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StomachLiver Cure
The Most Astonishing Medical Discovery of
the Last One Hundred Years.
It Is Pleasant to the Taste as the Sweetest Nectar.
It is Safe and Harmless as the Purest Milk.
This wonderful Nervine Tonic has only recently been introduced
into this country by the proprietors and manufacturers of the Great
Smith American Nervine Tonic, and yet its great value as a curative
aprent has long leen known by a few of the most learned physicians,
who have not brought its merits and value to the knowledge of the
general public.
This medicine has completely solved the problem of the cure of indi
gestion, dyspepsia, and diseases of the general nervous system. It is
also of the greatest value in the cure of all forms of failing health from
whatever cause. It performs this by the great nervine tonic qualities
which it possesses, and by its great curative ower upon the digestive
organs, the stomach, the liver and the 1 towels. No remedy compares
with this wonderfully valuable Nervine Tonic as a builder and strength
encr of the life forces of the human body, and as a great renewer of a
broken-down constitution. It is also of more real permanent value in
the treatment and cure of diseases of the lungs than any consumption
remedy ever used on this continent It is a marvelous cure for nerv
ousness of females of all ages. Ladies who are approaching the critical
ieriod known as change in life, should not fail to use this great Nervine
Tonic, almost constant!)', for the space of two or three years. It will
carry them safely over the danger. This great strengthener and cura
tive is of inestimable value to the aged and infirm, because its great
energizing properties will give them a new bold on life. It will add ten
or fifteen years to the lives of many of those who will use a half dozen
bottles of the remedy each year.
Nervous Prostration,
liervous Headache,
Sick Headache,
Female Weakness,
Nervous Chills,
Nervous Paroxysms and
Nervous Choking,
Hot Flashes,
Palpitation of the Heart,
Mental Desjtondency,
St. Vitus' Dance,
Nervousness of Females,
Nervousness of Old Age,
Pains in the Heart,
Pains in the Hack,
t ailing Health,
Summer Complaint of Infants.
All these and many other complaints cured by this wonderful
Nervine Tonic
""' As a cure for every class of Nervous Diseases, no remedy has been
able to compare with the Nervine Tonic, which is very pleasant and
harmless in all its effects upon the youngest child or the oldest and most
delicate individual. Nine tenths of ail the ailments to which the human
family is heir are dependent on nervous exhaustion and impaired diges
tion. When there is an insufficient supply of nerve food in the blood, a
general state of debility of the brain, spinal marrow, and nerves is the
result. Starved nerves, like starved muscles, become strong when the
right kind of food is supplied; and a thousand weaknesses and ailments
disapear as the nerves recover. As the nervous system must supply all
the power by which the vital forces of the body are carried on, it is the
first to suffer for want of perfect nutrition. Ordinary food does not con
tain a sufficient quantity of the kind of nutriment necessary to repair
the wear our present mode of living and labor imposes upon the nerves.
For this reason it becomes necessary that a nerve food be supplied.
This South American Nervine has been found by analysis to contain the
essential elements out of which nerve tissue is formed. This accounts
for its universal adaptability to the cure of all. forms of nervous derangement.
CBAwroKDamLE. Td.. Aug. 2X 86.
To th Omat South A mrrieam Mrdicinc Co. :
as Gbnts: I drslre to say to you that I
haw snflrml lor many years with a wry srnous
(twain of the ilomai h and nervm. I tried ewry
meilH-lna I could bear of. but Dothinfc done me
aay appreciable frood until I whs ailvissd to
try your Ureat Sooth American Nerrtoe Tonic
and Stomach and Liwr Cure, and since u.inv
aewral bottleaof It I muat aay that I am sur
prmed at It. wonderful powers to cure the stom
ach and general wriou, system. If everyone
knew the value of this remedy as I do you would
not be able to supply the demand.
J. A. IIiicii, E-Treaa. Montgomery Co.
CRAWFOROsvir.LE, Ind., June 22, 1SS7.
