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f Ola Silver.
f Tespots nnd coffeepots da not s
back very far. since tea mad coffee were
i not introduced Into Europe until the
seventeenth century, and no silver tea
pot or kettle is known of earlier date
than 170i. Festoon and medallions
are characteristic ornaments of tea
pots of the time of the earlj Georges.
Xct until the middle of the eighteenth
century, however, do we find silver
urns, tea strainers and tea caddies.
Cream jugs, says Harper's Bazar, fol
lowed the fashions of the larger pieces.
The first English sauccboat in silver
belongs to the year 172". Silver can
dlesticks are older, being found first,
with square bases and fluted columns.
In the reign of Charles 11. Medallions,
festoons and drapery characterize later
candlesticks.andthe Corinthian column
pattern, so great a favorite, was first
Introduced about 17G5. Cake baskets
of the beautiful cut silver in which
Paul Lamerie so excelled as a maker
belong also to the middle of the eight
eenth century. Many trays and salvers
were made In this cut silver, which
now. by the way. is again in fashion,
and deservedly so.
Peonies are to be the flower of nert
year. As a decorative flower Indeed
none other compares with it. The old
fashioned magenta peony was not se
ductive la color, but now you can have
the flower In colors delicate as a wild
k jrniufcrifnlr wht ma .... -.-.t 1. 1.
" -.-, MJW. KUllI
t sr!4K .. w.. 1 . .. . , L. . ill
" " ruftlacr B k-' L-3 W UllL UU Will.
Plant your peonies fairly deep into the
ground In any good, rich soil and give
them plenty of room and plenty of wa
ter. Treat them with generosity, and
they will repay yon by blooming lav-
Inhlv a ... 1 m.T.in . 1 .,..
flush with color. A dozen varieties
massed together In clumps is a sight
fit for the gods. Peonies may be plant
: ed at any time from now until April.
i ue sooner tne netter for our own
Raaslan Girls Paris.
There are nearly 150 Russian girl
ctn.t.i.ta In .. l nii
anu nearly an poor, but they are
achieving a record for brilliant Intel-
lectualitv. Mile. I.lninsk wlio via
one of the first to graduate, presented
t thesis t(50 pages long to her astoo-
isiij prui essors. dimnst ail or lapse
Itussian women studeuts take scien
tific courses. Literature and philos
ophy do not seem to "appeal to them.
Book Borrowing.
One need have no delicacy In asking
a person to return a borrowed book.
Books are property, and when bor
rowed they should be carefully pro
tected from injury and promptly re
turned to their owners. I doubt the
propriety of borrowing a book if one
is near a lending library. We do not
borrow shoes or gloves or furniture.
mjad why should we make an exception
f books? 1 think the owner of a set
should hesitate to let a single volume
go out of her possession. Either make
a. loan of the entire set or give your
friend permission to consult It In your
home. Lauies' Uome Journal.
A Problem Aboat Cora.
Here Is a puzzle in geometry. It
does not require a skilled mathema
tician, however, to solve It.
It Is required to demonstrate (geo
metrically) that a larger crop of corn
can be grown on an acre of level
ground than on an acre of slanting
around. The stalks of corn are sup
posed to grow perpendicularly In both
cases, and all other particulars, such as
fertility of the soil and the like, to be
the same.
The Ingenious reader will probably
bave no trouble in solving the problem
without assistance.
( - Dlaa't Agree With Him.
I "You should never take anything that
doesn't aree with you." said the doctor.
I "If I'd always followed that ruie
jMsrie." said the patient, turning to hW
wife. where would you be?"
Is often only a sytnpton of dyspepsia.
In dyspepsia there is a loss of nutrition
which is felt by brain as well as body;
the) mind grows morbid as the body
loses vigor.
Doctor Pierce's
Golden Medical
Discpyery cures
dyspepsia and oth
er diseases ot tne
stomach and
ciated organs of di
gestion ana nutri
tion. It enables
the proper nutri
ition of the body
rand restores men
tal cheerfulness aa
well as physical
For about two years
I suffered from a very
obstinate case of dys
pepsia," writes K- E.
