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The Song of the Nerves.
Strengthen Me Steady Me Give Me Rest.
In this age
Thisshaped box-no other
QgryeJknicTnever quaed
This shaped box no other. Signature ard portrait of D . A. W
dealers or Dr. A. W. Chase Med. Co., 257 Washington St., BurLd , N.
" Liked in Richmond.
It's bv the words of ihe people that A. W Cha-e's
?e: v Pill, h.ve come inio uch active drmand. '1 he
announcement, for this uedtciue are not dependent oa
the testimony of people so far away that they cannot
he authenticated it's home evidence that convinces
bee suae easily substantiated, it's the simple state
men! of thing done and told in the words af the re
lieved Mrs. H Brooks of 22 15th street, Ricksond. says:
I af a victim of severe nervousnesa, indigestion
and a dizzy feeling in my head I got a box of tr A.
VV. Chase's Nerve Fill, at A. G Luken Hi Co ' drug
store, and now, after taking one box, 1 can say that
my nerves are steadied, my digestion improved and
those dizzy spells relieved, i think these pills a
splendid cure for nervousness, and can recommend
them ."
Dr. A. W. Chase". Nerve Pill are sold at 50c a box at dealers or. Dr. A. W. Chase Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. Y. See
that portrait and signature of A. V. Chase, M. D., are on every box. Richmond, Ind.
South of Main, West of Seventh Stree4
12, First and south C, Piano factory
13, Second and south B
14, Fourth and south D
16, Fifth and south B
1, Fifth and south H
16, Seventh and south C
t-outh of Main, between 7th and;iltbtt
21, EigJth and Main
28 Eighth and south E
' 24, Seventh and south G
2ft, Ninth and south A
28, Tenth and south C
27, Eleventh and Main
28, Eleventh and south J
couth of Main, East of Eleventh Strec '
81. Twelfth and south B
82, Twelfth and south B
84, Fourteenth and Main
85, Fourteenth and south C
88 Eighteenth and south A
37 Twentieth and Main
Jbrth of Main, West of 10th st. to Kiver.
41, Third and Main, Robinson's shop.
42, Third and north C
48, City Building, Fire Headquarters
45, Gaar. Scott & Co
4. No. 1 hose house, north 8th street
47, Champion Mills
48, Tenth and north I
West Richmond and Sevastopol.
5, West Third and Chestnut
61, West Third and National road '
52. West Third and Kinsev
63, West Third and Richmond avenur
64, Earlham College
65, State and Boyer
56, Grant and Ridge
67, Hunt and Maple
6, Grant and Sheridan
69, Bridge avenue, Paper Mill
North of D Street, East o T-nth Stre
81, Railroad Shoos
62, Hutton's Coffin Factory
63, Hoosier Drill Works
84, Wayne Agricultural Works
65, Richmond Citv Mill Works
6fi, Westcott Carriage Co
67, Thirteenth and north H
Between Main and North D sts, E of ICth
7, Ninth and north A
71, Eleventh and north B
72, Fourteenth and north C
78, No. 8 hose house, east end
74, Eighteenth and north C
76, Twenty-second and north E
2-2-2 Patrol call
1-2-1 Fire out;
S-S-3 Fire pressure
8 Fire pressure off
10-10-10 Natural gas off
10 Natural stw on
Preserve Your fen.J th.en? here
atT for laundering.
ClOttieS Our method are
the same as those in the home laundry,
but with skilled help and greater facili
ties we reach results which are unattain
able elsewhere. The proprietor of
Richmond Steam Laundry
solicits your work, confident in his abil
ity to give perfect satisfaction.
Carpet cleaning also done here.
Excursion to Cincinnati via
Pennsylvania Lines.
November 18th to 20th, inclusive,
excursion tickets to Cincinnati will
be sold via Pennsylvania Lines, valid
returning until November 24th. For
details consult local ticket agents of
Pennsylvania Lanes,
of business rush
in the struggle for
that point like the finger of fa e to the ultimate end of it all. N rve coilapse pass un
noticed. The first slight feeling of weariness gives way to one of languor and lassitude
to exhaustion on the slightest effort. To a restless, nervous, irriiab'e condition and
frequent headaches sleep deserts the eyes there is no rest appeti'.e and digestion
flag. The body and nerve centers are bidly nourished, and into a condition of melan
choly and gloom the individual glides. It is in these conditions that Dr. A. W. Chase's
Nerve Pills act as a lite line - carrying thera back to safety again by its strong tonic and
rebuilding power its ability to furnish to the tis ues and nerve centers the elements
lacking, and to every org in, the power to i r perly perform its several duties ensur
ing rest, ttrength, vigor, energy, steadiness of nerves and a feeling tf buoyancy and
Stri t iii the Right Spot.