My daughter, eleven years old, was severely afflicted with St. Vitus' Dance
or Chorea. We grave her three and one-half bottles of South American Ner
vine and she is completely restored. I believe it will cure every case of 8t.
Vitus' Dance. I have kept it in my family for two years, and am sure it is
the greatest rented v in the world for Indigestion and IH-spepsia, and for all
forms of Nervous Disorders and Failing Health, from whatever cause.
.... . John T. M ish.
State of Indiana, M .
Montgomery County, (
Subscribed and sworn to before me this June 22, 1S87.
Chas. W. Wright, Notary Public.
The Great South American Nervine Tonic
Which we now offer you, is the only absolutely unfailing remedy ever
discovered for the cure of Indigestion, Dyspepsia, and the vast train of
symptoms and horrors which are the result of disease and debility of
the human stomach. No person can afford to pass by this jewel of incal
culable value who is affected by disease of the stomach, because the ex
perience and testimony of many go to prove that this is the oxs and
only oxs great cure in the world for this universal destroyer. There
is no case of unmalignant disease of the stomach which can resist the
wonderful curative powers of the South American Nervine Tonic t
Hsmmrr B. Hall, of Waynetown. Ind . says. 1
I owe my lite to the Great South American
Nervine. I had been in bed for five months from
the effects of an exhausted stomach. Indigestion.
Nervous Prostration, and a general ahattr red
condition of my whole system. Had giwn op
all hopes of getting weU. Had tried three doc
tors, with no relief The first bottle of the Nerr
Ine Tonic Improved me so much that I was able to
-walk about, and a few bottles cured me entirely.
I believe It la the beet medicine in the world. I
can aot recommend it too highly."
No remedy compare with Soi-r Avnri Nbbtisf aa a en re for the Nerves. No remedy com
oarea with South American Nervine as a wondrous cure tor the Stomach. No remedy will at all
compare with South American Nervine as a cure for all forms of failing health. It newr tails to
rare Indigestion and Dyspepsia. It never fails to cure Chorea or St. true Dance. Its powers to
ouild an the whole svstem are wonderful In the extreme- it cure, the old. the young, and the mid
rite aed It is a great friend to the aed and infirm. Do not neglect to use this precious boos;
vou do. vou Br neglect the only remedy whk-h will restore you to health. Sooth American
Nervine is perfect lv safe, and wry pleasant to the taste. Delicate ladies, do not fail to use this
great care, because it wiU put the bloom of freshness and beauty upon your Bps and la your caeeka.
and quickly drive away your disabilities and weaknesses. .
Price, Large 18 Ounce Bottles, $1.00; Trial Size, 15 Cents.
Fvrv Tr-on imrchasine sir large bottles from our advertised agent at
fl 00 riHSeto one bottle frel If not kept by dmgg!s order direct
DR. E. DETCHON, Crawfordsville, Ind.
. . Six Bsttle fsr $5.00.
Sold by A. O. J-uken & Co., Kicliniond, ld.
Broken Constitution,
Debility of Old Age,
Indigestion and Dyspepsia,
Heartburn and Sour Stomach.
Weight and Tenderness in Stomach,
Loss of Appetite,
Frightful Dreams,
Dizziness and Kinging in the Ears,
Weakness of Extremities and
Impure and Impoverished Blood,
Boils and Carbuncles,
Scrofulous Swellings and Ulcers,
Consumption of the Lungs,
Catarrh of the Lungs.
Bronchitis and Chronic Cough,
Liver Complaint,
Chronic Diarrhoea,
IMicate and Scrofulous Children,
Rkbccta Wilkisbov, of BrowDsvalley. lnrl .
ays: " I had been in a distressed condition for
three wars from Nervousness, Weakness of tbs
Stomach. Dyspepsia, and indigestion, until my
health waa gone. I had been doctoring con
stantly, with no relief. I boaght one bottle of
South American Nervine, which done me more
good than any $50 worth of doctoring I ewr
did in my life. I would advise ewry weakly per
son to use this valuable and lovely remedy ; a
few bottles of It has cured roe completely. I
consider It the grandest medicine In the world."
