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Ihs CSi-s that Cures
j J Coughs,
V Colds,
Whooptn Cough. Asthma,
llronohitls and Incipient
Consumption, 's
Ttvt German remedy
Atwi. ZSSOrts
Richmond Palladium
fmaiahMl ar nmm( (Bunds en-apta-i) b)
On yaar by wail, p.stag- paid - S3.0O
0MBMh " . " - - .26
Om week, bv tirrUr .Ofl
1'KIDAY, MAY 31, 1!1.
Ooodbye May. You have treated
uh rather eooly, but we will welcome
you back all the same next year.
Senator Pair I Kink a attended mem
orial exercises at Arlington and
placed a baudome wreath on the
tfrave of the late Jitde fJreshaui.
This 13 an opportune time to
awaken a more sensitive official con
science in this community and a
higher appreci itiou of the voters' re-Soi).ibUity.
S'nator Ueveride has arrived
15. -Hiii. lie expressed himself
much pleased with th i decision
the uoreiT.e court
llit-an tjuestion.
on the I'orlo
Now that the question whethf r
thn eoiisitution follows the tl;, m
hi ti led Justice Ilrewerof the supi erne
eourt prooses to take time to
marry. The pro.-ipeeti ve bruit
Washington school teacher.
is a
Albert W. WUhird, the present
United States district attorney for
Indiana, has been apiinted solici
tor of the internal revenue depart
ment and will accept the tudtioii.
Mis successor iu the district attor
ney's ollieo will be Joseph II. Keal
inof litdiaiiaiMilis. It lias In en
understood for s.me time that this
arrangement would bo made
The first of July the new revenue
law will jo into effect, which abol
ishes many of the war taxes. The
special tax on cigars will be reduced
l0 cnta a thousand anil on tobacco
2l per cent, of the present tax per
pjinul. The department holds that
where dealers hive floods on hand at
that time stamcd and packed they
are entitled to relate, providing the
rebate amounts to $10 or more
It will te necessary for the dealers
to have I li pounds of tobarco and
U;,t.r,r cigars in order to have their
claim for rebate considered by the
The somewhat startling figures
tfiveu in these columns yesterday,
tihowinir the expense of our street
cleaning department, emphasize th
idiocy of th law enacted by the last
legislature fixing the minimum price
of public labor at 20 cents an hour.
Street commissioners have leen in
the habit of employing laborers not
capable of doing the work of able-
bjdicd men. not entitled to the same
nay or exiectinr it. In most cases
it has been an act of charity to em
ploy these men, as they are not only
unskill.nl, but unable physically
to take and hold places in
the factories and shops. At the
same time the city has lost nothing
in the transaction as the men weie
paid in projwrtion to their worth
Under the new law tue street com
missioner, if he employs these dis
abled men at all, mutt pay them 20
cents au hour, and thereby lay him
self liable to the charge of squander
jg the public money. The resul(
will probably U that he will hereaf .
ter employ only able bodied men.
who really do not need this work
and ought not to have it. Tax pay
ers will expect him to do this. They
have the right to insist that charity
shall not be dispensed through
orticial channels except where s-pevial
provision is made for that purjiose or
it can be done without increasing
the cost of public service.
Opening of the Richmond
Country Club.
The board i f directors of the Rich
mond Country club desires to an
nounce that the club house and
grouuds will be opened for tuembets
only, on Wednesday afterucon and
exeuing, June 5. UHJl, 3 to J p. m.,
to 11 p. m.
f!et yo ir Sunday dinner of the
ladies of the Christian church.
Hrvud, meat, pie, cake, etc.: also st
the U-autiUil aud useful things they
have for vale. Take a dish of ice
cream with them or a drink of trood
Lot coflee. At the Colonial building,
seventh street entrance.
Dr. and Mrs. D. W. Dennis
IT Keceive.' .r KJfc
HThe members of the Senior class of
Ear! ham and a few other friends were
the guests of Prof, and Mrs. Dennis
last evening. Aftera pleasant social
time the visitors were entertained
by some very interesting talks from
President Mills and Profs. Hodin,
Sackett and tkirrett, illustrated by
stereoptioon views, followed by well
delivered recitations Dy Profs. Col
lins and E. P. Trueblood, and some
finely rendered instrumental music
by Miss Pap worth. All then joined
in the song America, led by Prof.
