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V The 3u?e l.:v. Cures
Whonrine Couprh. AKhma,
lironcroiln and Incipient
Consumption, fs
The German rimcdV a
Richmond Palladium
fai.litMl Kry TMiu.fc Jtjuii'Ujr '!- O)
Om year by mail, otaye paid - - S3.CO
.1. " - - .26
W k. o.rrW
Pbillitis, the Chicago corn kin
W at last cone to the wall and ha.s
tiled a petition in bankruptcy.
The lijjhtnintf was etiec'iaHy de
structive to burns last cdncuday
niifht. Hesides the one in this local
itv one near Farmland aiid another
near Uruztl, this state, were t
The suggestion that the I'an-Amer-icau
exposition at liulTalo has faihd
to make an exhibit of South Ameri
ca's chief industry revolution is
aproRs. There are two or three
revolutions on tap in that unhappy
country now.
A letter from Bass lake, Unrated
near North Judson, predicts thit
there will be a jjvat tm in that
resort when the C , 11. & M. road
reaches North Judson. Possibly
some of the C , . & M. iiet.ple
take a hand in the boom.
George Ketcham's horse, Cresceus,
broke the world's record in a trot
ting match with The Abbot at Hri'h
tou Heach yesterday, making a mile
iu 2:0:il and winning the 12,000
purse. The record made was not up
to Cre-aeus single track time which
was 2.0-1.
The Dcrsons who refuse to go
- ttttt tm-biucaJ ru.i(ia li
not be compelled to go are not doing
a creditable thing. They are crip
pling the government in its efforts
to bring to justice a criminal who
has brought disgrace ujon the whole
E. P. Thompson, who was convict
ed and fined in Cuba yesterday for a
fraudlent act while jMistmastcr at
Havana, was formerly postmaster at
IudianaiHilis. His friends do not be
lieve him guilty of dishonesty. Th
probabilities are that Mr. Thomo
son simply fell in with the genera'
ooseness that prevailed among tl
officials at Havana. Jt is to letioec
that other convictions will speedily
A step toward the union of Auier
ica and Cuba was taken in Philadcl
pnia yesterttay, in tne marriage or
Lieutenant Henry Watterson, Jr., of
the Jth U. S. infantry, son of Henry
Watterson, editor of the Louisville
Courier-Journal, and Senorita USanca
Casanova whom Lieutenant Walter
son met while on duty in Cuba.
Senorita Casanova is the daughter
of Dr. and Mrs. Juan Casanova, and
they have been in Philadelphia for
some time.
The state board of agriculture will
make an effort at the apprac hiug
KiitH: lair iu rvvni' iue ik'iuii u.ik-
. . . : . i. . i I . . . v. ......
craze. The llgiau hare exhibit is
to be attached to the poultry and
pet stock show, and seventv-hve
premiums are to be awarded. The
live classes to be shown include
liufus red, imported and domestic,
domestic black, Flemish giants and
domestic white, and the inducements
offered are expected to bring out
Belgian hares in sufficient force to
show what progress the raij-ing of
these auimais has made in Ii.diaua
since the craze started.
The large amount of corn in the
barn that was bur net! near Cainp
bellstown the other night suggests
the probability that there is much
wore old corn in the country thai
is generally supoosed. This old
corn is being held for the top price
and it will not go into market until
the price starts downward. Then it
will be rushed into market and wiii
have an importaut influence in carry
ing tne price below the point it
would otherwise go. The growing
corn crop iil of course be immeuseh
sbtsrt oi last year's crop, but it is
very doubtful whether the shortage
will be such as to keep up the pre
ent high price.
Senator Fairbanks was the guest
of honor at the state G. A. li. re
union at Hutchinson, Kansas, yes
terday and addressed several thou.
and veterans. He said in part:
"Our country has grown strong
ard great in the arts of peace. Oui
material resources bailie competition.
Our advantages suggest a futurt
which no prophetic vision is pro
found enough to measure.
Our war
with Spain, started in huxuuty's
name, ws far reaching in ts con
sequences. Njw duties rest uoa
us. Tj them we are address-
in" ourselves with ennaeni
resolution. The first essential
ten toward susoe aoroaa
. . a ah m A
is unity oi sennmen
Our country wa never stronger nor
more firmly set in tbe artocnons uou
eontidence of the people than it is
now.lt is in no peril from imperialism
within or imperialists wUhout. e
ar j held by common bonds to serve
well the state and orot-ct ll trom tne
polluting touch of anarchy, to hold it
to the course set by our patriotic
fathers. If we are faithful to tne
Opportunities about us and are in
spired by the exaitea motives u u
actuated the Grand Army of the lie-
nnhlic this nation will cont inue to
ijrow in material and moral strength
and ever stand for the most oeneu
eent government instituted among
men. "
Ex Senator Chandler declares that
the Republican party is doomed to
destruction unless it ceases to en
courage the formation of trusts-biich
beinitrue, the o. p. wouid better
make its peace with the world a d
prejare to meet eternity. Indi
anapolis Sentinel.