There come limes to every Ufe when a lack of
Mrength, failing appetite, poor circulation, weak heart
action and many other symptoms may break in. 1 hey
are not diseases, the person may not be laid up until
they have existed a long time. The influence of lr. !
A. W. i base's Nerve Fill ts to create uerve force, i
and imn edi itety people find theiuive getting well. !
because nerve force controls every vital organ of the
body. Mr. J. A. Hawkins of No. 136 south twelfth
street, Richmond. ind . says; "Some year ago 1
was taken down with severe nervous prostration
which left me ever since a sufferer from nervousness
and the results of nervouness. indigefioa and heart
trouble. I got a box of lr. A. W. Chase's Nerve
Pills at A U: Lu ken's drug store. No 1 can say my
nervous system has been toned up, my indigestion re
lieved and the action of my heart steadied i can rec
ommend these pills as a splendid netve medicine."
CXOCOCX3000e ooocooocooooo -?
The Drumbeats
Of Liberty
...Ey M. QUAD.
Cc?yriht. 1S01. by C. B. Lewis.
They bad brought him home one
day. that loyal and stout hearted pa
triot. Jacob Van Brunt, with bis vision
gone forever. A Hessian's bullet bad
blinded blm, and a comrade walked
band In hand with him and warned
him of obstructions In the road.
One night months later, as the blind
man slept, there was a gentle tapping
at his window, and as he opened the
sash and asked who was there a pa
triot sergeant replied:
"Hist. Jacob. I have been with oxen
and wagon for muskets, powder and
lead. I have had a long pull of it. and
the oxen can go no farther, aud there
Is a Hessian picket on the road to the
6outh. We must hide the munitions
and come for them again."
Ten minutes later the blind drummer
and his three daughters were assisting
the soldiers to unload the wagon and
hide Its contents in the dark and emp
ty cellar of the barn. In all haste and
yet with due caution the work was
speedily finished and the vehicle driven
back over the road, and by and by
i when a patrol of cavalry came trotting
' v 1
mat way no man saw or uraru ouj
thing unusual.
Aud when the muskets had been oil
ed and the lead cast into bullets which
gleamed bright as silver there was a
drill on the bare floor of the old barn.
With drum at his side, but the sticks
beating softly, and with Uuth. Mary
and Esther In line before him, the blind
man whisperingly commanded:
"Afention, company! Right face!
Left face! Order arms! Shoulder
arms! Ready aim recover! R-r-r-r!
And there came a November day
when the snowflakes fluttered down
now and then, and the skies were dark
with winter's warning, and the gale
whipped the dying leaves off the apple
and pear trees and tossed their branch
) es about in wild disorder. The blind
. drummer was nodding in sleep In his
j chair, and his daughters were in the
field searching for potato hills which
might have escaped the raiders. Of a
sudden the man roused up and peered
into vacancy with his sightless eyes
and listened with beating heart.
The daughters found him standing
?rect, with drum at his side and sticks
in his hand, as they came running in.
",Aye, they are coming, the enemy."
be said as the panting girls essayed
to speak. "They have heard of the
arms aud are coining to take them
away. You. Uuth aud Mary, to the
barn and bring' as many muskets as
you can carry, and you. Esther. bad me
to the lane and stone wall. Forward
steady forward, march!
"Attention, company!" cried the drum
mer as he ceased to rattle his sticks.
"Load each and every musket. Let
theiu come half way up the lane before
you fire. Tell me. Esther, what do they
"They bar halted, father, and ap
pear surprisd and confused."
R-r-r-r! Rat-a-tat! Rat-tat-tat! They
are brave men and will come on. but
they are euemies of liberty. Aye. 1
bear their tramp on the dying grass.
Steady, girls steady! When they are
even with the wild cherry tree, fire at
them to kilL Tell me. Esther, tell me"
Bang! bang! bang! roared the three
muskets, and with pulses jumping the
blind man grasped his sticks and made
the drum rattle till the half doxen
horses down in the road reared up and
plunged and whinnied at the sounds.