Hale, - 535li8iK
Ifc'freshments were now served
and a little later the gueste parted
after a delit'htful evening which they
will long remember.
Elizabeth B. Hopkins.
Elizabeth II. Crawford, was born
in Harford, county, Maryland, sixth
month, 14th, 104, and deceased in
Zinesville, Ohio, fifth month, 2tHh,
l'.M)l, in the l7th year of her aire.
In 1H24 she was m irried to Prederick
M. Iiffenderffer. In 1830 she was
left a widow. Prom 1S30 to 18,
during her widowhood, she was in
terested as teacher and assistant
sujterinlendent 1n a lartre mission
Sabbath school held in the eastern
part of Baltimore, in a buildirg
rented for the purpose, both at H a.
m. and 2 p. m.. and she accompanied
the entire schoo', sometimes num
bering K) Children, to the Methodist
meeting iu Exeter street to reserved
seats in the side gallery, she sitting
with them.
In IrtXi she mr.rried Richard P.
Hopkins. Iu 18:57, becoming con
vinced of Priends principles, she
wasieceived into membership with
Priends. In 1842 she was ajfain left
a widow. After settling the estate
of her late husband she was appoint
ed in 1811 to take the position of
matron in the Maryland State Asy
lum for the Insane. Hefore entering
ujion the duties of this important, po
sition she visited the principal hos
pitals for the insane in Pennsylvania,
New York and New England, spend
ing a week in each institution to fa
miliarize herself with the methods of
management, etc. After remaining
there two years she assumed the du
ties of matron at Haverford college
and remained there six years. Dr.
J. C. Thomas, Dr. Dougan Clark. Dr.
Zaecheus Test, William II. Morgan
and others were students while she
was matron.
In 1S52 she was employed as ma
tron in Friends asylum for the in
sane, in Frankfort, Philadelphia.
She remained there two years, and
after one year a recreation she was
appointed matron at Earlhain col
lege, and continued in service there
four years, under the superintend
encics of David Hunt, Charles Ath
ert.m and Walter T. Carpenter.
Iu lStlO she again return d to
Haverford college, while Timothy
Nicholson was superintendent and
treasurer, and remained there urtil
18115, when, after twenty-one years
of almost continual service, she re
tired from pub$c life.
In 1SC7 she removed tcr Richmond
Ind., aud became a very earnest,
active member of White Water
Monthly Meeting of Priends. In
18;S she was appointed to the sta
tiou of elder, which position she
faithfully occupied until feeble health
prevented her from mingling much
with the membership.
Elizabeth 15. Hopkins was in many
respects a remarkable woman, as the
above sketch abundantly indicates.
Her great force of character, and her
unusual executive ability admirably
fitted her for the many and varied
duties of matron of public institu
tions. In her dignity, self -poise and
grace, and r rieudly dress, her ap
pearanee was truly queenly.
In 1SSS Elizabeth J.J. Hopkins re
moved to Zanesville, Ohio, to make
her home with O. li. lVrkins, and
her sister-in-law, Maria Crawford
The latter faithfully and loviugly
cared for her until her own death in
November, IS!.. The infirmities of
aire fradnallv increased until fifth
month 2t:th, UK)1, when her redeemed
spirit peacefully departed to be for
ever with the Ixird.
The sale of market stalls takes
place next Monday at the south
market house. At this time the
date of opeuing the market will be
decided by the buyers of stalls. It
has been usual to open the market
on the following Saturday, and that
wid likely oe done this year. The
markets will be held at the same
peaces as last vear and under the
same rules.
Prepared bv Thomas J. Newkirk,
a ls true tor of titles, office at the
court house.