The same issue of the Sentir el
that contained the above editorial
had a dispatch from Washington giv
irrr the result of an investigation
trade by an exiert commission con
cerning the spread of trusts in Eu
rope. The commission's report says
that "everywhere in Europe.uotably
in Germany and Austria, there is a
strong tendency toward - the forma,
tion of these combinations. In Ger
many and Austria their extent and
power probably are as great as in the
United States, but the plan of or
ganization is materially oillerent. In
England within the last three years
an active movement has set in to
ward the concentration of industry
into large single corporations in form
similar to those in the United States.
The movement iu France is very
evident, though the managers of the
combinations are not inclined, in
view of the severe provisions of the
French code, to let their movements
aiH'ar in public." Why does the
Sentinel not hold the g. o. p. respon
sible for the formation and rapid
growth of trusts in England, Ger
many and France? As that paper
has just adopted drastic measures to
secure fairness and accuracy in it
local lield why does it not adopt th
same rule in its editorial depart
Successful Meet.
Thethird annual sweep stake tour
r.nm.xit of the Richmond tMtOOtlUl
and Fishing club was a successful
one. The attendance yesterday was
much larger than on the previous
day- "Phil again yesterttay demon
ho broke 173 targets out of ISO sho
at. Some other good records were
also made. The officers of the club
are to be congratulated upon th
management of the affair, as every
thing was done for the comfort not
only of the visitors but also for the
local meinU rs. Lunch was prov ided
for those taking part in the contest.
All of the visitors have expressed a
desire to attend any meet that this
lopular club shall arrange on any
future occasion. The weather a
p rf ct for an event of this character
o i Utu davs of the meet.
"Phil," who has made such a gotl
record in this tournament, is Mr.
PbiSiis. who represents the Hazzard
Powd r company. Some good score:
were also made by many of the loca
mem Ik i s.
A Cure forCholcra Infantum
"List Mav." savs Mrs. Curtis
Uakcr of 1 iook waiter, Ohio, "an in
fant child of our neighbor's was suf
ferimr from cholera infantum. The
doctor had given up all hoju'S of re
eovery. I took a bottle of Chamber
Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Kerned v to the house, telling tbem
1 felt sure it would do good if used
accord iug to directions. In two
days' time the child had fully recov
ered, and is now (uearly a year since)
a vigorous, healthy girl. I have rec
ommended this Kerned y frequently
and have never known it to fail in
anv single instance. For sale by A.
G. Lukcn & Co. and W. II. Sudholf.
Steamer Trip via Cleveland In Connec-
nectlon With Akron Route
Through Service.
in addition to the through time
aud through car service to Buffalo
over the Kron uonte, tne trip to
tb- Pan-American Exposition may
t e made v ia Clevelaud and steamer
by taking trains running over the
C. A. & t). liuk of the Akron Route
to Cleveland, where they connect
with the b at line. Tickets to Duf
falo and return via Cleveland over
the C, A. & C. may be obtained giv
ing the purchaser the option of boat
or ran between Clevelaud ana I.ul
fdo. Fur particulars apply to
C. W. Elmer,
Pass, aud Ticket Agent,
Richmond, Iud.
Their Secret is Out.
All Sadieville, Kv., was curious to
earn the cause of the vast improve
ment in the health ot .Mrs. S. J.',
Yhittaker, who had for a long time
endured untold suffering from a
-h route bronchial trouble. "It'sali
due to i r. King's New Discovery,"
vrites the husband. "It completely
ured her and a'so cured our httie
iTrand-daughter of a severe attack of
whooping cough." It positively
cures coughs, colds, Ia grippe, brou
ehitis, all throat and lung troubles.
Guaranteed bottles 5e and $1. Trial
oottles free at A. G. Luken & Co.'s
irug store.
Next Sunday Excursion to
Columbus via Pennsyl
vania Lines.
August; IStb, special train leaves
Richmond at 6 a. m. Central time,
Round trip rate $1.50.
foii a stfcrrTt,EME.vr
Mow t'rm-et itu mort In ntnt--t Ion
W illi llm Ntrikr.
rittshiiri;, Auj- lk Om-e more ef
fort are afKt t wftk" tho strike &
tfie Aiiwilain.-mit as-wx iatii.n. IS. M.
CaMwell. formerly a mill owner of
SI Intro Jnnctfun. Is known to hnve -n-ferred
with the strike leaders with
view to sketching a ttasis ot wttleinent
which he pUns to pfaf lfore the of
lii ialrt of the steel eortiratun. He l
l'lievel to tw the iuyjiterious man who
confer! ed with Ircitnt Sliaffer for
more than two hours at the Btrikt
lie:idtiinrt'r yestertlay. nltfiouxh th
latter sai.l later that he fiad not wi
Sir. Caldwell for months. Itoth sitles
vigorously (h-nieil ttiat they had either
made overtures or weired proposals,
fmt it is known positively that the
plan is under consideration. Sir. Cald
well is aetinjj indeiwndentiy and does'
iiot represnt either the niannfaetur--rs
or the men.
o expression from him was oltain
a I do, and no line on the terms that
havo txH-n considered can f had. It
Is iM'lievod here that under certain
elrcuni.staiH-os the eontndinic sides
could lx brought tojretlaT and a set
tlement offe-toal. but whether such
will -ome to pass remains to 1k seen.
