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Richmond Palladium
MONDAY. OCT. 23. 1901.
Fur.'ha.l fffry evening Sunday -"ptei) bv
Old andinew Phones No. 21.
One ysar by mall, tag paid - - S3.00
On.MOnlh " " " - - .25
On week, by earrler - ... - .06
Evidence is accumulation that
Kiu Edward of Eugland is seriously
afl cted.
T'is is Czoloaz's last day. He
will be electrocuted tomorrow morn
ing, 7 o'clock.
The second trial of Powers in Ken
tucky resulted as was anticipated
He as convicted, of course, anc
fcenttcced to imprisonment for life
President Roosevelt's birthday an.
niversary was very quietly cele
brated. The President is a careful
observer of the Sabbath. He is a
regular attendant at the Dutch Re
formed church.
The world breathes easier now. A
daughter was born yesterday to the
duke acd duchess of Manchester. The
latter was before marriage Miss
Helena Zimmerman of Cincinnati. It
is understood that the duke's mother
will now assist him in paying his
The President's domestic affairs
are being carefully looked after. The
mossback element in the south has
notified hira that he must exclude
the ngro race from his table, and
the Woman's Christian Union of
Ohio has requested him to banish
wine from the White House.
Sjiue collectors on rural mail
routes are complaining that the mail
boxes are being filled with advertis
ing circulars, , business cards, etc,
not regularly mailed. People who
put such matter in the rural mail
boxes are liable to get into trouble
with Uncle Sam. The same law that
applies to city mail boxes also applies
to rural mail boxes.
The plan for a memorial arch in
honor of the late President McKin
lcy has been matured and an organi
zition formed. It is proposed to
place a memorial arch at the Wash
ington anproach to the memorial
bridge across the Potomac connect
ing Washington with Arlington.
Secretary of the Treasury Lyman J.
Gae is treasurer of the organiza
tion. There is a growing disposition on
the part of legislatures and courts to
hold saloon keepers responsible for
damages accruing to wives from the
intoxication of husbands. Last Sat
urday at Warsaw, this state, Myrtle
Hunter, whose husband died from
exposure while intoxicated, was
awarded damages of $350 in her suit
against Saloon-keeper Nelson, who
had been warctd cot to sell Hunter
liquor. It was shown that Hunter
died of pneumonia, brought on by
exposure, and it was held that the
saloon-keeper contributed to his
death by seeding him out in an irre
spinsib'e ccuditijr. Women who
have drunken husbands would do
well to wai n all saloon-keepers in
the vicinity not to sell them intoxi
cating liquois. By that maans they
will place themselves in position to
secure damages for any loss they
may sustain ou account of liquor sold
to their husbands.
Prepared by Nathan S. Lamar, ab
stractor of titles, office at the court
Frank M. Price to Louie Demaree,
northeast quarter of section 16, town
ship 1", range 14, containing 1.2S
acres; f-TJo.
Hardin H. Peelle et al. to Otto
Bertram, part lots 70 and SI in the
original plat of Centerviile: S230.
Ruth Ballard to Harry G. Day, lot
7 in block 11, in Hairerstowa.
Mary Houck to Henry L. Morgan,
lots 127 and 152 in Sumner's addition
to Centerviile: $6 0.
Mary E. Ridecor.r to Isaac Hud
dlestou, part of the northeast quar
ter of section 2J, township 16, range
12: SS00.
John Geyer et al. to Charles M.
Thomas, lot 62 in Schweiinnan's addi
tion to Richmond: $1,200.
William H. Brinley to William
Keller, part of lot 16 m Oliver Kin
gey 's addition to Richmond; $1,000.
Daniel G. Reid to John O. Mason,
part southeast quarter of section 13,
township 14, range 1: $1,250.
John O. Mason to Clara L. Strong,
part of the southeast quarter of sec-
tiou 13, township 14. range 1; $1,000
Allen Cain et al. to Artie S. faio,
the northwest quarter of fractional
section al, township Is ran?e Jo,
containing 13 25 seres, $4,0oo
Seneca Keever t Loren E Kee
ver, part of block 30 fast of the river
and north of the road in Cambridge
Citv, $110.
L ren E K ever to Seneca Keever,
pjrt uf block 30 east of the river and
north of the road in Cambridge City,
John C Bayer to Augustus B.
Cook, parts of 1js 5 and 6 in Anna
Host's addition to Richmond, $350.
don't tell my wifk.
