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Richmond Palladium
Fobfiked eTry cTenisg Sunday excepted) by
014 ami Phases No. 21.
On yaar by nail, poatago said - - 3-Or
OacaMBt " " - M
tk, by irriw ..... .OS
Hon. James E. Watson was hon
ored by Speaker Henderson in being
appointed as one of the members of
the committee to submit resolutions
in memory of the late President Mc
Kinley. 'In accordance with a well known
sociological law the ignorant or reck
less agitator has been the really
effective friend of the evils which he
has been nominally opposing."
President's Message.
Sec a tor Fairbanks starts in
promptly looking after the interest
of V.a constituents. Yesterday he
called up the Indiana war claim,
amounting to some six or seven hun
dred thousand dollars. He also in
troduced two pension bills for Indi
ana soldiers.
Oklahoma will no doubt be ad
vanced to statehood by the present
congress. The territory has about
4(K),000 population, which is more
than any of the new states bad when
admitted into the union. Senator
Fairbanks introduced a bill today for
tb admission of Oklahoma.
The President's message has re
ceived practically unanimous ap
proval by the Republican press.
Democratic papers of course find ob
jections to it, for the message is sim
ply a vigorous and frank statement
of the Republican position on all the
leading questions now before the
peopie. Xnose wno expected an ex
ploitation of specific cures for all
the ills that the body politic is heir
to are of course disappointed.
There still seems to be a crazy no
tion in some localities not a thousand
miles from here that there is danger
in Richmond from smallpox. As a
matter of fact there is no smallpox
here. The last patient is entirely
-wett, though sttl being quarantined
as an extreme precautionary meas
ure. The health authorities have
treated the public with the utmost
frank-cess and honesty in this mat
ter, believinc that to be the best
policy. Nothing has been concealed.
While there is a good deal of reason
to ekiubt whether the disease is (or,
rather, was) genuine smallpox the
health officers took the right course
in acting on the theory that it was
and thereby preventing any possi
bility of its spreading. But whatever
it was, Richmond is entirely free
, A .
from the disease now, and persons ia
outside communities who are keeping
up the senseless scare are doing so ,
either for selfish purposes or through I
dense ignorance.
Whre th y spent Thanksgiving:
Mrs. li. L Callaway aod son at Will !
Callaway's, Indianapolis; txmie.Ruby j
aad Blanche l:re at Ed Moore's, i
New Catie; Mamie Moore at Alloa ;
Cook's. New Lisbon: Miss Smelser ;
at her home south of Richmond. .
Our people welcome any news !
favorable to the extension of the ;
traction line from Centerville to Mil-
ton. Let 'er come, the sooner the
better. j
Wallace Warren left for Dallas, j
Texas, Tuesday to spend a few days ;
with his aunt, Mrs. Bartlett. j
Thanksgiving visitors to Milton: i
Mrs. Emma Frazee, Charles Fraz?e,
at C. J. Morris; Harry Michael, home ;
from Earlham: Dan Sehuder and j
wife, Martinsville, and Will Muston;
and wife, llarrisburg. at Sam Beam's: j
Hiram Shipley and wife, Hentonvilie,
at Iiev. Shearer's; Miles Thompson
J ir 1 -1 1 . T'l . I . i .
u;tA fr.omhc t wr n v. I
well's; Harrv Coous, Will Stahl a.ud
family, Richmond, at J. F. Coons'.
Rev. Mills was at Houewell to
Friends quarterly meeting last
There were eight accessions at 1
Doddridge chapel Sunday morning j
and interesting services. Al night
the attendance was unusually large,
many being turned away. Services
will continue from night to night.
The Hah a-Park concert was one of
the finest ever given in Milton.There
was a fine and appreciative audience
and but few vacant seats. A large
number attended from Cambridge
City. 3: i ! , v--
L. H. Warren has returned from
St. Paitf.
The auxiliary to the . Christian
Women's Board of Missions will ob
serve C W. B. M. day with s special
service-Friday afternoon at the home
I .LtlJnd t1!11
Tetter from Rev. E:V'E' Urner
Utate that he Is meeting with much
' success in his revival work io Kan
j . t - - -
Iiev. W. F. Shearer is dointr evai -
gelistic work at Fountain City. The
residents of that city may expect a
fine serieoT Sermons.
Harry D. Blackburn who went to
P..lifrtrnia. rpwnt.lv for his health is
u.ucb improved.
Will Johnson of Indianapol s is
W. A. Braf g's.
Prof.Outland and wife entertained
the latter's mother from Greenafork
last Thursday.