President Shaffer in a s1tiihI state
ment luiid tluit Mrsnally lie was for
peai-e and that he was liirhtin only
te-auso ho was on the defensive and
forced to tlrht. Meantime the contest
iM-tweeii the two great interests is lv
lntf wai;el with viyor and slightly
varyiut; foitnne.
A Vast Co-l'artnershlp.
Now Vork, Ail?. 1. -J. I'ierpont
Morgan has planned tlie greatest la
lMir union of the age. a union of laltor
and lafKr's ally capital. According
to his plans, stock of the United States
Steel corporation valued at several
millions of dollars at par has leon set
aside for the purchase at inside ligures
by the ltr,iNX) men employed liy the
companies that make up the great
steel trust. It is contemplated to form
this i-opartnership Itetween the share
holders and the employes of the
United Stivl conoration.
Jolirt Melt lift Our.
.Toilet. Ills., Aug. The four lodges
of the Amalgamated association em
ployes of the Illinois Steel company at
the Jolict .mills, by a unanimous vote,
decided last night to obey the strike
order of President Sliaffer. Tills ac
tion will close the entire steel plant
here, throwing out of employment
nearly ."5.'h) men. Uires were drawn
last night.
Abandoned th Chase.
Sfillersburg. O., Aug. It;. Company
I, Eighth Ohio infantry, iu command
of Captain Snyder, after scouring the
hills of Holmes county for two days
in pursuit of the robbers who attempt
ed to loot the Adams bank early Wed
nesday morning, returned to Slillers
burg last night and announced that
they had abandoned the chase.
The Guest ot Honor.
Hutchinson, Kan., Aug. 10. Senator
C. V. Tail-banks of Indiana was the
i-uost of honor at the state 5. A. It.
esl':'i'11';i " ' ' MehaTor,Mi?.iAAi.1"1'.'-:g
dressed several thousand veterans aud
was accorded a warm greeting.
American ltoprenentativo In China.
Washington, Aug. li. The ap-Mint
ment of Mr. Slarvitts, now a niemlr
of the lioard of general appraisers of
New York, to be the American rep
lescntattve in China in connection
with tariff affairs, is now practically
determiuod upon.
A Forgnno Conclusion.
Charlotte, N. C. Aug. lii. The negro
Slouroe. who Wednesday confessed to
assaulting a white woman, was tried
yesterday and sentenced to be hanged
Sept. 13. The jury was out less than
three minutes.
Tho fornuil prix-lamatlon for the Ijonisl
nna I'ut-t'iinsc epoNitiou will li issued iu a
few itajrs.
Nearly .Vie enitets from Vst I'oliit are
c-amil within the l'mi American exposi
tion itroiiuds. Colonel Charles i. Treat
Is iu command.
Tin- Texas state K'nitciiti:iry hoard has
rrnowcil last year's lalHir contracts for
more than l.noo cuvicts to work for pri
vate parties.
l 11. ;aunt of the Northern 1'aellic tel-
virraph delKO'tuient has invented a system
lor iue SiiiiuitanisMis transmission or til-
eiihoue and telegraphic niessnes over the
same wire.
A claim for ?37s.tl73 has hi'en filed witb
the Spanish treaty claims commission hy
the Mopos Suar cvimpany for damages to
their jiroperty in Cuba iiillieted by Spanish
and insurgent trxuips.
r.nus have appearetl In larire numbers iu
fields of volunteer wheat in Texas and
threaten to destroy the second prowth ns
completi ly ns they did the nrst crop early
iu the sprnitf.
At the ;Ch annual eoeamjimt'iit of the
rand Army of the KepuNltc. to lie helil
next month in Cleveland, a number of iui
Irtant amendnonts to the constitution
will Ik- presented for adoption.
The nrst reunion ot writers and news
latHT men of the Ohio valley, including th
iterati of western I'ennsylvauia. West Vir
i:iu:a. KeiitutK.v. iinio. intiinna an. I nil
nois will be held at Cincinnati Sept. li
I'nited States Treasnrer Koberts has re-
oeivetl from an unknown person a con
science contribution ot !HX. 1 he money
was received throueti Father A. V". 1 1 n i.-1 .
J., pastor of St. Clare church, Santa
Clara. Cal.
The attorney frenern! has forwarded to
the postotlice department a di-cision In
whieli he holds that the government can
eolU-cl from the tond of a postal clerk or
carrier for money which he steals from
registered letter.
The Sri' spc'ial trttini; match at
Itrii;ltton P.ea,-h lft'n the wrhrs chant'
pion tntier. t'nmvns. 2:UKi. ami Tin
Abbot. :o;:i,4. resultl in a splendid vh--
torv for Cresceus yisterlay. in 2:o.mi, the
world's trotting reird in a race.
