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Gen Alltan Loads (Jovern
niont Troops Against Lib
orals Near 1'aiiama.
One Hundred and Fifty Dead and
. Wounded Are Lett Lyiiiij Aloujf
- f - 1 . I
k me nan roan.
Against a
no noMiiti;iMi:r
United State Marines From'! the
Iowa Are Keeping' the Railway
Colen, Nov. 26. An armed guard
of marines from tbe United States bat
tleship Iowa has re-established the
transit across the Isthmus, and details
from the Iowa's marines are now pro
tecting each passenger train. There
has been fierce fighting at Empire sta
tion on the railroad line between Pan
ama and Colon between the insur
gents and the troops of the Colombian
government, with very heavy losses
on both sides.
Sunday morning at 10 o'clock the
schooner Clapet and a railroad barge
returned to Panama bringing 350 men
from Chorrera, being the remainder
of General Alban's expedition. Great
crowds gathered at the wharf to wit
ness the landing of the soldiers. They
were received with bands of music,
but the music sounded mournful and
the aira sounded mr like a funeral
inarch than the joyful strains of wel
come to a victorious army. General
Alban looked his usual and calm self
and acted more like a man on whose
handa time hangs heavily for want of
something to do than one coping with
grave responsibilities under trying
circa mstances.
At 3:30 Sunday afteraoon, at the
head of several hundred men. General
Alban left Panama by train for Em
pire station, where the Liberals were
reported to be in fairly strong num
bers. His purpose was to surprise and
rout them. The train bearing these
troops was held up just before it ar
rived at Culebra station, owing to the
Liberals opening fire on Alban's ad
vance guard. Alban disembarked his
men from the train, which returned to
Panama. The fighting at Culebra last
ed from 4:40 until 9 p. m. The gov-
eminent troops advanced and the
fighting was stubborn all along the
railroad line until Empire station, a
mile and a half distant, was reached.
The Liberals retreated slowly, Alban's
men following them until the latter
eventually reached Mataching station.
Here General Alban met and confer
red with Captain Perry of the Iowa,
who was returning from Colon on an
armored train. It Is understood that
Captain Perry will not allow the rail
road to transport troops, consequently
General Alban and his men were forc
ed to push ahead on foot. It Is said
here that they thus reached San Pa
blo, where the Liberals are in force,
and that fighting is taking place there.
The Liberals are under the command
of General Lugo.
Between the stations of Culebra and
Empire over 150 killed and wounded
men could be seen along the track.
The sight was gruesome. There is no
proper Red Cross orgarfzation, and
the wounded lacked care. The Lib
erals at Colon declare the majority of
the men killed on the line to be Con
servative troops and that the rebels
are still in force along the railroad.
r Three hundred of the Iowa's ma
rines were landed at Panama to pro
tect the property of the railroad and
to insure the continuance of transit
across the Isthmus. In government
circles in Panama there is still entire
confidence in General Aiban. and it is
believed there that this Conservative
general is able to cope with the pres
ent situation and successfully over
come the apparently unsurmountable
difficulties before him. It is estimated
that the Cor?s'rvative government has
400 men at Panama. The breastworks
on the railroad bridge that leads into
Panama, as well as those erected in
side the city hav? been demolished
by the government.
Death Sentence is Sought
sro Mnrdcirr.
Indianapol's. Nov. 26. Jaiats John
son. colored, went to trial in the crim
inal court yesterday on the charge of
murdertna Joel Combs, white, in a
Haughville street recently, after there j
had been trouble between white and!
colored men. There seems little prob-1
ability that the defense will mal e any j
serious attempt to prove mm .jdo
cent, for Johnson admitted to the offi
ers after he was lodged in jail that
he shot Combs. The only real Issue
for the jury to determine was how
great his punishment should be.
Prosecutor Ruckelshaus intends to
make a strong effort to obtain a ver
dict of murder in the first degree and
a sentence of death.