Mas. Ella A. Bbattob. of New Roes. Indiana,
I cannot express how much I owe to the
Nervine Tonic, lly system waa completely shat
tered, appetite gone, was roughing and spitting
tip blood: am sure 1 waa In the first stages
of consumption, an Inheritance handed down
through erwral generations. I began taking
the Nervine Tonic, and continued Its use tor
about six months, a-d am entirely cured. It
is the grandest remedy for nerves, stomach and
lungs I haw ever seen."
The Rus!nn ministry of jnt'o has
derided to introduce trial by jury as a
provisional BifHsmre.
Russia l Iwlipvpd ti be ruakins a
Treat effort to s-et wiihin her coutrol
the ovet land fUina tea trade
In the heii T that the d.wkyard men
at Ttevonfort tvante a lot of time the
British Hdmirrjltr L-.s Introduced de
tectives into the iir'.sli s. to the
nieD's frreat rvser.tnieut.
A larce ttern!:te has f: lleti on tte vil
Ine of Wynieuki. rtesr Kiev. Four
teen h u-fi were burned, and a hoy
three .vej.ru old was killed. The niise
caused by the fall of the aerolite was
beard fifteen miles off.
A b-.URe has leen unenrthed nt Tom
peil widen l'lonred to n man named
M. I.ucretinrt Pronto The nmral paint
lnjra in the house are remarkable for
excellence of design and freshness of
oob.r Three of them are eousidered to
! masterpieces.
A bronze statue of a woman carry
ing a paras I is rather unusual anions:
works of rt. but such bas recently
been unveiled to the late empress of
Austria. It is situated in a small na
tional park in Iluujrary. in which the
late empress was fond of hunting and
The Boston borse market is reported
In a healthy condition.
' Strentor tlll.i horsemen are planning
to build a first class track.
An up to date half mile track is be
ing talked of in Atlantic City. N. J.
Providence will give a ten thousand
dollar purse for the 2:10 pacers again
next reason.
Nathan Reed. Ixiuisville. Ind.. re
fused an offer of J.'i.OiM) for his mare
Alice Patthen. 2:i44. by Buurbon
This is the tenth year that Colonel
.lohn K. Thayer has served as presi
dent of the New KntlatuI Trotting
Horse Breeders' association.
Ed fleers is juoted as saying be
woul.J have formed a syndicate of a
few men to purchase Lord Ierby.
-rtM" if he bad had any idea he would
have sold foi $lu.5in.
Dr. Spins, son of Spins and Miss
Dickey, by Pilot Medium, is the sire
of the colt Tullnerprinz that recently
won a stake of 10.(XH) francs for two-year-old
trotters in Italy.
People all say they don't glTe to get
Too ma By people do what they should
do and then expect credit for it.
Pitying the poor on cold mornings Is
about as far as the charity of some
people goes.
Laughing at a man's funny story
will please him more than telling him
a dozen yourself.
Ever notice that, people, as a rule.
re kindest to those who do tbe least
for turn? Why Is it?
It Is easy for women to be good.
After a woman has bad children the
only temptation, she meets Is one to
borrow money from their banks. Atch
ison Globe.
Tie Five freetraders.
The pretenders who take themselves
seriously are five In number Prince
Napoleon, the Duke of Orleans. Don
Carlos. Don Miguel and the Count of
Caserta. The two last named have Ave
sons. Don Carlos has one son. iinmar
rled at the age of thirty-one, and
childless brother. The Duke of Or
leans Is childless, and his only brother
is his heir. Prince Bonaparte has a
brother. Both are middle aged and un
married. Irincs Roland Bonaparte,
who la also middle ared. Is a widower
with a daughter orly. He is. moreover,
excluded from the Bonaparte succes
sion. These three tnlddle aged princes
are the only living men who bear the
name of Bonaparte. Buffalo Commer
cial. Few people can understand the feel
ings of the pugilist as he is being counted
oat. He hears the seconds ticked off.