Quite a number from this place at
tended the funeral of Mr. John Bean
last Saturday morning.
Rev. Harter preached last Thurs
day morning (Thanksgiving) at the
M. E. church.
Mr. and Mrs Lynch moved to Wil
liamsburg last week.
Newton Harris and family are get
ting ready to move tn the bouse va
cated by Sirs. Jenkins Lynch.
Uolds and sore throat seem epi
demic in our community.
Mrs. Addie Cheesman and daugh
ter Carrie spent a few days last week
with the latter s errand parents, Mr
and Mrs. Wrnon Cheesman.
Meeting each evening this week at
7 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Harter,
at the M. L. church.
A nice program is being prepared
for the basket social at Fairview next
Friday evenincr. All are invited to
The entertainment at the M. E,
church on Monday night was well at
Many from here attended the fu
neral of William Addleman at White
water Monday.
Wednesday evening, November 27,
occurred the marriage of Roy Nichols,
oldest son of Harrison Nichols, and
Jennie Huffman, only daughter of
Solomon Huffman, Rev. Harter of
ficiating. Everybody wishes them
much joy and happiness.
A party of young people spent
Wednesday evening at the home of
Ben Sharp. . They thoroughly en
joyed themselves.
A. H. Minor is improving the prop
erty purchased by him.
Harry Minor, Lo i t Minor, El
bert Jefferis. Elmer Kerlin, Harry
Roberts and Roy Morrow saw the
play at the Gennett, Richmond,
Thanksgiving evening.
A social dance was given at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Es telle
Saturday evening.
To Get Rid of a Corn.
. First soak it in warm water to
soften it, then pare it down as close
ly as possible without drawing the
blood and apply Cbrmberlain's Pain
Balm twice daily ; rubbing vigorously
for five minutes at each application.
A corn plaster should be worn for a
few days to protect it from the shoe.
As a general liniment for sprains,
bruises, lameness and rheumatism.
Pain Balm is unequaled. For sale by
A. G. Luken & Co. and W. H. Sud
hoff. r1 H r mti W t1 mft v ar-.i, rr i3 im
Clyde Fitch could not have struck
.,,,1,. , . - . ,
the popular fancv in a better wav
tQUQ bv bis writinir the beautiful
play "Lover's Lane." Smiles audi
tears, mingled with vivid pictures of !
characters in a smalt New Entrland
own, are the qualities that make up
this most successful of p'avs. The
company is a larire and str ing one,
numbering over thirty people and a
scenic production that is complete in
detail. The tour is under the direc
tion of William A. Brady, and will be
seen in this city in the near future.
The King Dramatic company at
the Gennett all this week is suddIv-
iog our people with a nice, genteel
performance at prices within reach '
of all and will no doubt do a good
business all wet k. Thev are a hard-1
working company, conscientious and
pains taking, and have plenty of
talent and adaptability, so that
though performing the tremendous
task of giving twelve performances
in six days, with entire change of bill
it eacl: performance, their plays are
put on in uood style and to the entire
satisfaction of their audiences, which
are larue at both matinees and oven-
iny appearances, ine daily matinees
. i . i . 1
TluiZ" " s.v .k" .!:r:r t
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re- i
ward for anv case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. Chexet & Co.. Props. Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions, made by
their firm. . . - -Wlst
dt Tracx, Wholesale druggists,
Toledo, O.
Waldixo, Kixxax Jc Martix,
Wholesale druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system.? Price 75c per bottle." Sold
by all druggists. Testimonials free.
Hall s Family Puis are the best.
! ' 1 nuiia- , ;
Newport, K v., Dec - 4. "Baby
i . -
Creelran, atred eiht, son of Huj?b j
Craitinaa. wn staobed to death at i
; noon today by a seooolmate. Several j
i bovs were en traced iu a tist tight dur- j
j lug which some oce not yet known f
j used the knife with f-iial effect. (
j - i
- - w ' !
A New Remedy.
The old friends of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy will be pleased to
know that the manufacturers of that
preparation have gotten out a new
remedy called Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets, and that it is
) meeting with much success in the
treatment of constipation, bmous
uess, sick headache, impaired diges
tion and like disordrrs. These Tab
le tsiare easier to take and more pleas
ant in effect than pills, then they not
only move the bowels, but improve
the appetite and correct any dif-or
ders oi the stomach and liver. For
sale by A. G. Luken & Co. and W.
H. Sudhoff.
Prevail! us Prices For Grain, Previa,
ions iwl Livestock, an Itcc. 3.