Secord, Esq., of 13
Eastern Ave., Toronto,
Ontario. " I tried a
exeat number of reme
dies without success.
I final ! lost faith in
them all. I was so far
gone that I could not
bear anv solid food on
tnv stomach lor a Ion?
time; feit wteianchoiv
and drfirtssni. Could
not sfcrep nor follow
mv occupation. Some
four months ago a
friend recommended
your -Golden Medical
Discoverv." After a
week's treatment I
bad derived so much
benefit that I contin
ned the medicine. I
have taken three bot
tles and am convinced
; w. in aav esse ac
CBwpHsbed a per-sweat em. I eaaeocmcien
Howrty nmsml it to the taonsnarls of dye
peptics taionahfwit. the land-
Accept no substitute for Golden Med
ical Discovery." There is nothing "just
M good for diseases of the stomach.
blood, and lungs.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets stifTiuiatw
the liver."
HAD k&L, lilt; ItULE
Be Says He Saves Hon Peon Is Proas
Aral Misery Taaa Most Phy
sicians 4 Twist la the Walk That
Uoea Uamawe to the I'eel.
Gossiping with the undertaker, the
veterinary surgeon, the barber, the
barkeejier and other familiars, who
call him "Doc." the cbirojHHiist was
!u an instructive mood. Lie could uoi
quite understand how it could be that
the really good and able tnia of his
calling were nut ranked biglier in the
social scale.
"Now, I save more people from
acute misery than most physicians."
he said. "My work is often lust as
dangerous as that of the surgeon, for
there Is the same peril of gangrene,
that awful shadow that looms up
wherever the knife touches the body.
The surgeon has an advantage over
me. When he has made a wound
there is no danger of the patient put
ting next to it goods too often highly
colored with very poisonous dyes.
This my patient is apt to do in draw
ing ou his sock. My position is really
one of great responsibility, but there
are not many who treat me with nay
marked respect.
It would surprise you to know how
many people have bad feet. If my
observations are correct, and I don't
see why the average I give should not
be right, 1)5 per cent of the people
in New York have one form or an
other of foot troublp. I cut away more
than twice my own weight in callous
every year.
"Of course the trouble comes from
the shoe, and there seems to be no rem
edy, for the made to order shoe is real
ly, as a rule, no better than the one
manufactured by wholesale. The near
est approach to a remedy for 'trouble
that Is rarely cured, but cau be greatly
relieved, is to wash, the feet every
night and every morning. They act as
one of the main sewers of the body
and should be constantly washed.
Then do not wear a loose shoe or a
tight one. The snug shoe is the best.
"Another and a very Important point
Is that the socks should exactly fit the
feet. and. If one can afford them, they
should be wool of different weights
for the different seasons.
"Scarcely a man whose toes I am
whittliug fails to ask me why any
man. careful as he is. should be pes
tered with corus. In wet weather or
just before a change in the weather be
Is brought to the verge of nervous
prostration. lie is irritable and even
suffers fever. His business is Inter
fered with in the daytime, and at night
his rest Is disturbed by aching feet.
"I tell him the exact truth, and that
is that the vast majority of his fellowa
suffer as he does and that those ex
empt have their feet regularly attend
ed to. It is just as necessary as it is
for people to be regular with their
meals or In their visits to the dentist.
The reason for this is in great part th9
city pavements. It Is the same with
men as with horses.
"Very few men walk properly. They
twist on the sole of the foot, making
an extra strain and wear at one spot.
Nature tries to remedy this by forming
a protection of hard skin, but she
overdoes this, because she Is hampered
in the operation by the shoe. This
twisting is absolutely due to what any
physician will tell you is true. One
limb in nine out of ten cases Is a
fraction shorter than the other. Then,
too, few men with their eyes closed
can walk in a straight line. With their
eyes pen they steer with their feet.
It is this difference in strength or
length of the logs and the necessary
steering that makes the twist, and the
twist makes the corn.
"Talk about your Bertillon measure
ments. It would be better to record
the twist and character of walk. No
two men walk just exactly the same,
and the twist of the foot is absolutely
different in all men.