He straggles to rise, but straggles in
vain. He has lost the fight.
There are some who are making a
losing fight for life that can appreciate
this; those whose lungs are diseased.
With every tick of the watch, they know
that they are being counted out.
The great question is how can a quick
rally be made to continue the fight
against disease? Many who have asked
that question have found a satisfactory
answer in the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. It cures bronchitis,
obstinate, deep seated coughs, hemor
rhage, night - sweats, emaciation, and
other conditions which if neglected or
unskilfully treated may find a fatal
termination in consumption.
"When I commenced taking Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discoverv." writes Mr. John T.
Reed, of JerJerson. JefferVon Co.. Ark.. I was
very low with a cough, and would at times spit
up mood. I was not able to do inv work at all.
was weak and ray head was dirxv. The first
bottle I took did me so much good that I had
fanh in it and continued until I had taken
twelve bottles. Now I do not look like nor feel
hke the same man as I was a vear ago. People
were astonished and said thev did not think I
could live. I can thankfully sar that I am
entirely cured if a disease from which had it
not been for your wonderful Discovery " I would
have died."
There are cures behind every claim
made for the "Discovery," which no
just as good" medicine can show.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cleanse
the bowels and stimulate the sluggish
I (jonwjuO)
Jktrk Bites Cable.
An electrlc'.an of a submarine cable
compauy u ,e,v days a,-o said that few
persous u:;il. iu .i t wbat various
agencies luu-rruptions in telegraph ca
bles were uite. He then said that tisli
bites -were i-m- cause that often inter
fered with Milimat ine talle work aud
souietiiius prevented vommuuieutioa
altotiUr uiitil remedied.
"The cubits iu shallow water have
been the invaut sufferers from this
cause," sail, "but recently there
was aa Inierrbptioii iu the cable of thi
Eastern Kxu'iisiou Telegrapa company
between Sydney and Nelson. Australia.
Tbe cable was brought up from a
depth of :iio fatlioius and was found
to contain a tooth firmly imtteddeU ia
the core of the cable. The core wai
protected with the usual sheathing oJ
thick iron wires ami outer covering. If
was found on examination that the
tootu was that of a shark."
Tbis seemed to be a remarkable
depth fer a shark, but investigation
showed that five varieties of sharks
are known to exist ut the depth of 300
fathoms and one at &. fathoms.
The Protection of Safes.
It is a fact n t sufficiently appreciat
ed even by electrical tuen says The
Klectrical World, that it is possible by
electrical means to throw around a
vault or safe a protection from bur
glary more absolute than can be ob
tained in any other way. A vault,
however flimsy it may be mechanical
ly, if protected by an electrical lining,
the least disturbance of which is abso
lutely certain to give an alarm eithet
at a central tliee or to the general
public, is for all practical purposes
burglar proof. If some such system
bod been la operation on the vault at
the Chicago postolfiee. its recent com
paratively easy looting would have
been impossible. This branch of elec
trical work has suffered much from
commercial mismanagement -In the
past, and there is probably a greater
need for tlie fool killer among invent
ors of electrical burglar alarms than
fn any other branch of the business.
It is. however, a legitimate branch of
electrical hidustry.
.4 Montana Cave.
A remarkable natural cave has been
discovered In Montana, about fifty
miles east of Butte. A large river with
a cataract of alout li0 feet was ex
plored for a distance of several miles
without discovering its source of out
let. A few articles of stone and cop
per utensils anil some bones believed
to le human bones were also discov
ered in one of the large apartments
explored. There were other evidences
that at some time iu a prehistoric pe
riod the cave was used as a habitation.
The present entrance to the cave was
made by some lime quarrymen t a
point 1,1100 feet above the bed of the
Jefferson river while engaged In blast-Intc-Bouk.
