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Filipinos Are Amioaiul Fo:
In the Selfsame Hour
Savs Chaffee.
War Department Ha Made Pnlilir
(he First Auuaal RejMirt t Gen.
C. BK Atlva 11. Chaffee.
Condition? In the Philippine dealt
With From the Military
V Viewpoint.
Washington, Dec. 7. The war de
partment has made public the first
annual report of Major General Auna
R. Chaffee, military governor of the
Philippine Islands. General Chaffee
oma up the situation from a military
point of view by stating that the prov
ince of Batangas and Laguna in Lu
ton and the islands of Samar, Min
doro, Cebu and Bohol constitute the
vea now disturbed by any embodied
force of insurgents. lie says that to
tne physical character of the country,
o the nature of the warfare of the
rebels, who are amigo and foe in the
-selfsame hour, to the humanity of the
troops which is taken advantage of by
the rebels and the inhabitants who
sympathize with them, and to the fear
of assassination on the part of the
iriendly disposed if they give infor
mation to the American forces, is due
the prolongation of the guerilla war
fare. Commenting upon the plan of
gradually replacing military with civil
administration General Chaffee says:
The withdrawal of interference
vitb civil affairs does not contemplate
"withdrawal of the troops from their
station to any considerable extent on
the contrary, this should not be done
hastily, and when undertaken should
te gradual and more in the nature of
concentration than reduction of force
or abandonment of any considerable
area of territory."
lie therefore recommends that there
be no further material reduction of
troops before January, 1903. The civil
governments which are being organ
ized provincial and municipal Gen
eral Chaffee says are both new and
untried, and there is but one certain
and reliable method of ascertaining
the progress of the Filipinos in self
" .government, namely, observation by
the army. On the subject of the mil--
ltary-sorernmentT0ltine,8Uj ur Ma-
nila. General Chaffee says:
-In the government of Manila for
three years, if the military have done
not L In; more, it is everywhere appar
ent that an excellent foundation has
been laid and a turbulent and hostile
community brought to observe the
laws and individually be orderly; this
has been done witnout undue harsh
ness or severity of treatment of the
. inhabitants."
General Chaffee devotes a good part
of his report to the terrible disaster
which befell Company C, Ninth infan
try, at Balangiga. Samar, and which
.be says was "largely due to overcon
.ndence in assumed pacified conditions,
and in a people who to a great extent
as yet are strangers to and unappre
ciative of our humane and personal
liberty, beliefs and actions. American
soldiers, he says, fail to discriminate
between real and assumed friendship
on the part of the Filipinos.
A table is submitted showing that
since June 10 last, the date of the last
table submitted by General MaoAr
tnur. up to Sept. 15. 3tU Filipino offi
cers and 3,f3S men surrendered to the
.American military, and 2 officers and
414 men were captured.
, " Oh the Girl's Kvulence.
Kansas CUy, Dec. 7. Walter Cav
&naugh. who lorced his sweetheart,
Daisy Wheeler, a 17-year-old girl, to
steal in pension money from
her widowed mother and flee with
him to Chicago, was found guilty in
the criminal court here yesterday and
.ivea a five-years' penitentiary sen
tence. Cavanaugh was convicted on
rtestimcciy given by the girl.
PolMf Make Bin Haul.
St. Louis, Dec. 7. The rooms of the
Southern Telegraph and Money Order
company, where, it is alleged, com
missions are placed on horse races,
was again raided yesterday afternoon
by a squad of police and detectives.
"The rooms were crowded and every
tjecupant of the place was taken. In
all. eight wajtonloads of men were
taken to the tour courts.
Will io to Kansas t'ily.
Chicago. t Dec. 7. After a spirited
ontest between friends of Portland,
Ore., and Kansas City. Mo., the Na
tional Livestock association yesterday
closed a successful convention by se
lectin g the latter city as the place foi
the next convention. This convention
-will begin the second Tuesday In Jan
cuary. 1903.
Surrender laapendinx.
ScAa. Dec. 7. The surrender at Sal
TOic of Miss Ellen M. Stone, the
American, missionary, and her com
panion. Mme. Tsilka. is impending.
CaempJoyed UUXln,
Tlua. Dec. 7. Thousand. of the
starrlnc unemployed are rioting daily
at Prague, and strong forces of police
Are preserriag order there.
DltY VIM. AO Kit
Organize "Bwr Club" and Sow
They are Sorrv.
Crawfordsville. Ind., Dec. 7. The
temperance people in the neighboring
towns of Waveland and Russell ville
have been making it interesting this
week for the illegal dealers in liquor.
The absence of saloons in the com
munity, and the unvarying demand
ir strong drink, inuticcl a number of
uen slyly to indulge in unlawful traf
fic They organized "beer clubs," the
secretaries of which bought the stuff
in large quantities and sold it to their
friends. This procedure was reported,
and Elias Campbell of the government
ofiice at Terre Haute took the matter
up this week. A. L. Courtney of
Waveland, general secretary of the
"subordinate lodges." was first arrest
ed and fined. He disclosed the iden
tity of the others, who were at once
taken in charge and forced to pay pen
alties. ?