"With such good fellows as you tot
companions I ought not to talk about
my social station. I treat not less than
200 patients a week, and they aver
age 50 cents apiece, so my income is
something over $4,500 a year after 1
have deducted expenses. I own my
own home, but the wife and daughters
do not like the chiropodist's sign and
the great gold foot at the front door.'
New York Times.
Saakes la ta Ckarch.
This snake lived In the church of
G.'s first parish In Australia. Its hole
was visible to the congregation, and ii
used to show its bead to them at serv
ice time (during the sermon proba
bly) and make them nervous. So 11
was sought to entice It to Its destruc
tion with saucers of milk. The par
son used to lay the bait over night
and go to look for results In the morn
ing. AJways the saucer was found
empty, but for a long time the snake
was not found. At last be saw it
coiled asleep upon the white cloth laid
over the chancel carpet, where the
sun from the east window poured
warmly down upon it. So he hewed it
in pieces before the altar, as Samuel
hewed Agag. Empire Review.
A a Old Time Elopement.
In the London Times reprints of a
hundred years ago appears this ro
mance: "Married On Tuesday. tb
I5;h iust at BottesfiekL Lincolnshire
John Kirk, an occasional preacher ii
the Methodist connection, to Susanna
Seaton of Burringham. mantua maker.
The patient bride bad kept company
near two years with a blacksmith ot
the same place and was actually pub
lished with him In the church the very
Sunday preceding ber marriage, bnt
for the reasons best known to herself
eloped next day with the preacher; so
true is it that we bnow not what a
day mar brine forth "
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition: beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
li ,nal " 13 not uncommon
"7VtN. A or child to bcrn
TjVVk afflicted ksd
U SNMY- neys. if the child urin
ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it Is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble Is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one dollar
sizes. You may have a
sample bottle by mail
free, also camchlet tell
ing all about it. including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co.. Binghamton. N. Y.. be sure and
mention this paper.
It Bronahl Down Cpost Him Aboat
the Coolest Customer He Ever En
eoaatered and the Customer Got a
Loa a" Way the Best of It.
"I'm through with freak advertising,"
said the young dentist. "I've had my
fling at trade secured through illegitimate
tricks, and I've sworn off from further
cultivation of the public in ways that are
"It was ebout six months a so that 1
first resorted to irregular methods of se
curing patronage. Things were going
fairly well with me then, but I made up
my mind that I was entitled to still more
business and in order to secure my just
deserts availed myself of one of those
idiotic advertising schemes. I wrote let
ters to total strangers whose names had
been picked up haphazard out of directo
ries and newspapers and inclosed bills for
services rendered. These letters were all
modeled on the same copy. In them I
suavely expressed my hope that the cus
pids and bicuspids of my unknown pa
trons had been in good condition since I
last treated them, and 1 generously sug
gested that if they so desired I would be
pleased to have them call and undergo a
final dental examination as a guarantee
of thorough satisfactcion before the pay
ment of the inclosed bills, which ranged
from $25 to $50.
"Of course I never expected to get any
money out of these bills. My object in
sending them was to arouse curiosity
among the fictitious debtors, who, having
never even heard of me professionally or
otherwise, would naturally be anxious to
find out something about me and the
strange circumstances of their unmerited
bills. I had pursued this plan for about
four months with tolerable success, when
I sent out a bill and the stereotyped let
ter to a man who lived on West Twenty
third street and may be called Whitman
for the purpose of the story. His bill was
for $25. That letter, like all the others,
was only a stray shot fired at a very elu
sive target, and the chance of getting a
reply was only one in a thousand. In that
particular case the long shot won. and
two days after mailing the letter I was
honored with a call from Mr. Whitman.
He had a decidely strenuous manner, and
his opeuing remarks fairly swept me off
my feet.
"'Hello, doc. he said briskly. "I got
yonr letter yesterday, and I was mighty
glad to see that you are disposed to be so
accommodating about that work yon did
on my teeth last week. The fact is you
did an infernally poor job. The plugs
have all fallen out already, and you war
ranted them for ten years. That being
the case, it's nothing more than common
justice that you should fix me up again.