The formations of stalactite
and other natural decorations through
out the cave are pronounced tbe most
beautiful and varied ever seen. A
thorough exploration Is to be made as
soon as proper equipment for decent
and extended stay can be provided.
Shaw on the Doetora.
The eccentric author and playwright,
George Bernard Shaw, has been In
dulging In medical controversy. In a
characteristic letter to the British
Medical Journal he thus pays bis re
spects to the profession:
"Unfortunately medical practice bai
as yet been so lightly touched by the
scientific spirit that the average doctor
is still, not only in his patient's view
but his own. a dealer in cures and pre
ventive charms. But that Is an addi
tional reason for bringing to bear on it
the criticism of an independent branch
of science. A great deal of what is
called scientific opinion today is noth
ing but medical opinion, and a great
deal of medical opinion is simply ener
getic trade unionism, and very super
stitious trade unionism at that."
Happy Saragri.
Dr. Carl Lmnholtz of the American
Museum of Natural History, who has
lived among the wild Indian tribes of
northwestern Mexico, sharing in the
everyday life and the amusements of
the people for several years, pronoun
ces them to be a very intellectual race,
although many of them still dwell in
caves like their forefathers thousands
of years ago. On the whole, they lead
a very happy existence, and among
many of the tribes a higher degree of
morality exists than in civilized conn
tries. They are monogamists. Theft
and many of the worst forms of dis
ease are unknown among them. They
bold their land in common, and their
principal food is Indian corn and Deans,
Plows For IssIbsb.
A requisition was recently received
at tbe Indian supply depot at Omaha
for plows for tbe Sioux Indians. A
this was the second request received
within a short time an investigation
was ordered. Tbe first lot bad been
received all right and had been used to
prepare Indians lands for irrigation.
On being asked to show the inspector
tbe ditches and reservoir tbe Indians
proudly led him to a large dam. built
so high tt-t all the surrounding coun
try was J mnilateL The back of th
dam was composed of the new plows.
They had used the entire shipment for
the pnrjiose. And now tbe Indians it
Standing Kock agency are undoing
their fall work.
The Virtaes of Allsissv.
Pa. yes. daughter's fully twice aa
happy as she was with her husband."
-How sor
"Why. be used to fve her an allow
ance of only $10. and now he has to
pay her flU Cleveland Tlaia Deulci.
Letitia was to s-o to her club, and 1
was to take cr.re of our a n Archil '.M
aged two tears and elrht t:io.i:Ii-. S'.-:
had exph! .;; d raati rs t . r hi: r I 1. '
is one .f Ij-t ilia's racst I.:K: th o.U-
that if v.j;l c.,U'VK
ArchiVitM ii i y,.j v
he who is to y t;".
"it is wouJeiTu!
NoiiS( use. I. :"!';.
enough to be a c x;:;
u iue s.up.J. ii
f you. era hi
lie is nn!te ol.
.ul.m t lils fa
A varue '." '.- yrt'.b d i'l Ietltia's Mu
eyes. I ren-ault d her f the cab at th
door, and f-I:e tied. wV.IIe I hold Arch;
bald x:p ai tbe wind w t i wave. II
did not cry i t nil. Archibald is a vt-r.
self controlled child. IV lias my teui
perame-it in that. He stood on a chai
in his eo:;ise white linen fm fi. bl-r-mall
pink f. ce s-l mnly set. his bl.v
eyes wide and dreaming, like b!s moth
er's. I felt a let nervous. I get Un
feeling even with I.etitia sometimes
that though she is there she is some
where very far off.
"You draw lae a gak an tell me
about e:i." he commanded suddenly,
turning upon me eyes that mischief
makes three shades darker.