James P. Goodwin et al. to Joseph
11. Morgan, lots 3 and 4 and west
half lot 2. block l., and lot f and
part lot (I. block It, all in Milton,
Joseph Stevenson and wife to
Charles S. Neal and Grace M. Neal,
lot ll Washington I. Dulin s addition
to Richmond. 1,500.
Edwin H. Cates et al. to Elmer T.
Hadley and Ida M. Hadlev, :0 feet
off south side lot 2, lot 3 and 5 feet
off north side lot 0 in William Dudley
roulke s addition to Richmond.
IVra A. Lonjr and husband to
Charles H. Myer, lot 33 in James K.
I'ugdale s sub-division to Richmond,
Charles Myer to Oliver N. oung,
lot 33 J. K. Duijdale's sub division.
Richmond, l.tH.
Cambridge City Land and Im
provement company", W. H. Doney,
president, and C r . heeler, secre
tary, to R. N. Hall, lot l i in Cam
bridge Citv Iand and Improvement
compauy s addition to uamoridge
City, 200.
Ravton My rick and Ida LJ. Mvrick
to J. E. Artis, 21 feet off north side
lot S in Coffin and Rost's addition to
Riehirond, 250.
uirust Kamp and wife to Eber-
hard tl. liettenbrook, lot,143 in the
Schwegman addition to Richmond,
and part lot 11 in Schwegman addi
tion to Richmond, 1,500.
Hvron C. Pyle to John F. Pyle.
part lots 1 and 2, J. Hadley s addi
tion to Richmond, 1,500.
Isabella Menk et aL to Frank H.
Winter and wife jointly, part south
west quarter section 2, township
It, range 13 east, 5 acres, 150.
Am s Warfel to Frank II, Winter
and wife, part southwest quartet
section 20, township 16, range 13
east, 250.
Joseph O. Iiarber, executor ol
W. 15. Morse, to William F. Cook,
part lot 27, John. C. and Louisa
Rosa's addition to Iiichmond, auu
part lot l in Anna Rosa's addition ;
to Richmond, 301.
The attendance at Highland park
I is picking up right along despite the
unpleasant weather, butVfor which
the ampitheater would J have been
filled last night. The ooly night
they have had since opening that the
weather was not disagreeable gave
them a fine audience. The entertain
ment is absolutely clean in every
war and the management is such
both on the car jt lines and at the
casino that only better weather is
needed to make the place very popu
lar this summer. The people are all
good in their respective turns and it
is surprising how good a show they
have been able to put op in the
midst of the discouraging element.
The little musical artist, Es
Mathilde holds up finely. By the
ay, she has quite a history. She
is fourteen years of age, and has
oeen on the statre since she was five
years of age. In that time she has
been in almost every theater in the
country outside of New York, where
she cannot go on account of her age,
the law there preventing children of
her ajje taking the parts- she does.
She expects to go there after this
year. Her mother travels with her,
but her father is not a theatrical
man at all, but a railroader. He is
live stock afjent for the Missouri
Pacific railroad with headvuarters at
St. Louis. She goes next to Louis
ville, then to Kansas City, then over
the Orpheum circuit, taking in the
west as far as San FraDciseo.
The podj; recital given at Lindley
hall. Earlbam, Wednesday evening,
by Misses Haker and G lan ton, as
sisted by Miss Papworth, professor
of music, and Miss Piske, was a trreat
success. The attendance was fair
and the attentk n was excellent
fhe music, both vocal and instru
mental, was well rendered from
technical standpoint, but the spiri
with which it was given and under
which the technique was hidden was
especially commendable.
Providence Sprint; In AndereonTille
Prison Is Co veil a Fountain.
Aiuerk-us. Oa., May 31. A memorial
fountain over the Providence Spring
in the historic Andersonville prison
Btockade was dedicated yesterday In
the presence of a larjje crowd. Na
tlonal Commander James Atwell of the
National Association of Union ex-l'ris
oners of War, unveiled the tablet.
which bears this Inscription:
'"This fountain was erected by the
National Association of Union ex-Pris
ouers of War in memory of the 52,345
Union soldiers who were confined here
as prisoners of war, aud of the 13,iK)
comrades who died and whose remains
are buried in the adjoining national
'eiuetery. I cdicated Memorial Day
May 3i, linn. James Atwell. Nation
al Commander, S. M. Long, adjutant
general, J. 1. Walker, chairman ex
ecutive committee."