I had intended to kick against paying
your bill, but since yon are willing to rec
tify your mistake, why. I'll give you an
other trial, and if you do all right the sec
ond trip I'll pay you the $25 without a
"I stared at Mr. Whitman in amaze
ment. Quite certain was I that never be
fore had I met the gentleman, and conse
quently I was positive that I had never
plugged his teeth. On the impulse of the
moment I said as much,
My dear sir.' I gasped. you must be
mistaken in your dentist. I have no rec
ollection of having done any work for
"Mr. Whitman glared at me ferocious
ly. Oh. ho, he growled. so you are going
to try to deny your butchery, are yon?
You're going to try to pnt it off on some
body else, are you? Welt. sir. you can't
do anything of the kind. Fortunately I've
got your bill right here to prove that you
and nobody else did it- If you didn't tin
ker with my teeth, you have no business
to send me a bill for dental services. But
you did send me a bill, and for $25. too.
so you can't go back on your own work.
"Without a doubt Mr. Whitman was
the coolest customer I ever met. If he
had not . been quite so brazen. I think I
should hare had the audacity to insist
that there was some mistake, and I
should have trumped up some explana
tion that would have seemed ha'.f way
plausible: but. as it was. bis nerve far
exceeded ray own. and his high handed
attack so thoroughly rind i J me that for
the life of me I couldn't muster the cour
are to invent one single lie. He saw his
advantage and followed it up boldly.
'I'm ready for you to go to work right
now. he said, 'and I see that yon bave
no patients waiting and can soon be
ready too. We may as well get at It
straight off. I always like to get a disa
greeable job over with as soon as possi
ble. "As the gentleman delivered himself of
this bit of wisdom be plumped himself
down ta the operating chair and opened
bis mouth to my inquiring gaze. The first
look amazed me. I never saw such a set
of teeth. Clearly somebody bad beeo
pegjnoK away at them and quite recently.
Hobs of swamp-Hoot.
tint, aw . f-Mi. i r itHjmpeieat
workman had been guilty of was fright
ful to contenipuate. He bad bored and
Bled and gotiirvd roekk-slv. and the task
Whitman had called upon me to do was
to fill the envitiw ud otherwise repair
the damaire mrti.1,1 l,t m.T obstreperous
predecessor. Whitman Doled my expres
sion of dijijsust.
"Tm O' t surprised that yon feel like
kicking yourself around the block. he
said. 'You certainly must admit that it is
about the sorriest job ever inflicted on a
mail's month. Lord. 1 should think you'd
lie awake nights, lambasted as yon must
be by your conscience for such diabolical
1 suppose I could have denied the job
even then and won out in my contention,
but ooe glance at that infernal bill set
tled me. and 1 went to work. It took me
six mortal hours to get Mr. Whitman's
mouth into respectable shape. He fairly
beamed upon me when the ordeal was
"'You're the right kind of chap, after
all. he said. I guess you do know your
business in spite of your first blunder. I
don't know what was the matter with
yon the other day. Yon must have been
rattled or something. Here. sir. is your
"Mr. Whitman laid down the money
and clapped on his hat and was ont of
the office before I could say "scat.' and I
sat down and wept over the palfy sum I
had recei -d for a difficult piece of work
that would bave been cheap at $75."
New York Times.
Sahstantlal Consalatloa.
A Georgia girl wrote to her lover:
"Dear John I cannot marry yon: but
please don't kill yourself!
To which John made answer as follows:
"JOear Molly No danger. I've just
won $.0 on a horse racer' Atlanta Con
stitution. The Caar'a SnnJf taox.
Czar Paul's snuffbox was as sacred
3 the imperial crown Itself. No one
was allowed to touch It. Kaploff wa
gered that he would take a pinch out
of it. One morning be walked np to
the table which stood near the bed on
which the czar still reclined and boldly
took from It the majestic snuffbox.
Opening it noisily, he Inserted his fin
gers, and while Faul I. was watching
him in stupefaction at such audacity
he sniffed up the fragrant powder with
evident satisfaction.
"What are you doing there, you
rogue?" exclaimed the ezar excitedly.
"Having a pinch of snuff, sire. I
bave now been on duty for eight hours,
and, feeling drowsy. I thought it
would keep me awake, for I would
rather break the rules of etiquette
than neglect my duty.
