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Bicroroyp daily palladium, Monday, yovEMBER 25, 1901.
(H)iii Aid Oil If you hit your thumb wIth
XeaAllwiaCi JLX a hammer, you rub on some
soothing, healing remedy, wrap it up and let Nature do
the rest. That's just exactly what you ought to do for
Rheumatism.. There is no more sense in swallowing
medicines for Rheumatism than there is in swallow
ing medicines for a bruised thumb. Rub your Rheu
matism with Omega Oil every night and morning.
Nature will do the rest, and between Omega Oil and
Nature you will be cured. Keep those strong medi
cines out of your stomach.
We pay the above reward for any case o! Liver Complaint
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Indigestion, Constipation
or Costiveness we cannot cure with
Liverita, The Up-to-Date Little Liver Pill
.They are purely Vegetable and never fail to give satisfaction,
25c boxes contain 100 Pills, 10c boxes contain 40 Pills, 5c
boxes contain 15 Pills. Beware of substitutions and imitations
Sentjby mail. Stamps taken. Nervita Medical Gx, Cornc
Clinton and Jackson Sts.? Chicago, Illinois. u
For salebyA. G. Luken & Co., Main Street and lb.! Aoore Drug Co.,
IB north eiehtn strt. Kionmond
Preserve Your rtundeghere
tlUin . Our method are
the same as those in the home laundry,
but with skilled help and greater facili
ties we reach result which are unattain
able elsewhere. The proprietor of
Richmond Steam Laundry
solicits your work, confident in his alii
ity to give perfect satisfaction.
Carpet cleaning alMi done here.
For XhanUscllnjjr nay Trip
Via Pennsylvania Lines.
For the accommodation of persons
wishirg to make Thanksgiving Day
trips, excursion lickets will be sold
at ticket stations of the Pennsylva
nia lines to stations on those lines
within a radius of 150 miles of selling
point. Tickets will be on sale Nov.
27th and 2Stb, good returning until
Nov. 2ith, inclusive. Special rate
tickets will also be sold for students
and instructors of colleges, semi
naries and universities going home to
sDend Thanksgiving holiday vaca
tion. For rates, time of trains, etc.,
apply to nearest .ticket agent of the
Pennsylvania Lines.
Your Lifeaway I
Voa can be cared of ut form of tobacco using
easily, be made well, strong. mseaetTc. fall of
new l;ff and nccr by tailing MO-TO-BAC,
that makrs weak men strong. Many gaia
ten pounds in tea days. Orer 8 00,000
cared. All druggist. Cure guaranteed. Book
let and advice FREE. Address STERLING
JLEMEOY to, Chicago or New York. 433
Canay Cathartic, cure constipation
forever. 10c 25c If C.C.C. fail, drug
gists refund money
The Big 4 Knickerbocker Special to
Bufialo. Boston and New York
Take the C. R. & M. via.
The C. R. & M. train leaves Rich
mond at 5:45 p. m every day except
Sunday, makes close connection with
the magnificent Big 4 Knickerbocker
special from St. Louis to New York
This train has in addition to Buffett
sleeping cars, library and smoking
cars and dining cars. Train reaches
Bufialo at 6:15 a. m. after a night's
ride and lands passengers at Grand
Central station, New York City, 42nd
street and 4th avenue at 6 p. m., 23
hours from Richmond.
Get What Ycu Ask For) j
When you ask for Cascarets Candy ;
Cathartic be sure you get there. I
Genuine tablets stamped C. C. C. ;
Never sold in bulk. A substitutor is
always a cheat and a fraud. Beware!
A.11 druggists, toe
i Reidston Dairy.
1 Reidston Dairy is now delivering j
milk to its customers morning and j
, evening, it being impossible to j
j reach its patrons by morning de
; livery. We are determined to ac-!
commodate our customers and t ur
Inishthem the best article of pure
j milk and cream morning or evening
as they prefer.
All societies giving dinners and
suppers where the proceeds are de
vote to charitable purposes will be
furnished mill' free of charge by
making application.