Studettaker Still Knilinsr-
South Bend, Ind., Nov. 26. The
Hon. Clem Studebaker is failing, his
condition since Sunday being far from
encouraging. He is weaker than at
any time since he became ill. Yes
terday afternoon he passed a few
hours in sleep, but last night he grew
restless. Inquiries concerning his
condition are coming from all farts,
of the country.
Children Were Alone.
Muncie, Ind., Nov. 26. The 2-year-
old daughter of George Branson was
burned to death last night, the child's
clothing catching fire from a stove.
A baby brother who went to the res
cue had his hands severely burned
The mother was away from home at
the time.
Wayward Lad Killed.
Franklin, Ind.. Nov. 26. Rufus
Thompson, son of Philip Thompson of
this (Johnson) county, who was ex
pelled from school for unruty conduct.
and ran away from home, was killed
by the cars at Elizabethtown, Ky.
Self Defense
Rushville. Ind., Nov. 26. The trial
of Jesse Hilling, indicted for the mur
der of George Retherford in May last,
has resulted in an acquittal. Hilling
sustaining a plea of self-defense.
Such Id a Common Law MarriaffB
Says I. S. Court of Appeal.
St. Loftis, Mo.. Nov. 26. The U. S.
court of appeals, 'n reversing the de
cisions of the United States district
court of the Indian Territory and the
Indian Territory court of appeals,
which were In favor of Rose Pryor,
who sued Samuel T. Davis, a wealthy
merchant of the Cherokee nation, for
alleged breach of promise, decided
yesterday that common law marriages
are legal.
Miss Pryor, who is also a resident
of the Cherokee nation, was a mem
ber of Davis' household. As mistress
of the household was a woman known
to Miss Pryor as Mrs. Davis. Ac
cording to Davis, this woman was his
wife, with whom he had lived for up
ward of 20 years. When Rose was 21
years old Davis was alleged to have
eloped with her, but for some reason
refused to marry her. Miss Pryor
considered her affections had been in
jured to the extent of $9,500. and filed
suit for this amount and won in both
the lower courts. She alleged that
Davis had told her that he was not
legally married to Mrs. Davis and that
there was no legal objection to his
making her his wife.
In delivering the opinion of the ap
pellate court Judge Adams said:
'"Marriage is a civil contract and may
be made by any persons of different
sexf8 competent to make such con
tract. While commonly entered into
with some ceremony either civil or
religious, it may be consummated
without any ceremony. If a man and
woman, in good faith, agree to become
husband and wife, and this agreement
is followed by a consistent and notor
ious cohabitation, the relation of hus
band and wife is lawfully established."
Colon Will Kmup a Shrlliiii Tbank
to Cnelf Mm.
Washington. Nov. 2. It is proUy
well understood here that there Is to
i be no bon; bard men? cf Colon bv eithei
side. While Comrr.anUer McCrea si.
sutu nit; uisereuonary power an-.,
nothing was said to him about stop
ping the borabardtuent direc.iy. neve,
theless the stale department es
lished a precedent in these iuac:er;
last year shea it instructed Mr. G.10
ger to warn some insurgents at Pa-J
ama that they would no, be alio wee
to bombard that port. If the govern
ment troops on tie Pinzon should per
sist in their purpose it is said tha.
the commanders of the various war
ships at Colon wl require that ample
time be allowed for the escape from
the town of all foreigners and the at
tacking force, to escape restraint,
would be obliged tf direct their bom
bardment with such rare precision as
to destroy the insurgent defenses
without harming the railroad prop
erty, and even without endangering
the passage of trains, conditions not
possible to be met-
The secretary of the navy has ca
bled Captain Perry of the Iowa to
assume full command of all the United
States naval forces on both sides of
the isthmus, in order to insure har
monious operations. Consul-General
Gudger's last dispatch, which came
late yesterday afternoon, was about
as follows: "Our troops have arrived
at Matachln, one-half of the way
across the isthmus. No obstruction
and Colombian government seemed to
be victorious over the insurgents."