Fresh muskets! Fire again! Tell
me. Esther, tell me If any of them are
"Three, father!" Bang! bang! bang!
"Five, father five are down now. and
one is leaning against the wall! We
have stopped them! They halt they
waver they give back!"
Tbe enemy fell back, rallied and md-
place and fortune, the Jitt'e symptoms
on each box. Price 50 cents at
A Revelation.
Take away sound refreshing sleep and you rob as
tute of its most necessary requirements- r eeding and
building up time; that's why so many people find
their standard of strength waning when they cannot
sleep well. One symptom after another creeps in and
serious ailments tollow; that is what makes so many
feel and look older than thev are. The perfecting of
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills is a revelation to this
kind. Mrs J. Cully of icjj east Mam street. Rich
mond. Ind says: ''for a long time 1 have been a
sufferer from severe nervousness that I could not
sleep at night. I got a box of lr. A.W Chase's Nerve
Pills at A O Luken ii Co 's drug tore, and after
taking part of a box 1 found my nerves steadied, and
as a result I slept better th n 1 l ad for months. I
consider these pills a splendid medicine for anyone
anected with nervousness and its attending ills."
va:u-eu lor me iuiiu rime, .-vow soiue
of the troops left ihe narrow lane and
advanced upon the Hanks of the de
fense. They crept alaisg the stone
walls or skirmished across ihe fields,
and the tiling became brisk.
R-r-r-r! Rat a tat-iat -tat!" rattled
the drum, and the drummer shouted
above the noise: "Von are using but
two muskets now! What has become
of Rutti?"
Oh. father." replied Esther. "Ruth
Ruth is dead!"
"Rat a tat tat tat! Attention, com
pany! lxad- ready aim lire recover!
Tell me. Esther, can we hold them?"
"No. father! They are In front to
the right to the left! 1 see them aim
ing at you. father! Crouch down be
side me or you will be killed!"
"1 cannot see. I cannot shoot, but 1
will stand to the last! R-r-r-r! R-r-r-r!
Rat-a-tat! Rat-a-tat-tat! 'Tisthedrum
bents that called the minutemen to
gether at Lexington. You are using but
one musket now. What has become or
"Dead, father dead as she rested her
gun barrel over the wall!"
"Attention, company! Ouly a blind
man and a girl, but the muskets in the
barn belong to Washington and liber
ty, and we must die for them! Are you
afraid. Esther?"
"11 am not afraid!"
"Then fight on! "Twas thus that the
drums rattled at Bunker Hill r-r-r-a-a-tat-tat-tat-tat!
And 'twas thus they
stoutened our hearts as we slowly fell
back from Brooklyn Heights r-r-r-rat-
tat-tat-tat-tat-tat! You have ceased
firing. Tell me. Esther, is the powder
There was no answer.
"They are dead." groaned the blind
man "Ruth. Mary and Esther all
dead! Aye. shout and cheer and fire,
you hirelings! I face you so! And
bere is the way the "drums beat at
White riaius as our ragged patriots
came swinging into action r-r-r-r! Tat-tat-tat!
Rat-a-tat! Rat-a-tat! Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat!
And when we crossed
the Delaware and broke the British
C"r.;er at Trenton it was r-r-r-r-at-'Hi
The blind man swayed and tottered
and sank to earth, and there were
cheers from the walls and fences and
"And at Frineeton," be whispered as
he clutched the drumsticks with fin
gers of death, "the drumbeats w-ere
tat tat"
"How did they know? How could we
tell?" asked man of man as they stood
leaning on their muskets and looked
down on the dead. They could not
have told. They could not comprehend
the depths of patriotism.
Little Doing.
"You don't appear to be very particu
lar about your appearance nowadays,"
remarked the owl. "Don't you go into
society any more?"
"Oh. no." replied the stork. "We
don't supply pet dogs, you know."
Catholic Standard and Times.
In Hard Lack.
"Yes, Mrs. Uptodate Is dreadfully
"What's the matter V
"Why two new fads have made their
appearance at the same time, and she
doesn't know which to take up." Chi
cago Post.
I A Good Bet.
t "Well, the automobile is certainly the
vehicle for the beginning of the twen
tieth century, but I wonder what we
will be riding in toward its close?"