Harry Yeager has temonstrated
in past seasons that he has the art
of engaging clever staye folk. In
"Don't Tell My Wife," the new mu
sical farce in which Yeager is this
season starring Arthur Deming, this
manager has a company better even
than the splendid organizations he
has sponsored in the pst. The en
gagement here is limited to one
night, next Thursday. Special prices
25, 35 and 50.
To successfully paint upon canvas
the interior of a small gambling pal
ace it is not necessary to reproduce
the real simon pure article. Instead
of doing so the noted scenic artists
wh n called upon for a scene of this
character for the modern, sensational
melo-drama, "A Gamber's Daugh
ter," reproduced a drawing room in
the palatial residence of a Chicago
millionaire. The scene is of great
beauty and adds greatly to the sue
cess of the famous play. Gennett,
Saturday evening. Prices 25, 35 and
300,000 Women
Have been restored to health
by Lydla Cm Plnkham's Vege
table Compound Their let
ter are on file and prove this
statement to bo a fact, not a
mere boast m When a medi
cine has boon successful In
curing so many women, you
cannot well say without try
Inn It " I do not believe It
will help mo."
it I N KH AN s
Vegetable Compound
la a positive cur for all those painful
Ailments of Women.
It will entirely core the worst forms of
Female Complaints, all Ovarian troubles.
Inflammation and Ulceration, Falling and
Iispla"ement9 of the Womb, and consequent
Spinal Weakness, and is peculiarly adapted
to the Change of Life.
Your mtlicine cared me of ter
rible female illness.
Mrs. m. K. MrtLra,
lA Concord Sq.. Hoaton. Mam,
It has cured more cases of Backache and
I-eucorrhcea than any other remedy the
world has ever known. It is almost infallible
in such cases. It dissolves and expels
Tumors from the Cterus in an early stage ;
oi development, ana cnecks any tendency
to cancerous humors.
Your Vettahle Comixmiid re
moved a Fibrinu Tumor from mv
womb alter iN.-tor9 failei to arive
relief. 11IU.B. A. LomBjiru,
Wesuial, Muss.
Bearing-down Feeling
Womb troubles, causing pain, weight, and
backache, instantly relieved and perma
nently cured by its use. Under all circum
stances it acts in harmony with the laws
that govern the female system, and is as
harmless as water.
Backache left me after taking
f P the soeond bottle. Your medicine
i cured me when doctors failed.
Mrs. S.tKJkH Holsteis,
3 Pavta Block, Uorham St., Lowell. Mass.
Suppressed or Painful Menstruations, Weak
ness of the Stomach, Indigestion, Bloating,
Flooding. Nervous Prostration, Headache,
tTeneral iebuuy.
It is a Brand medicine. 1 am
thankful for the g'Hi it has don
me.- Mrs. J. . j.,
76 Carolina Ave.,
Jamaica Plain (.Boston i, Mass.
Dizziness. Faintness, j
Extreme Lassitude, " don't care " and j
" want to be left alone " feeling, excitabil- j
ity, irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness, j
flatulency, melancholy, or the "blues," and j
backache. These are sure indications of ;
Female Weakness, soma derangement of the 1
I was troubled with .Dizziness,
Headaches, Faintness. Swelling
Limbs. Your medicine cared me.
Mks. Sarah Et Baker.
Backsport. Me.
The whale rtorr, however. I told In an
ill ut rte.i book which coes with each bot
tie. the most complete treatise on femaia
eamplaiut ever published.
For eight vears I suffered with
Limb trouble, and w& entirwv
cured br &Ira. FickLair " iret1;cit.e.
l KS. i low v e.
Littleton. N. H.
Kidney Complaints j
and Backacha of either sex the Vegetable i
ComTVMiTiti alvravs cures. i
Tha Vece table Com- (
Ljtia L Plnkham's
Uitr PUls cert
Const! patios.
Sck Hudscha, 2S&
ponnd is aold by all :
artuiu or sent bj ;
niajiin form of PitU
or Losragea. on ra-'
eeipt of Ol -OO. i
Vno Ma t,idm la rrfetMt oor.f deo.
LTOIa S. FIM.HA Matf. iU Lvaa,
j Historical Play Given In Sum
f mer by Swedish Peasants.
A RoofJe-as Church . ! the Theater.