Commander Atwell recalled Presl
dent Lincoln's message to the Union
soldiers, and said the association had
inscrilM-d his memorable words on the
fountain: "With charity to all aud
malice toward none." Sieeches were
made by Adjutant General Long, J. I)
Walker and others. The fountain Is
lieautiful piece of work in Italian mar
ble and is alxuit 12 feet high.
Interrupted Ilridal Tour.
Savannah, Ga., May 31. Deputy
Sheriff Swwwy left last night for
;New lork t bring back John Me-
Cullousrh, a young law student aud
stenographer in iiie law office of Con
gressmaii It. K. Lester, who is wanted
on a charge of forgery. The allegation
is that Met'ullough signed the name
of Congressman Lester to a check for
$577 which he cashed at the Savan
nah Savings Hank and Trust company
Met'ullough was arrested yesterday in
New York. Young McCullough was
accompanied by his bride, whom la
married 4." minutes ln-fore his shij
sailed for New York, and almut two
hours after the allegd forged check
was cashed.
Coroner's Singular Verdict.
St. Louis. May 31. The head of
man wrapped in au old coat was found
near Kdgemont Park, East St. Louis;
Ills., yesterday. Some empty envel
oies found inside the coat were ad
dressed to F. U. Williams, New York
city. The coroner held an inquest
over the head and a verdict of suicidt
was returned. A search of the ground
near where the head was discovered
brought to light an old rustv razor
About H n yards from the siot when
me neaii lay, a Headless hodv was
found last April. It was never Iden
Memorial Day At Andersonville.
Atlanta. Ga.. May 31. Special trains
conveyed large crowds to Marietta.
da., yesterday, where the graves of
more than lo.om federal dead wen
decorated and appropriate exercises
held. There was also the usual oh
servant t of the day at Andersonville.
Two companies of miliria were sen?
there under orders of Governor Can
dler's to prevent the recurrence of th
disgraceful scenes which have marred
the event for several years, the ne
groes making the day one of disorder.
A Horrible Discovery.
London. May 31. A sensation has
been caused at Birmingham by the
discovery of the lodies of 31 infants
in a cellar beneath au undertaker's
"establishment. The Inxlies were In va
rious stages of decomposition, and hud
dhtl together In soap boxes. The es
tablishment was conducted by a wid
ow. who has been charged with cans
lng the infants deaths. The prisoner
was remanded.
Mother Saw Her Son Killed.
La port e. Ind.. May 31. Willie Fulki.
aged S years, was instantly killed yes-
tenlay at Corymbo. this county, by a
fast mail train on the Michigan Cen
tral railway. The accident was wit
nessed by his mother.
lie Was doing to Put llh
Toiigue In the Muzzle
of a Gun.
And Willie Koberson's Fare Was
Laterally Shot to Pieces Xear
Distressing Accident Resulting From
Childish Curiosity Regarding
a Weapon.
"Both nr wife and amrirkan Km-a,
CASCAKKTS ant) tfcer are the bem.
metlicwe wp have ew bd In the house. Last
my wife was frantic with headache for
two day, she trie,! someof TourCASCAKETS,
and thev relieTed the pin in her head aimoftt.
immediately. We IxHh reeoirmeodCascareu."
Pittsburg Safe A Deposit Co.. Pittatmrg, Pa
w a 1 r-lr I 1 j.m
Pleasant. P&latable. Pntenfc. Tan Good. Do
SooO. Sever sea. waaea. or Gripe. He. -Sv We.
lav, wr
Pft.TA PI ft Bold and roarmntMd kv alt
MW-I V-HMW (zau u Cl M.M ToMo Ur
Indianapolis. May 31. While Willie
and Mabel Kolerson. aged 7 and 9
years, children of Mr. aud Mrs. Henry
Koberson. liviug on the Iiockville pike,
3 miles west of the city, were play
ing with a shotgun in the kitchen yes
terday afternoon, the gun was dis
charged and the boy was instantly
The gun was a source of interest to
the children and Mattel, the litle sister
of the unfortunate lad. thought she
would like to have possession pf It.