Reidston milk has no water to in
crease the bulk, to enable us to sell
cheap. We deliver it in its natural
Home telephones, number 1S4'.-361-139
904 F. nov22d30t
Excursion to Chicago via.
Pennsylvania Lines.
December 2d, 3d and 4th, low fare
excursion tickets to Chicago will be
sold via Pennsylvania Lanes, account
National Live Stock Exposition, valid
returning until December Sth. For
particulars see Ticket Agents of
Pennsylvania Lines.
. iapprr Tarty Wltn Lack Cake. Red
Apples mm Wish aadlea.
Informal Invitations may Le sent to
a doz-n friends, the note having in one
corner a pen and ink sketch of a witch
ruling on a broomstick. Cornstalks and
yellow ears of -orn. with the husks
turned back, should furni.-h the deco
rations of stairway, doorways and wiu
dows. The only light used must be that
which conies from the grinning faces
of a dozen jack-o'-lanterns, some placed
on the chandeliers over the gas, oth
ers on mantels and tables.
In the hall should stand a tub of
water in which float rosy apples
temptingly Inviting the guests to "bob"
for them, other apples being placed on
tables with fruit knives conveniently
near that one may take off a long
peeling, swing it three times around
the head, then throw it to see whose
Initial it will form.
In front of the open fire may be
several large Iron spoons in which Is
to be melted the lead that, when
thrown into cold water, assumes va
rious shapes, from which the events
of coming days may be foretold.
In the dining room the same decora
tions as those of the hail and parlor
should prevail, while a bnge Jack-o'-lantern
stands In the center of the
table, with a beaming face turned to
ward each end of the table. On the
table, radiating from the pumpkin,
should be ears of corn, and between
the corn, apples, oranges and nuts.
The favors are jack-o'-lanterns paint
ed on water color paper and then cut
out. A different expression Is given to
each face and the names are written
across the bottom.
At each plate Is a bright red apple.
In which stands a small lighted candle
held In place by the tiny fastenings
used when placing candles on a cake.
After other good things on the menu
comes the luck cake, a large iced pound
cake, having a row of gilded wish
bones, one for each guest, standing
around the edge. Iu the cake have
been placed lie fore baking a ring, a
thimble and a piece of silver, signify
ing to lucky finders of each a wedding,
a single life or great riches.
When the plates have been removed,
nuts, raisins and motto papers are pass
ed, and the guests sit telling stories and
breaking wishbones until the candles
are well burned down and it is time to
make the last wish, when, holding the
tiny Came at arm's length, each one
tries to extinguish his or hers with one
blow, that the dream may become the
A Supplementary Pantry Econom
ical and I .rial the Year Hound.
A window safe or supplementary
pantry for the comfort of economical
housewives Is illustrated and described
by The Designer. It Is made of smooth
ly planed pine boards, which might
easily enough be cut and joined by an
amateur carpenter, and Is fitted with
several shelves Intended for the recep
tion of such edibles as cannot well be
placed In the Icebox. The safe has
three sides, a floor and a sloping roof
and Is fitted closely to the window In
order that the lower sash of the latter
may serve as a door, inclosing its fourth
side. For purposes of ventilation sev
eral holes are cut In the sides of the
safe, though it Is advisable to cover
these on the inner side with fine net
ting or dirt and dust from the outside
may be blown upon uncovered food.
The safe must be secureiy fastened
upon the wall or to the window sill by
means of projecting iron brackets and
should properly be placed at a north
window, so as to get as little sunshine
as possible. In summer this window
safe will be found invaluable as an
auxiliary to the Icebox, while in winter
it may be made to till the place of the
latter entirely. Of course it will shut
out some of the litrht and air; but. on
the principle that there is no good with
out some accompanying evil, this slight
disadvantage must be borne with as
patiently as possible.
The t'aefnl I.emon.
The chapping of the hands by ex
posure to heat or from hot soapsuds
may be prevented by rubbing with
lemon juice, and using salt lemon juice
will remove iron rust and nearly all
vegetable stains. When you make a
hot lemonade for a cold, remembei
that glycerin, instead of sugar, will
make the remedy more valuable.
Faahloa'a Eeaoee.