In ifinnolts CJrain and livestock.
Wheat Wagon. T7c; So. 1 red. neatly, Joe.
Corn Steady; No. mixed, Wie.
Ual Firm; No. t tutaed. -lfC - : - -M , .
tattle Steady at 2.7St.H. ,
Il..pt u-aly at .78.orV
Sheep u-ady at Sl.50ia2.j.
Ldtmbs steady at 4.Ia.
Chicago (irain ami Provisions.
k. Opened.
v neat
Dec. Jan.
- ; -Wi
tti ,
Port m
.Jin I '(
Jau .47
May ..
: Kib
Mav x.
24c; HL-
cash market W licit,
, ;. pork, ;o.u.i;
LxMiisvHIe (rain an I Livestock.
Wheat No. 3 re.1 an.l Ion-Cherry, 7tie.
Corn No. a wane. I'k-; Vi. i nine 1, ;oc
Oats Nil i niixe.l 4s,-: No. J wuiu-, Mc '
tattle Hull lit i.2.Vai.ii.
Ho-.- stejiy at jF4..k.ni.
sheep tlejt.y at a .M.
Liuiius -Mea-ty at iA'.40
Cincinnati tiriin ami Livestock."
Wheat Kir.u :N'o. vrd. .-..
Corn Ktrui; No. imxtM. ii:2c
Out- steely : i. i imxe t.
Culie lluu at al.IS (,. 4 I.
Horf. Ai live al 4.W i,ii.ilo.
Siueej S-IVOUC at Sl.ii tK. l!.
LjuliUd Active al M.tl-v-4a.
Cattle A -tiv : s-teers. $4.iv7.3u; oioi-ker anJ
teeners. 2.cj..:S-".
Uo um iy at 4.oati.li
Sheep .Mcaoy at g,i.t
latuus sifiiiiy at ---) u
Xew York Livestock
Cattle Stat!y at ;.ri u,i.ao.
Hok Viiuei i ii.
Sheeii slow ai 2..iiju;5.
Iauitw sieauy at 4.i. .(.". 40.
Kast tiuffnlo Livestock.
Cattle Steady at ! ISA h.
Hdjcs Ai-tivo at m.i0.
"Sheep liull at I.SuSa.iS.
LauiIm Hull at :ii.la
Toledo Grain.
Wheat Firm: pash. ti?; Dec.
t.oi-a Ai u-: No. 2iasii. &9c
Out- A--t:se: No 7 cash, 4i;sc
Chicago, Til , Die. 4 . Wheat,
t-orn. bJJ. Oats, 44.
Toledo, O., Dec. 4 .Wheat, S2J.
Uiehniftrd Market.
".et,"er hnhl ....,...,
( CSjrn, per hnshel
' 0w, per ba-h-l
j Rye, per btmbel
Clover eeed.Dor baanel retail
Batter, per lb ,
I L,rd, per lb
Era, wr am ..,
Potatoes, new per bu ..
. 55
.$5 0
. 0
$1 00
fi-w nin...
per io
I'ocka per lb.dre d ,
Recommendation of a Well Known
Chicago Physician.
I use and prescribe Cham berlain 's j
Cough Remody for almost all obsti- j
rate, constricted couc-bs, with di I
j rect results. I prescribe it to chil-1
dren ot au a?es Am elad to rec-
and seek-
i ing relief from colds and coushs and :
J bronchial afflictions. It is non-nar-1
icotic and safe in the hands of the ul-
professional. A universal
Danecea ;
for all mankind. MBS. Mary R
MEUXEV. M. D.. Chicago, 111. This f
remedv is for sale bv A. G. Luken A '
Co. arid W. H. Sadhotf. druggists i
" i
Notice to Bidders.
Proposals for supplies for the nse
of the Eastern Indian -Hospital -for
the Insane for the month of January
1902 .will be received bj the Board of
Trustees at the Hospital before -3 p.
m. Monday, December 9, 1901.
SpecifTcatlons'may be seen atthe
Second National Bank, or at the Hos
pital. ' . -V; if
By order of the Board of Trustees
3-2$ S. E. Smith, Med. Supt.
! Y?u?9
A Visitor Fea.H by i.'tntlom Lave .
laaklax A Irritated aad Ben II
UerU Tfi(fr- la i:iotemr u:
Spoiled by A.utbrr lrrt.