! "A hearse probably.'' Philadelphia
' North American.
Xotklmar to Braar About.
Algy Yaas, I belong to Chicago,
Miss Flyte.
Miss Flyte Oh, is that all? I thought
from the way you talked Chicago be
longed to yon. Boston Globe.
Rio Eojoyaoeot Llaaited.
Mrs. Twaddle Why, Dr. Jalap. It's
ages since I saw you. How have yon
been? Do you enjoy good health?
Dr. Jalap Not in others. Mrs. Twad
dlenot in others. Boston Transcript.
Tkelr Wan of Pin las. SleeplnB.
Eallag aid WorUlas-Soir.f Taat
Are Abate Toil OilUr:iuB of
Class lu Their tlarial i'lac-a.
"Thtre is a lot that is huniaa about
these little anis." writes Harvey Sutii
erlaiid in Ainsiee's. "TLey like to play
and cut up. They make believe to fight,
and when they wrestle in fua they roll
all around like schoolboys. They wash
and brush each other and stretch ous
under the process as much as to say.
'My. that feels goodT When they sleet-,
they often lie on their sides and somt
tinies squat down on their abdomen
and the last pair cf legs for all the
world like a man taking a nap. When
they wake up. they gape and stretch
themselves and all but say, IIo. hum.
They always wash themselves aud
comb their hair as soon as they get up.
"TLey are like us ia keeping pets
altoutthe house. Andrecounted5S4 spe
cies of Insects, nearly all of them bee
tles, that are habitually to le found in
ants nests. They must be there with
their consent, for au interloper Is in-j
stantly killed. Some of them are milk
cattle, like the aphides, such as cater- j
pillars that give sirup and the little
blind beetle elaviger, which secretes
honey from a tnft at the base of its
rlngs. If one of these clavigers Is put
Into the nest of strange ants they fall
upon it and slaughter It at once. Some
kinds of wood lice are kept as scaven
gers, and the silverfish or brlstletail
and the larva of the elater leetle are
handy to have arornd to do the heavy
digging under tle supervision of the
workers. Many of these domesticated
animals are unable to feed themselves.
Lesjes saw some ants eating sugar. A
lomecbusa of their nest came up and
nuzzled them until they fed it. After
ward it climbed up on the lump of sug
ar, but did not seem to know how to
get the good of it for Itself. But also
there are pets about which are as use
less as a pug dog, if another such a
thing In the universe can be Imagined.
The little Stenam ma westwoodii pranks
about in the bills of Formica rufa and
Formica pratensis. It runs along with
them, jumps on their backs and takes
a ride, and If for any reason the nest
is removed it goes along.
"Then there is another little ant in
these nests that Is by no means a pet.
It digs its galleries In the partitions so
small that the big ants cannot get in
to kill them. Every once In awhile a
Saleuopsis fugax darts out. snatches
up a baby and runs with it into its
den, where it eats It up. It is as if we
had cannibal dwarfs lurking In the
walls jmd now and then carrying off
one of) the children to be devoidt'd at
horrid banquets behind the plastering.
"Bui if we begin calling hard names
we mKUt.as well keep It up and admit
first Jk last that all ants are cannibals
and fi-ed not only on other kinds of
ants,lut even upon their own species
whet aj'iey are not of the same house
boldifhey capture and carry off the
eggsV.rva? and pupae of other nests.
and Tat they do not have for dinner
todayJhey fatten for tomorrow. It U
6uppojved that in this way they got lntc
the habit of keeping slaves. The young
captive ants came out of their cocoors
and, being naturally Industrious, they
bustled about and gave the babies
their nimmy nimmy when they cried
for It, swept the floor and carried in
the coal until the approving workers
of the captors began to talk to each
other like this: That fusca is a handy
little thing about the house. Seems a
kind of pity to kill her when we've got
so much fresh meat on hand and right
in the busy season, when help is hard
to get. She's so good to the children
too. Let's keep her awhile. What do
you say? And then when it was de
cided to put off butchering day they
went to the fusca and said: 'Fusca.
we've concluded not to kill you for a
spell yet. You can stay around and
do up the work, but mind, if there are
any complaints about you or the chil
dren are neglected or yon give any of
your back talk well, there'll be fresh
meat for supper. Do you understand?