Willie objected, and the brother and
sister playfully struggled for it. Mabel
secured it and was standing holding
the gun horizontally In front of her.
Willie played about her and finally
said he was going to stick his tongue
in the muzzle of the gun. As he step
ped up to do so the cartridge was iu
some manner discharged. Tl load
struck the boy on the right side of the
face, tearing off most of the flesh and
killing him instantly. The children's
parents were in the garden near by
and uiton hearing the reitort of the gun
rushed to the house only to tind the
child dead.
To Open a Jack Pot With Bad Money
Siys Federal (irand Jury.
Indianapolis, May 31. A jury in the
United States court returned a verdict
yesterday in which it was held that
it is no violation of law to use a eoun
terfeit coiu iu opening a "Jack-pot"
ia a poker game. The case was that
of Jesse Face of Lluora, who was
charged with passing a counterfeit dol
lar while he had his feet under a jto
ker table. A "Jack-pot" was the object
for which the players were striving.
Fage "broke the pot" for a dollar and
tossed the coiu on the table with the
chips that were already there. Hut
Fage did not win the pot. It was
raked in by a man who was a witness
for the government in the case.
The jury did not decide if it was
a violation of law for a player to
open a "jack pot" when he held less
than a pair of jacks in his hand.
Aftjir the jury returned the verdict
Judge John II. Haker said: "The jury
evidently thinks it is no crime to pass
counterfeit money in 'breaking a jack
pot.' Hut from my knowledge of 'jack
pot i should think it w8s a crime.'
Didn't Know Value of Kind.
Nineveh, Ind., May 31. Nearlv 50
years ago. while workmen were dig
ging a well iu this village, and had
Iteuetrated to a depth of 3 feet, a
rumbling sound was heard and short
ly afterward water of a muddy, oily
character ami of offensive odor made
its apiica ranee, rising to the top and
flowing into a creek near by. The
digging was abandoned and the well
was filled up. During the present
week prospectors from Hutler county,
Ohio, came here and leased the prop
erty, and drilling for oil or gas will
Iiegiu at once.
Holding Saloon Keener Responsible,
Fort land, Ind., May 31. Luciuda
Landers has brought an action against
Daniel E. Hautz, a Dunkirk saloon
keeper, and his bondsmen, John Hayes
aud James Mulvihill, for JfL'.bilO dam
ages, isiie alleges that notice was
served on Hantz not to sell her hus
band, Ezekiel Landers, intoxicating
liijuor, but this was ignored, and in
consequence of Landers' drinking she
was abused and the household was
broken up.
Farmers Building Telephone Line.
Waltash, Ind., May 31. Farmers in
the vicinity of Lafontaine, this county,
held a meeting at that place to take
steps for the organization of a tele
phone" exchange. The proposition is to
establish a central station at Lafon
taine and conuect the homes of far
mers within a radius of five miles.
It Is practically assured that the sys
tem will be put in at once.
Trust Closes the Plant.
Evansville, Ind., May 31. A tele
gram has been received here announc
ing the American Chemical and Spirit
company of this city had gone into the
hands of a New York trust. The plant
will le closed down and 40 men will
le thrown oat of employment. The
factory is the only one of its kind in
the West.
Indiana larnter t-txxi llbt Wife and
Ihen Ltys Himself.
Bedford. lud.. May 31. Nelson Hat
field. At oca farmer of prominence,
shot his wife yesterday, inflicting a
fatal wound. HatuehL after commit
ting the crime, and In-lieving his wife
to be dead, killed himself by sending a
bullet into Its brain.
The deed was delilterately planned
aud carried out with great nerve. The
wife and husltand serrated recently,
and a few days ago he sued for di
vorce. Hallield chafed under his do
mestic troubles, aud his crime was the
result. letai!s of the crime are not
tnowu. as there were no eyewitnesses.