Velvet flowers, such as anemones,
roses, poppies, iris and iomegranate.
are being used for millinery.
Though it changes its trimmings
somewhat, the bolero lives on and U
likely to have a long reign.
The downward droop of some of the
sleeves looks as If we were to indulge
In the Victorian sleeve once more.
Velvet flounces will be used on cloth
Hand painted velvet buttons are an
exquisite conceit.
The long coats so useful for late
autumn are in the ulster shape or In
the directoire and empire styles.
Fnr hats will be worn together with
the fnr waist bag later in the season
a eootinoation of one of Um maw wrinv
Un of last winter, .
f)cP.j j i
"W"' Wk.t Val Like raaoa.
Many- Shape aad Trlnmlaits.
In the way of millinery fresh ideas
re created as quickly as model ac
sold, and modes are as numerous a
they are t-econi'.ngiy pretty. Guipure
will be a favorite garniture, especial!
Introduced en black vtlft ha:.
Sable tails mixed with lace r. jl liuor
guipure compose many capotes anc
adorn a few toques. As aa a.lditiora
attraction to the latter, metailie ar
nouveau buttons are effective. Th
composition of copper reflects many ex
quisite shades and looks particularl
well among fur.
Favorite colors are mastic, different
hades of castor and soft tones of uiosr
Ked appears in varied shades of au
tumnal tinted leaf colorings and l
charmingly carried out with multicol
ored velvets. These velvets appear a
trimming on many pretty hats. One
chapeau Is entirely composed of an
openwork latticed roll strapping, re
sembling straw, which Is effected by
wired velvet, the only trimming to the
broad turned np brim being two curled,
dark variegated green couteau wings.
Many hats are still very large and be
comingly turn up toward the front and
Toques are not much smaller and
have still a tendency for breadth and
flatness. Another novelty as a trim
ming for a draped toque is coarse black
net. interwoven with white, fluffy skeins
of wool or silk. This transparency, cov
ering the new shade of rose taffetas,
produces a curious effect.
Thick plaitings of chenille, overwork
ed with strands of worsted wool, is an
other notiou meriting observation.
The smartness of the hat sketched
lies In the simplicity which Is the key
note uf its composition. The crown
and brim are of white felt, cut in eyelet
holes, through which narrow black che
nille is run in close lines. A fold of
black velvet rests on the outside of the
brim, and at one side is a large triple
rosette of black and white, caught in
the center with a paste button.
, Quite one of the features this autumn
will be the beaver hats brought out
In large picture, tricorn. toreador or
ordinary boat and sailor shapes.
Much of the millinery continues to
be very flat. Shapes are made in the
metailie plumage of tropical birds,
which, properly understood, means the
feathers of the common farm fowl
beautified by some clever artificial
process. A torsade of velvet and some
of the new ribbon rosettes made with
Learts of narrow china ribbon to re
semble flowers will be all the required
Velvet threaded felts In pale colors
will be worn, and nearly all the hats
are bound round the brim with black
The marqnls, or three cornered hat,
promises to keep well np In popularity
with the toque, and there will be a
variety of picture hats with sweeping
Velvet lid Laee.
Velvet will take precedence In all oth
er materials for rich and exceptionally
dressy toilets. The popularit7 of ex
quisite guipures and old time lace is In
sured, for all pictuiesque gowns made
In velvet are emoellished with rare lace
and less fur than usual. An endeavor
to revive women's love for real lace ia
likely to succeed in this respect, for a
costly velvet gown is certainly worthy
of a good lace trimming.
Fi Fllllne For Layer Cake.
Trim the stem ends from one pound ;
of figs and put through the meat chop- J
per. Add one cupful of water and one j
tablespoonful of sugar and stew gently
until as thick as a drop batter. Stir j
every now and then. Take from the
Ere. add one teaspoonful of vanilla and
use when cold. Table Talk.
Around the Mahoacane.
Gorgeous ornamentation of the din
ner table is conceded to be bad form.
A different kind aud color of china
with every course are affected by those
whose cabinet is crowded and who are
proud of it, but this pride has its lim
itations among people of refinement
and culture.