Joe is an Afr'caa gray parrot supp:e.l
to 'Ik alut tliittr yeans uiil. "l'i:et
tTiuif atkKit him an t;ili hi- lii -
j a rrieusl calua t.ue ev'aiu ami. findiiis:
j that Mr. T tLe jai rot's wu, i. at
! but epeuil t-j r tum Uo-iiy. tm i;u,
t tr.e anor i wait for Ihuj. l hp visitor
j was left ak.ue, or tupK-tl lie was. U.U
j sometliini; must have liaj! ui, as t!s.
j slauiiuitis of the screen tliir auuoumvl
hw rather Itntv lrt,etnri
After a time tbe visitor returo;-l an-J.
cpou biuK guest iimed reaidiiig fcis ua
t-renKDUiua tlepartuiv. that he he:irl
the uioat vuileiit luveiuakiitj; iu the-ail
juiliiug iXHiui. j t .
... Tbe youug peopie were no grvutiy o-cupM-J
that they seeui-l unaware of tuy
prese tn ," he KatJ. "I coughed, tuatle a
nois w Kit .my ehair aud dro-d a book,
but aH to no avail, au 1 thought the best
thiCi: for me was to take a walk.
'Pear Joe. kiss me aa ti. Joe, tuime.
oo aaio, and then the krssuig and such
kissinr. i-ooiug and lovetuakim; was more
than 1 could bear with composure.
".Bat replietl the host. . "there are no
youug people In the bouse. Our parrot
ha been foolinif you. '
"Impossible,." the visitor aid. 1 was
told that 1 ' waa- alone.-but before the
servant left I was invited to uaik riclit
io and sit down, and 'Are you warm? :J
waa. akeU and I -had scarcely rvplied
when 1 was laughed at: then there were
two other distiuct voices. Itesides. the
I'Mshifr and cooing were altogether too
: "You are not the Brst 'to- lie fitoled by
fhe-hird," Mr. T. replied-. "Only a few
dayago a nearby plumber, whose name
happened to be Joe, called to do a small
job of repairing, and the work was begun
before I left in the morning, but the man
left suddenly, the work waa unfinished,
and no explanations were given.
"The next morning I called at the shop
and took the workman to task and was
told thA. unless 1 could make my serv
ant behave another plumber would have
to finish the job. He said that when he
began work he was called to an adjoining
room only to be laughed at by the serv
ant, who kept out of sight and called out:
"'You old rascal. aud "You're a beaut,
Joe; you are." and when he answered she
cried 'Sick 'fill!' and guyed him ail the
time. .
"IVi'H. you can understand I had hard
work to make the man believe that it was
only a parrot, but he felt cheap enough at
being so badly fooled.
"Sometimes Joe is very embarrassing.
A very dear old lady friend visits us who
is somewhat of an invalid and has rather
a distressing cough aud other 'leeuliarities
that can lie plainly hoard, all of which
Joe imitates iu the precise tones, with
more than natural emphasis, sneezing and
blowing his nose aud coughing distress
"He counts, repeats the alphabet, spells
many words, whistles, knocks on his
perch like some one at the door aud then
enters into conversation.
'Why. come right in: sit down; nice
day. Are yon cold?' he says until he has
had enough, ami then he says, 'Goodby:
. m ajrain.' Honiwiuiea we have callera
that Joe seems to dislike, and he will keep
on with his goodbys until people hurry
tiff, and in these cases he never invites
them to come again.
"If there is a doubtful statement made,
Joe is sure to cry "KatsT with such vol
ume as sometimes to upset the composure
of the company. He drives a horse with
all the spirit of the horse trainer and
seems to enjoy it. You can fairly see the
"Last year when we moved to our sum
mer cottage Joe was sent on a load of
goods instead of being taken with us on
the cars, as usual. Joe's cage was care
fully secured on the seat beside the driv
er. "We arrived at the cottage several
hours beyond the customary time for the
arrival of the wagon anJ became anxious
about our gcods. but particularly about
Joe. Our fears were not relieved when
the wagon drew iu sight with the parrot
oajje missing from the driver's seat, and
there was a chorus of 'Where's Joe?
"With face flushed with anger, the
dnver replied: "Urat the baste, or burd
or whatever he is. not a thiug cud I do
wid him. You know yourself the load I
had on. au' it was all tne horsi-s cud pull,
an' when everything would ! g iiu" well
the bnrd would scream: "Whoa! Back
tip!" 1 thought tnex-if it was me own
voice, an so did me horses, an" it's a
wonder we're hre yit. That burd is pos
sessed, lie has a divil in him. 1 thought
we'd not git here tonight. So 1 buried
the burd wid boxes on the back of the
load an' covered him wid a blanket, an',
with all respects to you. sor. I hope he is
aslape, an" may he niver wake!