Paul burst out laughing and merely
"That's right enough, my lad. but as
tbe snuffbox is not large enough for
both of us you can keep It for your
self." The Capitol Dome.
The capitol dome at Washington is
the only considerable dome of iron in
the world. It Is a vast hollow sphere
weighing 8.000.300 pounds. How much
is that 3U. More than 4.000 tons, or al
most the weight of 70,000 full grown
persons, or about equal to 1.000 ladened
coal cars of four tons each, which. If
strung out one behind the other, would
occupy a mile and a half of track.
On the very top of the dome the al
legorical figure "America." weighing
13.0S5 pounds, lifts its proud head high
In air. The pressure of this dome and
figure upon the piers and pillars Is
14.477 pounds to the square foot. It
would, however, require a pressure of
755, 2SG pounds to the square foot to
crush the supports of the dome. The
cost of this Immense dome was little
Short of $1,000,000.
Ireland's Hot Springs.
The hot springs In Reykjadal. though
not the most magnificeut. are perhaps
the most curious among the numerous
phenomena of this sort in Iceland. On
entoriug the valley you see columns of
vapor ascending from different parts
of it. There are a number of apertures
in a sort of platform of rook. The wa
ter is 212 degrees F.. and it rises two
or three feet into the air. A river
flows through the valley. In the midst
of which a jet of boiling water issues
with violence from a rock raised but a
few feet above the ice cold water of
the river.
Not far from this is the grotto or
cave of Surt. which Is so large that no
one iias rictrated to Its inner end.
On One Subject Richmond
People Grow Enthu
siactic. The increase of popular enthusiasm
on tbe following subject is almost
daily manifested by public expres
sion and local endorsement. Read
what this citizen says and discover
the cause of the constant showering
of praise which follows in the wake
of Doan's Kidney Pills:
Mrs. Jennie Laudig, 16 south
eleventh street, says: As a result
of a severe attack of diphtheria my
daughter was trouoled with a weak
ness of the kidneys. I tried numer
ous remedies and was treated by
various remedies but the relief was
only temporary. Learning about
Doan's Kidney Pills and seeing them
so highly recommended I procured a
box at A. 6. Luken's drugstore and
she began their use. In a short time
the trouble entirely disappeared.
After several weeks it again began
to appear. She used Doan's Kidney
Pills and the attack was promptly
warded off."
For sale by all dealers,
price 50 cents per box.
Foster-Milburn Co. Buffalo, N. Y.,
sole agents for the United States.
Bemember the name Doan's and
take no substitute.
kills, not necessarily suddenly,
but SURELY. It preys upon the
intellectual powers more than
we realize. It consumes the
vitality faster than nature can
replenish it, and we cannot tell
just what moment a temporary
or complete aberration of the
mind will result. Headache and
pain should be promptly re
moved but properly. Many
pain cures are more harmful
than the pain. Beware. If
you would be safe, take
Pain Pills.
"As a result of neuralgia I lost the
sight of mv riht eye, and the pain I
have suSsred is incomprehensible, be
ing obliged to take opiates almost con
tinually. A friend gve me one of Dr.
Miles' Pain Pills and it promptly re
lieved me. I then purchased a box and
now m trouble is goae. They have
also cured my daughter of nervous
headache, and I heartily recommend
them to others." V. J. Cotut. Bre
mond, Texas.
Sold by Druggists. 2$ Doses, 25c
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
South of Main, West of Seventh Stree'
12, First and south C, Piano factory
13, Second and south B
14, Fourth and south D
15, Fifth and south B
10, Fifth and south H
18, Seventh and south C
t-outh of Main, between 7th and.llth"t
21, Eighth and Main
23 Eighth and south E
24, Seventh and south O
25, Ninth and south A
26, Tenth and south C
27, Eleventh and Main
28, Eleventh and south J
South of Main, East of Eleventh Stree
81, Twelfth and south B
82, Twelfth and south E
84, Fourteenth and Main
85, Fourteenth and south C
86 Eighteenth and south A
87. Twentieth and Main
North of Main, West of 10th st. to River.
41, Third and Main, Robinson's shop
42, Third and north C .