The Uartields leave four married chil
dren ami three unmarried. Two of the
former live in Chicago. The family
is one of the oldest and most highly
respected in this part of the state.
Swept Over the Falte.
Philadelphia. May 31. A rowboat
containing a merry party of eight
young persous was swept over Flat
Itock dam in the Schuylkill river yes
terday afternoon, aud seven of them
six gu-ls and one lioy were drowned.
Held for Murderous Assault.
Goshen, Ind., May 31. Upon the re
port of the attendant physician that
Iiichard Sherwin, assaulted on the
20th inst. at Bristol, was dying. Judge
Farrell convened court and defaulted
the bond of his assailant, Harry Wit
son. and ordered his re-arrest. Wilson
U now in jaiL .
Cures Eczema and Itching
Humors through the Blood
Costs Nothing to try it.
B. B. TL (Botanic Blood Balm)
taken internally will kill all the hu
mors m the blood that cause tte
awful itching of eczema, scabs, seal t-s,
licers, watery busters, boils, pimples.
tchinjr bones and joints, prickly
pains m tne skin, old, eating sore?,
u cers, etc. Botanic Blood Bairn will
nake the blood purs and rich, heai
very sore and permanently stop all
he itching sensations. Botank-
Blood Bam trives the rich dow of
health to the skin. B. B. B. at dru
stores fl. Trial treatment free bv
writing Blood Balm Co , Atlanta,Ga
uescribe trouble and free medical
advice given until cured. Costs noth
ing to try B. B. B., as medicine is
sent prepaid.
Murder In First Degree.
Upier Sandusky, O.. May 31. The
jury in the case of ieorge Ury yester
day brought In a verdict of guilty of
murder in the first degree, but recom
mended mercy. I ry was indicted for
the murder of Celery King Johns vn at
Carey. Ohio.
Itoyal Vis: tors.
Potsdam. May 31. Queen Wilhelmi
na and 1'ritn-e Henry arrived here yes
terday. They were received at the
station by the emperor and empress
of tlermany, who accompanied them to
the new palace. The visitors were
warmly cheered.
Beware of Ointments for
Catarrh That Contain
As mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never be used except
on prescriptions from reputable phy
sicians, as the damage they will do is
ten fold to the good you can possibly
derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney
& Co., Toledo, O.. contains no mer
cury, and is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure to get
the genuine. It is taken internally,
aud made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
Chenev & Co. Testimonials free.
Sold by druggists, price 75c. per
Hail's Family Pills are the best.
'Em In !
The Avenue
Horse Shoers.
They claim none are better.
All interfering horses stopped or no
charge. All kinds ot shoes made to suit
the foot. If you have a lame horse,
give us a tri d.
Wilson & Vincent,
mo. i7e Avenue Horseshoers.
Ice cream sandwiches as Prices
know how to make them are nice
for reception
THIS - - - -
will no doubt be sopped if the line up
against the "bear" indicates anything-
If you have obligations growling at you
come to us and let us line np against
them and see if we cannot settle their.
We have done it many times and can do
it for vou.
If vou have hot sehold goods or chattels
of any kind, a salaried position or some
thing of value we can help you.
Business strictly conhdential.
(Established 1896)
Room 8, Colonial Building
Home Phone. 415 Main and 7th sts.
GOING after it has bein
OVER THE '-done up"' by some
LINEN laundries is alnx t
the same as making new garments.
to be done on goods which have passed
through our bands. Great care is taken
not to injure anything. Absolute clean
liness and perfect finish is attained with
out subjecting clothes to hard treatment.
Carpets cleaned.
Tbe Alcbmond Steam
Prr-vailtng For Ciraiiu lro.
ions and l4retock on May 30.
Ind tana polis Crain and Uvetork.
W'lml-Wagon. ?; N. - rvU. firm. 7.
Corn Firm; Nu. ui.ml. -HU:
! Si eal : No. - um.t-,1. .'--.
t'Bttlv Acme t 5sl,tH.i.Wi.
