.
Relieved That America Will Decline
to Accede to Germany's Demand.
For Official Blood-Letting-.
lierliu. Sept. 21. The Lokal An-toi-rer'
Shanghai corresiondeiit cables
that the allies yesterday captured the
IVi T.injj and Lu Tal forts with great
had in a measure subsided, County active by assertions that Mr. IJrvau
Chairman Swain stepped to the front
and announced the Tanner meeting
forThnrsday evening of next week
the Foulke meeting for October 1
and introduced President Mills.
chairman of the meeting, who made
an excellent ami timely introductory
siieech presenting President Jacob
(Jould Schurtnan of Cornell Uni
versity to the audience. Then the
speech of President Schurmau began,
and a brief abstract or it is as fol
" The issue of the campaign is the
maintenance of the prosperity of the
people and the honor and good name
of the nation. Under Republican
control me ought which fo-ryearsago
blasted the activities of labor and
araly,ed the movements of capital
lias given place to the bloom and
fruitage of a splendid prosperity,
which lies before you tn every neWifl
is their friend; and thev drink Mr
liryan's health with that of Agui
naido. it you bury Mr. Bryan bv
your votes, General MacArthur will,
i iM-lieve, soon colli it the remains of
the lagalog insurrection.
we rest our case. 1 He issue
is the prosperity of the American
nation, ihey are menaced bv free
silver at home and free rioting in the
Philippines. Under the Republican
party me country has been raisd
from dire depression to boundless
prosperity, aud the good name of the
Republic has been kept unsullied.
Common sense tells you that if you
would preserve prosperity and "the
public faith you must support the
party which has created and main
tained them. The record of the Re
publican party is the pledge of the
election of MeKinlerand Roosevp.l
w ' uw in invimv; i v tut
wu.cu up J" v. band. President Mills introduced
proaueuon . - - I VnA Ijanli who broke forth into a
aud the merchant, the consumer and
the producer, the man who receives
wages and the man who pays wages,
all alike rejoice iu the good times
which encompass them as with an
atmosphere of joyous abundance.
"Under Republican control, too,
the linancial iutegrity of the nation,
which Democrats menaced with a
program of repudiation, has been
kept unsullied; and, in obedience to
the polestar of national honor and
duty, the sovereignty of our new
possessions has been inviolably
maintained. The Republican party
comes before you, therefore, with
a record of high and honora
ble achievements, and it solicits
authorization to continue them four
years longer. It desires to do iu the
future what it has doue in the past.
Its promises -'today are guaranteed
by its performances of yest erday. It
has no new 'isms' to lay before the
lovers of novelty, no fads to beguile
the credulous and unwary. Its sim-
ile nroirratn is the conservation of
that prosperity you now enjoy under
the protective tar ill and the gold
standard, and the maintenance of the
nation's authority wherever it is re
sisted and of its honor and prestige
wherever the American name is
known.' That's ail; nothing more.
Yet, also, nothing less! And, for
one, I can not lelieve that the Amer
ican people will Hingaway prosperity
tir re n i u nee the economic aud linan
cial conditions on which it rests. 1
find it impossible to imagiue them
.inhr!U"ini' the insane and l minora
vagary of free silver, whose true
nhunieter has been revealed not only
Hi- t).. .ministrations of reason, but
." ak) bv the lessons of ex perl
v And I know for an absolute
rtiLntv that Americans will not
mill down the nag where it has been
raisin, bv solemn treaty, where inter
.mtionAl" law exivcts it and where it
i imrwiriiiiist V detna nded for the pro
tectum of the life aud property of the
loople over whom it waves in mess
llesides establishing a stable gov
cro-nient in the Philippines, the Kan
sas Citv platform would promise in
dependauoe under American protee-
the Filioinos. Is the promise
to be nia-ie to the Tagalogs, or to tbe
Visavans, or to the tuxa
uos.'or to the Moras or to
some of the other tribes of the I nil
ippines? And even though Mr.
