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Bl CHjmOlf D. DAILY TAlJlADItFZX, 'JXHy P&yX!f OT gllPKtfgS. t tail v H '.. t
Richmond Palladium
MONDAY. NOV. 25 W? 11
Pub!kJ rry eniag Sunday ewsepted) b
On raar by avail, aaataga pai - - 3.00
Om mmmth " " - - - .26
On week, by aarriar - - - -06
People are living longer and the
wor'.d is getting better in spite of all
the physical and moral ills mortal is
heir to.
The ink has entirely faded from
the parchment of the Declaration of
Independance, which is preserved in
the library of the 6tate department at
Washington. The original draft
however, purported to have been
made by Thomas Jefferson, is stilj
perfectly legible. ' '"
St. Louis people are losing no op
portunity to advertise their 1903 ex
position. When traveling they simp
ly register their names at hotels and
"iy03" instead of giving the name of
the city where they reside., ;i By the
time the exposition begins St. Louis
will be known all over the country as
"1903," just as convicts in peniten"
tiaries are known by numbers in
stead of their names.
The Washington correspondent -Of
the Indianapolis Sentinel says:
Senator and Mrs. Fairbanks have
reopened their Washington home for
the winter. Their daughter is with
them Mrs. II. R. Allen of Indian
apolis, who will accompany her
mother on a short tour. As president-general
of the Daughters of the
American Revolution Mrs. Fairbanks
ges to Charlottesville, Va., to at
tend the state convention of the so
ciety in that city; later she will go
to Atlanta, Ga , to take part in an
elaborate program.
The Marion Chronicle has started
a discussion with regard to naming
school buildings. It suggests naming
the buildings in that city for dis.
tinguished men of Indiana. The
Evansville Journal favors naming the
public school houses of that city for
teachers that have long been identi
fied with its schools- Richmond some
years ago adopted the plan of naming
its school buildings for citizens who
had distinguished themselves in softie
honorable and peculiar way. Three
exceptions were made, two with refer
ence to preserving the identity of
certain localities and one (the Gar
field building) because the name had
already become so well fixed in the
public mind that it was thought best
not to change it. The name of but
one living person was givec to a
school house.
An unprecedented suit was insti
tuted in the Chicago circuit court
last Friday. Rev. Michael J. Fitz
simmons of the Holy Name Catholic
cathedral asks for an injunction to
restrain Father Jeremiah J. Crowley
from attending mass at the cat he
dral. Crowley is the former pastor
of the Catholic church at Oregon,
111., who was excommunicated be
cause of statements he made concern
ing ecclesiastical dignitaries of the
Catholic diocese of Chicago. The
petition dealss at length with the ac
tion of Crowley in attending mass at
the Cathedral of the Holy Name after
he had been excommunicated. Con
tinuing, Father Fitzsimmons says:
"And your orator showeth that no
person has the right to enter said
church or to attend divine service
therein who is not a pew holder in
said church, or who has not the con
sent of your orator or of Most Rev
erend Archbishop of Chicago to at
tend the celebration of mass or other
religious services therein.' Father
Fitzsimmons further states that, ac
cording to the usages which govern
the Roman Catholic church, it is not
permitted that persons who have
been excommunicated from the
church shall attend upon, hear or
participate in the celebration of mass
in the church. Able attorneys have
been employed on both sides and the
result of the trial will be watched
with interest, especially in church
'Some years ago while at Martins
burc. W. Va.. I was taken with
cholera morbus, which was followed t
by diarrhoea. The doctor's midicine
did me bo good. I was advised to
get a bottle Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera , and Diarrhoea Remedy,
which I did, and it cured me sound
and well." -G. A. Morris, Embree
ille, Pa. Sold bv A. G. Lukea &
Co. and W. H. Sudho2 & Co.
6 A. IV?
J. II. Dobbins drops an interesting
letter from Pittsburg to tell that he
is still on earth. "I have covered a
ireat deal of this, eastern country,"
he says, "have been " as far' east as
Portsmouth, O , and have made all
the largest cities and towns in Cana
da, and am once more in God's coun
try, uusintss has been good at all
points and our press notices have all
been good. I have received only one
bad notice since we opened. We play
ot Richmond on December 11, then 1
shall see all my old friends. Have
enjoyed the Lest of health sirce away.