"And the fusca dropped a courtesy
and made answer: 'l'aiss, missy. Tank
yo", missy. Ah'll do de bes' ah kin.'
It is almost needless to say that F.
fusca is a black ant.
"F. sanguineas can do their own
work and often do not keep slaves at
all, but they are little thought of in ant
circles. The real nobility and gentry
are Polyergus rufescens and Polyergus
lucidus. Work? They work? No, in
deed! You don't see them demeaning
themselves building and minding chil
dren, collecting food or even feeding
themselves, if you please. When the
nest is changed, they do not set root to
the ground. They are carried by
slaves. Tbey have always been accus
tomed to having help about the house
But thev can fight. Their mandibles
are fit only to crush other ants heads.
"Ants have cemeteries, and It Is char
acteristic of them that the slaves are
not buried with their masters, but In
another place, over by the back fence
among the ragweeds and burdocks.
Mexteaa Drawm Work.
In Mexico there are many things
which attract the attention of the
average tourist. Of these one of the
most distinctive Is Mexican drawn
work. Some of this is very artistic,
and the patience of Mexican women
In the prodnction of this beautiful
article of Mexican commerce has kept
for this modern active world of ma
chinery and machine made articles the
only survival of the beautiful needle
work of a century ago, for which the
women of Europe had been noted for
even! centuxiesv.. . . ,
Vtly Did You Get Your Piece?
Somt-Nx! v ate one hwmirv!
- oV '-
Muiee i'le last year, fur we sold en miUii'n packages of
None such-
Mince Meat
end as each ten-cent package makes two pies, that mean
Twenty Million VlmvS i'los.
Each pic made fat leat five pieces Hat rm-ans one hundred
million "cuts.'" or a little nniie than a sitce to every nun,
woman and child in the t'niteti Slates.
Did you get your fteit f
F.- sale ' y evrry c Kocer t to cmi a parkaee. f t fritft
cn tTi.il ; Inn; - Ko. !-- iii coi itc- Viiil.'l preituaa iit iwUMsi.
r -. .
---2 f
The Kind You Have Always
in use for over 30 years,
' , &onal
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-ood" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castona is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Coiirtipatiii
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The Kind You Me Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
DON'T Be FoolcD!
Take the genatiit. original
Made only by Mad'aon Med!
Cine Co., Madison. I
keeps vou Our trad
isiarU cut on eich rckaee
Price, 35 Cent. Nccr so!
In bu:k. Aorcrt r.n nbti
coi.tcii-, tC. Ask o:ir
z r A u v a i ..' -FOIt
Ely's Cream Ba'm
Gives Relief at once
It cian-. soofli
hfnlB the dieafi tn-m-
Jmrnc. It curm catarrh
nrvi drive away cold
iiitneh-al quickly. It
;s aroroi.
Heala and protect the membrane. Restore
the senses ol Taste and Smell. Lsrce sixe 5oc
Trial si l'-, Druacists or by mail.
ELY BK03..5S Warren eit. Jew York.
rw Bir4 for nr)DtortJ
irritations ut ulcerations
of n i tout memtraiK.
Painins. and nut astxia-
geot or poisonous.
taM tjr Irrasvtata.
sent in plain wrapper,
xpress, .repaid, tor
IK. ori botti-a. ti.7.
sent on regaest.
Axaenie Besuxty Tablet and Pill, t
'eetly h sad zrusraateod troauvct lor'
tisordera. Restcm the at ts
.0 days trKauije&t 9e! tf dr Jl '
nd foe eircu'ar. Addrwea,
fvrT. MFDK.AI.CA.. Ctfr
Sold by A. G. Lu
street, and Curme
eighth street. P"
Takes om.
of happy ch
Kindles anew
That's what Be
35c. AsV yourU
W tn 1 .1 ura, j
MasVW Mt i. mmnmm.
miUton tHK-r ft NONK St'CH
Bought, and which has been,
has home the si$rnatnre ol
has heen made under his per-
supervision since its infancy.
Signature of
He H. Meerhoff
Steam and Hot
Water Heating
See us for Estimates.
Phone 9 8 Ninth
Good Friends,
don't yon think it's
about time you gave
us a call? We have
everything in harness
and harness furnish
ings, and you will
always find oar tools
the best and our
prices the lowest for
tfce best goods.
Weareselliae first
class horse blanket at 75c to fQ.&(
New Pheite 7SS.

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