The stitk:- at the IVessed St'l Car works
at Joli-t. I!!s.. has ctosti the plant. The
m.in.ii: ii'ent has posted an ultimatum staf
Ins that unless the men. numtwrinti Iw.
tween and 5H. return to work Monday
next the plant will be ckvsd imnnltety.
Chamberlain's Colie, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy has a world wide
reputation for it cures. It never
fails and is pleasant to take. For sale
by A. It. Luken & Co. and . ti
The Reidston Dairy
Has changed its base from Hussons
and is now supplying its customers
direct from wagon, which is de
livered at the residences of its pa
trocs. Ve deliver none but morn
ings milk fresh from the cows which
docs not sour, as milk whica is kept
over night and delivered the follow
ing morning.
We are prepared to deliver any
quantity of milk in any part of the
city, and can furnish dealers in pure
miiK to supply their customers at
prices that will leave them a profit
for handling.
Orders left with Dougan A Co.,
phone 13i': George B. Dougan, phone
otfl; Reidston Farm, phone H4T. F.
McDonnell's drug store; Richmond
Cream Co., phone 1188, will receive
prompt attention.
julyl0d3m Eeidstos Daibt.
The government distributes lo"- l -miu of m i-r Adopt-
OttfJ yearly among agricultural colleges. ' b h Kir Army.
Nineteen stfitcs have cither held or?' It ha always ln a matter of much
re to hold state conventions to boom JJifficulty to provide bodies or cavalry
ti. ,T .-vl r,.!a dnrins with vessel." fr cross", ;i rtrc-aiiis. The
th. mr lL
In the year XV0 ont of l.rc.3 raids ,
on Illicit stills 073 were made In Geor
gia, which is a prohibition state ex
cept as to four of its cities.
Every big hotel in New York suffers
from the souvenir spoon mania. Slany
a fair goest. with no thought of petit
larceny, will appropriate a tit of silvet
"as the cicuKuto of a very pleasant
r vening."
Tlie new White ftar steamship Celt
ic, the largest afloat, is engined tc
Bteam but 14 knots an hour. Hei
builders believe that not everybody is
in a tearing hurry, and they are prob
ably right.
The factory inspector of Rhode Is-"
land reports that in that state more
than 5.0O0 boys and pirls under It
years of age are at work In factories
and lier.ee growing up, most of them,
in ignorance.
With the assistance of the Ufest ma
chines it is said a piece of leather can
lie transformed into a pair of loot?
in 34 win u tea, iu which time it passes
through tlie hands of G3 people and
through 13 machines.
A few weeks ago n poor Mississippi
river ftPhermnn living at I-ms!ng. Ia
dug up some mussels for bait. II's
wife picked np one casually from a
heap. oiH'iiod it and fouml what !
now declared to bo one of tlie fincsit
fresh water pearls in the world.
The 'highest telegraph poles in the
United States have just Ih-cii erected
in Beaumont. Tex. So far as knows
they are the highest in the world, their
tops being 1.MJ ftvt from the ground.
They carry a Western Union 'cattle
across the Neches river, a span 144
feet in length.
Joe Patehen lias the first 2:10 pacer
this year in Dan Patch. )7H-
Oame old Plying Jib, 2:04. roaded
50 miles recently in four and a half
hours and finished fresh.
M. II. Manna's object in trying to se
cure Eleata was to start her in the
Challenge flip race this fall.
Agave, by As tell. 2:12. took a mark
of 2:14 at Titusvill. Pa. She looks
like a sure 2:15 trotter at least.
An odd fact in connection with the
$US.UOO Mvtallas Is that not one of his
ancestors had a standard record.
SlcDowcll won a tect six heat race
with Martha Marshall, by tiratid Mar
shall, pacing, iu 2:074. 2:UU14 and
A 4-year-old full sister to Cresceus,
2:02;4. Is one of the valuable green
horses now at Penq Valley farm. Mor
risville. Pa.
Jay McCrt gor. c 3 year-old colt by
Jay Hawker, dam Notre Dame, by
Kohert MctJregor. recently worked a
mile at Lexington In 2:1714- '
I.af- Shafei of TerTace farm. Titns
ville. Pa., recently worked the $1U,U00
3-year-old Zephyr n mile in 2:17. -the
last half in 1 07' and miarter in 02Vi-
t!eorgo Forbes Is now the owner of
Dr. Preston, and no doubt "Pittsburg
1'hii'." .4 irnin iim l-'otts?'
insr puiciTi"r-.-"tf tt ftyin rrretfieh.
was a costly failure. '
Lost a Lnkr.
Inhabitants of the Tyrol have lost a
The village watchman Is jHjsitlvt
that when he passed the banks of th
lake the night before the rcmarkald
discovery it was in its usual condition
The fact, however, remains that in th(
morning nothing but the bed of .tb
lake was leit to snow that it ever
On the trees growing near the lake
some one had caused to be posted large
notices, headed "Lost, Strayed oi
Stolen, to the effect that a reward
would tie paid for the return of the
missing waters and "no questions
asked." Another notice exhorted th
missing waters to return and all would
le forgiven.
There have been many similar mys
teriotis disappearances Iu different
parts of the world. Quite recently
lake over one square mile in area dis
appeared In Japan, and the place that
it once occupied is now devoted tc
farming. Cincinnati Enquirer.