The larger the table napkin the bet
ter. A yard square is none too big and
pleasantly recalls the Parisians, whose
liberality in damask Is proverbial, but
not a characteristic In anything else.
The material should be the best obtain
able and the design the most beautiful.
Unless fruit be served, finger bowls
are almost obsolete at modern dinners
and are no more a necessary part of
gastronomic rituaL
The goblet is gradually reasserting
"Should name or place cards at din
ners be retained? ask the unsophis
ticated. "And why?" says the trained
catechist. Because the host or hostess
has bad them prepared in expectation
of their being retained and preserved
as souvenirs. Ignoring teem would lx
diarwpecL, What to Eat.
The l p to Date Ton el Ia Bis d
ttalek I)r imm HarLabacL Saprr
aedee Dana.k Prlrlioa Towels aad
Straps Waafc Cloth.
The big towel, and the towel that
dries quickest. Is the one most iu favor
by the modern, up to date housekeeper.
Not so very long ago the damask towel
headed the list for favor. Now the
huckaback towel Is the fashion and the
favored. It Is the everyday towel mosi
In demand, and It has practically taken
the place of damask as the best towel
the towel for first choice. It wears
better, it dries quicker and as It can
now be bought it is certainly most at
tractive. The huckaback towels for very best
use come twenty-seven inches wide.
The huckaback towel, which has su
perseded the towel of damask with
fringed ends. Is now fine iu quality,
hemstitched and lace liordered.
One of the finest of the new hucka
back towels Is finished with a broad
band of Renaissance insert iou framed
In hemstitching, aud below it is anoth
er row of hemstitching. The huckaback
Is In a fancy weave, and the towel is
made in France.
Towels of this sort, only with a deep
lace edge lustead of the insertion, are
considered equally good style.
Towels with a scalloped edge are also
much In vogue at prestnt. and when
the scalloped edge has above It two
rows of hemstitching the towel Is ex
tremely attractive.
A novel towel recently Introduced for
best use Is a combination of hucka
back and damask. A medallion of
damask forms the center, and a dam
ask design Is used as the border.
Nowadays the pure white towel is
considered the best style. Towels with
colored borders are no longer chosen
by fashionable persons. This does not
mean that the colored bordered towel
!s out of fashion. It Is simply not the
towel for very best use.
For day in and day out use the most
satisfactory towel Is a good quality of
huckaback with hemstitched ends.
For the bath the friction towel Is
the rival of the Turkish towel, and the
friction strap is the newest of alL It
Is made of linen tape, crocheted to
form a strap. Both the friction strap
and towel wear much better than
Turkish toweling, and from a hygienic
point of view are excellent. Gloves of
this same crocheted linen tape are also
a useful bathroom requisite.
In wash cloths there Is almost as
great a variety as In towels. There
are wash cloths sold to match the best
towels. They have the same lace or
scalloped edge, the same hemstitching
and the same embroidered letter or let
ters, only, of course, correspondingly
Knitted wash cloths are much liked.
Every well equipped bathroom has a
supply of wash cloths of white Turkish
The friction towels, too, are now sold
with wash cloths to match. Something
new in a wash cloth looks like very
fine Turkish toweling, but it is not. It
is woven of silk, says the author of
this timely advice on toweling, which
occurs in The Household.
Siena of a Good Canary Bird.
Smooth, thick feathers lying close to
the body; a long, slender shape, feet
that are smooth and of a rosy, trans
parent hue. with the veins in the nails
a bright red. are all requisite points.
An idea of a bird's strength and vital
ity can be gained by noting how he
hops from one perch to the other. A
bird that Is consumptive and weak
springs lightly and a well bird shows
vigor. There is all the difference In
the world In the notes of canaries, and
every one has his or her own prefer
ences. To Judge well of a singer one
should hear it a number of times.
KnmorfHi Ocran Horror.
Manila. Nov. 25. The loral steamer
Alerta. with 200 passengers, includ
ing some discharged American sot
diers from Olongapo, Subig bay. to
Manila. Is believed to have been lost.