Bryan had discovered tho tribe to
whieh he would delegate our sover
eignity and pledge our protection I
should like to ask what is to be
gained bv binding ourselves with
promises "and declamations in regard
to a future which is obscure aud must
be remote. It is the business of
statesmen not to make promises for
tomorrow, but to shape policies for
Vodav. And. as regards the declara
tion "itself, I can only observe that
while I do not know what is the best
Philippine policy for the distant fu
ture, this of the Kansas City plat
form is, without djubt, the worst
conceivable. It divests us of all
power in the Philippines and at the
same time invests us with all re
sponsibility. "This panacea for our Philippine
trouble is worthy of its place beside
Washington. Sept. 21. The present
status of the Chinese situation acord
iiir iu a hi -h authority is us follows:
Tln-io are uuw l.'fore the department
of slate a number of notes awaiting
answers. These include the German
Hte concerning tne surrender of Chi
nese ringleaders; the original Russian
propoxition for the withdrawal of
troops from I'ekln, which has not yet
le. u acted upon as a finality, a memo
randum from the Kussian government
askingasto the purposes of this govern
ineut and a ropiest by Prince Ching
that instructions Ie sent to Minister
Conger to proceed with pence uegotia
tions ut once. In addition there Is a
verbal inquiry from the French gov
eminent as to the l rot; ram me of the
I'nited States.
lhese various communications have
accumulated slowly uud an under-
staudiiig has now 1kcu reached by the
administration that there shall be
general clearance of the entire subject.
This may bv expected either tonight or
tomorrow. It will clearly enunciate
the programme of the United States
on the various questions presented.
There will be separate notes accord
ing to the communications addressed
to this government; that is, the re
cent (iermaii note will be answered by
a noie and tne memorandum of in
quiry from Russia will be answered
by a memorandum, while the French
verbal inquiry will receive a verbal
As to the contents of these several
communications the authorities are not
willing to give any positive Intimations
though as far as the German note is
concerned the belief is almost general
here that the response of our govern
ment will amount to a declination to
inakethe surrenderor the offending Chi
nese a condition precedent to negotia
tions of any kind. Concerning the
Russian proposition for withdrawal It
Is stated officially that it stands Just
the same as first presented, there hav
ing leen no modification whatever on
the part of Russia up to the present i
limn. r - n
being led fn ha f cue of a few hundreds
to the river Iwiiik. wa ordered to cros
over to the Chin side. Xo btuits
were provided and the river is a mile
wide. The Chinest mw mm; alive
Into the stream and were stabl-ed r
shot at the least resistance, while
Russian volunteer, who lined the
bank, clubbed or shot any who at
tempted to land. Xot ii. es4tir-il alive
The river for mil.-s was strewn with
Consul Uowler Cahlis.
Washington. Sept. 21. -The state de
partment has received tile following
telegram, dated the bid instant from
the consul at Che Foo. China:
Swrt-Jm-T i.f Stai., W,ihiiij:t..ii-.
Eijrhti'iith.--Yes?TfInT 1 nain btstwhii
the rovrnr to a-icertai.'i the fact regard
ing Paotine K'l; l the fate of the mt-aionarle-i
on.noiinteil fr In Chi IA; als
the comiltlim f the missloa prof4rty in
WBt Shan Tunsf. Now he replies "that
there are no fureiitners in I'atlna Fa.
Others encapi'it and their hiding plac?!
are miknuwit. It ta imiio&snih to aacer
tAln their whereabouts. An imperial eflit
ordering the civil military f ltic-iais at Cul
1.1 lo eneriuiiuue the li.ixers Has nw
been lasued. All protieity is intact exeetit
Inif I.lo t'hinsi iiiissinu, Aiiieriean board.
hich Is dcstriiyed. from other sures
today I learn that the s.vt-riior b;i ismd
orders thrtiihoiit the ir'v.nce io -vter
minute all the I!oera. FoWI.KK.
niekineu Opomto Sue-
ifullv On a Newton
Count v Itank.
. rMnTnini ir-knr rTT r0f
THE LARGEST AND GntA I to I Uloinmu i uno vjr uni
Fearful of Tarklinar Too Bisr
lob The- Io Not Penetrate
the Strong- Time Lock.
Protection Assured Karl I.I.
Yokohama. Sept. HI. The Japanese
wai office has received the following
from tJeu. Yama Cuehi. dated IVkiu.
Sept. Hi: "I'rince Ching sent to I.i
Hung Chang this telegram to awa't
him at Tientsin: Received your tele-
grorn. luu will Im iiroteclel by the
foreign lovers. Therefore, proceed to
Pekin iiu mediately., "
Takins: About S500, All
Sight, They Steal Horses
And aet Away.
Ocrniaii s oml it ioiih.