Platform Ticket.
A German custom, which The Kail
road Digest thinks might be intro
duced witb advantage iu this country
is the sale of platform tickets, which
admit the bearer to the trains abont tc
depart. The idea Is to enable those ac
companying friends to assist tbem
with their hand baggage to their seats
and help with the children when such
are present. In most cases the assist
ance Is denied, as those not holding
tickets are not allowed to pass through
the gates, or at least not allowed to en
ter the train. In Germany penny in tbf
slot machines disburse these platform
tickets, which entitle the bearer to ac
company friends and to slay with them
on the train until the moment it pull?
OrttlDK His Moarr'i Worth.
"You seem to lie out in the sun a good
uestl. hy is it V
The man w ho was on his vacation Mrn
ed an. I looked at the inquirer in surprise.
"I've gut to have something to show
for my mocey when I go hack to town."
he said, "and a good tan is abont the
easiest thing acquired." Chicago Tost.
Cures Cancer, Blood Poison,
Eating Sores, Ulcers
Costs Nothing to Try.
Blood poison or deadly cancer are
the worst and most deep-seated
blood diseases on earth, et the
easiest to cure when Botanic l?ood
Balm is used. If vou have blood
poison, pr ducing ulcers, bone pains,
puupies, mucous patches. laUiDo-
hair, itching skin, scrofula, old rheu
matism, or onensive form of catarrh,
scabs and scales, deadly cancer,
eating, bleeding, festering sores.
swellings lumps, persistent wart
or sore. taKe IJotamc Blood Balm
(B. B. B.) It will cure even the
worst case after evervthinc?
ise tails. iotaiuc Mlood Calm
(B. B. B.) drains the
poison out of the system and the
blood, then every sore hea.'s, making
the blood pure and rich, and build
ing up the broken down body. B.B.
B. thoroughly tested for 30 vears.
Sold at drug stores, $1 per large bot
tie. .a tna treatment sent free bv
writing Blood Balm Co., Atlanta. Ga.
DescTibe trouble and free medical ad
vice given until cured. Botanic Blood
Balm does not contain mineral poi
sons or mercury as so many ad ver-
tiseu remedies do), but is composed
of Pure Botanic ingredients. Over;
3. Oh) testimonials of cure bv taking,
B B, Bj
j Cermaa stray
has Iu tho jiast teei)
using fonilrw folding boats tt-u-.t had
to le carried by wagons. But a r
.4-man Inventor, Herr Adolf Key. ha
devised a new boat that has revolution
ized the transportation system of that
army. A description of tlie coutriv
ance has lately Ieen given by a writer
In Uber Land und Meer.
, l"he vessel Is called a laucetoat for
-4-the reason that Its frame is built up bj
means f the lances carried by Gmiaai
troopers. With 12 or 10 lances six
men can build a boat la five minutes
In two minates they can take that boa
apart. In two minutes the frame Is
spautied Willi a waterpnf iiH-e oi
canvas, and the toat is ready for
Lances suitably covered with canvas
are used as oars. The oar blade con
sists of a strip of canvas two feet long
and six inches broad, upon which slat?
are seweJ. Such a rudder blade can
be readily rolled up and thrust Into
one's pocket.
Tlie connecting members and locking
devices used In assembling tlie lniat
frame, together with the rudder blades
weigh 44 pounds, the canvas 2 pounds,
in all 72 Munds. By reason of thl
small weight a single horse can carrj
the parts of two boats.
The snn is about 92.000.0OO miles off
The only way of measuring tlie dis
tance of a fixed star is by parallax, and
scarcely more than half a dozen can Ik
estimated that way.
Suppose the suu is here, in space, or
Jan. 1. On July 1 he will be IM.oOO.OOl
miles over there. This is the base o!
measurement. The observer who want
to estimate the distance of. say, tin
rtar A Ccnturl notes its position witli
regard to the next star.
! " It mnptlia he notes n in. nnd If
Uiey are ut'iutrated ly a UiQerent dis
tance a so called parallax is established
and some calculation can be made ot
the distance of the nearest one. In the
most favorable cases this parallax I
extremely light.
Ilitih Mountain o tne Moon.
I he i-eiiinuz range attain enormous
altitudes above the average level of tin
moon's surface and are sometimes seer
projifted far beyond the regular curva
ture of disk, thus destroying the circu
lar contour aud giving it a notched oi
serrated aspect- Several of the peak?
of these southern mountains mensurt
30.000 feet in altitude, while one has
been estimated to attain tlie great
height of W5.0OO feet.
The Martian Canal.
Considerable doubt has In-en throwD
npon the supjiosed artificial origin of
the Martian canals by the discovert
that they cross the polar caps and also
by their reported detection in Venus,
Mercury and two of Jupiter's satel
Insanity Cared by l.ympb.
There Is considerable discussion!
among Pittsburg physicians of the cur
of a case of Insanity recently accom
plished at St. Francis hospital. Tht
patient, a woman Z3 years old, whose
home is iu a small Ohio city, was dis
charged as cured after having been
committed to the hospital seven weeks
ago as incurably Insane. The cure was
accomplished by the use of animal
lymph, the design being to feed nour
ishment to the brain.