Daring Dash of Lieut. Van Scnmeck
to Com mended.
Manila, Nov. 26. Second Lieuten
ant Louis J. VanSchaeck of the Fourth
infantry, while scouting with a few
men of that regtment, met 150 insur
gents who had attacked and sacked
the hamlet of Siaraea near Cavite.
Upon seeing the Filipinos VanSchaeck
ordered his men to charge them. The
order was obeyed and VanSchaeck,
being mounted, reached the insur
gents 60 yards in advance of his men.
He killed three of them with his re
volver. An insurgent fired his rifle
point blank at VanSchaeck at four
paces, but missed. Lieutenant Van
Schaeck was then knocked from his
horse. He Jumped to his feet and
engaged in a hand-to-hand conflict
with the enemy, using the butt of his
revolver. He sustained two severe
wounds, one of which nearly severed
his wrist. At this point the lieuten
ant's men arrived, rescued him and
put the insurgents to flight. Van-
Schaec-lt is in the military hospital at
Manila and is doing well. He has
already been recommended ror a
medal of honor for bravery In a pre
vious engagement.
Preliminary KTtdence in the Cm Is
Now All In.
Washington. Nov. 26. The trial of
Mrs. Lola Ida Bonine for the murder
of James Seyrnou Ayres Jr. at the
Kenmore hotel last May. began in real
earnest yesterday. The preliminary de
tails as to the finding of the body, the
location of the furniture, bloodstains,
etc., were all in with the conclusion
of the testimony cf J. F. Drew, the
capitol policeman who was on the
stand when the court adjourned last
Friday. Laker, the man w ho saw Mrs.
Bonine descend the fire escape. Hop
kins, who roomed over Ayres and
raised the first outcry. Miss Woo'ums. !
who roomed under Ayres. and Miss
Valess and Miss Minas, who roomed !
on etiher side ot him. testified, j
The two latter were regarded as star i
witnesses, but they testified to no '
facts not developed at the inquest, i
Drew ttstified that there was room j
enough behind the door of Ayres' room i
for a man to have been there while j
the door was opened to admit another!
person, a contention which the prose- j
cution denies, and also that there were j
empty cartridges in the slop-jar in
Ayres' room before the pistol with
which the shooting was done vas
emptied by Officer Brady after the
tragedy. This would tend to establish
the theory of the defense that the pis
tol belonged to Ayres. Miss Minas
testified that yres and Mrs. Bonine
ate ice-cream and caek in her room
the night before the tragedy, and that
at that time there was no evidence o,"
ill-feeling between them.
Mrs. Bonine, throughout the trlai
yesterday, when witnesses described
the cries, groaas and throat gurgling
of the dying man, remained absolutely
Better mince meat than this cannot be made at home.
It is as juicy, fruity, clean and much more economical.
We save you the weary chopping, boiling, seeding, peeling, mixing.
Last year we sold ten million (10,000,000) packages.
Each package makes two large (or three small) pies.
So (at least) there were twenty million " None Such" mince pies.
Beware of so-called wet " mince meat sold from open pails.
"None Such" is condensed that is. compressed in air-tight, water-proof cartons
10 cts. a package. Premium list of "1S47 Rogers Bros'." silverware enclosed.
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a mi .1011
Illiteracy in Porto Itico Presents
Serious Problem.
Washington, Nov. 26. M. G. Brum
baugh, commissioner of education for
Porto Rico, in his annual report, says
thel l.ooo schools there, good as they
are, cannot successfully cope with the
tremendous illiteracy and the vast
army of children in need of education
in Porto Rico. There were 34,000 chil
dren in school this year, and the en
rollment next year will be 50,00 ). A
large normal school has just been
opened at Rio Piedras to meet part of
the demand for teachers. An annual
appropriation by congress of not
less than $300,000 per annum for 10
years is urged. This, the report says,
would equip the island with proper
school facilities for 150,000 additional
pupils, which with the present enroll
ment. T ould make above 66 per cent
of the school population of the island.