Have not seen the sua for a week,
however, nothing but smoke and soot
here. Our route is for this week:
Gittaning, Pa., 25; Washington, Pa.,
26; East Liverpool, O., 27; Braver
Falls, Pa., 28; Alliance, O., 29; New
comerstown. O., 30:
Oharles Murray and Ollie Mack
began an engagement of three days
at the Park theater, Indianapolis to
day in ''Shooting the Chutes. "Mack
is an Indianapolitan and Murray is a
Centervil'e boy. Their play, "Shoot
ing the Chutes" was written by
Mark Swan, who is well known here.
The attraction at the Gennett
Thanksgiving matinee and evening
will be "Muuress Nyell," 3 play made
famous last i sea'sota; bV Henrietta
Crosman who created: such a furor in
New York, Chicago, Boston and Phil
adelphia, that demands from local
theatrical managers became so press
ingMr. Mai rice Campbell was com
pelled to organize a special company
for the presentation of the piece.
This company headed by Miss Ar
deck and a thoroughly capable coterie
of artists will present "MistrissNell"
in Richmond and aided by an appro
priate scenic investiture ought to
prove one of the most enjoyable en
tertainments of the season.
There is not a moment in the play
when the interest is permitted to
drop, the action runs along naturally
and moves swiftly when the plot de-
velopes a thrilling situation. Of
these there are many in "The White
Slave," but when all is said and done
it is the beautiful sentiment ex
pressed by the characters that gives
to the play its greatest charm.
Poems in minature beautify the text,
and many famous quotations have
been taken from it, among them
"Rags are royal raiment when worn
for virtue's sake" is perhaps the best
known. It is to be found chiselled
in the granite shaft which marks the
lust resting place of the famous dra
matist who gave to the American
stage such masterpieces as "My
Partner," "Siberia," "Clio," and
"Separation," in addition to "The
White Slave," which will be given a
sumptuous production at the Gen
pett theatre next Tuesday. . :
Will be preseuted next Friday night
at the Gennett. It looks as if there
would be a good house, as tickets are
selling very ell. The price of ad
mission is only 35 cents and no extra
charge for reserved seats. Piat opens
Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock at the
Westcott pharmacy. The play is put
on by the Old Wayne Dramatic com
pany and is highly spoken of.
Snmfrom "'inrche in 'Spain hav been de
stroyed during the ln-t few davs by incendiary
The' condition of E-Prcident Cleveland,
who i"sutT.Tinif with a cold, n very much im
proved. The American Federation of Catholic socie
ties of the United States will open in Cincinnati
IKc. 10.
Pre, and Mr. R.Mevelt returned to Wash
ington Sunday afternoon from their outinc
down the Potomac river.
Mitr. Thomas -I. Conaty. rector of the Catholic
university at Washinrtn. was eon-socrated
titular Inhop of Satnos. an honorary title.
As a result of the demonstretions airainst the
proposed translation of the ;spe!s into Mod
ern (Jreek. the Grecian cahinet has resinifeJ,
and a new one has been appointed.
Mr. Uirkinson. the special dipj-xnatic aaent of
the L'niled Mates, who has been conducting
the ncKotiations for the release of Miss Kllen
M. Stone, has arr.ved at Constantinople.
2a Kast river Sunday morninu th tide rose to
height not remembered by the "oldest inhabi
tant." Great damage was done on all the
islands lyinir in th; river off the Harlem shore.
The annual report of Secretary Hitchcock.Td
the interior department, just made public, en
dorsed the conclusions submitted by Commis
sioner of Indian MTairs Jones reganUag the
preaaat Indian education syateia.
Hovs This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. Cheset & Co., Props. Toledo, O.
We. the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions, made by
their firm.
Wlst & Tkacx, Wholesale druggists,
Toledo, O.
Walding, KiJfXAX & Mahvis,
Wholesale druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Price 75c per bottle. Sold
by all druggists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Beautifying methods that injure
) s&m ana neaitn are dangerous. lie
beautiful without discomfort by tak
ing Rocky Mountain Tea. Sunshiny
faces follow its use. 35c Ask your
Free embroidery lessons this week
by Miss Clark. See Christmas
novelties. 25d3t -
' MR
; Trouble Over Poles.
J TM trustee, of the United Presbv
j teriau church were up in arms S tur
aay in sue uiaiver oi me municipal
electric light polea.. In planting the
thicket of poles Uh which thi
church is to.te urrmjoded in coc -mon
with the balance of the city it
seems that the workmen began ci -ting
the trees about thechurch The e
trees are large aud valuable and - u
see them destroyed or damaged is
more than the congregation was able
to stand r and the chorea trustees
went on the war path. The work was
stopped and thus the matter stanus.