Wr May Live la Olnox Hoa,
That the world is about to see the in
augurat:ou of an age of glass is tht
prediction of Jules Menrivaux, til
lately the director of the great glas
manufactory at St. ;obain aud one ot
the greatest French chemists. M. Hen
nvaus is an enthusiast on glass. H
believes it to te the material of th
future, and claims that it is the best I
substance known to us for every klnt!
of structural purpose and especiallj- fot
dwelling houses.
The familiar brown pigment knowt?
as sepia is the product of a ten arme
cuttlefish found in all European water
and common in the Mediterranean. Tb
fish Is of a whity brown color, with reo
spots, and possesses a sac containing
a dark liquid having an extremely high
coloring power. When the animal de
sires to conceal Its movements or es
cspe from a dangerous enemy. It squirts
tris liquid in the surrounding jwi wa
Like to be spoken of as possessing
political Influence.
Show a weakness for trailing in tbi
wake of social swells.
Miow a weakness for exhibiting a
big roll of hank notes.
Think themselvesconsiderably smart
er than every other man.
Boast of a fondness for children
wtm-h never is iu ofwn evidence.
Want to tie considered competent
critM-s of music and the drama.
Carry b-item In ibelr coat pocket
whkn should have Deen nurutil.
Ibirarxl tt a a sign of Importance
to relet 10 frouiiii-nt men ny their sur
Base their opinions of a clergyman's
meruit m on bin c -- rafbef than on Dis
Tti.nfc ?t an erweteof rr- r historic
knowhtt-.- to iaik of -rioo. W a
gratit suu 1 tie iHirning ot ftJuecow.
PLilaOr in.a iftiiietin.
Rkodea, m Fimi Skipper.
During the America's cup race oft
Sandy Hook next month the work of
the men in command of the fleet tl)
footers will attract much attention.
With them. In fact, lies the fulfillment
or disapiKiinttuent of the hope of vic
tory entertained by the folk of two na
Captain Uriah Rhodes of the Ilcrre
hoff built sloop Constitution is one of
the best known yachting experts In
America, and there is no doubt in the
hearts f his countrymen that he will
guide the graceful craft to a decisive
victory over the Shamrock II. Captain
Khodes is a native of I-ong Island. N
Y., aud obtained his primary lessons In
seamanship on board an oyster dredger.
Captain Khodes sailed the TK-fendet
when she was a. trial boat for the Co
lumbia. He was before the mast on the
sloop Atlantic when she tried for cur
honors against the Puritan and May
llower. Me served as mate on the Vol
uutecr and since then has served on
many different vessels.
It was In USSes when he took com
mand of the Defender, that Captain
Khodes became widely known, and
when YV. Butler Duncan auuouncil
that he was to hold the wheel of the
Constitution general satisfaction was
expressed, lie Is a man of tine physical
proportions and is noted for his con
servatism. Xrn York's Xew Rare Track.
The plan of New York State Senator
Timothy D. Sullivan and his associates
among Tammany Hall politicians to
construct a new race course near New
York city tias taken definite shaK and
negotiations for the purchase of real
estate a mile and a half from Jamaica,
on the line of the southern branch ot
the Long Island railroad, have been
opened aud terms agreed on.
The property comprises about 110
acres at a jioint where a new station, to
be known as Ixicust. Is to be establish
ed, the railroad officials having prom
Iscd their aid in the carrying out of tlie
scheme. There also will be trolley line
conveniences. The land will require no
grading, as it now Is level, as Is most
of the surrounding country. There Is
also pteuty of water easily accessible.
It is said thai the actual work of lay
ing out and constructing the race track
will begin in 30 flays, and plans agreed
upon provide for completion by March
1, KK)2. An oval mile and a "shoot"
furnishing a straight course of Uve and
- fui-l.Mrs will be built. At all
points the "sliuot" and (fie uialu truck
will be HO feet wide.
The grand stand will be BOO feet In
length. Whether It will be a wood or
steel structure has not been decided
A commodious clubhouse will also be
erected. The betting ring will lie twice
as large as the largest Inclosure for
bookmakers and their customers pro
vided by any club now racing on Long
Articles of incorporation will be filed
within a month for the new racing as
sociation, which is to be known as the
Metropolitan Jockey club. Those inter
ested in the new association assert that
the stock has all I wen subscribed for.
The "KanKaroo" Start
Of the hundreds of thousands of per
sons who witness college or other ath
letic sports probably not one In a hun
dred thousand jtersous knows how the
peculiar crouching or "kangaroo" start
of the sprinters originated.
Eleven years ago every sprinter stood
tip to the mark with one arm exteuded
At the crack of tlie pistol he brought
his arm down hard and leaped for
ward. This start was considered the
proer tiling.- Now not one sprinter In
a score uses this method. Instead they
crouch with hands as well as feet uion
the ground. This start was discovered
by accident in May. 1SJO. by Tommy
Lee. at that time one of the crack
fpriuters of the New York Athletic
club. Boon afterward he became the
champion of the world, and several of
bis records made In Canada still stand
an records of that country.