Haft-Ai-Mvi- at J4.tCU.
slun-i yaii't at
Lalul.s-yul-( at
("tiio&o Oram and. I'r in.
iorl .f Trad J va aceuuut vt
Memorial 1'a.v.j
Louisville lira in and l.lvr(mW.
Wlieat .No. 1 rM aud Ij-uclx-rry. 7'V
"rii-.rt. - white, v; -. - mixed,
uat X-. "J mixi-d, Sls-; N.v. - while. SV.
fatilt-ssiroiiK at -i '4-'.2."i.
tlirs Steady at J-l.TiAj'i.
SlMfHis(u-r al ii.!."V.7i.
Laurtw Su-aly at $u'v.n.!!L IX
Cincinnati Gram and LiveKiock.
Wtieat K.isy: .Nc red. 74o.
tru - Kasy ; N-i. 'aixoU. -i-Sc
lat luli; No. 2 mixed.
fatile Strons - ..Vi.
Ilotrs Active at $4.ii.i.'.H.
She I yiiet r. ."ikH.l.V.
Lauilnt Steady at Kl.raKijti.50.
Cattle Active; steers. $t. jryii.i)-; Block
ers. ;Hi.'".'.
Hog Kasy at ti.imiil.Oi -Sli-
i-Active at .4.."n4.,V.
Lambs Steady at tx.".tiO.
New York l.ivetiK.-k.
Tattle Active at ."f.V,irt.i.
Ilotrs-Firm at t4.imi.-3J.
Slie-iSlow at $;i.if.(4 -to.
Laiulis tjuiet at 4 7.'i7.t.
Kit Iluflalo l.ivo.u.'k.
Cattle Stcn:y at S-'l.ii.'i.7u.
Hiis - Sfrtuly HI 4.L.VitCK
She p Sicmly ;it .Sl.."i.,4.r.
Lam lis Active at J t-IMfio-oO.
t- ( ( l J
Tk katti of H Is a
bard Ht. frpar tor lu It
maarimtkia ia aood. Dmtm - If N la
"kUd II . H vour Llw aad Kldaf r aoaad.
rhent m. Toa'tl accd tba ia lh daily trvulc If !
weak, watch them avcrr hfmt of th a.
t - . i. .wh ..ki.tAin. iimM. vtta aaat tiavv a sawaa
Liver aad aaf KidHTt; atacrvtM rour blood will w poiaooed
aad ;owr aerea raiacd. Diabeata aaaal b aakaoa. Bribt'a
Diacaaa mill be imrouiMc Yoar cacccsa would be thraawaad.
yoar bcalta aharwrad. ae roa aerd a aafeguard '' lhvical de
cay. Toa d jood rct al aif ht atraJy. auict aarvas dariag the
day. Al the fire! aiga of areakaeaa, ba waratd.
McLean's Liver v
and Kidney Balm
will bria arcedy relief from paia aad decay. Aad if yoa bave aet
Icvted these orfans most esseatial to yoar saccesa. or if other remeotea
bsve failed. It help you. aad restart the doraaat oreaas back o sare
aad sare actioa. v . .
If will remove, as If by malc, the dall. heavy ache ia rour back, thai
barta yoa whea yoa ataad, att. walk, or lie dowa, A bottle at 1.00 will
nake yoa a ace, betaf. Bay It of your druggist. Made by
The Dr. J. H. McLean Medicine Co.
St. Lou la. Mo.
Ttdtnlo tit-nut.
Wheat Pn'l; cash. 7."Vc; July. ia.
t iirn-1'ni:; .-, c
Oals yuie:; No. 2
-ll, 4 4.'
Hvrils In FurnM-.
Berlin. May 31. I'nitttl States Sen
ator AllK-rt J. lU'verltltre has arrived
in Korliu. lie has Imvii visilitii; I'rinee
Hatzfeldt iu Silesia, studying rural
ttiuditiims. Tmlay he will have inter
views with t'ouut Von Huelnw, Harim
Vou Iilieinlialien. lr. "nn .Miiim l. and
lr. Vou Siemens. He will siart for
ISussia Saturday.