Shanghai, Sept. L'l. It is reiwirted on
trustworthy authority here that tier
many will insist uiMiii the destruction
of the Chinese coast defences and the
Yang Tse forts as a condition of her
entrance upon peace negotiations.
lentland, Ind., Sent. 2t. Bank rob-
.4 raided the Bank of lirook and se-
11I $400 in silver, some small change
alw.ut $7Z in revenue stamps. The
r of the outer vault was force! and
money Recured. but no effort waa
le to open the time-lock safe in
inner vault. The roWors stole two
urs of horses and drove to Sheldon
J presumably took the morning Rig
ir train into Chicago.
miners' Strike.
Suamokix, Pa., Sept. 21. Evan
Davis, a watchman at the Hukory
Kiage tomer, was latally shot this
morning, lie fore IJa vis u 11 he fired
six shots at his unknown assailants
Tv 111 i i
uavis crawiea oauas ana knees over
a mile for help.
Allextown, Pa., Sept. 21.
Sheriff John Toole of Schuylkill coun
ty was callod to the Shenandoah
mines on account of a riot.
. IIazeltos, Pa., Sept. 21. Pickets
are stationed everywhere to prevent
non-union men from aoing to work.
This morning there was a report of
large accessions to the strikers.
There is violence in some places. No
one knows today where President
Mitchell has gone.
Bishop Rvan Confers With
Railroad Presidents.
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 21.
Archbishop Ryan is conferrino- with
the presidents of the anthracite rail
No Agreement.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 21. Up
to the noon recess of the joint con
ference there was no aereeement be-
ween the manufacturers ana com
araittine Restrictions Obnoxious to
IaS. aiif-port Itusiites Men.
oiransiK.et. Ind.. Sent. 21. The
allpox scare has been injuring the
-iness of local merchants, and they
criticising Ir. Hurty of the state
rd of health, for enforcing such
ugent measures and iusisting on
publication of alarming reports,
ich have had the effect of praetie-
l- quarantining the town, so far as
ntrv trade is concerned. Farmers
ai'raid to come to the city on buy
eiMdi ions, and when a Iigans-
;-t mini i-"Hs into the country he is
linn tl as if he were a liearer of tht
tijrue. There are now seven cases or
iomkiM smalliMix. and none of them
s been in ilamrer at any tune. Some
the physicians doubt if it is small
f'i. The order to vaccinate scnoo
lren Is Iteing rigidly enforced.
A Stranife Vertlict.
JVuikfort. I ltd.. Sept. 21. Theiwlor
61 the colored jKirter who roblied 1 It
d-fer Iaf pa year of several hint
dollars, and was captured at To
9 belore he
iey. has le:
!iis city. I in
I.eo made a
lie had suiiandirHl the
Inen acipiitteil l y a jury
Iiimi'tliatelv after the a
written confession, al
that tile theft was
b! bet'or
liciey. has
leektg. however,
coilinitted in Illinois and not in In
liijpa. On the strength or tins claim
(M jury returned a verdict of not
guilt v. and were scored by Judge
Id-it. who said that when se!f-on
fetieil prisoners were acquitted in thi
maimer. It was time for courts of Jus
flc to dose down.
lX:0iAiri 50c ,o 84 per yard.
It without quest'on one of the best collect ions of ltlack l)rw
ever HivitS "r -attention, mid our "RJ.
ltlack Dress (.oods that haa
you from IU lo
faiiiDff ffukie iu a thousaud and one other domestic matters m addition io garment mKiu.
October Butterick Patterns are now on sale.
Lessees anil Managers.
(Only authorized veraion)
Ijandis, who broke
torrent of elKuent sarcasm in con
nection with the Democratic platform
and its traveling candidate. The ad
dress of President Schurman had
been full of a statement of logical
and indisputable facts the ammuni
tion, as it were, and Mr. Ijaudis
acted in the capacity of ramrod to
send the load home in the minds of
the audience it was the dessert after
the substantial dinner. Mr. Landis
did not make his regular campaign
speech. The ground had been cov
ered so thoroughly that his mission
was clearly to trive the audience
something to assist in the digestion
and assimilation of the facts that had
bee presented so ably by the previ
ous speaker. Ana he aid it. ine
talk was a whirlwind of eloquence,
interspersed with humorous sur
prises that made the audience sim
ply howl with laugbtej and delight.