The church people tufce their cue
from the Clayton Hunt east of a
short time since.One of the telephone
comp-in.es oegan cutsmg trees at Mr.
Hani's to clear the way for thei
wires and Mr. Hunt objected A
taey still continued the work he had
the men arrested for trespass. They
were brought before the mayor and
6ned. Mr. Hunt's attorueys took
the ground that the trees were his
property; that if on tompiny plant
ed poles and afterward another ooro-J
pany wan leu to piant poles the sec
ond company could not interfere with
the poles of the first company as they
were on the ground first and had ac-
quireu nms, iui iue w:o. WX;L
plants trees about bis property at bis
own expense, as required by tue
to do, has rigbts in the trees which
others can not inte fere with Tr
telephone company appealed the crse
to circuit court, but afterward dc
missed the appeal And paid the fine
To the Public.
Aiiow me to say a lew words in
praise of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
all . m .
edy. I can recommend it with the
utmost confidence. It has done iood
work for me and will do the same for
others. I had a ver? severe cou 'h
and cold and feared I would get pueu
monia, but after taking the second
dose of this medicine I feit better,
thtee bottles of it cured my cold and
the pains in my chest disappeared en
tirely. I am most respectfully youry
for health, Ralph S. Meters, 6-1
Thirty-seventh street. Wheeling, V.
Va. For sale by A. G. Luken & Co,
and W. H Sudhoff.
Clear thinking, decisive action,
vim, vijfor of body and mind, the
sparkle of life come to all who use
Rockv Mountain Tea, 33c. Ask your
Buy vour anthracite and
of the Union Ice Co.
soft coal
Homo made Layer C ke,
Fiiit vitv in City, ni-uJ
by Mrs. llutton.
Phone 2S2.
High School.
The oratorical eventsin high schoo!
this morning were "Historic Horses'
by Miss Cora Igleman and "Arctic
Explorers" by Miss Lue.la Druley.
Sweet Cider, Iladley Bros.
Dr. J E. Taylor has returned from
New York and can be found at No.
30 south tenth street, both dav and
night. 22 3t
Try the Union Ice Co.
for all kinds
of coal.
Pumpkins, lludl y Bros.
Mayor's Proclamation.
Whereas, The President of the
United States, and the governor of
Indiana have designated Thurdav.
November 28th, 1901, as a day of
general thanksgiving and prayer, 1
i equest the citizens of Richmond to
observe the same, and in so far as it
is possible to refr. in from all busi
ness and labor on that day, and in so
far as they can, to observe the day
in the usual manner.
W.m W. Zimmerman.
Should Convince the Great
est Skeptic in Rich- .
cause it's evidence in Richmond.
It's from a citizen, perhapsa neigh
bor. Investigation will confirm it."
Mr. U. W. Hunt of 400 Main street,
a -veteran of the civil war, a member
of Company A, 79th Ohio infantry,
during the civil war, says: "During
fcur or five years I suffered a grea't
deal with severe pains' through mv
loins and kidneys and an - irregular
and distressing action of the kidaey
secretions, accompanied by consider
able pain. My face, particularly be
low the eyes, puffed and bloated and
1 suffered a great deal from headache
and dizzv spalls. On account of not
n sting well I felt tired and exhaust
ed in the mornings. My attention i
was attracted to Doan's Kidney j
Pills, which were highly reoom j
metded, and I went to A. G. Luken 'si
drug store and got a box. I took but !
a few doses when I began to improve!
sieaauv in spue oi my advanced age
until I had no more aches and pains,
the headache disappeared, I rested
well and felt altogether like a new
For sale by all dealers,
price 50 cents per box.
Foster-Milburn Co. Buffalo, N. Y.
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take nd substitute.
Slkelia t D I'o al a r r I rr eje
lrci-TkrrHUMrr Coat Willi
Koaaa'ra' Front - H4tua Sack
Paletot Tweed Salt.