43, City Building, Fire Headquarters
45, Guar. Scott & Co
46, No. 1 hose bouse, north 8th street
47, Champion Mills
48, Tenth and north I
West Richmond and Sevastopol.
6. West Third and Chestnut
61, West Third and National roadj
62, West Third and Kinaey
58, West Third and Richmond avencs
64, Earlham College
66, State and Boyer
66, Grant and Ridge
57, Hunt and Maple
68, Grant and Sheridan
6, Bridge avenue, Paper Mill
North of D Street, East o TVoth Stre
61, Railroad Shops
62, Hutton's Coffin Factory
63, Hoosier Drill Works
64, Wayne Agricultural Works
65, Richmond City Mill Works
66, Westcott Carriage Co
67, Thirteenth and north H
Between Main and North D sta, B of 10th
7, Ninth and north A
71, Eleventh and north B
72, Fourteenth and north C
73, No. S hose house, east end
74, Eighteenth and north C
76, Twenty-aecond and north B
S-S-S Patrol call
1-2-1 Fire oat
8-S-S Fire
8 Fire pressure off
10-10-10 Natural gas off
10 Natural sraa oa
that a lanre percentage of men and women ot
this country are troubled with DylpSDSia, ths
early symptoms of which srj many, varied and
subtle, and on the appearancaof any such symp
toms should immediately be treated and treated
efficiently. Are yon suffering from Heartborn,
Dull Headache, Feeling of Dufension at Pit el
the Stomach, Bad Breath, Bad Taste, Disinclin
ation to Partake of Your Meals, a Ravenous
Appetite Yet Unable to Eat, Furred Tongue, Sal
low Complexion, Flatulency. Acidity or Occa
snnal Vomiting and Irritability of Temper? I!
so, the use of C. E. CARTER'S DYSPEPSIA
TABLETS will give immediate relief and a posi
tive cure. They are manufactured from pore
drugs carefully anc scientifically compounded
and absolutely harmless to the nmst sensitive
and delicate stomach and even a child can use
tbera without any bnt the best results; their
daily use will restore tone to the jaded nerves ot
tbe stomach and will infuse fresh life into ths
impoverished srastrie juice and will reiurioosiy
carry out all that is claimed for the atand will
give yon a clear, wholesome properly meting
stomach, instead of a poor, feeble, diseased or.
ran. A trial will convince the. most skeptical.
f-rioe, au cenxs ami ow. 1 neaoUarsisaoout
two and ooe-half times the quantity of 90c.
t aVCAtTSB A CO-71 w.
Trade supplied by A. G. Luken A
Co., wholesale druggists, 628 and 630
Main street, Richmond, Ind., and
Char es L. Magaer, druggist, 201 Ft.
Wayte Avenue, Richmond, Ind,
1 Tat Lai Tib Km 11-m
Pennsylvania LI 11 ca
In Effect Sunday, Nov. 24, 1901s
Trsias raa Vy saatial etsansra ttssa,
Ksw Yocfc ft S Leals Maa...... 4
St Loots ' 4 , a 1
ladiaaapoas A ss s i
New York ft S Seats MQ ss t a
New York ft S Loata Kap a s a
St Louts Lawhsd Mall 4 S5 P
J v, a . U Vast siafi ra a
Bradford & ladpls Aoc u f a
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Loaaaawort Ace.
C&kaao Fast Matt ft
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Cmctaaari ft Laaaiiapisi
Oa. ft Cafcaswfclaat I
ii ijpa
BaytM at
Xsala Spr-ad. ft Cot. ,
S lit!
Dsysaa Xaaia ft folamaai sscaas
Usysoa ruav new Tors. . aj a
Cols. Pins, ft Nsw Vara,, 4 SS
Dayaat ft Xaaia arr Sssai
"New York 1 astlnl eospi
7 55 PI
4 4SSI
St Lout a New York Mall ma
IndpU. ft Cols. Aoc aj a
Ptaa ft East Mall ft Bsp J AS
St Imlt 1 asla.it Mall,.,.