I do not draw much, but I reflected
how easy it is to please small children
and to ;k out my joiicil. What bother
ed me was not being able to call to
mind wh:t a gak was. Natural his
tory is a subject I neglected as a boy; I
collected stamps. I.etitia would have
known, of course. She is. like all the
cbarmimrest women, totally uneducat
ed in the school sense of the term. A
native ignorance starred with fantasy,
perception. bsorvation and intuition
makes her nt once the cleverest and
most Incalculable conversationalist.
She'd have known all alout gaks.
Arcbibiild dtinced very quickly at my
elbow, and it flustered me.
. "They go screamitf about In the
trees." lie shouted, waving bis arm as
though he saw them in the region of
the friezi-.
II"ni ! Couldn't be that extinct bird,
then, the auk. of course -no. Well, my
eye fell on a Japanese tire screen, anil
I shamelessly and secretly adapted a
stork from it.
"That itV" I gave the leaf of my
pocketlxok to Archibald. His upper
lip, the reddest, finest curved lip I ever
saw, twisted into wonderful shapes as
he squealed with joy.
"What does it say when it wakes?"
"When it wakes V
"When it wakes''"
"I bear, sonny. I bear, but"
Archibald has astonishing tact. "You
draw me n ship sailin for far away."
Sensible of a reprieve, I outlined rap
Idly a vessel of heraldic simplicity.
"Want a fwag on it!"
I added a ennant. Simpkins. who
got into the Royal Solent Yacht cluh
the year we were at Cowes. always
seemed to have a iiennant In bis pock
et, so I know a ieuuant.
The funniest gurgle arose from Arch
ibald. At's not a 'blue de peter! Ships
sallln for far away fwy the 'blue de
pet err "
Momentarily baffled by this nautical
pedantry, my hands dived into mv
pockets, and my wandering fingers en
countered a throe-penny bit. It is a
convention in our family not to spend
threepenny bits. They are saved up
for Archibald. Letitia calls this "the
drag on the wheel." As his fat hand
closed on the coin be forgot the "blue
de peter." but I was shocked to see his
pink face crumple and his mouth be
come square.
"I don't want the Marquish of Lon
don to have en. He might shake en
out of he's money ItoxT' he wailed
Archibald's first experience of a mon
ey lox was a toy one which leaked
Saturday pennies all over the garden.
"If he cries, ring for cook," had been
Letitia's last words from the cab. But
I prefer to reason with the child. He
has a strange appreciation of reason.
Here again I trace my own character.
Letitia reasons, but in a way no one
can follow save by the light of faith.
''Mother sa3-s if I let eu keep mine
for a littel while 'e marquish il give
me some of e's thripley bits," Archi
bald explained doubtfully.
Now I regard this threepenny bit
business as an out and out failure ot
Letitia's theory that everything can be
explained to the child.
She has not made clear the working
of the postoffiee savings bank, and she
has imbued Archibald with a profound
mistrust of tbe Marquis of Ixndonder
ry which may cling to him through
Cook's appearaynce with tea diverted
Archibald's mind from dwelling on the
nature of bis securities.
"I must'n leave my cwnsts," he re
marked in a voice, which showed that
he was quoting nurse, and he built
them carefully around the rim of his
plate. "The little fwnshes never do.
The little fwushes opens eir mouth
an shnts 'eir eyes when Mrs. Fwusb
feeds en." Archibald punctuated with
mouthful of strawberry sandwiches
and milk. "If she gives en a capper
pillar, "ey are pweased. an if she give
en a cwusty beetle 'ey never put en
Letitia's fancy and Archibald's are
so similar that it is difficult to say who
I am listening to.
But the m ral training concealed In
the "cwusty beetle" figment suggests
"An when they have sore fwoats
she gives en swugs."
Now I know that is Letitia, but It is
quite likely to be truth as welL
"Why must we eat bwead an butter
first an cake after?" asked Archibald,
turning upon me eyes which would ele
tect the slightest hedging on my part.
That's just the sort of thing I dread
being asked. Why the deuce do we.
anyhow? Thank heaven, at that mo
rueut I heard Letitia's key in the doer!
sfcssiasss followed hv a light dressinar
oi Hmy'm Mmlr-HmmttH, gently rubbed
into the scalp, will soften and remove
scale, crust and dandru tf. stop itching and
promote a sweet growth of luxuriant hair.