The deeper he jrot beneath the
epidermis of the perambu!atin'r,peri-
patetic, palavering prophet ot
the Platte, the more his audience
was delighted with the vivisection.
Yet the speech was not all ridicule
aud invective. There were excellent
a : iL . . -S l
points in it iiiai accompanied toe
people hornet especially the ioint
about the impossibility of an empire
or imperialism under the constitution
that liryan wants to see enforced
in every eouutry but our own and at
every time but now. '
The comments on the meeting in
clude such expressions as '"Magnifi
cent!" ' Glorious!-' '"The best argu
ment that eould possiblv have been
presented, absolutely convincing.
lOirical statements of what everv-
bodv believes to be the facts, aud
comiu from an authorative source.
"Wasn't Kichmond in luck to irot
Schurmau for his only speech in In-
diaua, though!" "Exactly what the
petiple have needed. "
Personally, President Schurman
won the admiration of all who met
him. He has the simplicity that
characterizes true greatness always
He was as free from mannerisms and
false dignity as auy man could be. He
was observant, appn?eiative,soeiao.e,
anoroitchable. in the extreme. Ho
stated that The Westcott would do
credit to a city of 100.000 inhabi
tants. He was very much pleased
with his treatment, and was :speci
.allv hatuv over the size and charae
ter of the audience that confronted
him .last niht, as well as with the
perfect attention that was accorded
him. His speech was listened to with
almost breathlessattention from tirst
to last, and was pronounced a mas
wrpjece of the loie of facts.
ithnre at Ket West-
Part ot Crews Lost
steamers Burned at
t. Louis.
Suspicion Growing That the Czar
Wants an Uii hampered Kielcl.
London. Sept. -Jl. Such Teklu dis
p.ttches as appear today tend to con
tiriu the suspicious renardiiisj the atti
tiie of Uussia already expressed by
lr. lorrison, the corresjiomtent of
The Times at the Chinese capital. The
Iaily Xews prints a tele-rratu almost
identical with the advices to The Daily
Express from IVkiu. but adding that.
m tne opinion or tne correspondent.
the Kussians only desire to induce the
other powers to withdraw.
The Morning lost"s Pekln represen
tative, wiring Sept. 13, expresses the
eame opinion. He declares that M.
Ie tJiers will not go unless the other
ministers go also. The Russian lega
tion, he asserts, had prepared to go
hut reversed its Intention, pending
further instructions. This delay, he
thinks due ik all probability, to tfWe
ou-doparture of the other legations.
'HJen. Chaffee," continues this corre
spondent, "has directed a distribution
of rice to the poor. This plan is n
good one. but its application is some
what premature. What is chiefly
needed is set-urity of trade, so that
necessities may be secured.
The American commander has ex
pressed his disapproval of further ex
pedltions against the Boxers. The In
decision exhibited in this respect U
shameful. Xo settlement Is possible
until the Boxers and their official ac
complices are vanquished. Numerous
schemes are on foot for catching the
lioxer leaders, out tne task is very
difficult, as they always keep out of the
t-x o-it Florida. Sept. 21.
t . -ire ashore near here
A - .ic. - -
i , rT th eiwi are lost.
St. Loci S Mo., Sept. 21.-The
steamers War Eagle and Carrier
hnmed todav. The wharf boats were
K.,.ii,r -.imni Nothinir was saveu
""- V t--, y
from the steamers, liiu
feepb ;bult perished.
Clerk Jo
C'ondttions In Pekin.
IVkin, Sept. lo. via Sept. 21. Active
military operations are about to be re
sumed with a view of Insuring coal
ami food supplies, opening tne north
ern passes and restoring trade. Gen.
Chaffee and Gen. Harrow, second in
command of the British troops, held
li'Ug conference today and decided to
dispatch an Anglo-American column,
l.:ti st rong to San Hal Tien, under Gen.
James II. Wilson, capture the arsenal
there and d.-perse the Boxers. The
column, which will leave tomorrow,
w ill include two battalions of the Pth
I'nited States infantry, a detachment
of the 14th United States infantry, 5o
British and four guns. At the confe
euee it was decided to ask the German!
to send a column westward to dispersa
the Boxers and to restore normal con
ditions. The Japanese and French are
lerating to tue northeast of Pekin.
The sale of loot belonging to tie Amer
icans has begun. Gen. Chaffee at first
proposed to burn it. but finally de
cided that it would be better to feed
the hungry Chinese.
stnes insist that they have offered an
ultimatum at the former conferences.