Restore Vitalitf
Lost Vigor
and Manhood...
til Comet Kusy.
Woodward. O. T., May St. Tarties
di.usrinjr a well at Moscow, 17 miles
stiutlieast tif here, struck a vein of
oil which soon developed into a pusher.
The oil foreed itself to the brink of
the well and eovered an acre of ground
liefore the tlow could he checked.
Mi'sniw is o tli I'nnai"?'?! river.
WfcMI Shoe 'Em.
Cure Injpotency. Night Emissions. Loss of Memory, all wasting dis
vaw, eases, all cfiects of self-abuse or excess and indiscretion.
A nerve tonic and blood builder. Brings the pink
glow to palo cheeks and restores tbe fire of youth. By
DUU 5W per dox, v duics lur J,U wisas vaaa swiiaa-
able guarantee tm cure or refund the money paid.
Send for circular and copy of our bankable guarantee bond.
Positively guaranteed cure for Loss of Tower. Varicocele. Undeveloped or Shrunken
Organs. Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervona Prostration, Hysteria, Fits. Insanity,
Paralysis and the Results of Excessive Use of -obacco. Opium ot Liquor. By mall
in plain package, $1.00 a box. 6 for $5.00 with our bankable guarantee bond to
cure In 30 days or refund money paid. Address
vUmctr nd Jackson Streets CHICAGO, ILUNOOI
For sale by A. G Luken &. Ci , M.in Street, and the Moo "ij D.-ur Co.
IS r orth eighth street. Kichmtind
Ell Evans desires to infiirrrj the puMic th t
h i l.'raifd In tbe rear of 15 north loth at..
h ick of the Wearcitt hotel. All kioiis ot
Kh.,Hinif. a f pecialtv of distiases ot the hoof.
H irnes shod for a. I purpoxea and aatlafact
tmn guaranteed. New ubona 4x2.
Store News.
w i l- v" - r
It is an acknowledged fsct that we s 11 more sliirts
t-'d hi Iter shirts than any h use in the city.
We are showins some very handsome
styles, just in fur spring
$1 to $1.50
Your Siimmftr Suit
We don't lielieve you can f et so good
a si nntif r suit anjwhere else for the
same money as lit re.
We have the suit?- th it are approved
ny tHsm m in texture ami cu thing, ami
we guarantee the f.t and w lkmai ;lnj
At the I ittle Store Around the Corner.
lO N. .Mil Stroct. Kiclimoiul.
We have the prettiest st?ck of TiOc Ties to lie found
anywheie, f.tct is lots of the tics we M-ll for fifty cents tire
sold iu other stores for one d 11. ir. We have made our
neckwear department especially strong and attractive by
giing unusual values, elegant, nobby, ttylcs. We want the
most recent stles.
A nmedy put u; in iczenger form and as iileataut to take a- its uarrie wr-uM imply
act! a pesi ivt cure ftr Con tip at ion, wbtthr obttinate or or-r agonal, tlso 8ick
Headache. Sallow Complexion, Jaundiced Eyes, Offensive Breath
Torpid and Sluggish Liver and Bi ioueness.
C. E.GIRlTElru'S
Laxative Chocolates
pisiiively cure any of tbe above conditi ns. It is p'easant to the tite and a purely
vegetable luxative with uo bad af er ff-cts, nor pain, nor griping. It is tss-i tially
neecessary to good health that the Livr and Bowels be kept in a cleaD. regnlar and
healthy coLdition. and Carter's Laxative Chocolates wilt aid natore ia tbe proper
discbar of hfr Juti. s, at d prevent anymore eenou? complications wbi-h miht arise
from Jack of atri tion. It is invglaable tor chiidren and very dtlicate worn n, and hs no
nauseous or obj-t lionable taste.
PRICE 25 and 50 CENTS.
The 50 eei.t box contains iwj and one-half times the quantity cf the 23 cent f ize.
CE. CARTER & CO. 71 IV. Jackson Street, CHICAGO.
Wholesale Druggists,
628 and 630 aiain St Richmond.

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