It combines in one soap at one prtce
the best skin and complexion so.ip atvi
the best bath and baby soap in the world.
25c cakes at leadiar, drogrlirfs, 3 lor 5c
ngryt F-vr.ss and head
MJMAr noises OUREO
V' avt fe T- fel taVtaUlalai toTtC : Kepa) enavT
aaatvB. HI-x, m lMar t t .
k N J. MWUaVaCVViafarB4
Irunkenness & Drug Using
riiV i
INDIA as-olis orricii
as Commercial Club itidg
Keferenee to cured men I
a mir community. "orre
toodeaee confidential.
. Bell Tel. 2427.
l.iMt ta latiaaa. (tiM s.r.te i ;.
rr..t M fr U. rLA.hU--..0. IMO.
Vtm Hi- for tan&tan!
d ! fx- b r (?. a n ll a m m a t toa.
irritation or u.onra,Uoa
itiMMn. oi mac was tire u Draw.
PwrMU t'iAriM. ratnlw, ana But uuu
or frr-tit to pUin wrapper.
rr exprBtH, prepaid, fur
li on, or 3 ix-tu, 92.7.
Circular anwat oat roaat.
JMUlt fctiUIV T0ltlft aVOl
tl f Htn "..'. ( ( i.r -, i
tIV . . ( ; -
Sold by A. G. Luken A Co.. Mato
street, aid Curme & Co., 415 north
eighth street, Richmond
f- 1 r- w a i
employment, neai estate.
Information, Abstractor,
Insurance, and Notary
Work ...
A jHcetclijslfne yon pay ma
Practical Plumber and Gas Fitter 8th
avt"i V W St... THertvwcwH t.
Take your cbniop of Domestic,
Standard, white. New Home
or New Singer.
New Ptiona 1242M 718 MAIM
Benefit is Immediate and Permanent
Restores the Power intended aU n. n shonld hava
it it hits been wasted and destroyed by jb&ceassa,
Abase, Indiscretion of Youth or Over wore ; doo
away with that Tuet Weary. keMk-ss and MrA
chofy Feeling. Nervous and S.eftes Nights. W- ,
Back and Lark of Ambition. Mke yoa ferl
freshed, yoang avain. and life worth living
Completely rebuilds tbe Nervals Systmn. One bo
is sufficient to care most ca&e-, end ervoph km
prwe its worth to tr most se-ef e. i oo per b
or fall guaranteed urts of & boxes for f S-tatx am
take no chances. d we friarantec 6 boxes ta cwm
in 30 days or refund your i tnney, which is profaff
that we tnutcare the majority ?f oar pacro&s. Hp
mail, in plain vrapfei ot. rCvipt of price.
TS WCST Jachon Crater. CHICAGO
A. O. Luken A Co.,
630 Main St.
Charles JL, Majraw,
201 Ft. Wayne Ave
"Cure tbecoupb and save tbe life."
Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrvp
cures coughs and cold?, down to tM
very verge of consumption.
Tbonfindi Sent Into Exile.
Every year a large Dumber of poor
sufferers whose lung, are sore aad
racked with coughs are urged to go
to another climate. But this is cost
ly and not alwavs sure. Don't be aa
exile when Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption will cure you a
borne. It's the most infallible medi
cine for coughs, colds, and all throai
and lung diseases on eartb. Tbe fins
dose brings relief. Asjonding com
result from persistant use. Trial
bottles free at A. ii. Luken & Co. a.
Price 50c and $1. EveJy bottt
Dou't let tbe little ones suffer frost
eczema, or other torturing skia dis
eases. 20 ceta lor it. jjoan s uib-
ment cures. Can't barm tbe moat
delicate skin. At aDy drug store,
50 cents.
W f ia i to to.? sl

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