There are no new propositions this
week from either side. The manu
facturers insist if no scale is signed
by tomorrow niht they will proceed
Monday without the amalgamated
When the joint conference of iron
and steel men adjourned this after
noon, till 3 o clock, no result had
been reached.
Tramps Killed In Railroad
Sadieville, Ky., Sept. 21. Five
tramps were killed and six seriously
injured by a freight wreck.
Roosevelt Ovations.
Salt Lake, Utah, September 21.
Roosevelt's train arrived from Og
den, having had ovations during the
day aloug the way.
Pnhlisher's Sudden Ooath.
Ijosransnort. ImL, Sept. 21. IX VT
Logansport Iaily Journal. Is dead of
apoplexy. His death was very sud
den, lie served two terms as auditor
of Cass county, four years as postmas
ter, 1 years In the city council and
two years as deputy warden at Mich
igan City prison under Warden llar
ley. A wife and four sons survive,
also three sisters Mrs. Kinma Torr
ami Mrs D. I. Iykeman of this city,
and Mrs. Jennie Stein of Lafayette.
By arrangement with
Miss Olga Ketliersole.
the Davis-Baldwin Families
Take Place Tomorrow Good
rronram Arranged.
Horrible Tale of ltussian STgery on
the Amur.
Moscow. Sept. 21. Anthertie ac
eocurs have leen received here of a
horrible massacre at Blagovestchensi
whi.h was undoubtedly carried out
under dirtvt orders from the Iiussian
authorities and which then let loose
the tide of slaughter through Amur.
Tl e entire Chinese population of 5,000
-uiis was escorttd out of town to e
suot five miles v tie Amur and then
The fourth annual reunion of the
Davis-Baldwin fumilies will take
place tomorrow at the home of Al
pheus Baldwin on Central avenue,
West Richmond. A fine literary and
musical program has been arranged,
and a visit to Earlham college and a
big, old fashioned dinner will consti
tute the morning exercises. In the
afternoon the visitors will be treated
to a street car ride to the Glen. A
large attendance is expected from
without the city and a good time is
Young People Should Not Keter to th
Ages of G. A. K. Members.
Tn his felicitous response to the ad
dress of welcome at the eampfire of
the Ei7htv-fourth regiment in this
city Dr. Felix Cross referred to the
pen picture of the veterans, as puo
lished in the Pallaku m, and took
exceptions to that portion of the ar
ticle that claimed tnai tne eierau
of his regiment were growing old.
The doctor says the veterans
admit that they are in the
autumn of life, at the regular
meetincrs of their posts, but says
that it" is bad poliev for outsiders
to "throw it up' to them. Dr. Cross
is a member of the school board, in
Cincinnati. Recently a young lady
called at his residence, she being one
of his teachers. The servant answer
in cr the bell asked the visitor which
Dr. Cross she wanted to see. as there
i a Dr. Cross, ir.. residinsr in the
tw house. The voting ladv re
sponded that she didn't want to in
suit anvoodv. but that really she
wanted to see the "old" doctor. Dr
Cross, sr., stated that he immediately
drew a line across her name and that
she will never again be appointed m
his district on Walnut Hills. The
doctor then advised the young peo
ple in the audience that expected
any position through the influence of
any of the members or the u. a. t.
not to refer to the ages of the veter
ass, la applying for places.
l-'ircbusr Probably Insane.
Terre Haute. Ind., Sept. 21. The
brother of Joe Mulvahill. the 3 otitic
man whom a posse was alxnit to ban-
lie rouirhly after he had set fire to an
unoeeupietl residence, followinsr his at
tempt to dniir a 14-year-old jjirl into
the house, has tiled insanitv procced-
nsrs sisr-iinst him. There soins to !x
little doubt that he has len mtntallv
unsound for some time. Tho nicht lw
fore his attempted assault on the
younjr -rlrl the liarn on the premises
of the house to which he set tire was
burned, and it is believed that he
caused that lire.
Lessees and Managers.
Superintendent I lowland Dead.
Imliauapolis. Sept. 21. Hiram
Howlaml. ceneral superintendent
the state f:iir erounds. a memlier
the governor's staff, and a man
wide .leiniaintance throuchout
state, is dead at his home near the
fair grounds, and not far from How
land's station. The cause of his death
was a;.ll stones. He had lxen ill only
24 hours. He was 4'? years old and a
son ot Charles A. Howland. He was
Ixii-n on the farm where he died.