IndpU ft Bradford Act 3 55 P
s .spas
m s:4Pa
ss aeaeaai
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Ft. W..G R. ft Peioskev K.... 5:40 a
Grass Rapid ft Mack Mall as sop
Nortklsad l'spiata , , ., 11 is p
Dally. Allstaar sratas saOy
C W.
Cincinnati, Richmond A
M uncle R. R.
Paaaaafjaf Saftwaala la Efraat ati
Oetafcar 7, IMi.
Line to Cincinnati, Hamilton and Southern Potass
tH"B r' - ) - titsasa
Chii iiisii A - Isata sasass
fwt-- r nasas
CK.tLcCa.Aoc, 3.1 pat tajspei
laala iaaUfcs Usa,
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jk t2 w-3 ,
e S oli p. da's
aa za s mao
930am 3 55pm 5 4S asm
9 35 am 400pm ) as am
I 54 am j, 5 pot 6 as pas
10 03 am 4 3 pm 6 it pat
10 1 j am 4 35 pm 6 ss PSB
to 57 am 5 so pm y sepal
11 35 am 6 00 pm y 45 pas
Richmond ...
S. Ricnmo'd
" Kitchell
" C't'ge Grove
Ar viaC H & D
Has ilf n
M Cincinnati
No. 2 connects at Cincinnati with the C. ft Ow
Ar A a 01 ana .i:t pm Ar ParieatoD anaa
White Sulphur 47 pm
Baltimore ?:7 am
New York l.tX) pm
Via B. a O
Chillicothe8:18 pm
Washington 6:4I pm
Philadelphia. ..10:15 am
Waahicston :4T 1
Philadelphia lfcl I
Parkersbnra 6:st)
Baltimore 7 50
No. i connects at Cincinnati with Q. ft C
Arrive Arrive
I.exitKton 10-20 pm Chatianoogo 6 :M aa
Rirmins;ham:it5 am Meridian 2:V pa
New Orleans-a :10 pm .,
Line to Muncie, Cleveland, Buflalo and ths Bast
& i'it ilt
Lv Richmond 1035 am 5 45 pas SSfSaB
WiNiamab's 1059 am 6 11 pm seeaasa
Economy n 11 am 6 4 pm 10 sSpsa
M Loaantville M naoam 640pm sesjasB
" Htountsvilla. 1135 am 4 50 pm re 43 am
Medford 1148 am 705 pm saps pas
Ar Muncie is os pm 7 so pm ss tS PSB
Gaston - .... is 5 pm 7 44 pm ss 4S pal
' Fowlerton is 40 pm S so pm ss SS ass
Jonesboro la 55pm I I so pm as seam
No. 3 connects at Muncie with the Big Faax
Knickerbocker Special
Arrive Arrive
Klwood 8: SI pm Tipton . pas
Lafayetta10:40 p m
No 1 connects at Mancie with L. K. ft W.
Arrive Arrive
Redkey 8:50 pm Portland .
Celina - -SKX pm Lima
Findlav 7 0s pm foal oris .
Sandusky B (JO pm .
F Stop Tor Passengers.
At Mancie No. S connects with the Bis Fa
Knickerbocker HpeciaL
C. A. BLAIR, Citv Ticket i
Cincinnati Northern R. 0.
Trains pass Wast Maachsatar dally
. .
Mwrtai B4MM
No. a..
No, 4-...-- :ss p m No. i.
Nm. and a run anl bcrwsaa
Wert- No, s and a run tbrouah !
T. as. Sski
Richmond and Dayton
Leave Kichmoad via P O C ft St L
By Co SOS asa ft
Leave Eaton via Imytoa A Western
Traction Co free aas seat
Arrive Dayton. 1L0B aas Mt
Leave Dsytoa via Daytoa ft West
ern Traction Co . stfo
ft 00
Leave Eaton via P O C ft St L
By Co 1 M
0 47
Arrive Richmond via PC O 1 St
L Rj Go 1S
am ti
saraa ep rasa.
Bonnd trip. Kichmoad and Eaton,
C. A fat. By
Bound trip, Latoa and fiavtoa. via
Traction Co
via P.
Bound trip, Rtchmond and Dayton .
49 X. EIGHTH ST. ,
--.. USpSB

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