Sir ThimiaH in Willing.
London. Nov. 26. "Should no one
else challenge, I am willing seriously
to consider making another attempt
to lift the cup." This asnouncement
was given out by Sir Thomas Lipton
at the banquet given at the Hotel
Cecil in his honor last night, and
which was attended by more than 400
guests. "It would r.ever do." added
Sir Thomas, 'to give up when only
a pulse-beat came between us and victory."
Duelling Condemned.
Berlin, Nov. 26. German newspa
pers assert that Baron Von Reisswitz
has been summarily dismissed from
the army by order of Emperor Wil
liam. Baron Von Reisswitz was col
onel of the regiment in which Lieut.
Blaskowitz, who was recently killed
in a duel with a brother officer, had
served. The action was taken be
cause Baron Von Reisswitz did noth
ing to prevent the duel in which Blas
kowitz was killed.
(Juick. On the friaifer.
Madisonville. Ky.. Nov. 26. During ;
quarrel yesterday William Bradley. ;
a brother of Representative-elect ;
Bradley, was shot by J. W. Hancock j
and received two wounds. The shoot- j
lng was in front of the Wilkins block,
and Lonnie Tucker, aged 7 years, and
Frank Merri wether, a colored boy,
were hit by stray shots but not seri
ously wounded. It Is said that Han
cock pulled his revolver first, but that
Bradley got the diop on him. They
then separated. Hancock went into an
adjoining hardware store and shot
Bradley as he passed. Bradley has a
bad scalp wound and his forefinger is
Almost severed. Hancock assisted
last week in ervlng the papers on
the strikers at the Nortonville camp,
lie insists that Bradley was pursuing
kim into the hardware store. Han
cock has been arrested. The men are
said to have quarreled weeks ago over
politics, and been very bitter toward
each other ever since.
Ifciwieite Sentenced.
Victoria, B. C. Nov. 26. Eugene
Brooks, elder of Dowie's Christian
j Catholic church in Zion. was yester
i day found guilty and senvnced to
I three months without hard labor, for
; aiding and abetting John Rogers, who
j was recently found guilty of man
I slaghter, for not providing his infant
j children with medical attention when
! they were suffering from diphtheria,
j from which they died. Brooks will
Starving China.
Washington. Nov. 26. The threat
Coodnow. consul-general at Shanghai,
reports to the state department that
there axe over a half million of na
tives la the valley who will starve
this winter unless they get help from
A Wild Shot.
Guthrie. O. T.. Nov. 26. Willard
Sharum. a cotton buyer, was placed
in jail at Stillwater yesterday, charged
with the shooting of Harry Spears.
Jack Jones and Eugene Nady at Rip
ley. O. T. Na.ly is fa' ally wounded.
It is alleged Sharum lost in a poker
game and in attempting to shoot Chas.
Crater, the manager cf the place,
struck the three bystanders.
Trouble is Settled.
Washington, Nov. 26. The threat
ened trouble jver the boundary line
between Chili and the Argentine Re
public has been averted, for the pres
ent at least. Signor Infante, the
charge of the Chilean legation, yes
terday conveyed to this government
an assurance that the two principals
to the boundary questions have just
succeeded in reaching an amicable
and satisfactory understanding.
1 -
a ,Wilt.
? mm -1
1 UIJ rj ltr
inn ismm
tbey Stand fbe Strain of Active
Service I
45jyW-T0 Settled Tvtth Dntrble-Sfrerath Suk
f1- V-V Buttons Strongly fjtstenej Lin-
mg Quality cf the pest tne
Locked the Children In.