I " 1
..V ,
Dangerous Kidney Diseases.
Celery King baa cared rue of kidney di
nuw. The doctor fearet lirisbt'a disease, and:
ir!.Mt many remedies that gave me no be! p
Vlery King has made me as well aa ever la
iny Ilfo, and it seems almost as though a
:niracle had len wrought in my case. Jen
aie O. Heichard, Springtown, Pa.
Celery King cures Constipation and NeTVe
Voiuub. Liver and Kidney diseases. 4
mm w.. . .,--,-- t. ,aip, irttTP.
I. KH u 4..M mmiU. ton.
wii. nt 1 Bh, ik. EXW
S.MIMIH t. t-4lt. t p., mmm lamll
tj 1 . muf mS ytt iv4g,.t, r M4 mm. MS
mp r Pai-tteatlatra, T,l iU la
mm Ktff r UJHal.
l.rMaU. loHWI Ttiai.iin tow
ma Dntftau. t'klrkato, . . !. I
Vtr Big 41 for anaataral
irritsliuas or uUr.Uuo
i to .meter. CI mucosa nraDcuM.
rnraau CaiMtMa. fimkM, and at uuin-
EtV-SCHEMCt CO. ot "noa.
M air Pi !.
or a, nt in plain w rs p jvrv
l.no. or 3 (Httlr, i 75.
Lircuiar aval ua riuM.
A remedy pat up in lozengarform and as p's
ant to take aa its name would imply and a port
tire cure for Constipation, whether obstinate o
occasional, alo Sick Headache.Sallow Coaipicx
Ion. Jaundiced Ryea. Offenslva Breath, Tarpid
and Sluggish Liver and Biliousness.
C. E. Carter's Laxativt Chocolata
will positively curs any of 'he abova conditions.
It is pleasant to the taswe i od a purely veetahl
laxative with no bad after-effects, nor pain, nor
a-ripingr. It is essentially n ecesaa rjr to good
health that the Liver aud Bowels be kept ia a
clean, regular and healthy condition, and Car
ter's Laxative Chocolates will aid nature ia Utt
proper discharge of her duties, and prevent any
more serious complications which mUrbt aria
from lack of attention. It is invaluable fo
Children and very delicate Women, and baa nor
nauseous or objectionable taste.
The 50c. bos contains two and one-half tuna
the quantity of the 2Sc sise.
Trade supplied by A. G. Luken &
Co., wholesale druggists, 628 and63
Main street, Richmond, Ind., and
Charles L. Magaw, druggist, 201 Ft.
Wayne Avenue, Richmond, Ind,
'Vraenlc Beanty Tat-tata mad Pill, f pa
'aetiy fe rti iriijivkj ii,ipwo f'.- ! a -a
liNorders. Betters el ,eu-n :. lavt t ..imv
:0 days' treaiDui XV- d t!.V. cw,
Send fir circc'ar, 4:jdrasa
IflV'tT U)tt'l '.x !-..
Sold by A. G. Luken & Co., Main
street, and Curme & Co., 41b north
eighth street, Richmond
Dom't Be Fooltdi
Take the genuine, original
Made only by Madison Modi,
cine Co., Madison, Wis. It
keep you well. Oar tradei
mark cut on each packatreu
Price, 35 cents. Never sols)
In bulk. Acceot no sunsti
moaeoTa .. tute. Ask m; drugguM.
Employment, Real Estate.
Information, Abstractor,
Insurance, and Notary
Work . . .
A place to bey a hctte es jen jty r
Practical Plumber and Gas Fitter, ctfcv
and N. K Sts.. Birhtnond. Ird.
Good Friends,
don't you think it's
about time you gavte
us a call ? We hat-r
everything in haraest
and harness furnshr
ings, and yon win
always find our goods
the best and oar
prices the lowest fo
the best goods. We are selling first,
class horse blanket at 7ac to 16.603
New Phone 758. SOS MAIN tl
Steam and Hot
Water Heating:
See us for Estimates.
Phone 46. 9 8. JSlntSt
mi tkt
f t. 1 .n. I
M J flaruial la
V VD.a.l 3 f

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