Further Arreets Mitdc.
Vinpennes. Ind.. Dec. 7. Thomaa
Dant, Thomas Hefty and Samuel
Price, coal miners, were yesterday ar
rested charged with inciting a riot
and attack on non-union miners at the
Prospect Hill coal mine two weeks
ago," in which two men were almost
beaten to death. It Is alleged that
these men had 300 miners from Mont
gomery. Washington. Petersburg and
Princeton to come here and do the
work. There are now eight men in
jail charged with riot, and 22 bench
warrants for as many more miners
who participated ia the raid.
More Trolley liine Plans.
Wabash, Ind., Dec. 7. A company
composed of North Manchester citi
zens has been granted an electric rail
road franchise, covering two routes,
one from this city north by way of
Manchester to the Kosciusko county
line, and anotner from Wabash south
to the Grant county line.' The total
length of the two lines is 26 miles.
The commissioners require the com
pany to begin work in two years, and
complete the road by Dec. 1, 1905.
Boy Slasher Leaves State
Dillsboro, Ind.. D?c. 7. John Miller
oi Milton, who was stabbed one week
ago in a fight with two other 15-year-old
boys, will probably die. "fhe wea
pon, a pruning knife, entered his
bowels. Ernst Miller, who is alleged
to have done the cutting, has left the
Walked Krom the Train.
Greensburg, Ind., Dec. 7. Frank
Bowers, ncr Westport, while return
ing on the accommodation train from
Indianapolis, fell asleep, and he was
found lying on the track near Adams,
badly injured. It is supposed he
walked off the train.
" A Sweetening Influence.
London, Dec. 7. The Spectator to
day contains a highly eulogistic ar
ticle on President Roosevelt's essay,
"The Cittizen and the Public Man,"
saying that in this essay one sees a
man with the inflexible moral vigor of
Cromwell. "We are convinced," says
the article, "that President Roosevelt
is going to play a great part and a
good part if he continue his work in
the spirit which inspires this remark
able sermon. He will prove the most
sweetening influence in the whole
lump of American civil life that has
been known for many years."
Mr. Ou m pack if Bill.
Washington. Dec. 7. Representa
tive Crumpacker of Indiana has in
troduced a bill for an amendment to
the apportionment act, so that the
membership of the house of represen
tatives will be 372. The representa-1
tion is based on the vote cast instead j
of population. It reduces the repre-;
sentation in the Southern states and j
makes increases in Northern states.
The Treacherous lee.
Ottawa. Ont.. Dec. 7. Mips Bessie
Blair, daughter of Hon. A. G. Blair,
minister of railways and canals, and
H. A. Harper, assistant editor of the
Labor Gazette, were drowned in the
Ottawa river last evening. They were
at a private skating party, and, get
ting separated a little distance from
the others, broke through the ice at
a point where the river is swift.
'lolsn.t IOi.iimei Work.
Odessa. Dec. 7. Count Leo Tolstoi
has quite recovered from his recent
illness:. Hf takes liaKy walks and has j
resum'--' , j
Old as the Pyramids
And as little changed by the ages,
is Scrofula, than which no disease,
save Consumption, is responsible
for a larger mortality, and Con
6umption is its outgrowth.
It affecU the glands, the mucous
membranes, tissues and bones;
causes bunches in the neck, ca
tarrhal troubles, rickets, inflamed
eyelids, sore ears, cutaneous erup
tions, etc.
"I suffered from scrofula, the disease af
fecting the glands of my neck. I did every
thing I was told to do to eradicate it but
without success. I then beean taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla. and the swelling in my
neck entirely disappeared and my skin re
sumed a smooth, healthy appearance. The
core was complete." Miss Anna MrccHaXL,
915 Scott St Covington, Ky. ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Thoroughly eradicate scrofula and
build up the system that has (of
fered from it.
Washington. Dec s on
eminent authority that Admiral Dew
ey has denied tiie statements publish
ed yesterday that the Schley court of
Inquiry had reacaed a decision in the
case, and that Admiral Schley had
been found guilty on five counts.-
May Be SensteV Kali Heat ion of the
Bis Ditch Treaty.
Washington. Dec. 7. The senate
committee on foreign relations held a
meeting yesterday and ordered a fa
vorable report on the new Hay
Pauncefote treaty. The favorable re
port was made by unanimous vote.
Senator Bacon reserved tfce right to
ront xcxian fauscefotm.
offer amendments to the treaty dur
ing Its consideration in the senate,
but he announced that he was so anx
ious to see the work of constructing
the canal inaugurated early that he
would not interpose any objection to
a favorable report being made on the
treaty now. It is the intention of
Messrs. Frye, Cullom and Lodge, who
will have charge of the treaty on the
floor, to call it up for consideration in
executive session early next week.
They hope to have it ratified before
the Christmas recess.