The Olympian Games.
It Is said that over half of the $500.
000 necessary to secure the Olympian
games for Chicago In 10OI has already
been pledged. In case the rest cannot
be secured the University of Chicago
has offered Its campus as a site for iln
stadinm, thus effecting a conslderahh
saving. Nevertheless the Windy Citj
Is undertaking a big contract, for un
der the terms of the award the city Is
pledged to pay the expenses of the vis
iting athletes.
International PoloUta.
Foxhall P. Keene. who has in cbargt
the selection of a team to play for tht
Hurliugham cups at Hiirlingham. Eng
laud, in the annual English champion
ships, has made his choice as follows
Foxhall P. Keene. captain. Lakewooc
(N. J. Polo club; John Elliott Cowdin
Lakewood Polo club; J. M. Waterbury
Jr.. Country club of Westchester. N
Y and Iiwrence Waterbnry. back
Couutry club of Westchester, N. Y.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for an? case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
' Cure,
r J. Cheney &Co.. Props. Toledo.O.
e, the uudersipred. have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years.
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions, made bv
their firm.
Wlst & TBArx.Wholesale drufreists.
loledo, J.
Walding, Kissan & Marvis.
Wholesale drug-ists, Toledo, O.
Hall s Catarrh Cure 13 taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and moans surfaces of the
system. Price 75c per bottle. Sold
by all druggists Testimonials free.
ilaii g family Puis are the best.
Darke County Fair Excur-
sions via Penn. Lines.
4 . o.-.v. . , . 7
August 2bth to Mih, inclusive,
excursion tickets to Greenville will
be sold, good returning Saturday,
August 31st.
The burnso body Is like a delicately adjusted machine.
Vhen a part is worn out, or through abuse becomes rusty, it
affects the whole system. - The kidneys and liver are amont the
most important of all the organs in the body. When they get
out of order the entire system suffers. Keep them running
smoothly and good health follows.
McLean9? Litter
and KJdney Balm
will regulate these organs and keep than.-in. perfect health.
Years of use In thousands ot families have proved its value ia all
troubles affecting the liver and kidneys.
If your back aches; If vour head aches;
It you lack ambition; It you are easily tired and worn out;
It means your kidneys are out of order. Buy a bottle to-day at
your druggist's. It may save you useless suffering.
Mad by
Th, J. H. McLean Medicine Co, Jf. Loui-t. Mo.
Cure Iatpotency, Night Emissions, Loss of
eases, all effects of self-abuse or excess and indiscretion.
A nerva tonic and blood builder. Brings the pink
glow to pale cheeks and restores the fire of youth. By
mail 50c. per box, 6 boxes for $3.S with our bank
able guarantee to cure or refund the money paid.
Send for circular and copy of our bankable guarantee bond.
Positivelwiruaranteed cure for Loss ot Fower, Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken
Organs, Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia. Nervous Prostration, Hysteria. Fits, Insanity,
Paralysis and the Resuita of Excessive Use of - obacco. Opium ot Liquor. By mall
ia plain package. $i.oo a box. 6 for $soo with our bankable guarantee bond to
rare In 30 days or refund money paid. Address
nd Jacfcaon Strwsta
For sale by A. G. Luken & Co.,
H eth vrbth street. Kichmn d
Got Hla Start by Hot Gramatlaa; Oin
tola Extra Work,
At McKccpport. Ih., a wtory Is told
about President Charles M. Rehwab ot
the United States Steel corporation
which will show a good many nervous
who may not know why President
Schwab became what he Is. says the
New York Sun. The tale was told by
an engineer for whom Mr. S-bwnb at
a boy carried the chain. Everybodj
In McKeepport knows how Mr. Schvtal:
liepan life as a grocer's clerk nt Brad
dock. Nest be carried a chain at
Homestead and later was n draftsman
In the CarueRie works. While holding
that plaee young Schwab i-nme under
nntlra of ('mitaln U'lUlam (IJaoM
who was general manager of tne Cur
negle plant and whose name Is synony
mous at McKeesport with everything
good and manly. Captain Jones wns
killed at Homestead by accident a few
years bko.
The story Is that Captain Jones at
that time needed the services of an ex
pert draftsman. He applied to the
head of the drafting department for a
man. asking for the best man In tbf
1 have no best man.' said the chief
"They are all good."
Captain Jones went away. The next
day an order was Issued that to com
plete a certain piece of work all of the
draftsmen should work two hours over
time each for several weeks wltbont
pay. All of the draftsmen grumbled
except one man. Captain Jones come
alonjr the nest dny and said to the
chief of the drafting department
"How do the men like that orderV
They don't like It and are all grum
bliug except one man." was the reply
-Who Is that uianr asked Captain
"tiive me Schwab." said Captain
Prom that day the yonng drafts
man's success Ingan. The man whe
told this story was nsked what hf
thought or President Schwab. lie said.
"Charlie Schwab has no ejual as an ei
ecutlve In the steel world today."'