Al)sorfod by t h Trust.
Alexandria. Ind.. Sept. 21. A report
from I'ltlsbursr says the American
Sh'H't Steel couipanv has I touch t the
licet department in several of the
mills of the Republic Iron and Steel
coittuiy. lneiniiiniT tne fine located
jere. It is also said the new owners
will ilipinanrle the departments. The
leoartment of the Alexandria mill is
ilready lieinir removed, and has never
Ih-cu niierated.
ChanjjFiI His Plcn.
Portland. Ind.. Sept. 21. The Jury
in the case ot r rank Hart of Rich
mond, held for crand larceny returned
a verdiet of sruiltv after beine out two
hours. Frank Powell of Union City,
arrested as an ai-eoiupliee. thereupon
withdrew his plea and entered one of
sruilty. They will receive an indeter
minate sentence, but will lie kept here
to testify a-rainst Frank Necley, who
trial will 5e called next Tuesday.
Quiet Around Pekin.
Takp, China, Sept. 21. Advice:
from Pekin say the Rockwell-Wilson
expedition has returned. The object
was successfully aocomplishea with
out ary casualties. Forsythe's squad
ron rescued fourteen native Chris
tians. The country is becoming quiet
around Fesm. Disorders are again
reported around Canton.
Conditions in Galveston Itn
Galveston, Tex., Sept. 21. The
railway as well as telegraphic com
munication is reopened. Many are
still leaving. Conditions are con
, stantly improving.
Wallack's Theatre, New York.
NOTE Tbls company ha len selected
ami rehearsed under the personal super
vision of WIS OLtJA SETHISrfSiiLi,
Prices, 25c, 50c, 75a and S .00.
Seats on sale at Westcott Pharmacy.
la their original and quaintly
b u morou s concept ion
A Woman in the Case!
Direction of Kit it Webster.
A Convulsive Carnival of
Uproarious Surprises.
PRICES: 25, 35 and SOo.
Seats at Nixon' candy store, 60(1 M.un St.
Lessee and Managers.
We want to see all the bays who knock out
their clothes. They'll not be able to wear out
in a hurry our special
all wool knee pant suits.
They may jump, kick, climb,slide or throw
each other, and these suits will surprise
them every time by proving they're stronger
than the boys.
They're stylish, elegant!
Good tailors made them.
A 3-act Comedy Vaudeville with a cast of
favorite TreUy Girls, Funny Comedians-
The Latest Songs.
The Newest Dances.
The Novel Specialties.
PRICES: 25c, 60c. and 7 6e.
Beats st Klxon's candy store. Main St.
Lookers Make Buyers
of Peninsular stoves and steel
ranges. Thev cost from f'i-5') to $4o
and are the '-best.' Look at them
at Noah's Ark store.
Today's Quotations.
Chicago, I1L, Sept. 21. Cattle,
prime steers f2.W, o.yo. Hogs,
fo. W. i 5.70.
Chicago, 111., Sept. 21. Wheat
tslc. Corn 40ic Oats 21 c
Tolido, Ohio, Sept. 21. Wheat
The J.Will Cunningham Co.
Successors to J. Will Cuniiinj?liaiii.
Cor. Seventh and Main Streets.
After three months s.ile, conducted with the full intention of closing out to
quit business on account of health ( which has improved after a vacation ), thmugn.
the strong solicitation of friends and employees, we have concluded to organize a
stock company. The coini-ant is oraniz-ed under the state laws, and the articles
are filed in the office of the county recorder.
fr. Burton A. Ilunjerford. head salesman, is one of the directors, Hnd Mr.
Charles Wessell, in charge of the work department, is another director. L. Cun
ningham is secretary and treasurer, and J. Will Cunningham president and manager.
We kindlv solicit the trade of our old patrons and many new ones that took
advantage of the sale. We are putting in one of the most complete f.tork of shoes
ever shown in this section. Shoes for everybody.
SCHOOL SHOES a specialty.
Something new for fall and winter. Box Enamel Calf, 4t:t.50 and fl.OO,
for ladies and gentlemen.
I5e J. Will Cunningham Co.
Chairs, Tables, Rockers, Divans, Couches,
Easy Chairs, Cosy Corners, Etc.

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