Scene of Prodartloa Similar In
Some neapeeta to That Given at
Actuated by a desire to extend the
fame of their picturesque old city and
convert its historical associations and
Ivy clad ruins into cash by bringing
tourists, who seldom go there now. and
at the same time to revive and pre
serve the memories of the past the
good people of Visby. writes WUl'.ata
E. Curtis from Sweden to the Chicago
llecord-llerald. are trying to emulate
those of Oberainmergau and are pre
senting a historical play each Sunday
during the summer season. The cast is
composed entirely of home talent, the
costumes, scenery and properties are
all of local design and manufacture.
and every one who participates is an
amateur, young men and women of
good families, who contribute their
services for no compensation but glory
and the admiration of their friends.
Ossian Ilamrin, superintendent of
schools, is the genius who suggested
and organized the affair and acts as
stasre manager.
The play selected to inaugurate the
enterprise is entitled "Santa Maria"
and was written by Zacharias Topeli
us. a Finnish poet of local fame, who
died last year. It Is based upon the
first Swedish crusade, when Raimund
Gothe went from Visby to Finland
with an army of crusaders to convert
the Finns from paganism to Christian
ity. Uaimund was accompanied by his
beautiful daughter Sigrun, a mission
ary named Angelethus and a large
company of monks.
This play is given within the roofless
walls oJ the old church of St. Nicholas.
The bricks are ripe with antiquity, and
the wounds which time has made are
concealed by masses of English ivy
which hang in festoons from the arch
es. The pillars, the windows and the
arches that sustain the roof are almost
perfect. There Is no more beautiful
ruin In all Europe. The stage is placed
where the altar formerly stood and is
encircled by the foliage of the trees
that grow within the sacred walls.
Long tiers of pine benches rise one aft
er the other throughout the entire edi
fice and make a striking contrast to
the mullioned windows, whose delicate
carving has endured for seven centu
ries. The audience came from all over the
Island, from Stockholm and from other
ports of Sweden, from Ilelsingfors. the
capital of Finland, and other cities of
that country. A row of excursion steaui
ers was tied up at the dock, and spe
cial trains from the uttermost parts of
the little island of Gotland arrived and
departed, so as to accommodate the
people who wished to attend the play.
It was a solemn and thoughtful gath
ering. The ;audience seemed to be im
pressed with the romantic surroundings
and to appreciate In the profoundest
manner the importance of the occasion.
We had been in and out of churches all
the morning, but nowhere did we feel
the air of solemnity so much. People
spoke to each other in whispers. The
prattle of children was hushed, and the
policeman who stood at the door shrank
back into the shrubbery, feeling that
he was out of place.
"The lines were recited In a very ama
teurish manner, like schoolboys in a
dialogue on Friday afternoon, and the
scenery and the costumes were of the
most primitive character. The robes
were of ordinary shirting, ornamented
with the commonest kind of colored
cloth. The helmets and the arrows were
made of tin by the local tinsmith, and
all the other properties had a home
made appearance. In such costumes
the priest and the warrior, the monks
and the beautiful maiden stood up and
declaimed their lines at the audience
without elocutionary effect and with
the most awkward gestures. On an or
dinary stage it would have been gro
tesque and excited ridicule, but in those
surroundings it was most Impressive.
The spectator forgot the present. His
mind was transported into the past, far
back into the centuries, and be seemed
to see real people doing real things up
on the stage.
Although rude, the play Is well worth
seeing. We went expecting to stay only
a few moments, but remained to the
end. .
St. Nicholas. In which it Is given. Is
the best preserved and the most Im
posing of all th ruined churches, being
193 by 65 feet In size. Two hundred
years ago it was the chapel of a Domin
ican monastery.
Colorado Woman Slavs Bears.
Mrs. Katherine Sullivan, who owns
a ranch ten miles south of Colorado
Springs. Colo., has broken all Colorado
records as a woman bear killer. When
she drove home one day recently, she
found three bears in possession of her
premises. They retired as she appear
ed, but rear.pared later, and the moth
er ltar. weisij:ng 0t)u pounds, was
causrht in to improvised trap. Mrs.-
Sullivan dispatched it and also a 100
peud cub.
Sard For 93.000 Worth of Kisses.
A circuit court jutitre at Sheboygan, j
Wis- awarded Mrs. Bouska $300 ia a
curious suit. Teter Hugent was the
iefendant. He promised Mrs. Bouska
$1 for every kiss she gave him. Failing
to collect, she instituted suit. She
asked the court for $3.C00 damages, as
serting that she had given that many
kisses in accordance with the contract.