Pools of Solomon to Be Tanpe
5oppl Ihr ill, tVliH Water.
The nimrull last wlnti-r was very
scanty throughout Paletiue. In many
places leu than half the annual aver
age. This was especially the caae In
Jerusalem, which depends eotircly on
rain for its water supply The Inhabit
ants of the Holy City are therefore
thrcan neo by dearth and famine lur
ing the forthcoming autumu. saya the
Paris MesMcnger. 1 he situation nas be
come so serions that the municipality
of Jerusalem nceutly appealed to thej
Biinau tor a grant 10 enable the tu
thorltie to bring water through Iron
pijw-s Into Jerusalem from the pools ot
Solotuou, about four miles distant. tb
old atone flpiedU4-t built by King Sol
moo having fallen Into rains. 1 1
sultan recently sent telegraphic ordei
authorizing the expenditure for th
work by taking ,oou Torklah lira
from the "Evkaf" department aad at
plying the money toward the object 11
The water In the pools of Solomon Is
derived partly from rain and partly
rroro smau springs In the Immediate
vicinity which find their war Into tne
three enormous pools, but the Quantity
com-erea lucre in is insufficient to sua
piy me wnoie town of Jerusalem dur
ing the seven or eight dry months of
the year, not even for drinking oar
poses. It cannot, however, be dented
that the measure referred to will al
levfate much suffering among the noor
er (lasts, who cannot afford to purr haw
water at nijrh prlcw brought In lara
iroru 1 ne neighDoiing villages.
Towns Ana nooned ay Pr.
fl Sftklia Mtehea lo Moontalna.
An old fatbioued mining stampede to
the liig Snowy mountains has been
started by the dincorery of neb gold
gold, it t.:. prati-ajiy ovpoooiatla
IT.' !,Tns alo"s V MoD,an "
road nd 13 constantly drawing more
people to the scene of the ow die
eovery. The first Information of tbe
movement was brought to Helens tbe
Restore Vitality
t M UUt . ...
and Uanhood...
Memory, all wasting dis
Main Street and tae oore Dru C .
other aay ny iewis Pen welt, assistant
county attorney. .
"I was told that a man named Ay era
had found native copivr In sand on
Carless creek, near Its head In the lllg
Snowy mountains." mi id Mr. Pen
well to a reporter of the New Votk
Times. l was shown some samples ot
sand. It was wonderfully rich aud full
of plnhends of gold. There were said
to be great quantities of It. The white
population of Martensdale. Two Hot.
Harlowton, Cbct aud Itarunll had gone
up the mountain to look for placers,
and they were almost deserted."
Carless creek Is about 30 miles from
Harlowton. w-hlcn Is the nearest plme
on the railroad. Prom another source
It wan learned that the discovery was
iri-r ore remely rlof In irolil. one
Atniie having tw-en round whicb as
sayed $1.(K) gold to the ton. Until
some stotiipediTB return ll will be Im
possible to learn more exactly what the
discovery Is. as the discoverer. Ay era.
Is secretive about It.
Parea on Topi of Coaehea.
A conductor or the Chicago. Uock Is
land and Texas railway during the re
cent rush to El Ki no to register for
government homesteads collected on
one run VMI fares and tickets on the
tops of the pasKeuger coaches.
tonrlnnr American Hallwara.
The railway companies entering Ber
lin have recently adopted the American
plan (with modifications! enabling pas
sengers to check baggage to their
homes before arrival of the train.
How Cnatonas Vary.
She-rln -some parts of Australia
when a man marries each of the bride's
relatives strikes him with a stick by
way of welcome Into the family.
He Yes. and In many parts of Amer
ica when a man marries each of the
bride's relatives strikes him with a
loan by way of welcoming him Into the
family. New York Times.
A recent fsmie of The Sclent Iflc Amer
ican contains an account of the pine
needle Industry, which la M-comlng a
very lniM.rtnnt one on tlie Pacil'c
coast. From the leaves of the pine oi!
are extracted, whicb are very tteticficia
In complaint of a pulmonary order.
Two crops are gathered yearly, the
later one lielng always the largest.
The leaves of the young trees are pre
ferred, yielding a better ouallfy of oil.
It Is said. The leaves are stripped from
the trees by women and rnen. who are
piaxt fob tisnt.i.rG on, raou rtxa
paid 25 eents a bond red pounds for tlie
needles, lire hundred pound Is re
garded as an average day's work.
The leaves are then packed Into Mrl.j
and hurriedly sent to tbe factory. Ex
posure to the sun causes them to wilt
and lmjiair the quality of the product.
The factory at, which the esmuces
and extracts of the needles are manu
factnred has a capacity for handling
2.00O pounds of leaves per day. but it
Is soon to be enlarged to about fonr
times its present size.
In tbe extraction of pine oil 2.000
pounds f green leaves are required to
produce ten pounds of oIL Tbe process
te the ordinary one f distillation.
Tbe oil extracted gives an agreeable
flavor to candles. Toilet soar,.
made strongly Impregnated with eaaea
tlai oil of pine needles.

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