A Mountain Freight Goes Down
Thr. e Hundred Keet.
Vancouver, li C, Dec. 7. As a Can
adian Pacific freight train was pro
ceeding east at a slow rate around a
dangerous curve 400 feet above the
Frazer River yesterday. Engineer
Randall suddenly came upon a rock
slide 50 yards ahead of him. A signal
was given to the brakemen and "thf
eufeine was reversed,' but tof late.
The train was going scarcely five
miles an hour, but the heavy train
behind piled the engine on the rocks,
and before the engineer and fireman
could jump, the engine rolled over
and over 300 feet down the sheer bluff
toward the river. Engineer Randall
and Fireman Potruff were crushed to
death beneath the engine. Three cars
were wrecked, going over the bank
after the engine.
Hi rk ol Train Wrecker.
Portland, Ore.. Dec. 7. The east
bound passenger train on the Oregon
Railway and Navigation company's
road was wrecked 12 miles east of the
Dalles yesterday afternoon. The en
gine turned completely over, and En
gineer Maurice Cavanaugh was badly
scalded and perhaps internally injur
ed. Fireman Frank Crase was seriously-injured.
None of the passengers
was hurt. The wreck was undoubted
ly the work of train wreckers. A
"i-inch square nut had been placed on
the outside rail of a three-degree
War Doses t HllHl Off.
Washington, Dec. 7. Secretary
I.ong has ordered Captain Perry of the
battleship Iowa, now at Panama, to
proceed down the Chilean coast to
Talcuhano, where the ship is to be
docked and overhauled. He also has
ordered Commander McCrea of the
gunboat Machias. at Colon, to bring
his vessel north, stopping at San Juan.
Porto Rico, on her way home, for coal.
Not Officially Confirmed.
Caracas, Venezuela (via Haytien ca
ble), Dec. 7. Colombia has not yet
notified Venezuela of the reported rup
ture of diplomatic relations between
the two countries.
The wool"a (roods trade is enjoying the most
phenomenal boom in it history.
Bur(t!ar robbed the depot afe at Wilmington
O., bound and gajcgetl the operator and escaped.
Severe cold prevails thronnhout the Oat-kilt
mountains. The thermometers reirister from 16
below zero at Unonta to 33 below at Hobart.
Busine failures in the United States for tb
week atimher 3 as a?ainot 1-4 last week. 224 in
this week last year, Sa iu ls. isr in lr4 and
iU2 in lsT.
Nijrht marshal 4. B. rauh, i Chelsea. la
was b.t in the head by three robbers and died
two hours later. The robbers made their escape
on a hand-car.
A bil! has bet-n introduced in eovre to im
stun Mrs. MoK.iniey at the rate of ..Ootf a year
betnnin Sept. U, ll, t tie date of the death of
the late presdnt.
The iramirraii.Mi restriction bill. waihTes
eludes from Austral ia all persons who cannot
speak a European Uauage. ha passed the com
monwealth senate.
Work on the Sew Tork rapid transit tunnel
was stopped because of strike at M labor r.
The men were notified of a 13 cent cat in wage
which they refased to accept. '
A bUl has been introduced ia Congress fur the
nation of a parkfia the Southern Apaiacniaa
mouataias. to be called tne Mefcaaley National
Fmrk and to contain ijuQ&Mm acre.
Representative Crumpacker r,r Indiana has
iatroduce l tall la the boose providing for a
amendment to fie constitution permrtuo eon
gresatoiax tat capital aiuck aad unuii o."
There are two
ways to economize
your dollars and
dimes. Make them
go a far as they
can, and don't let
them fto for trash.
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Christmas service added. That's why we can serve you better
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mas store because it is a regular every day store as well.
Women's Silk Waists
A fresh lot today of taf
feta and Peau deSoie, $3.98
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j- sonal
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Bougrbt, and -which has been
has borne the sinatnre ok
has been made under his per-
supervision since Its infaney.
Signature of
Its the ftocnls l-e-hind
the advrrtie
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stt-re, though some
stores tb'nk adver
tising is all that is
uecess irv.
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Preserve Your seni them here
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lIOtnCS . Our method are
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ties we reach results which are unattain
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Richmond Steam Laundry
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ity to give perfect satisfaction.
Carpet cleaning also done here.
Via the Cincinnati, Rich
mond & Muncie Kail
road For the accommodation of persons
wifehinjr to make Holiday trips the
C. It. & M. railroad has made a re
duced rate of fare and one-third for
the round trip to all points on their
line. Selling dates December 24th
25th, And 31st, 1901, and January 1st'
m2 Tickets good retnrninjf Janu
ary 2d d, 1S02.
For further information address
Charles A. Blaih.
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Richmond, Ind.
Say He Was Tortured.
"1 sutfered such pain from corns 1
could hardly walk. " writes EL Rob
inson, Hillsborough, m.f "but Buck
lens Arnica Salve completely cured
tnem. Acts like magic on sprain
bruises cuts, sores, scalds, burns)
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