There twnt to be one especially
Bions the new autumn and winter cia
t5Tialsi which Is ;usiting its way Into
prominence and tliat Is an old friend
returm-d zibeline. .This Is faiutly
trcakHl with white. I'.!a.-k. lilue a:i.l
brown are the colors usually chosen for
the foundation. The texture is ex
tremely soft and offers itself for sacri
fice on the altar of the tailor made and
may best l trimmed with stitched vel
vet. An example of the julte short, round
skirt in brown aud white zibelfot Iooks
extremely well, fitting tightly and verv
neatly round the hips and narrow round
the ankU's. aud this was supplied with
a short basil aed. tight fitting coat with
collar and waistcoat of Ivory moire an
tique embroidered in ribbons,
i Once again blue serge may be cor
dially rwoiumendt'd for immediate
wtar, tbe flnest diagonal and the dark
est tone being preferable to any other
description of this perennial favorite,
while those of us who are tired of bo
lerosand many may be thus labeled
will hail with delight the advent Df the
three-quarter coat, rounding from the
front to the back and supplied with a
straight waistcoat, such a waistcoat
and turn back directolre. collar being
made of embroidered silk. To describe
the coat as three-quarter length is per
haps somewhat of an exaggeration.
The latest novelty seems to hover half
way between the hip jacket and the
three-quarter length of our previous
ancies. These vary, of course. In de
rail, some of them bearing a seam
round the hip. others being cut quite
straight, so that thy .outline rather
,Uian fit tbe waist, and then, again,
'some are on the essentially masculine
principle, fastening " double breasted,
with a turndown collar of velvet at the
back, tbe revers and the front being of
cloth similar to the coat. .
The first eat shows a mode! of the
type Just noted, a curved basque of
some length, which is.a favorite with
,he Parisians. Tbe front fastens diag
onally, and tbe costume Is of brown
cloth trimmed with chinchilla fur. This
model Is -perfectly tight . fitting, and
only a tiny V opening is left at the
In the first sketch also appears a
handsome pack paletot, and this, of
faced beaver colored cloth, has revers
and a collar of brown skunk. The front
fastens slightly to the side, and the
buttons are concealed entirely. '
Tbe smooth finished tweed gown de
picted in the second cut is turned out
In two colors and finished with quaint-
smart scrr nr smooth nriro.
ly designed metal buttons. Tbe darker
shade of tbe ciotb is strapped round
tbe coat and skirt, and the lighter is
employed on tbe collar, revers. cuffs
and belt. Tbe large picture bat Is of
felt, with big bows of velvet and two
lare feathers.
Costume All Ready
Backlots Are you going to the fancy
dress ball?
Subbubs Yes: I'm going as a tramp.
Backlots Have you got your costume
all ready?
Subbubs Yes. I'll wear my dress
nit- My wife forgot to put It out of
the way of the moths last spring. Buf
falo Counter . ...
Ctey Stand
I 1 L n c?
One Price Clothiers,
Furnishers and Hatters.
803 Main 0t.
JjR. C. M. HAM f LTON,
io N. xotli Street,
Opp. Westcott Hotel,
Richmond, Ind.
A Fine ltt tno.
Over 200 Titles.
Henty Books
See wirdow display.
M00R31 ANN'S,
520 Man St.
I'HOJfE 'it 7 .
John F. Davenport
. .Auctioneer
Terms Reasonable.
For a Christmas Gift-
Take your choice of Domestic,
Standard, White, New Home
or New Singer.
"R. 31. LACEY,
lPtMMlS42: 718 BAIN
1 -si I I J rf
m Strain of Hctiw
Service L
SfCvtd trifh Dnab?eShvttgth Silk
Buttons Stnoruify Fastened Lin
ing QuMity of the best the
nm fiH mcdel Crossers
orttf the Stylish Curves of Leg and
Hip. present PERFECT
GENNETT Theatre.
Laaee and Htnarera.
The While Slave
"Rags are royal raiment when worn for
virtue's Bake."
See the world-famous scenes once more.
The quadroon's oath, the sale of slaves at
Big Kend, aboard the "Belle Creole,"
terrific rainstorm, desolate Red Devil Is
land, way down on the old plantation,
plantation melodies with fiftv nnnl
distinguished cast, a leautifuf play
itiutii Liny ruuucea.
Prices Lower floor, S-, 50 md 75c; bal
cony 35 and 50c; gallery 25.
Sale of seats opens at Ve3tcott Phar
macy Saturday morning. Nov. 23. i
Thanksgiving Matinee
and Evening.
With a specially selected company of
players and exactly as produced by
For almost a year In Sew YorJc. at Wat
lacks. Bijou and Savoy theatres. Mag
nificent scenery, appropriate costumes
of the period.
PrteM. Matinee. 25. SO mmd 7S.
Evening, Lwr Floor. 31, 7ii halMoy
75, SO; gallery 28c.
Sale of seats at Westcott Pharmacy.

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