"Joe tells when he is cold or wants j
anything, and. above all, nothing annoys
him so much as to call him "Polly." WbenJ
we put him on the porch, the children, of
course, never fail to 'Polly' him. so that
now when Joe sees a child he remarks in
various tones of children's voices: "I'retty
Polly! Polly wants a cracker! And that
seems to be Joe's estimate of their intelli
gence. A neighbor who had doubtingly beard
wonderful stories of Joe took the bird to
keep after a serious fire we had one night
When the family were seated for break
fast. Joe in a very sad voice remarked:
" "We are all burned out."
"The neighbor said to me later. I will
believe anything I am told about Joe
"It is a fact that not long ago a parrct
belonging to a family living not many
miles from Xew York overheard a plot ia
which oce misguided member of the fam-
ny.was to take part, an elopt-ment. Wbhe
th1 wh,,,? f!mii-1r wa the
d:uner, taUJe at fevTu , PVf T
peateil eaough of the conversation to
mortify oae person presnt who was
saTed from diseraee by tuts sagacioua
bird. w York Sua.
tklMlac Oraait.
A fr?at many California oranges are
shirpe'l east in what - are known - a
"tramp" car. There U bo fruit the price
of which fluctuates aa tzraeh ai does that
of oranges, and thousand of carloads of
onrage rre thffrefore started efstwtS'
some uneertaia destination. The car mar
be consigned to Kansaa 3ty, bat io tbT"v
meantime there ai inta acirja; i f
thweast for ht. mmT.U MmAjouAXAZj. . t, , J-
graphic lafarmatioa the car may bs or
dered oa to C&eaa''KfcJK. York ---
WMm sin
Every one of our five departments is running over
with good things for Christmas. Everything is being
arranged for quick selling and to accommodate the
crowds., Our decorators are making the store beautiful,
and We invite everybody to take a look through while it's
at its best. It's none to early to look around.
"Th ely bird catches the worm."
Toys and Dolls
An irrmense display of all
Nothing left out.
Fancy Chinaware
Cloaks,1 Furs v Wraps, Etc.
Second Floor Front Room
Men's Clothing, Boys' Clothing. Nothing
lacking. Special preparation forthe holidavs
Men's Furnishings
Here is where we shine The prettieit line of fancy muffler?,
handkerr-hiefs, ties, suspenders, night shirts, smoking jackets,
etc., y u ever saw. r
Shoes and Slippers, all the warm and stylish
things for men, women and children.
It's Christmas all over the f tore.
(HSaSliraDacfl SHaoire.
Ready for
With a Full
Make your selections now. There is
wisdom in seizing the first chance to in
spect our line, which is rich and overflow
ing with the choicest I loliday attractions.
Our assortment of
New Books
alone is worth your most careful attention
for it is gathered fiotn all the wide fields
of literature. The many artistic and pop
ular styles of binding in which our line is
offered this year insures pleasure and
profit for rook buyers.
Oar line of Pictures and Art Goods is
also intensely interesting and attractive.
There are other articles that particu
larly engage the attention of Christmas
buyers. Such as Games, Leather Goods,
Fine Statuary. Toilet and Manicure lets,
Vases. Fountain Pens, and countless
pretty articles too numerous to mention,
in all grades and styles, and at prices the
most popular.
We make a specialty ot artistic pic
ture framing. Our eqnipment in this de
partment is complete. We cordially in
vite early and frequent inspections.
Ell wood
Morrisr& Co.
720 Main St
Money Loaned "
At 5 tQt per cent. ,
J.-a "lw m-'t au 1M XktAkO
Main and seventh streets. wedat
t'aat delight the little F.Iks.
lee and Manager
Miss Kathryn
In the title role of
The heroine of the Battle of Monmouth.
A play founded upon an historical event
of the American Rero'ution.
Applications for seats by mail or tel
ephone will be filed in the order of their
receipt at the Wescott Pharmacy.
Prices 25c, EOc, 75c, $1.00 and $1 SO. "
tk SWISHER Sssr Md.
The Kirg Dwraalie fo.
The must perfect stock
traveling. Appearing a a series of nus.
lerful productions. ,
RIFEBTOntE."" 'f '
TJintSIAY,3IMiHT, ; ..
.THirBallAX..M ATI v fpr
Prigea JfTc m
and 30c.
Seata at Ct r m

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