Tarn O'Shanters for the Girls.
Solid and Fancy Colors.
Two Qualities, 50 cents and Sl.00.
Items of Special Interest in the Store.
R. B. Cochrane, P. D. S
There Is No Excuse
For your having bad, ugly teeth to
mar your beauty and ruin your health.
If you are timid you net d have no
fear, for we are prepared to do per
fectly painless dentistry, aud if your
means are limited, here is the place
to come, for our prices are more than
reasonable for the kind of work we
do. This is the way all my patients
talk :
"Dr. Cochrane extracted nine teeth for me entirely
without pain, and I suffered no bad after results.
21X North 17th St., City.
Compare these prices with what
you formerly paid:
eoad Sat of Teath en rubber - SB.OO
18K Gold Crown - - 4.00
22 K Gold Crown - - 6.00
Bald Fillings - - SI.OO Up
Silvor Filling - BOo and op
Tooth Eatraetod, 2B and - .SO
Remember, all work is guaranteed.
I will forfeit 25 for v-v tclb I can
not extract without pain.
R. B. Cochrane, D.D.S.
Ks-?u r otuu-ied and Rejristered Dentist.
Rooms IS and 19, Colonial B ilding
P,e sure yon cet the tignt rooms.
The numbers are on tne door.
A Typical Sou tli African
O. R. Larson, of Bay Villa, . Sun-
davs River, Cape Colony, conducts a!
store typical 01 ooum xitriui, at
which cau be purchased anything
from the proverbial "need of an an
chor." This store is situated in a
valiey nine miles from the nearest
railway station and about twenty
five miles from the nearest town. Mr. j
Larson says: "I am favored with .
the custom of farmers within a radius j
of thirty miles, to many of whom 1
have supplied Chamberlain's rem
edies. AH testify to their value in a
household where a doctor's advice is
almost out of the question. Within
one mile of my store the population
is perhaps tixty. Of these, within
the past twelve months, no less than
fourteen have been absolutely cured
bv Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
This must surely be a record." For
sale by W. H. Sudhofif and A. G.
Luken& Co., druggists.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by HalTs Catarrh
F. J. Chenet & Co., Props. Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known
v T riior.PT for the last 15 Years.
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions, maus uy
their firm.
Wlst & Tracx, Wholesale druggists,
Toledo, O.
Waldixo, Kixsan & Mabtis,
Wholesale druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of J the
system. Price 75c per bottle. Sold
bT all druggists. Testimonials free.
'Hall's Family Piiis are the best.
This heater is adapted to
either natural gas or man
ufactured gas, and 18 really
the only economical heater
yet otTered .......
Careful'y conducted tests hve demonstrated that tith gas
at $1 00 per thousand, its oppraticg expanse does not exceed one
cent per hour. It is handsomely tiuished iu fiie proof aluminum
broLza ::::::::
Peter Johnson Stove Store.
Pen . . .
Thev Always
Write Right
Try a Parker Lucky
Curve when you call
for stationery.
j School
i 111 wood Ho-ris & Co.
Phone 709.
Blsod & Liver
A Beautiful Car bone tte Pastel
16 X 61 inches of yourself eo
lan?ed from a photograph. Some
tBiac New. Life like enlnra.
i Kauil tO15-MworM. No Fnrnn.
2j buying scheme. Write today.
ma. . luiuiall, .
1 -n
Ml 3 i:
FOR ACE an want save
while yeu may, " Ne
worning sue laete a
whole day," said Benjaaala
Franklin. Think Tof the peo
ple who eould have kept
themselves from want if they
had saved when they might.
We pay 3 per cent, aa Sav
ings Deposits. Z
When You Want
To Borrow
a V" or a "ten spot" how many of your
friends want to accommodate you?
Perhaps all of them would reallv lite
! to do so, but the fact remains that most
of tnem do not find it convenient to spare
the money and do not like to be asked.
The best and only sure way to get a
little money at any time is to call on us.
We like to accommodate everybody be
cause it is our business and we fiud it
We charge eight per cent, interest and
a small additional fee for necessary time
in appraising property, examining rec
ords and making out papt rs.
We loan on pianos, furniture, store and
office fixtures, warehouse receipts, etc.,
without removal. We loan on diamonds,
watches, etc., left in pledge. We loan to
salaried people without any security.
Strict privacy in all cases.
(Established 1886)
Room 8, Colonial Building.
Southeast Cor. Main and 7th Sts.
Home Phone 443

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