Darlington. S. C. Nov. 26. Limer
ick Flax, a negro living at Lides
Bridge, left his home Sunday night,
locking in his three children, the old
est being 11 and the youngest 3 years
of age. During the night the house
caught fire and all three children were
burned to death. The coroner's jury
returned a verdict of criminal carelessness.
Bresci'n Accomplice.
Milan. Nov. 26. Louis Grannoti, an
accomplice of Bresci. the assassin of
King Humbert, was yesterday sen
tenced to life Imprisonment at the as
sizes. Grannoti has not yet been captured.
Jonttowa, Miss., wag practically wiped out
by Are.
Former Pre. Cleveland w rapi.i: recoverina
from his severe col-i.
Jlw, William Smith and babe were burned to
dtb at GraDBiH. Ark.
Marquu Ito.tbe Japanese stauMman, ha ar
rived at "t. Petersburg.
Learlo Piernvr, Jud- of the Alma district in
Iiwor California, wa as-aMinairt, i
The rpsiiien.-e of J. Ci. MiUer bume! at Pitta- (
biirj; an.i his four daughter pert-bed.
The river pilots went on nkp at Pitt-bure
Icebergs; b,,ai.
Advice mm t ltoaatinaj m Turkey.
"Ninety-nine women out of every
hundred, ninety-nine cooks out of ev
ery hundred, will bake a turkey with
the back to the pan." said a New Or
leans man who keeps in touch with tb
kitchen, "and this is a mistake. A fa
mous French couk I know never thinkt
of baking a turkey with the breast upx
The breast is turned to the bottom of
the pan and instead of being dry and
tasteless when it is served is richly fla
vored and as sweet and juicy as one
would care to have it. You see. all the
fine flavoring of the turkey, the juices
of the dressing and all the daintier
touches flow down toward the breast
of the fowl, and when the white meat
is served you get the full benefit of ev
ery flavor added during the processes
of preparing and bakinu the turkey, in
addition to the distinctive taste of the
fowl itself.
"Inconvenient and awkward: Not at
all. It is just a easy to eo-k a turkev
In this way as in any other way. and
the result is infinitely more satisfac
tory. It is no trouble to nrrange the
fowl In the pan. If you desire to place
the fowl ou the table before carving it.
you will find that It will look quite a
well as it would if linked in the usual
way. and eertalrdy It wiil taste much
better than it would If you baked the
breast until it was dry and flavorless."
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
new Tail model Crca:cr$
tvith the Stytish Curves of Lej and
Hip. 'Represent a PERFECT
We jr Sholag a Cutnpiete Atortmezt
One Price Clothiers,
Furnishers and Hatters.
803 MainlSt.
A Menace of th Sea.
St. Johns. N. F., Nov. 26. Four
large icebergs are visible from this
port. They are drifting south in the
track of Atlantic shipping.
have never before been known to pass j pmrittu liek Bur was artv.f.i i ij-n i m
here SO late in the season. Their ! ehnee.i ith complicity m the Bank of 1j-t-presence
is consequently all the morel pnr.wh .,, ,,., x....... ,
.... - - - - ....... . US 1 il ( 1 ..'.".. -
H fever an.i pains have ceaswi. H; appetite
ha improved an-i he i aieepio better.
The boiler ;n the eleetric lurht plant at
BrwkirD. Mii-h-, blew up totally wrecking- the
power plant, the opera notice oad other buiiJ-
Benjamin M-Kni(fhu eonieted of murdering
aia wife by bratm ner to death, denied a
new trial at Si-uix City, la., and aestenced to ii
years imprisonment.
The eonprroiifr of the current- a3s declared
an. additional dividend of S per -etit in favor of
the creditor- of the Vationa! bank of Illinoi-' in
ail per eent on !iJ,'i, the -n nt f t?
lamia proveu.
dangerous to -cean shipmasters, who
do net now expect to find icebergs on
the Grand Banks.
After Dinner
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